1. Loot someone, say
  2. Use the wheel of fortune, say
  3. Mud bath destination
  4. Radios receptive part
  5. Companion of that
  6. A tale of the great dismal swamp, novel by harriet stowe
  7. Hardy follower twice to mean a sarcastic laugh
  8. Cumberbatch, doctor strange actor who hosted an episode of 16a
  9. Saturday night , tv sketch comedy show that won 82 primetime emmy awards
  10. Take part in a marathon, say
  11. Wiped off a board
  12. Decays, as food
  13. Selena , same old love singer who hosted an episode of 16a
  14. Ferrets look alike
  15. Word before fail
  16. Hill dwelling crawler
  17. Tuscanys river
  18. Evaluate on a scale of 1 10, say
  19. Blackboard stick
  20. Buddhist meditative principle
  21. Monitored animal enclosure
  22. Can you give me a
  23. Tricky or not safe
  24. Willem , american psycho actor who hosted s47 of 16a
  25. Natasha , russian doll actress who hosted s47 of 16a
  26. Happy new connector
  27. Palindromic lunch hour
  28. Forte, nebraska actor who hosted s47 of 16a
  29. Prefix with dynamics or nautical
  30. That was exceptionally good hyph
  31. 9th month, briefly
  32. Campaigned for political office, say
  33. Fox like in a way
  34. Quick swim in a pool
  35. Cert. for some babysitters
  36. Chase a fly maybe
  37. Summer arrival
  38. *traditional thanksgiving entree
  39. *feature of anxiety often
  40. Successful dogcatcher e.g.
  41. *the order part of a law & order episode
  42. Or even less
  43. Alexander hamiltons birth island
  44. __-false test
  45. Trashy place?
  46. *piano lesson pages
  47. Big part of an alligator
  48. Enough already! or what one may do to each answer to a starred clue
  49. Tony winner vereen
  50. City considered japans cultural capital
  51. Domesticated rodent
  52. Circular diamond shape
  53. Sonia sotomayor for one
  54. Film on a pond
  55. Invites to dinner maybe
  56. Letters on an incomplete schedule
  57. Crunchy hummus scooper
  58. Backsplash binder
  59. Nattily dressed snack food mascot
  60. Rager
  61. Closer to fine duo __ girls
  62. Lifetime channel offering
  63. Line in a childs drawing of the sun
  64. Full of feelings
  65. Source of support?
  66. Window part for a potted plant
  67. What a spy cracks
  68. Won at musical chairs
  69. Short-form video app
  70. Girl in guatemala
  71. Bit of excitement
  72. They may detect malware
  73. Two flightless birds
  74. Kent.'s neighbor
  75. Scientific rooms or dog types