1. Wood used for black piano keys
  2. The young and the restless actress longoria
  3. Candle count on a cake, usually
  4. Ask for a dog treat, perhaps
  5. Smart handheld device
  6. Your stumps
  7. Chapped lips savior
  8. Get down on ones knees, say
  9. Loud thud in comics
  10. Singer max
  11. La , 1954 film whose music was composed by nino rota
  12. Sunset tint
  13. Travelers lodge
  14. Airport frisking group abbr
  15. Protein rich sushi fish
  16. Snouted swimmer
  17. Landlords monthly income
  18. And juliet, 1968 film whose soundtrack was composed by nino rota
  19. Airpods locale
  20. Medicine that doesnt require prescriptions abbr
  21. Mani pedi center
  22. Camera product, for short
  23. Vehicle service station offering
  24. Someone like you singer laurie
  25. Suffix after sulphuric or hydrochloric
  26. 1973 film starring magali noel whose music was composed by nino rota
  27. Skating jump, for one
  28. Actress courteney of friends
  29. The grand budapest hotel filmmaker anderson
  30. Secretive espionage organization abbr
  31. Couples making headlines
  32. Eternals actress lia
  33. Akin to ocean
  34. The , 1963 film whose music was composed by nino rota
  35. Not again 2 wds
  36. La vita, 1960 film whose soundtrack was composed by nino rota
  37. Empty concert hall sound
  38. Santas cheer
  39. The mountain, 1949 film whose theme music was composed by nino rota
  40. Much awaited shopping event
  41. Speaking frankly in texts abbr
  42. Cottage cheese alternative
  43. And fine
  44. Naval prison
  45. Communication syst. used in the film coda
  46. Start to cut?
  47. *blazer to wear to cub scout meetings?
  48. Language that gives us pajamas and shampoo
  49. *music for couch potatoes?
  50. Sounds like a good time
  51. Peace! and a hint to how the answers to the starred clues were formed
  52. Clooney foundation for justice co-founder
  53. *professional who helps name timeline segments?
  54. Golf stroke that can be practiced in a hallway
  55. Charitable
  56. *stance taken by a marvel character perhaps?
  57. Pitching area
  58. Cross with
  59. A whole new world film
  60. Annoyed sound
  61. Specialist in body language?
  62. Freshen as a stamp pad
  63. First nations people of canada
  64. Rendezvous best not posted on facebook
  65. Dress for less clothing chain
  66. River connecting pittsburgh to the mississippi
  67. Word in a spanish love poem
  68. Cried for cider?
  69. Kissing on the kiss cam say
  70. Sewn lines
  71. Wise guy perhaps?
  72. Dr. ___ (villain played by mike myers)
  73. Birds with keen eyesight
  74. Like lacework
  75. Laundry product in a dangerous 2010s internet challenge
  76. Synonym of 35-across
  77. Take as the throne
  78. Narrow to a point
  79. Where a rabbit may be hidden
  80. Roller-coaster cries
  81. Bequeaths to one's heirs
  82. Get a new owner
  83. Global warming is part of it
  84. Feature of a desert
  85. Its hq is in montreal
  86. To insert, often abruptly, between other elements; to interpose (verb)
  87. Hockey disc
  88. Distress heartache
  89. Candle count on a cake usually