1. Primate that resembles a human
  2. Spam folder locale
  3. Crunched body parts, for short
  4. Video commercials, for short
  5. Crack an equation, say
  6. Match referee, briefly
  7. Weekday starter, for short
  8. Scoreboard numbers, for short
  9. Point the ball at the goal, say
  10. Clever statement
  11. Restaurant and broadcast lounge, former diner in ny that paid homage to gleason and ed
  12. My life, song by bon jovi
  13. Medic to a feline, briefly
  14. Dallas &
  15. Politicians plea during an election
  16. The black , former restaurant in vancouver that paid homage to the mystery series twin peaks
  17. Lights, camera, action caller, for short
  18. Brings to a complete halt
  19. Punch in the gut sound
  20. Drag to court for damage done
  21. Flora and fauna subject, for short
  22. Bar in shoreditch, uk, that is based on the tv series breaking bad
  23. I cant it
  24. Suffix with viral or swine
  25. Texters just so you know abbr
  26. Early tv monitor with vacuum tubes abbr
  27. Walters roastery, cafe in istanbul that is based on the crime drama series breaking bad
  28. Papeetes island retreat
  29. One more than duo
  30. Good to be true a novel
  31. Burger, restaurant in palestine that is based on spongebob squarepants
  32. Bibles ark builder
  33. Just like the gobi
  34. Napkins seat
  35. Fruit in the shape of a bulb
  36. Mendels vegetable
  37. The , restaurant in ny that is based on doctor who
  38. Its fair
  39. Cigarette package, for short
  40. Comic book writer stan who co created spider man
  41. Language of this clue, briefly
  42. Queer eyes fashion expert france
  43. All men must , pop up restaurant in london that paid homage to the drama series game of thrones
  44. Soccer legend messis birthplace, for short
  45. Kind of legal code
  46. The m in mhz
  47. Radio 2 wds
  48. A hint of suspicion
  49. No offense
  50. Italian for entrepreneur
  51. Not at all assertive
  52. Gravel size
  53. So-so effort
  54. Didnt think id see you here!
  55. Tsk evokers
  56. Etymology concern
  57. List on a concert t-shirt
  58. Collection that often happens by default
  59. The secret of the old clock sleuth
  60. Felt lousy
  61. Label on some bean bags
  62. Comoros capital
  63. Stuck in traffic say
  64. Early aircraft navigation system
  65. Frozen treat with mermaid and baby narwhal flavors
  66. Bird found on all seven continents
  67. Spirited tale
  68. Gets into swing
  69. Taste found in shrimp paste
  70. Paleozoic marine arthropods
  71. Phrase that may start a verdict
  72. Plan for the future in a way
  73. Happy cry on a fishing boat
  74. Dose of reality perhaps
  75. Southeast asian spicy noodle soup
  76. Application error perhaps
  77. Informal language that includes many abbreviations
  78. Colonial protector?
  79. Let you love me and you for me singer
  80. Close political contest
  81. Symbol of purification
  82. Prop for a classic magic trick
  83. Groundbreaking technology?
  84. Digs a lot
  85. Emotion voiced by lewis black in inside out
  86. Like some emotional speeches
  87. 44-across for one
  88. Lemur in the madagascar films
  89. Org. led by charles p. rettig
  90. Actress mendes or green
  91. ___ top (rhyming hairstyle)
  92. Needing a massage
  93. Oboes clarinets etc.
  94. Extremely: prefix
  95. Beloved red monster
  96. Music storage devices
  97. No score in soccer
  98. Characters popular on instagram?
  99. Cocktail with cranberry juice informally
  100. Reassurance after a child's tumble
  101. Restaurants you can go to for your own sake
  102. Is due for retribution
  103. Data fed to a computer program
  104. Honda ____
  105. Give off steam
  106. U.s. measures (abbr.)
  107. Nfl coach adam