1. 4 0 is a good one
  2. Lays the groundwork
  3. Play the role of
  4. Aid in scrolling to the top
  5. Lebron james or stephen curry once in brief
  6. Bygone holder of apple pics
  7. Became a huge success
  8. Be rewarded as for waitressing
  9. Cheery sort
  10. It loses to three of a kind
  11. Parts of accusations in clue
  12. Actress hedy of old hollywood
  13. Something a couple of speakers can provide
  14. Old time comic caesar
  15. U s a
  16. Olympic sport whose all around competition is composed of the last parts of 19 26 44 and 52 across
  17. Uranus but not neptune
  18. Larsen harlem renaissance novelist
  19. Leonardo dicaprio received four of them before winning
  20. Perfect as skills
  21. Chimps and bonobos
  22. Jackson title character in rick riordan books
  23. Off roader in brief
  24. One who says you wish
  25. Chocolaty treats that you might break me off a piece of
  26. Leaves … or cleaves
  27. H s class for science whizzes
  28. Stored deeply and securely
  29. High flying sharpshooter
  30. Like a landscape after a volcanic eruption
  31. Pair of cymbals in a drum set
  32. One of the rs in r&r
  33. Stay outdoors overnight with some of the comforts of home
  34. Almost unfathomably large number
  35. Observation deck feature not for the squeamish
  36. Earn copious amounts of
  37. One way around disneyland
  38. Kind of headlight on older cars
  39. Grrrr
  40. Principle of confucianism
  41. Canadian boor
  42. Heavy dark fog
  43. Moneyball actor mr pitt
  44. Deliberate prudent
  45. Must pay it back!
  46. (mourning [?) soap]
  47. Video conferencing service
  48. ____ band ('let it whip' artist)
  49. _ote _xercised _o _verturn?
  50. Ten words ending in st
  51. Four four-letter bodies of water
  52. X ray machine that checks parcels contents
  53. Place where nuns live
  54. Bright green gemstone, a form of the mineral beryl
  55. Batman villain also known as edward nigma
  56. Went ahead to recce
  57. The blonde powerpuff girl who wears a blue outfit
  58. Olaf is one of these frozen figures
  59. Pore that controls gaseous exchange in leaves
  60. Type of musical made up of already popular songs
  61. The unbearable lightness of being novelist, milan
  62. National bird of greece
  63. Clownish fool in alls well that ends well
  64. First explorer to find a route around the americas
  65. Lawson, cookery writer and domestic goddess
  66. Symbol that looks like a tiny star *
  67. Creator of detailed paper scale model of prague
  68. Someone who challenges the rule of the lawful pope
  69. Blackstrap is a type of this thick black syrup
  70. Mighty great ape animated in a 1949 movie
  71. Urgent news sounds like its snapping
  72. Train, rod stewart song
  73. Become this after solving 50 codycross puzzles
  74. Waterfalls, steep downward flows of river water
  75. Two pairs of glasses in one set of frames
  76. Roots sold outfits for this global sports event
  77. Maya glyphs could represent this language unit
  78. Workers who carry players golf clubs
  79. Like a pursuit involving plastic pie pieces
  80. A loose fitting dress or french word for shirt
  81. Harrison birtwistle opera, the mask of
  82. Batman and robin were described as this duo
  83. Speaking harshly at the rear of a boat
  84. Connective tissue between bone and muscle
  85. An evergreen tree that produces cones
  86. The little mermaid country
  87. George, star of gravity and oceans eleven
  88. What magicians perform
  89. The underground workers sound like children
  90. The half giant who taught at hogwarts
  91. Horse gait between a trot and a gallop
  92. Mary, perhaps inspired she sells seashells
  93. Popular get up and go drink
  94. Cubic crystal where sulfur is derived from
  95. Richard played rob stark
  96. Performing arts festival held in prague each may
  97. Shape of the base of a four faced pyramid
  98. Skateboard trick where all wheels leave the ground
  99. Full skirt, part of a womans tyrolean costume
  100. Someone who lives in devout isolation
  101. Apple device for making calls, playing games
  102. Hybrid music genre of metal and punk
  103. A practice for a play or show
  104. Sparkling wine tint of pale yellow
  105. Skimming a long list on an electronic device
  106. Person who pledges to aid child in religious life
  107. Film where journalists investigate catholic church
  108. Nirvana drummer, born 1969
  109. The , l frank baum novel about a boy called rob
  110. Elon musks rocketry business
  111. When earths closest star goes below the horizon
  112. The french polish pianist who composed nocturne
  113. Soft cushion for resting the head on in bed
  114. What harry potter learns he is
  115. Greek nature spirits with horselike ears and tails
  116. Program at the core of a computers os
  117. Express, futurama bright green spaceship
  118. Type of cheese which can be peeled into strips
  119. Units of mass for measuring gemstones
  120. Type of magazine with a shiny cover
  121. Long luxury vehicles driven by chauffeurs
  122. Ability to walk through walls or become invisible
  123. Amazing move or sequence in chess
  124. Band who sang save a prayer and come undone
  125. Decorative hanging light often made of crystal
  126. A basketballer called the mamba with the number 24
  127. Early literary work by chaucer, the tales
  128. Shoe with a sole made out of rope
  129. Canal through which human food travels
  130. Insect that rolls excrement into a ball
  131. River god in greek mythology newt in harry potter
  132. Dormant state of snakes similar to hibernation
  133. Looking something up on google
  134. Michael keaton played a snowman in this 1998 movie
  135. Steadiness, solidness
  136. Surname of batmans penguin, oswald
  137. Delivering a religious sermon
  138. Method of printing with a carved, inked image
  139. Uk city known worldwide for its local brown ale
  140. Style of ancient writing used by sumerians
  141. Only english word that has five letter es
  142. Spanish region in which seville is located
  143. Lower or lessen the activity of
  144. Most x men like storm and rogue are
  145. Soft sausages served in long buns
  146. The mythical castle where king arthur lived
  147. Betty boops roaring twenties style
  148. Common duck species with a green head
  149. Hockey forwards who play on the outer edge
  150. Coiled, winding plant stem
  151. Respiration that uses oxygen
  152. Country where the troubles occurred, northern
  153. Flesh that protects the nail bed
  154. Device that amplifies sounds
  155. A televisions glass front, on which images appear
  156. Endangered great ape native to central africa
  157. Surname of rapper biggie aka the notorious b i g
  158. Completely blocked, not transparent
  159. Famous english painter whose initials were jmw
  160. What you grasp at when you attempt every idea
  161. Planet thats often the butt of a joke
  162. Religious building on the flag of afghanistan
  163. Poet dylan, do not go gentle into that good night
  164. Baked product that can be english or american
  165. His superhero sidekick is robin, the boy wonder
  166. A loose fold of skin hanging beneath animal chin
  167. The big bang theory and blossom star mayim
  168. Jim, who played ace ventura and the grinch
  169. Dr no was the first film in this spy series
  170. What most subscription boxes are made of
  171. Giant extinct snake that inhabited colombia
  172. Womens clothing that ends above the knee
  173. Stage name of musician annie clark
  174. River marking a trade route from persia to europe
  175. What david used to kill goliath
  176. Chief executive of hong kong appointed in 2017
  177. Chemical element whose name comes from potash
  178. Pale orange fruits that look like small peaches
  179. First name of hoult, star of the x men movies
  180. Scouts, campers carry water in these containers
  181. Large public square near prague castle
  182. Break or crack in a bone
  183. Velvety fabric french for caterpillar
  184. King of the land of oz and father of princess ozma
  185. You usually dont want this to hatch in space
  186. Type of paint, can also be fake nails
  187. Surname of patty and selma in the simpsons
  188. Using scissors to take shapes out of paper
  189. He was us president for the first 20 days of 1969
  190. Islamic ones include hajj, sawm, and salat
  191. Process of producing beer
  192. Doris, prize winning writer of the golden notebook
  193. High jump move thats a flop
  194. Legal latin term for work done for the public good
  195. Surname of movie star steve and designer alexander
  196. Short rail tracks beside a main line
  197. The marvel character played by michael fassbender
  198. Swift african and asian ungulate
  199. Non grata, someone not welcome or wanted
  200. Moniker of sir harry percy, earl of northumberland
  201. The last section of the human colon
  202. Part of a car that sounds tiring
  203. A radio or television series derived from another
  204. Satsumas are a small form of this citrus fruit
  205. Marvel soldier whos also called the white wolf
  206. Vague or imperfect idea about something
  207. Giant statute of a lion like creature outside giza
  208. King of the titans defeated by his son zeus
  209. Unit of measurement for atomic and molecular mass
  210. Earth has one of cancer and capricorn
  211. Dragged around a heavy suitcase
  212. Type of jeans that cling to legs, end at ankles
  213. Tropical african fly that bites
  214. City in which comedy drama ally mcbeal was set
  215. To convert something in one language to another
  216. Concise way of writing notes
  217. Sweet ingredient of a coffee mocha
  218. Burroughs, author of tarzan of the apes
  219. Group of large thick skinned mammals
  220. 2018 hit for post malone and swae lee
  221. Using the transporter to go from planet to ship
  222. Worlds least densely populated territory in 2021
  223. Tight athletic top worn under wetsuit or karate gi
  224. Director of jurassic park and the lost world
  225. Tv show based on mark wahlbergs early career
  226. Dining room storage furniture piece
  227. Jane austens sister in mythology a prophetess
  228. Prague square named after political protester
  229. Suede like fabric used for vehicle interiors
  230. President after whom teddy bears are named
  231. Latin term for a personal attack in a debate
  232. How long food lasts before going out of date
  233. Ian hunters sports anthem for this city rocks
  234. What mr kipling makes exceedingly
  235. Beware those leaves of three
  236. Company that runs the 365 subscription service
  237. Footcare spa treatment
  238. Rainforest mammal also called a honey bear
  239. To ill, 1986 debut for the beastie boys
  240. Indigenous people of the us model of jeep
  241. City thats home to the royal alberta museum
  242. Dr seuss book about saving the environment
  243. Frozen dessert popular at parties
  244. Priest jan, who led the defenestration of prague
  245. Musical based upon hero from american revolution
  246. Ten to the 100th power
  247. Runs the mutant school for gifted youngsters
  248. Heavy metal armored soldier from the middle ages
  249. Taxonomic rank above kingdom
  250. Bodak yellow singer whose real name is belcalis
  251. To sprinkle or splatter water
  252. Shock absorbing piece at a cars front and back
  253. Shaped material using pinched/pleated tucks
  254. Tuberous vegetable that can power a clock
  255. Longest role in shakespeares julius caesar
  256. Saskatchewan capital, its name is latin for queen
  257. Decorative lantern associated with ramadan
  258. The 12 paired nerves that come from the brain
  259. Home state of republican senator lisa murkowski
  260. Roll, sweet doughy bun with spice
  261. A strong liking or fondness for something
  262. The worlds most spoken native language
  263. Children in miss peregrines home in 2016 film
  264. Part of toronto house that inspired waynes world
  265. Even a person is in this when theyre in trouble
  266. She sang iconic song fever
  267. Type of number thats less than zero
  268. All the money a company takes in a year
  269. Line marking the edge of a cricket pitch
  270. Cosmetic blotting paper might be used on this
  271. Action in a sugar cube tower game
  272. Someone who reads minds or sees the future
  273. Clothes that are made specifically to order
  274. Neutron stars that emit blasts of radio waves
  275. Covers stone with a layer of plaster
  276. Sanskrit for any of the hindu four stages of life
  277. Drogon, viserion, and rhaegal are names of these
  278. A los angeles baseball team
  279. High, flat place outdoors
  280. Deep fried spanish dough sticks
  281. Maya god of solar eclipses, servant of the sun
  282. Author who created professors snape and mcgonagall
  283. Victory air power is a documentary by disney
  284. Polar bird shares its name with a batman villain
  285. This leafy canopy is usually orange around autumn
  286. Sickness or illness
  287. Electronics company founded in south korea in 1969
  288. Explorer who expanded spains trade routes in 1500
  289. Unidentified mass that washes up on a beach shore
  290. 2017 amazon animation based on baums characters
  291. Measure of the decay of radioactivity
  292. Broken chord, based on harp playing
  293. The word set has the largest number of those
  294. Ben gunn was cast adrift of this fictional island
  295. Any microbe that causes illness, bacteria or virus
  296. Religion in which atman and dharma are concepts
  297. Portable music player that was eclipsed by ipods
  298. Snipping together smaller bits to make a movie
  299. Fruit also known as an alligator pear
  300. Nom pen name used by a writer
  301. A fictional archeologist played by harrison ford
  302. Musical term, continue to next section immediately
  303. Matthew, daredevils alter ego
  304. Jamaicas national sport with a flat bat
  305. The chemical element whose symbol is hg
  306. Utterly devoid of help or function
  307. Completely correct or precise
  308. A drink made of mixing or shaking spirits together
  309. Victor iii, italian king who abdicated in 1946
  310. Dotted pattern of childrens rhyme frogs and logs
  311. Famous narrow, triangle shaped building in toronto
  312. What doctors in hospitals study
  313. Chris pratts marvel character
  314. Small mammal with quills it doesnt shoot
  315. North or south state not dakota
  316. Common name for a jewish yarmulke
  317. Eleven and eight
  318. Usually the first meal of the day
  319. Rough sheet that makes wood smooth
  320. Yellow flower thats considered a weed
  321. Surreal collage made with square cutouts
  322. Cheerleading movie, also a challenge to compete
  323. Mummy, egyptian with contorted expression
  324. This game focuses on the families of westeros
  325. Baby bears porridge was this
  326. Car lights that illuminate the road ahead
  327. When waves interact they do this meddle
  328. First two words of the lords prayer
  329. One who follows political idea of shared property
  330. Belgian chocolate egg company
  331. Rocky balboas main sport
  332. Eerie white humanoid sea creature in japanese myth
  333. Viral disease transmitted by animal bites
  334. Language of ancient egypt, also a church
  335. Describes coarse and funny jokes
  336. Harry potters unkind cousin
  337. Shop by macklemore and ryan lewis
  338. Rodent pet similar to a hamster
  339. Nationality of someone from doha
  340. Church district that a priest oversees
  341. Description of someones physical perfection
  342. Dr dres influential hip hop label, founded 1996
  343. Actor and activist known for fire drill fridays
  344. A native american name for bigfoot
  345. The king of navarre of loves labours lost
  346. Medical condition that scars the liver
  347. Fried potato breakfast item
  348. Invaders were killed by this in war of the worlds
  349. Name of volcanoes on montserrat and st vincent
  350. Animated trash collecting monsters in a 2014 movie
  351. Shes the first american woman to travel to space
  352. Everest, k2, blanc or table, for example
  353. Brat pack queen, molly
  354. Play piano with soft pedal, only hit one string
  355. Get medicine delivered from this kind of shop
  356. State salad with dried cherries and blue cheese
  357. He said mass could be converted into energy
  358. Perfect, immaculate
  359. Mayor of toronto elected in 2014
  360. Order of mammals that includes monkeys and humans
  361. Nationality of pulitzer winner booth tarkington
  362. Flight of the , new zealand comedy duo
  363. Bony remnants of animals found in the ground
  364. Explosive weapon that is propelled underwater
  365. A dive with arms outstretched like a swift bird
  366. Justice league magician, daughter of zatara
  367. Ancient greek hero who beheaded medusa
  368. Proper name for a maker of guitars and lutes
  369. Lively and cheery
  370. The truman show tagline on the air,
  371. Germanys city named after a weak perfume
  372. Authors of content found in books, blogs, poetry
  373. Meg ryan hit movie, in seattle
  374. Gland that releases growth hormone while you sleep
  375. Aspirations, goals
  376. Home spot where you light logs
  377. Berlins major city rail line
  378. Government style of one person, one vote
  379. Record breaking british swimmer rebecca
  380. Victoria beckhams nickname in a 1990s pop group
  381. Region way beyond earth and the moon
  382. Leafy herb also known as chinese parsley
  383. Site of nuclear disaster in soviet ukraine
  384. Sci fi tv series about a resort with robots
  385. To pay back money to a customer
  386. Big, powerful golf club
  387. Country at european end of the northeast passage
  388. Links weapon in the legend of zelda, sword
  389. Corduroy the bear is missing one from his overalls
  390. Front of house areas of theatrical institutions
  391. Fuse circuitry together
  392. Constellation representing an eagle
  393. Woven wooden material used in primitive houses
  394. German city where you can visit the marienplatz
  395. Cutting these vegetables can make you cry
  396. The lion king hyena voiced by whoopi goldberg
  397. Alternative name for centigrade temperature scale
  398. Last name of jack, lee child novel hero
  399. Good will huntings day job
  400. Flat dish upon which artists mix their paints
  401. A tube used to administer medicine or drain fluid
  402. Dog digit toward the back of the foot
  403. The supervisor on a construction site
  404. Dessert whose name means puffed up in french
  405. Base for a beam or column
  406. Hairstyle popular in the army
  407. Last name of tvs herman, lily, and marilyn
  408. Senior priest in ancient rome
  409. Painter of the starry night and his own portrait
  410. Daughter of prospero in shakespeares tempest
  411. Game containing a board with queens and pawns
  412. Michelle known for one fine day and stardust
  413. Tv horror drama starring mads mikkelsen
  414. Funny sound made by a hyena
  415. Mexican dish of fried stuffed poblanos chiles
  416. This ravenclaw students dad ran the quibbler
  417. River that forms part of the spain portugal border
  418. Biblical vessel that was filled with animals
  419. Jazz outfit worn by us men in 1930s, 1940s
  420. Native american five nations confederacy
  421. Go round and round this bush
  422. Eight legged creature thats a fast crawler
  423. Reggae star bob or ziggy
  424. Foreign chips, candies, and cookies
  425. River that flows through central prague
  426. Largest food and drink company in the world
  427. Larry , writing brother of stan lee
  428. Floor to ceiling flower and fruit shrine
  429. Dive deep into water
  430. Stone slab sculptures made by maya people
  431. A zedonk is a zebra crossed with this animal
  432. Acid produced during anaerobic respiration
  433. 2006 dance film with jenna dewan, channing tatum
  434. Last name of jerry and ben, acting father and son
  435. Marvel supervillain his alter ego is wilson fisk
  436. Deceased body that medical students learn from
  437. Rose the alarm, drew attention to
  438. The coronation of , opera about neros mistress
  439. The first woman created in greek mythology
  440. Kind of day before visiting a salon
  441. Number fives glass clue in umbrella academy
  442. In the original cut of star wars, he shot first
  443. Major european empire that crumbled in the 1920s
  444. Buildings for religious prayer
  445. Juliets family who opposed the montagues
  446. Corruption by offering underhand payments
  447. Brown shade of the us united parcel service
  448. Large silverback ape
  449. Pale lager beer, named from its origin czech city
  450. German chemist who invented novocain
  451. Wool garments worn around the neck for warmth
  452. The foremost aussie uniiversity, founded in 1853
  453. Traditional item used for eating sushi
  454. Songbird that featured in a 2013 donna tartt novel
  455. Common steampunk garment aka underskirt
  456. Cox who played monica in friends
  457. Bill clintons middle name
  458. Missing dentures ineffective and meaningless
  459. Cambodias capital and largest city
  460. Canadian popstar known for blinding lights
  461. 2019 charlize theron movie about life at fox news
  462. Plant connecting the earth with the maya afterlife
  463. Wrapped gift in a childrens party game
  464. Carrie who played princess leia in star wars
  465. Oaxaca is a city and state in this country
  466. Overskirt for accentuating hips in womens fashion
  467. Chaotic, deliberate violence or damage
  468. A control operates a television from a distance
  469. Author gaston, who wrote the phantom of the opera
  470. Scoops of ice cream topped with wafers and sauce
  471. British spelling of one thousandth of a kilo
  472. Laura, star of netflixs ozark
  473. With bach and beethoven, one of musics three bs
  474. Sir edward, first prime minister of australia
  475. Thors home planet in marvel comics
  476. Society of jesus member
  477. It was linked to the nile by the wadi hammamat
  478. Yoga pose lying relaxed on floor, shavasana
  479. Walked from one side of the road to the other
  480. Arched bridge with train tracks along the top
  481. Where impulses are transmitted between neurons
  482. Interval type that isnt major or minor
  483. Mind , direct the thoughts of others
  484. Giles was buffys this so was wesley, for a bit
  485. The age adolescents have a sweet birthday
  486. White rum with fruity breezer alcopop range
  487. Place where plants are propagated and sold
  488. Programmer markus, inventor of minecraft
  489. Someone who moves to live in another country
  490. Male avian builds fancy structures for courting
  491. James x men character also called warpath
  492. Woman in love singer barbra
  493. Difference between individuals within a species
  494. What website ads beg people to do with their mouse
  495. Santas brother, played by vince vaughn
  496. Suspect something is wrong by sniffing a rodent
  497. Sedimentary rock the maya used for construction
  498. Author of 1924s gentlemen prefer blondes
  499. Conical shaped pastry, filled with whipped dairy
  500. The bible has a new and an old one
  501. Playwright of our town and the skin of our teeth
  502. Thin, unleavened pastry dough folded many times
  503. Blemishes caused by spillages
  504. Belgian cartoonist herges best known comic strip
  505. The tough white outer layer of a tooth
  506. Major tuareg city on the trans sahara trade route
  507. Line of scrolling text below a tv newscast
  508. Jilly , author of horsey bonkbusters
  509. Nemos dad in the movie finding nemo
  510. The brightest star, also known as the dog star
  511. Swimmers and elephants have them
  512. Musical group of 7 members
  513. Warm tube worn to protect neck and face from wind
  514. Examples include golf, football and skiing
  515. Mechanical laundry wringer
  516. Last name of danish storyteller hans christian
  517. Very hot peppercorns and chinese cooking style
  518. Theyre bred to pull sleighs over snowy ground
  519. Draw a ring around, surround
  520. Night fever, disco film starring john travolta
  521. Two player card game with a peg board
  522. Undulating body of water at amusement park
  523. Moon shaped emblem on algerian or tunisian flag
  524. Infamous cutoff taken by the donner party in 1846
  525. Queen of pop and singer of like a prayer
  526. Darkening ones skin with radiation burn
  527. Take the party here if the weathers bad
  528. One of four compartments of the human heart
  529. Uranus largest moon and queen of the fairies
  530. Type of zoo where one can touch farm animals
  531. Game played with 22 balls
  532. Indian unleavened bread, also called roti
  533. Mascara wand like brush for shaping eyebrows
  534. Stone, fragment with egyptian rulers names
  535. A financial adviser does this to a portfolio
  536. International scholarship to uk universities
  537. To change to a lower gear in a manual car
  538. Star trek captains reported to this space force
  539. A video game world entirely made of blocks
  540. Sweet treats on sticks anagram of spill pool
  541. Portrait painter of the restoration period
  542. Large order of scaled reptiles, including snakes
  543. 1977 radio transmission possibly sent by aliens
  544. The age before one can vote in the us or uk
  545. Jump on the , join in with the latest trend
  546. Uss enterprise ncc 1701, or millennium falcon
  547. Unrealistic idea that comes from a tube
  548. Big sales on december 26
  549. Creating a wi fi hotspot from a mobile device
  550. Adopted son of superman
  551. Pool of players that a football coach selects from
  552. Best international male accolade won by jt in 2004
  553. Ronald reagans favourite candy of various colours
  554. Cowan , school the brontë sisters attended
  555. Wild surge of uncontrolled activity in a crowd
  556. The tiny squares a computer screen is made of
  557. Composer antonín, born in prague in 1841
  558. Family behind fixer upper tv show
  559. One who hires another for a quest or task
  560. Plant, red dye is extracted from it
  561. A large dung beetle sacred to ancient egypt
  562. Decorative ink on skin
  563. Its the squeaky wheel that gets it
  564. Easily felt or detected
  565. Menacing tribe who scoot around the land of oz
  566. Opening an oyster shell
  567. Show put on by david copperfield or dynamo
  568. A turtle or tortoises tough outer shell
  569. Former female prison in london, site of executions
  570. Uk band whose members include guy berryman
  571. 2007 dreamworks movie about the honey trade
  572. Sam, oscar winning partner of actress leslie bibb
  573. Flowering underwater plants
  574. Maundy , day before good friday
  575. For whom the , 1940 ernest hemingway novel
  576. A spiders silk producing organ
  577. An activity that is engrossing, takes up all time
  578. Padded panel behind the upper end of a bed
  579. Series whose fourth chapter is the last key
  580. Musical instrument also known as a mouth organ
  581. Indigenous woman who helped lewis and clark
  582. London based brand of denim clothing
  583. Artist of 1830s liberty leading the people
  584. Three month period during pregnancy
  585. Greek mountain overlooking ancient town of delphi
  586. Knocking down all the pins in bowling
  587. In fashion, chic
  588. Price fixing group of companies
  589. Eldest of the gorgons in greek mythology
  590. Henry rebellious boy in childrens books
  591. A manmade underground passageway for vehicles
  592. The outer layer of the brains cerebrum
  593. Railroad riders that go choo choo
  594. Spanish ball game using hands and a wall
  595. Greys anatomy and bridgerton creator rhimes
  596. Blenheim oranges are actually these
  597. Sinking city
  598. A cupboard or room for storing dry food in
  599. Outwardly curved
  600. Ll cool js radio released on this label in 1985
  601. Another name for a prairie wolf
  602. Icon like the one in the sky that calls batman
  603. The disney princess who pricked her finger
  604. Speaker of the house of representatives, nancy
  605. Household waste, rubbish
  606. Princess margaret is countess of
  607. Round patterns that appear in fields of crops
  608. Something medically installed in a persons body
  609. Language spoken in a hispanophone country
  610. The periods in a ballgame when each side bats
  611. Chemical element cd used in rechargeable batteries
  612. Grain based dairy substitute for pouring on cereal
  613. Muscles that flex hips
  614. Brown coal, of lesser quality than bituminous
  615. Someone you loved singer lewis
  616. Where mail can be left securely if nobody is home
  617. Quadrilateral with two parallel sides
  618. Leading anglo saxon scholar, the bede
  619. Black legged seabird also called a tickleass
  620. Making guests feel at home
  621. Hogwarts first years had to buy these pewter items
  622. Rowdy soccer fans
  623. Star lords origin story starts with this crime
  624. Its said to be the sincerest form of flattery
  625. Under gear worn beneath clothes for extra warmth
  626. Wounds a cut and a broken leg, for example
  627. Temperature label when water drops form on plants
  628. Bodily attire for doing front crawl or backstroke
  629. Bruce willis blew this up in armageddon
  630. Sharp tasting salad vegetable with a daikon type
  631. Singer who had a 1961 hit with stand by me
  632. Freshwater crustaceans that resemble tiny lobsters
  633. Disorder causing trouble falling or staying asleep
  634. Major cities written in uppercase letters
  635. Period for placing baby on their stomach to play
  636. John who was looking for a quiet place in 2018
  637. Acorn bearing greenery on the flag of san marino
  638. A pedestal or supporting cupboard beneath a sink
  639. Maisie williams game of thrones character
  640. Bread substitute in a jibarito sandwich
  641. Striped hook shaped sweet hung on a christmas tree
  642. First and foremost, this person runs a high school
  643. Political system where workers cant own the land
  644. Matter contained by a cells membrane
  645. A scientific name for desert animal with one hump
  646. This hip hop force were on planet rock in 1982
  647. Katniss everdeen took part in these games
  648. Armstrongs moonwalking partner
  649. White, pastel hue based on this nations flag
  650. Italian brandy from leftover grapes of winemaking
  651. This lex often troubles superman
  652. Type of two piece swimwear worn by females
  653. Imelda, filipino politician dubbed iron butterfly
  654. Combining fabrics using a needle and thread
  655. The three brother pop band who sang mmmbop
  656. Clear digestive fluid produced in the mouth
  657. Passages between blocks of audience seating
  658. Metamorphic rock used for countertops and floors
  659. Founding marvel writer and editor, born 1922
  660. Sore skin or lips from exposure to the elements
  661. Wracked with worry or panic, desperate
  662. Snake held by an eagle on mexicos national flag
  663. Rare earth metal named after village ytterby
  664. The curled line below the c in façade
  665. Using momentum like a swimmer between strokes
  666. Prehistoric fur covered elephant like creature
  667. Pop disco group, sang how deep is your love
  668. Father of all maya gods
  669. Mixing up a salad
  670. In pixars inside out, joy represents one
  671. Aaron paul played this jesse on breaking bad
  672. A kitchen appliance that browns sliced bread
  673. Male who delivers dairy drink for a living
  674. Tv series featuring picard, discovery
  675. Spanish dramatic genre with spoken and sung scenes
  676. Dorothys ruby shoes in 1939 film the wizard of oz
  677. Potent painkiller common in the 19th century
  678. Torontos official baseball team
  679. Toni who wrote beloved and the bluest eye
  680. Decorative coating applied to ceilings and walls
  681. The r in mmr
  682. Popular female character in greek tragedies
  683. The superhero name of tchalla from wakanda
  684. Duo in wrestling who work together
  685. Archie , redhead from the archie comics
  686. Type of whiskey made largely in kentucky
  687. Cut these when youre trying to save time
  688. Something that illustrates a point
  689. Ancient israeli city known as armageddon in greek
  690. Competition that can occur between siblings
  691. Legendary monster slain by bellerophon
  692. Brown hue made of dirt, named for flemish painter
  693. More than you can chew
  694. Some examples are nori, wakame and kelp
  695. Orlando blooms character in the lord of the rings
  696. Bruce banners cousin jennifer walters
  697. Most subscription box companies online presence
  698. Chilly region of russia, in eastern asia
  699. Planet in our solar system discovered in 1846
  700. The twin skyscrapers located in kuala lumpur
  701. A category of animal designed to hunt others
  702. Stock romcom scene where two future lovers meet
  703. Drydock, battle station or outpost in space
  704. Music by grieg and a play by ibsen
  705. Supervises, abroad by the sounds of it
  706. Many retail websites offer this for free
  707. Sticky substance used to hold furniture together
  708. Moroccan port after which tangerines are named
  709. Turkeys make this sound
  710. River, flows from lake tiberias to the dead sea
  711. Award, presented to outstanding cartoonists
  712. Seat of maya gods word meaning mountain
  713. Dairy product thats sliced, served on crackers
  714. Festival to which the word paschal relates
  715. Invisible wall between actors and audience
  716. Stage last name of the musician born john stephens
  717. A hold in boxing with arms around an opponent
  718. A simple language that develops between two groups
  719. Smaller breed of chicken or duck
  720. Edible hard clam fictional setting of family guy
  721. Small packages of sticks, or grouped utilities
  722. Stage show that turns out to be an unexpected hit
  723. Sweet paste made of nuts and boiled sugar
  724. Sport in which you could hang 10 or wipeout
  725. Central lake of beijings summer palace complex
  726. The giant who met his end when david used a sling
  727. Non paper money that is in circulation
  728. The v in law & order svu
  729. Opaque, matte watermedia paint
  730. Stinging polyp where clownfish live
  731. Shakespeares first child, born 1583
  732. Residence of prussian kings, southwest of berlin
  733. Guitar strings need the right amount for tuning
  734. Disputed island group in the south china sea
  735. A spinning sensation and loss of balance
  736. Sandra, oscar winning star of speed and gravity
  737. A closed cupboard or closet
  738. Pay monthly to use a service
  739. Wu tang member formed a duo with redman in 1994
  740. Christian festival marked 40 days after christmas
  741. Island on which the dodo once lived
  742. Ready to strike pose used in kung fu and taekwondo
  743. Parts of letters that are taller than the x height
  744. Alvin, simon and theodore are these animals
  745. Federal parliament of germany
  746. Orange rust that appears on iron and steel
  747. Famous baking show judge paul
  748. Its the s in apples ios technology
  749. Japanese white radish often served in sushi
  750. Month of birthday of racehorses in s hemisphere
  751. Official typographical term for a division sign ÷
  752. The last name of the dark knights joker
  753. Native name for the third largest italian city
  754. A form of wall to wall rug
  755. Buffy was a vampire one
  756. Markings on the coats of zebras and tigers
  757. Stage name of rapper montero lamar hill
  758. Alexander , the inspiration for robinson crusoe
  759. Says something again, says something again
  760. The flow of electrons
  761. The 2012 james bond spy film
  762. Eat pho in hanoi in this asian country
  763. Annoyed, like a clockwork toy
  764. An edible fungus and a chocolate treat
  765. The undead creatures in the walking dead
  766. Stone that allowed hieroglyphics to be translated
  767. Very large information sets for computer analysis
  768. Fourth book of the hebrew bible
  769. Cut ones nails
  770. She featured on iggy azaleas hit black widow
  771. He tried to steal christmas
  772. Another name for an auctioneer
  773. Choral call and response music style
  774. Large vessel for mixing drinks together at parties
  775. Soccers lionel messi is from this country
  776. Unexplained red precipitation
  777. It blows at right angles to a line of travel
  778. Blooms used to decorate tables
  779. Beans used to make chimichanga
  780. He discovered four of jupiters moons
  781. Dithered
  782. Post apocalyptic book by cormac mccarthy
  783. Freddie mercurys original surname
  784. Japanese ship full of treasure that sank in 1945
  785. Pizza delivery chain named after game tiles
  786. Machinery used to add ink to plain paper
  787. Coupled with antigua to form west indies nation
  788. Traffic collisionor chaotic situation
  789. Phil, oscar winning star wars stop motion animator
  790. Chest of drawers, sounds like a big lad
  791. As hamlet famously commands, get thee to a
  792. Wild french art movement
  793. Type of cuisine that involves sushi and soba
  794. Not a specific time or date
  795. Acting troupe shakespeare was a member of
  796. Hurricanes common in pacific or indian oceans
  797. Using needles and wool to make clothing
  798. Conquistador who brought the spanish to maya lands
  799. Kevin smiths film about a shopping complex
  800. Plug in blanket for warming a bed before sleep
  801. Final move when a gymnast must land on feet
  802. Fizzy beverage sometimes called soda water
  803. Make less dry, add water
  804. Point that does not fit with statistical data set
  805. Timon would fit in manor if he wasnt a cartoon
  806. Ventilation point in a room
  807. River dwelling mammals that build dams
  808. Little shop of horrors character who feeds plant
  809. 20th letter of the greek alphabet
  810. View all open windows on your screen at once
  811. Ancient, esoteric hindu texts
  812. Spanish city linked to egypt by a sea trade route
  813. Casablanca is a city in this north african country
  814. Board of people sound like they give good advice
  815. Tell, educate on a subject
  816. 1948s the treasure of the madre
  817. Country whose capital is conakry
  818. A rich seafood soup, often made with lobster
  819. Noise making segments on the tip of a snakes tail
  820. Pointed tool used in ancient writing
  821. Quilted jacket padded with thick down
  822. Toughened glass used to make shower screens
  823. Traditional wind instrument in egyptian folk music
  824. Country in which financiers scotiabank are based
  825. First name of the jokers girlfriend, miss quinn
  826. Husband and consort of queen victoria
  827. Often worn to keep hair off face
  828. Type of allergies people get in different months
  829. Country singers naomi and wynonna
  830. The corpulent michelin mans name
  831. Inundation of water
  832. San diego event with steampunk saturday
  833. Adding essential oil to a carrier so its not neat
  834. Wolverine can his memory, wipe the slate clean
  835. Water dwelling american snake a kind of soft shoe
  836. Move forward, make progress
  837. Person who organizes the contents of a gallery
  838. The official floral emblem of scotland
  839. A large french country house or castle
  840. Steve martin played a sadistic singing one
  841. The greek goddess of hunting and apollos twin
  842. The tag that opens a parachute
  843. Stage name of hip hop legend james todd smith
  844. Popular nintendo farm sim game moon
  845. Water heating device in a home
  846. Will , us comics artist of a contract with god
  847. A soft, pale, slightly curved nut
  848. Giggles, chuckles
  849. Nationality of the composer erik satie
  850. Open stage style with seating on three sides
  851. Silver headgear worn by ant man
  852. Go for a leisurely walk
  853. Exercising arena for horses
  854. Poetic term for swathes of grass
  855. Scented liquid worn by women
  856. Prime, autobot leader
  857. Pig like hoofed mammal, native to the americas
  858. A star that results from a supernova explosion
  859. Can be seen not hidden
  860. North americans with african, west indian origins
  861. Thanks to the r , it never disappears
  862. Crumbly, when talking of soils
  863. The introduction of a new product
  864. Santas reindeer named after high springing steps
  865. Tub partner of the baker and the candlestick maker
  866. Broccoli is a type of this leafy vegetable
  867. Spicy name for orange, from the crocus flower
  868. Irreligious, blasphemous, sacrilegious
  869. Observation dome on the fuselage of an aircraft
  870. Hall, room, building where artworks are displayed
  871. Surname of thriller and billy jean singer
  872. Sport at hogwarts
  873. Ursine stuffed toy
  874. Max creator of betty boop comic strip
  875. Old testament text about suffering
  876. Citrus with a bright orange peel and a flat bottom
  877. Actor brother of booksmart star beanie feldstein
  878. Singer who had a hit with american pie in 1971
  879. Term for coppery ales colour of a traffic light
  880. To be present at an event or function
  881. Swedish app to order deliveries and pay later
  882. Second holiest muslim city, after mecca
  883. Donald trumps political daughter
  884. She starred in red, the queen, and excalibur
  885. Water sport competed at heights of 10, 7 5 and 5m
  886. The french museum which opened in 1973
  887. First name of italian opera singer bocelli
  888. Young man who clears off the table at a restaurant
  889. This round beef patty might come from the king
  890. Word score, highest scoring scrabble square
  891. Sharp weapons across the shield on kenyas flag
  892. Plant in the mint family, treats stomach issues
  893. Pastries like croissants and pain aux raisins
  894. Pianist who sang of little earthquakes in 1992
  895. 1847 novel in which edward rochester appears
  896. Protect a natural space or wildlife
  897. Swimmers dive from this steady spot
  898. Nationality of someone from antiguas twin isle
  899. This is the first number to have the letter a
  900. Jimmy ernst technique of blowing paint
  901. Naturalists say to drink this not the bottled kind
  902. Starred in alien and tvs doctor who and merlin
  903. Nuts served to greek wedding guests jordan
  904. Being commonly characteristic of something
  905. Small rocket launcher without recoil for war
  906. Long sensory organ on a bees head
  907. Most populous city in belgium
  908. Jade represented this type of life to maya
  909. 1996 helen hunt film about chasing tornadoes
  910. Clever green skinned enemy of superman
  911. Machine that keeps the ice rink smooth
  912. Keyboard operated idiophone, glockenspiel sound
  913. A serving of raw fish encircled by cooked rice
  914. Short statured dog breed from china
  915. Biblical area east of eden the state of sleep
  916. Folding surface often used to play bridge
  917. Some floorboards do this to connect
  918. Roger, first athlete to run a 4 minute mile
  919. People requesting joinder to a lawsuit
  920. Fun term for stores on cruises
  921. Rubber block for inking the day onto documents
  922. Country from which a sammarinese person comes
  923. Battery brand with a bunny who never stops
  924. M night shyamalan film about plants, the
  925. Run dmc covered their hit walk this way in 1986
  926. Situation in need of a solution
  927. Formal notification to attend court
  928. What alexis says to her brother in schitts creek
  929. Lucy and linus , friends of charlie brown
  930. Neck gland below the adams apple
  931. Late 60s hip hop dance, similar to body popping
  932. Examine a body part by touching it carefully
  933. Hot dog trick shot in tennis
  934. Post that prevents vehicle access
  935. Fish that can be red, sounds like its a biter
  936. Tom hanks character from greenbow, alabama
  937. What geese do in autumn to keep warm
  938. Timepieces that can be digital or have hands
  939. The sweep, a patriarch of happy families
  940. Last name of elizabeth in pride and prejudice
  941. Wayne and garth say theyre not this
  942. Slightly changing the pitch on an instrument
  943. Lizards with no necks and small legs
  944. Slow waltz popular in the 17th century
  945. Someone from denmark sweet pastry
  946. European sea, a major source of ancient amber
  947. Austin powers actor verne, born 1969
  948. First name of composer brahms or painter vermeer
  949. Mile, death row film with michael clarke duncan
  950. Spiders fibre and street ancient trade route
  951. The a z of a language
  952. Tallying, equalising, balancing
  953. Glass london skyscraper built to a point
  954. Term that tells musicians to play with joy
  955. 2016 2018 tv series of travels to key past events
  956. French for highly prized truffles
  957. Novelist david, who wrote cloud atlas
  958. Freed from captivity
  959. Canadian city, the capital of manitoba
  960. Bed covering that lays flat without elastic
  961. Leia a of mars
  962. Wealthy spinster in great expectations
  963. Vegetable sometimes called a cabbage turnip
  964. Group of defensive players on a football pitch
  965. This sports first black league was founded 1920
  966. Irish former westlife singer bryan
  967. A word used to greet a guest entering your home
  968. Orange hued november gemstone anagram of inciter
  969. A corrective lens worn over just one eye
  970. The humorous comic strip often featuring cows
  971. Form of quartz actor billy
  972. Workout tool that you jump on and off for cardio
  973. Alter ego of wendy lawson in 2019 superhero film
  974. Nadya, who is also known as octomom
  975. Wood known for its resistance to water
  976. Part of a cell that contains dna
  977. Shape shifting russian household sprite
  978. German wine made from frozen grapes
  979. Legal protections for an invention
  980. Bird name for michelle dubois with beret/long coat
  981. Complete, total, utter
  982. Random changes in an organism’s genetic code
  983. Hide a spaceship using this kind of field
  984. Lemon flavoured fruit filled sponge with meringue
  985. Like fine cotton bedsheets anagram of tiny gape
  986. Slang for male child who never does anything wrong
  987. Sleep inducing medication
  988. Visitors, like those in a hotel
  989. Lowest point on a wave
  990. To be modest kendrick lamar song
  991. The capital of this country is moscow
  992. Devices that straighten teeth
  993. Horror novel about a girl with telekinetic powers
  994. She starred in us and black panther, nyongo
  995. Microsofts wiry nineties office assistant
  996. Digestive hormone that spikes when asleep
  997. Venomous cobras that live in asian forests
  998. Dugout vessels that transported maya goods
  999. Company that owns marvel and star wars
  1000. Batmans police commissioner friend
  1001. To preserve food in brine or saltwater
  1002. Former german chancellor and mayor of west berlin
  1003. Talking about other peoples lives
  1004. Yellow shade for young us students transportation
  1005. Princess daughter of william and kate
  1006. Spanish barbecued kebabs
  1007. Lofty prague skyscraper designed by richard meier
  1008. Superhero identity adopted by the first robin
  1009. Female counterparts of alvin, simon and theodore
  1010. 100 years in time
  1011. Absolute value, mathematically
  1012. Raw vegetable cut into stick shaped pieces
  1013. Martineau, contemporary writer of the brontës
  1014. Gave birth to offspring, like a frog
  1015. Ocean whose name means calm and tranquil
  1016. Grouping of father, son and holy spirit
  1017. Bandit, thief or robber
  1018. Financial support or grant
  1019. Person who makes keys, repairs doors
  1020. School musical instrument with wooden bars
  1021. Car type, originally a carriage with soft top
  1022. Small paper record, for alphabetizing information
  1023. Kyle was orson hodge in desperate housewives
  1024. Mammal also known as an american antelope
  1025. Planning for expenses based on income
  1026. Using hands to move the ball in basketball
  1027. Type of numbered path in buddhism
  1028. Blue brie type cheese from germany
  1029. The fourth one is time
  1030. X shaped puzzle
  1031. Metal tool used to pluck eyebrows or splinters
  1032. Maria worried mother in the sound of music
  1033. Ray ban pilot style sunglasses
  1034. Runners go over 26 miles in this
  1035. Locasta, the land of ozs good witch of the north
  1036. English queen who made pomeranian dogs fashionable
  1037. Pastry based dessert with garden of eden fruit
  1038. E g ask the audience or 50 50 on tv quiz show
  1039. Mottled and stripey furred cats
  1040. Stephen , the late show host
  1041. An object one stands on when making a speech
  1042. Mountain range in colorado
  1043. Hindu goddess of wealth and good fortune
  1044. Mark darcys rival in bridget jones books, daniel
  1045. Les misérables character who sings on my own
  1046. 2016 jonah hill film about arms dealers
  1047. Stanley, three time interwar uk prime minister
  1048. Artistic swimming moves accompanied by music
  1049. Cooking style relating to a certain country
  1050. Computer monitors
  1051. Paul mccartneys fashion designer daughter
  1052. Human friend of cartoon tiger hobbes
  1053. Walt disney world ride, tower of
  1054. Stained sponge block to push a date stamp onto
  1055. Large, white heron like wading birds
  1056. Shape at the heart of the flags of japan and laos
  1057. Gandhi who was the first female pm of india
  1058. Predetermined meeting schedule
  1059. The silvery white metal with the atomic number 28
  1060. Person who sacrifices themself for a cause
  1061. Author neil who wrote coraline and stardust
  1062. A deep brass sound associated with polka music
  1063. Currency unit of spain before the euro
  1064. Russian composer of peter and the wolf
  1065. He said, thats one small step for man
  1066. Uk actor who played luther on screen
  1067. Government consisting of more than one party
  1068. Flippant, glib
  1069. Slang term for an american dollar
  1070. Type of pen with a spherical, rolling tip
  1071. Japanese sushi fish also called hamachi
  1072. Heavy ratite named the worlds most dangerous bird
  1073. Light effect common to many sci fi flicks
  1074. A plan, perhaps for secret reasons
  1075. A spore producing organism that includes mold
  1076. Snoopy cartoonist, born 1922
  1077. Bitcoin and ethereum, for short
  1078. Number of golden stars on the eu flag
  1079. Author of the time travelers wife, niffenegger
  1080. Crunchy, ridged green vegetable, goes with dips
  1081. Hogan, ragtime performer in the oyster man
  1082. First name of buddys father in elf
  1083. Leather material from a bovine
  1084. School subject that teaches kids about water cycle
  1085. Father of isaac in the bible
  1086. Kings story shakespeare splits into three parts
  1087. Matting and pressing wool together to make fabric
  1088. Tablet or liquid that neutralizes stomach fluid
  1089. Captain carrots amazing animal superheroes
  1090. Nest for honey making insects
  1091. Roman goddess of wisdom, war and art
  1092. Big cat depicted on the national flag of croatia
  1093. Number that represents a tv or radio station
  1094. Song where the spice girls tell you what they want
  1095. Play that starts when shall we three meet again
  1096. Landlocked sea linked to europe by the volga route
  1097. Avenger known for his skill with a bow and arrow
  1098. Liverpool fc plays in this south american country
  1099. A geometric configuration significant in hindu art
  1100. Device that helps fire up a cars ignition
  1101. One who writes historical biographies
  1102. Paper animation drawn on the corners of pages
  1103. Cuban american singer known as queen of salsa
  1104. Spiny ocean creature dont step on it
  1105. Staff wielding xena character
  1106. Bed support of metal coils in fabric covered frame
  1107. Animators list of image sequences and timings
  1108. X wings, tie or cylon raiders, for example
  1109. Us name for what brits call aubergine
  1110. Office machine for destroying paper documents
  1111. This type of light blocking curtain can aid sleep
  1112. Craving for snacks chocolates with caramel centre
  1113. London scheme of restrictions on public roads
  1114. Island where grandmaster flash was born in 1958
  1115. Actors get this notice to audition a second time
  1116. Us city of the biggest comic con since 1970
  1117. Metal supposedly needed to kill a werewolf
  1118. Solar deity, e g ra in ancient egyptian times
  1119. Marie curie died from exposure to this chemical
  1120. She sang sorry not sorry and stone cold, demi
  1121. Subtle difference in meaning or expression
  1122. Warren , co holder of the oscars mix up envelope
  1123. Alternative name for tokyos international airport
  1124. Shaped fabric piece sewn in to provide give
  1125. High ranking catholic church officials
  1126. Director of the kill bill movies
  1127. Largest and capital city of crete
  1128. Charlie brown and snoopys canary friend
  1129. Actor who plays lead role in jack irish series
  1130. A 1969 poirot tale was set at this kind of party
  1131. Bill creator of calvin and hobbes comic strip
  1132. Pale purple precious stone, a form of quartz
  1133. Alcoholic drink taken right before bedtime
  1134. Marie curie got two nobel prizes in different
  1135. In 1964 this mall opened as the biggest in toronto
  1136. This bottle keeps a sleeper warm in bed
  1137. Skin injury suffered by crashing cyclists
  1138. Whale named for its distinctive body shape
  1139. Instruction to hit violin strings with wood of bow
  1140. The name of ron weasleys rat
  1141. Diamonds and charcoal are forms of this element
  1142. Easily manipulated or reshaped
  1143. Bird species of sam, mascot for froot loops
  1144. Lofty tv tower on prague hill, built in 1985
  1145. Medical stitch to close a wound
  1146. China or silver container for brewing leaves
  1147. The disney movie set in arendelle
  1148. Relating to the top chambers of the heart
  1149. An roi is one on investment
  1150. Opera set in spain, with toreadors
  1151. Little trees that broccoli breaks into
  1152. Shape of the 64 spaces on a chess board
  1153. Tiny removable flash memory card
  1154. Evil, maleficent
  1155. Superfans make sure these are exact to a character
  1156. Underwater ecosystems with dense kelp growth
  1157. Physicist who postulated the plum pudding model
  1158. Chinese province where most pandas live
  1159. What metallica was master of on their 3rd album
  1160. A flower archie comics character cheryl
  1161. Shelving unit for storing paperbacks
  1162. Culinary name for squid
  1163. Unlikely winner found beneath a hound
  1164. Fictional region in which hobbiton is located
  1165. Jar filled with nectar processed by bees
  1166. Maya god with a shell on his back, god of scribes
  1167. Desert country sandwiched between china and russia
  1168. Rotation of a ball contrary to its direction
  1169. Also known as dice algebra, 2d6+4d8, for example
  1170. Comic associate of nym and pistol in henry v
  1171. Weekly posting of feline pictures on social media
  1172. Cold blooded creatures like snakes, turtles
  1173. Soft crop top worn as underwear
  1174. Queen street store that became the bay in 1991
  1175. Small version of poodle, dachshund, chihuahua
  1176. Simple diagram to show processes and decisions
  1177. King edwards queen in richard iii
  1178. Strong need to know or learn things
  1179. Passing a ball to a teammate to set up a score
  1180. Scottish university where prince william met kate
  1181. Swiss actor, much parodied for a role in downfall
  1182. Tearful italian musical term
  1183. Five pointed yellow fruit also called carambola
  1184. Name of a tiny inner city farm in toronto
  1185. General legal system in place in the uk
  1186. Wound from the fangs of a viper or adder
  1187. Inhabitants of water surrounded lands
  1188. Blurry, hard to see
  1189. Retail shopping to make yourself feel better
  1190. Microwavable snack to eat while watching a movie
  1191. Soft soapy spheres that make up foam or froth
  1192. Belly organ
  1193. Dunn, british supermodel and actress
  1194. Dig up from beneath the soil
  1195. Set of 26 letters in the english language
  1196. Flaky baked goods like croissants
  1197. All that is not gold
  1198. Justin timberlakes 2003 song for a spanish lady
  1199. Flower adopted as a symbol for fighting cancer
  1200. Heavy mammal with tusks and a trunk
  1201. Juniper spirit and soda water cocktail
  1202. Clothing worn by military personnel
  1203. Fasteners found down the front of a duffle coat
  1204. Tinier, less large in size
  1205. What teachers are doing when they check your work
  1206. Font effect that creates sloping text
  1207. Impish, mischievous little sprites
  1208. Fishing using a hook and line
  1209. Tools for gripping and turning nuts
  1210. Tree like vegetable bought at vegetable stalls
  1211. Traditional scottish music wind instrument
  1212. American ring tailed animals, with bandit masks
  1213. Usual, nothing special
  1214. Extremely attractive
  1215. Of key significance
  1216. Rug made from shepherds animal
  1217. Oven used to heat food quickly
  1218. Puzzle that has words across and down
  1219. Country famous for koalas and kangaroos
  1220. What bees do to flowers
  1221. Curved bright yellow fruits
  1222. Raise or lift upwards
  1223. Large sculptures on public display
  1224. Someone who loves books enjoys
  1225. One horned mythical creature
  1226. Glass spheres thrown in a childhood game
  1227. Zebras and tigers have them
  1228. Catching water animals with a pole
  1229. Exciting or risky experience
  1230. Spoken message service when phone isnt answered
  1231. A spring holiday item a clue hidden in a movie
  1232. Males with flashing blades, dartagnan types
  1233. Hidden out of view, cannot be seen
  1234. Insincere distress, tears
  1235. Icy region around the north pole
  1236. Playground chutes for slipping down
  1237. Electronic, high pitched noises
  1238. Body part on which a ring is worn
  1239. The movie genre intended to make people laugh
  1240. Pork or chicken, meat served in juicy shreds
  1241. European country where the olympic games originate
  1242. Boy who asked for more in charles dickens tale
  1243. Turn on a pot for hours for this meal making mode
  1244. Shield used against the rain on wet days
  1245. A wedding ceremony
  1246. All space, planets, stars and galaxies
  1247. Simple snack of a filling between slices of bread
  1248. A large water filled container for washing in
  1249. This type of cookie has a paper prediction inside
  1250. Business place where vehicles are cleaned
  1251. Expressive facial feature that can be raised
  1252. What you do to a deck of cards to mix them up
  1253. Plant that grows from an acorn
  1254. Jam like preserve often made from oranges
  1255. Hans christian andersens frosty fairy tale baddie
  1256. Group of classical musicians that perform together
  1257. Two times forty eight, reads the same upside down
  1258. Seabird with giant wingspan
  1259. Paper is thick grained and used for drawing on
  1260. The flat glass viewing window of a television set
  1261. Around not doing anything too important
  1262. Beautiful and attractive
  1263. Animals that might neigh or whinny
  1264. Seats with backs
  1265. Ask guests to attend a party
  1266. Superhero who battles the joker and the penguin
  1267. A follower of islam
  1268. Chris , cyclist, winner of the tour de france
  1269. Winnie the poohs tiny, pink best friend
  1270. Steam powered locomotive that pulls a train
  1271. Salad vegetable in ketchup sauce and gazpacho soup
  1272. Joined together, with a shared outlook
  1273. Ice cream dessert sounds like a day of the week
  1274. Cows, bulls and calves
  1275. Number of pipers piping in the festive song
  1276. Dance style associated with tutus and pirouettes
  1277. Athlete who plays 18 holes
  1278. Composes a novel
  1279. City where the uks parliament is found
  1280. Type of wooden bird that pops out of a clock
  1281. Vim and vitality power that may be electric
  1282. First name of mr crusoe
  1283. People watching a play or a concert
  1284. Painting or drawing of a person
  1285. Soft material used to fill cuddly toys
  1286. Someone who is native to cairos country
  1287. Hard, tropical fruit with brown hairy shell
  1288. Chess pieces that only move diagonally
  1289. Video based website with many vloggers
  1290. Large building in which goods are produced
  1291. Grown naturally, without pesticides
  1292. Speak louder than words
  1293. Someone being held captive by a criminal
  1294. Rms , ocean liner that hit an iceberg and sank
  1295. Straight away, immediate
  1296. Rubbing or kneading of muscles to relieve tension
  1297. A persons name and date of birth
  1298. They look like white carrots
  1299. Small, hand held telescope, for james bond maybe
  1300. I feel 2017 hit for the weeknd and daft punk
  1301. Outer casing of a letter sent in the mail
  1302. Feeling tired, wanting your bed
  1303. Planet that is between saturn and neptune
  1304. A four leafed one of these is said to bring luck
  1305. Switch these on to tune in to music, news stations
  1306. Surname of hollywood legend marilyn
  1307. First signs of green plants sprouting in spring
  1308. 1930s outlaw who robbed banks with boyfriend clyde
  1309. Parts of glasses that surround the lenses
  1310. Put funds into a business project
  1311. Stringed instrument popular with rock bands
  1312. Asian nation of which jakarta is capital
  1313. Contact details are vital for trip arrangers
  1314. Made a hole in a balloon
  1315. Hard spheres that fizz when added to tub water
  1316. Eggs dish made with heated beaten eggs
  1317. Feta, gruyere or cheddar, for instance
  1318. Comic book publisher behind the avengers
  1319. The sailor, loves spinach and olive oyl
  1320. Continent to which france and italy belong
  1321. What violin strings are sometimes made of
  1322. One searching for hiders in a childrens game
  1323. Brothers of a mother or father
  1324. Water boiling device for making hot drinks
  1325. Verdict when found responsible for a crime
  1326. Images you see in your mind when youre asleep
  1327. Glowing part of an electric lamp
  1328. Queen of england, mother of charles
  1329. It illuminates a single performer on stage
  1330. Crash , fox like video game character
  1331. Emergency vehicle for sick or injured patients
  1332. They keep water rings off coffee tables
  1333. Pizza topping fungus
  1334. Doing retail therapy, going on a spending spree
  1335. Person who writes words to go in broadway musicals
  1336. The total sales of a company in a specific period
  1337. Brief snow showers
  1338. Proof of this is needed to collect parcels
  1339. Old fashioned spectacles for only one eye
  1340. Salad staple
  1341. In motion, in like a parcel
  1342. Natural home of an animal or plant
  1343. Change your mind at the last minute
  1344. The body region between the thorax and pelvis
  1345. Winning platforms people stand on after a race
  1346. Card or email giving a discount on orders
  1347. Language spoken in milan, rome and turin
  1348. First name of 101 dalmatians villain de vil
  1349. Is this the real life is this just
  1350. Unexpected turns of events in books, plot
  1351. Takes pleasure or delights in
  1352. Snake haired gorgon in greek myths
  1353. The smallest two digit prime number
  1354. Large metal structures carrying electrical cables
  1355. Small breaded chicken snack
  1356. Employee person hired by delivery company
  1357. What ones goose might be
  1358. A top that goes over other clothes, a coat
  1359. A celebration or party
  1360. Not in this country, overseas
  1361. The feminist, deborah frances white podcast
  1362. Animated movie with manny the mammoth
  1363. Us city that threw a tea party in 1773
  1364. Browsed the internet
  1365. The paper on which a person casts a vote
  1366. Ornate fabric swath hung over a four poster bed
  1367. A rabbit hole
  1368. 1999 scifi comedy with tim allen, quest
  1369. Monstrous cave dwelling creatures in norse myth
  1370. Video game with phrase get over here kombat
  1371. Rich people are sitting in the lap of it
  1372. Give back, like an unwanted delivery purchase
  1373. City in texas where at&t is based
  1374. Large french speaking canadian province
  1375. Places where home deliveries arrive
  1376. Toasted italian sandwich with grill lines
  1377. Another name for whale fat
  1378. Field in which einstein won the 1921 nobel prize
  1379. Buy, purchase on spur of the moment
  1380. Small vegetable similar to an onion
  1381. Panasonics ad slogan ideas
  1382. Game of thrones character, aegon targaryen
  1383. One, company issuing credit cards
  1384. Think the box
  1385. Us name for numbers tagged onto an address
  1386. Washing machines took over this manual chore
  1387. Legally refuse to hear a complaint
  1388. Postmortem examination of a body
  1389. Get closer to
  1390. Pay for goods
  1391. Two word term for the larynx
  1392. Murder, she wrote actor angela
  1393. A break in a performance
  1394. Good thing that could come in disguise
  1395. E g a diet with no pasta, rice or potatoes
  1396. Folded paper containing a letter
  1397. Four, not one, of these will bring the apocalypse
  1398. Your profile on a shopping or delivery site
  1399. Cosmonauts are this nationality of space voyagers
  1400. My dear, i dont give a damn
  1401. Drinking a saucer of milk, using the tongue
  1402. Thin pastry rolled with a fruit filling and baked
  1403. Making textiles and carpets with warp and weft
  1404. To like enough to want to emulate
  1405. Roman god of wine, fertility, and celebration
  1406. Alternative name for the netherlands
  1407. Detailed photo taken with a zoom lens
  1408. Rapper and producer with a doggy name
  1409. Car, van or truck delivery person drives one
  1410. The night in shakespeares play, not the eleventh
  1411. Gwen stacy is a girlfriend of this comic book hero
  1412. Engulf, devastate, rout
  1413. Fragrant green herb also known as cilantro
  1414. Professionally competent, able to do the job
  1415. New books that arrive by delivery
  1416. My brings all the boys to the yard
  1417. Used for a toilet by house felines
  1418. Video is doing this when it pauses from bad wi fi
  1419. Main entryway to home deliveries happen here
  1420. Seuss character played by jim carrey
  1421. Food , device with blades to whizz up food
  1422. Scales measure this in pounds or kilos
  1423. Root spice believed to help ease sickness
  1424. Life stage synonymous with old age and frailty
  1425. Planet with moons named after shakespearean roles
  1426. Return to , do this if delivery cannot happen
  1427. Company behind the masters of the universe toys
  1428. Last name of the rolling stones mick
  1429. God of the afterlife in egyptian mythology
  1430. A device used for boiling water, some have a spout
  1431. Medal winners platform at the end of a race
  1432. Etsy sells items of this type arts and
  1433. What the moon is doing when it isnt waxing
  1434. Chip is this object in beauty and the beast
  1435. Concluding part of a show, can be grand
  1436. Judd, director husband of actress leslie mann
  1437. Judges issue this to say whos won a lawsuit
  1438. A neil patrick harris sitcom character, stinson
  1439. Verified orders are this once okayed by company
  1440. Old , whiskey cocktail meaning old timey
  1441. Second largest city in spain
  1442. Buy from small businesses on this social media app
  1443. Never ending routine an exercise machine walkway
  1444. Inventor who thought they could turn lead to gold
  1445. Story that has 3d illustrations
  1446. Month in which the autumn equinox occurs
  1447. Bank account card used to pay for deliveries
  1448. All , holiday board basis with food and drinks
  1449. Ancient history, centuries ago
  1450. Hot drink infusion from plants such as mint, sage
  1451. Delivery that happens across very early hours
  1452. Pretends to be someone else online
  1453. You may now kiss phrase heard at weddings
  1454. Taped someones voice
  1455. Pole vault requires jumping with a pole
  1456. Cooking liquid that can be virgin or extra virgin
  1457. Final payment stage where items are ordered
  1458. Bill gates and barrack obama write with this
  1459. Creative, good at painting, drawing, sculpting
  1460. Commercial enterprise such as hallmark, zara
  1461. Lack of concern, emotion, involvement
  1462. Charles who wrote the theory of evolution
  1463. Frankfurter, wiener
  1464. Online payment system with friendly name
  1465. Oldies much loved music from the past
  1466. Tall buildings from which heroes rescue princesses
  1467. Biles, multi medal winning american gymnast
  1468. Venomous snakes known for their hoods
  1469. Prayer counting beads used in catholic worship
  1470. Parcel service or ups, brown uniform deliverers
  1471. Panels of people who make decisions in courts
  1472. Musical sounds in sweet succession
  1473. The capital city of poland
  1474. Mater was this kind of vehicle in pixars cars
  1475. Collect, online shopping reservation service
  1476. To do up make improvements to a building
  1477. Point, critical moment on the brink of a crisis
  1478. Plumage, what birds are covered in
  1479. Enclosed buying option with delivery in the price
  1480. Mythical lion like creature with an eagles wings
  1481. Situated in the middle, like a new york city park
  1482. A strong metal named this early era
  1483. Popstar sisters kylie and dannii
  1484. Hanging around when a parcel is late
  1485. A preview of a movie
  1486. Creatures an arachnophobe would fear
  1487. A machine with a human appearance
  1488. Packing box padding that sounds like a snack
  1489. What is done to milk in a latte or cappuccino
  1490. Tv weight loss competition, the loser
  1491. Room in which you might find a bidet
  1492. Vendor selling items online or in store
  1493. Deliverer rings this when your parcel has arrived
  1494. Big building where goods are sorted for delivery
  1495. Admitted to a crime
  1496. Describes a drink without natural sweetener
  1497. Speedy two wheeled vehicle for couriers
  1498. A unit of length equivalent to 0 62 miles
  1499. The hateful eight and kill bill director quentin
  1500. Stevie nicks band mac
  1501. Founding father born in shadwell, virginia, 1743
  1502. Fighting a battle, a no win situation
  1503. A jailhouse
  1504. Édith piaf does not do this
  1505. Sport with which andre agassi is associated
  1506. How to train your , 2010 animated fantasy
  1507. Time amend your order by this hour
  1508. Handheld devices for moving cursors around screens
  1509. Language in which entschuldigung means sorry
  1510. The new york city borough associated with royalty
  1511. He was on the apollo 11 mission, buzz
  1512. De soleil acrobatic show
  1513. Semi solid food made of curdled milk
  1514. Spittle produced in the mouth
  1515. Cart with wheels for moving garden waste
  1516. Out of sight how to leave parcels if youre out
  1517. Wooden casks, anagram of lab errs
  1518. Expensive watches
  1519. Brass instrument played by miles davis
  1520. Along with pfizer, early covid 19 vaccine company
  1521. Veggies named bell, jalapeno, chipotle
  1522. Paper or email that is proof of purchase
  1523. How clocks spring during daylight saving time
  1524. Vast desert area of australia
  1525. Job where one carries something from a to b
  1526. World famous british primatologist dame jane
  1527. Measuring produce using scales to determine cost
  1528. Artist who writes music
  1529. Id used to travel from country to country
  1530. Keep this rain protector closed indoors, for luck
  1531. Long french bread stick sold at farmers markets
  1532. They translate the spoken words in a foreign film
  1533. Leafy thistle vegetable with a hairy heart
  1534. Completely the same
  1535. Hardy insect that has a giant hissing variety
  1536. Vehicle you jump on when you join a cause
  1537. This fruit is like a peach with no fuzz
  1538. Incredibly fast trains or internet
  1539. Photos or pictures
  1540. Golf club used for tapping a ball into a hole
  1541. Household timepieces that strike at noon, midnight
  1542. Spicy root added to dishes or drunk as tea
  1543. Another name for a cashier role in a bank
  1544. On a prayer bon jovi anthem
  1545. Yellow peeling fruit bought at market
  1546. Nicole, golden globe winner for big little lies
  1547. Mammals with hooves and shoes
  1548. To soak up, like a sponge
  1549. Loose strings of fabric
  1550. This is definitely the best policy
  1551. Wizard played by ian mckellen in the hobbit films
  1552. Scientific study of all life
  1553. A bars coin operated record player
  1554. Relics of dinosaur bones, shells or insects
  1555. Herb that can be flat leaf or crinkly
  1556. Why some people cant have pets or flowers
  1557. A gentle song to send a baby to sleep
  1558. Eight armed sea creature sold by fishmongers
  1559. Number of pieces a chess player starts a game with
  1560. Clothes that havent been ironed exhibit these
  1561. Wide vegetable that grows in a pod
  1562. Large socks hung up at christmas
  1563. Drawings or paintings of peoples faces
  1564. Where piano lessons take place in a school
  1565. Fruit with peel, like a small orange
  1566. Dank, stone lined prisons below ground
  1567. True and precise
  1568. Spot to store hardbacks, paperbacks
  1569. Cooking banana found with exotic fruits at market
  1570. Marriage vows, for better or
  1571. Carnivorous wild dogs that hunt in packs
  1572. Set fire to, spark a flame
  1573. Touch something, like goods at a market
  1574. Liar, liar, pants
  1575. Mouse, rourke, or rooney
  1576. Gets points in basketball
  1577. Fruits used to make cider by cideries
  1578. The panels of people who supply court verdicts
  1579. Hand protection for cold weather walks
  1580. Wind in the willows quartet, , ratty, mole, toad
  1581. Me elmo, popular sesame street toy
  1582. G, pg, pg 13, or r, for movies
  1583. Ash wednesday falls in the week before this
  1584. Politeness, like holding the door open for someone
  1585. Ocean into which the amazon empties
  1586. A taste of ones own , karma or comeuppance
  1587. Auguste rodins famous statue is doing this
  1588. Squares of gooey chocolate cake sold at cake stand
  1589. Strategies or laws that are passed by a government
  1590. People who served in the military
  1591. Produce that relates to the time of year
  1592. Garden building for storing timber
  1593. Four times twenty three
  1594. Papers and files
  1595. Red market fruit from bushes rude noise
  1596. Cosmetic for hiding blemishes
  1597. Giant plant grown by jack from magic beans
  1598. Pink birds that stand on one foot
  1599. Crabs, mussels, clams to buy at market
  1600. Traditional final two words of a story
  1601. Aniseed tasting vegetable with a white bulb
  1602. Made a sound like a snake
  1603. First name of dickens character twist
  1604. All bark and having lots to say
  1605. Law enforcement offices
  1606. Rapper who released the album recovery in 2010
  1607. George , jane his wife, daughter judy
  1608. Water , drinks cylinder in communal offices
  1609. Storage space in a computer
  1610. Solid, liquid or gas matter stages in water cycle
  1611. Churned milk spread made by a dairy
  1612. The sxsw festivals happen in this us city
  1613. Having no end going on forever
  1614. Sniffing a melon to check its ripe
  1615. Word shortened to evry1 in textspeak
  1616. What a visitor to your home will ring
  1617. A 26 2 mile road race, for e g , london, new york
  1618. Herb with needle like leaves, paired with lamb
  1619. Care for and help raise someone
  1620. Kind of creature bram stokers dracula was
  1621. Seabird known for its enormous pouch like mouth
  1622. Diagonal moving chess pieces
  1623. Removed text, photos or files
  1624. Describes land near the sea
  1625. Green leafy veggie that wilts when cooked
  1626. The umpire who oversees a football match
  1627. Person who sells bouquets at market
  1628. Use to cut paper or hair
  1629. Markets sell these dark red fruits with stones
  1630. Ambushed took aggressive action against one
  1631. Car company, benz
  1632. Sounding like a duck
  1633. Thin white strips of cloth to put over wounds
  1634. Round, red and white salad vegetables
  1635. Heaven a perfect, unspoiled place
  1636. Looking young and vigorous
  1637. Oily fish with patterned top, silver underside
  1638. Prickly garden mammal sonic is one
  1639. Another word for a closet to store clothes
  1640. Butter and cheese are made here
  1641. A needle, thread and fabric are needed for this
  1642. Grows and harvests a crop
  1643. Social media app featuring short videos
  1644. A horses fast running pace
  1645. Host country of the sochi winter olympics
  1646. Lethal , comedy action movies with mel gibson
  1647. It can quickly, perfectly modify an action word
  1648. Pointy frozen water hanging down from a roof
  1649. Billie, american singer of bad guy
  1650. Pear shaped tropical fruit with black seeds
  1651. The headless horseman lived in sleepy
  1652. Make a shoe less tight fitting by undoing laces
  1653. Like mother, like
  1654. Hallway frame for hanging caps on
  1655. Meat in tubes, such as bratwursts, chorizo
  1656. Long green salad veggie found at market
  1657. Enchanting, like a unicorn
  1658. Skilled worker such as a baker or weaver
  1659. Describes the fastest train
  1660. You can blow these soapy spheres with a pipe
  1661. Vegetables preserved in vinegar, sold in jars
  1662. The goal of the legal system fairness
  1663. Khan, ruthless, notorious mongol leader
  1664. Author of harry potter with initials j k
  1665. Fast , quickly advance a video or song
  1666. Sandra, star of speed, gravity and oceans 8
  1667. Orange stone fruit that resembles a mini peach
  1668. Acid filled organ in which food is digested
  1669. Search for a high profile wanted criminal
  1670. Material made by tanning animal skins
  1671. Homebuyers always want lots of this kitchen top
  1672. Being being criticized or chastised
  1673. Peter, peter, this vegetable eater
  1674. Gather a crop before selling it at market
  1675. Outer isles off scotlands west coast
  1676. Type of scratch moving the record back and forth
  1677. A lighter shadow surrounding a central dark area
  1678. Skilled with ones hands
  1679. Photo manipulation tool
  1680. King john, aka john , left no land by his father
  1681. Sewing to produce multi layered, padded bedding
  1682. Nationality of early hip hop star dj kool herc
  1683. Dog that ancient greeks thought guarded hades
  1684. Artist of 1907s the repast of the lion
  1685. Up to this moment in time
  1686. Mountain range between the black and caspian seas
  1687. Man parrishs influential hit, hip hop, be bop
  1688. Moist concoction put on a wound to help heal
  1689. British dutch company making toiletries and foods
  1690. Akira, director of seven samurai and rashomon
  1691. New york hip hop act of rappers havoc and prodigy
  1692. To renounce a throne, as edward viii did in 1936
  1693. Kathy lette novel about an arrest for shoplifting
  1694. Nickname for a run down area or suburb
  1695. Name for basque country in basque language
  1696. 1981 blondie hit that helped make rap mainstream
  1697. Wines from bordeaux
  1698. 2004 viggo mortensen film about a horse race
  1699. Birds that congregate in groups called charms
  1700. Sportswear fabric used in layered clothing
  1701. These hip hop boys were mike d, mca and ad rock
  1702. Make someone feel uneasy or embarrassed
  1703. Nickname of hip hop dancing pioneer richard colón
  1704. Like geometry from the ancient book elements
  1705. Breakfast at tiffanys main characters last name
  1706. Rap legend released his self titled album in 1985
  1707. Economic theory advocating government spending
  1708. Scarlet literary figure from french revolution era
  1709. Excruciating pain isolated to one nerve
  1710. Heaviest and densest of the chemical elements
  1711. Europes largest distiller, based in london
  1712. Beat , 1984 movie about early new york hip hop
  1713. Cell surface that causes currents
  1714. Doctor is sonic the hedgehogs archenemy
  1715. Name of gengis khans grandson
  1716. Flat straw hat with a brim
  1717. Bambaataa, stage name of rapper lance taylor
  1718. Country whose outline appears on its flag
  1719. Samuel richardson novel, or, virtue rewarded
  1720. Surgical instrument and medical journal
  1721. 1, 2, 3 rhymes , classic 1999 hip hop track
  1722. Mass departure from a country or city
  1723. Fresh , influential first asian american rapper
  1724. Technical name for a seed from maple or elm
  1725. Minaret of an incomplete moroccan mosque tower
  1726. Actor fox from independence day, empire
  1727. Measurement of ale equal to 9 gallons
  1728. Blue , prize for the fastest atlantic crossing
  1729. To claim someone has committed a crime
  1730. Method of restricting free access to web content
  1731. Less powerful deity
  1732. Lovebug , legendary early bronx hip hop dj
  1733. Trench thats the deepest in the ocean
  1734. Double o seed
  1735. Shes the queen in 1989s all hail the queen
  1736. Early indus valley city re discovered by masson
  1737. Legendary hip hop label founded in 1979
  1738. English explorer of canada, martin
  1739. Protestant faith also known as reformed tradition
  1740. Medical field that deals with x rays
  1741. Advice given from example or personal experience
  1742. Section of a track where elements are isolated
  1743. The wizarding worlds purple triple decker vehicle
  1744. A drinker, usually of alcohol
  1745. Something intensely feared
  1746. Sister ship of bismarck, sunk in 1944 off norway
  1747. Spencer who starred in hidden figures and ma
  1748. Bass rock , 1987 hit for miami rapper mc ade
  1749. Edinburgh festival comedy award sponsor 1981 2005
  1750. Moving livestock to market on foot
  1751. Washington city in which microsoft hq is located
  1752. Sister who has 360 degrees of power in 1992
  1753. Metric area unit of 10,000 square meters
  1754. Actor who wrote goodness had nothing to do with it
  1755. Lead spokesman of a jury in a courtroom
  1756. Irritable, hurtful, cruel manners
  1757. Germanys highest mountain
  1758. Texas spaceport operated by blue origin
  1759. To isolate or hide a person or thing
  1760. Hip hop subgenre that emerged in 1980s florida
  1761. Ballroom dance based on spanish bullfighting
  1762. Kingdom in which the frozen movies are set
  1763. Zulu nation, early hip hop awareness group
  1764. Groundbreaking 1994 debut album from nas
  1765. Us vs europe mens golf team competition
  1766. Where an extremely angry train might go off
  1767. For epmd it was strictly in 1988
  1768. Chainsaw awards, recognition for horror movies
  1769. Having flagella and antennae of equal length
  1770. Fee paid to drink your own wine in a restaurant
  1771. Antarctic research station on ross island
  1772. Big fun in the , influential 1986 hip hop show
  1773. Aussie cricket player max walkers nickname
  1774. Double layered fabric where zips and button lie
  1775. The middle part of the small intestines
  1776. Texan home city of hip hop legends the geto boys
  1777. Chemical element used in small, round batteries
  1778. Machiavelli, known for brutal political ideas
  1779. Grotesque monster in the poem beowulf
  1780. Fight , classic 1990 hit for public enemy
  1781. Nickname of laura ingalls character in 70s show
  1782. Repetitive name for west african fried dough balls
  1783. Second largest of the mediterranean islands
  1784. Exhume, dig up from the ground
  1785. Its a , influential 1983 album by warp 9
  1786. Paradise and rock of ages actress, hough
  1787. Terrifying 18th century french wolflike beast
  1788. Avian nickname for an outgoing dud politician
  1789. Gillian flynn novel and film with rosamund pike
  1790. Grand wizzard credited with inventing scratching
  1791. A canadian invented this kind of tropical pizza
  1792. As insofar as, for that reason
  1793. Malaysias largest stadium, over 80,000
  1794. Metal frames on a vehicles front to gather bovines
  1795. Hip hop dance style that emerged in 1990s america
  1796. The oxygen binding protein in muscle cells
  1797. Music magazine that charted hip hops rise in 1978
  1798. Didnt agree with the majority opinion
  1799. Novel by tom robbins perfume
  1800. Stage name for rap legend calvin cordozar broadus
  1801. Falcon that is the worlds fastest bird
  1802. To that extent
  1803. Stage name of hip hop legend oshea jackson
  1804. Dress or decorate gaudily
  1805. Mother of ganesha and wife of shiva in hinduism
  1806. Acrobatic jumps in freestyle skiing
  1807. Cut of beef that sounds like its been knighted
  1808. Formula translation computer language
  1809. Hip hop dance that emerged in oakland in the 1990s
  1810. Type of iron that isnt cast and is for forging
  1811. Lady, cursed character in medieval literature
  1812. Greek goddess of the harvest
  1813. Type of hard paste porcelain from near dresden
  1814. Force carriers that hold matter together
  1815. Poll app that makes scheduling meetings easier
  1816. Child who skips school without permission
  1817. Chris, final british governor of hong kong
  1818. Greenflies or blackflies often seen on plants
  1819. Movie with chevy chase as an undercover reporter
  1820. Blow, first rapper to be signed by a major label
  1821. Greeks wrote about this extreme version of pride
  1822. Monday, first monday after epiphany
  1823. He won the inaugural best rap song grammy in 2004
  1824. Dynasty that has ruled thailand since 1782
  1825. The dog, the symbol of record company hmv
  1826. Superhero name of marvel character scott lang
  1827. A three legged stand holding a vessel over a fire
  1828. Samanthas witchy mother in bewitched
  1829. Mexican dish that means little belt in spanish
  1830. Type of wispy, high altitude cloud
  1831. Famous bridge destroyed in 1990s balkans conflict
  1832. Nationality of field hockey legend dhyan chand
  1833. Influential producer behind 1983s al naafiysh
  1834. Broad city star and co creator ilana
  1835. A document giving up a legal right
  1836. Ghost who haunts macbeths banquet
  1837. Seabird with a bright, triangular bill
  1838. Company behind the influential 808 drum machine
  1839. Death in , dirk bogarde brooding movie
  1840. Messy spot on a print job
  1841. Rigging ropes of a ship
  1842. Yo the show, public enemys breakthrough album
  1843. Foot operated pedal that generates motion
  1844. Blue eyed cat breed, goes floppy when picked up
  1845. To improve or outshine something
  1846. Host country of the first fifa world cup
  1847. Cory robbins legendary hip hop label founded 1981
  1848. Mashed cocktail ingredients together
  1849. Famous natural toboggan track at st moritz
  1850. Payments made to company shareholders
  1851. Chic hit grandmaster flash sampled in 1981
  1852. Branch of the arts sir henry moore is known for
  1853. Horses headgear that doesnt have a bit
  1854. Name given to the earliest commercial hip hop
  1855. Always moaning
  1856. When around your neck it holds you back
  1857. One of eight blessings in the sermon on the mount
  1858. The central brick of an archway
  1859. A concise saying or snappy witticism
  1860. French term used of medieval trade posts
  1861. Toni, author of the 1970 novel the bluest eye
  1862. Musical direction meaning with spirit
  1863. De bresse, alt name for french chicken/poulet
  1864. Mali town that developed as an ancient trade post
  1865. Dutch footballer frank, who coached barcelona
  1866. Explorer, retraced trade routes to china in 1200s
  1867. David copperfields is called betsey trotwood
  1868. Planning and arranging movie and tv scenery
  1869. Samba beat from brazil
  1870. Itchy, inflamed patch on a toe
  1871. Repeating a decimal that never ends, e g 3 33333
  1872. Cargo ship that became stuck in the suez canal
  1873. The overland route links europe to this landmass
  1874. Bubonic , disease perhaps worsened by trading
  1875. Physician william, described blood circulation
  1876. Units of 25 sheets of paper
  1877. Gender neutral term for central american heritage
  1878. Chandra wilson played her on greys anatomy
  1879. A white furred weasel or stoat
  1880. Singer martha, who was backed by the vandellas
  1881. Route, horse trading route of ancient eurasia
  1882. P henson, star of empire and hidden figures
  1883. Lightweight fabric often used for school pe tops
  1884. Code hosting website with millions of developers
  1885. Brief and terse short spoken
  1886. Small bone in the ear
  1887. The scottish play with an unlucky name
  1888. Brazilian deep fried chicken croquettes
  1889. Hand tool with a fine toothed blade
  1890. Syrian city that flourished as a trade point
  1891. Gabby, us gymnast who was all around champion
  1892. Slim, home on the range cattle rustler
  1893. The surname of the family in family guy
  1894. Upright stance of an animal on a coat of arms
  1895. English explorer of route to the white sea in 1553
  1896. Real madrids football rivals from spanish capital
  1897. Chinese port at the east end of many trade routes
  1898. Brilliant chess computer
  1899. Routine or customary
  1900. Uncultivated environment with sparse plant cover
  1901. Japanese port linked to goa by the japan voyage
  1902. Latin phrase seen in referencing q v
  1903. Hobbess epic political treatise
  1904. Empire at the south end of the varangian routes
  1905. Us board and dice brand based on an indian game
  1906. A clock or watch
  1907. Infamous sea trade journey linking europe to asia
  1908. Colonies of large white billed corvids
  1909. The green lantern who was a test pilot
  1910. Religion taken to china by ancient indian traders
  1911. Long lasting, cheap biscuit, cracker
  1912. City linked to egypt by the ancient via maris
  1913. John, booker prize winning author of the sea
  1914. The guns of , movie with gregory peck
  1915. C shaped bundle of brain nerves which means arch
  1916. Multi layered fruit dessert with sponge fingers
  1917. Visible layers in rocks or earth
  1918. Benazir, two time prime minister of pakistan
  1919. European city served by valerio catullo airport
  1920. Country crossed by the way of the patriarchs
  1921. Low carb diet that gained popularity in 2003
  1922. Muzzle loaded long gun
  1923. One of belles suitors in the beauty and the beast
  1924. Hair extensions sewn or glued into afro hair
  1925. Tone in a diatonic scale, such as a dominant fifth
  1926. 2,000 mile wagon trail from kansas to the pacific
  1927. Not in full sun, nor fully in the dark
  1928. Moroccan city, flourished as an ancient trade post
  1929. Band formed in argentina in 1985, los fabulosos
  1930. Algebraic equation derived in 1637 by descartes
  1931. State of having convertible assets that can flow
  1932. Roman road linking rome to brindisi
  1933. Name for the film industry in nigeria
  1934. First name of dan aykroyd blues brother character
  1935. Cite as evidence mention, identify
  1936. Element with atomic number 88
  1937. Head harness to which a horses reins are attached
  1938. European commission president von der leyen
  1939. Keeper cricketer who crouches near stumps
  1940. Doctor dolittles highly numerate pet owl
  1941. Traditional name for the eastern mediterranean
  1942. Police used to rope off a crime scene
  1943. Feudal japanese lord subordinate to the shogun
  1944. Trail, trade route in the pacific northwest
  1945. Ruined by putting around your hips
  1946. A small, weakly charged subatomic particle
  1947. Inn, a tavern at the center of treasure island
  1948. There are 100 of these in a russian rouble
  1949. Filled dumpling in chinese cuisine
  1950. Vasco, discovered sea route to india in the 1490s
  1951. Square, crocheted shape joined to make blankets
  1952. Set adrift on memory bliss r&b hip hop act
  1953. Nationality of a native of bamako
  1954. A motorcycle company that also makes musical items
  1955. This henry searched for a western route to asia
  1956. Entrances to cinemas
  1957. Signature found on cabbage patch kids roberts
  1958. Tanzanian islands on africas western trade routes
  1959. The nearby or surrounding area
  1960. In the 1970s was called a womens libber
  1961. Champagne cocktail with crème de cassis
  1962. In financial terms for each year
  1963. The crying plant from the harry potter series
  1964. Burt bacharach hit for dionne warwick in 1964
  1965. Its the c in international trade route the instc
  1966. A non cellular phone
  1967. Dosage is important in this science
  1968. Italian motorcycle brand for road and racetrack
  1969. A short protein like chain of amino acids
  1970. Brown cheese in norway
  1971. Another name for flax plant, known for its oil
  1972. Tight group of things
  1973. The art of ornamental hedge clipping
  1974. Sexual behavior of deer in season
  1975. Bird that proved important to trans saharan trade
  1976. Louis armstrongs early jazz band, debuted 1925
  1977. Cuddly interactive toy robots
  1978. Decorative ribs of medieval church windows
  1979. Chinese explorer fostered trade routes to arabia
  1980. Metro mayer motion picture studios
  1981. Village featured in the great gatsby
  1982. Stylish, fashionable person
  1983. An eighth of a mile or 220 yards
  1984. Corlea trackway is an ancient road in this country
  1985. Art movement led by gustave courbet
  1986. Area for racing cars after an event
  1987. Rough sketch or preliminary model
  1988. Round attachments to furniture legs
  1989. Figurative way to dramatically end a debate
  1990. Retired american late night host and car collector
  1991. Stormy, blustery showers
  1992. Inconceivable doesnt mean what he thinks it means
  1993. Prokofiev comic opera, for the love of three
  1994. A baby goose
  1995. Us state where the oneida carry route was found
  1996. Military rank sounds like a bit of a nut
  1997. Crustaceans that attach permanently to ship hulls
  1998. City at the northern end of the via narenta route
  1999. Someone who announces or heralds
  2000. Paddington bears preferred sandwich filling
  2001. Hill in athens that is the site of the parthenon
  2002. Moroccan city, a western terminus of saharan trade
  2003. Another term for a debt owed by a business
  2004. Miranda lambert sings of and lead
  2005. Crystal or violet quartz
  2006. This highway was a major chinese trade road
  2007. The planks lying next to a ships keel
  2008. Haruki, author of norwegian wood
  2009. Brightly lit business advertisement or bar feature
  2010. Scandinavian old fashioned blood cake
  2011. Flapping the hands underwater to help stay afloat
  2012. Polish trade routes passed through this gate
  2013. Brain disorder leads to episodic convulsions
  2014. Oscar wilde line, be , everyone else is taken
  2015. Thin, glossy silken fabric
  2016. The hærvejen route crossed this european peninsula
  2017. Ship that removes sediment from a riverbed
  2018. Steals things of low value
  2019. Maker of famous jewel encrusted eggs
  2020. Nickelodeon pop band, rush
  2021. Jacques, french explorer of saint lawrence river
  2022. Egyptian street food with rice, lentils and pasta
  2023. Small grassy knoll
  2024. Pieces popular parrots phrase
  2025. Arctic whale with long tusk
  2026. Characterized by sharp rises in body temperature
  2027. The scientific word for a muscle cell
  2028. Salivary enzyme that aids digestion
  2029. Scarcity, a lack of something
  2030. Si unit for electric charge
  2031. A formal inquiry into an unexpected death
  2032. In fashion, up to date with the latest tendencies
  2033. Super villain who is a mirror image of superman
  2034. Roman street that connected london to chester
  2035. The unwritten underlying meaning in a book or play
  2036. Spanish bar snacks spiked with a toothpick
  2037. Aromatic wax traded across indian ocean routes
  2038. A recurring line in a piece of music
  2039. Glad old fashioned phrase meaning good news
  2040. José, actor who played cyrano de bergerac in 1950
  2041. Wrestling sculptures by the prague castle entrance
  2042. Move sideways in a video game
  2043. Site at the end of ancient greeces via pythia
  2044. Pet crocodile along with nero, in the rescuers
  2045. Type of flower that produces vanilla
  2046. Triangular sections at the end of a roof
  2047. Small vessel for holding writing liquid
  2048. Extreme poverty, death, destitution
  2049. Shouted for an extra performance at end of a show
  2050. Age of exploration name for china
  2051. European republic flag with a map below six stars
  2052. The chemical element named after two continents
  2053. A slight possibility or opportunity
  2054. 1989 debut album by irish music star enya
  2055. Major uzbek city that flourished as a trade point
  2056. Popular cast iron casserole makers
  2057. Great , ancient trade route of northern india
  2058. Firm hold marvels thanos had on infinity gauntlet
  2059. Measure of a computers hard drive capacity
  2060. Exercise done in a heated pool or cold open water
  2061. Breakfast mixtures with oats, nuts, honey
  2062. A wolf in sheeps , a two faced person
  2063. There are two atoms of this in a water molecule
  2064. Community that enjoys sudden economic growth
  2065. United arab , hot country where dubai is found
  2066. Venus and mercury are the hottest of these
  2067. Wound something, like onto a reel or bobbin
  2068. Legal separation of a married couple
  2069. A garment worn by people working at the same place
  2070. Working on a short term basis
  2071. Purplish hue thats an anagram of gateman
  2072. Bird of prey famous for eating carrion
  2073. Controversial 2017 netflix series 13 why
  2074. Hot tub with bubbles
  2075. The host city of the 2008 summer olympics
  2076. Staple herb of italian cooking
  2077. Last name of judy, star of the wizard of oz
  2078. Become briefly involved with, trifle with
  2079. Jules verne wrote the world in eighty days
  2080. Burn something with intense heat
  2081. City in france known for its film festival
  2082. Strait separating alaska from siberia
  2083. Type of pig thats a small pet rodent
  2084. This mick is the lead singer of the rolling stones
  2085. Spiky hairstyle of some punk rockers
  2086. Meat and vegetable stew that isnt cold
  2087. Hot and iced tea brand with yellow and red logo
  2088. Sustenance from the ocean, like shellfish
  2089. Hand , heat packs for cold hands in winter
  2090. A person who receives medical care
  2091. Its tacos, from out of the sky
  2092. Shiny glaze added to wooden or metal artworks
  2093. Flap wings rapidly or unsteadily
  2094. Month when australia day is celebrated annually
  2095. Wavy or crumpled, deliberate design of some shirts
  2096. Conservationist jane who studies chimps
  2097. Eastern european country with blue and yellow flag
  2098. Cooks save work with bags of this style of cheese
  2099. Picasso painted a surreal girl before one in 1932
  2100. Car part to protect against damage in a collision
  2101. Machine motor that generates heat
  2102. A show that includes clowns, acrobats and animals
  2103. Red salad vegetable also known as a love apple
  2104. Washington irvings story, the legend of sleepy
  2105. Hot continent that includes nigeria and egypt
  2106. What resistance is, according to the borg
  2107. Bruce, star of die hard and the sixth sense
  2108. Juice wrld sang about lucid ones in 2018
  2109. Striped horse like animals of the african plains
  2110. Treat filled effigy beaten open at parties
  2111. A light outer garment, a waist length coat
  2112. Tv series about a thracian gladiator
  2113. A typical example or standard
  2114. Character who represents winter
  2115. Wraps with material that prevents loss of heat
  2116. Sun drenched island region in the americas
  2117. Board game of collecting cheese as a rodent
  2118. The weeknd asked you to save them in 2021
  2119. Fruit served on a hawaiian pizza
  2120. Person who can rarely sleep
  2121. Hot , drink made from cocoa, sugar and milk
  2122. Long, dramatic solo speech from an actor
  2123. A womans loose garment worn while sleeping
  2124. Type of group investment using speculative methods
  2125. Able to speak two languages fluently
  2126. Source of household heat where coals are found
  2127. Giving the green light
  2128. A soft, comfortable upholstered seat
  2129. Mixed drink over ice
  2130. Puts money into the bank
  2131. Sit on eggs like a brooding bird
  2132. Run for 2 year olds
  2133. A white one is an unwanted or ruinous gift
  2134. Sweat politely from heat
  2135. Power plants use these to create electricity
  2136. An injury caused by sudden jerking of the neck
  2137. Hoped, desired for something to happen
  2138. Follows no pain in an exercise mantra
  2139. Lawrence of , nickname of officer t e lawrence
  2140. One of the coldest planets in our solar system
  2141. Warm up leftovers
  2142. This hills miseducation album won five grammys
  2143. Where a queen sits bathrooms have a porcelain one
  2144. Metallic name for a 50th wedding anniversary
  2145. Swimmer michael who has won 28 olympic medals
  2146. Top level of trees in a forest
  2147. Stockholm is capital of this cold nordic nation
  2148. And shakers, those who instigate change
  2149. Bill de blasio became this citys mayor in 2014
  2150. Heat, spiky heat that causes a rash
  2151. Setting, circumstances, surrounding conditions
  2152. Room in a house thats an anagram of thicken
  2153. Flask for keeping soup hot on the move
  2154. The official decision handed down in a court case
  2155. To make alcohol with a chemical process
  2156. Cousin twice , distant relation
  2157. He sings old town road with billy ray cyrus
  2158. Camera lens part that opens and closes
  2159. James deans rebel a cause
  2160. Small white and yellow flowers that grow on lawns
  2161. Acetylsalicylic acid is commonly known as this
  2162. Players are competent in multiple positions
  2163. Browning meat by flash frying in heat
  2164. Juliets family name in shakespearean tragedy
  2165. To create something in your mind
  2166. Relishing the sun, like a lizard
  2167. Science of organisms in their environment
  2168. Twice daily times when coastal water is shallow
  2169. Toe obey the rules, do as one is told
  2170. Lands cultivated with flowers, plants
  2171. It might be said to prove the rule
  2172. The film evita takes place in this country
  2173. One of many raised skin spots from cold weather
  2174. Large rodent with spines to protect from harm
  2175. A large outdoor structure used for advertising
  2176. Playground jumping game with numbered squares
  2177. Swelling of the toe after exposure to extreme cold
  2178. Wooden steps that lead to another floor
  2179. Increase a number fivefold
  2180. Heat blowing device for tresses
  2181. Party dance with dancers joined behind one another
  2182. A matador takes part in one
  2183. A five pointed star associated with black magic
  2184. Divine punishment accompanied by hellfire
  2185. Sci fi movie with keanu reeves as neo
  2186. Top of the world, where polar bears are found
  2187. A bee product and a beach boys album
  2188. Large, thick pieces of fabric used for drying
  2189. Uneasy feelings, doubts about something
  2190. Rises in body temperature that indicate illness
  2191. Ancient device that uses beads to count
  2192. Lawrence, scorsese or luther, for example
  2193. Type of fruit including orange, grapefruit, lemon
  2194. This includes an adage, a proverb
  2195. Plastic waterproof covering with a hood
  2196. A movie thats shot again, updated with new cast
  2197. South american, portuguese speaking hot country
  2198. The cuban city named in a camila cabello song
  2199. Photo sharing app, home to influencers and stories
  2200. The inability to see
  2201. Herb used in chewing gum for cool breath
  2202. People ages 13 to 19
  2203. Cold, sweet, dairy drink
  2204. Shrubs and bushes that form boundaries of fields
  2205. Secret identity of clark kent
  2206. Person who has broken the law
  2207. Roast food on an outdoor grill
  2208. Small cutlery item, for stirring perhaps
  2209. Toy version thats as big as the real version
  2210. High pressure water sprayer used against flames
  2211. Prehistoric creature literally terrible lizard
  2212. Country that spent escudos before euros
  2213. Kitchen device for lightly cooking slices of bread
  2214. The shyest of snow whites dwarfs
  2215. Cooked above boiling water, like chinese buns
  2216. Force that holds or pulls things to the ground
  2217. American poet and author named maya
  2218. Canine summer of hot 24 hour periods
  2219. Sport in which the omnium is an olympic event
  2220. Happily bounces around like a pony
  2221. The titanic struck a frozen chunk like this
  2222. Cold , give up a vice immediately not gradually
  2223. Seeds for human or animal consumption
  2224. To regard with respect or approval
  2225. And you come to me on a summer
  2226. Strip where fashion models walk
  2227. Fairytale character who might be in distress
  2228. Ice block homes made by inuit peoples
  2229. Fabric or soft material that covers the floor
  2230. Utensils used for mixing eggs or batter
  2231. Type of pen with an internal reservoir of ink
  2232. Term for the money spent in a country
  2233. Unkillable, like a god
  2234. The thin outer skin of a cell
  2235. Animal in disney film flora & ulysses
  2236. Spanish blended vegetable soup served cold
  2237. Rooms, where theatrical performers get ready
  2238. Unusually hot period of weather
  2239. Burrowing mammals that live in a warren
  2240. Childish gambinos song this is
  2241. Romeo wooed juliet as she stood on this platform
  2242. Weather condition thats an anagram of herd nut
  2243. One section of news in a program
  2244. Make models with this branded clay
  2245. Long stage where models strut their stuff
  2246. Terrorists crash a party in this bruce willis film
  2247. Grazing marine mammal also called the sea cow
  2248. Deadly poisonous flowering plant, aka woomlick
  2249. Chocolate and hazelnut spread for pancakes
  2250. Attempted to throw a rider off a horse
  2251. End a session on social media website
  2252. On the land, not out at sea
  2253. Freaky , with lindsay lohan and jamie lee curtis
  2254. Wolf like canine of north america wile e was one
  2255. Tight fitting swimming trunks brand name
  2256. Product made from milk fermented by bacteria
  2257. Grand orchestral and vocal performances
  2258. Island with which trinidad is nationally paired
  2259. Constricting snake anagram of phony t
  2260. Element with the atomic symbol i
  2261. The tv remote does this
  2262. Salon treatment for hands, fingernails
  2263. Enormous constricting snake of the amazon
  2264. Food delivery app from ride sharing company
  2265. Large type of turtle known for its powerful jaws
  2266. Something marked vhf has this kind of frequency
  2267. Local sports club
  2268. Street art associated with spray paint
  2269. Picture of buildings from afar, to note change
  2270. Figure thats a 1 followed by nine zeroes
  2271. Load an app onto a computer
  2272. Schedules, timetables
  2273. Vegetables like mini cucumbers in vinegar, brine
  2274. The female leader of a pride
  2275. Small enclosed cupboard often found in bathrooms
  2276. Chemical that regulates a biological process
  2277. Island country thats home to hobbits new
  2278. Wild horse of north america
  2279. Big bags for carrying large quantities of letters
  2280. Hard working farmyard mammal anagram of orchestra
  2281. Witnesses give this info in court, under oath
  2282. Flood of snow falling down a mountain
  2283. Long nosed marsupial an anagram of obtain cod
  2284. Great dane who solves supernatural mysteries
  2285. Half a right angle is degrees
  2286. British made boots commonly known as docs
  2287. Pain or infection in your mouth
  2288. Famous us diy brand with an orange and white logo
  2289. Sex, lies and , movie with james spader
  2290. Pacific islands where giant tortoises are found
  2291. Stem from or derive from
  2292. Tv show genre that re enacts real events
  2293. Extinct flying reptile with a long beak like face
  2294. More showy, gaudy, flamboyant
  2295. Impala, oryx, gazelle or wildebeest, for instance
  2296. Tree dwelling rodent with a long bushy tail
  2297. The natural stimulant in morning coffee
  2298. You can make these outlines in the snow in winter
  2299. Fast moving, highly venomous australian snake
  2300. Home nation of soccer star pele
  2301. Day of the week thats an anagram of dynamo
  2302. End litigation and reach agreement out of court
  2303. The floor , game where players avoid the ground
  2304. Planet thats the butt of many jokes
  2305. Big lies, drama series starring nicole kidman
  2306. A fault, flaw or imperfection
  2307. The wizard of oz lion described himself as one
  2308. Country singer and philanthropist dolly
  2309. A sheeps woollen covering
  2310. Standard keyboard layout in english countries
  2311. Intensely, strongly very visibly
  2312. Small, irregular pieces of gold or chicken
  2313. A surrendering of weaponry or hostilities
  2314. Practice is said to make it
  2315. Sad , 1993 metallica single
  2316. Member of the 300 at thermopylae
  2317. Costumed characters that bring luck to sport teams
  2318. Wild pig of sub saharan africa with curled tusks
  2319. City on which batmans gotham is based
  2320. Force that makes us fall, not float, when we trip
  2321. North american mammal nicknamed a trash panda
  2322. Drape that hangs across the front of a stage
  2323. Genre that includes magical or mystical creatures
  2324. Jessie singing on saved by the bell im so
  2325. Geographically alone, remote
  2326. A single wheeled vehicle
  2327. Annie says this is when the sunll come out
  2328. Giant land mammal that can be asian or african
  2329. Device to indicate last page read
  2330. Pigmented baton, popular make up item
  2331. Name given to an uncastrated male horse
  2332. Trendy cooking gadget that does not use oil
  2333. Person who writes about news events
  2334. A freshwater turtle an anagram of ear print
  2335. Warming aromatic spice used in mulled wine
  2336. I swear i am up to no good , opens secret map
  2337. Australian mammal whose young is called a joey
  2338. Reaction by which atomic nuclei combine
  2339. Backless chairs
  2340. Its not a doll, its an figure
  2341. Youd find this lazy vegetable on a couch
  2342. R2 d2s vocabulary, along with bloops
  2343. Type of mammal with continuously growing incisors
  2344. , rinse, repeat
  2345. Johnson, plays maui in moana
  2346. Origami birds, symbolic of peace at hiroshima
  2347. Red salad vegetable used to make gazpacho soup
  2348. Kennys orange parka muffles him in this cartoon
  2349. Raw material like copper or coffee
  2350. Helps when keys get shut in the car
  2351. Digging mammal covered in tough bony plates
  2352. Vicious arctic hunter also called a glutton
  2353. Black , dark furred variety of jaguar or leopard
  2354. At last, eventually
  2355. Religious campaign to conquer overseas land
  2356. Americas biggest supermarket chain
  2357. Gummy substance derived from collagen
  2358. This keepsake is an anagram of knitter
  2359. Singer, rapper, and actor queen
  2360. Output of a combustion engine
  2361. The language spoken in peru and colombia
  2362. Describes an ever wandering person in the desert
  2363. Mandrils, macaques and tamarins, for instance
  2364. Makeup , for taking it off at the end of the day
  2365. Like a lamp or cabinet next to where you sleep
  2366. Changed, reconfigured
  2367. Agency that charges tolls on imports at airports
  2368. Green veggie thats the secret of popeyes powers
  2369. Small, guitar like musical instrument
  2370. Large cushiony seat filled with beads
  2371. Australias wild dogs
  2372. Browned bread with heat
  2373. A person who secretly boards a ship or boat
  2374. Fictional famed lost underwater city
  2375. Arctic mammal also known as a caribou
  2376. Penicillin, found by howard florey, kills
  2377. On someone check up on a persons activities
  2378. Egg laying aquatic mammal with a sensitive beak
  2379. Vastly popular video game, world of
  2380. Celine dion performed in this city for 16 years
  2381. Small white puckered object for a hole in one
  2382. Theres no such thing as a
  2383. Punxsutawney phil is a famous one
  2384. Unable to sit still and wait
  2385. If north is 0, this direction is 225 degrees
  2386. Scandal that brought down richard nixon
  2387. Iron mans alter ego
  2388. Type of australian nut associated with hawaii
  2389. The phrase, killed the cat
  2390. City where the beatles were formed
  2391. Ancient reptiles died out 65 million years ago
  2392. The opposite of feminine
  2393. Saturday , late night sketch comedy tv show
  2394. Highly venomous snake, anagram of bangs loom
  2395. This saint is celebrated in february
  2396. Scientific theory by charles darwin
  2397. These marine mammals hold hands when they sleep
  2398. Bowls of mixed veggies and dressing
  2399. To risk money in a game of chance
  2400. Athlete in his or her first professional year
  2401. Tilting metal joints that allow a door to open
  2402. Mineral vital to the thyroid gland, added to salt
  2403. Warplane that drops explosives over a target
  2404. To make something thinner by adding water to it
  2405. Justice, when someone gets their just desserts
  2406. Soft light fabric made from a crop plant
  2407. Turn on, do this, drop out
  2408. Avengers age of 2015 superhero flick
  2409. Green spring vegetable growing in spears
  2410. Vary, change rise and fall irregularly
  2411. The albuquerque gasbag festival is in this state
  2412. John, acclaimed author of east of eden
  2413. Balancing upside down on palms
  2414. Common mind to mind contact method
  2415. Legumes used to make hummus, curries
  2416. Dont look this equine in the mouth
  2417. Sports drama, hardball, is set in this city
  2418. She married john lennon in 1969
  2419. Green veggie popular on toast
  2420. Removes harmful substances from ones body
  2421. Radioactive element with isotopes 235 and 237
  2422. Body of water where streams meet the sea
  2423. Stinging plants, an anagram of let nets
  2424. Spin off of mtvs 16 and pregnant series
  2425. Fermented dark grape alcohol that can be vegan
  2426. Small round glass balls used as toys by children
  2427. Electronic audio player
  2428. Clicking the floppy disk icon on a computer
  2429. Its the e in einsteins equation e = mc2
  2430. Bread rolls with central holes
  2431. Jolly, upbeat
  2432. Music style of willie nelson, waylon jennings
  2433. Gangsta old lady david walliams book character
  2434. Musty white fungus that builds up in damp places
  2435. Horror film where jeff goldblum turns into a bug
  2436. Rita, actress and singer married to tom hanks
  2437. A recess in the wall of a room
  2438. Describing a very high quality, opulent design
  2439. This veggie comes in hot or bell varieties
  2440. A barrister, a defendants representative in court
  2441. Line or shape that veers sharply left and right
  2442. White or red oval shaped fruits grown on vines
  2443. Animals shenzi, banzai and ed in the lion king
  2444. Downhill skiing race with a winding course
  2445. Art gallery in gateshead and a very cold sea
  2446. Easy to remember, like a pop song
  2447. Votes someone into office
  2448. Harbor where yachts are moored
  2449. Not all those who are lost
  2450. Flying vehicles that made it faster to travel far
  2451. Calf, meal prepared in the prodigal son parable
  2452. Hard to pronounce superfood grain
  2453. Person who strums the old six string
  2454. Ending a telephone call
  2455. Kim kardashian married this hip hop artist in 2014
  2456. Work out, add up, determine
  2457. Time, modern naming of greenwich mean time
  2458. Tropical plant subbed in for pulled pork
  2459. A piece of wood that returns when thrown
  2460. A blank 3 d box that can be painted on all sides
  2461. Piña tropical fruit used in a plant based leather
  2462. Freezing, wet charity challenge that began in 2014
  2463. Miss piggy, kermit and fozzie are some of the
  2464. Tortilla chips brand, some varieties are vegan
  2465. Cover completely cause to suffocate
  2466. All the people living life in peace
  2467. Flexible person trained in tumbling or acrobatics
  2468. Vermicelli, farfalle, chow mein and soba
  2469. Blast , used to smelt metals, especially iron
  2470. Dal ingredient that goes into many vegan dishes
  2471. This thai city was worlds most visited in 2019
  2472. Virtual home space
  2473. Square based prism with triangular sides
  2474. Rush of fast flowing water in a river
  2475. Go on the behave recklessly or violently
  2476. Idiom used to describe a thick covering of snow
  2477. Describes a strong, unpleasant smell
  2478. Inventors orville and wilbur
  2479. Stupas and pagodas in buddhism, for example
  2480. The falls located between ontario and new york
  2481. Swimming mammal like a porpoise
  2482. Greens from the ocean, eaten as plant based snack
  2483. What shooting stars at night really are
  2484. Ryan, star of la la land and the notebook
  2485. Popular toy that shoots foam bullets
  2486. Store , shows where nearby shops are on a map
  2487. Spicy meals made with lentils, squash, potatoes
  2488. Triangular leg bone also called the patella
  2489. Protein stand in such as pretend chicken, ham
  2490. Malicious attempt to make another doubt sanity
  2491. A land dwelling turtle, races against the hare
  2492. , scotty, paraphrased star trek saying
  2493. Alluring female undergarments and sleepwear
  2494. Turn this seed into milk or praline desserts
  2495. Broke the rules upset someone
  2496. Energy drink brand that hosts many extreme sports
  2497. More mute
  2498. Montego bay is a resort on this island
  2499. Skin sore from wearing shoes that arent broken in
  2500. A large spotted cat of africa and asia
  2501. Person hired to make sure someone exercises
  2502. House by ben ames williams
  2503. Study of the network of living things
  2504. Rings on her these and bells on her toes
  2505. Franklin roosevelts 1930s financial program
  2506. Youve , tom hanks and meg ryan 1998 rom com
  2507. Creating meals go plant based to make it vegan
  2508. Language spoken in many latin american countries
  2509. I heard it through the , marvin gaye song
  2510. Quickly, in a rush
  2511. Kara who escapes krypton, fights crime on tv show
  2512. Tiny dark plant pips for toppings and puddings
  2513. Everyone jumps on this to chase a popular trend
  2514. Asian food parcels with mushrooms, greens
  2515. Hot flash often accompanied by a rolling noise
  2516. A popular shortcut through space in sci fi
  2517. Unsweet wafers to snack on, containing no dairy
  2518. Unaware, unlearned
  2519. Slide used to pin back tresses
  2520. Runny nose result
  2521. Seeds used in green pesto, added to salads
  2522. His heel was important in greek mythology
  2523. Another name for funeral home or morgue
  2524. Plant product used as an egg substitute in baking
  2525. Measure of power mispronounced by doc brown
  2526. Velocity, where falling speed cant go faster
  2527. Add dairy free milk to this very british hot drink
  2528. Be , like a boy scout
  2529. January challenge to eat plant based
  2530. Message system with dots and dashes
  2531. Band that sting used to sing with
  2532. One of the largest dog breeds in the world
  2533. Yellow bloom that makes a cooking oil
  2534. The game available in the back room of cheers bar
  2535. Monarch with the golden touch
  2536. Generic term for spicy condiment
  2537. Attached to the end of a paper
  2538. Its hot enough to fry an egg on the
  2539. Thin, glass container used in science experiments
  2540. War of the worlds details an alien one of these
  2541. Hairstyle with lines of braids close to the scalp
  2542. Fried balls made from chickpeas
  2543. Vegans dont eat the products of these creatures
  2544. Open heater or burner for staying warm outdoors
  2545. Singing songs against a prerecorded backing track
  2546. Way off, far away
  2547. Mammal with the largest heart of all land animals
  2548. Showing the remains of a healed wound
  2549. Its the c in electrical abbreviation ac/dc
  2550. The pony , 1860 1861 horse mounted delivery
  2551. Storm that twists so fast it can suck up houses
  2552. Eat tofu instead of meat to get this key nutrition
  2553. Basketballs jordan or olympic sprinter johnson
  2554. Bilbo and frodo baggins
  2555. Dance linked to whams wake me up before you go go
  2556. Salty crispy snacks made of trendy green cabbage
  2557. Competitors sue each other over this infringement
  2558. This animal looks for its shadow on february 2nd
  2559. Buy organic to avoid plants sprayed with this
  2560. Difficult physical challenge, requires muscle
  2561. Rhyming two word term that means tiny
  2562. A type of chase that ends up with nothing gained
  2563. Famed quarterback for the patriots 2000 2019
  2564. Caught by surprise by something unexpected
  2565. Air dampness thats absent in the desert
  2566. Switching or changing out meat for plants
  2567. Type of cell that delivers oxygen in humans
  2568. Indispensible handheld item for some video games
  2569. In urban fantasy, a vampires mortal enemy
  2570. Knotted salty treats that are vegan
  2571. Arranging a museum exhibit
  2572. Wes anderson film about runaways, kingdom
  2573. Marrakesh is a city in this north african country
  2574. In computing, the two gs in gigo in, out
  2575. The plant that an acorn comes from
  2576. Cover this in dairy free butter for a cinema snack
  2577. Form of mathematics using letters for unknowns
  2578. Legendary giant one eyed monster
  2579. Uncooked meals, popular with plant based consumers
  2580. A lively rural party with music and folk dancing
  2581. Fabled triangular area thought as ship graveyard
  2582. Metallic flecks for art projects
  2583. A full length movie
  2584. Positive and optimistic
  2585. Karate kid lessons wax on, then do this
  2586. Flying stinging insect thats like a big wasp
  2587. Etch a , classic mechanical drawing toy
  2588. Well mannered, displaying decent etiquette
  2589. Exercises that get the heart going, like jogging
  2590. Profession of karin slaughter, lee child
  2591. Apples revolutionary calling device
  2592. Superhero whose alter ego lives in wayne manor
  2593. Cooks meat in an oven
  2594. The tough surface or coating of a bathtub
  2595. Antarctic bird with species named king and emperor
  2596. Incredible, e g grace in the christian hymn
  2597. Statue of , green lady sculpture in nyc
  2598. You can build these sand structures on the beach
  2599. Two wheeler often found in garage storage
  2600. Cooking implement for flipping burgers
  2601. Tennessee city where elvis graceland is found
  2602. Feeling of spinning and loss of balance
  2603. Number represented by c in roman numerals
  2604. Honest and authentic
  2605. Julia , pretty woman
  2606. In good spirits, happy
  2607. Board game where players pass go
  2608. Cards are exchanged at commercial meetings
  2609. Performing arts job interview
  2610. With no faults or errors, absolutely perfect
  2611. Realistic, efficient
  2612. Animals that are famous for their memory
  2613. Object orbiting the earth a moon
  2614. You fit words in a grid when doing this puzzle
  2615. Team athletics event involving a baton change
  2616. Devoted, committed
  2617. Weekend meal combining breakfast and lunch
  2618. Shade of pink or fish that swims upstream
  2619. The last section or part of a novel or film
  2620. Refined, tasteful
  2621. Money made after expenses are paid for
  2622. Gripping patterns on the soles of walkers boots
  2623. Snowy season of the year in northern hemisphere
  2624. Waste material put on garden soil to enrich it
  2625. In a friendly, jolly mood
  2626. Forgive and , move on from a disagreement
  2627. A nap, a sleep or rest get some
  2628. Delivery driver in a van or on a motorcycle
  2629. Loved by many
  2630. Therapeutic manipulation of sore muscles
  2631. This anna became editor in chief of vogue in 1988
  2632. Use lots of these to make up a bouquet
  2633. Anatomical word for belly
  2634. Bright and full of life
  2635. Pulses that can be red, green and black
  2636. Name of the english king known as the lionheart
  2637. Focus the mind for spiritual reasons, or calmness
  2638. Working bread dough with the hands
  2639. Play, or ep in vinyl speak
  2640. Agreeable, nice
  2641. Animated tv shows
  2642. Folds, lines on the skin as people get older
  2643. Willing to follow rules and instructions
  2644. Veins blood moving partner
  2645. Classic actress leigh, star of gone with the wind
  2646. Humble about ones own achievements
  2647. Instruction for making a dish
  2648. River that chelsea lies on
  2649. Practice what you , behave as you tell others to
  2650. Get rid of, especially on a computer
  2651. Having lots of long, soft fur
  2652. Venus de milo is a marble one
  2653. With a chatty, outgoing personality
  2654. Amazing, like bill and teds adventure
  2655. Tourmalines, amethysts, emeralds, rubies, diamonds
  2656. Racket, for hitting shuttlecocks with
  2657. High ranking university academic
  2658. Finding and fixing mistakes in a programs code
  2659. Determined and resolute
  2660. Inhaling oxygen, exhaling carbon dioxide
  2661. Acetic acid solution used to make vinaigrette
  2662. Famous portuguese soccer player cristiano
  2663. Roman goddess of wisdom anagram of arm vine
  2664. Weightier droplets become this and fall as rain
  2665. Soothing, appeasing
  2666. Shakespeare wrote a lot of these 14 line poems
  2667. Thick and slow moving, like honey or tar
  2668. Do not , phone feature to block notifications
  2669. Honest and straight talking
  2670. Unflappable when faced with a tricky situation
  2671. Alcoholic drink served before bedtime
  2672. Rowan, mister bean and johnny english actor
  2673. Hard working, industrious
  2674. Family day trip destination with rides
  2675. Putting others needs ahead of ones own
  2676. Babys literature with 3d cutaways
  2677. Total number of squares on a chessboard
  2678. This daniel is best known as harry potter
  2679. 2005 hit for james blunt, youre
  2680. Visit the salon or barber to freshen this up
  2681. Serene, even tempered
  2682. Fruit with royal gala and pink lady varieties
  2683. Provide goods to shops or businesses
  2684. Chemical element with the symbol c
  2685. Heraklion is a city in this european country
  2686. Dust protective book cover
  2687. Feathered writing tools, made outdated by pens
  2688. Snoopys dog breed
  2689. Kitchen appliance used to boil and pour water
  2690. One of a kind, unlike all others
  2691. Feature films, sometimes made in hollywood
  2692. Last name of roman statesman julius
  2693. Kitchen appliance for storing frozen food
  2694. The worlds highest mountain
  2695. Kate winslets rose survived this ships sinking
  2696. Table game like billiards or pool
  2697. Perceptive, aware of how others are feeling
  2698. Filled pasta parcels in italian cookery
  2699. Politician hillary who was us secretary of state
  2700. Macaws or cockatoos, for example
  2701. Blowy snow event
  2702. Brave and unafraid
  2703. Number in a song by paul hardcastle, n n n n
  2704. Describes a good sport, even when defeated
  2705. Extra money charged on top of a loan
  2706. Pure, moral
  2707. Vast amount of snow falling down a mountain
  2708. Possessing knowledge, authority and confidence
  2709. Put your foot in say something embarrassing
  2710. Uk postal service associated with a monarch
  2711. Aubergines are to brits what are to americans
  2712. Welcoming and open to all
  2713. Most common form of outdoor advertising
  2714. 1974 bond film, the man with the
  2715. Able to raise the spirits of other people
  2716. Outfit worn at the beach or pool
  2717. Guilt free and blameless
  2718. Ali, one of the greatest boxers of all time
  2719. Sauce that goes on top of salad
  2720. Spraying of a tag, name or art on public property
  2721. Timber that isnt soft
  2722. Gifted at creative pursuits, e g painting
  2723. What aliens may seek when they conquer planets
  2724. Ruler of l frank baums land of ix
  2725. Some female bears can do this while hibernating
  2726. Boulder dam was renamed this in 1947
  2727. Brew coffee in a special boiling pot
  2728. Empty spaceships or bases, like after an attack
  2729. Cathedral, spired church feted by russian spies
  2730. First tennis player to win six french open titles
  2731. He covered with a little help from his friends
  2732. Chinese political party founded 1921
  2733. Strength or brightness of light
  2734. Non mainstream superhero team in dc comics
  2735. Inability to move a limb
  2736. City where the rijksmuseum gallery is located
  2737. Mashed avocado, salt, lime, jalapeño
  2738. 2004 film starring christian bale about insomnia
  2739. Tom hanks was one of these in apollo 13
  2740. Large dog breed also called the german mastiff
  2741. Strands of pasta often served with bolognese sauce
  2742. First lady eleanor who advocated for civil rights
  2743. Type of sale that means last chance to buy
  2744. Computers do this so all species can talk together
  2745. Umble dickens character and a 70s rock band
  2746. When a golfer scores first shot, with no putting
  2747. Hastily reverse ones opinion or actions
  2748. Characters often run out of this gas in space
  2749. Gouda, camembert and mozzarella are examples
  2750. Scott, famed jazz artist, owned a london club
  2751. Swiss hq of the united nations and red cross
  2752. A fool and his money are soon this
  2753. Needling process used to craft an outfit
  2754. Islamic outer garments that cover most of the body
  2755. Shortened name of great apes native to africa
  2756. Ballet shoes worn for work on tiptoes
  2757. Black by nana kwame adjei brenyah
  2758. Dangerous tricks by a daring skateboarder
  2759. Clarke, who starred as daenerys in game of thrones
  2760. A division of ancient roman soldiers
  2761. Fictional space industry that gathers resources
  2762. In grammar they can be relative or subordinate
  2763. Luke stares at these on tatooine before dark
  2764. Popular 1960s show starring a dolphin
  2765. Blushes becomes flushed
  2766. North african country once under french rule
  2767. Star sign of a person born on november 1
  2768. Food often eaten while watching movies
  2769. Car vehicle used to flee a crime scene
  2770. These vehicles take us to outer space
  2771. Chris, who sang about the lady in red
  2772. Bright purplish red shade named after a flower
  2773. Standard weapons used in star wars
  2774. Cooking fish in a hot oven
  2775. Secluded, remote
  2776. The ocean found between north and south america
  2777. Fifties novel hawaii author james a
  2778. Sci tech icon, partner to grimes
  2779. Actor who played eve in killing eve
  2780. Checking a persons body for hidden items
  2781. Often a cross dimensional gateway
  2782. Germanys iron chancellor of the 1870s 80s
  2783. Plant with thick leaves, lives in arid conditions
  2784. Chamber of the human heart
  2785. Study of markets, goods, services
  2786. Wall tile for pinning notes and memos to
  2787. Space voyagers may pop these for nutrition
  2788. Latest period of the stone age
  2789. Supplier of plant based remedies
  2790. Fisheries term including cod, haddock, and pollock
  2791. Country where pop star sia was born in 1975
  2792. Main character who is special in some way
  2793. Cooker pot that cooks food quickly with steam
  2794. Type of movie with fires, quakes, volcanoes
  2795. Hobbit territory eastmarch of the shire
  2796. Water boa thats the worlds largest snake species
  2797. Pieces of tech embedded in flesh
  2798. Operational codename for the normandy landings
  2799. Multiple , animation technique of layered shots
  2800. Crichton was shot through a wormhole in this show
  2801. Disorderly, out of control
  2802. Austrian city famous for its new year concert
  2803. Small poultry that lay tiny, speckled eggs
  2804. They might be sang by the time you get this
  2805. The upper political chamber of the usa
  2806. A popular doll whose boyfriends name is ken
  2807. When pirates take control e g in treasure planet
  2808. Kitchen tool for scraping the skin off oranges
  2809. Examples include the heart, lungs and stomach
  2810. Plant, common houseplant with fat glossy leaves
  2811. Texas city associated with the cowboys nfl team
  2812. A mens formal dinner jacket
  2813. Its the j in a record spinning dj
  2814. Japanese dumplings filled with veggies, meat
  2815. Organic being with some mechanical parts
  2816. To request someones presence at an event
  2817. American stewart known for her living magazine
  2818. Pink or white tree flower, a sure sign of spring
  2819. Pilots control area in an aircraft
  2820. Milans celebrated opera house
  2821. A spike of hair worn down the middle of the head
  2822. Aquaman and poseidon own this three pronged spear
  2823. Adventurers in space may explore these
  2824. Someone who has the power to vote
  2825. New business in its first months
  2826. Bow street , early british police force
  2827. Astronaut yuri, who was first in space
  2828. Christian rite of admitting a baby into the church
  2829. Luke started a new one of these for the jedi
  2830. Speakers became wireless with this connection
  2831. He hosted a wonderland tea party for alice
  2832. First world war military campaign on turkish coast
  2833. Latin motto meaning seize the day
  2834. Families may live for centuries on generation
  2835. A trial period for a job
  2836. German city on the elbe, capital of saxony anhalt
  2837. Actor who fronts rock band 30 seconds to mars
  2838. Its the f in the ftse london stock exchange
  2839. Greek goddess of love, passion and pleasure
  2840. Blind marvel superhero played by ben affleck
  2841. Emanation that may endanger astronauts
  2842. Surrenders, capitulates
  2843. In numbers, it helps to have back up
  2844. Bump headed white whale found in arctic waters
  2845. Pitch or clef above bass
  2846. Movie where old people feel younger with aliens
  2847. Small rock from outer space that lights up the sky
  2848. The last british king of this name reigned 1936 52
  2849. The stargate was this kind of door to other worlds
  2850. The capital of poland
  2851. Mexican tortilla dish with melted cheese topping
  2852. Washington , author who wrote as knickerbocker
  2853. Us motorcycle brand that made choppers famous
  2854. Police box that travels through time and space
  2855. Name under which a publisher produces books
  2856. Keep your friends close, but these even closer
  2857. Ufos are often drawn as flying
  2858. Action of water at a seashore cat drinking
  2859. Cornish tv show with ross, demelza and warleggans
  2860. Sentimental singer like frank sinatra
  2861. Sandra bullock survived the pull of this force
  2862. Sheets, pillows, and duvets
  2863. Tweetdeck is a program for posting to this site
  2864. Games company that makes codycross
  2865. Parents request these healthy foods be eaten first
  2866. Event when a star explodes
  2867. Complaint, protest, grumble, objection
  2868. A large spider that sometimes has a posionous bite
  2869. Invader who takes control of planet or star system
  2870. Classic tale animated by guillermo del toro, 2021
  2871. Sci fi writer of the book of the new sun series
  2872. Purified liquor with heat and condensation
  2873. Nationality of painter edvard munch
  2874. Converter, device to reduce vehicle emissions
  2875. In galaxy quest, the helmsman is one of these
  2876. Decorative music notation, like a trill or turn
  2877. American gangster pre ww2
  2878. British black tea with bergamot scent
  2879. Enormous toad like amphibian
  2880. Rubber tube for cleaning, or extinguishing fires
  2881. Mickey , thriller writer of i, the jury
  2882. Resistance to diseases or illnesses impunity
  2883. Orientation of stripes on belgiums flag
  2884. French for goodbye until we meet again
  2885. Red , lucky paper light covers, chinese new year
  2886. Signal from a ship or planet under attack
  2887. Thin strapped vest top
  2888. Knowledge of clear perception
  2889. Oranges bitter citrus fruits from spain
  2890. E g kirk, janeway, reynolds or lone starr
  2891. Romijn, de mornay or black
  2892. Longest river entirely in asia
  2893. Trimming trees or bushes
  2894. First name of writer hodgson burnett
  2895. Enough votes to do what you want
  2896. A creature with fangs that drinks blood dracula
  2897. Academic professional accomplished in a subject
  2898. Making textiles by interlacing threads
  2899. Dance music evolved from hip hop to psychedelia
  2900. Country in which shakespeares hamlet is set
  2901. Space is home to many crews of these oddballs
  2902. Publishing house behind vogue magazine
  2903. Not 100% sure
  2904. In space, no one can hear
  2905. Reactive element whose symbol is k
  2906. Unaccompanied singing style
  2907. Where captain kirk spends most of his time
  2908. Monarch, and an old gold coin
  2909. Style of entertainment featuring exotic dancers
  2910. Chocolate comes from the seeds of this plant
  2911. Legendary american sign, first erected in 1923
  2912. The outer layer of skin
  2913. Chess situation where a player has no legal moves
  2914. Special medical transportation to the hospital
  2915. In human nutrition, omega 3 for instance
  2916. Park, austen tale of the bertrams and crawfords
  2917. Solar , sudden flashes from nearby stars
  2918. A vehicular device that inflates on collision
  2919. Disturb, inconvenience
  2920. Musical that won the 1968 best picture oscar
  2921. Peninsula on the black sea, in eastern europe
  2922. Long tailed parrots with bright feathers
  2923. Neil, author known for the sandman comic series
  2924. Country where the battle of agincourt was fought
  2925. Soft fabric with a short, raised, smooth pile
  2926. Adjusting an instrument to make sure its in key
  2927. Unpopped piece of popcorn
  2928. Republic of in the handmaids tale
  2929. Casino employee at a blackjack table
  2930. Add one to this for a bakers dozen
  2931. Phrase comparing two things that often uses like
  2932. Slang term for an energy weapon
  2933. Los angeles local nba team
  2934. Tv sleuths chris and mary beth, aka and lacey
  2935. Star sign of someone born on march 1
  2936. Ship flown by holden and crew in the expanse
  2937. A type of pen with a rotating spherical tip
  2938. Hot enough to leave burn marks
  2939. 2002 david fincher thriller starring jodie foster
  2940. Crunchy, white tuber vegetables, water
  2941. Kate moss was face of this calvin klein perfume
  2942. Cordoba and granada are in this region of spain
  2943. Singer in the supremes played dorothy in the wiz
  2944. Wassily, abstract painter of 1925s three elements
  2945. Technologically dystopian subgenre of scifi
  2946. New world monkeys including pygmy and black tufted
  2947. One of the three muscles on the posterior thigh
  2948. Faster than light travel in star trek
  2949. This man was a famous anthropological hoax of 1912
  2950. Three wheeled bike, often ridden by kids
  2951. 1949 arthur miller play, death of a
  2952. One space hour can be 7 earth years due to time
  2953. British creator of wallace and gromit
  2954. Thomas , author of schindlers ark
  2955. William, first actor to play doctor who
  2956. Its often purple or red, not blue like on earth
  2957. Use this purple veggie to make borscht
  2958. Technical name for a flute player
  2959. Ocean that surrounds antarctica
  2960. Traditional antioxidant rich herbal drink
  2961. East african country with capital addis ababa
  2962. Never go in against a when death is on the line
  2963. Mixing butter and sugar when baking
  2964. Toronto first had this civil rights week in 1972
  2965. Hand painted highlights without using foils
  2966. Post, toronto based newspaper across canada
  2967. Penny , cheap booklet with lurid stories
  2968. The body of a plane
  2969. Tom sellecks 80s crime show
  2970. Henri, french artist of 1883s carnival evening
  2971. Material popular in making sports clothes stretchy
  2972. Putting money down in support of a business
  2973. Going back inside, e g an event, or a building
  2974. Pen15 co creator maya
  2975. Travels fast and out of control
  2976. Lattice structure where floral vines grow upon
  2977. Black creek village, settlement era attraction
  2978. Musical set in the seedy kit kat klub life is one
  2979. Alignment of an actors voice to a moving image
  2980. Hall, torontos law school name of subway stop
  2981. Pigment that makes skin dark
  2982. Action you just cant resist
  2983. Domesticated polecats kept as pets
  2984. Salad made with apples, walnuts and celery
  2985. Medical term for the loss of sense of smell
  2986. English executioner, gave his name to a crane
  2987. Name of a literary don who was a knight errant
  2988. Lapis hue telling no lies
  2989. Makers of this video game were sued over dances
  2990. Give credit or approval to authenticate
  2991. Dining eat outside in fresh air
  2992. Camera setting for taking wide pictures
  2993. Torontos is at nathan phillips square
  2994. Gershwins was in blue in 1924
  2995. When robins, wrens get musical, its called this
  2996. Name of thoroughbred horse racetrack in toronto
  2997. Tiny rodent named after the french word for sleep
  2998. Body of water between britain and ireland
  2999. Owner property lived in by the homes owner
  3000. The muggle best friend of harry potter
  3001. Shoulder gun historically used by infantry
  3002. Least brightly colored
  3003. Meeting where people try to talk to the dead
  3004. This polish capitals a friendship city to toronto
  3005. Alan the computer pioneer
  3006. The part of a tree where leaves grow
  3007. Pungent root ground to a powder to use as a spice
  3008. A handbag without a strap
  3009. Poet gorman who spoke at bidens inauguration
  3010. Tight, sang the beatles
  3011. This national grocery chain started in toronto
  3012. Cloister, anagram of rarify
  3013. Green , worn by winner of the masters in golf
  3014. Add a solution to make a liquid less concentrated
  3015. Frock that folds over in front and ties
  3016. Instruction requesting people to retreat
  3017. Great ape whose name means man of the forest
  3018. This ethnic area is at spadina and dundas west
  3019. Edith wharton wrote of this age in 1920
  3020. Reluctance or unwillingness to carry on
  3021. Agent played by kiefer sutherland in 24
  3022. Removing a shellfishs black tube before eating
  3023. Torontos team in the canadian football league
  3024. Movie with elizabeth hurley as the devil
  3025. Busy toronto expressway that follows a creek
  3026. Mechanical, working with metal cogs or gears
  3027. Insect whose effect can cause a ship to sink
  3028. It becomes swollen in lymphadenopathy
  3029. Toronto mayor called in the army in 1999 for this
  3030. Heigl, known for 27 dresses, greys anatomy
  3031. Shaznay lewis, melanie blatt and the appletons
  3032. Book with punched holes to add extra leaves
  3033. Next to or overlooking a harbor
  3034. A genus of marine snakes like the black banded
  3035. Optimistic, cheerful number greater than zero
  3036. Plaiting dough before baking
  3037. The cn towers 360 restaurant every 72 minutes
  3038. Ancient maya name for the city of tikal
  3039. A deep sea divers oxygen tank
  3040. Training learning while at work
  3041. Murder, she wrote detective jessica
  3042. This toronto urban greenery has a prized small zoo
  3043. Kurt, author of 1969s slaughterhouse five
  3044. Pinky chewing gum, originally tasted of cinnamon
  3045. Tuneful sounding of voices or instruments together
  3046. New zealand president ardern
  3047. Something accused of happening but not proven
  3048. To put out to test the water
  3049. Honest ed famous for a toronto discount store
  3050. 40k americans are injured by these yearly
  3051. Global news agency, part of thomson
  3052. Oil traditionally used to season cricket bats
  3053. The road that marks torontos northern boundary
  3054. A frida kahlo self portrait featured these birds
  3055. A coil of paper, once used for important writing
  3056. Woven lattice construction material
  3057. 2018 fifa world cup champions
  3058. Znaimer was a key mover of this toronto tv network
  3059. Ridiculous, strange
  3060. Animals that are harmful to crop or cattle
  3061. Flamboyant character, than life
  3062. 2006 horror remake with nicolas cage the man
  3063. The divine creator of the universe in hinduism
  3064. Its medical name is cerumen
  3065. Musical mother of elon musks baby x æ a xii
  3066. Lunar vehicle moon buggy
  3067. River on the south africa namibia border
  3068. Acted in road to avonlea, directed away from her
  3069. Cold, frosty time of day around the mulberry bush
  3070. Hot pepper sauce brand to add one drip at a time
  3071. One page pamphlet of information
  3072. One time toronto floating restaurant, johns
  3073. Invention copyrights
  3074. Slimline, willowy
  3075. Chess pieces that flank the king and the queen
  3076. This director of ghostbusters is from toronto
  3077. A unit of area equal to 100 ares or 10,000 m2
  3078. Started a vintage car with a revolving handle
  3079. Pressing textiles together to make cloth
  3080. Devil solves crimes for the lapd
  3081. Toronto reinvented this joke item, the cushion
  3082. X men villain who can control metal
  3083. This kelly was part of destinys child
  3084. Film technician assists chief electrician
  3085. Garnet and carnation are symbols for this month
  3086. Plant whose curly leaf type is used as a garnish
  3087. Rossinis operatic barber was from this city
  3088. Mens business casual khaki pants from levis
  3089. Donuts, sold at torontos annual summer fair
  3090. Province new once famed toronto pub house
  3091. Surgically implanted device to control heartbeat
  3092. Slowly cooling hot glass objects
  3093. A former city that merged into toronto in 1998
  3094. Making a lasting impression
  3095. Boxers skills, particularly an ability to move
  3096. As henry v says, cry havoc and let slip the
  3097. Waxy beehive cells where golden stuff is stored
  3098. An ice cream or cake topping found in funfetti
  3099. Pine resin infused greek wine
  3100. Egg laying australian mammal anagram of chained
  3101. Mary who wrote frankenstein
  3102. U s filmmakers often add this to toronto streets
  3103. Small container for keeping dossiers, binders in
  3104. Birthday wishes that are not quite on time
  3105. Select an actor to play an unsuitable role
  3106. Selena gomez sings about a year rain
  3107. Type of glossy coating that protects printed works
  3108. Leviathan, huge roller at canadas wonderland
  3109. Ancient greek playwright who wrote oedipus rex
  3110. This hazel hit toronto in 1954
  3111. Popped a balloon
  3112. Long, green vegetable thats also a perennial
  3113. The , classic teen book with ponyboy and sodapop
  3114. Science overseen by the iupac
  3115. Farm animals regarded as an asset
  3116. Skin rash caused by irritation or insect bite
  3117. The royal ontario museum has many mars samples
  3118. In ebony and ivory, ebony refers to these
  3119. First name of gone with the wind heroine ohara
  3120. Prince harry opened these games in toronto in 2017
  3121. Hbo series with regina king as sister night
  3122. Slyly get the better of someone
  3123. Loudspeakers for high frequencies
  3124. Dolphin like sea mammal anagram of poor pies
  3125. Acidic, sour, wine that is off
  3126. A rebel a james garner western tv series
  3127. Ripleys is a fishy toronto tourist attraction
  3128. Naval punishment of being dragged under a ship
  3129. Illumination for a students work table
  3130. June , toronto mayor who banned barenaked ladies
  3131. Male vocal range pitched above bass
  3132. Sea near bermuda that is wide in jean rhyss novel
  3133. Giant, mammoth
  3134. Small spiny mammal that hibernates in winter
  3135. Historic toronto area where margaret atwood lives
  3136. Name of major river and college in west toronto
  3137. Black , dark and dystopian drama series
  3138. Gladness when something is over and done with
  3139. Name for bumpy finish on a ceiling
  3140. Swiss , toronto restaurant chain founded in 1954
  3141. Phrase for what powers smart homes, internet of
  3142. Chemical element number 56, symbol ba
  3143. Pearmains, galas and pink ladies, for instance
  3144. Husband and adversary to martha in the albee play
  3145. Turkey time, song from promises, promises
  3146. All the papers youve not yet dealt with go in it
  3147. Parts of sentences that contain verbs
  3148. What you steal when you take someones praise
  3149. Fairies, pixies
  3150. Creamy white sauce that means velvety in french
  3151. Exhaustion caused by overwork
  3152. This toronto man directed the 1987 film moonstruck
  3153. The movement of butterfly wings
  3154. Renowned ballet school based in milan
  3155. Surfing move that needs all the fingers or toes
  3156. Touring with a band, especially when unknown
  3157. Most important term a phrase for search engines
  3158. No commuting cars allowed in this part of toronto
  3159. Legal entity that manages money for your kids
  3160. Creative and innovative, like a clever solution
  3161. Upper canada , a revolt in toronto in 1837
  3162. American actress frances known for fargo
  3163. Flowering plant with large reddish orange petals
  3164. Singer of heart of gold was born in toronto
  3165. In a self satisfied manner
  3166. The triangular shapes collected in trivial pursuit
  3167. Long running sitcom set in a boston bar
  3168. Calvin, dj who released feel so close in 2011
  3169. My greek wedding was partly filmed in toronto
  3170. A type of martial arts rhymes with ducati
  3171. Rocky inlets along the coast of norway
  3172. Protein in wheat, helps bread hold its shape
  3173. Inner layer of an article of clothing
  3174. The of the sands, spy story by erskine childers
  3175. Decorative strip of material above a window frame
  3176. Liz taylor outraged torontos king hotel
  3177. Greek god of archery
  3178. When parliamentary procedure delayed discussion
  3179. Sensory , response that weakens while asleep
  3180. Flowery embellishment of a melody by a performer
  3181. Get land ready for crops
  3182. Proper name for the science of sleep
  3183. International day of on 20 mar is a day of joy
  3184. Mock soup, as featured in alice in wonderland
  3185. Small gland that makes a sleep regulating hormone
  3186. Black and white crow relative known for thievery
  3187. German port at north end of europes old salt road
  3188. Raqs , traditional style of egyptian bellydance
  3189. Blue used by chinese for decorating ceramics
  3190. Side to side distances in a pool
  3191. This sleep is said to maintain good looks
  3192. Epoch of tertiary period, mammal ancestors arrived
  3193. Morning song played outside, opposite of serenade
  3194. Deadly serpentine beast in greek mythology
  3195. A swirling mark or flourish below a signature
  3196. Iranian salad made from cucumber and tomato
  3197. The process of learning by copying other people
  3198. Wayne role in true grit, cogburn
  3199. Light is made of these
  3200. Medical sleepiness test used to diagnose insomnia
  3201. Another word for the transmission in a car
  3202. He advises we live a little in as you like it
  3203. Lake poet who wrote about the death of a spaniel
  3204. Soothing composition brahms wrote a famous one
  3205. Moon shaped pastry of austrian origin
  3206. The science of sleep
  3207. G i joes communications expert as of 1986
  3208. 1923 religious play by george bernard shaw
  3209. Seattle steampunk band fronted by robert brown
  3210. Anti inflammatory proteins released while asleep
  3211. Fictional race of human like brutes
  3212. West african skin covered drum, goblet shaped
  3213. Small bed for rocking a child to sleep
  3214. Swirling phenomenon in mirny diamond mine
  3215. Root vegetable used to make irish farl bread
  3216. Old fashioned term meaning in the morning
  3217. The eastern shores of the mediterranean
  3218. Of langerhans, essential parts of a pancreas
  3219. 2013 danny boyle film about an art theft
  3220. Chinese mushroom used to treat sleep disorders
  3221. Treaty that gave saudi arabia independence in 1927
  3222. Cropped cardigans
  3223. Last name of prominent egyptologist zahi
  3224. Republic, the netherlands name in 1795 1806
  3225. Begin, start a conversation
  3226. Fan is a cone shaped sediment deposit
  3227. Simple split sausage sandwich served in argentina
  3228. Hume and locke both wrote about it
  3229. Greek god associated with sleep and dreams
  3230. Royal barge used at the queens jubilee
  3231. Enameled japanese style of ceramics
  3232. Sleep, practice of sleeping two times per day
  3233. Thick feather filled quilt or coverlet
  3234. Sao , large brazilian river, velho chico
  3235. Alternative name for beethoven piano sonata no 21
  3236. Condition of experiencing excessive nightmares
  3237. Orange bonus cards in a game of monopoly
  3238. Soft , part of the mouth associated with snoring
  3239. Name of shakespeares youngest brother, died 1607
  3240. A loft space a room just below or inside a roof
  3241. Red sea port offering ferry services to mecca
  3242. Annie, author of 1993s the shipping news
  3243. Shaun the sheep the farmers , 2015 sequel
  3244. Actors unions in the uk and the us
  3245. Animals state of decreased activity while dormant
  3246. Epsom derby the blue of the turf
  3247. Temperature scale used in physical sciences
  3248. 2019 song by lil nas x named after a sandwich
  3249. Brain region associated with alertness and sleep
  3250. He hit his first pro home run in toronto in 1914
  3251. Of rhodes, one of the seven ancient wonders
  3252. Brightly hued frogs native to madagascar
  3253. Period before slumber when brain activity slows
  3254. The toll , first major technicolor movie, 1922
  3255. James garner played this hard luck detective
  3256. Coax or entice with flattery
  3257. Large south american constrictor snakes
  3258. A short sleep to catch some zs
  3259. Jeff , linkedin ceo
  3260. Small, long handled shallow pan for sauteeing
  3261. Water sport where you can see an armstand or pike
  3262. Lake of stars festival locale the republic of
  3263. Uk priest drama starring sean bean
  3264. Particles containing two protons and two neutrons
  3265. Fabric cover for a four poster bed
  3266. Oscar nominated horror film by jordan peele
  3267. Pioneer trail now followed by californias i 5
  3268. A brief sleep taken during the working day
  3269. Ancient ruins, southern italy wine region
  3270. Made amends for
  3271. Sleep , overnight education known as hypnopedia
  3272. Sacred, first month of islamic calendar
  3273. First wife of james ii, king of england
  3274. Home of the jade buddha temple
  3275. They cant jump, in a woody harrelson film
  3276. Became king of tonga in 2012
  3277. Sleep , burst of neural activity while asleep
  3278. Long tailed bird on guatemalas flag
  3279. Green associated with robin hood uk city
  3280. Rabbit sized member of the kangaroo family
  3281. Story, read to lull a child to sleep
  3282. The teenage half witch living in greendale
  3283. 2015 stop motion movie by charlie kaufman
  3284. Term for an egg laying mammal like the platypus
  3285. Malala schoolgirl who won the nobel peace prize
  3286. Causing resentment or envy unjust, biased
  3287. Device for facilitating after dinner drinking in the 1400s
  3288. French word for a makeshift mattress of straw
  3289. Images produced by x rays
  3290. Us author of atlas shrugged
  3291. Fugue section where subject and answer overlap
  3292. Outlying district on the edge of town, environs
  3293. Brief naps or snoozes an anagram of sass tie
  3294. Green bay team that won the first super bowl
  3295. Iron tipped southern african tribal wood spear
  3296. Venetian cocktail of peach nectar with prosecco
  3297. Rope for raising and lowering things, on ships
  3298. Thin silk fabric often used in womens nightgowns
  3299. Style of babys bed often with a protective hood
  3300. The royal academy of arts first president
  3301. Small doughnut from nigeria
  3302. A lack of energy, as caused by disrupted sleep
  3303. Sociologist emile, author of moral education
  3304. When something sells quickly, they sell like
  3305. Location of the south by southwest music festival
  3306. Jerk, sudden body twitch when falling asleep
  3307. Upside down tree species common in africa
  3308. King of bavaria known as the swan king ii
  3309. Island that traded amber with bronze age greece
  3310. Annual hindu festival of lights
  3311. South american knitted headgear with earflaps
  3312. Worlds largest and deepest fresh water lake
  3313. Brand name of poular sleeping medication zolpidem
  3314. Saying of surprise, contraction of by gods wounds
  3315. An artwork made mostly from shades of brown
  3316. Unaccompanied, monophonic liturgical chanting
  3317. Gogols account of the ownership of deceased serfs
  3318. Us grape once thought related to italy’s primitivo
  3319. Its worn by people to block out light in bed
  3320. Mistress of harlequin in commedia dellarte
  3321. Sleep prompting chemical an anagram of none aside
  3322. Study of the characteristics of different peoples
  3323. Level of authority in a hierarchy rank
  3324. Baby , device for checking on a sleeping child
  3325. Modern architecture with bright, curvy forms
  3326. Medical term for earwax
  3327. Clevelands baseball team
  3328. Hunger inducing hormone affected by impaired sleep
  3329. National bird of wales
  3330. He endured 90 mins in an underwater coffin in 1926
  3331. Traditional japanese puppet show