1. Prefix with dermis or dural
  2. Sweetheart, informally
  3. School transport option
  4. Knighthoods title
  5. B in vibgyor
  6. Hair salons offering
  7. Ipad download, for short
  8. Singer grande to her fans, fondly
  9. The house, 1999 realistic fiction novel series written by louise erdrich
  10. Brain of the computer abbr
  11. I wish you were
  12. Abu dhabis capital abbr
  13. Prepare to eat, as a banana
  14. Captains affirmation
  15. Yang twins
  16. The fault in stars, john green novel
  17. Work on a keyboard, say
  18. Dirty dusting cloth
  19. The convertible, 1974 short story by louise erdrich
  20. Word after new years
  21. The queen, 1986 novel by louise erdrich
  22. To enquire or question
  23. International military alliance initials
  24. Nibble, like a beaver
  25. Singer lipa of levitating
  26. Midterm assessment, for short
  27. Term for the british pound, for short
  28. The watchman, 2020 novel by louise erdrich that won the 2021 pulitzer prize for fiction
  29. Flight entrance area
  30. Feel to speak
  31. Swing the arms wildly
  32. Flight landing prediction abbr
  33. Parts of a decade, briefly
  34. City, jessica alba starrer
  35. S in cst, briefly
  36. Play the role, in a play
  37. Mascot who pursued the hamburglar
  38. Mascot with a goatee and a string tie
  39. Samantha bees former network
  40. Marketing strategies and what the mascots in this puzzle have all been given?
  41. With 40-down legal scholar played by kerry washington in hbos confirmation
  42. Cat collar dangler
  43. Affixes a patch say
  44. Ones who work with bowlers and boaters
  45. Dutch banking giant with an orange lion logo
  46. Chip off the old flock?
  47. Sonata and cadenza
  48. Missing segment
  49. Singer/activist downs
  50. Nyc fcs org.
  51. Just-brewed carafes of coffee e.g.
  52. Nocturnal call
  53. Curling target
  54. Taiwans first female president
  55. When do u get in?
  56. Old futon problem
  57. Lower a pitch?
  58. The music man state
  59. One never stops playing
  60. Surrenders by treaty
  61. Elba of the suicide squad
  62. Earn tons of
  63. Place to enter a pin
  64. Indian condiment with a mango variety
  65. Like the streets in some period pieces
  66. Shows up as for jury duty
  67. Radio setting
  68. Shows everything
  69. They point at numbers
  70. Basketball skill
  71. Three five-letter instruments
  72. Six four-letter words ending with one
  73. Morays, for example
  74. Emanating field