1. Luke's pilot pal
  2. Ship that sailed from iolcus
  3. Traditional dairy farm item
  4. Cardi b ice-t or jay-z
  5. Authoritative type of bull
  6. Road with a no.
  7. At the __ core: burroughs novel
  8. The golden arm of the baltimore colts
  9. Carried on
  10. Aaron and eli in the old testament
  11. International relations department
  12. Ones who do things by the book?
  13. Amusement park freebie
  14. Either spouse perhaps
  15. Bunker of note
  16. Worked in a bakery?
  17. Try to strike
  18. Structure that may have a scratching post
  19. Word with a wave
  20. Big name in norwegian history
  21. Political scientist bremmer
  22. Fountain with a wind
  23. Frenetic drummer's output?
  24. Literally half-year periods
  25. Hawaii on many maps
  26. They're not from around here
  27. Like a professional gambler's life?
  28. Theme park array
  29. Marine bird
  30. Debate fixtures
  31. Consistently wins prizes for carrots turnips etc.?
  32. Row divider
  33. Specially designed valentine's day burgers?
  34. Like magellan for long periods
  35. Correctly old-style
  36. Jumbotron displays briefly
  37. Worked on
  38. Official school color since 1894
  39. Stretch in therapy say
  40. Evidence of a large impact
  41. Month between shevat and nisan
  42. Hat-hanging aids
  43. Montpelier-to-providence dir.
  44. Christmas morning cry
  45. When some local news is broadcast
  46. Road workers' garb
  47. Greatest gymnast ever per retton
  48. Like storied north pole workers
  49. Not up
  50. Tundra's lack usually
  51. Stephen of v for vendetta
  52. Monk's former squad in monk: abbr.
  53. Opponent in battle
  54. Italian dessert with layers of ice cream
  55. Inelegant as an engineering solution
  56. City in a shakespeare title
  57. Lay a yardstick beside
  58. Showing the ravages of time
  59. Goddess with a bow
  60. It's performed in hospitals
  61. Cable debut of august 1 1981
  62. Affirming phrase
  63. Philosopher killed by the eruption of vesuvius
  64. Rice-a-___
  65. Does mate with them
  66. Shoes like sandals
  67. If one were here it'd be surrounded
  68. Shape-shifting organism
  69. Bringing into harmony
  70. Immoral doings
  71. Love of ancient rome
  72. Put money up before a deal is made
  73. Check the personal history of
  74. Overtime necessitator
  75. Best supporting actor winner for 2016 and 2018
  76. Production co. for newhart
  77. Yogurt brand produced by dannon
  78. What a southpaw throws with
  79. ___ out (snitching on)
  80. Tendency to continue
  81. Areas in disarray
  82. Angel of death
  83. Coin-dropped-in-a-fountain sound
  84. John in the military
  85. Put into practice
  86. Ventriloquist's colleague
  87. Those in favor
  88. Smoking a juul
  89. That's shocking!
  90. Moves in mover lingo
  91. Be obliged to give
  92. Invaders of 1066
  93. Like sweden and denmark
  94. Resource loss through carelessness
  95. Mowry of sister sister
  96. Enjoy as a cafe
  97. Abbr. in blood types
  98. It flies to 17-across
  99. Highest-grossing film of 2009
  100. Islamic leader's office
  101. One of a facial pair
  102. Pop-pop's wife
  103. Saline solution fills them
  104. Miles from st. louis
  105. Career service member
  106. Past tense of 62-down
  107. Rhyming friend
  108. Oh of course!
  109. Source of grapes
  110. Ilhan the first somali-american elected to congress
  111. Rogan josh meat
  112. Rounded door handle
  113. Outfitted for a magazine cover say
  114. Ugh you win
  115. Measurement across
  116. Nigerian language or a nickname in english
  117. Fiftieth element
  118. Answered in the negative
  119. Affirmative answers
  120. One less than quadri-
  121. Cpr provider perhaps
  122. Response to gesundheit!
  123. One out of 365 or 366
  124. Deer also known as wapiti
  125. The three little pigs construction material
  126. The life-changing magic of tidying up author kondo
  127. Aisha dee's character on the bold type
  128. Sensitive to criticism
  129. Pop in the mail
  130. Romantic playlist fodder
  131. ___ wrong? (don't you agree?)
  132. Opposite of cheered
  133. Arakawa's art
  134. Like an angle that's neither right nor obtuse
  135. The legend of zelda release of 2017
  136. Musical role for quvenzhane wallis
  137. Complained about unfairness
  138. Children of ___
  139. Ceo of stark industries
  140. Women race and class author davis
  141. Descriptor for some cheeses
  142. Soda with a red white and blue logo
  143. Plants of a region
  144. The l word actress grier
  145. Light brown hue
  146. Admonishing noise
  147. In ___ of (rather than)
  148. During christmas, to donate, give an extinct mammal
  149. Dummy run follows company beginning to muster strength
  150. Dull group making a difference?
  151. Duke with healthier — though incorrectly formed — liver
  152. Duke in hat sees señoritas wiggle
  153. Duffel &mdash morning &mdash
  154. Duel? pot shot happened just before!
  155. Ducks seen outside harbour town and city
  156. Dry wry
  157. Drunken pirate provided opening shot
  158. Drunk to touch heart after diverting attention
  159. Drugs grasped by both hands eliciting a sideways look
  160. Drug dealers
  161. Drownings done, say, at sea
  162. Drone boring, senseless, cruel
  163. Driver driven to distraction on day off?
  164. Drive round front of ramshackle old mexican villa, and settle there
  165. Drinking bout in front half of car
  166. Drink upset duck
  167. Drink quietly, repeatedly, at home, gaining weight
  168. Drink making you sardonic in speech?
  169. Drink burst
  170. Drew on unknown english hippys clothing, possibly?
  171. Dressing ayrs latest civic dignitary
  172. Dress put on mature bull
  173. Dress in york lifted up
  174. Drawers might be glossy bags
  175. Draw, as rule, after switching sides
  176. Draw foal worrying another animal
  177. Draw dustcart, taking back bottles
  178. Dramatist needing writing instruments of old
  179. Dram from non drinker getting round in
  180. Dr spooners disposed of heart abscess caused by virus
  181. Dose of aspirin, for example, efficient in races
  182. Dorothys canine friend
  183. Door fastener in confessional at church
  184. Donor somehow keeps workers group booming
  185. Done by authority
  186. Dont spend penny on brush
  187. Dont scream after a shock in boots
  188. Dont insist on greeting being heard
  189. Don&rsquo t object so much? that&rsquo s stupid
  190. Don tries to break actual drill
  191. Dogs perhaps retreating, one in flight
  192. Dog seen in soho, undernourished
  193. Dog handlers first old expression of disgust
  194. Doddery old bachelors originally living in outskirts of whitby
  195. Doctor, last month, son loses hair
  196. Doctor wrong to get involved in lip disorder
  197. Doctor very engaged in genuine excision
  198. Doctor involved in study of genius
  199. Doctor hasn&rsquo t mobile, leading to cancellation
  200. Doctor gathering clothes for later time?
  201. Do exceptionally well in cutting a victorian adventure novel
  202. Do away with hollow effect round moulding
  203. Division of the bible
  204. Divide in three equal parts
  205. Diverting
  206. Distribute according to plan
  207. Distinguished academic
  208. Distinctive theory is mathematician&rsquo s first
  209. Dissolute fellow&rsquo s garden tool
  210. Disregard &ldquo x&rdquo placed under warrant
  211. Disposition of a vanguard force at the queen’s disposal
  212. Display shabby articles also
  213. Display behind low cartoon, at the back
  214. Disorder, illnesss
  215. Disney film sees australian following river into morass
  216. Discover limits of executives pay
  217. Disciples transgression, second to be admitted
  218. Disciple &mdash this persons held to be one
  219. Discharge pm with large following in home counties
  220. Discharge former partner in robust health
  221. Discarded goods from planes in the morning
  222. Director, in extremis, fought to secure financial backer for film
  223. Director involved in good change to film do you see?
  224. Direction of oscars movement
  225. Dine in hot weather in albert square?
  226. Dignitary has fine, fine diamonds gold plated
  227. Difficult time crossing river in scotland inspired saxophonist originally
  228. Died slowly, days after one kicked off nightie
  229. Die before undertaking parole at camp
  230. Didnt move from area thats dry &mdash sense the environment
  231. Dicky, given article and box, improvised
  232. Diamond tip
  233. Dh &mdash , author
  234. Devious us uni, so in need of reform
  235. Device used by, eg, asthma sufferer
  236. Device mixing air and fuel
  237. Development of green factory&rsquo s latest power supply
  238. Detonating on iow left weird light in bay
  239. Determined about reforming soonest? not very
  240. Detector of bishop grabbing lovelace?
  241. Detected without 1 across
  242. Detect hint of micronutrient
  243. Details not finalised, so ones led into error
  244. Detached wanderers stomach produced wind before religious festival, reportedly
  245. Despicable types of false witness wasting time
  246. Desperately anxious, pointing cryptically to knee?
  247. Desperate or fancy fellow, expert in karate?
  248. Desolate pub gets torn apart, almost
  249. Desire to show apple title learners missed?
  250. Desire shown where t shirt ripped
  251. Deserving shame
  252. Desert give up
  253. Desensitise
  254. Denisovich perhaps one person leading way
  255. Democrat given answer not right to lose heart
  256. Deliveries held, having exceeded the budget
  257. Delicate six footer in league champion side
  258. Delegate stuck in river
  259. Delayed returns with others
  260. Delayed break, losing 6 0
  261. Defender, keeper
  262. Deeply agitated
  263. Decorative tuft
  264. Decorations gold handle not hollowed out
  265. Declare time to head off
  266. Deckhands finally got out of sweeping vessel
  267. Debauched gatherings
  268. Death tally back with hospital gone from local area
  269. Dead beat boarding shabby car here’s one of its features
  270. Day welsh girl adopts english milk supplier
  271. Daughters entering singly at first, in a state
  272. Daughter, always upset about way of working, transferred
  273. Daughter&rsquo s head strange place to do tattoo
  274. Daughter with bad back and slouch
  275. Daughter close to tears initially after sentimental stuff in farewell
  276. Dated scoundrel with hand missing and a slippery customer
  277. Data about popular drugs
  278. Darling, promise of marriages a little late
  279. Darling goes after bargain a bit
  280. Daringly unconventional
  281. Daring swimmer, note, circling water plant
  282. Daring revolt stopped by queen
  283. Daring bishop facing rant
  284. Dangerous hillside collapsed
  285. Dance with heavy steps
  286. Dance being held in workhouse?
  287. Dance as bedouin in his element?
  288. Dance and drink to sailors return
  289. Dance wet spot
  290. Damsel endlessly in distress? heres a knight in shining armour
  291. Damage caused by mutation originally, mate ones on top of it
  292. Dali following lowry to draw in lakeland village
  293. Daily pork pie? fool!
  294. Dad leaves hitchhiker, say, on middle east express