1. Unit in an improvisational parlor game
  2. Word in a con man's pitch
  3. Goofy images?
  4. Fig or olive
  5. Ones drawn to flames briefly
  6. Thought about it
  7. British general at the battle of bunker hill
  8. Dryer component
  9. Basketball tactic … and a hint to four puzzle rows
  10. Dieter's buzzword
  11. Beat by a nose
  12. First best actor jannings
  13. More than coax
  14. You and what army?!
  15. Bartender's device
  16. Offline briefly
  17. Bacon products
  18. Vip travel option
  19. Ia city on u.s. 20
  20. Only unanimous baseball hall of fame electee
  21. Official flower of two southern states
  22. Cherry garcia is one
  23. Path to the gold so they say
  24. Waze feature
  25. Wins in an ugly way?
  26. Not for kids
  27. Reached a max
  28. Recon mission goal
  29. Put gently (on)
  30. Street in a horror series
  31. Texter's reaction to a joke
  32. Nickname for edward
  33. Toy from china briefly?
  34. Golfer's gouges
  35. Styles with foam
  36. He loved hero
  37. Projecting insect part
  38. Give ideas to
  39. A diplomat may negotiate one's release
  40. Impatient cry on christmas morning
  41. Let's fight!
  42. Xhosa and zulu's language group
  43. Objects in english class?
  44. Nobel who established the nobel prize
  45. Large fish-eating birds
  46. Not at all rainy
  47. Old faithful output
  48. Virologist yvonne who worked with epstein
  49. Serving tool
  50. Hunt in mission: impossible films
  51. H to hercules
  52. Ne player to fans
  53. Doesn't pass perhaps
  54. Book reviewer in brief
  55. This is it
  56. When one hand's up and the other's down
  57. Golf bucket e.g.
  58. Change the locks?
  59. Emmy winner de matteo
  60. Operatives living in secret and a hint to four squares in this grid
  61. Swiss guard charge
  62. Dumbbell no.
  63. You can bank on it
  64. Philippines threatener
  65. Coins depicting springboks
  66. Lyon divider
  67. Totally freaking
  68. Being to calpurnia
  69. Palace address
  70. Firm figs.
  71. Deuce usually
  72. Travel kit gadget
  73. Overwhelming muddles
  74. Ready for war
  75. Bit of trash talk
  76. Pie for dinner
  77. Walled city of spain
  78. Hollywood's harris and helms
  79. In the buff
  80. Singer's squad
  81. Athenian leader?
  82. Mobster's fear
  83. Office ladies or stuff you should know
  84. Sees to it
  85. No. 2s in some states
  86. Nation whose full name ends with abode of peace
  87. Restaurant chain begun with a california steakhouse
  88. Senator patty from washington
  89. Mice to cats
  90. Folk singer weinberg
  91. Harriet's husband on classic tv
  92. Mlb semifinal round
  93. Word after mass or social
  94. Nation in oklahoma
  95. ___ moon (anime series)
  96. Bit of scuba footwear
  97. Payment to the government
  98. 53-across grouping
  99. Hibernation stations
  100. Contract length unit
  101. The e in homes
  102. Ink ___ (squids' pouches)
  103. Joint above the foot
  104. ___ blues (king song)
  105. The earth without ___ is just 'eh'
  106. Playroom containers
  107. Greeting before que pasa?
  108. Corner office person for short
  109. Rem researcher's place
  110. Surface opposite the ceiling
  111. Half a diameter
  112. Despite all that . . .
  113. Stunt rider's sport
  114. Roman gods' garments in art
  115. With 42-down stir-fry veggie
  116. Toxic fluid
  117. Go ahead do it!
  118. Off-mic remarks
  119. Bread bowl-selling chain
  120. Disobeys simon say
  121. Subway riders' payments
  122. Asks for a dog treat
  123. Like blue lobsters
  124. Actress riegel
  125. Amount of milk (abbr.)
  126. Palindromic term of address
  127. Come out of hiding
  128. Wash in a tub
  129. Fabric edges
  130. Witch's prop
  131. Surya bonaly leap
  132. (10-down) is ___ (netflix show)
  133. Tv star leakes
  134. Place that serves brisket
  135. Sports team heads (abbr.)
  136. Hybrid southwestern cuisine
  137. Signal that's a palindrome in english and morse code
  138. Cypriot man
  139. Cylindrical bath and foundation overlap
  140. Cycle rickshaw carrying dean, say
  141. Cutting ties with european throttling missing pupil
  142. Cutting back on concerts in system that favours fat cats?
  143. Cutter for fine work
  144. Cut line into heart? funny story that
  145. Cut leave dropping week
  146. Cushion beginning to sag regularly
  147. Current republican party entertains torture for us punk singer
  148. Current pair involved in deal unlikely to invest
  149. Curious revolutionary poets last letters
  150. Cunning, sly
  151. Cue, holding a rest
  152. Cuban perhaps lends air to dance
  153. Cry out for the old record format
  154. Crumpet and cooked leek in bread no thanks
  155. Cruelly using indians skin over colour, chiefly, they say
  156. Crucial sounding place for loading and unloading ships
  157. Crowd body movements at a sporting event
  158. Crow loses tail and several feathers around neck
  159. Crouch in prayer
  160. Crop circles as chopped down seed
  161. Criticism &mdash whats expected to come back
  162. Criticise losing a carton opener?
  163. Criticise cuts removing last source of economies
  164. Criminal’s bad luck, dropping half the rings
  165. Criminals caught out in scam
  166. Criminal taking in brother in tuscan city
  167. Criminal one captured by the force
  168. Crime writers chapter, right after name
  169. Crime nearly sorted out charlies collared
  170. Crew provided obsolete engine part, for example
  171. Crew after fish &mdash is that plain?
  172. Crest, tuft of hair
  173. Creditor showing explosive ego and bile
  174. Credit given to adult in charge of a good time
  175. Credit cuts all the same, flipping cheek!
  176. Creature is around, is around and is around no more?
  177. Creator of the musical oliver, d 1999
  178. Crazy old timers aim to be long remembered
  179. Crazy military commander leaves african island in trauma
  180. Crazy attempt on prize
  181. Crane like bird turkish commander found by main road
  182. Cramming lots from university into apartments
  183. Craftsmens association
  184. Cowboy giving some of his money to a bounder
  185. Cowardly chap is after elegance and style
  186. Covered by revolutionary, story in retrospect told
  187. Cover for church leader in matter i brought up
  188. Cover done within square edges
  189. Course for aircraft to take
  190. Couple standing up in photo, ready for sex?
  191. Couple eating a dry scots vegetable
  192. County is grand nearly the whole time
  193. Country, for example, base for army training
  194. Countrys trouble captured in film
  195. Countrys flag raised with backing of american head of state
  196. Country road to take, city having been rejected?
  197. Country quarantining small spaniels?
  198. Country on the up? why pulling out shows arrogance
  199. Cost singular to get to mars
  200. Cosmetic used in madras nowadays
  201. Corrupt imprisoned politician expelled, losing nothing, is one in the know
  202. Correctly aligned
  203. Correct uniform for sappers
  204. Coroner beginning to doubt suspect is publicly known
  205. Cornish tourist came across me, back at the front
  206. Cornea defect
  207. Copy infantry photo how much one adds to the atmosphere!
  208. Copy extract from paper
  209. Coppers covering evidence
  210. Copper and informant or superintendent
  211. Coot or moorhen, for example
  212. Cooling system in a vehicle thats helpful for summer?
  213. Cool picture leading creative artist restored nude enjoying dish
  214. Cook with mum, making bread
  215. Cook too little grub for starter and unfancied competitor
  216. Cook slowly, throwing in a bit of lard? less fat
  217. Cook disturbed by a noisy quarrel
  218. Convert to another language
  219. Conventional hot rod customised to break circuit times
  220. Contrive to wipe out each unfinished city square
  221. Contrite worker who&rsquo s been confined again?
  222. Contradict doubter abandoning party in revolution
  223. Contract is in wallet
  224. Contract allowing occupation of property
  225. Continental river horse, perhaps? sounds like it
  226. Container catch
  227. Container for wine or spirits
  228. Consumed by fury, nannys heading for a row
  229. Constituent of panelling in court department
  230. Conservative welcoming the mans idea
  231. Conservative party long for
  232. Conservative faction left in party raised barrier
  233. Confuse movement of a duck with taking off
  234. Confirm mark is touring the states
  235. Confidence trickster doctor
  236. Conference venue at place that’s elevated
  237. Conductor when chosen went up
  238. Conductor travelled to support those chosen
  239. Conductor and what he shook when much younger?
  240. Condition backed by more senior cricketer, perhaps
  241. Condemn to destruction
  242. Conclude university has been missed off a list
  243. Concerning each of two or more people
  244. Concerned about heat and dry? frantically do this
  245. Concern linked to side of himalayan mountain
  246. Concept everyone associated at first with papers
  247. Conceited, sticks around
  248. Computer programmer ropes in good old chap
  249. Computer plug in
  250. Computer entry a pundit corrected
  251. Computer device emulates barbaric test for evil woman?
  252. Computer allowing access to the network
  253. Composer working in orchestral movies cut lavish set pieces
  254. Composer showing ignorance?
  255. Composer seen in november gathering
  256. Composer of old, once with movement about conflict
  257. Composer of music and player of it so damn wild
  258. Composer contributing to squalid revue after reflection
  259. Component of cell made of metal, mostly, with part hiding hole
  260. Completely outclass film studio
  261. Completely fail to take the underground, son?
  262. Complaint, as charlie parker hurriedly withdrew broadcast
  263. Compilers two ducks causing damage
  264. Competitive runner from australia mostly terrible
  265. Compere picked up award for gallantry?
  266. Compare lighter alternative
  267. Comparatively thin, metallic bar running through deck
  268. Company unlikely to collapse
  269. Company not out to make money
  270. Company groupings
  271. Company accountant leaves
  272. Compact newspaper? thats novel
  273. Communist the german revolutionary
  274. Communicate with bishop over satisfactory primer
  275. Common old man fed by priest before fast
  276. Common groups of species initially leaving
  277. Comfort stop about to be dropped
  278. Comes back on steamship going round small lake
  279. Comedy clubs cutting price of going
  280. Come off train
  281. Colour used by officer is excellent
  282. Colonist, a hero, bringing remedy?
  283. Collection of works
  284. Collected a horse barrier in crimson
  285. Colleague in germany happened to have short skirts
  286. Collar on dogs or catlike mammals
  287. Cold friends wrapped in warm material
  288. Cold dessert of fruit with whipped eggs and cream
  289. Cockneys semi embarrassed &mdash he burnt some cakes allegedly
  290. Cockney hero heading north, finding gold bearing rock?
  291. Cockney building boundary round field, moving slowly?
  292. Coats of arms, etc
  293. Coach correctly left for the house
  294. Clumsy admiral to get transferred
  295. Club could occasionally upset member
  296. Club act has change of heart hes involved in scam
  297. Clown in a diamond patterned costume
  298. Clothing torn when straddling object
  299. Cloth can wipe rear end
  300. Close to death
  301. Close match, one assumed after dark
  302. Close adviser
  303. Close a business
  304. Clock could be item as also found in laos
  305. Clintons issue with part of london
  306. Climbing plant i re saw it
  307. Climbers equipped with this and irrational not to ascend
  308. Climber in a fix on the ascent
  309. Climate warmed with this shelter plunged into river?
  310. Clever remark very good spread round about
  311. Clever or witty person
  312. Clear bright
  313. Cleaners seen around the french king? not at present
  314. Cleaner put off, man!
  315. Clean close to aisle in upturned seats
  316. Classification sailor
  317. Clanger left out large fixed capital
  318. Clairvoyant visited by saint david, most famously
  319. Claim to replace women in deep admiration for position at oxford?
  320. Civil partnership
  321. Civil and religious leaders of a muslim country
  322. City university in zambia originally having money to burn?
  323. City relieving poor uncle remus of total raised
  324. City of the central netherlands
  325. City of north italy
  326. City lenders i upset in tactless manner
  327. City came first, securing last of five goals ultimately
  328. City at the confluence of the saône and rhône
  329. Circulation of air, tireless, not requiring a purifier?
  330. Church mass arranged in heart of kent castle for one
  331. Church in palestine is remarkable place of worship
  332. Chronological account of events in successive years
  333. Christian was one turning cheek, resolute
  334. Christian festival on november 1
  335. Chopped meat charlie dumped in pit
  336. Choirboy to shake with fear, having missed mass
  337. Choirs foremost mature composer
  338. Childish verse
  339. Child minder to attack farm animal
  340. Chicken sandwich, us style? thatll get one animated
  341. Chess piece left in class
  342. Cheese and some apricot taken
  343. Cheerio having to lose good old statesman
  344. Cheer side short of team member after try
  345. Check part of tobacco pipe
  346. Cheat who hands out too many cards?
  347. Chatting with judge in flight?
  348. Chaste girl, one protected by mother, supplies element
  349. Charm offensive ultimately linked to war associated with us
  350. Charm in a hybrid tree, originally
  351. Charlie getting on mans nerves in wealthy district
  352. Charles lutwidge dodgson
  353. Charles is upset when son leaves for girl
  354. Charge that may be electrical
  355. Characters participating in round of open
  356. Chaplain to put up with holy bunch!
  357. Chap&rsquo s local refurbished in 2000
  358. Chap repeatedly making you laugh
  359. Chap from helsinki out of his head here?
  360. Chap drinking beer, seldom &ldquo discontented&rdquo northerner
  361. Channel going in deep i pulled towards the surface?
  362. Channel carrying hydrogen across its length
  363. Changed planes at nice
  364. Change of direction is a shock
  365. Change course, heading north
  366. Change colour visibly from goitre pain throbbing
  367. Chances of good kids getting half cut
  368. Chances morning will bring unwanted correspondence
  369. Chancellors statement
  370. Chance to cover masts with sails in warship
  371. Chance of a thousand in income, but not five
  372. Challenged about blocking father
  373. Chagalls frame on the next page with plant like design
  374. Centres of population, as found in the rest of the across answers
  375. Centrally imposed overtime, holder of innumerable letters ones job
  376. Central to cairo, a strip joint
  377. Central company in theatre production
  378. Celebrity from south america entertaining a sailor
  379. Celebratory number contains beat but no bass
  380. Celeb briefly backed into corrupt poll
  381. Cavalry commander killed at the battle of the little bighorn, 1876
  382. Cautious and tired, losing energy
  383. Caught with order for crystal meth
  384. Caught pub returning seafood
  385. Caucasian soldiers initially installed in irish islands
  386. Catch euripides play on vacation
  387. Cat identified by old church group
  388. Cat and a bird endlessly going round tree
  389. Cashier blowing top in fury
  390. Case of nouns
  391. Carve up
  392. Carthaginian holds educated woman to be strait laced
  393. Carriage fetched almost a million
  394. Carol and boyfriend?
  395. Carmen, for example, seen in europe rarely
  396. Car is to pull in and be damaged in spin
  397. Capital in asia then, seoul
  398. Capital generated in two american states
  399. Capacity to pass on their remarkable skill
  400. Cancel terms of reference
  401. Cant foul in the box, one might be feeling
  402. Can reset by scrambling controls electronically
  403. Call investigator a novice
  404. California located, hilarious people working together
  405. Californias sporting icon
  406. Caledonian boozer tours clubs