1. Blue expanse above
  2. Award such as best nfl player
  3. Lentil dish often served with naan
  4. During study, trainees first recess
  5. During flight, loin cut in half &mdash piece of meat
  6. Dumping grounds dry up, one of those filled with sewage
  7. Dump commanders jacket in boat
  8. Dull, without a shine
  9. Dull piece of fabric we may wipe our feet on
  10. Dukes number 501, absorbed by what cow says to dog
  11. Duke not prepared to stop building tower
  12. Duke leading crowd right to the end he has no serious intent
  13. Duck in long river, dropping tail
  14. Duck carried in evil air
  15. Dryer perhaps containing childs hot pants
  16. Dry matter for lighting fires
  17. Drunken vintner welcoming daughters convenience food
  18. Drunkard pinching sailors footwear
  19. Drunk on about work in circus feature
  20. Drunk nearly crosses border, creating rumpus
  21. Drunk hen to flash bust
  22. Drunk getting up thanks stateside lawyer bringing food
  23. Drums peculiar to rumbas
  24. Drug for muscle building
  25. Drug adulterated thats a blow
  26. Driver, say, hit back and forth
  27. Driver getting mostly hot in calais following twisting street there
  28. Drive out of capital of turkey, chasing a great deal for the tourist
  29. Drive english leader around in centre of basildon
  30. Drinks tea within seconds
  31. Drinking suffered, last of pubs boarded up
  32. Drink, black, to leak out slowly
  33. Drink surrounds most of historic feature of bar
  34. Drink starts to take effect afterwards
  35. Drink after drink for champion
  36. Drier used in hospital constantly
  37. Dressed, ready to drive off
  38. Dress armani has shortened for member of royal family
  39. Dreadful chaos, mostly &mdash very
  40. Dread force arresting the boxer
  41. Drank in large draughts
  42. Dragon is ridiculously slow, for one
  43. Doughnut shaped roll with hard crust
  44. Doubt south american kissed briefly, as you say
  45. Doubled weight in time long ago
  46. Double clues rejected
  47. Dotty over young woman
  48. Dormitory town
  49. Doppelg&auml nger
  50. Dont stint, inserting late pound in meagre bill
  51. Dont commit to catwalk
  52. Dont change this boys headgear
  53. Don&rsquo t you get married, shortly husband will be up for something sticky
  54. Don&rsquo t start to poke with a finger or stick
  55. Don&rsquo t report everything subject to discrimination
  56. Dolly, an artist&rsquo s model
  57. Doll endlessly receiving one list from conductor
  58. Dog, empty, tucks into small piece of cake
  59. Dog with a sore throat
  60. Dog compiler observed south of his glen, oddly
  61. Dog chew girls thrown to save ball
  62. Dodgy stocktaker, one noisily thumbing through papers
  63. Dodgy account receiving 1000 yen sparks defiance
  64. Doctors first in nearby, in this manner
  65. Doctor spooners french cheese grab
  66. Doctor loves crack
  67. Doctor gets young man wanting heroin to undergo therapy for addiction
  68. Dock is important to auditor
  69. Docile nun remarkably ecstatic on this
  70. Divide or paint it
  71. Distributed publicity material the french left during a fair day
  72. Distressing experience in delaware during exam
  73. Distress as inspector for example crosses motorway
  74. Distinguished knights armour
  75. Distinguished academic one in four progresses improperly
  76. Distant object, a coin of low denomination once
  77. Distance, not time simple
  78. Displaying frivolity in speech about quartz, for example
  79. Disperse liquid in small dish
  80. Dispatching letters from un, a minor foreign correspondent
  81. Disorganised figure taking clothes off has problem
  82. Disorderly punk at booze a lot
  83. Disorder putting off old woman and another woman
  84. Dismissals in cricket
  85. Dismiss special diets containing american drug
  86. Dismay complete, beginning to affect our side
  87. Dish take hearts of some eels, feta and stew
  88. Dish served in bistro&rsquo s tinned
  89. Disgusting old woman thus turning up outside university
  90. Disease affected legs, lower part first
  91. Discuss how the ballad of reading gaol may be described
  92. Discovery of ski run, good, at last
  93. Disciplined old criminal to stop breaking in
  94. Discharge quiet american
  95. Disastrous dilapidated
  96. Dirty mask until persons changed
  97. Director in love, thanks to diatribe beforehand
  98. Direction of take off in this plane
  99. Direction in which the wind is blowing
  100. Direct current is supplied by it
  101. Dire fare cooked only for a few
  102. Din from hooter &mdash i gathered
  103. Dim leader of britain, a tragic figure
  104. Dim feller now surprisingly knowledgeable
  105. Dignified female author holding sway
  106. Digging deep
  107. Difficult to get hold of a particular bible for us university
  108. Difficult problem for ravel
  109. Diet of family in south american city
  110. Did not relish being kept without date not half
  111. Dictators to restrict salary and capital in the far east
  112. Dickens novel, house
  113. Diamond perhaps with slight, not light, colour
  114. Dialect id picked up in isle of man
  115. Devote attention to four consumed by religious sect
  116. Device that bleeps to draw ones attention
  117. Device for raising water a golf clubs set up
  118. Developing hospital backed with little money
  119. Develop simple diet &mdash you might be punished for breaking it
  120. Destructive insect &mdash place has tons
  121. Destitute persons way of escape from top floor
  122. Dessert in finland mostly served up with peel of star apple
  123. Desperate to be a man, i feel hatred
  124. Despair, on reflection, engulfs part of church
  125. Desire broadcast to be live
  126. Design pencilled in, an elementary machine
  127. Describe partner that was unattractive
  128. Deprived female lost cap
  129. Deposing leader in panic is blunder
  130. Denizen briefly entangled in plot, gaudily dressed
  131. Demolish with machinery
  132. Democrat dealing with vital representation of party
  133. Delivery that must be repeated with fish
  134. Delighted with make up, but careless
  135. Delias family group
  136. Degenerate acquired drug to carry round
  137. Defeat in debate
  138. Decorating material
  139. Decide against boxing plan
  140. Decay in iron i cut from neat arrangement
  141. Debris oscar removed from motown, america
  142. Debate case for auditor meeting staff in corporation
  143. Dealer in volkswagen trucks
  144. Dead skin at nails base
  145. Dead giant in play
  146. Day service detailed, guide on the way
  147. Dashed back to protect english girl from narrow escape
  148. Darkish in colour
  149. Dark mark or stain
  150. Dark blotches most likely stop skin developing
  151. Dared tangle with a snake
  152. Daniel ran off, stimulated by this
  153. Dancing on drugs
  154. Dancing and moving behind beat
  155. Dancer following in the steps of armstrong
  156. Dance requiring two wind instruments
  157. Damn shame pleb&rsquo s on the loose
  158. Damaged while on display
  159. Dalibors talent stopped by prison
  160. Daily porridge needed for african flier
  161. Dad&rsquo s time &mdash history
  162. Dad worried about second sons speech
  163. Dad turned expert at a rate of knots
  164. Dabbler, pal, invested in gold rings, initially
  165. 17-across opposite
  166. 13-across opposite
  167. 1936 anti-drug movie originally titled tell your children
  168. Ski jump's approach ramp
  169. Anthropomorphic holiday cookies
  170. Pronoun-shaped girder
  171. Scan used to diagnose migraines
  172. Cold war military force
  173. Big name in metal
  174. Bid the most
  175. It restricts peacetime quartering of soldiers in private homes
  176. Vicious on stage
  177. 'and hast thou __ the jabberwock?': carroll
  178. Storytelling technique … or what is altered in this puzzle's circles
  179. Didn't conceal
  180. Deals with things
  181. The daily show correspondent ronny
  182. Carnival ride cry
  183. Like a grade of d
  184. Quietly evade
  185. App with much swiping
  186. Melatonin for one
  187. The simpsons character with an 18-letter last name
  188. Lang. of belize
  189. __ life: beatles
  190. Letters before a trade name
  191. Kepi and kufi
  192. K-12 in brief
  193. Candy made with sour sugar
  194. Flirted with with at
  195. Biographer chernow
  196. Get done with
  197. Reddit interview briefly
  198. Midmorning drink
  199. The ncaa's spartans
  200. Votes in
  201. Title inuit in a 1922 film
  202. Sensitive as a subject
  203. One in maslow's hierarchy
  204. Personal hygiene aid
  205. Robin roberts' network
  206. Joey in the hundred acre wood
  207. Rapper/actor who stars in law & order: svu
  208. Stuff (in)
  209. Windbag say
  210. What people line up for at a party
  211. Lead-in to margarine
  212. This clue is one.
  213. Florist's discard
  214. Ahead of schedule
  215. Summertime complaint
  216. Bendable leg part
  217. Rhyming duo in the candy aisle
  218. Arizona language
  219. Glow actress wong
  220. Unit of internet navigation
  221. Plan from a gastroenterologist
  222. Auction site since 1995
  223. Bit of land in the ocean
  224. Onigiri seaweed
  225. Word processing convenience
  226. Traveled on horseback
  227. Encouragement from a dinner host
  228. Strange grace author gratton
  229. ___ that emotion (miracles hit)
  230. Lead-in to style or tie
  231. Behind-the-back baskets say
  232. Words between wives-to-be
  233. Rings a bell e.g.
  234. Turkey holiday
  235. Cacio e ___ (pasta dish)
  236. One of three in a day perhaps
  237. Olympian mia
  238. Style named for a 1925 expo
  239. 17-across targets
  240. Name in carpe diem
  241. Store with a swedish food market
  242. Like j in the alphabet
  243. The d in dj
  244. Book series with riddles by jean marzollo
  245. The t in atm
  246. Discreetly include on an email
  247. Go through beforehand
  248. Containing added nutrients
  249. Comedian jones
  250. Name that sounds like a meal
  251. Joint that might be opened
  252. ___'s list (platform for women in tech)
  253. Bundled together
  254. Prop in a pre-flight safety demonstration
  255. Words before self-quoting
  256. Unit of thickness
  257. Waist accessories
  258. Image made of black squares on a white background
  259. Hang on a sec!
  260. ___ out (barely achieves)
  261. Got introduced to
  262. Unit of electrical resistance