1. Not for kids moviewise
  2. It follows 35-down
  3. Milk grain
  4. Reaction to a strange object
  5. Shoot well under par in golf lingo
  6. Everest and k2: abbr.
  7. Make like new as old furniture
  8. Tater __: deep-fried potato morsel
  9. Semiannual occurrence that begins 18- and 66-across
  10. Summoned as the fiddlers three
  11. Comfy shoe pad
  12. With milk as café
  13. In 2021 it begins september 22nd
  14. Place to de-stress
  15. In twos like socks
  16. Gets hot on twitter
  17. Musical based on an opera
  18. Movie with r2-d2
  19. Excite with up
  20. Kitchen dweller of song
  21. Smoothie berry dubbed a superfood
  22. Same drink as always
  23. Semi-annual occurrence that begins 28- and 35-down
  24. Black-and-white e.g.
  25. It precedes 66-across
  26. Word with role or identity
  27. Common soccer deadlock
  28. It follows 66-across
  29. Mhz measure
  30. Elis coming songwriter laura
  31. Describes in detail
  32. Squirrels haul
  33. Wife of osiris
  34. Away from port
  35. Keats ode on a grecian __
  36. Thrice in rxs
  37. Workshop or den, say
  38. British territory: isle ____ ____
  39. Soft drink dispenser
  40. Mythical spring: the ____ ____ youth
  41. Social group of readers
  42. Clear beverage
  43. Mowgli's movie: the ____ ____
  44. Mathematical operation symbolized by "a x b"; propagation (noun)
  45. To show to be involved, usually in an incriminating way (verb)
  46. A person who knowingly helps another person in a crime or wrongdoing (noun)
  47. Two birds of prey
  48. 'here' in spanish
  49. Mechanical linkages
  50. Furnish with a fund
  51. Looney tunes recurring company
  52. Utter no more
  53. Using bit of weed, lovemaking gets hard
  54. Us writer’s time with american elected politician
  55. Us workers visiting old railway workshop
  56. Us spy body
  57. Us president in english city
  58. Us poet improved briefly in paper
  59. Us icon
  60. Us city before being taken by british general
  61. Us author for one visits bogus healer
  62. Us arresting officer
  63. Uruguayan’s heading race going round and round a small pacific island
  64. Upset, remove lessons in religion for all time
  65. Upset first man getting hold of drunk girl
  66. Upset crazy attempt
  67. Upper class racist actor, nasty about india
  68. Up until now, fox feasted
  69. Unusually striking way to avoid a commercial overhead
  70. Unusually frosty north undergarment found
  71. Unusual action needed to consume cold tongue
  72. Unsuccessful gambler
  73. Unstable nitrates central ingredient of explosive to produce slates
  74. Unsheathe for a fight
  75. Unruly players&rsquo union blocks invitation from minister
  76. Unpalatable cases initially cause revulsion beyond belief
  77. Unofficial show for prisoner near end of sentence
  78. Unnerved, shocked
  79. Universitys in lead by a stroke, switching bars a few times
  80. University pressure a stimulant is the answer
  81. University exercises right to be included, but its not ready
  82. University covering up dickensian villain
  83. University burning outside former capital
  84. Unit of heredity a woman talked of
  85. Union leader forcing insurrection
  86. Uninhibitedness in a strip club not half
  87. Unfortunately, im a singer getting complaints
  88. Unfortunately annual rut is affected
  89. Unfortunate inertia over railway travel plan
  90. Unfashionable dance music causing muscle contraction
  91. Uneven grass in morecambe
  92. Unethical dishonest
  93. Uneducated rating on manoeuvres
  94. Undoing northeastern disorder inspires india
  95. Underwater structure needs real force to break
  96. Understands fool must accept facts in the end
  97. Under the skin
  98. Uncovered cyan and navy thread
  99. Uncouth bride collapses, having drunk two litres
  100. Uncontrolled competition for limited resources
  101. Unaccompanied church music sung in unison a ninth clap
  102. Ultimate catch
  103. Uk native heard the french can be sensitive
  104. U s national symbol
  105. U boat damaged, initially holed in a north german route