1. Powerful tennis serves
  2. Alfa follower to mean an italian luxury car
  3. Tiring month for santa, for short
  4. Baby bears fairytale mother
  5. Pizza hut need
  6. Precious item to j
  7. Julius caesars home
  8. Hauser, high incident actor who plays rip wheeler in yellowstone
  9. Bats locale
  10. Gloomy warning sign
  11. Kevin , hatfields & mccoys actor who plays john dutton in yellowstone
  12. Having no flavor, as food
  13. Persons sense of self importance
  14. Tok, keshas debut single
  15. Ballerinas tip
  16. Sleeveless cloak for a hero
  17. Alien transport abbr
  18. Yes in the navy
  19. One whos mightier than the sword
  20. Pungent smells
  21. One, get one free
  22. Court evidence
  23. Landon, as the world turns actress who plays teeter in yellowstone
  24. Sharp punch, in boxing
  25. Needle and thread job
  26. Actress gardner of the life and times of judge roy bean
  27. Slot machine action
  28. Listen here in lima
  29. Grimes, brothers & sisters actor who plays kayce dutton in yellowstone
  30. Wes , american horror story actor who plays jamie dutton in yellowstone
  31. Lasso, show starring jason sudeikis
  32. One of six in a rainbow cake
  33. Relish a dish, say
  34. Reilly, black box actress who plays beth dutton in yellowstone
  35. Sharp, like eyesight
  36. Actor ron of tarzan
  37. Clean ones hands, say
  38. Moniz, guiding light actress who plays governor lynelle perry in yellowstone
  39. Goulding who sang love me like you do
  40. Bombeck, famed humor columnist
  41. In paris
  42. Three, once
  43. Prepare, as a patty
  44. This is so good
  45. Form of public transport
  46. Running bird in oz
  47. Shade gradation
  48. Letters in the arts and crafts store
  49. Adult puppy
  50. Pay out spend
  51. Paper for tabloid
  52. Campground chain hqd in billings mt
  53. *classic ford model
  54. Xylophone kin
  55. Texters caveat
  56. *robin williams drama set at a prep school
  57. Highchair fashion
  58. Soccer family rides
  59. *gift basket retailer known for cheese and smoked sausage
  60. Letter-shaped violin opening
  61. Sit-up kin
  62. *oktoberfest venues
  63. Judge on americas got talent
  64. Rippled pattern
  65. Couples indiscretion for short
  66. Pluckable instruments
  67. Consisting of two parts
  68. Galway bay island group
  69. Landscaping bush
  70. Shaved head?
  71. Skewered appetizer served with peanut sauce
  72. Hard-to-like person
  73. Type of geometry
  74. Gis with chevrons
  75. Outmoded data readers on pcs
  76. Plays the lead
  77. Broadcaster with regular pledge drives
  78. Essentials or what the first words of the answers to the starred clues are
  79. Quaint performed
  80. State drawing
  81. Spanish a