1. Signature obama legislation for short
  2. Common side dish at a barbecue
  3. Large grain container
  4. Exam for many a 10th grader for short
  5. Risky things for a car to run on
  6. Focus single mindedly on something
  7. Short excursions
  8. Apple computer for short
  9. State sch southeast of columbus
  10. Faint as light
  11. Lou gehrigs disease for short
  12. Leader of the israelites across the red sea
  13. Feudal sovereign
  14. 2014 film starring david oyelowo as martin luther king jr
  15. Network for watching congress
  16. When to stargaze
  17. Coverings on ears of corn
  18. Leisure boats
  19. Post w w ii alliance
  20. Home of 17 of the 20 highest peaks in the u s
  21. Twists of lemon or lime
  22. Jokey comment
  23. Thomas hardys of the durbervilles
  24. Attired like batman or superman
  25. Devers three time olympic track gold medalist
  26. What a bouquet emits
  27. The third member of the trio said shed …
  28. First group with a #1 billboard hit alphabetically
  29. Lines on an urban map abbr
  30. Org that funds pbs
  31. Make giggle say
  32. What sleeves hold
  33. The second member of the trio said hed …
  34. T rex e g
  35. Companion of frodo in the lord of the rings
  36. Ability to keep ones balance on a ship
  37. The i of fwiw
  38. Like a ship on an ocean floor
  39. The first member of the trio said hed …
  40. Full of gristle say
  41. Bothered as ones conscience
  42. With 68 across what the trio in this puzzles clues is trying to promote
  43. Adjusted to fit as a ring
  44. Future docs hurdle
  45. Upbeat greeting
  46. Distressed ones in some fairy tales
  47. Pale green glaze that originated in china
  48. Adoption candidate maybe
  49. Antonios love
  50. Seminole rivals in college sports
  51. Signature obama legis.
  52. James played by beyoncé in cadillac records
  53. Victory wreaths
  54. Pga leaders say
  55. Whacked at as left field
  56. Slangy meeting
  57. Bug with bounce
  58. Summer temp maybe
  59. Sch. with the mascot sparty
  60. Sup at home
  61. Who wants cake? eager reply
  62. Pickable do
  63. Second-marriage relationship
  64. Et __?: and then what?
  65. Hindu festival of love
  66. Detectives promising discovery
  67. Cold rocks
  68. Seedy company?
  69. Words of comfort
  70. Box with openings
  71. Pet rabbits homes
  72. Like some revenue as parking fines
  73. Cookie thats customizable
  74. Dog-__ pages
  75. Type of prof.
  76. Hatchet man __ brasi of the godfather
  77. Amusement park pickup areas
  78. In order that one may
  79. Cooper classic
  80. Striped walkways
  81. Vodka nickname
  82. Halloween is in it
  83. __ boogie: the nightmare before christmas villain
  84. Won a razzie award say
  85. Lovers suffix
  86. Best actor role for anthony hopkins
  87. Kobe-based shoe company
  88. Strictly follow
  89. Foxs quest in a fable
  90. Blueprint for a sunrise artist
  91. Motorola razr e.g. and a hint to each set of circles
  92. Political battle
  93. Oregon trail state
  94. Yom kippur verb
  95. Wheat __: cracker brand
  96. Org. with annual jazz master awards
  97. __ mortgage: quicken brand
  98. March 14 food
  99. First black nhl player willie __
  100. (qr [?) of conduct]
  101. T. rex, for example
  102. Sport with scrums
  103. Home to halifax: ____ ____
  104. Four best picture winners
  105. ___-a-lago
  106. Kind of drum
  107. Open as a toothpaste tube
  108. Kind of review
  109. Unidentified author (abbr.)
  110. By tradition, the first bishop of rome
  111. Butter, cheese etc
  112. Butcher in choir appals new clergyman
  113. Bum stops in prison
  114. Buffoons lowering the odds of seeing these
  115. Brontë heroine reserves island home for birds
  116. Broadcast featuring opening of peep show again
  117. British dramatist consuming half of game &mdash duck, perhaps
  118. British capital deficit creates this sort of market
  119. Bringer of news speaks again, wasting little time
  120. Bring in setters drink
  121. Brimmed hat with an indented crown
  122. Breeding colony for birds and also for mammals such as penguins, seals and turtles
  123. Breed of vulture no cord
  124. Breast lift husband is wanting for communist sympathiser
  125. Break in id get fired
  126. Bread from romania or even places in algeria
  127. Breach of good manners
  128. Bravado deserted guilty party
  129. Box used by king and queen containing large diamond
  130. Bottom of well covered by moist leather strip
  131. Bores quit changing nickname
  132. Boredom leads to earls now nightly upper intake
  133. Booze time hoskins is getting a flipping excellent drop of red
  134. Book telling a story in pictures
  135. Book published that is without question catering to niche market
  136. Book on small creature not all my own work
  137. Bone disorder caused by vitamin d deficiency
  138. Boiler suits
  139. Body established to settle disputes
  140. Boatman, a rear admiral, climbing a mountain
  141. Boatmans seen in image this way forever young
  142. Blouses with underwear included for 14s
  143. Bloom of youth
  144. Bloke on course thats collapsed
  145. Bloke has time for run
  146. Blockbusters taking prime slots in this tv show
  147. Blissful welsh girl supporting cambs city
  148. Bits of ginger hair revealing true colour
  149. Bishop on a weekend getaway
  150. Biscuit expert
  151. Birds saw between sticks close to lake
  152. Bird gets spider
  153. Bird a little way along window ledge
  154. Binge before opening oxygen tank
  155. Big reveal sees english banker trap unknown figure by safe
  156. Big cheese in cafe hit, surprisingly
  157. Better soldiers leaving in the open air
  158. Better blooming perform
  159. Bestseller list affected some local shops
  160. Best possible period not quite set in stone
  161. Besss partner quietly leaving wild party
  162. Besotted girl bewailed losing knight
  163. Berkeley square serenader
  164. Bend down, i would say, for this basin
  165. Bellinis 1831 opera
  166. Being this ergo endless conceit, sadly
  167. Being rich, we fuss about &pound 2
  168. Behaviour in aldi somewhat lacking the ladies wont have it
  169. Beginning to drink a tea in boriss country cottage
  170. Begin to date vacuous upper class twit
  171. Begin introducing a medic at yankee pre match bash
  172. Began list laying out these assets
  173. Before temperature fell, suns unnatural
  174. Before dance, trap game
  175. Beer mug in the form of a 15 down man in a tricorne hat
  176. Beer enthusiasts about to drink a good new brandy
  177. Become crazy nationalist instead of good migrant
  178. Beat with stick
  179. Beat queue, you say, to disappear outside
  180. Bearing costs centrally, cutting 100%
  181. Bears paunch
  182. Beans give a sign of life
  183. Be patronising towards women denied start
  184. Be gloomy
  185. Bath gushing in middle
  186. Basic mistake, at first, to leave cheese around the french
  187. Barge in here perhaps with tin
  188. Barely using energy, wife shows physical strength
  189. Banknote left in tray emptied
  190. Banking controller delights bloodsucker
  191. Banks reply initially appallingly derisive
  192. Bank going into driver&rsquo s identity
  193. Band destroying great many commercial vehicles
  194. Baltic sea no, it turns north
  195. Ball game team near swimming location
  196. Balkan country on the black sea, bordering with turkey
  197. Baker perhaps follows short cut to do decorative work
  198. Baked sausage dish
  199. Bad taste of home furnishings let me see
  200. Bad mood in toboggan, having made faltering progress
  201. Backed irish setter producing big blue shiner