1. Consumer electronics trademark
  2. Pro football player from los angeles
  3. Third largest land mammal after the elephant and rhino
  4. More than 70% of earths surface
  5. Expensive bead
  6. F or g but not h or i
  7. Cutters sailing vessels
  8. Cut out pattern for painting
  9. Cut wood supporting seats
  10. Cut pace and lose out
  11. Cut on outside by blade reversed, so accurate
  12. Cut off decorated
  13. Cut off air supply when lamberts trapped by alien
  14. Cut doctor out in session of enquiry
  15. Cut and polish again
  16. Curtains for depeche mode, after half the characters leave book describes break up
  17. Curse rings that gangsters put on
  18. Curse as no room squeezing into big top
  19. Currently elected, and hopeless
  20. Current unwelcome visitor camped in compound
  21. Current putting hamlet right off
  22. Current appearance by second side impressing manager finally
  23. Curiosity in queens visit is spreading
  24. Cunning fellows housed in suitable accommodation
  25. Cummings primarily a toxic element, not primarily a brainbox
  26. Cud chewer
  27. Cuckoo making beastly noise
  28. Cuckoo isnt on middle of wild plant
  29. Cubism without braques beginning to morph into different art form
  30. Cry, being fat
  31. Cry off
  32. Crustacean is lean crab, minced
  33. Cruelly treated
  34. Cruel people, endlessly severe in scene of battle
  35. Crude english crime writers given up taking cocaine
  36. Crowded closely together
  37. Cross about political party leaders getting ruffled
  38. Criminal is captured displaying classic comedy prop
  39. Criminal behaviour in breaking into house and yard
  40. Crime for which lord haw haw was hanged, 1946
  41. Creature expert packs special item for cold climes
  42. Creative skill from excited star, i hear
  43. Creative painter, returning to attic after losing head, is found inside
  44. Cream stouts drunk what an example to the boys
  45. Cream shown in ones cups
  46. Crazy graduate turned murderer
  47. Crazy general&rsquo s assistant enthralled by chart
  48. Crazy democratic fool in days long past
  49. Craft i spy had first of repairs here
  50. Crack fish in river
  51. Crab silly oaf does
  52. Cowardly, ignoring old wife&rsquo s shout
  53. Cover the cost
  54. Cover provided by eu and nato repositioning around november
  55. Court stops a4e having effect
  56. Court getting the kings mistress to return warm wear
  57. Couples seeking to provide accommodation for tenant
  58. Couple with permit for piece of jewellery
  59. Couple united in party
  60. Couple study advanced body parts
  61. Country where the tigris and euphrates join to flow into the gulf
  62. Country gent, oddly evil
  63. Could two males lead to havoc
  64. Cosy up with german husband &mdash his business is in pieces
  65. Corrupt doctrine overshadows current administration
  66. Corporation to fail &mdash botched entry from board
  67. Cornucopia, a pastry affair
  68. Copper right to be abrupt
  69. Cop punching old dog, grass …
  70. Coolness of pal stoned by ugly mob
  71. Cooler to attack supporters
  72. Cool italian banker&rsquo s thick skinned customer
  73. Cool evangelist, friendly
  74. Cool character thats written for star
  75. Cook made to take back unusual type of sugar
  76. Convict arranged filing duty
  77. Controversial staff correspondence showing change of heart about conservative
  78. Contrary lad with personal problem
  79. Contrary attitude about relations putting work first
  80. Contracted second hospital to manage most of kent
  81. Continues to be stiff
  82. Continue to suppose parking not required
  83. Continue to block a medical treatment
  84. Contest in which all runners finish tied
  85. Contented feline sound
  86. Contend with immoral behaviour, shunning clubs
  87. Contend with an opinion
  88. Contemplate securing round bit of it equipment
  89. Containers store skulls centrally in chambers
  90. Container of chopped up garb and assorted gubbins, primarily
  91. Container for leftovers
  92. Constable collection can be seen here
  93. Consider changing gear en route
  94. Conservative failure is not so far away
  95. Conscious of beginning with conception, then aftermath
  96. Confrontation from start of really loveless marriage
  97. Confident like bob, and frightfully rude
  98. Conductor expressing mahlers sixth well and with dignity
  99. Conduct work after fleecing board member
  100. Condition, in fine &mdash
  101. Condemned a buyout, yet mostly getting expression of approval
  102. Condemn explosion
  103. Conclusion somewhat lacking heart again
  104. Concluded a good wine includes hint of earthiness
  105. Concert attended by old knight in cape
  106. Concerned with place with european name
  107. Concerned with part of the orchestra coming back
  108. Concentrated at home on future perhaps
  109. Conceit, for example, obvious at the start
  110. Composer put line in short song riff not requiring one
  111. Composer left in temper when rejected
  112. Complete stop as outsiders leave &mdash speech unfinished
  113. Competition based on appearances
  114. Competed as a candidate prior to winning and accumulated debts
  115. Comparatively loud english supporter
  116. Company distributed a lot of steak ribs
  117. Companion in a&e, with daughter, felt sore
  118. Companies sometimes marching, sometimes standing
  119. Community workers side with morphing, vengeful trio
  120. Communicate what wrong answer may do
  121. Comic character pulled up shorts, covering skin
  122. Comedian in panic, im occasionally laid back
  123. Come to a funeral party
  124. Collusion california loudly shows disapproval
  125. College group some distance beneath climber
  126. Collector and historian describing tanks containing moulded tin
  127. Collapse in membership fees i study sources of club expenditure
  128. Colic rob gets shifting cabbage
  129. Cold warmth in small bulb
  130. Cold blooded fish occupying dirty home
  131. Cold meat pie with no base concerning victor
  132. Coins, almost one pound, for writer
  133. Coin a word that means teach without peripheral notes
  134. Coffee english journalists dipped into thus
  135. Cockney to steal half this
  136. Coccyx
  137. Cobblers give a hand with door
  138. Coax to eat cold lolly
  139. Coat i relinquished keeps last of men supplied
  140. Coastal road
  141. Coastal area between la spezia in italy and cannes in france
  142. Coast of africa once creamy white
  143. Coarse show embodying extremes of evil
  144. Coarse east european taking victor for british
  145. Co operating group assembling brexit, labour or conservative leaders
  146. Clues naughty about great man having a roving eye
  147. Clothing and home design com­pany
  148. Clothes which can be changed
  149. Cloth cutter, reportedly, for a beginner
  150. Close to end of may, seabird seen about in part of france around toulon
  151. Close relationships something suitable for retiring individual
  152. Cloisters of church outside a london complex
  153. Clock setting endless fluster one observed around middle east
  154. Clock catalogue
  155. Clingy sort of scamp, allowed outside
  156. Climber untested a recipe for disaster on eigers flanks
  157. Climber needing a metal spike to get up
  158. Climactic moment from borg, as mcenroe discovered
  159. Cliff plant each should be protected by covering
  160. Clever releasing b side
  161. Clever leader is accommodating, at the moment
  162. Clergyman in church by a prairie
  163. Clergyman getting rid of cocaine immediately
  164. Clergyman forgetting first offence
  165. Cleopatra was girly in the extreme in brief fancy panties
  166. Clearly evident, spectrum lacking in orange and green
  167. Clear ive got over depression
  168. Cleaning womans lorry
  169. Cleaned out, son displayed sorrow
  170. Clean what could be venerated mosaic cross here with due care
  171. Clean up noted at cinema
  172. Class teacher initially involved in court action
  173. Clans symbol, mostly something carried
  174. City stars beginning to decline, finally
  175. City in retreat coventry wingers showing good form
  176. City imports drugs
  177. Cites diner
  178. Circus performer to take flight, we hear
  179. Circle guarding something
  180. Cigarette butts
  181. Church performer who evokes memories
  182. Chosen people news boss put in office
  183. Chit chat conceals irritation
  184. Chirpy sort almost putting on ceremonial dress
  185. Child with me picked up an emblem
  186. Child no longer consuming right milk
  187. Chewed, eaten
  188. Chemical compound, say, receiving attention
  189. Cheers to the left and right in this country for old statesman
  190. Cheat canadian returning to french commune
  191. Cheap items almost free in black taxi drivers association
  192. Chatty fellow countryman digesting a lot of poetry
  193. Chase round area as ghosts do
  194. Charlie feeding writer german fare
  195. Charles takes the throne, dismissing leader of traditional framework
  196. Charge us cryptically for outfit
  197. Charge for transportation in part of train
  198. Charge added to bill for buttonhole
  199. Characteristic group of symptoms
  200. Character with a conventional significance
  201. Character crossing the line is parachutist, perhaps
  202. Chaps abroad losing the odd schilling
  203. Chap managed to collect medal for serving livestock owner
  204. Chant stopped by goal, poor result of on field foul
  205. Channel, small, across the pond
  206. Channels picture termed incomplete
  207. Changes dresses
  208. Changed gear after clutch casing damage
  209. Change the last word daughter expressed, heartlessly
  210. Change rota in order to provide support for shift
  211. Change of direction in society we have to adopt rule
  212. Change in yard after assistant referee
  213. Change in bottom line
  214. Change bill by a whisker
  215. Champion sweet i distributed most like toffee
  216. Challenging attitude of french guy engaged to wed
  217. Challenged when given the job
  218. Cetacean that kills seabird, by the sound of it
  219. Certify where cricket enthusiasts may be
  220. Certainly old, refocus after treatment
  221. Certainly not a tory boy, soldier possibly
  222. Centre identified by married man dropping by
  223. Celtic tongue of france
  224. Celebrity currently featuring in musical, not finished
  225. Celebrations with relations expected to come first
  226. Celebrated irish author said to have florid coat
  227. Caution shown when playing king, fearful scoundrel nicking it
  228. Caustic strong smelling
  229. Caught in tangled net near doorway
  230. Caught husband aboard earlier boat
  231. Caught fungal infection scratching backside, with your pen essentially inserted thats embarrassing
  232. Cathedral city of north rhine westphalia, seat of the krupp industrial dynasty
  233. Catalyst z in yemen reprocessed
  234. Cat, it&rsquo s returned with good queen
  235. Cats in the bag start to hunt bear
  236. Cat lady&rsquo s in pursuit of desire
  237. Casually jilted outside entrance to synagogue, dutch style
  238. Cast are able to add more detail
  239. Cassette unravelled in ground­breaking action
  240. Cash that goes by boat or train
  241. Cash short study cash missing upfront study
  242. Cash in on find
  243. Case of welshman bagging very wild dragon
  244. Case of online tuition
  245. Case of electric crackling noise thats very high
  246. Cary, in reality, mostly gets victor to replace book of records
  247. Carve letters in greek and english one spelled out
  248. Carry out an investigation
  249. Carriage, they say, for spectators
  250. Carouse as of old, hiding whiskey in mug, say
  251. Cares halved at first cant decide
  252. Carer she misled in fact finding
  253. Careless mates upset by crash
  254. Captain beginning to steam fish
  255. Capital family has wasted it
  256. Capital person academic introduced to unsociable guy
  257. Capital of zambia
  258. Capital of turkey change from moscow&rsquo s hardship
  259. Capital of laos, locally
  260. Capital of india with place to park behind housing
  261. Capital letters from the outset, if spelling 32
  262. Cap or beanie, for instance
  263. Canoe extracted by archaeologist
  264. Cane made from a rattan palm
  265. Candies and chocolates and others source of all of those
  266. Canal boat beginning to drift in lagoon aimlessly
  267. Can men test out performances
  268. Calm sounding composition
  269. Calm provided in fast moving surroundings
  270. Calls loudly and turns to buy drinks
  271. Calls for works to be heard
  272. Call up process to cut carbon emission
  273. Call to account us soldier over in scottish isle
  274. Call some prison guards
  275. Calf in a state
  276. Cake traditionally eaten at easter
  277. Grumpy response to being roused
  278. *muscly man
  279. Release as an album
  280. De armas of knives out
  281. More than unpopular
  282. Inbox item
  283. Smith's specialty
  284. He caught don's perfect game
  285. Spinach is rich in it
  286. Incorporeal answerer
  287. A whole lot
  288. Eddie fisher's ___ you now
  289. Sister of eva and magda
  290. Celebrity chef ripert
  291. Picks from a lineup
  292. Betray happiness
  293. Yolk dipper
  294. Dietary info for some treats and for the starred answers?
  295. Braque forte
  296. *attractive accompanier