1. Word that can go before foam and shell
  2. Soak as with a sponge
  3. Computer in 2001 a space odyssey
  4. Exam for some university seniors abbr
  5. Bypass or omit
  6. Lizzos cuz i love you for example
  7. Media mogul griffin who created jeopardy
  8. American relative in vintage i want you recruitment posters 2 wds
  9. Billiards stick 2 wds
  10. So what did she have to say
  11. Actress falco of cbss tommy
  12. The is falling
  13. Antlered creatures of yellowstone
  14. Kate &
  15. Like a horse whose hooves are protected
  16. Starting number in many countdowns
  17. One of a pair worn by athlete lindsey vonn
  18. Current discovery channel series featuring unclothed pairs withstanding challenging environments 3 wds
  19. Topic of debate
  20. He's santa in elf
  21. Andean stew tubers
  22. Geoffrey of fashion
  23. Cut with sharp teeth
  24. Board game endings
  25. Actor werner of fahrenheit 451
  26. Red variety of this puzzle's circles
  27. Larry __ former phillies all-star shortstop who was 2001 n.l. manager of the year
  28. Meat-eating aids
  29. River to the baltic
  30. Copper orgs.?
  31. Happy but not cheerful or upbeat?
  32. Was in the cards
  33. Group with rackets
  34. I'm up for it!
  35. Initial request for an answer?
  36. Airline on lost
  37. With 9-down crispy go-with for this puzzle's circles
  38. Sailor's skill
  39. White variety of this puzzle's circles
  40. Doesn't mumble
  41. Press in a gym say
  42. Scene not meant to be seen
  43. Wish list items e.g.
  44. They're often in hot water
  45. Chick of jazz
  46. Tolkien's quickbeam et al.
  47. Adaptable ducks
  48. Two diamonds possibly
  49. Ioway relative
  50. Store whose first three letters come from its founder's name
  51. Ones in distress
  52. Mayberry __: '60s sitcom
  53. El pollo __: chain in the u.s. and mexico
  54. The clan of the cave bear heroine
  55. Hendrix at woodstock
  56. Film noir coffee
  57. Tyler who played arwen in the lord of the rings films
  58. Catcher behind the plate?
  59. Fed. food and farming agency
  60. Tablet for surfers
  61. Texted image with an attitude
  62. Embodiment of perfection
  63. Bits of butter
  64. Social elites on the go
  65. Alan of bridge of spies
  66. Pet owner for one
  67. Speechless performer
  68. Half a kissing couple?
  69. Ingredient of some quesadillas
  70. Layer in a stack
  71. Numerical prefixes
  72. Free from
  73. Integral instrumental part
  74. Project between mercury and apollo
  75. Nero's thing
  76. River through baghdad
  77. Oakland a's slugger matt
  78. Mischievously playful
  79. Coyote kin
  80. Colleague of stephen samuel and sonia
  81. Top option
  82. Amahl's creator
  83. Big name in cosmetics
  84. Skimping on stringency
  85. Yo! alternative
  86. Digital communication sys.
  87. Haunted house offerings
  88. Makes reference to
  89. Suffers severely
  90. Device also called a pluviometer
  91. Character played by alec baldwin harrison ford ben affleck chris pine and john krasinski
  92. Toy that appears several times in this puzzle
  93. Buffalo bill ranch state historical pk. setting
  94. Ginger on screen
  95. He played mingo on daniel boone
  96. Twenty informally
  97. License type
  98. Cold character
  99. Stop on bart's yellow line
  100. Coat as in chocolate
  101. Half of miv
  102. It. neighbor
  103. Voice-___ (narrations)
  104. Source de la crème
  105. Activity that involves a lot of hits
  106. Doodling site
  107. End-of-scene direction perhaps
  108. Steal wheels
  109. Resigned exhalation
  110. The cold war for one
  111. Specimen for example: abbr.
  112. Enclosure to an ed.
  113. Masters study
  114. Sony handheld gaming console
  115. Edible slapstick projectile
  116. Wallet item that might get swiped
  117. Hoppy beer for short
  118. Kellogg's cereal brand
  119. Gum clump
  120. Pelican's scooper
  121. Citrus scraping
  122. Supermodel jourdan
  123. Soul singer peebles
  124. Climactic video game opponent
  125. Patriarchy beneficiary
  126. Pungent fruit of southeast asia
  127. Controversial opinions
  128. Next one's on me! letters
  129. Bible character similar to nu'u
  130. Edible orange orb
  131. Homage to my hips e.g.
  132. South indian rice pancakes
  133. Typeface released in 1994
  134. Colorful title track of a prince album and film
  135. Holder of peas
  136. Writing tools for astronauts
  137. Non-contact smooches
  138. Japanese auto company
  139. Sound when a tree falls in a forest and someone is around to hear it
  140. Remote-controlled toy
  141. Uses a chair
  142. Charged at full tilt
  143. Sign at the front door
  144. 2001 comedy about a fashion model
  145. At 0% battery
  146. Pulitzer-winning graphic novel whose title is german for mouse
  147. Surgeon and writer gawande
  148. Group email greeting
  149. Animal in catan pastures
  150. The magic school ___
  151. Rake the coals
  152. One of george gershwins brothers
  153. Big brewski
  154. Zebras at lions games
  155. Battleship successes
  156. Person whos always fake
  157. Sounds like a pig
  158. Pittsburgh winter hrs
  159. Cold drink at a theater
  160. Sometimes strapless garment
  161. Leaf beetle
  162. Heras violent son
  163. Beethoven work for seven instruments
  164. Candy brand with orange wrappers
  165. Beatles hit whose title is sung after shes in love with me and
  166. Beehive e g
  167. Hour that rhymes with wee
  168. Poles and ukrainians
  169. Make up
  170. Did major damage
  171. Falls in torrents say
  172. Strong who voiced timmy turner
  173. Theyre usually crunched
  174. Reach the candy castle last in candy land
  175. N y mets division
  176. Former u k recording giant
  177. Octogenarians 80 e g
  178. Mercer retired american professional boxer who won a gold medal at the 1988 summer olympics in the heavyweight category
  179. Permanent pal abbr
  180. Affirmatives on a ship
  181. Junior rank in the navy abbr
  182. Make a purchase
  183. Sean penn starrer sam 2 wds
  184. Dameron character from star wars
  185. The of being a wallflower
  186. Sombrero for one
  187. General with a chicken dish named after him
  188. Shields american professional boxer who won a gold medal at the 2016 summer olympics in the middleweight category
  189. Yoka french professional boxer who won a gold medal at the 2016 summer olympics in the super heavyweight category
  190. Ketchup popular spanish girl band
  191. Australian marsupial slangily
  192. Pen drive port on a laptop abbr
  193. 3600 bits of an hour for short
  194. Insurance company concerns
  195. 5th element on the periodic table
  196. Is concerned
  197. Expressive art in a text
  198. Let someone in
  199. Utter dove like sound
  200. Spread broaden
  201. Lower part of dress
  202. First leader of soviet union
  203. Not susceptible to disease
  204. Help yourself meal
  205. Download for phone
  206. Was moodily silent
  207. Cant fight this feeling band speedwagon
  208. With 34 down tiny but powerful cartoon superhero
  209. Guitarist hendrix who played purple haze at woodstock
  210. Ask me how i
  211. The blacklist government agency
  212. Jingled as bells
  213. Small craft on a milk sea musician brian
  214. Tough mutts
  215. Law & order special victims
  216. Jeff lynnes symphonic rock band for short
  217. Fifth century leader of the huns
  218. Former nfl quarterback tony
  219. Sex on fire rockers kings of
  220. Governor of connecticut lamont
  221. Roy orbisons oh pretty
  222. $2000 for boardwalk with a hotel in monopoly
  223. Song on the rolling stones sticky fingers album thats #5 on rolling stone magazines list of the 100 greatest guitar songs of all time
  224. Skipped out
  225. Slammin sammy of the 600 homer club
  226. Former one direction singer malik
  227. Oceans eleven role for julia roberts
  228. Nbc skit show that inspired 30 rock for short
  229. Canine pal of nermal and garfield
  230. Ending for many d c urls
  231. Made off with cheese
  232. Shes on the line
  233. Part of the d o j
  234. State of the art
  235. Forensic letters
  236. Sit n
  237. Prepare to shoot an arrow
  238. Group that enforces the clean air act abbr
  239. Somebodys good mood today 2 wds
  240. Sound bouncing effect
  241. Former wimbledon champion agassi
  242. 90 minute comedy show on nbc abbr
  243. Nos4a2 channel
  244. Book by nora roberts or barbara cartland
  245. Material for filling cracks in pavement
  246. Prefix for shipman or section
  247. Compass point opposite wnw abbr
  248. Alternative to stout or porter
  249. Former late night talk show host hall
  250. Works hard for the money
  251. Second cousin removed
  252. Alices adventures in wonderland author carroll
  253. 11 point card in a blackjack
  254. Noodles in an italian restaurant
  255. Beowulf or the iliad for example
  256. Required buy ins for poker players
  257. Golf score thats usually three four or five strokes
  258. Lightweight wood some surfboards are made with
  259. Where a man would grow a soul patch
  260. Star trek the next generation captain played by patrick stewart 2 wds hyph
  261. Star trek the next generation engineer played by levar burton 3 wds
  262. Country that borders yemen
  263. Spidey
  264. What people playing musical chairs try to get
  265. Television academy hall of fame inductee arnaz
  266. Norwegian capital thats home to the viking ship museum
  267. Laundry stainfighter brand in a red jug
  268. Get the swing of things
  269. Taking 2 wds
  270. Star in lyra
  271. Under sedation
  272. Courtroom crime
  273. What the rings of a tree indicate
  274. What a landscaper might plant
  275. Star trek the next generation ensign played by wil wheaton 2 wds
  276. Willy wonka uses one for walking
  277. Place for balm or gloss
  278. Like two peas in 2 wds
  279. Kate of the prince of tides
  280. Soul to sartre
  281. Put on it
  282. Derby and dorset
  283. Had a hammer
  284. Ascended as a mountain
  285. Detroits location
  286. Acted falsely
  287. Bobs head
  288. Phonetic code for y
  289. Mickey mouses companion
  290. Washed lightly
  291. Happen as consequence
  292. Former world heavyweight champion
  293. Novel electronic device
  294. Long crest on mountain
  295. Sushi flavorer
  296. Songbird named for its golden color
  297. Theyre used to drain pasta
  298. Quincy jones to rashida
  299. Brain covers
  300. Nonglossy lipstick options
  301. Drive through request
  302. Like some reasoning
  303. *not just shots in the dark
  304. One unwelcome in your dms
  305. Who can be found among anemones
  306. Tourist city in uttar pradesh
  307. Graduation need
  308. Not the end of the world
  309. Ranch employees
  310. Tv channel or theater chain
  311. Sports gamblers hangout for short
  312. Yearns for
  313. Viola music clef often
  314. Paranormal sense briefly
  315. *with 24 across barbs
  316. With 45 across popular lecture series or a hint to three letters plus the last word of each starred answer
  317. Groups of troops
  318. Look at with favor
  319. A woman
  320. Made a basket
  321. Large shark bone
  322. *lively campaign face offs
  323. Ortiz actress who played hilda suarez in the tv series ugly betty
  324. The simpsons character disco
  325. The dick dyke show