1. Fuel conduit
  2. Kick out of you
  3. Nasty singer jackson
  4. Word list for short
  5. Arrange as a blind date
  6. 2001 tom cruise film featuring a lucid dream
  7. Extremely calm
  8. Went blond perhaps
  9. What canyon walls do over time
  10. Bullwinkle for one
  11. Three horse ride
  12. Close by poetically
  13. Propels a canoe
  14. Toy company with a california theme park
  15. Magnetite ore metal
  16. Field of dreams field
  17. French for state
  18. Establishment known for its bad music
  19. Three wheel ride
  20. Club djs track or what can be found in 17 24 40 and 50 across
  21. Not have to retake say
  22. Cool 80s style
  23. Fashion designer who created polo
  24. Nine day catholic ritual
  25. One often stays in good condition after its cracked
  26. United nations gathering
  27. Japanese city known for its beef
  28. Country southeast of cuba
  29. Popular nest eggs briefly
  30. Dispensary regular
  31. Canadian rapper whose name is a vehicle backward
  32. Concerning on a memo
  33. Org that has your number
  34. Western supply chain
  35. Ancient statue e g
  36. Step the plate 2 wds
  37. Whats happening in the world
  38. Go with flow
  39. Animal that says moo
  40. U k locale
  41. Gardner from mogambo
  42. Rasputin lyric of boney ms song 2 wds
  43. Once time in a land far away
  44. Sly canines
  45. Abu u a e
  46. Yangs companion
  47. Teenagers skin woe often
  48. Perlman of the sitcom cheers
  49. Rooms for storing groceries
  50. Induce a yawn say
  51. Curdled soymilk
  52. City in florida nicknamed the big guava
  53. Much hullabaloo
  54. Oops 2 wds
  55. Firemans essential tool
  56. Crichton author of jurassic park who went to harvard medical school
  57. Pixars animated film featuring buzz lightyear 2 wds
  58. Located at a distance
  59. It may be tied up into a bun
  60. Lady from the garden of eden
  61. Never never justin bieber song
  62. Holland lead vocalist of the offspring who was a doctoral student at the keck school of medicine
  63. Pcs at an apple store
  64. Inventor of the diesel engine
  65. & sound taylor swift song
  66. Sisters husband abbr
  67. Approval slangily
  68. Oxford or loafer e g
  69. Gasol 2002 nba rookie of the year who enrolled in medical school at the university of barcelona
  70. Word joining line
  71. Salon waves
  72. Common battery size abbr
  73. Sir conan doyle creator of sherlock holmes who went to the university of edinburgh medical school
  74. Fall out american rock band
  75. International oil organization abbr
  76. Race comedy film starring rowan atkinson
  77. Anderson from baywatch fondly
  78. Hulk former professional wrestler
  79. Mount active volcano in italy
  80. Christopher nolans upcoming movie with robert pattinson
  81. Cookie often dunked in milk
  82. You do the
  83. Whiskered sea clapper
  84. Sports org with an at bat app
  85. Ancient roman poet who wrote metamorphoses
  86. Sleeping pillow for a furry friend
  87. Arrested development brother whose name sounds like a bible character
  88. Actress strahovski who plays mrs waterford on the handmaids tale
  89. Oscar winning bohemian rhapsody actor malek
  90. Classic cookbook the of cooking
  91. Big biceps in gym slang
  92. Chocolate dog for short
  93. Love is a mix
  94. Gloats about a victory say
  95. The of magical thinking
  96. Robert pirsigs zen and the of motorcycle maintenance
  97. Hopelessly soused
  98. Harbor a grudge against
  99. Movie trailer e g
  100. 2013 film about the making of 33 across starring emma thompson as 18 across and tom hanks as walt disney
  101. Flowed back as the tide
  102. Actor nick of 48 hrs
  103. Sound from a horse
  104. 1964 film starring julie andrews as the magical nanny created by 18 across
  105. Primate in michael crichtons congo
  106. Writer born august 9 1899 who created 33 across and who was portrayed in 46 across
  107. The whispering
  108. The at rose harbor
  109. Will smith film based on an isaac asimov story collection
  110. The big bang theory astrophysicist from india
  111. Dont look back in anger band
  112. Tree living american animal
  113. Zero hours
  114. Release information
  115. Whole thing in itself
  116. Universitys holiday period
  117. Spoke unintelligibly
  118. Feudal lords territory
  119. Acres destroyed by deforestation initially alarmed
  120. Macroeconomics stat
  121. Like some lifeguards
  122. Cover the cost of
  123. Woke up
  124. X file topic
  125. Used a crowbar
  126. Well thats obvious
  127. Put $50 on the result of a horse race for example
  128. Music items largely overshadowed by digital purchases abbr
  129. Group with one less member than a quartet
  130. Pinocchios most notable feature
  131. Bareilles who released the 2019 album amidst the chaos
  132. Ive got an
  133. Fish in a koi pond
  134. Lipstick smudge
  135. Adam lambert and phillip phillips were two
  136. 2010 #1 hit for usher and will i am
  137. Typical setting for a season of survivor
  138. Interruptions in electrical power
  139. Fix up and resell for a profit
  140. Floral neckwear that has plastic versions available at many party supply stores
  141. Commercial about the dangers of vaping or bullying for example abbr
  142. Happy as a
  143. Common cheer used by spanish speakers
  144. Wired on caffeine perhaps
  145. Participated in a footrace
  146. Many august births astrologically
  147. Approximate attendance figure abbr
  148. Suspects i couldnt have done it story
  149. The cw prime time soap opera about the carringtons
  150. Ill take care of it 2 wds
  151. Big girls dont cry singer
  152. Like some office work
  153. For shame for shame
  154. London insurer
  155. Sharp italian cheese
  156. Ate like a bird
  157. Roll brought to yoga class
  158. Take a at
  159. Noble ones are inert
  160. One place to solve this puzzle
  161. Places to pump iron
  162. Pretty ok after all
  163. Change of address informally
  164. More cool socially
  165. Wood in grilling planks
  166. What may feel nice when youre sad
  167. Start driving and a hint to the starred entries
  168. Where things come together
  169. Sun devils arizona city
  170. *certain cheap wine container
  171. All the light we cannot see author
  172. Baker or fitzgerald
  173. *young cow whose destiny is predetermined
  174. Sprinter allyson
  175. To fetch a of water
  176. *kelly macdonald or david hume
  177. Iraqi port that sinbad sailed from
  178. *diss track creator
  179. Front part of a train usually
  180. Nodded responses
  181. *bed for a certain camper
  182. Fesses up
  183. Standard name
  184. Finishes on a positive note
  185. *sunday liquor buying ban e g
  186. *experience section in a résumé
  187. San capital of costa rica
  188. Truthfully in textspeak abbr
  189. Flightless bird from australia
  190. Summer drink or a beyonce album
  191. One thousandth of a second for short
  192. Utensil used to make a crepe
  193. New yorks lexington and madison e g
  194. Put on it 2 wds
  195. Most liked for short
  196. Turtles cousin
  197. Valli singer of big girls dont cry who often sang falsetto while performing with his band
  198. Seems to be the hardest word elton john song
  199. Dickinson american poet
  200. Foster from panic room
  201. Lisa smile 2003 film starring julia roberts
  202. Skinny electric swimmers
  203. Another day on earth artist brian
  204. The old man and the ernest hemingway novel
  205. The gateway to the west for short
  206. Comfy night pants for short
  207. To is human to forgive divine
  208. 2001 biological sports drama film based on the greatest boxer
  209. Academic website ender
  210. State with the angels landing
  211. Orchestra tuning instrument
  212. Yorke radiohead lead vocalist known for his falsetto voice
  213. 16th president of the united states fondly
  214. Timberlake cry me a river singer with a strong falsetto
  215. Top card of a deck usually
  216. The hunger 2012 sci fi movie
  217. Shower from the sky
  218. Pablo nobel winning chilean poet
  219. Robinson 1987 rock and roll hall of fame inductee who made falsetto singing popular
  220. Kite follower
  221. Buckley american singer who sang corpus christi carol entirely in falsetto
  222. European capital which is an anagram of solo
  223. Tap backwards
  224. Actress of maid in manhattan fondly
  225. Stash away for future use
  226. Defensive buildings
  227. Happy 2006 animated movie about a penguin
  228. Cows little one
  229. Place for exchange of vows
  230. The e of the great lakes homes mnemonic
  231. The thief
  232. Knee to ankle bone
  233. Parts of a ladder
  234. Gas in an eye catching sign
  235. Happy sign for a realtor
  236. All you is love
  237. Many characters on the resident
  238. This is a test
  239. Actor cage in tabloids
  240. See no evil no evil
  241. Animal silhouette on a highway sign
  242. The raven poet edgar poe
  243. Former er actress who plays medical examiner wade on ncis new orleans
  244. Former greys anatomy actor who plays agent callan on ncis los angeles
  245. Former chicago hope actor who plays agent gibbs on ncis
  246. Actress duvall of veep
  247. Mailed birthday greeting
  248. Popular roast meat
  249. Not placed straight
  250. Saturn for example
  251. Opposite of abundant
  252. Acquainted with
  253. Worn by ballerina
  254. Went on at complained
  255. Roll of thunder
  256. Purpose of camping
  257. Samsung galaxy e g
  258. One of the grains often found in seven grain bread
  259. Full length vinyl records abbr
  260. Prefix for conductor or professional
  261. Alters the text of a rough draft
  262. Imitate michael phelps or mark spitz
  263. This is a real problem 2 wds
  264. 2011 easter themed animated movie
  265. That feels nice
  266. Body part thats sore when you have tonsillitis
  267. Reality competition show hosted by terry crews abbr
  268. Chairman who led the chinese cultural revolution
  269. Belgian fashion designer diane furstenberg
  270. Father of a pony
  271. Can that for a second 2 wds
  272. Member of congress whos not a representative abbr
  273. Cries convulsively
  274. Robertss costar in pretty woman
  275. Springtime month known for showers abbr
  276. Swedish chemist who established a famous peace prize
  277. Nickname for a new zealander
  278. Comedian whos cohosted the view since 2007 2 wds
  279. Former mma champ ortiz
  280. Pollution in the sky
  281. South american empire that built machu picchu
  282. Its what a basketball net hangs from
  283. Michael of the current saturday night live cast
  284. Fashionable in beatles era london
  285. With 36 across political commentator whos cohosted the view since 2017
  286. Drink for which a type of cup is named
  287. Sound you might make when a mouse scares you
  288. Zero to a tennis player
  289. Chris of the wonder woman movies
  290. Journalist who created the view and cohosted from 1997 to 2014 2 wds
  291. Nasty grin
  292. It represents rock in the game rock paper scissors
  293. Dunphy
  294. 1980s band whose biggest hit was heat of the moment
  295. Put your john hancock on
  296. Popular cookie to crumble as an ice cream mix in
  297. Starts a sentence with a word like who or where
  298. Palmer to his fans
  299. Enter a password say
  300. Some amount of
  301. 1998 usher song
  302. Take to
  303. Roofers black goo
  304. Term similar to sugar or sweetums
  305. Show to a seat slangily
  306. Earl grey for one
  307. Mira of mighty aphrodite
  308. U k fliers
  309. College group for women
  310. Like rich custard
  311. Abbr before a number
  312. The dow e g
  313. Wowed feeling
  314. 60s 70s movement concerned with civil rights and feminism
  315. Elizabeth warren staffer
  316. Reynolds of boogie nights
  317. Killmongers first name in black panther
  318. Safe jobs perhaps
  319. Up score wise
  320. Has a mortgage e g
  321. Hammer partner
  322. His partner often
  323. The irritated actor
  324. Fed accident investigators
  325. One may not be upside down after you flip it
  326. Alder or ash
  327. The irritated lumberjack
  328. Pupils organ
  329. Singer whose irish first name is eithne
  330. Word after inner or vacuum
  331. Aces sometimes in blackjack
  332. Howls like a wolf
  333. The irritated snake handler
  334. The irritated tugboat captain
  335. Island in honolulu county
  336. Ashtabulas great lake
  337. Providers of the necessities that end 17 26 and 46 across
  338. Campbell former nfl running back of the houston oilers who retired at the age of 31
  339. Last word in the star spangled banner
  340. Slop serving site
  341. Toddlers first word often
  342. The has landed
  343. Is me song performed by keala settle for the film the greatest showman
  344. Showed the way say
  345. Singer winehouse and actress adams
  346. Slightly open like a door
  347. Uses the plus sign on a calculator say
  348. Here is where we draw the
  349. Stegosaurus was one for short
  350. Court room figure
  351. Monday night football broadcaster abbr
  352. Sanders former nfl running back of the detroit lions who retired at the age of 31
  353. Colorful circus performer
  354. Hubble space telescopes organization abbr
  355. Hot chocolate holder
  356. Like the arctic or the atlantic
  357. Top bbcs popular tv show
  358. Arts and crafts site
  359. You and i we long way 2 wds
  360. If i fall in love again song by kenny rogers
  361. Students transcript figures abbr
  362. Long geographical period
  363. The party tonight
  364. Sayers former nfl halfback of the chicago bears who retired at the age of 29
  365. Slangy i agree
  366. Place for a rejuvenating retreat
  367. Big apple school abbr
  368. Word that often follows organ or universal
  369. Brown former nfl fullback of the cleveland browns who retired at the age of 30
  370. Luck former nfl quarterback of the indianapolis colts who retired at the age of 29
  371. Giorgio famed italian suit designer
  372. A in q&a for short
  373. Beach volleyball court divider
  374. Burnt wood residue
  375. Plants buried part
  376. For 3 and above
  377. Insight shrewdness
  378. Board for carrying drinks
  379. Eased towards stealthily
  380. Extravagant enthusiasm
  381. Bodily or mental upset
  382. Trades in
  383. Boot string
  384. Energetic light footed
  385. Move bicycle along
  386. Brand with a wasabi flavor in china
  387. Awkward, if essential part of oberammergau, cherished
  388. Awkward to walk on, like a light shoe
  389. Awfully famous old picture
  390. Awful toys unwrapped in december
  391. Awareness nice teens
  392. Aware of two men down
  393. Award ceremony insiders mass virtually in the end
  394. Avoided players given cards at ground
  395. Avoid utter failure at the crease
  396. Avoid cricketing failure
  397. Aviation centre
  398. Avant garde piece from talented gypsy
  399. Authorise program range
  400. Authors online work taken up
  401. Author&rsquo s appeal to remain
  402. Author moving quickly
  403. Author in store with novel penned by greek
  404. Authentic ingénues attractive
  405. Austrian royal house
  406. Australian individual, a gas
  407. Australian half of 1a visits mother country
  408. Australian bird, a sort of teal, is mimic
  409. Attractive home paying a call is not permitted
  410. Attracted prince one extradited
  411. Attempt to get a small whisky
  412. Attacker not a motorcyclist
  413. Attacked an idol with tie clip thats 13
  414. Attack great britain about importing ritz like crackers
  415. Attach too much importance to the speed of deliveries
  416. Athlete ruined golf equipment
  417. At work, ray, lee and daughter like some cakes
  418. At sea, repeat securing unknown yachtsman&rsquo s harness
  419. At random
  420. At present time, e g west riding fa
  421. At home, renowned boxing legend initially gets angry
  422. At home, a sight possibly
  423. At first, rent handled in old money
  424. At first extreme weight held up fame
  425. At a certain angle, church is gleaming
  426. Astute woman in outskirts of coventry
  427. Associate bully with decapitated young pig
  428. Vehicle for many schoolkids
  429. Note sent to all office workers perhaps
  430. Assistant replacing one in flight &mdash one living abroad
  431. 0 19 square miles for vatican city
  432. Assessment of the current military position
  433. Actress jessica of the sin city movies
  434. What buffy would do to a vampire or demon
  435. Assembling, as partners may be, on green
  436. Stink horribly
  437. As at first, henry viii was intellectual
  438. Scoop water out of a boat
  439. Nickname of grampa simpson
  440. Soft hat with a visor
  441. Womens studies or psychology for some college students
  442. Like fish that hasnt been filleted
  443. Garment with cuffs and buttons
  444. From one moment to the
  445. Casual top that might have a crew neck or v neck
  446. Where a patient might go after the er abbr
  447. Ive something to say to you
  448. Evidence of a fire
  449. Day before friday abbr
  450. Beg pardon i didnt catch that
  451. Bluefin and albacore for example
  452. Peter parker spider man abbr
  453. Sensed with the hand
  454. Up until today
  455. And aft
  456. Hot food eaten from a bowl or sipped from a cup
  457. Ingredient in many lip balms
  458. On a with
  459. Cartoonish sound of a punch
  460. Actresss part in a film
  461. Brand of water sourced from a south pacific island nation
  462. 1983 michael jackson song that inspired a moonwalk dance craze 2 wds
  463. He another think coming
  464. Born as before a maiden name
  465. Long haired animal of mongolia
  466. Artless individual in group giving off singular energy
  467. Artist with welsh name who trans­formed old entertainment
  468. Artist reversed cut in representation of harp &mdash the best
  469. Artist is easy at first to uplift
  470. Artist controlled ticket for use in future
  471. Artist and writer among group trying not to drink coffee, potentially
  472. Article extracted from speeches satisfied rising organisation
  473. Article by twerp to support subversive literature
  474. Arterial route in australia or tasmania
  475. Arsenic classified as miscellaneous
  476. Arrival by alien going around earth
  477. Arrest 16 in dieppe, including undertaker on vacation
  478. Around uists edge, catch isles sea creatures
  479. Army reserves
  480. Armour for men, reportedly
  481. Area north of italian islet
  482. Area for blokes touring one french city
  483. Archdeacon always displaying specious refinement
  484. Arch rival in tyneside canteen, one gathered
  485. Aquatic creature almost always next to lake causes rising concern
  486. Approved play area old firm finally repaired
  487. Appropriate opinion
  488. Approachability
  489. Strike symbols in bowling
  490. Reduce to mush in a food processor
  491. Apple ending in mud behind second player
  492. 1990 mc hammer song that inspired a hip hop dance craze 4 wds
  493. Any number in america are favouring gender equality
  494. Bless this mess actress grier
  495. Answer includes a repeat fixture
  496. Annoyed, pestered
  497. Homer and marges only son
  498. Annoyed as cricketer made move on runners
  499. Every little thing does is magic
  500. Anna has two &mdash lucy and jane are among other possibilities
  501. Make a muscle
  502. Everything will be fine 2 wds
  503. Animatedly, auntie reads rls adventure story
  504. Animals in rainforest or at sea, understood, succeeded
  505. Federal agency that monitors air and water abbr
  506. Animal shelter contains device which monitors small dwelling
  507. Item posted on pinterest or instagram for short
  508. Anguish at heart of alien realm
  509. Burst as a balloon
  510. Angry after 1000 sinks getting article for plug supplier
  511. Anger after nude running showing a lack of necessary maturity
  512. Spaghetti or fettuccine for example
  513. And cut those people rendering god save the queen , perhaps
  514. 1992 house of pain song that inspired a bouncing dance craze 2 wds
  515. Small amount or a greek vowel
  516. And another thing change liturgical book
  517. Birds feather flock together 2 wds
  518. Ancient celtic dwelling
  519. Ancient actors boot
  520. An orderly area of the uk
  521. Jazz banjoist fleck
  522. An old malicious heartless oddball
  523. An irrational reaction to covid 19, say, not democratic
  524. It helps pay for schools
  525. Page in a u s atlas
  526. Hair color that can be platinum
  527. An heir dancing around gets rupture
  528. An entrances variegated stones
  529. An engaging book
  530. An american song book might include one rough drawing
  531. Amusing five line rhyme
  532. Amphibians seen around during most februaries
  533. Amphibian with a loud croak
  534. Among cunning old people there&rsquo s one mathematician
  535. Americans vote against looking over conclusion to cyber attack
  536. American writer needing oxygen in gym
  537. American wears fake top and army headgear
  538. American silly wearing sleeveless jacket
  539. American playwright discussed on the beach
  540. American native with a soft soled shoe
  541. American handbag boxers prize
  542. American drink in french house
  543. American artists short pipe
  544. American actor, awarded oscar for best actor in scent of a woman in 1993
  545. American 12 escaped heartlessly
  546. America&rsquo s cup entrant
  547. America backed biden trump leadership election at first, its not obvious
  548. Am using my 22 here
  549. Always enthralled by cleavage, but is respectful
  550. Alpine rocks from a mountainous country
  551. Almost twelve taking lift became unconscious
  552. Almost spear a horned animal
  553. Almost destroy the right lung
  554. Almost choose and cut a piece of cake
  555. Almost certain to go top
  556. Almost all the booze knocked back in darkness
  557. Alibi let us off, being of some value
  558. Alias used in special circumstances
  559. Alfred he atoned partly for the result of a fire
  560. Alcoholic drink consumed by voltaire &agrave la l&eacute g&egrave re
  561. Alcoholic concoction makes you go mad
  562. Airy, spirit like
  563. Aim to follow member&rsquo s story
  564. Agricultural partner was responsible for these detailed figures
  565. Agreement from number overwhelmed by strength
  566. Agree to exchange letters
  567. Agitated croatian drops paint in ulster maybe
  568. Agitated britten finally added a solo aria with no life at all
  569. Agency worker taking time signified outspoken attitude
  570. Agave spirit
  571. Again correct poor dieter
  572. Aftereffect of hair perm
  573. After time more unusual accepted learner&rsquo s young child
  574. After one term of maximum power, old trump explodes spontaneously
  575. Popular swabs
  576. Pie in the face sound
  577. Nobel for one
  578. Fluffy toast spread
  579. Not digital as a watch
  580. Refers to
  581. After hearing shot, beat the first two in race
  582. After eating delicious starter, munched meal with ones drinks
  583. After change of heart, married alternative sensual woman
  584. Africans visit kent area, taking in tyneside lass
  585. Africans in university after simple accommodation
  586. African leader is circling a long time, twirling his weapon
  587. African city reached by libertine in thirty one days
  588. Affair of big cat crossing road with last of cubs
  589. Advantage for us sporting baggy clothes
  590. Adult joints style of music
  591. Adult female, strong and stable witness
  592. Adolescent 1940s american girl
  593. Admits a last letter translated for dissident press
  594. Admirer of procrastinators mantra
  595. Admirer cheers following popular princess
  596. Adelphi
  597. Address mostly full of comic potential in epic style
  598. Additions to window over sink not something i can comment on perhaps
  599. Additionally, where one may apply a shoehorn
  600. Addicted and extremely skint, manage to get joints with difficulty
  601. Add up boxes circulating top notch features
  602. Ad lib concert after the writers put out
  603. Actual whether right or not
  604. Clumsy persons nickname
  605. Actress natalie toured with a complex dramedy perhaps
  606. Actor isnt playing one 12
  607. Acorn eater rather a dull chap, i hear
  608. Acknowledges obsolete currency in islands
  609. Achieve prominent publicity making banners
  610. Ace in race vehicle getting measure of americans
  611. Accursed englishmans noonday companions turned up
  612. Accomplish rupture with british withdrawing
  613. Accompanied earl ordered guards around
  614. Accommodate stake
  615. Accidental piercing
  616. Suitable for mature viewers
  617. Academic needs east facing study, its assumed
  618. Like ducks and geese
  619. Absurd greed over english qualification
  620. Absolutely certain woman is to reject first soldier
  621. Absence of archdeacon on a religious devotion
  622. Christmas in rome
  623. About to get off, having experienced vacation in quiet part of washington
  624. Villain in a 2015 avengers movie
  625. About time to stop vice president making false claim
  626. Gather heat online
  627. Abnormal formations
  628. Not necessarily
  629. Abandoned south american stopped ringing
  630. Ideas worth spreading nonprofit
  631. A year&rsquo s rent for an old place in scotland
  632. A year
  633. Respond litigiously
  634. Underground railroad icon harriet
  635. Symphony hall section
  636. Jewelry fasteners
  637. Crush as a garlic clove
  638. Soda fountain bonuses and what 17 23 36 and 47 across get
  639. It might list many meetings
  640. Preschool snooze
  641. A in some teachers records
  642. Missing galoshes may turn up here
  643. Film evaluating grp renamed in 2019
  644. Kind of oil in sichuan cold noodles
  645. Seasonal use for an old pillowcase
  646. Like an awesome party
  647. Unit in a tract
  648. Sis maybe
  649. Award for laura dern
  650. Alexandra who writes the guardians of eternity series
  651. Start sharing your feelings
  652. One often contains an in case you missed it heading
  653. A way to protect ones castle to get stalemate game
  654. A vale heading north, man on deviating path
  655. A tree drops on author
  656. A timeless story supported by song and dance connoisseur
  657. A time to seal off copper mine entrance
  658. A technique abroad
  659. A stupid old oaf delivers this much codswallop
  660. A source of energy and relative growth
  661. A soft centred chocolate
  662. A short sunhats peak is here
  663. A short distance dogs perhaps returned
  664. A short distance divides greek and arab school
  665. A seat occupied by liberal is this a record
  666. A republican will cover range of points in response
  667. A quiet moment spare in museum
  668. A quiet intermission around end of recital &mdash then this erupts
  669. A puzzling combination of letters
  670. A practice test taken orally with no control
  671. A pound for a priest&rsquo s vestment
  672. A potential route &mdash bravo
  673. A plan with merit not usually in this chamber
  674. A picture forged active safety measure
  675. A part of poem, hostile
  676. A page worked in practical
  677. A pact goes wrong &mdash he&rsquo s blamed unfairly
  678. A number really get information technology
  679. A number in germany supporting mark, rejecting st francis
  680. A northern girl crossing river in mountainous principality
  681. Season that begins in september
  682. A missing eardrum, curiously, signified the first crimes
  683. The other night dear as i sleeping
  684. A mature adult extremely short of energy, having suffered wounds
  685. William howard 27th president
  686. A lunar location, mostly pleasant, set up in approach to filming
  687. Light beer variety
  688. A love thats bad then good in authentic sort of film
  689. A lot of freedom to fix position
  690. Actor kutcher from what happens in vegas
  691. A lord&rsquo s leaping around at the back
  692. Cream of broccoli
  693. A london vagrant sheltering in church portico
  694. Covers a gift box say
  695. A little hasty exposing swelling
  696. Waller bridge of fleabag
  697. A little boy swallowing an insect
  698. Bye in italy
  699. A lady leading the european union see you in france
  700. A kid is chilled out
  701. Colored eye parts
  702. Pulitzer winning author robert butler author of a good scent from a strange mountain
  703. A grass runs wild, problem growth in the main
  704. Refuse to admit say
  705. A grade from this
  706. Birds video game series
  707. A german turning back to welcome city relative
  708. A german pursuing extremely rich banker locally
  709. Tree hill tv series
  710. A gentle knocking in bathroom fitting
  711. Back muscle in gym lingo
  712. A foolish person going round brazil
  713. Cut off a tree branch say
  714. A fine feminine capacity for kindliness
  715. A few mentioned pinching divers bone
  716. Wind follower to mean ancient structures common in the netherlands
  717. Space 1996 sports comedy film starring michael jordan
  718. A divine cut in america is antelope
  719. Novel by richard powers which was on the longlist for the 2014 man booker prize
  720. A dish church gives to each individually
  721. Operation wandering book by richard powers which was a finalist for the national book award
  722. Like a pillow
  723. Bruins school abbr
  724. Web address starter abbr
  725. Animated octopus with a dog named weenie
  726. Defendants excuse in a court of law
  727. Absolutely hate something
  728. Castor and almond extracts
  729. Like flushed cheeks
  730. The novel by richard powers that won the 2019 pulitzer prize for fiction
  731. Make it quick abbr
  732. Text for short
  733. Independence day month for short
  734. Novel by richard powers that won the james fenimore cooper prize for best historical fiction in 1999
  735. Outdid everyone in a test say
  736. Opted for
  737. Would you like anything
  738. Prepare coffee beans say
  739. Your furry companion
  740. French breakfast item
  741. Spanish hello
  742. Personality spirit
  743. A disfigurement concealed by mums cosmetic
  744. A day daughter enters payment for creation of 16 across
  745. A cry of surprise about theatre&rsquo s foremost performer
  746. A couple of affirmatives for primates
  747. A couple in old vessel, busy
  748. A container is not closed
  749. A condition for being carried by pallid bargee
  750. A chum married nimby, for one
  751. A character man spared collapses
  752. A catholic, the female who may have a quiver
  753. A broadcaster in ireland, female, almost a goddess
  754. A black loaf is burning
  755. A bit cruel to get plastered in oil
  756. A belated idea to edit book of davids songs
  757. Thoroughly wetted
  758. Is courageous
  759. Weight bulk
  760. Sent out new growth
  761. Uneven torn
  762. Crane oil well structure
  763. Section crew
  764. Make warm
  765. Codeword for letter e
  766. Costs monies owed
  767. Australia is a large one
  768. Gushy extravagant
  769. Settle to sleep
  770. Marking writing tool
  771. Performs extremely well
  772. Arranges text in columns
  773. Fixed with hammer
  774. Gamers identity
  775. Aid wrongdoer
  776. Deviate from straight line
  777. Adding up counting
  778. Luke skywalker for example
  779. Degrees for many professors
  780. Actor stephen of hbos perry mason
  781. Region of lower egypt with seven branches of a major river
  782. Wristwatch fastener
  783. Image analyzed in a rorschach test
  784. Legislative body for elizabeth warren of massachusetts
  785. Age collision course
  786. Hannah montanas bodyguard roker
  787. The spy next
  788. Former late night host with a stupid pet tricks bit
  789. Voice part in four part harmony
  790. Aran islands country
  791. The godfather oscar nominee james
  792. Story 4
  793. One of ten at the end of a bowling lane
  794. A is born
  795. Judging amy actress daly
  796. Knives
  797. 2019 superhero film starring 15 across/45 across as mystique
  798. Ready made house informally
  799. Kevin klines a fish called wanda role
  800. 2010 film for which 15 across/45 across received her first oscar nomination
  801. With 45 across silver linings playbook oscar winner who stars in 21 across and 37 across
  802. Home run balls path
  803. Move to another town for work for short
  804. Student doesnt start as a paid worker
  805. Move north thats sharp
  806. Tear jerker set in the kitchen
  807. Cupid e g
  808. Aberdonian e g
  809. Director rees whose film mudbound had four oscar nominations
  810. Category or variety
  811. Like a loser in strip poker
  812. Strap held by a horse rider
  813. Midwest state whose postal abbreviation is a pair of vowels
  814. Feature of a thigh baring skirt
  815. Plate appearance for a baseball player 2 wds
  816. Lowest pair in texas hold em
  817. Oak or pine for example
  818. A black lady sketch show producer/comedian rae
  819. Green with
  820. 2013 movie involving a virtual assistant named samantha
  821. Mexicos largest beach resort city
  822. Google drive upload for short
  823. The a in the government organization nea
  824. Hair around a male lions face
  825. Police investigation that was never solved 2 wds
  826. Does youngster
  827. Not quite 100% closed
  828. Beret wearing revolutionary guevara
  829. Electric vehicle company founded in 2003
  830. I dont like your
  831. Keyboard key above caps lock
  832. You me big time for this
  833. Premiere pitcher on a baseball team
  834. Check out in a creepy way
  835. Fifth out of five say
  836. Veronica singer who was born declan patrick macmanus 2 wds
  837. Sticky stuff inside a plant
  838. Taiwan tech giant with a predator line
  839. Baseball team that plays home games in tropicana field
  840. Bug spray brand produced by s c johnson
  841. Indiana to ohio direction
  842. Private dancer singer who was born anna mae bullock 2 wds
  843. Helmet and pads for a football player
  844. Nickname of the heroine of fifty shades of grey
  845. West coast singer who was born elizabeth woolridge grant 3 wds
  846. Word that can follow honey and bumble
  847. Droop like unwatered garden plants
  848. No woman no
  849. Word that can go before bone or breaker
  850. Company that sells rice water bright foaming cleanser
  851. Group with a famous medical journal abbr
  852. Ability to say unpleasant things in a nice way
  853. Seamstress ross
  854. Land along the tigris
  855. Type of bed
  856. Two footed creatures
  857. Salonga of miss saigon
  858. Time for a fireworks show
  859. Certain bird or toy
  860. A soul
  861. Root in purple boba
  862. Twosome in variety
  863. Rich source as of knowledge
  864. Heroine in doctor zhivago
  865. East indian say
  866. Words from one whos unable
  867. Treat with two kinds of icing
  868. Group of rooms in a hotel
  869. Thin chip maker
  870. Tales from the
  871. Fiscal org based in d c
  872. Dessert with a dense lower layer of chocolate custard
  873. Picked up without touching say
  874. No man is an island poet
  875. Relatives of hisses
  876. Classic tv show set on an island
  877. Sir to beyonce and jay z
  878. Ultimately profits
  879. One of many on a shasta daisy
  880. Netflix series in which taylor schilling played piper chapman
  881. Soda brand whose name is a soda can part
  882. File that may be read only
  883. State id
  884. Last alphabet
  885. Man at 1941 mystery film in which george reeves stars as bob grayson
  886. That is to say 2 wds
  887. Did he get 2 wds
  888. Comfortably song by pink floyd
  889. Exclamation when you unveil something 2 wds
  890. Full milk
  891. Marry your love say
  892. The season to be merry
  893. A retreat
  894. X fictional superhero team co created by stan lee
  895. Astrological sign whose symbol is a lion
  896. To joy feature in beethovens symphony no 9
  897. Major constituent of air
  898. Flew high up in the air say
  899. Short refreshing sleep
  900. Prefix with present to mean everywhere
  901. Hair color essential
  902. You 2 wds
  903. It could be still or sparkling
  904. Gibson lethal weapon actor
  905. Clever suggestion
  906. Blood and 1941 romantic film in which george reeves played captain pierre lauren
  907. More than jog
  908. Insect associated with spelling
  909. Story of epic proportion
  910. The millers film starring jennifer aniston
  911. Make a dishonest statement say
  912. Torrid 1940 film in which george reeves played the role of sancho
  913. Actress charlotte and explorer john
  914. Herb that rhymes with rage
  915. Alien carrier abbr
  916. Adeles rumor it
  917. Make changes to a draft say
  918. On the roof broadway musical
  919. Always a 1940 comedy film in which george reeves played michael mike stevens
  920. Ride hailing company co founded by travis kalanick
  921. Old macdonald had a farm ender
  922. Alternative rock band with nick brown as its pianist
  923. Gone with the 1939 historical romance film in which george reeves played brent tarleton
  924. Lets call it 2 wds
  925. Arrange in an order
  926. Sharif of lawrence of arabia
  927. Sticky packaging item
  928. Shade of a color
  929. Majority of something
  930. Of the iceberg
  931. Neutron and proton holders
  932. Move rhythmically to a song
  933. North and south ends of the earth
  934. City east of phoenix arizona
  935. Carbo
  936. Sports docs medical scan
  937. On the topic of
  938. Dawn of the planet of the
  939. What the
  940. Tv network that airs all american
  941. Stimulate as ones appetite
  942. Ambulance crew member for short
  943. Type of clause included in some sports contracts
  944. Markers on a cribbage board
  945. Genetic material co discovered by rosalind franklin
  946. Catalog formerly seen in airline seatbacks
  947. Cheer team cry
  948. Maker of the jeopardy computer contestant watson
  949. Display on a coffeehouse blackboard
  950. Baseball hall of famer griffey jr
  951. Slice on a sandwich
  952. The mary tyler moore show spinoff starring valerie harper
  953. Skiing event at the winter olympics
  954. Singer marvin who performed a memorable version of the star spangled banner at the 1983 nba all star game
  955. Fixtures at a beer bar
  956. Champions gloating declaration
  957. Board game also known as settlers
  958. Golf great who partnered with 26 across in 33 across
  959. Washington d c stadium named for a 1960s political figure
  960. Muddy area at a farm
  961. Rolling in dough
  962. New england university whose sports teams are the black bears
  963. Former nfl quarterback who participated in 33 across
  964. Word in several espy award categories
  965. 2020 team charity golf event won by 1 across/55 across and 15 across
  966. Unaccounted for soldier for short
  967. Inconclusive boxing result
  968. Retail chain with a red star in its logo
  969. Swedish born nhl great karlsson who won the norris trophy twice
  970. Cheer at the world cup
  971. Super small
  972. With 55 across golf great who partnered with 15 across in 33 across
  973. Click of the tongue
  974. Flat headed nail
  975. Brainy enthusiast
  976. Pique petulance
  977. City in united arab emirates
  978. Obscuring of the sun
  979. Ballet for example
  980. Pretend fake
  981. Onions garlic
  982. Financial outlay
  983. Pressed into bundles
  984. A drug to get a heavenly body
  985. Background to that mans politician
  986. Paul wellers all i wanna do
  987. Female wwii enlistee
  988. Fuel holders
  989. In a pleasant way
  990. States to macron
  991. Get resolved
  992. Mr in munich
  993. Estevez of film
  994. Noted bronx attraction
  995. Custard components
  996. Babys bear
  997. Ornament hanger e g
  998. Overplayed the part
  999. Barcelona soccer great lionel
  1000. What you do when you solve this puzzle
  1001. Went by bike e g
  1002. Very dense element
  1003. Hikers carrying bag
  1004. Econ. indicators
  1005. Loud item in a closet
  1006. Study buddies often
  1007. Natl. law group whose m is largely obsolete
  1008. Prandial pokers
  1009. Café de __: mexican drink brewed in a pot
  1010. Like some premium services
  1011. On the offensive legally
  1012. It's not a side road
  1013. Stopping at a koa say
  1014. Doubts
  1015. Some shared rides
  1016. Fictitious 18th-century autobiographer
  1017. Mighty dump truck maker
  1018. Hold-up group?
  1019. Like some milk alas
  1020. Watch with a webcam perhaps
  1021. Impromptu speech fillers
  1022. How many licks does it take … ? treat
  1023. Up one day down the next
  1024. Leaner alternative to pork
  1025. What? utterances
  1026. Anchor's responsibility
  1027. Akufo-addo's land
  1028. Marquee evening
  1029. Continuous newsroom operations
  1030. Familiar gp. of 50
  1031. Facetious metaphor for a difficult situation
  1032. Mountain dangers
  1033. They didn't stop hannibal
  1034. Bop on the bean
  1035. Aptly named jazz work co-written by charlie bird parker
  1036. When repeated acclaimed chinese pianist
  1037. I'm here to help
  1038. Legal orders
  1039. Two before marzo
  1040. Fog word
  1041. Pilots start them
  1042. Metal named for a planet
  1043. In half
  1044. Shallows craft
  1045. Social science course briefly
  1046. Prom style often
  1047. Turned some ground
  1048. Ontario-based music gp.
  1049. Self-described non-musician brian
  1050. Like b.b. king's music
  1051. Emotionless humor type
  1052. Zen garden feature with fish
  1053. Like brothers and sisters
  1054. Food in a shell
  1055. Like a poor loser
  1056. Georgia's largest city
  1057. Boxer ali who retired undefeated
  1058. Said mine! say
  1059. Big brother's nation in 1984
  1060. Officiated
  1061. Patriot games director noyce
  1062. British dependency gives the lowdown on vanishing ships?
  1063. Triple crown site between churchill downs and belmont
  1064. …but i might be wrong
  1065. Nightwood author djuna
  1066. Cottage resident perhaps
  1067. Star wars battle craft with a reduplicative name
  1068. Google's smart-home brand
  1069. Partner of rules informally
  1070. Heavyweight tiptoes around the edge of the ring?
  1071. 1999 heisman winner ron
  1072. Palindromic flour used in naan
  1073. Who's there? answer perhaps
  1074. Fluffy pup packs a punch?
  1075. Cemetery road writer greg
  1076. Rowers finish at exactly the same time?
  1077. Becomes foggy as glasses
  1078. Sean's game of thrones role
  1079. Silent star clara gasps for breath?
  1080. Web portal with a butterfly logo
  1081. It takes two aptly
  1082. People with summer birthdays
  1083. Call me by your name star armie sings his heart out?
  1084. Stop carrying
  1085. Les parents give it to l'enfant
  1086. Person with a spring birthday
  1087. Tried to win
  1088. Singer eddie blows a fuse?
  1089. Company started in an austin dorm room
  1090. Org. focused on cleaning up others' acts
  1091. Bohemian wardrobe-enhancing events and a hint to this puzzle's theme
  1092. Satiric prize for scientific research
  1093. Mr. deeds goes to town director frank
  1094. Result of pulling the goalie
  1095. Take two steps back
  1096. The burgomaster of delft and his daughter painter
  1097. Irredeemable rogue
  1098. Train hopper
  1099. Laura of marriage story
  1100. Pal of pythias
  1101. Nirvana's final studio album
  1102. South american schlepper
  1103. Overtake in a flash
  1104. Pops up
  1105. Virtual people in a popular game franchise
  1106. Champaign athletes casually
  1107. Paper plane type
  1108. Bellhop's burdens
  1109. Leaps for mirai nagasu
  1110. Dial in a bathroom
  1111. Presidential perk
  1112. Messes (with)
  1113. Words before tear or dare
  1114. Won back the favor of
  1115. Lunch announcement
  1116. 1980 anne murray song
  1117. Fires off an email
  1118. Target of seti searches
  1119. Many a singer on kidz bop
  1120. Russian car company
  1121. Curry on the court
  1122. To be in bolivia
  1123. Dir. from iowa city to st. louis
  1124. Initials seen at many marijuana dispensaries
  1125. Ego nwodim's show initially
  1126. The poet in my heart in a fleetwood mac song
  1127. Clubber lang's portrayer in rocky iii
  1128. Some luxury suits
  1129. Alley-oop catching site
  1130. Paying particular attention to
  1131. Totally win over
  1132. Meat market
  1133. Give my regards to broadway songwriter
  1134. Abbr. on cornerstones
  1135. Keeps in the loop in a way
  1136. Prides companions
  1137. In this area
  1138. Like small halloween candy
  1139. Ran together as colors
  1140. Better than never
  1141. Put into pigeonholes
  1142. Drew in
  1143. Part of a dandelion
  1144. Souvenir from the beach
  1145. Nickname for an honest man
  1146. Title for julie andrews or judi dench
  1147. Star wars saga sage
  1148. U s army vehicle
  1149. Sneer to be wiped off
  1150. Key near a tilde
  1151. Slice of tofu
  1152. Place for agriculture
  1153. Rakes in the big dough
  1154. Excite as curiosity
  1155. Correspondence from podcast listeners
  1156. Emulate a psychic
  1157. Anagram of vile
  1158. Cut very finely
  1159. One may be steamed in a corn husk
  1160. Exam with a score range of 400 to 1600
  1161. Stronger than dirt cleanser
  1162. Food with acorn and spaghetti varieties
  1163. Prime minister elected in 2017
  1164. Air or scare punctuation
  1165. Call as a cab
  1166. Many a fillable document
  1167. Lead in to serif
  1168. Growing sugar
  1169. Don't settle for ___!
  1170. I would have voted for ___ for a third term if i could (get out line)
  1171. Writer of seven autobiographies
  1172. Burning intensely
  1173. American indians in children's literature founder debbie
  1174. Ginger ___ (fountain drinks)
  1175. Gigawatt e.g.
  1176. Hotel garment
  1177. What some phone keyboards contain
  1178. Nation in western new york
  1179. Watch a friend's feline
  1180. Stuff from a volcano
  1181. Part of a window in baby archies nursery
  1182. Sasha fierce for beyonce e.g.
  1183. ___ of the ball
  1184. Like does
  1185. Chased on foot
  1186. French tire maker
  1187. Present something convincingly
  1188. Head of the pack
  1189. Voices an objection
  1190. Often groanworthy joke
  1191. We dont have an agreement
  1192. Cool trick huh?
  1193. Instrument for ahya simone
  1194. Take in takeout say
  1195. Ren faire competitors on charging horses
  1196. Plant in many balms
  1197. Girl or mule of song
  1198. Main color of the turkish and tunisian flags
  1199. Shape with four right angles
  1200. Glue with a bull mascot
  1201. Big watery expanse
  1202. Before uncle sams cut
  1203. Blob under a biology class microscope
  1204. Tight grip on a mares hair
  1205. In a desperate manner
  1206. Gooey breakfast condiment
  1207. In its current state
  1208. A boeing 747 contains about 6 million parts e g
  1209. Meshy traps
  1210. Dream sleep acronym
  1211. Cry that rhymes with squeak
  1212. What a long day
  1213. Resident of baghdad or basra
  1214. Bob marley e g
  1215. Nose horned animal for short
  1216. Swanky red carpet car for short
  1217. Made a blunder say
  1218. George clooney or brad pitt e g
  1219. Singer grande fondly
  1220. Wsj competitor abbr
  1221. Relocation vehicle often
  1222. Disneys former ceo bob
  1223. Palo city in the san francisco bay area
  1224. Protected from danger say
  1225. Oil company based out of la palma briefly
  1226. Short bushy plant
  1227. Experience visually
  1228. Clapton singer of tears in heaven
  1229. Womens short jacket
  1230. What changes every day in this game
  1231. San diegos state for short
  1232. Fix as a computer program
  1233. Cat like musk maker
  1234. Decompose as food
  1235. Federal tax collector abbr
  1236. Halle catwoman actress who was born on 14th august 1966
  1237. Imitate someone say
  1238. Early hours in a day abbr
  1239. Yoko lennons love
  1240. Pointed edge
  1241. Charlize atomic blonde actress who was born on 7th august 1975
  1242. Bobby ice hockey legend
  1243. Kunis friends with benefits actress who was born on 14th august 1983
  1244. Outfitters inc
  1245. The sound of 1965 film starring julie andrews
  1246. The of liberty new york
  1247. Keep a on
  1248. Cameron charlies angels actress who was born on 30th august 1972
  1249. Station refill
  1250. The r in rem sleep
  1251. Martin father of the bride actor who was born on 14th august 1945
  1252. Beatles song blues
  1253. Where thou
  1254. Nba scoreboard figures for short
  1255. Burnt a cigar say
  1256. Startup head abbr
  1257. Of anarchy tv series
  1258. Nelson mandelas country abbr
  1259. When a man a woman song by percy sledge
  1260. Curiosity nasas car
  1261. Jar covering
  1262. Fizzy drink often used as a mixer
  1263. The knight nolans superhero movie
  1264. Havent you yet
  1265. Tax collecting government agency
  1266. Bar in a cars drivetrain
  1267. Devices in some drive thrus
  1268. Church service melody
  1269. Shall i compare to a summers day
  1270. One of the countries featured in elizabeth gilberts eat pray love
  1271. The most fun we had
  1272. One named dark sky island singer
  1273. Colorful dress of india
  1274. Nickname for ernest hemingway
  1275. King of
  1276. And the art of motorcycle maintenance
  1277. Rodent on an exercise wheel
  1278. Sematary
  1279. Mississippi novelist who won the pulitzer prize for fiction in 2014
  1280. Stirs up
  1281. Just a bit off the top at the barbershop
  1282. Mississippi novelist who is the only woman to win the national book award for fiction twice
  1283. Thumbs up committee vote
  1284. Big name in roadside assistance
  1285. Mississippi novelist who was featured on a 2009 u s postage stamp
  1286. Blue pac man ghost
  1287. The scooby cookbook
  1288. The twilight
  1289. Scratched as a nasa launch
  1290. Midterm challenge
  1291. Filled up
  1292. Opposite of lightens
  1293. Taipei its capital
  1294. Morally offensive objectionable
  1295. Duck feathers used in bedding
  1296. Industrial building
  1297. Its capital city atlanta
  1298. Excise bot out
  1299. Decant wine into glass
  1300. Of freezing temperature
  1301. From here
  1302. Piece of equipment thats cranked up at a rock concert
  1303. Mysterious mountain dwelling creature
  1304. Type of animal in the yearling
  1305. Fish eggs often found on top of sushi
  1306. Defensive structures created for snowball fights
  1307. March madness organizer abbr
  1308. 2020 movie starring anya taylor joy in the title role
  1309. Precious stone used in many chinese art pieces
  1310. Stogie
  1311. Legally remove from a dwelling
  1312. Crime that might be proven with a breathalyzer abbr
  1313. French phrase meaning in the style of 2 wds
  1314. Place similar to a motel
  1315. 24 hour span
  1316. Police officer who talks to a suspect before the bad version steps in 2 wds
  1317. I dont the point of this
  1318. Word that negates
  1319. The phantoms name in the phantom of the opera
  1320. The softest natural rock
  1321. Facebooks blue f for example
  1322. Like a book that dishes the dirt hyph
  1323. Positive response to a ships captain
  1324. Like molasses in terms of speed
  1325. Taken by mouth as medicine
  1326. Accumulate as savings
  1327. Isnt able to
  1328. Feather sticking out of a drum majors hat
  1329. Spanish word for three or french word for very
  1330. Word that precedes rally or talk
  1331. Ones inescapable future
  1332. Opposite of foul in baseball
  1333. They make up molecules
  1334. Frozen drink available at some movie concession stands
  1335. Assistant in frankenstein
  1336. Irish singer best known in the us for orinoco flow
  1337. Its always sunny actor who voices the dog bob in the one and only ivan 2 wds
  1338. Coffee order for those worried about jitters
  1339. Southern general at the battle of gettysburg
  1340. Villainous facial expression
  1341. Maleficent actress who voices the elephant stella in the one and only ivan 2 wds
  1342. Fosse/verdon actor who voices the gorilla ivan in the one and only ivan 2 wds
  1343. Sticky white adhesive
  1344. Water in spanish or portuguese
  1345. Powder sometimes added to milkshakes
  1346. Of sauron
  1347. Programs downloaded to a tablet
  1348. Beast that roars
  1349. Coca colas first diet soda
  1350. Little flags
  1351. Hearts or clubs
  1352. Treats with tea
  1353. From the area
  1354. Be rude in a way
  1355. Ladybug for one
  1356. Like some skirts
  1357. Family guy creator mac farlane
  1358. Like aspirin briefly
  1359. Nike slogan
  1360. Like guy fieris hair
  1361. Lock for a barber
  1362. When to give in per churchill
  1363. Jesus to christians
  1364. Make more nutritious say
  1365. Piping up
  1366. Many high schoolers
  1367. Container for tea or flowers
  1368. Espionage figures
  1369. E t s vehicle
  1370. More enough connector
  1371. Like the animals on noahs ark
  1372. Making learn
  1373. Female quail
  1374. Ball and mallets game
  1375. Old boyfriend
  1376. Wrist afflictions
  1377. They keep their distance
  1378. Do in as a dragon
  1379. Cynthia erivo had the lead one in harriet
  1380. Concept or conception
  1381. Word after sugar snap or sweet
  1382. Adjusting
  1383. Wading birds with long bills
  1384. Fall cleanup tool
  1385. Instructive figures
  1386. He carries the weight of the world on his shoulders
  1387. Second stage of grief
  1388. Crash into forcefully
  1389. Take a big bite
  1390. Talking about constantly
  1391. Friday night song by katy perry that features stars like kenny g and rebecca black in the music video
  1392. Tall grass growing in water that sounds like need
  1393. Thermal power plant fuel
  1394. Jessica fantastic four actress
  1395. Unkind or nasty
  1396. Dark song by katy perry featuring juicy j that won the mtv video music award for best female video in 2014
  1397. Didnt sleep 2 wds
  1398. Of me hit song by katy perry which was first performed at the 54th grammy awards
  1399. Family member for short
  1400. Hit song by katy perry that was nominated for a grammy for song of the year in 2014
  1401. The film starring jim carrey and cameron diaz
  1402. Identified for short
  1403. Phrase used by tigger while saying goodbye abbr
  1404. Actress ganem of devious maids
  1405. Highway sign next to an off ramp
  1406. Turn that upside down
  1407. Create new technology
  1408. Gurls hit song by katy perry featuring snoop dogg that was nominated for a grammy in 2011
  1409. The reaper
  1410. Light source on a desk say
  1411. Youve got a friend in me singer newman
  1412. Teenage third studio album by katy perry that was nominated for a grammy for album of the year in 2011
  1413. Largest labor union in america abbr
  1414. Hit song by katy perry that was nominated for a grammy for record of the year in 2012