1. The __, 1987 novel by james ellroy
  2. Cute animated penguin
  3. Coastal town near middlesbrough
  4. Supplier of accommodation with new view of the loire
  5. Having a down on?
  6. Action from city against hearts, maybe, with breaks
  7. Conditioned cask worried daughter carries
  8. ___ sande, my kind of love singer
  9. __ gosling, la la land actor
  10. Bishop's worries - can he pay them?
  11. Hawaiian 'long mountain', the world's largest active volcano
  12. A wealthy jp
  13. Genus comprising the australian desert-dwelling lizard known as the thorny devil
  14. A us motor sport
  15. Affectedness
  16. Cloak of ancient rome
  17. Guarantee of security
  18. Inviolable retreat
  19. Undesirable place
  20. Slow song
  21. Seasoning for lamb
  22. Sudden fear
  23. Make or become well
  24. Vehement or widespread protest
  25. Temperature-regulating device
  26. Free to get new skin
  27. Everything contained in terrible song
  28. Flyer right to have a drink
  29. Walk to entrance say
  30. The first to sew? not us
  31. Store for bran possibly
  32. Shelter king from soup ingredient
  33. Avid sort of performer
  34. Constitute a pretence
  35. Dirge about bank
  36. Town in mid glamorgan wales housing cyfarthfa castle
  37. Opera by charles gounod premiered in 1859
  38. Commune in ardennes northeast france on the meuse river; site of a 1940 world war ii battle
  39. 1977 horror film starring marilyn chambers and frank moore
  40. 1975 novel by malcolm bradbury
  41. Natasha — 2010 commonwealth 100m gold medallist
  42. 1968 olympic men's pole vault gold medallist
  43. Japanese art of fencing with bamboo staves
  44. 2010 novel by jack higgins
  45. Hereditary title of the head of the nizari sect of ismaili muslims
  46. Province of canada; capital regina
  47. Daughter of aeneas and lavinia and mother of romulus and remus in roman legend
  48. Denny — 1967 f1 world drivers' championship winner
  49. Town of ancient lycia now demre turkey
  50. 2010 animated film featuring the voice talent of will ferrell and brad pitt
  51. Shane — australian former bristol shoguns northampton saints and worcester warriors rugby union fly-half capped twice by england in 2006
  52. Graham — 1978 commonwealth 100 and 200m breaststroke swimming gold medallist
  53. Wales ipswich town and former cardiff city midfield footballer
  54. God of the earth in babylonian and assyrian mythology
  55. 1977 no 2 single by stevie wonder
  56. The —; bay stretching between skegness and hunstanton
  57. Tenth century explorer who established norse settlements in greenland
  58. What harvester has: welcome recovery period
  59. County in sw england whose county town is taunton
  60. Suffers ill health
  61. Manufacturing building
  62. Pushed shirt inside trousers
  63. Old-fashioned personal weapon
  64. Exactly suitable
  65. Stretch it out
  66. Wane die away
  67. Folder for loose papers
  68. Dishonestly pay someone off
  69. To give a smooth finish to (metal) by striking lightly with a smoothly faced hammer or die
  70. Ignorant article from paris about a fight
  71. Runner-up, mel, listed rivals wrongly
  72. Reclusive character in 1960 harper lee novel to kill a mockingbird
  73. Town in umbria whose historic sites were damaged by an earthquake in 1997
  74. Urban conveyances
  75. Remove data from
  76. Toyota : lexus :: honda : __
  77. Photo/messaging app
  78. Makes cookies or casseroles
  79. Had the gumption
  80. Piratic procedure
  81. Garfields furry friend
  82. Solemn agreed!
  83. Lumberjack shirt design
  84. More bummed out
  85. Sleepy to sneezy
  86. Divas deliveries
  87. Restaurants brunch promotion
  88. City rhymed with mystery in a wwi song
  89. Oliver twist ringleader
  90. Provide a voice-over say
  91. One with high hopes
  92. Longstanding physicists fascination
  93. Postgraduate hurdles
  94. Protons home
  95. Comics sound of a sock
  96. Overcook considerably
  97. Execs or their outfits
  98. Mc escher eye-popping drawing
  99. Book-jacket writings
  100. Pianists performance
  101. Retailers expense
  102. Weather stat
  103. Cellphone forerunner
  104. Avant-garde creative movement
  105. Stats for states
  106. 11-oscar heston film
  107. Nose-stinging
  108. Off-the-grid sect
  109. Highest heights
  110. Doris _; novelist and nobel prize-winner
  111. Aldrins first project
  112. For grad or __ (common spring store sign)
  113. Money in serbia
  114. Barbecues for instance
  115. Puts something over on
  116. What web videos might go
  117. Zucchini or cucumber
  118. Motor driver
  119. Water bird category
  120. Working or fighting
  121. Tulsans e.g.
  122. Cave dweller for short
  123. Web auctioneer
  124. Dont remove notation
  125. Not very 96 down
  126. Colleague of quiet
  127. Boldly original
  128. Pause for a bit
  129. __ for silence (grafton novel)
  130. Ncaa basketball airer
  131. English actress whose film roles included elizabeth i, catherine the great, and empress dowager cixi
  132. Cornish drummer whose surname formed half of the name of a successful band of the 1960s and 1970s
  133. So the head of security gets the message
  134. Attack unlimited gambling on tense final of judo
  135. Brilliant amateur, first from blocks during fast time
  136. Characteristic habit to cheat
  137. Cocktail that creates a cool ambience around 6?
  138. Consent from germany to criticise its wartime ally
  139. Course of electrotherapy probably surpasses other medication initially
  140. Culinary plant from mali's absolutely revolutionary
  141. Current unfinished row between left and right in curacao, say
  142. Difficult to look restrained after damage in french city
  143. Eons
  144. Evokes
  145. Fish possibly once served raw, eaten with moreish sides
  146. He's a kind eccentric, one with little up top though
  147. Improve the minds of some disenchanted, if youthful characters
  148. Inadequate tool for drawing
  149. Lead scientific study, maybe touched by extremely awful disease
  150. Look bad-tempered in conversation
  151. Male boss undermined by flier displaying baffling jargon
  152. Man, for example, that's deceived, receiving no protection
  153. Night owls partial to claret but not steaks reportedly?
  154. Prepared to be given a diet of cheese?
  155. Priests outside mark old feast day
  156. Question over american pet food, missing kilo generates complaint
  157. Reached tax arrangement with authority
  158. Relative ambition that's heartless and immoral
  159. Reveal resort in which to stick around endlessly
  160. Risk briefly carrying horse in old vehicle
  161. Rule out treasure being scattered in grave
  162. Scraps inequality
  163. Short bouncy type, liverpool player perhaps, acted as captain
  164. South african ready to visit on vacation glum adult family member
  165. Stack of food that describes dinner essentially
  166. University and school rent regularly overlooked, not cut
  167. Worth rome writer ignoring argumentative individual at intervals?
  168. Presumably a manual worker would take toll of this!
  169. Marketing term involving supposed nutritional benefits
  170. Synthetic textile used to make outdoor garments
  171. Official order or proclamation 5 letters
  172. Simultaneous occurrence
  173. Administrative trio in ancient rome
  174. Guitarist's clamp
  175. Hard-to-budge beast
  176. Triangular landforms
  177. Seance tool
  178. Strike yield
  179. Prefix with ton or watt
  180. Stacked fare
  181. Letters on the enterprise
  182. Uber employee's need
  183. Hoops or studs
  184. Crooked gambler's pair
  185. Hard things to break at times
  186. Spartacus and ben-hur for two
  187. Nuisance in a swarm
  188. Org. that oversees the fbi
  189. Commuters' buys once
  190. Teamwork obstacles often
  191. Sausage herb
  192. Dental filling alloy
  193. Monotone lecturer say
  194. 22 seasons for 65-across
  195. Cowboy shirt adornments
  196. Manny machado as of 2019
  197. Sod measure
  198. Extra cash for nonessentials
  199. Not republican or democrat (abbr.)
  200. Former ed actor who plays harrison wells on the flash (2 wds.)
  201. Low female choir voices
  202. Korean rapper with the hit gangnam style
  203. Shark tank investor greiner and tank girl actress petty
  204. Goliath golden globe winner billy ___ thornton
  205. Abc's how to ___ away with murder
  206. Former soap-opera actress who plays iris west on the flash (2 wds.)
  207. Medicated tissue additive
  208. Had in one's hands
  209. Big ten football powerhouse for short
  210. January 6 in the christian calendar
  211. Place to act has phase remaining
  212. Send and he’ll see how long it takes coming back
  213. Del shannon, a blackfoot at heart
  214. Delay cockney lady's alcoholic drink
  215. Distorted, crooked
  216. Disdain for man trying to smuggle grass
  217. Dog’s home, one to south of new jersey
  218. Dear for one to provide paper knife?
  219. Demand as a right
  220. Disaffected buck sergeant deserted
  221. Donald, president of america, wearing turtleneck inside out
  222. Different forms of elements
  223. Do without overdose permanently
  224. Stories of turbulent love between partners
  225. English sea explorer and navigator after whom a river in new york state is named
  226. Using abusive language
  227. A twill-weave woollen or worsted fabric
  228. Cheese girl getting married with no end of spend
  229. Scale: non machinam rebus ponderandis sed unam in lubrico angui, aen. 5.88
  230. Duck doctor in spring
  231. Large or grand type of architectural conservatory
  232. Article, tiny, about getting union payment
  233. — retriever; breed of gun dog originally developed by the first lord tweedmouth
  234. Metal tools or implements
  235. Points me out as example of relative favouritism
  236. Tricorder go with
  237. Damn yankees composer
  238. Distortedly emotional tales
  239. 1942 film banned in germany
  240. Seine tributary in france
  241. Manifester une joie intense
  242. Forte or speciality
  243. Where horses compete
  244. Relish appreciate
  245. Merciful charitable benevolent
  246. On the shelves instead of online (hyph.)
  247. Ur 2 funny
  248. Goop for fixing a bad hair day
  249. Hbo political satire that aired its final episode in 2019
  250. Accessory that holds girl scout badges
  251. Teen titans go! voice actress strong
  252. Nfl team that plays home games at detroit's ford field
  253. Jedi master who trains luke skywalker
  254. ___ u been gone (kelly clarkson hit song)
  255. Amazon ___ (paid subscription service)
  256. The ___ of me (2014 film based on a nicholas sparks novel)
  257. ___ navy (clothing chain owned by the gap)
  258. Campy scarf
  259. Caddyshack peg
  260. The golden girls actress betty
  261. Ice ___: the meltdown (2006 animated sequel)
  262. Empty ___ (the golden girls spinoff starring richard mulligan)
  263. Big love setting
  264. Telenovela actress longoria
  265. ___ kwon do (self-defense system)
  266. Actress rene who plays thor's mother frigga in marvel films
  267. Former glee actor who plays barry allen/the flash on the flash (2 wds.)
  268. Halting or postponement of punishment, especially of a person condemned to death
  269. A mistake by richelieu, for instance?
  270. Codeword for the letter h
  271. Strong spirit distilled in turkey
  272. "muslim leaders reject onion" — sure that's the answer?
  273. Reveller dispels our cares
  274. Revolting cretin reviews manuscript with moderate political views
  275. Piece of armour for the thigh
  276. H g —, author of novels the world set free and the wonderful visit
  277. World's largest known extant macropredatory fish and one of the primary predators of marine mammals
  278. Device used to pull two skiers uphill
  279. Prepared course or circuit for racing
  280. Andre —, tennis great
  281. Attacks the insects surrounding the animal
  282. Walk, run, climb on it
  283. Farmer's duty say
  284. Enter at your own ___.
  285. Wood chopper
  286. Body part compared to a drumstick
  287. Birds travel this way
  288. ___-and-seek (popular children's game)
  289. Matcha or earl grey
  290. Disco hit by the bee gees that was a part of the saturday night fever soundtrack: 2 wds.
  291. Letters on a tanning-lotion bottle: abbr.
  292. Inc.'s cousin: abbr.
  293. ___ love a pop ballad by the bee gees that has featured in movies including donnie brasco and sex and the city: 4 wds.
  294. Lasso material
  295. Elementary school support group: abbr.
  296. Business school degree: abbr.
  297. Hit song by the bee gees voted as the band's second best song after 31a: 3 wds.
  298. Vegetable in its natural state
  299. Busy ___ beaver: 2 wds.
  300. It may be represented by the number of candles on a cake
  301. ___ land (nickname for los angeles): hyph.
  302. Wish-granting spirit that lives inside a lamp?
  303. Rhyme pays rapper: hyph.
  304. Moisturizing butter?
  305. Send a message you've received to another for short
  306. Tax return specialist: abbr.
  307. Differ or change
  308. Please be quiet!
  309. Humorously sarcastic
  310. Hawaiian dish made of taro
  311. Thick fluid used in cooking and cosmetics
  312. If only: 2 wds.
  313. Dont ___ words in my mouth!
  314. Mother to ivanka?
  315. Country famous for its pyramids
  316. Telltale sign of boredom
  317. Long tale of heroic achievement
  318. Brand that asks you to just do it
  319. Espn reporter bob
  320. Ring bells as at a funeral
  321. Still alice cast
  322. Bear necessities for short
  323. Still alice actress julianne
  324. Drug treatment for muhammad ali
  325. Interface on old computers
  326. Ray and dave of the kinks
  327. Ridiculiser e
  328. Bouillon blanc 6 lettres
  329. French puppet show
  330. Medical licensing test
  331. Esau's twin
  332. Cardin of design
  333. Translates as a cipher
  334. Tot's mealtime chest protector
  335. Sport with rifles and disks
  336. State between mont. and minn.
  337. Maple or sycamore
  338. Theater platforms
  339. 1998 film with talking bugz?
  340. Transfers from computer to cloud say
  341. Burglary for short … and a hint to this puzzle's four longest answers
  342. Online mass marketing message
  343. Won by __: squeaked out the victory
  344. Unverified stories
  345. Artery in an angiogram
  346. Actor sandler
  347. Place for reading a nighttime story to a tot
  348. Ride with a meter
  349. Poker flat chronicler bret
  350. Torso-twisting spin that has no effect on the ball
  351. Hit on the tush
  352. Gets the frost off as plane wings
  353. Kin of a mesa
  354. Strong lobby for seniors
  355. So so small
  356. Judy to liza
  357. Whitney houston’s ___ always love you: 2 wds.
  358. Sound in a chase scene
  359. Elizabeth george books
  360. Slipping to lower standard
  361. Former speaker of the house raised in a military family
  362. Thanksgiving staples (circle letters 2-4!)
  363. 50/50 quiz answer
  364. Big petting-zoo animal
  365. Certain saxophones
  366. Dog's fur
  367. Xanadu rockers briefly
  368. 24/7 med. facilities
  369. No. on a business card (letters 1-3)
  370. Valiant effort
  371. Inside look? (letters 3-5)
  372. They're printed on books' spines
  373. Words before break or tear (letters 1-3)
  374. 10 in dates: abbr.
  375. Rural skyline sights
  376. Omaha stake
  377. Average guy and a clue to the starts of 21-across 3-down and 35-down
  378. Senator booker
  379. Roughly informally
  380. Excellent in '90s slang
  381. You bend over backward to do it
  382. Goes through a chain reaction
  383. Without a goal (letters 3-5)
  384. Shake cookie
  385. Usc's archrival
  386. Ushers' paths
  387. Subj. with conversation practice
  388. ___ art (barista's creation)
  389. Component on a chopper's rear (letters 3-5)
  390. Soaring business?
  391. Reformer dorothea
  392. Prepares to swing
  393. Secrets to cracking some codes
  394. Chinese zodiac rodents
  395. Z is a valuable one in scrabble
  396. Sotomayor of the court
  397. ___+z (undo on a pc)
  398. Longtime cbs news anchor walter
  399. Switchboard worker
  400. Wood eater
  401. Casserole base
  402. Hindmost parts
  403. Cookouts briefly
  404. Canine in the upper jaw
  405. Plant in greek mythology whose fruit-induced forgetfulness in those who ate it
  406. Prepared to push for a result
  407. Now it changes, being pulled
  408. Slow mover confusing to tories
  409. In short, the way to get a bit of love
  410. Caesars _; las vegas hotel and casino
  411. Substitute also available in fancy tins
  412. Common name of a plant related to love-lies-bleeding
  413. Of or relating to the earth or land
  414. Singer of anything could happen
  415. Sir john of london
  416. Fastener with a twist
  417. ___ stage left
  418. Not get caught by as a pursuer
  419. Brevity is said to be the soul of it
  420. Affliction suffered by fab four devotees
  421. Patients insurance option for short
  422. Talks with a gravelly voice
  423. Curious blaring i ignored
  424. Big person on the small screen
  425. Prefix with air or afternoon
  426. Affliction suffered by bracketologists
  427. Child legally speaking
  428. Removes from nursing as a foal
  429. Villains retreat
  430. Prince charless onetime partner affectionately
  431. Affliction suffered by clothes lovers
  432. Person with a chrome dome
  433. Green stone popular in chinese craftwork
  434. Woods who voiced cinderella
  435. Track-and-field competitions
  436. One in revolt
  437. Amazon echo persona
  438. Japanese port of 2+ million
  439. What diamonds and straight-a students do
  440. Big part of a t. rex
  441. Affliction suffered by the winter-weary
  442. Bobbed and ___
  443. Fill with zeal
  444. Spewing naughty language as a child
  445. Tussle between wiki page modifiers
  446. Reserved in manner
  447. Go for elected office
  448. Weekly show with a cold open for short
  449. Missile aimed at a bulls-eye
  450. Mail addressed to the north pole
  451. P.g.a. ___
  452. Make peeved
  453. The fourth letter of circle but not the first
  454. Peace-and-quiet ordinances
  455. Placed money in the bank
  456. 'in life, in death, o lord, ____' (hf lyte, usually to music by wh monk)
  457. Agcy. overseeing rxs
  458. The —, 1998 action film starring samuel l jackson and kevin spacey
  459. Body parts missing from the venus de milo
  460. Putting ___ disadvantage: 2 wds.
  461. Actor who plays woody in toy story 4: 2 wds.
  462. A pea in the ___ (maternity clothing chain)
  463. What a negotiator tries to arrange
  464. Call ___ question (cast doubt upon)
  465. Inflated self-confidence
  466. No longer caring about something at all: 2 wds.
  467. Actress who plays bo peep in toy story 4: 2 wds.
  468. Actress michele of glee and the mayor
  469. Actress who plays jessie in toy story 4: 2 wds.
  470. Monty python comedian idle
  471. Stratosphere ___ vegas (hotel/casino)
  472. Claws cable channel
  473. Deep state of unresponsiveness
  474. Item that’s twisted off the top of a bottle
  475. American tv series about the survivors of a plane crash that aired between 2004 and 2010
  476. Actor who plays buzz lightyear in toy story 4: 2 wds.
  477. Note from the manager
  478. When all is said and ___ …
  479. What preserves are preserved in
  480. ___ (looks like a lady) (aerosmith song)
  481. Where an insomniac suffers
  482. What much junk mail consists of
  483. Slack-jawed in awe
  484. Sleep ___ (overnight breathing problem)
  485. Evil dead hero played by bruce campbell
  486. Vehicle you might get from hertz: hyph.
  487. They substitute for coins at chuck e. cheese’s
  488. Like a store during business hours
  489. Soft knocking sound
  490. Took the wildness out of
  491. Musician who has acted in such movies as new jack city: hyph.
  492. The ___ (sting’s group)
  493. Carbonated brown beverage
  494. Start a pot in poker
  495. Successors to 8-tracks and cassettes: abbr.
  496. In the ___ (while this is happening)
  497. In the same ___ (similarly)
  498. Where the witch in hansel and gretel ends up
  499. Empire whose descendants live in peru
  500. Diet soda that debuted in 1963
  501. 31-down’s music primarily
  502. Angst-ridden musical genre