1. Super mario creature that resembles a turtle
  2. Metonym for the movie industry
  3. Player at the highest elevation n f l stadium
  4. Heres an idea …
  5. Marvel character with metallic skin
  6. Nearly massless subatomic particle
  7. An ice place to go
  8. Compete in the americas cup say
  9. I did not need to hear that in brief
  10. Like some healthier potato chips
  11. Gift of persuasiveness
  12. Extremely catchy tunes
  13. Monopoly square between marvin gardens and pacific avenue
  14. Terribly eager
  15. Famously sleepy animals
  16. The national mall has more than 300 of them
  17. Cannellini e g
  18. Caps or cones preceder
  19. Mine locales
  20. Laura of ozark
  21. Just stop already
  22. Simple solution to a big problem
  23. Symbol of privilege
  24. Forks and knives e g
  25. Attractive older fellow
  26. Game played on a 91 x 13 court
  27. Certain pizza topping slangily
  28. Sound heard before many a classic movie
  29. The saxon
  30. Some significant others for short
  31. Score specification
  32. Parts of soft palates
  33. Something found in strands
  34. Like 2017 and 2027
  35. With 44 across bit of consolation … or a feature of this puzzles grid
  36. Japanese company with six stars in its logo
  37. Whitman of arrested development
  38. Old fashioned possessive
  39. Do a certain veterinary job
  40. 2016 inductee into the basketball hall of fame
  41. Apt foreign rhyme of moon
  42. Six premier league teams play in it
  43. Neologism for the best ever
  44. Second best era
  45. Kind of gorilla
  46. Christmas classic covered by bing crosby and bob dylan among others
  47. Tucker
  48. Took a dive
  49. Tiptoe maybe
  50. Portmanteau for a messenger bag
  51. Perfect vis à vis good in an aphorism
  52. Confuse wasabi with guacamole say
  53. Ones who are sent packing
  54. Lady but not the tramp
  55. Caution on a silica gel packet
  56. Some works by petrarch
  57. Sharper image co
  58. Wind on the water
  59. Short crust pastry fillings
  60. Team whose song the super bowl shuffle earned a grammy nomination
  61. Typists help to avoid repetitive strain injury
  62. Surrounded and attacked with to
  63. Between you and me
  64. Its destruction marked a turning point in world war i
  65. Ethiopian emperor revered by 56 acrosses
  66. Crane of frasier
  67. Animal associated with the egyptian goddess hathor
  68. Succinct i think
  69. Mix of many different cultures
  70. What may be considered worse when done well
  71. All up in anothers business
  72. One celebrating grounation day which commemorates a visit by 8 down
  73. Cheese whose name is a semordnilap
  74. Muscle car acronym
  75. Monkey head mushroom by another name
  76. Showers with sparkles
  77. S c d
  78. Aspirational hashtag
  79. Locale for bowed heads
  80. Ground shaking stuff
  81. Largest u s union
  82. Brand whose logo includes a schoolboy with a ball for a head
  83. Criticize with on
  84. Instruments for annapurna devi and anoushka shankar
  85. Musicians are often on it
  86. Twice hyphenated id
  87. Pentagon bigwig
  88. Possible response to who took the last cookie
  89. Social protest lecture series
  90. Quinceañeras e g
  91. Imperial title derived from caesar
  92. It sticks out in a dance studio
  93. 2014 animated film whose protagonist aptly is a construction worker with the
  94. Group whose name means the people of the waters that are never still
  95. Mess of hair
  96. All right we get it
  97. Made the case against
  98. Wouldnt that be nice
  99. Aid in breaching castle walls
  100. Like some sleeping problems
  101. Traveler around the world
  102. Stereotypical kegger attendee
  103. Humans in sci fi slang
  104. What might be next to cue cards
  105. Stroke perhaps
  106. Force behind many disinformation campaigns
  107. Leading character
  108. Merle haggard tune from muskogee
  109. 150 year old org that filed for bankruptcy in 2021
  110. Holds the door for say
  111. Riz emmy winner for 2016s the night of
  112. Star journalist
  113. Genre popularized by limp bizkit and korn
  114. Bio lab supply
  115. E commerce alternative to square or stripe
  116. Tragic downfall
  117. Some parenting websites
  118. Patella neighbor in brief
  119. File type
  120. Sister brand of guess and calvin klein
  121. Cause of lightheadedness
  122. Post hoc propter hoc
  123. Common dorm accommodation
  124. Start of many a party
  125. Really risked it
  126. Have a drink old style
  127. Upgrade for a train passenger
  128. Like morality consists of drawing the line somewhere g k chesterton
  129. Metaphor for a 100 degree day
  130. Thats quite enough
  131. Homoerotic viewing
  132. What a ganzfeld experiment tests for
  133. 2010 atlantic hurricane that was the largest up to that time
  134. Subject of the 2018 best selling account on desperate ground
  135. Left with nothing
  136. No neophyte
  137. Makeup kit for a summer look
  138. Oh our sides are hurting
  139. Home of a massive flock
  140. Surname on a 2010 true grit poster
  141. Org at the center of modern name image and likeness legislation
  142. Letting in a little light perhaps
  143. Qt and gal
  144. Frequent c d c collaborator
  145. Part of 79 down abbr
  146. Usd dollar mxn
  147. Passing through d c
  148. There are three of them in a morse o
  149. Traditional rivals of the n c a a s hoos
  150. Used a prayer rug say
  151. Like the mideast exclave of madha
  152. Divisions of bushels
  153. Rude boy singer to fans
  154. Dish whose yellow color comes from saffron
  155. Its my hunch …
  156. Go from here to there … like *that*
  157. Overseas speed meas
  158. Liberal arts sch major
  159. Org that bestows the community assist award
  160. Thomas jefferson or john tyler by birth
  161. Pea jacket material
  162. Defamed in a way
  163. Nickname for someone whose full name is a calendar month
  164. Rentals that might come with dolly carts
  165. Triangular piece in a party bowlful
  166. Person with star power
  167. There was no choice
  168. Treat for mr owl
  169. Gq v i p s
  170. Word with power or brakes
  171. Actor who delivered the line nobody puts baby in a corner
  172. People cant lie under it
  173. Figure on italys 2 000 lira note before euros were introduced
  174. Hungarian herding breed
  175. The national zoos xiao qi ji e g
  176. Soccer superstar nicknamed la pulga
  177. Straight sides of sectors
  178. Big name in microwaves
  179. Lolol
  180. Major exporter of nutmeg
  181. Letter two after tau
  182. Unpartitioned apartment
  183. Company acquired by allstate in 2011
  184. Big news to share in the biz world
  185. Incendiary explosive
  186. 2 broke girls co star behrs
  187. Felt on the head
  188. Early r&b group for missy elliott
  189. New look provider … or a homophonic hint to this puzzles theme
  190. Dish at a traditional bedouin wedding
  191. Valedictorians pride in brief
  192. Mentor of 50 cent
  193. Express line count
  194. Inept dancers at oktoberfest
  195. Tools used by horologists
  196. Become ticked off
  197. Some post pollution efforts
  198. Massachusetts college of our lady of the
  199. Means of learning about chiang kai shek
  200. Most miserable hour that time saw lady capulet
  201. Fossil suffix
  202. Shape of a canine id tag often
  203. Shape of a doughnut
  204. Potatoes done perfect sloganeer
  205. 2018 crime biopic
  206. Worries about something
  207. Possible reason for refusing to wear a tank top
  208. Scale for some judges
  209. Taken down and put up elsewhere
  210. What might whet an appetite
  211. Buddy of buddy maybe
  212. Commuting arrangement
  213. Journals of a certain stunt performer
  214. Postseason tournament pick
  215. Cnn political correspondent bash
  216. Biblical father of eliphaz
  217. Three time pro bowl wide receiver in the new york jets ring of honor
  218. Like some cross caribbean flights
  219. High ranking figures collectively
  220. Frenzied states
  221. Meticulous magical beings
  222. To love in italian
  223. Small doodles perhaps
  224. Like the rock vis à vis any of the stones
  225. Chastising syllable
  226. Crumbly salad cheese
  227. Big night for a high schooler
  228. Serenade e g
  229. Rapper j
  230. One piece of evidence of a planets habitability
  231. Business announcement involving billions of dollars
  232. Group in a playbill
  233. One just passing time
  234. Follow shortly thereafter
  235. Played a part on stage
  236. Official bird of hawaii
  237. Safeguards for tightrope walkers
  238. … and the list goes on
  239. Nonbinary pronoun pair
  240. Word before the tables or the tide
  241. Land between norway and finland
  242. Aid in solving a mystery
  243. What lava is before an eruption
  244. Los angeles n b a player
  245. Cleanup on 5
  246. Lacking any moral compass
  247. Letters on a bottle of tanning lotion
  248. James who played sonny corleone
  249. Eastern place of worship
  250. Dress like for a costume party say
  251. Sticky part of a gecko
  252. Storage for garden tools
  253. Cleaned as a window
  254. Take on a position along with its responsibilities
  255. Classic arcade game set in outer space
  256. Five in french
  257. River beneath 37 parisian bridges
  258. Lead in to girl or boy
  259. Products of pilot and bic
  260. Gossiping types
  261. Pizza feature for a specialized diet
  262. This to do the trick
  263. The s of l s u
  264. What lava becomes after an eruption
  265. Little __ muffet
  266. Roger bannister famously
  267. Some fed assistance
  268. Speaker in cooperstown
  269. Elvis or coca-cola
  270. City on the french riviera
  271. The l word co-creator chaiken
  272. Ad prizes
  273. Currency launched on 1/1/1999
  274. Leave the city to evade arrest
  275. Like some tanks
  276. The sun for one
  277. Where the old woman lived
  278. Permits to enter
  279. Onetime supreme court justice charles hughes
  280. Really care about
  281. List to-dos
  282. Successor to brown as california governor
  283. It has just one 64-down
  284. How many people get around town
  285. Delivery as of a baby
  286. Comes to light
  287. Secret fraternity member
  288. Party or wild follower
  289. Vinyl-covered as a floor
  290. Global shoe retailer
  291. Ohios lake
  292. Airplane passengers might battle over them
  293. Budget sister company
  294. Runs out of juice
  295. Lawyer for a defendant typically
  296. Guido of baroque art fame
  297. Gel ingredient
  298. Relatives of slurpees
  299. Server with a blush?
  300. Piece of prose
  301. A hot one can be problematic
  302. Laid up
  303. Long thin soup mushroom
  304. Viscous plant substances
  305. Rand mcnallys business
  306. Classic hollywood studio
  307. Gomezs furry cousin
  308. Author/activist chomsky
  309. Nabisco brand name
  310. Tom yung goong or tom kha kai cuisine
  311. Jem to scout finch
  312. Med. injury detector
  313. Ancient greek region on the aegean
  314. Title for two beatles
  315. The good dishes
  316. Discomfort cause
  317. Brand of caramel candy
  318. Makes four into twelve say
  319. Advanced course offering
  320. Hold for questions
  321. Follower of pinch or switch
  322. Take care of a kitty
  323. Went down a slippery slope
  324. Matisse of the art world
  325. Unhinged in slang
  326. Old-time laundry soap brand
  327. Place for singles
  328. Taylor longtime name in womens fashion
  329. Watcher … and homophone of a letter that appears exactly once in every clue and all but two answers
  330. Sharp talking to
  331. Musk e g
  332. Bring on for a position
  333. Selects as for a position
  334. Professional soccer player with the most goals for a single club
  335. Attire for gym period
  336. Olympic great jesse
  337. Many an opera villain
  338. Give up arguing
  339. Emersons to beauty
  340. Defeat via invasion
  341. A little tied up at the moment
  342. Cloud of melancholy
  343. Fish often served meunière
  344. Accompaniment for many a hymn
  345. R&b family name
  346. Wine often served with 15 across
  347. Swing of a bowlers arm
  348. Subject of a famous 1937 disappearance
  349. Mad ___: fury road (2015 charlize theron film)
  350. ___ and jerry (animated television series)
  351. The fact that bulls get angry when they see the color red e g
  352. Getting higher
  353. Common garden pest
  354. Zodiac symbol for pisces
  355. Shot from a needle
  356. Brown speckled bird
  357. Advocate for u2s frontman
  358. Loud music style
  359. Quick kiss on cheek
  360. Like many high end watches
  361. A founding member of the avengers
  362. Fix computer error
  363. Dormant (talent for example)
  364. Competitor of fox sports
  365. Ivy with a ben franklin statue
  366. Rude thing to leave at a restaurant
  367. The white lotus and black mirror for two
  368. Compete (for)
  369. Secretary of the interior haaland
  370. Nonprofit spot in brief
  371. Epic mess-up at a critical moment
  372. Real dirtbag
  373. Digital video format
  374. Concern for one with hypertension
  375. Three european countries
  376. Three largest moons in our solar system
  377. Four relatives (four-letter min.)
  378. (queen [?) murray]
  379. First of a series
  380. Paul ______'s midnight ride
  381. Members of a household
  382. Team of seven
  383. Macbeth's cousin
  384. Sports org with the ryder cup
  385. Many an anonymous source on capitol hill
  386. The other reindeer …
  387. Computer networking company
  388. Dweller east of the north atlantic
  389. Sound of dismissiveness
  390. Thunderstruck rock band
  391. 1003 in roman numerals
  392. Like the tone of a talking to
  393. Page n f l hall of famer turned justice on the minnesota supreme court
  394. Raincoats to brits
  395. Just so happens …
  396. Like key lime pie
  397. International grp founded in 1960 in baghdad
  398. Black hole for socks facetiously
  399. Arise fair sun and kill the envious moon speaker
  400. Dweller west of the north atlantic
  401. They can be shaped like tubes or wheels
  402. Brief periods of time
  403. Not by check or credit card say
  404. Word before dish or effect
  405. Chairs superior
  406. Deal with issues at work
  407. Ship built with the help of athena
  408. Things that dad likes to discuss
  409. De la cité one end of pariss pont neuf
  410. Spongebob squarepants e g
  411. Frights upon waking up from sunbathing naps
  412. Beats me in textspeak
  413. Knock on the door
  414. Wacky shenanigans of a woodworker
  415. In the fashion of
  416. Euclids elements descartess la géométrie etc
  417. Milky way bit
  418. Hip hops public
  419. Much of roy lichtensteins work
  420. Its showtime for me
  421. Trophy e g
  422. Show of shock
  423. Miss of the n c a a
  424. Container whose name is pronounced with either a long a or an ah
  425. Enterprise voyage
  426. Something that might come up after a big meal
  427. Target with a toss
  428. Father in law of helen of troy
  429. Parts of a spanish omelet
  430. Titular vampire in anne rice novels
  431. Response to rule breaking
  432. Like supreme court hearings with en
  433. Are you giving me no choice
  434. Range on a game box
  435. 2018 sci fi prequel
  436. Casino next to the venetian in vegas
  437. Alternative to white
  438. Gym figures for short
  439. Flashy car feature
  440. Mexican ally
  441. Type of socialite officially discontinued in the u k in 1958
  442. Electronics company that founded nbc
  443. Some safe harbors
  444. Something thats no good unless its closed
  445. Burr famously
  446. Redacts as sensitive information
  447. Seriously fancy
  448. Symbols often accompanying the phrase legalize it
  449. Frothy order
  450. Members of a wartime skywatching corps
  451. Actress hagen with three tonys
  452. Like mortgagors
  453. What starts with janeiro in rio
  454. Network operated by the u s space force
  455. Anderson cooper to gloria vanderbilt
  456. Colonies construct them
  457. Blue angels e g
  458. Food item that may be candied
  459. Eye ailments
  460. Didnt win or lose
  461. Parts of essential oils
  462. A pelican gulper is a type of one
  463. Marley of marley & me for one
  464. Protein building acid type
  465. Performance traditionally accompanied by the ipu heke
  466. Companion in arabic
  467. It may be flipped in anger with the
  468. Proto smartphones in brief
  469. Mediterráneo
  470. £ pound sterling r
  471. Not just live in the present
  472. Actor claude of b j and the bear
  473. Sicilian word that roughly translates as swagger
  474. Grp of pelicans
  475. Find satisfaction slangily
  476. Waiting for an assignment maybe
  477. Snacks for some beetles
  478. Im myself here but …
  479. Important calculation for a weightlifter
  480. No contest for one
  481. Successfully convince
  482. Skateboarders apparatus
  483. List for a survivalist
  484. Get to eat
  485. Apparatus with a harness and flippers
  486. Medicare advantage by another name
  487. What genes do biologically
  488. Hospital drama sets in brief
  489. Component of many sandstone features in the southwest
  490. Lesson for an advanced language learner
  491. Like many a documentary film
  492. River through bohemia
  493. It might end in an emoji
  494. Nickname in israeli politics
  495. Sibilant sobriquet for summertime singer sarah vaughan
  496. Help on wheels
  497. Not requiring much attention say
  498. Aircraft with low drag
  499. Paid athletes with day jobs
  500. Pulling down
  501. Well theres a surprise
  502. Scanner feature
  503. Bearer of the earth in iroquois creation stories
  504. Little drawing
  505. Some pubgoers
  506. Daily in paris
  507. Quadrennial bonus
  508. Ran off
  509. Green symbol on rotten tomatoes
  510. Valuable carriers
  511. Place for fast growth
  512. Cabinet department with a buffalo on its emblem
  513. Yet to be processed
  514. Black hairstyle with square shaped sections
  515. Lustrous shell compound
  516. The singer björk for one
  517. Big ink purveyor
  518. Whats not to like
  519. Drug known by its german initials
  520. Palindromic number in italian
  521. Word finishing ring or band
  522. County thats split in two by the grand canyon
  523. 1960s 70s detective series set in san francisco
  524. Rooftop landing sites
  525. Mexican dish named after a small boat
  526. Like the red panda blue whale and black rhino
  527. Rhetorical inversion device seen in champagne for my real friends and real pain for my sham friends
  528. Tragic lover of myth
  529. It may be in your jeans
  530. W w ii spy grp
  531. There are 70 in a shakespearean sonnet
  532. Campaign catchphrase of 1988
  533. Handy device for making gazpacho
  534. Turned vertically
  535. Drop in a way
  536. Food dyes e g
  537. Sport with a capture the flag variety
  538. Kind of typeface or pepperidge farm cookie
  539. Raleigh to richmond dir
  540. Its full of fiber
  541. Shipping option for books
  542. Some avian homes
  543. Site of the impact of the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs 66 million years ago
  544. Like dry mud on a dogs paws
  545. Like seth among the offspring of adam and eve
  546. Like favorite films typically
  547. Imperial title
  548. International telephone prefix for russia
  549. Mahatma in translation
  550. Developing after in
  551. Flower thats also the name of a downton abbey character
  552. Industrial v i p
  553. Dallas and houston are in it in brief
  554. Japanese soup ingredient
  555. Duh in modern slang
  556. Katie of espn
  557. Ringing in the new day
  558. W w ii threat
  559. Take a dive perhaps
  560. Gawps
  561. Part of the joke
  562. Jane of 9 to 5
  563. Lakeside city thats at one end of i 79
  564. Put in a seat perhaps
  565. Ornate tea vessel
  566. Traditional attire for some martial artists
  567. Ing wen first female president of taiwan
  568. Used grubhub or postmates say
  569. So are we
  570. Tometi who co founded black lives matter
  571. Kind of data distribution with two peaks
  572. Celia known as the queen of salsa
  573. Added bonus metaphorically
  574. Extended wear manicure options
  575. Im so sorry for you
  576. Microsofts answer to the ipad
  577. Pull in
  578. Soda cracker by another name
  579. Thompson of sorry to bother you
  580. Not sharp perhaps
  581. Event with a crowning moment
  582. Sleeveless undergarment informally
  583. Purchase for wile e coyote
  584. Drops in water
  585. Fence line
  586. Panko breaded chicken dish
  587. Winans with 12 grammys
  588. May god bless and keep the … far away from us
  589. Spy kids actress hatcher
  590. Homeland of many paiute and shoshone
  591. Kind of syrup thats an alternative to honey
  592. Michael of ugly betty
  593. One might be good or evil
  594. Hempseed product
  595. A crime
  596. Sun kissed say
  597. 2019 jukebox musical featuring the song proud mary
  598. Start of a rendezvous request
  599. Ones fighting for change
  600. $$$ for old age
  601. What in the …
  602. First openly lesbian anchor to host a major prime time news program
  603. Ignore that edit
  604. Holders of multiple passports
  605. Hyphenated beverage brand
  606. It lets you see the sites
  607. In math
  608. Language of the 18th century poet mir taqi mir
  609. Premium membership designation
  610. Google search info
  611. German freundin spanish
  612. Function whose output is 45° when applied to 1
  613. Word with earth or muscle
  614. Five times a day islamic prayer
  615. Inauguration day activity
  616. What opec and nato are both in
  617. With 27 down island nation near indonesia
  618. Ones with big heads around the office
  619. Then heres what happened …
  620. River of forgetfulness in myth
  621. What blades on windmills do
  622. Two of them meet every year in the super bowl
  623. Peninsula in the six day war
  624. Longhorns texas texas a&m
  625. I pi
  626. Modern tax option
  627. Airport shuttle typically
  628. Bob who sang one love one heart / lets get together and feel all right
  629. Seemingly timeless
  630. Rude dwelling
  631. Where the land meets the sea
  632. Woe is me feeling
  633. Each … as in the price of balloons
  634. Quick time outs
  635. Ore locale
  636. Its a bad look
  637. Basketball great curry
  638. Guaranteed … or where you can find the ends of 17 23 37 and 50 across
  639. Completely fail
  640. Keeps watching … and watching
  641. Added cost of buying soda
  642. Any member of nato to any other
  643. Areas for hosp surgeons
  644. Like some food for dieters
  645. Spring forward and fall back plan
  646. Tex mex items associated with tuesdays
  647. The hun
  648. Magic duo with a 20+ year act in las vegas
  649. One of haitis two official languages along with french
  650. Olympic event for which the world record stands at a little over 20 feet
  651. Hulk in a wrestling ring
  652. One of 10 on a ten speed
  653. Paul who sang diana and lonely boy
  654. Org exploring mars