1. Like macbeth in macbeth
  2. Piece of small shot
  3. Smart union stops a controversial test
  4. Cleft in a rock
  5. Type of western pasta
  6. Shock of truants missing art
  7. Basic unit of currency in macau
  8. Deadly foe, hence change in service
  9. Robert -, commander-in- chief of british india in the 18th century
  10. High clan - straight talking social group?
  11. The laughing ___ , frans hals' painting
  12. Lose strength as in the knees
  13. Rhyming toy on time's all-time 100 greatest toys list
  14. Classic roadside brand
  15. The guy from ipanema?
  16. Not on track
  17. Let me tell you this is how to do it
  18. ___ tov (jewish observance)
  19. Droids and such
  20. Pasty side dish
  21. Unbelievable discovery in one's field
  22. Intense craving for a particular food
  23. Video game character with the most appearances on magazine covers per guinness (1 200 )
  24. Tournament-seeding consideration
  25. Spot to buy tix in n.y.c.
  26. Org. with magazines on magazines
  27. Where the sea meets land
  28. Works for a university maybe
  29. Country whose name anagrams to an island when its fourth letter is doubled
  30. Por ___ lado (conversely: sp.)
  31. Study for instance
  32. Company with assembly lines?
  33. Talk radio tuner
  34. The italian job or the bank job
  35. Royal navy stronghold during w.w. ii
  36. Path of some electrical conversions for short
  37. E-sharp?
  38. One sticking around the rain forest?
  39. Sunday school reading
  40. 2001 best seller with a tiger on its cover
  41. Climactic part of any scooby-doo episode
  42. Opposite of a state of disbelief
  43. Sister channel of cinemax
  44. B but not a-
  45. Highlight reel effect
  46. Weight of a japanese yen coin
  47. Subj. of a military test
  48. Symbol for 54-down
  49. Typical golf tournament freebies
  50. Item put in a lock
  51. What some buns are made of
  52. Lacking a defined shape
  53. Crossbow-wielding creature of sci-fi
  54. Units measured by multimeters
  55. Symbols seen in comic strip cursing
  56. Lukewarm response
  57. With 38-down amount to make do with
  58. African country whose capital is tripoli
  59. Natural development following topping revolt
  60. Fire's said to follow this and make it a mess
  61. Person who delivers letters
  62. Act of scoring for the opposition
  63. Not moving still
  64. Relatively long time
  65. Warm bed covering
  66. Lanky and awkward in movement
  67. Cowardly 6 letters
  68. Timely end for city
  69. School head airs off dresses
  70. Stupid pub has a point
  71. A sail used under another name
  72. Room for family dog?
  73. Shouted about road bypass
  74. Cast drapes apart
  75. Mary upset the men
  76. Batman's bird?
  77. — war 1853-56 conflict between russia and an alliance of turkey britain france and sardinia
  78. Wife of theseus in greek mythology
  79. Day preceding ash wednesday also called pancake day
  80. John — radio disc jockey journalist and presenter who died in 2004
  81. 1969 no 1 single by desmond dekker and the aces
  82. City in valparaiso chile housing brunet castle
  83. Eurasian maple tree with yellow flowers and two-winged fruits
  84. 2007 film comedy starring steve carell and morgan freeman
  85. Scottish golfer; 1985 winner of the open championship
  86. 1997-2010 labour mp for bolton west; 2007-08 secretary of state for transport
  87. Georg wilhelm friedrich — german idealist philosopher who died in 1831
  88. Best actress in a supporting role oscar nominee for psycho
  89. Leighton — 2014 and 2015 grand national winner on pineau de re and many clouds
  90. 1992 film comedy starring john ritter and pam dawber
  91. Inability to stand on one's own two feet through being thin?
  92. Assault in motels
  93. Mental condition where sufferer withdraws into private world of fantasy
  94. Rubbish or refuse
  95. Dwarf playing let it be around heart of england
  96. Desirable enough to make one green-eyed
  97. Depart, go
  98. Armchair in dining-room suite
  99. Look-out, guard
  100. Actor who played calvin weir-fields in 2012 comedy-drama film ruby sparks
  101. A post-mortem examination of corpse
  102. Lure with regulation
  103. Describe with a bang
  104. Bad temper from bodily organ?
  105. Ran at full speed over short distance
  106. Breaks the quiet or calm of
  107. Port and former capital of turkey
  108. Camphor derived from peppermint
  109. Run around and resist being late all the time
  110. Typically french
  111. The only english pope
  112. Disliking what is rough or improper
  113. Bronte novel: 'jane ....'
  114. The position as it is
  115. Deceive slangily - twice?
  116. Thins by adding water
  117. Mythical land of gold
  118. Finally, after long wait
  119. Poems about derby venue
  120. Having uneven edge, knife or rock
  121. Historic town located in county wicklow whose name means "the great estuary"
  122. Pet dog with clipped curly hair
  123. Not having knowledge or realisation
  124. Competitors or adversaries
  125. Rebuff, spurn
  126. Servile of lowly
  127. Bona fide, authentic
  128. Sacred choral composition
  129. Illustration or model
  130. Student carnival for charity
  131. Attack bitterly in words
  132. A one-night engagement for entertainer
  133. Casts or moulds
  134. Yellow flower for unsteady bovine?
  135. Poet of 'the waste land'
  136. Injure by clawing
  137. Showing to a seat
  138. Con, art could be against it
  139. Endure, put up with
  140. Animal home in the farmyard
  141. I net coin from a popular poison
  142. Concerning junkyard dogs
  143. Courage sounds like iron, for instance
  144. Clasped closely in the arms
  145. I and mate become lively
  146. Wooden funnel sounds like a heavy food vessel
  147. Turning point qualifier
  148. How some ice cream is made
  149. Dating disclaimer
  150. 410 u.s. 113 (1973) familiarly
  151. Cause of a rapid eye movement
  152. Spiritual walkers surface
  153. Altruistically but immoderately
  154. Start to occur
  155. Compensation for a good deed
  156. Tin tone for a scheme of life annuity
  157. Solo singer of a sort
  158. Short in music
  159. Lake denizens
  160. Very pale as ale
  161. Apple-picking group e.g.
  162. Maleficent verb in sleeping beauty
  163. Pronto perhaps
  164. Depart from the right path
  165. Weights of gold
  166. Factionalize
  167. Part of a peter pan costume
  168. Further now
  169. Word from the latin for put side by side
  170. Gets crowded
  171. What zucchini strings emulate
  172. V sign in a selection process
  173. Prepare to prey
  174. Mega-mega
  175. Smooth state
  176. Common cold bond film locale
  177. Russian monetary units
  178. Passes on a message
  179. Red hunt for a loud noise
  180. Physicist without his own element
  181. Keep as appointments
  182. Attempt to move quickly maybe
  183. Upper-level arrangement
  184. Proposal phrase
  185. Group-minded individual
  186. Components of pocket knives
  187. Hex sign
  188. Antonym of endorse
  189. Result of some bed times
  190. Shogunate center of yore
  191. One not called
  192. Whittle away in a way
  193. Evenhanded remark?
  194. Word on the east african capital list
  195. Heavy lifting?
  196. Intro to a reluctant comment
  197. Five-or-so major league infields
  198. Smooth pass
  199. __ consonants (p and g e.g.)
  200. Wearable made from kukui nuts
  201. Hard head?
  202. Lp essentially
  203. Field report
  204. What some glasses can hold
  205. What some chances are
  206. Guys rhymed with girls
  207. They may be rolling
  208. Motor metaphor
  209. Roast beef
  210. Hey, quickly for a magician
  211. He kills the bull
  212. Being able to speak two languages is deceitful
  213. I gush or change to be waggish
  214. Calm and unruffled, like a princely title.
  215. Reviles or takes undue advantage.
  216. Like or related.
  217. Representations, likenesses.
  218. Word of german origin for finely shredded and pickled cabbage
  219. Wind instrument found in the body.
  220. Cares for the sick.
  221. One's postal residence.
  222. I stave tom off which drives him to action.
  223. Smells like the kerry mountains.
  224. Dreamy style of music from late 1980s
  225. Took into the body.
  226. Excludes.
  227. Seeking the best conclusion, possibly in fear
  228. The pungent, aromatic one-seeded fruits of an umbelliferous eurasian plant used in cooking and medicine
  229. Operatic lady of the manor
  230. Hag, sir, could be gaudy
  231. Its capital is boise
  232. Branches or derivatives
  233. An isle in the south seas
  234. "different class" - describing leader of laura ashley's team
  235. "dress nice and silky," woman remarked in turn
  236. "hit back!" lady not content to stop at home (president's a well-known player)
  237. Walked stiffly in vanity
  238. "right, included with promotion, you mean?" lowering head with difficulty
  239. (musically) slow in tempo and broad in manner
  240. ... and lies - though maybe not hers
  241. A group of buildings built together in one development
  242. A little crass when one eggs on lover
  243. Spring twice to express surprise
  244. Beat famous horse not on medicine
  245. Bill starts to complain instantly about teeth - sharp, maybe?
  246. Bright ray - bus name
  247. Carrying racket i hurry round island
  248. Commander has only short organ
  249. Ordinary, of this world
  250. Composed wholly of top performers
  251. Eastern market
  252. Divine female close to announcing a date
  253. Doubtful jack's missed moment
  254. Chinese divination text also called the book of changes
  255. Esport? no
  256. Excitement lacking the first time? that's dissembling ...
  257. Fought, even to death
  258. French atlantic naval base
  259. Going to arouse, picked up when it's not so busy
  260. Irish female spirit who warns of an impending death
  261. Kenya winger keeps changing direction
  262. Lie was unravelling through leader previously not paying attention
  263. Mainly stop mentioning second romance
  264. Nice here at office and unexpected
  265. No, love, isn't unseemly (getting ideas)
  266. Climb upwards on motorcyle
  267. Passage selected from a book
  268. Plaything may come out for entertainment
  269. Posh motor trader gets fifty per cent off
  270. Seek to cut cost of hiring dress
  271. Speaker's not pursued with sexual intentions
  272. Suffer having been eaten by dog?
  273. Main messenger coming to a fishy end
  274. Tortilla chip served with savoury toppings
  275. Undoing belt i ran in and out
  276. Warn hal about the whale
  277. Use of clever devices
  278. Vagrant peoples
  279. Wish to have congress in the same place - look out!
  280. With very bad eyesight
  281. Sea-goer, ancient in the poem
  282. Red hat for scarcity
  283. One who plots
  284. Rabies in former yugoslavia
  285. London underground station on the bakerloo line between kilburn park and warwick avenue
  286. Gentlemanly address in spain
  287. Ab, you could be in a marshy louisiana inlet
  288. Military order or imposing show
  289. '... at night, shepherd's delight'
  290. Preposition meaning against
  291. Way for pedestrians beside road
  292. Animal, bag finally put on back
  293. Good man of the bible
  294. Trapped by sander
  295. A bet or sharpened stick
  296. Moves or puts forward
  297. Jewish festival celebrating escape from egypt
  298. Palindromically smooth
  299. Silver of precious metal
  300. Conceives, pictures
  301. Kind of wading bird
  302. Archaism about personal magnetism
  303. Canter about a daydream
  304. Harry ......, famous american escapologist
  305. Worn to rags or tatters, exhausted
  306. Jean-jacques ......, 18th century philosopher of 'the social contract'
  307. Name of great florentine family 15-17th centuries
  308. A million million million
  309. By choice, elective
  310. Throws ball slowly in high arc
  311. Suicidal like japanese pilot in ww2
  312. A bag for schoolbooks
  313. Heavenly body moving round the sun
  314. Domestic fowls as source of food
  315. Sluggish inactive condition
  316. City where the 2nd atomic bomb fell
  317. Unwilling or disinclined
  318. Just the same, nevertheless
  319. Wheeling’s river
  320. “cool substitute!” said the 1960s bohemian
  321. Ashcan school painter john french ___
  322. Party registration?
  323. It stuffs you up
  324. Settings of some morning art
  325. It’s easy so they say
  326. Devoted spouse’s words
  327. N. modifier
  328. Lodging-house for young travellers, students etc
  329. Rachel weisz’s role in “the mummy”
  330. “cool turn!” said the surfer
  331. Period between cause and effect
  332. 8-down who wrote “the flea”
  333. Grammer of “frasier”
  334. “tess of the d’urbervilles” libertine
  335. “cool sonnet!” said the gamer
  336. Pretend to be another in esperanto
  337. “cool blanks!” said the gen xer
  338. Collectible strings
  339. “cool departure!” said the millennial
  340. “secrets of the dead” network
  341. Makeup for dick van dyke in “mary poppins”
  342. Language in which gandalf is called mithrandir
  343. “columbo” org.
  344. Going by in the past
  345. Carby tubes
  346. David flattened this giant
  347. Vegetarian’s request
  348. Like eric rohmer movies
  349. Leith lass e.g.
  350. Bygone mauritius dwellers
  351. It’s set nightly
  352. Botox may be used on them
  353. These words
  354. Notorious motel name
  355. “cool wool!” said the beatnik
  356. “cool monster!” said the yuppie
  357. 1987 role for de niro
  358. “cool reflex!” said the skateboarder
  359. Available as a london taxi
  360. Transformative king
  361. “cool beginnings!” said the ’90s rapper
  362. Org. with many boomers
  363. “i went here” marker
  364. “when can i see you” singer
  365. Like students at the end of the semester
  366. “30 rock” star
  367. Begins a turn
  368. The smallest change?
  369. School on the street
  370. Classic nightclub familiarly
  371. Corpse to cop show cops
  372. Bid, tender
  373. Letter addition
  374. “hero” hero
  375. Flag supporter
  376. Lucy ricardo’s sidekick
  377. “quiet!”
  378. Capital or charm for example
  379. Pithecanthropus literally
  380. Sanctions target
  381. Comic harvey
  382. Place in storage receptacle
  383. These regions are lower
  384. Legal right over the nile
  385. Qatar exited it in 2019
  386. Word before leppard or jam
  387. Gaming allotment
  388. Elphaba sings “defying gravity” at the end of it
  389. Like lenin
  390. Extoller of “the bare necessities”
  391. Friends who aren’t close
  392. Balinese complaint
  393. Overuses a mailing list say
  394. “i don’t want to look at that!”
  395. Redmayne of “the theory of everything”
  396. Gibson feature
  397. Primary choices
  398. Item torn out of a book
  399. Birds with coastal colonies
  400. Andy taylor or ben cartwright e.g.
  401. Civil rights leader baker
  402. “reflektor” band
  403. Protection rating
  404. It may be topped by a tie
  405. Go straight to the courthouse perhaps
  406. Literary personification of british class issues
  407. Like a basic bike
  408. Sulphuric acid or savage criticism
  409. Rap duo ___ sremmurd
  410. Like windows and sheets of stamps
  411. Included indirectly
  412. Reproach oneself for
  413. “puppy love” artist
  414. Teeth of, say, wolf
  415. Of engine, adjusted to run properly
  416. Having place as part of reality
  417. Happen in turns, rotate
  418. Adversary or foe
  419. Play: 'much ... about nothing'
  420. Come towards the same point
  421. Portions or divisions, as of grapefruit
  422. In brief, courtesy title after man's surname
  423. Fat melted from roasted meat
  424. More self-effacing, gentler
  425. Group hired to applaud someone
  426. Chemical element, symbol cu
  427. Just about sufficient, acceptable
  428. Measure for sherry or kind of sailing ship
  429. Need an alteration for a set ofnine
  430. Refuge, sanctuary
  431. Sheep bits for fortifications
  432. Cares about the tracts of land
  433. One petal for this animal
  434. Nurse, dirt of the uninvited
  435. Polite to the state
  436. Wood for building
  437. Uttered at suez port
  438. It has to be scratched
  439. Structure extending seawards
  440. Antipodean city
  441. Bird from an island group
  442. I cod mum into providing a small quantity
  443. Nobleman providing a portion of beef
  444. Fall behind with a convict
  445. They play for the love of it
  446. When it's declared, the case must be heard again
  447. Betroth with face i fan
  448. A detective story can be sensational
  449. Muslim councillor
  450. Descriptive of raw diamonds
  451. Tissue which joins bones
  452. Smithy's last
  453. Material for sewing a wound
  454. Deceptive image, in the desert say
  455. Bewitch or delight
  456. Read it or keep munitions in it
  457. Small working boat
  458. Ma, don's a fruit
  459. Mobile lights
  460. Prince dreads losing regulars
  461. Dubrovnik of the adriatic
  462. Dr kay scarpetta creator
  463. Anton chekhov plays
  464. Offers for consideration
  465. Reduce to the smallest possible amount
  466. Lake of asia
  467. Relating to hot and humid parts
  468. Space voyager
  469. In bits camel drivers can join it together
  470. Changes to suit different circumstances
  471. Niggardly
  472. Attractive natural features
  473. It's used by a conductor and a policeman
  474. West indian batsman and former captain
  475. Remove a door or derange
  476. Debauched person found in the garden
  477. Retirement pay in a continental boarding-house
  478. Resented another's success
  479. Sober and serious
  480. Prince rainier's kingdom
  481. Squalid and base
  482. Not fair or equitable
  483. Thicken or clot, like blood
  484. Ship, or receptacle for liquid
  485. Legal objections from murderers
  486. Protrudes or forecasts
  487. A jester's coloured dress - on with it
  488. Robinson crusoe's servant
  489. Not severe, merciful
  490. Metal rod for roasting meat
  491. Stained and dirty
  492. Ninth planet of solar system
  493. A pal through correspondence, never met
  494. Get bearings, become accustomed to situation
  495. Mock, scorn
  496. Bring verdict to higher court
  497. Made kindly by age
  498. Lofty aims for ladies
  499. Andrew ..., famous american philanthropist
  500. Make calm, appease
  501. A blue precious stone
  502. Most ferocious and savage
  503. Left out or neglected
  504. Taoiseach's second-in-command
  505. Day nursery for babies
  506. One who takes delight in cruelty
  507. Surreptitiously, sounds like a lower employee
  508. Requests or entices
  509. Bottom half of a barrel
  510. I hit a west indian island
  511. Laws passed by legislation
  512. To put in a drink or slide on
  513. A money order for us conscription
  514. Deary
  515. He raps the heavenly being wrongly
  516. Hoagie
  517. Piece of matter in moat
  518. I raged on about the fabric
  519. Trial match?
  520. Cushioned seat for a turk
  521. A bird for the shirt co.
  522. Disposition of the body found in pure sot
  523. Weaving machine to appear indistinctly
  524. What's left in the pipe after smoking
  525. Flags for bases of measurement
  526. Orchestral or military instrument
  527. Language of the east
  528. Brought to a finish
  529. Sought to show by reasoning
  530. Open tarts
  531. Making use of
  532. Untidy refuse for animal young
  533. Make signs with hand movements
  534. Get a boar to annul
  535. Great length of life
  536. Sterner or more unyielding
  537. Male journalist
  538. One round of the track
  539. The book ___ (markus zusak novel made into a film starring geoffrey rush)
  540. Little hopper in a.a. milne stories
  541. First book in a series of novels by john sandford featuring 46-across (4 wds.)
  542. Classic diner sandwich for short
  543. Foreign, rare
  544. Rushed, busy
  545. Nobel peace prize winner elie who wrote the memoirs night dawn and day
  546. Will the circle be unbroken country rockers the ___ gritty dirt band
  547. Star wars heavy breather familiarly
  548. 2018 novel by john sandford featuring 46-across (2 wds.)
  549. Lines of equal pressure
  550. Connection for attaching hose to water-main
  551. Crude modus operandi executed with propriety
  552. Hurry and jostle
  553. One who tells the tale
  554. Decay in grotesque way
  555. American call it the fall
  556. It's disgusting
  557. A libido, starting to be an excuse
  558. Unanchored at sea
  559. It neutralises acid
  560. Mythical creatures that devour corpses
  561. Illumination indicating danger
  562. Mouse, squirrel or rat
  563. An informal sailor
  564. Gives officially as prizes or penalties
  565. Division into two parts or kinds
  566. Its capital is nicosia
  567. Hitler's air force
  568. 19th century english machinebreakers
  569. Programme of planned events
  570. 1992 novel by robin cook
  571. Gruff bark of dog
  572. Expert who examines and dissects, say systems
  573. Vaguely in rough outline
  574. Lanced in light
  575. Unsmiling severe
  576. Checked speed against clock
  577. Marks with pen
  578. Worn with tails
  579. Augmentation growth
  580. Property left after death
  581. Mechanical cooling fan
  582. Moved swiftly and suddenly
  583. Leisure sailor
  584. Duck-like waterbird
  585. Teaching session
  586. Leave go out
  587. 'a change is ...... as a rest'
  588. Conifers used in law courts?
  589. Australian food, informally
  590. The treaty city
  591. Feeling of having experienced something before
  592. Send back into custody while case is developed
  593. Shatter, break up
  594. Take for granted, suppose
  595. Nasty individual whose name escapes me
  596. Greatness among ncos
  597. Regret being on parisian street
  598. One who tells the future from the hand
  599. Became gradually narrower
  600. `tis nicest kind of specialist
  601. Physical characteristic of manx cat
  602. Clumsly, maladroit
  603. Island-studded lake in fermanagh
  604. Don't make a mountain out of it
  605. Long journeys on foot
  606. Number set out principles
  607. Piece of metal as money
  608. Touch base again in baseball: 2 wds.
  609. Smallest unit of an organism
  610. Bony structure that protects the brain
  611. Roman country
  612. The ___ who dumped me (mila kunis starrer)
  613. Wide street or path to progress
  614. Marsupial of australia and new guinea with large hind legs and a long thick tail
  615. Test for metal content
  616. Pharmacist, say
  617. Found the depth of
  618. Hard labour
  619. Form of address to an italian- speaking man
  620. Relating to great seas
  621. It's mostly underwater
  622. Dean's in an old conveyance
  623. Spanish and poetic sun
  624. General or of low degree
  625. Rake with machine-gun fire
  626. Who had a change on the elephant's back
  627. Remission of business in an alcove
  628. Trips and almost falls
  629. One who suffers for beliefs
  630. One connected by blood or marriage
  631. Small piece of matter
  632. Young women seeking film fame
  633. Things which seldom occur
  634. Another name for bushbaby
  635. Yield to authority
  636. Comprehend and convert into money
  637. Move round and keep watch
  638. Mutinous ship
  639. Grating to clear in street before ten, unfortunately
  640. Ten nag the sea-baird
  641. The man she is going to marry
  642. Doing a favour for or constraining
  643. A structure in a cell nucleus that carries the genes
  644. Biblical departure
  645. Wag toe at the fee for river haulage
  646. As gases go, a weighty one?
  647. Gyorgy ____, hungarian-born composer whose music was used in 2001: a space odyssey
  648. I'm bats about the confines
  649. Jacket for a spanish dance
  650. Become dull and discoloured
  651. I set core up to be mysterious
  652. Long thin pasta
  653. An apple a day keeps him away
  654. Of the lower social classes, as in ancient rome
  655. Narrow sea inlet in scotland
  656. Adaptable like relatives
  657. An ironic understatement about toilets
  658. Small garden tool for lifting plants
  659. Strong man of the bible
  660. Fad, short-lived enthusiasm
  661. American whisky distilled from corn mash, malt and rye, associated particularly with kentucky
  662. Meath seat of the high kings
  663. Verbal noun ending in 'ing'
  664. Chest bones, may be floating
  665. Joan of arc raised the siege of ...
  666. List of people to do job in turns
  667. Annoying person one's put in shade
  668. In shy, nervous manner
  669. Unbiased, being light of skin
  670. Marcel marceau's art
  671. Prohibition on trade
  672. In brief, a forecastle
  673. Loathe, detest
  674. ... cuisine is high-class cookery
  675. Dog of welsh breed, royal favourite
  676. Analyse syntax using counters
  677. Magician aided by evil spirits
  678. Receives under terms of will
  679. Cheap and tacky
  680. Get baby off the bottle
  681. Backwards and forwards
  682. Water land to increase fertility
  683. Felipe vi and juan carlos i
  684. Maps for captains
  685. One of aesop's tales
  686. Rub out, expunge
  687. Bear, stick it out
  688. Person with unlimited power, kind of dictator
  689. Strong in quality or degree
  690. Draw out, say a response
  691. Mentalist geller first name
  692. Tipster selling information
  693. Assembly of musicians as in pit
  694. Meted out, allotted
  695. Desert, forsake
  696. Silts up and leans over
  697. American state with grand canyon
  698. Magician of the round table
  699. Insect in dirty houses
  700. Assemble or glean
  701. Supplementary building
  702. Projecting joint of a finger
  703. Of various colours, like the piper
  704. Smell of smoke in kerry?
  705. Rugby get-together
  706. Pass the end of a rope through the bailiff
  707. Court decision on a grammatical structure
  708. Rents pal out, strangely, to the settlers
  709. Dance following the following of the hounds
  710. Sea-eagle in an irish lake
  711. Is identical in quantity, value
  712. It turns red with acids and blue with alkalies
  713. Dislike heartily
  714. Travelled in and out to work each day
  715. Such a wound is deadly
  716. Rating, for taxation say
  717. Hard particles for firmness of character
  718. Harsh and stern
  719. Part of a deer
  720. Polite addition to a request
  721. Drink constantly in small quantities
  722. Elegant and carefree
  723. Of flowers, like wreath
  724. More eager or sharp
  725. Elevated to sainthood
  726. Short-lived spring insect beloved of anglers
  727. Recess, cranny
  728. Set at liberty, loose grip on
  729. Mere lies may be more proper
  730. Indigestible material good for intestines
  731. '... park', novel/film about dinosaurs
  732. Enquire about, investigate
  733. Grounded by subordinate person
  734. Stress or tension
  735. Complained in lerida
  736. Of wound, infected with pus
  737. Piece of reckless mischief
  738. Down ...... is completely destitute
  739. One who seeks spiritual union with god
  740. Sharp in manner, biting
  741. Great tombs of the pharaohs
  742. Italian city of the planes
  743. Units of money in netherlands
  744. Right-hand side of ship while facing forward
  745. The process of selecting actors for play
  746. It attracts metal
  747. Expunge, erase
  748. Talked quickly about trivia - like magpie?
  749. Injure and cripple
  750. It's as good as a wink
  751. Drooped as from heat
  752. Slangily crazy
  753. Hoaxes or humorous imitations
  754. Experienced in, with knowledge of
  755. Live together as unmarried couple
  756. Foundation or main principle
  757. Jealous or covetous
  758. Ever-young boy of james barrie's play
  759. He charges too much in times of scarcity
  760. Frightening nocturnal fantasy
  761. Large tree-climbing lizard of tropical america
  762. Wicklow location of tv's 'ballykissangel'
  763. Slangy cannabis
  764. Difficult or leathery
  765. Outline of hills or buildings against firmament
  766. Tv series with captain kirk and mr spock
  767. One hanging idly about
  768. Causing feeling of sickness or disgust
  769. Typical englishman, sign taurus
  770. Announce publicly
  771. Wheel that controls ship's rudder
  772. They are hard to convince
  773. Vent-peg
  774. Lass, i sing badly about this preservative
  775. They tell the time when there's no cloud
  776. Comes into sight again
  777. Caribbean state
  778. Freight vessel
  779. Relating to words
  780. Ag
  781. Ian _, liverpool fc's all-time leading goal scorer
  782. Persons of the same rank, for instance
  783. Solid carved or cast image
  784. She opposed shylock
  785. Build or put parts together
  786. Curse or solemn promise
  787. Military display on the skin?
  788. Not excessive in rating one's own achievements
  789. Book for photographs, stamps
  790. Send goods abroad
  791. Economic and development organisation, in short
  792. Elongated ridge of tissue underneath the brain's cerebral cortex shaped like a seahorse
  793. Projecting end of a piece of wood formed to fit into another
  794. Form of poem
  795. Foreman of a group of labourers
  796. Dress for football
  797. Caesar's fateful river
  798. One appointed to settle a dispute
  799. Strange gun for an antelope
  800. Drink constantly
  801. Given to travelling
  802. Is cal strangely for a law that limits succession to males?
  803. Chemical element, atomic number 7, first isolated by daniel rutherford in 1772
  804. Ammunition belt
  805. It's found above the door
  806. Buy one for admittance
  807. Great river
  808. Expel as an undesirable alien
  809. A strict disciplarian
  810. A person accused of breaking the law, being tried in court
  811. What's the alternative to removing mess from rest homes?
  812. Spirit and dash in music
  813. The siren of the rhine
  814. Small case for small things
  815. Soft-nosed bullet
  816. Food for the cost of a journey
  817. There are many on a stony beach
  818. Unsuitable accommodation for stone-throwers, we're told
  819. Warned by way of education
  820. Sacred song from old testament
  821. Madness, insanity
  822. Past middle age, a senior citizen
  823. Right now, amigo
  824. Well acquainted with subject
  825. Artificial of manner, pretentious
  826. Person who keeps a protecting or restraining watch over others
  827. Order to return to previous position
  828. Classic hell in the shade
  829. Exit for water or steam
  830. Sure to be a trick
  831. This deal includes a number of proposals
  832. Wildcat noted for keen sight
  833. A globule of morning moisture
  834. Trivia bits
  835. Maker of duplo bricks
  836. Pete sampras's sport
  837. Sun worshipper's shade
  838. Response to a pastor
  839. Pompeii cover
  840. Organizer of a role-playing game
  841. Letters on the john s. mccain
  842. Ram on one andean plateau
  843. Restrained or inhibited
  844. Twisted like wood through heat
  845. It is thrown in sports
  846. Highly defensive state of mind
  847. Print shop packet
  848. Confront rudely
  849. One of a parcheesi pair
  850. Last-place team
  851. Dismal, funereal
  852. Blatherers don't make any
  853. Riesling or retsina
  854. Kingdom southeast of fiji
  855. Judge roy of the wild west
  856. Bricks unit
  857. Chopin's black keys e.g.
  858. Button up e.g.
  859. Reporter's bias
  860. Field day spoiler
  861. Lionel train buys
  862. Guthrie's restaurateur
  863. Ill-fated shepherd in genesis
  864. Joust combatant
  865. Ball celeb
  866. Buck the establishment
  867. Turned away or warded off
  868. Peace gesture
  869. Mentalist's gift for short
  870. Krusty on the simpsons
  871. ___ league (cairo-based group)
  872. Coin with a shield since 2010
  873. One who differs among residents
  874. Permit's reasonable after time off
  875. Divert into alternative course, like train
  876. I'd enter uphill races beside the motorcycle
  877. Very distinct, not open to doubt
  878. Incompetent and irresponsible
  879. Informal and nonchalant
  880. Bone forming part of the pelvic girdle
  881. Most corpulent - or most sturdy
  882. An abundant source, as of gold
  883. Latin abbrev. for unanimously, no one dissenting
  884. Jump or dive into water
  885. Covered with pimples
  886. An incorrect serve in tennis
  887. Max –, german artist who was a pioneer of the dada movement and surrealism
  888. Cordial, friendly
  889. Willing to have the last word and bale out
  890. A legendary sea monster of gigantic size believed to dwell off the coast of norway
  891. Vulgarly self-assertive
  892. Familiar to many
  893. Difficult, like steep slope
  894. Part played by student covered in eggs
  895. Great acting performed about return of private ryan?
  896. ___ la vida (coldplay's number-one single)
  897. Gin and juice rapper who cameoed in half baked as a scavenger smoker: 2 wds.
  898. Actress gadot of wonder woman
  899. Criticize openly
  900. He fixes water-pipes etc in building
  901. Books published once a year
  902. Charles j ..., turbulent extaoiseach
  903. Guitarist of the rolling stones who cameoed in pirates of the caribbean: at world's end as captain edward teague: 2 wds.
  904. Franz ___ author of the trial and the castle
  905. It was ___ (we didn't do it): 2 wds.
  906. ___ diving (water sport): abbr.
  907. Actress green of casino royale
  908. Immerse in liquid say
  909. Magic lamp inhabitant
  910. Visually detected
  911. Manipulates a contest say
  912. Admonishes, chides
  913. Cold dish which may be a mixture of raw or cooked vegetables
  914. Free fallin' artist ___ petty who cameoed in the postman as a bridge city mayor
  915. Solitary number
  916. Went from blond to brunette
  917. Something provided by the media
  918. My beautiful dark twisted fantasy artist who cameoed in the movie the love guru as himself: 2 wds.
  919. Route taken by militant red indians
  920. Director lee of the ice storm
  921. Melville's novel which is a sequel to typee
  922. Bookie's cut for short
  923. Areas between mountains (anagram of slave)
  924. Absolut product
  925. Bed of nails artist ___ cooper who cameoed in wayne's world as himself
  926. Ray-___ (brand of sunglasses)
  927. Part of a stage play
  928. Blurb about an author for short
  929. Not very near
  930. Pop-up annoyances for short
  931. Karachi's nation for short
  932. Brag about oneself
  933. Japanese electronics company whose name means three oceans
  934. Actor mcgregor who portrayed obi-wan-kenobi in stars wars movies
  935. Fannie ___ author of imitation of life
  936. Art ___ (retro building style)
  937. Cold headgear, perhaps?
  938. The girl to hold a hat
  939. Ginger ___ (popular beverage)
  940. All ___ (fully prepared)
  941. Snake seen in a spa, strangely
  942. The average could be miserly
  943. Trade by direct exchange of goods
  944. Fast as a naval unit
  945. Puts off to another time
  946. Mum, i cod about a small amount
  947. Slow cooker associated with boston
  948. Melody or tune
  949. Speak publicly or give information against
  950. Gratified weaknesses, pimped
  951. 1843 story narrated by a murderer
  952. Adaptable to circumstances
  953. Karate match exchanges
  954. Oil or grease
  955. Not disturbed, remaining even-tempered
  956. S african warrior tribe
  957. Utter curses upon
  958. Xii
  959. Snuggle or curl up
  960. Enfoncement du rivage
  961. Cylinder on which something is wound
  962. In hurrying disorderly manner, headlong
  963. Rainure e
  964. State of needing immediate action
  965. Looks or appearances
  966. Feeling of dislike or aversion
  967. Imperfection or defect of the body
  968. Prospers and flourishes
  969. He's engaged to be married
  970. John millington ..., great irish playwright
  971. From this place or time
  972. Small rectangular document case
  973. Debacle, a right mess
  974. Tropical tree orange red fruit
  975. Isolate with easter egg
  976. Bring on by artificial means
  977. Blind alley or situation without prospects
  978. Narrative or invoice
  979. Walked with unsteady swaying movement
  980. Very hairy and untidy
  981. Reached climax or culmination
  982. Raced around a mighty tree
  983. Fabulous animal like horse with horn
  984. Repentant sort of shrub?
  985. A bicycle made for two
  986. Acid found in proteins
  987. Traps set by nasser
  988. Unassuming or decent
  989. An example for ancients
  990. Rifles, guns, pistols etc
  991. American president known as tricky dicky
  992. Catapults or arm supports
  993. A paper pin
  994. Quality of bearing hardship without complaining
  995. The ........ book recorded land ownership in england in 1086 a.d.
  996. Skimpy and scarce
  997. Peter ...... starred in 'lawrence of arabia' (1'5)
  998. Art of using language for persuasion
  999. Tease cal badly and mount up
  1000. Stubbornly determined, on the path to ruin?
  1001. Language without meaning
  1002. Mysterious, secret
  1003. Caution or shrewdness
  1004. Temper showing? no, it's a stew
  1005. Principal sea
  1006. Carriage seat gives the sound of heavy wheels
  1007. Members of s african tribe
  1008. There's the biblical woman
  1009. The earliest vessel?
  1010. Find a disturbance in cut iron
  1011. In a lost state
  1012. Poor crate could be legally united into a body
  1013. Multi-coloured quartzes
  1014. Sheltered from the wind in cork, perhaps
  1015. Debris at the foot of a cliff
  1016. Jumps using pole
  1017. Mar, spoil the surface of
  1018. Quack remedies
  1019. Scoundrels, miscreants
  1020. Obtain through vigorous effort - and percussion?
  1021. Patois, vernacular
  1022. Impatient and eager - for a fight?
  1023. Subdued the pride of, punished
  1024. Go back to more primitive state
  1025. .. the red was 10th century norwegian explorer
  1026. Alcoholic drink in general
  1027. Greek king who killed his father and married his mother
  1028. Embarrassed or ashamed
  1029. Oh, go to - very remote town in mali, africa?
  1030. Tables of sheep sounds
  1031. Extremely chic or sophisticated, from french
  1032. Extreme scarcity of food
  1033. Animal with six legs
  1034. Utter menaces
  1035. ... browne belt
  1036. Disperses and scatters around
  1037. Increase in amount of degree
  1038. Rouse once more
  1039. Joined together for a purpose
  1040. Shine for a european
  1041. One who deals in bouquets
  1042. One who pays the landlord
  1043. A hickory tree of the southern us, having deeply furrowed bark and edible nuts
  1044. Feverishly busy
  1045. When searching, leave no stone thus
  1046. Hens or strata
  1047. Mal, bas can produce a healing agent
  1048. Threat or severe nuisance
  1049. Tart laws could be strong and sturdy
  1050. Bird of fine feather
  1051. The bird of the ancient mari- ner
  1052. Test racer out in us tram
  1053. Excessive payments for leased accommodation
  1054. A pit pose could be to the purpose
  1055. Vertical shaft between floors
  1056. Excitement and uncertainty about an outcome
  1057. Propel a boat with the tier
  1058. Sign of the zodiac represented by a crab
  1059. Large animal with a horn on its snout, in short
  1060. Drinking vessel for one easily deceived
  1061. Stands bottom over top
  1062. Deem iron to be changed to overbear
  1063. Expressive
  1064. Shy socialist accepts present
  1065. One can find a girl in ree
  1066. A tortoise shell, say
  1067. Repaired a work to its original state
  1068. Tear or cut roughly
  1069. Interlace strands of material
  1070. Student fun
  1071. Harsh and absolute ruler
  1072. Keep this and all are welcome
  1073. Cleverness with words and ideas
  1074. Twenty-four hours ago
  1075. Towards the orient
  1076. The centre of the deep blue sea
  1077. Moving around a body in space
  1078. Had care in the acted riddle
  1079. Printer handle
  1080. It can have pins at the end of it
  1081. Metz man
  1082. Needle-like piece of wood
  1083. Post-wwii pres. monogram
  1084. Woodard of passion fish
  1085. Tool usually pluralized
  1086. Pop-up book?
  1087. Haifa's home: abbr.
  1088. According to whom? retort
  1089. Pleasingly dated retail adjective
  1090. Seedy, sleazy
  1091. Gone late oddly to extend
  1092. Signalled, motioned
  1093. King minos' land
  1094. Does the 96-down for
  1095. One eliciting yawns
  1096. They're defined by revolutions: abbr.
  1097. Sign of vacancy?
  1098. Blue book?
  1099. St. louis summer hrs.
  1100. Swiss miss product
  1101. Leave in the dust by overtaking?
  1102. Bygone royals
  1103. Didn't let out as one's breath
  1104. Almanac fodder
  1105. Removes for good
  1106. Narrowly defeat dickensian hero
  1107. Wagner composed 'the flying ........'
  1108. Address book?
  1109. Rudolph valentino's blood and sand co-star
  1110. Chanel product
  1111. Schoolyard pal in a paul simon song
  1112. Text book?
  1113. Popular toffee sweets
  1114. ... wiedershen is german for goodbye for now
  1115. Pay suit to, woo
  1116. Not exact or clearly stated
  1117. The children of ... were turned into swans
  1118. Tummy-tightening garment
  1119. Shoddy pair?
  1120. Uga's conf.
  1121. Clock radio toggle
  1122. Fifth-most populous u.s. city
  1123. Striker of a polymer ball
  1124. Cousin of com
  1125. Period of great popularity
  1126. Fiona or shrek
  1127. Was discontinued
  1128. Objective for jack to achieve
  1129. Caused to develop, brought out
  1130. Promise or pawn
  1131. Word with clean or unglued
  1132. Burglars' targets
  1133. First name in the beauty aisle
  1134. Unit of wheat
  1135. Do really well, outshine others
  1136. Walking slowly and idly
  1137. Person unsuited to environment
  1138. It's behind you
  1139. Starfleet vips
  1140. Highway alert
  1141. Because to a kid
  1142. End of a believer?
  1143. Richard's songwriting partner
  1144. North atlantic hazard
  1145. Reacts to trouble
  1146. Slangy convertible
  1147. Tight-knit squad
  1148. Oater regulars
  1149. The mother of life, in greek mythology
  1150. Kitchen work spot
  1151. Wrangler e.g.
  1152. Cheats at blind man's buff
  1153. Detective show that spawned baretta
  1154. Bird in some australian place names
  1155. Fidget spinners evidently
  1156. Chem class model
  1157. Severe physical or mental pain
  1158. Looked briefly or bounced off
  1159. Protest mildly
  1160. Faithful and true
  1161. Sibilant sound to attract attention furtively
  1162. Ralph __, actor who played the lead in 1980s bbc tv sitcom dear john
  1163. Fall down after prod
  1164. Drug for a stupid person?
  1165. Pantomime boy with magic lamp
  1166. Cast or moulded
  1167. Rower's attack?
  1168. So a cry was changed of the running bird
  1169. Strained by time in grammar
  1170. Assess value
  1171. Those at an early stage of learning
  1172. Pertaining to an ancient germanic alphabet
  1173. Offensive sense of superiority
  1174. Abnormal medical narrowing
  1175. Trembling poplars
  1176. Green tan i change into orange
  1177. Conforming to reason
  1178. Refinement in taste and dress
  1179. Tar gin for a class of sailor
  1180. Use it to move a boat
  1181. Enthusiastic ghost
  1182. So the french are not heels
  1183. Mountain stretch
  1184. One who brings a vessel into port
  1185. Bright and gaudy
  1186. Highest mountain in the british isles; the route to the summit can be made via its pony path
  1187. _ andress, actress in dr no and casino royale
  1188. Sound a wound is deadly
  1189. It is left by will
  1190. Sea creature and flower
  1191. A new flaring star
  1192. At which to aim
  1193. Surrenders the harvest
  1194. Defacer or wrecker
  1195. Pull a form of boat
  1196. Cape for a strange pit pet
  1197. Rot in it for a church entry hymn
  1198. The quality of being impervious to light
  1199. Taking undue advantage of and reviling
  1200. Cover by wrapping
  1201. Vary to change into an enthusiast
  1202. River located very close to a city
  1203. Purple dinosaur of '90s-'00s tv
  1204. Auto shop request?
  1205. Kansan's neighbor informally
  1206. No-clothes ideology
  1207. Language whose name contains the letters a b and c
  1208. Troubled constantly
  1209. Trainee joining edward and bill heading west
  1210. Aquaman star jason
  1211. Operatic chance to shine
  1212. Classmate e.g.
  1213. Ewok moon in star wars
  1214. Postings at jfk
  1215. Bygone fliers briefly
  1216. Baseball team's heavy hitter
  1217. Printing blunders
  1218. Ring around a fortress
  1219. Dessert at many weddings
  1220. Competed in a dive
  1221. Nerdy realm
  1222. One of two on most cars
  1223. Axis vs. allies conflict briefly
  1224. Musical sign of silence
  1225. It begs to be scratched
  1226. '90s music store buys
  1227. ___ a real nowhere man: the beatles
  1228. Alternatives to lyfts
  1229. One might be written with letters cut from a magazine
  1230. Dispensed with out
  1231. High monopoly rolls
  1232. Guitar music blaster
  1233. Cereal component often
  1234. Turtle-like troopas in mario games
  1235. Thesaurus item: abbr.
  1236. Second-to-last 31-day mo.
  1237. Notes intended to provide resistance
  1238. It protects an invention
  1239. Inbox nuisance
  1240. Coin of germany and greece
  1241. Home to laos
  1242. They're often attached to tvs
  1243. Move to a lower position
  1244. Area of northern france
  1245. Undergarment to put in right of possession
  1246. Nil frame for a member of the infantry
  1247. In music, fast and lively
  1248. Perceive in good shape, so choose to do?
  1249. Made sore by rubbing
  1250. Make possible using baleen
  1251. Blessing or good wishes to traveller
  1252. Grind between the teeth
  1253. Act badly or cruelly towards someone
  1254. Plunder, benefits to victor
  1255. On the verge or boundary of
  1256. Appoint ceremonially to priesthood
  1257. Ernie banks
  1258. Loyal and steadfast
  1259. Scale for shoe fasteners
  1260. 'lizzie borden with an axe, gave her mother 40 ......'
  1261. A big one, lie or fish
  1262. Slangy nose or head
  1263. Add up, aggregate
  1264. Thing thought to bring bad luck
  1265. Make sound like wind in trees
  1266. Manages successfully, gets by
  1267. Movements of threaded needle in fabric
  1268. Buries a body
  1269. Took break in desert
  1270. A hindu religious teacher
  1271. Sign of the crab
  1272. Rich saint becomes member of church
  1273. Of ship, leaned over to one side
  1274. Followed or tracked after
  1275. Unlearned, lacking knowledge
  1276. Very hairy
  1277. Really, as a matter of fact
  1278. Snubbed, rejected unkindly
  1279. Sliding gate for controlling water flow
  1280. Passionate and glowing
  1281. Thousand: prefix
  1282. Source of bean curd
  1283. Nick of weeds
  1284. Poker entry fee
  1285. Luau hello
  1286. Soft leather sewn over fabric tears?
  1287. Port on the gulf of mexico
  1288. Poet doolittle who did all of her writing in her boudoir?
  1289. Tabby that's a national government's mascot?
  1290. Braininess
  1291. Enticingly beautiful mugs?
  1292. White-rayed flower
  1293. Torn apart, ripped
  1294. Ex ...; given by pope as infallible judgement
  1295. Capital city of costa rica
  1296. Put decorations on your phone then dial someone's number?
  1297. Easily spread cheese
  1298. Maker of galaxy phones
  1299. Exile new age artist
  1300. Crustacean that's most active just before sunup?
  1301. Wearing a fancy crown
  1302. Self-denying, spartan
  1303. $$$ spitter-outers
  1304. People lamenting
  1305. Having its petroleum imported as a nation
  1306. Smug know-it-alls shoplift?
  1307. Black hole sucking in everything around it?
  1308. Subtract the cost of an adhesive roll?
  1309. Red-eyed songbirds
  1310. Actress donovan of clueless
  1311. Shopping containers holding more sinful items?
  1312. Salk of the salk vaccine
  1313. Cliff nest
  1314. Steinbeck novella with the
  1315. Platoon war zone in brief
  1316. Lashes' base
  1317. Box in an opera house
  1318. Use a fan on
  1319. Obtain by force or threat
  1320. Sides or surfaces
  1321. Kazan of filmdom
  1322. Former new york city mayor rudy
  1323. Baldwin of still alice
  1324. God to henri
  1325. Lipstick units
  1326. Female title of respect
  1327. Ancient roman lower class
  1328. Singer loggins
  1329. Great risk
  1330. Begin to fail
  1331. Given a hint
  1332. Worker filling a cargo hold say
  1333. Take — (swim or bathe)
  1334. Moor shrub
  1335. With 4-down cooking reality series
  1336. Uno tripled
  1337. Imbiber's hwy. offense
  1338. Editing
  1339. Overplays it
  1340. Toni braxton's — my heart
  1341. Yank who wore #13
  1342. Totally cover
  1343. Raiment worn on mosque tower
  1344. Agts.' cuts
  1345. Narcissistic
  1346. Suffix with cook or mock
  1347. Kind of watch carried in pocket
  1348. Landing-stage or promenade
  1349. Nose-in-the-air pride
  1350. Copies of book printed from one set of type
  1351. Fight or battle
  1352. Tim alen has an odd indisposition.
  1353. Foolish, senseless.
  1354. Foot extremity.
  1355. The act of dodging the issue.
  1356. Restricted in width.
  1357. Raiders of the lost ___ (first indiana jones movie)
  1358. Poem such as keats's to autumn
  1359. ___ farewell (say goodbye to)
  1360. Character in the matrix who is able to dodge bullets
  1361. Leader of the three stooges
  1362. Mattel game related to crazy eights
  1363. The last meal
  1364. Seeks advice from
  1365. 'the eyes are the window .......'
  1366. Leonard who played spock on star trek
  1367. Tex-mex dish that might be filled with beans or beef
  1368. Always be my maybe star wong
  1369. With 36-across honolulu-born actor who played the title role in aquaman
  1370. Have a midnight snack
  1371. Hospital areas for people brought in an ambulance: abbr.
  1372. Sound heard from a heifer
  1373. Honolulu-born actress who received a razzie award for her role in battlefield earth: 2 wds.
  1374. Crescent-shaped hand tool for cutting corn
  1375. Honolulu-born actress who starred in the movie musical moulin rouge: 2 wds.
  1376. Starbucks employee
  1377. Chromosome material that links you to biological relatives: abbr.
  1378. Wood used in closets to repel moths
  1379. Ecstatic, extravagantly enthusiastic
  1380. This gas is stored in containers for domestic use
  1381. Country of jock and angus
  1382. Desist, male bird! it's a valve in a pipe
  1383. Something strange or unusual
  1384. Stupid person or american bum
  1385. Reveal about armpit
  1386. Prefix meaning over-excellent!
  1387. Exercises designed to increase oxygen intake
  1388. Alliance with french rabble or dogs
  1389. Single lines of light
  1390. Shopper or client - always right
  1391. Something similar in certain respects to another
  1392. A shot ...... is a stimulus
  1393. Devices producing bright lights as signal
  1394. Pepsi-cola for bishops' kind of business
  1395. Irish head of government
  1396. Brings foot down heavily on the ground
  1397. It's not vegetable or mineral
  1398. An eskimo's ice-house
  1399. Start or take up again
  1400. Left high and dry, deserted
  1401. Dominates in market town of kent, england
  1402. Addictive drug of oceanic origin
  1403. It combines with oxygen to form water
  1404. Feelers or aerials
  1405. Make progress, thrive
  1406. Go before in time or order
  1407. Most ancient and sacred literature of hindus
  1408. Disperses and throws around
  1409. Any distinctive doctrine
  1410. Tiles to make a small island
  1411. Falters in speaking
  1412. Gratification of the senses
  1413. Imbue or pour in
  1414. Teach sis to scold
  1415. Rosie rang the person in charge of the arrangements
  1416. Bound from the hind legs
  1417. Put in irons
  1418. Roman military formation
  1419. To whom one owes money
  1420. Tension in inner vestry
  1421. Map line of equal altitude
  1422. This of life was sought by the old alchemist
  1423. Disgrace or contempt
  1424. Withdrawal before an enemy
  1425. What chatterboxes do
  1426. Network that has used the slogan must see tv
  1427. Running ___ (going berserk)
  1428. Spine of a ship
  1429. Ben ___ five (rock band)
  1430. Love in venice
  1431. Nickname for the rightmost president on mount rushmore
  1432. Traveled on a motorcycle say
  1433. Move rapidly in progress through life
  1434. Fictional lumberjack paul
  1435. Love is an open ___ (song from frozen)
  1436. Alarm system part that tracks sound or movement
  1437. Vehicle that pulls up next to a red carpet
  1438. ___-in-chief (top job in a newsroom)
  1439. Its nickname is the yellowhammer state: abbr.
  1440. Quick punch in a boxing ring
  1441. Field of study that deals with supply and demand: abbr.
  1442. Where hogs might eat from a trough
  1443. Security item you might wear on a lanyard: 2 wds.
  1444. Garment that might include an underwire
  1445. Put ___ pedestal (worship): 2 wds.
  1446. Abbreviation that means and others: 2 wds.
  1447. Dancing with myself rocker billy
  1448. Makes noise while asleep
  1449. Lost (and then found) fish in a 2003 pixar film
  1450. Athlete with a lift ticket
  1451. Tropical drink with a rhyming name: 2 wds.
  1452. They will grab, sument, prendent
  1453. How ___ times do i have to tell you …
  1454. Body part that could be covered by a scarf
  1455. Corrects and improves the text
  1456. Amount, of money say
  1457. Attractive mediterranean resort
  1458. Notes irritate parasite
  1459. Expectorate on the tongue of land
  1460. Remarkable period of time
  1461. Sum for the little one
  1462. Circular aperture in the iris of the eye through which light reaches the retina
  1463. Sets the foot down.
  1464. Philosophy maintaining that existence is without objective meaning or purpose
  1465. A hundred amours for spices.
  1466. Acceded.
  1467. Angular distances from the equator.
  1468. Allowing free debate with no set time to finish.
  1469. A piece of sward.
  1470. Land niece with the swallowwort.
  1471. Finished in cricket
  1472. Knob or lump
  1473. ____ tyres were popular in the first half of the 20th century
  1474. Subtle distinction or variation
  1475. They were opponents of the crusaders
  1476. Give public notice to
  1477. Succulent bivales
  1478. Dare to put forward
  1479. The right exercise of the mind
  1480. Refuse official, lost here in paris
  1481. Alienate from friendship
  1482. Milan only in name?
  1483. Miserly and proximate
  1484. Males with good manners
  1485. One hundredth anniversary
  1486. Mega-predators of the jurassic sea; a 155-million-year-old fossilised skull of which was found in dorset in 2009
  1487. Rotate for a performer's act
  1488. Correcting
  1489. Fiendish or satanic
  1490. Clever and succesful strategem
  1491. American author whose works include the sun also rises and a farewell to arms
  1492. Prez who passed the social security act
  1493. ___-weekly (category of newspaper)
  1494. Card game with squiggles diamonds and ovals
  1495. How neat!
  1496. Snake turtle or alligator
  1497. Important exam for college applications
  1498. Pittsburgh n.f.l. player
  1499. Bribed
  1500. Greek goddess equivalent to roman venus
  1501. Of animals, sleep through the winter
  1502. Adele's vocal range
  1503. Intense mental feelings, like love or hate
  1504. Well-to-do or lavish
  1505. Poe poem that begins once upon a midnight dreary with the
  1506. ___ around (wasted time)
  1507. Pleads, having failed to maintain standards
  1508. Dept. of justice bigwigs (abbr.)
  1509. Emmy-winning tv scientist bill
  1510. Actress davis who wrote the children's book corduroy takes a bow
  1511. South of ___ (pat conroy novel)
  1512. Long day's journey ___ night (eugene o'neill play)
  1513. Start from ___ (go back to square one)
  1514. Rome's country to romans
  1515. Roomy four-door cars
  1516. Rideshare update for short
  1517. Criminal investigator featured in 11 john sandford novels who began as a supporting character in sandford's prey series of novels (2 wds.)
  1518. One who belongs to place by birth
  1519. Some people ... to pay paul
  1520. Which tv series made bruce willis a star?
  1521. Something left over, an isolated article
  1522. Advise strongly or prod
  1523. Keep in tirane
  1524. Hinder or obstruct
  1525. Affectedly playful
  1526. Goes fast, maybe too fast
  1527. Tony ..., modern p.m.
  1528. Coarse cloth, with ashes it symbolises penitence
  1529. Cane used for flogging
  1530. Informally famous - see atlas
  1531. Ideals for women
  1532. Substantiate again in order to censure
  1533. Shocked or agitated
  1534. Slang for odd or eccentric person
  1535. Bravery in fighting
  1536. Wolf-like animal with cry like laughter
  1537. A small rounded lump
  1538. Rubén ___, nicaraguan poet who initiated the spanish-american literary movement known as modernismo
  1539. The unlawful use of force, brutality
  1540. Jack who co-starred with charlie chaplin in the great dictator
  1541. Poker player in the old west after being caught with a card up his sleeve?
  1542. Didn't sink say
  1543. When you can ice skate outside?
  1544. Title film villain whose first name is julius
  1545. Where to find big bucks?
  1546. Make as effective or favourable as possible
  1547. Maintained king has strange pet
  1548. Make ... - keep expenditure within income
  1549. A red indian's tent
  1550. Whew baby!
  1551. Lamb offering
  1552. Checks' counterparts
  1553. Language in which dd and ff are treated as single letters of the alphabet
  1554. Site of one of the 12 labors of hercules
  1555. Bad pun?
  1556. Pea picker-upper
  1557. ___ bottle (topological curiosity)
  1558. Work with planes maybe
  1559. Cellar problem
  1560. The ___ of christ (classic work in florence's uffizi gallery)
  1561. Profession since the bronze age
  1562. Dull-witted sloth in ice age
  1563. Manual part of an early printing press?
  1564. Jerry to tom in cartoons
  1565. Insecure in easy job
  1566. Stumbles or triggers
  1567. Rookeries?
  1568. Need for parents who weren't expecting twins?
  1569. Like some riyals
  1570. One-named singer with the catchphrase cuchi-cuchi
  1571. City that becomes another city if you change both its vowels to a's
  1572. ___ macduff (phrase from shakespeare)
  1573. Asymmetrical, not uniform
  1574. Emmy-nominated actor for westworld
  1575. Emulated an argonaut
  1576. Toothpaste aisle?
  1577. Like a sonnet in a way
  1578. Chronicler of troy
  1579. Suspiciously flattering say
  1580. Acts as chairman but shows partiality in advance?
  1581. Location of cassius who has a lean and hungry look
  1582. Informal negation
  1583. Steed for a sheik
  1584. Illusionist's phrase illustrated by seven across answers in this puzzle?
  1585. Grammy-winning songwriter mann
  1586. It's après après
  1587. Queen margrethe ii e.g.?
  1588. Bad news from detroit
  1589. Astrologist's reference
  1590. Foreign-language toast
  1591. Fare for little miss muffet
  1592. Retirement account option informally
  1593. Nice crossword experience
  1594. Arrangement in which you buy three tires but get a whole set?
  1595. Most of you reach goal after changing old study
  1596. Grow weary of rite
  1597. Confidential, not to be revealed
  1598. Paradoxical or contradictory
  1599. Opinion informally
  1600. Ballerina's cabriole e.g.
  1601. Poet who wrote to his mistress going to bed
  1602. Dunno gestures
  1603. Delighted, overjoyed
  1604. It's hard to hit
  1605. P.m. who took office in 2015
  1606. Trick question
  1607. Ivy league newspaper name
  1608. Order before fall out!
  1609. Not ridiculous as an argument
  1610. Brain area jocularly
  1611. Put on guard, forewarned
  1612. Illusionist's phrase illustrated by three down answers in this puzzle?
  1613. Feature destroyed in the 2019 notre dame fire
  1614. Visit to baby jesus?
  1615. Get all tangled
  1616. Big-circulation magazine originally titled so you're going to be married
  1617. Big smack
  1618. Perennial london football powerhouse
  1619. Some inexpensive brews
  1620. An alarm may interrupt it
  1621. Paypal money and the like
  1622. Donizetti's pour mon âme e.g.
  1623. Major city bisected by i-80
  1624. Opposite of too rich for my blood
  1625. Symbols of might
  1626. Onetime ms. accompanier
  1627. Soiled like tristram's love
  1628. Hercules had to clean these stables
  1629. Sir isaac, discoverer of gravity
  1630. Children's game with plank and barrel
  1631. Ronald harwood stage play first produced in 1980
  1632. David —; former presenter of the series bargain hunt
  1633. Used by police against rioters, irritates eyes
  1634. Radiate or redden
  1635. Underhand plot
  1636. Stubborn and unyielding
  1637. Believe the time allowed for payment
  1638. Romantic heroine, juliet, with a new energy, romeo coming into view
  1639. I noised about and produced charged particles
  1640. Elk rests awkwardly on the birds
  1641. Short space of time
  1642. Secret and sly
  1643. Insect sound of doubt
  1644. Horsed around with the multitudes
  1645. Something joined, to food say
  1646. Stares around at the flowers
  1647. Void for a latin poet
  1648. Former railway vehicle is sensitive