1. Strip of material worn around the waist or over the shoulder
  2. Strip of carpet
  3. Strip in serif lettering
  4. Strip clubs airbrushed from record cover
  5. Strip and remove shell of jet plane
  6. Strings of pearls or onions
  7. Stringed instruments plucked when lying flat
  8. Stringed instrument instrument slightly larger than a violin
  9. Stringed instrument in sack, we hear
  10. String of shops alongside beauty parlour
  11. String in compact edition did its job
  12. Striking, like schoolwork submitted a second time
  13. Striking religious group in which cricket team is arranged
  14. Striking atmospheric phenomena
  15. Strikes with a whip
  16. Strikes hit workers initially involved in courses
  17. Strikes disrupted this
  18. Strikes back in skirmish
  19. Strikes a golf ball
  20. Strikers in this game come to blows
  21. Striker minded playing for a worcestershire town
  22. Striker having a harmful effect, ignoring leader about nationalist
  23. Striker errs with aim, playing as left winger
  24. Striker and manufacturer meet union organiser
  25. Strike breakers restrain lawyers by day might they be carrying swords
  26. Strike, subject to restraint, likely to collapse
  27. Strike roughly
  28. Strike repeatedly with the fists
  29. Strike part of sleeve
  30. Strike over daring targets for clubs
  31. Strike means deduction from pay
  32. Strike iraqi leader surrounding a country
  33. Strike holding to firm limit
  34. Strike gold 1,001 dollars at random
  35. Strike during scuffle
  36. Strike central heating snag
  37. Strike by footballer it tops the page
  38. Strike back soon over one put away
  39. Strike and pound on wood
  40. Strike a pose and rise to speak, for example
  41. Strike 1980s pop group
  42. Stride number about crush
  43. Stride being broken is most ironic
  44. Strictly routine is one making others go to work on an egg, severally
  45. Strictly requires this old couple to visit branch
  46. Strictly orthodox jew can prove who he is
  47. Strict voting instruction
  48. Strict order of mail train so arranged
  49. Strict in moral outlook
  50. Strict doctor with papers
  51. Strict disciplinarians right to set about wayward inmate just the opposite
  52. Stretchy trousers
  53. Stretchy hose only sprayed neighbours borders
  54. Stretches, so elegant when dancing
  55. Stretches from billionaires
  56. Stretcher brought when fashion designer clutches muscle
  57. Stretched tight, rigid
  58. Stretch over and right every thing this makes with 8
  59. Stretch out with a gentle novel about love
  60. Stretch out scandal involving mister musk
  61. Stretch out punishment to overcome resistance
  62. Stretch one leg, at random
  63. Stretch bra out of shape nothing is revealed when its pressed
  64. Stressful past, perhaps
  65. Stresses when grammar forms increase
  66. Stressed, edward first needs money on account
  67. Stress free character seemingly calm, having walked away initially
  68. Stress suffered by fighter pilots
  69. Stress on a syllable
  70. Stress less, taking drink before performance
  71. Stress free chin up, mate, could be very different
  72. Stress english politician possesses &mdash one collapses finally
  73. Stress english politician has income support initially
  74. Stress concerning angry packing note
  75. Strengthener pair
  76. Strengthened opening for a lace
  77. Strengthen religious education at home, supporting church
  78. Strengthen or support
  79. Strength meat
  80. Strength to take a seat, over 90 outside
  81. Strength of character essential to integrity
  82. Strength is recalled not having been used
  83. Strength enlivens pirouettes lacking in energy
  84. Streets pm wanders to find lady of a seductive bent
  85. Streets around essex town by which one means to progress
  86. Streetcars, buggies or slow moving 3
  87. Street’s bare, with daughter leaving after greeting
  88. Street which has inspired poet before an audience
  89. Street vendors borrow nuts fed to horses
  90. Street vendor one clearing throat
  91. Street vehicle in task removing what is grotty, ultimately
  92. Street urchin to start to go out with bird
  93. Street stuff around englands capital for national hero
  94. Street set up trial runs
  95. Street rodent seen round one narrow passage
  96. Street pole
  97. Street poet outside old university getting money from bulgaria
  98. Street philosopher one unlikely to give up
  99. Street of houses by railway in arundel demolished
  100. Street loves extremely game fall guy
  101. Street light support
  102. Street includes area that’s sheltered – from this, perhaps
  103. Street cred possibly involves a hush hush manufacturing advantage
  104. Streams silent movie star
  105. Streamlined dairy came on post restructure
  106. Streamed irish broadcaster tucking into potato
  107. Stream running into the river in exciting story
  108. Stream reversed, as announced at balmoral
  109. Stream powering a waterwheel
  110. Stream barred return of predatory beast
  111. Stream and meadow in lancashire town
  112. Straying from the party line
  113. Strayed, i hesitate to say visibly embarrassed
  114. Stray slow seen heading for recreation ground
  115. Stray remark that&rsquo s critical over topless robe
  116. Stray owls seen heading for recreation ground
  117. Stray from the subject of scandal involving mariah carey
  118. Stray dogs lead split
  119. Stray doctor provided the end of treatment
  120. Stratfords uncovered grass
  121. Stratford flower seller, americas rising star
  122. Strategy to have piano used in javanese orchestra
  123. Strategic opening of play in tense state
  124. Strategic diversion possibly caught rudolf in wwii
  125. Strategic advantage gained by tipsy lager drinking first lady
  126. Stratagem, trick
  127. Strapping lad initially housed in part of gt manchester
  128. Strangled the duke, suppressing corruption before heartless trial
  129. Strangle, choke
  130. Strangle fish with bad cut
  131. Strangers hesitant expression that is caught by another
  132. Stranger from france reorganised ikea on return
  133. Stranger died in north european river
  134. Stranger anxiety, confusing iphone with a box
  135. Strangely, trump has use for this intellectual tome
  136. Strangely, this rogue is not like a rogue
  137. Strangely, this describes low energy drink
  138. Strangely, no us gaol area is comparable
  139. Strangely unrecognisable without being criminal
  140. Strangely tasty cep seen as belonging to the same sort
  141. Strangely sullen about uniform with small crescents
  142. Strangely stark limestone landscape
  143. Strangely resonant it is loud
  144. Strangely put into uncommon ecstasy
  145. Strangely messy cult snubbed elon musk and teslas mechanical support
  146. Strangely frightening quality
  147. Strange, strange, strange ultimately co
  148. Strange times, son abso bloomin lutely
  149. Strange story about european seafood delicacy
  150. Strange spirit summoned up unnatural sound from organ
  151. Strange sacrifices back at home for god
  152. Strange people
  153. Strange of irish to keep potential worker in isolation
  154. Strange new roman lab
  155. Strange mysteries enshroud clement attlees origins, you must agree
  156. Strange moves by glasgows top criminal
  157. Strange martian hes not one
  158. Strange lunar eclipses visible at the edges become clearer
  159. Strange lot, if in thin wrapping
  160. Strange locations featuring intro to cockney rebel
  161. Strange hold up in river delta
  162. Strange greek lemons a hybrid
  163. Strange for all to see bishop stopping confirmation
  164. Strange feeling about capital of italy it’s an italian city
  165. Strange crest dividing a new york family
  166. Strange clue about queens cavalryman
  167. Strange character shrouding centre of city
  168. Strange bloke, sam like a pipe, perhaps
  169. Strange athlete, one breaking the law with spirit
  170. Strange article masking untruth
  171. Strange argentine fruit
  172. Strange approach taken about year books
  173. Strange about a king turning into stone
  174. Strands of story resume with characters going up to university
  175. Strand building shortly due for demolition
  176. Strait laced puritan leader outside
  177. Strait laced english woman, very old
  178. Strains, then hesitates, to see passenger vehicles from the east
  179. Straining to airlift bananas at end of season
  180. Strain to lift off with about a ton inside
  181. Strain shown by, say, future head
  182. Strain loading contents of short chest
  183. Strain from boy holding rake on the contrary
  184. Straightforward honesty
  185. Straightens out partners following initial mate
  186. Straightening leg tin man bust
  187. Straighten out, unwind
  188. Straighten out upper class knight about web address
  189. Straight two edged swords with narrow blades
  190. Straight there, after travelling round
  191. Straight sword with a narrow two edged blade
  192. Straight route
  193. Straight punch catching back of fulham supporter
  194. Straight lines from the centre to the perimeter of a circle
  195. Straight line on a slant
  196. Straight home in divine surroundings
  197. Straight away, this place is out of contention
  198. Straggling agent hiding international article in berlin
  199. Stove, frying pans, then old bikes
  200. Stove at home once more
  201. Stout, for example
  202. Stout with energy in significantly reduced supply
  203. Stout russian teacher originally in old college
  204. Storytellers rung up
  205. Storyteller regularly read books in heart of paris
  206. Storyteller recalled main work
  207. Storyteller from scottish island returning to centre of kinross
  208. Storyteller assembles great universal catalogue
  209. Storyline inspiring current tv try out, perhaps
  210. Story good part elevated duke, a feudal nobleman
  211. Story teller in bar getting upset
  212. Story, last part recited
  213. Story&rsquo s a hoot, on reflection
  214. Story which has no beginning it can go to one&rsquo s head
  215. Story told in illustrated panels
  216. Story summary
  217. Story set at an earlier time than is covered in a previous work
  218. Story outline in coarse plays
  219. Story lacking pace remains in cover
  220. Story involving very rare organ
  221. Story involving knight mortification, ultimately, for the cloth
  222. Story gripping one in the very first episode
  223. Story books, genius
  224. Story about romes beginning as capital of italy some time ago
  225. Story about one&rsquo s guide
  226. Story about no good muddle
  227. Story about harbour
  228. Story about equine female from scotland
  229. Story about doctor and us in a big car
  230. Stormzy, for instance
  231. Storm to trouble british sailors being sucked in
  232. Storm off set, with stopgap taking lead part
  233. Storm mostly circling familiar sea gets highest rating
  234. Storm in timor sea that generates spray
  235. Storm in belgium with freakish result
  236. Storm created by english politician during trial
  237. Storm created by anger in pub
  238. Storm battered mep cutting tax
  239. Storm as ny photo is doctored
  240. Storm all but hurtled around prison
  241. Stories well expressed with changing characters
  242. Stories of heartless people
  243. Stories circulating about current ban
  244. Stories about wet girl
  245. Stories about weird set initially so insipid
  246. Stories about water mammals in chancy endeavours
  247. Stories about theologian entertaining catholic church stars
  248. Stories about soldiers in scene of conflict
  249. Stories about king making responses on social media
  250. Stores up source of euros for german employees
  251. Stores opening in rush to don items of lingerie
  252. Storehouse once 10% full
  253. Storehouse for threshed wheat etc
  254. Stores premier card for hot goods
  255. Store with mass of stuff in teesside location
  256. Store where hens sleep
  257. Store to have to keep one in always for christmas, say
  258. Store stuck with live bingo
  259. Store silicon in warehouse
  260. Store of valuables
  261. Store of information
  262. Store money, did you say
  263. Storage space that&rsquo s left frequently
  264. Storage facility set up outside back of arena
  265. Storage facility had a few jars knocked over
  266. Storage cell
  267. Stops short on theory, oddly
  268. Stops home being covered in sticky stuff
  269. Stops doing more acid to provide impetus
  270. Stops but still in front
  271. Stops buffs heading off in pursuit of australian book
  272. Stops boozers
  273. Stopping canoeists
  274. Stoppered vessel, vessel secured by stop
  275. Stopped wanting arab to be relaxed
  276. Stopped talking and did postprandial chore
  277. Stopped suppressing annoyance when threatened
  278. Stopped including section 13 it’s rejected
  279. Stopped in australia, mostly at large houses
  280. Stopped girl squeezing bottom on the contrary
  281. Stopped flow of blood from cut hands damaged with end of knife
  282. Stoppage time with italian team getting goal
  283. Stoppage of tram maybe ill starred, involving 1ac
  284. Stoppage in force once beginning to slow
  285. Stop go manoeuvre in snow
  286. Stop time to get out without wearing straps
  287. Stop working on highway
  288. Stop working because of line in operating system
  289. Stop woman receiving fine for misleading statement
  290. Stop weirdo letters
  291. Stop watching tv that shocks the kids
  292. Stop trying to stuff suitcase
  293. Stop to take in every second of big blue fish
  294. Stop to remove cape for comfort
  295. Stop to deliver outside of zone
  296. Stop talking twice before works close
  297. Stop special police retreating
  298. Stop speaking
  299. Stop skirting the issue of top ethnic me too movement
  300. Stop section of sportsground getting quiet
  301. Stop scratching head for relaxation
  302. Stop saying &ldquo six&rdquo in french
  303. Stop runs from part of wicket
  304. Stop running up and down
  305. Stop running studhorse without one leg
  306. Stop running and stand in the market
  307. Stop royal ultimately entering balmoral
  308. Stop repeating musical passage
  309. Stop publicity being given to competition
  310. Stop pouring wine, oddly, around empty hole
  311. Stop pouring whiskey on bird
  312. Stop period of cold weather
  313. Stop paying attention
  314. Stop part of song
  315. Stop over to join regulars in boozer
  316. Stop or check
  317. Stop one in some french street
  318. Stop old flame fleeing from dalek&rsquo s cry
  319. Stop migrants camping here not one is left
  320. Stop media representation &mdash it&rsquo s laid on thick
  321. Stop listening as solicitor describes a french female
  322. Stop limiting church in extra large religious region
  323. Stop knocking back drink in past
  324. Stop knitting start sailing
  325. Stop king and fool becoming bound together
  326. Stop just talking and get to the point
  327. Stop just talking and get on with it
  328. Stop intelligence officer infiltrating kent cricket side
  329. Stop improving coat with e g silver and gold
  330. Stop holding back, saint is most dull
  331. Stop heroin without husbands support
  332. Stop going on, as one may if boots too big
  333. Stop getting fed up in row
  334. Stop filming with single light out
  335. Stop filming after english town loses last crop
  336. Stop esteem being eroded by taking drugs at fixed intervals
  337. Stop endlessly walking round equipment
  338. Stop editing whodunits after leaving india
  339. Stop drinking broth laced with beer if short of energy
  340. Stop daughter leaving new partner for good
  341. Stop crime go afresh to tackle seriously
  342. Stop couple over imprisoning blokes that’s something settled
  343. Stop colonial worker crossing north america
  344. Stop close to road and, if empty, put in children
  345. Stop cleaner hiding man
  346. Stop calling drummer loudly
  347. Stop cakes turning
  348. Stop boss being an idiot
  349. Stop being led by snake oil industry product
  350. Stop at the roadside
  351. Stop at sea the spanish brought into harbour
  352. Stop and drink
  353. Stop aluminium coming in &mdash that&rsquo s popular
  354. Stop alcohol being added to german sweetmeat
  355. Stop after advance by titled lady — there you are
  356. Stop a bishop with half cut priest
  357. Stood up on date that&rsquo s rather rude
  358. Stood up cold topless dutch egotist
  359. Stood up before person in boat with less space
  360. Stood next to current queen
  361. Stony waste matter
  362. Stony garden has circle for a hundred nesting birds
  363. Stones put finally into container thats correct
  364. Stones gathered at bottom of cliff before new show
  365. Stoned outside english house expression of resignation follows
  366. Stoned female content to down 10 beers
  367. Stone workers present during roll call
  368. Stone tossed back by a giant
  369. Stone thrown from relatively dignified artists workshop
  370. Stone pillar with a rectangular cross section tapering upwards
  371. Stone passage reportedly found in europe
  372. Stone heads of organisation promoting antiquated laws
  373. Stone found in remarkably robust planes
  374. Stone circles one by one revealing uralic language
  375. Stone barrier adjoining rear of villa
  376. Stone age love dismissed by books
  377. Stomach upset unpleasant ailment lovers originally shared
  378. Stomach provided here
  379. Stomach muscle to work at, chaps
  380. Stomach final word about bachelor party
  381. Stomach feeble returning musical phrase
  382. Stomach device briefly placed under jaw
  383. Stomach certain sporting blokes required
  384. Stomach calmer, perhaps one manages to regroup
  385. Stolid and hardly excited about energy forms
  386. Stolen trophy and dish
  387. Stolen mobile found after tea dance
  388. Stolen meat comes to philosopher
  389. Stolen goods oscar found in french department
  390. Stolen goods found in wc close to theft
  391. Stole time with new gift from cupid on leisure craft
  392. Stole pig with rook making escape
  393. Stole hospital garb idiot sent round
  394. Stole from cupboard finally put on bishop in formal dress
  395. Stole first of summer fruit by lake
  396. Stole cab involved in a sort of race
  397. Stole cab around blockage
  398. Stole books collected by bloke
  399. Stole back to contain a melee
  400. Stoke are playing the epitome of englishness
  401. Stoical stout girl&rsquo s spasmodic twitching
  402. Stoical about fate as others indicated no way
  403. Stocky rednecks entertained by festival
  404. Stockings worn by old sugar
  405. Stockings plugged by posh fashion company
  406. Stocking aid supporting artery to some extent
  407. Stock car racing track
  408. Stock tune
  409. Stock thats a pound in weight
  410. Stock term rendered meaningless by endless repetition
  411. Stock set with food as image shows
  412. Stock of wine offered by merchant on the radio
  413. Stock of assets
  414. Stock obtained from one time purchase
  415. Stock market investor and olive perhaps prosper eventually
  416. Stock gift containing lead free pen
  417. Stock german touring second of conferences is one frequenting meetings
  418. Stock exchange in court over former pm accepting obsolete currency
  419. Stock english joke
  420. Stock cube brand
  421. Stock control pattern
  422. Stock answer about new and current bullingdon club members, say
  423. Stoat out gathering commercial food thats fried
  424. Stitches up army engineer mates
  425. Stitched up, like this puzzle
  426. Stitched up again
  427. Stitched join
  428. Stitched fold in cloth
  429. Stirring, thrilling
  430. Stirring summons
  431. Stirring diatribe about northeast wasted
  432. Stirred large drinks for wimbledon match
  433. Stirred hot ingredient of some teas
  434. Stir something for breakfast
  435. Stir made by platoon leader originally wearing symbol of rank
  436. Stipulations for academic periods
  437. Stints, scrimps
  438. Stink over queen elizabeth is bones
  439. Stink over news in former european 22 across
  440. Stink is about fine thats nonsense
  441. Sting sure is a member of the police
  442. Sting and summers essentially invested in small paintings
  443. Stimulus a right reverend will get in bed
  444. Stimulating bar in a pub is where march goes
  445. Stimulate sensually, keeping it up well into the night
  446. Stimulate curiosity
  447. Stimulate class left without paper
  448. Stimulate a svengali into action
  449. Stimulant in tea, etc
  450. Stimulant drugs
  451. Stimulant blows head off drinker
  452. Still by now
  453. Still, one that&rsquo s never been authenticated
  454. Still, a reticent person needs a change of heart
  455. Still to go north during end of day, not south
  456. Still time for adventure
  457. Still spoiler on rear of vehicle painted with coloured substance
  458. Still sound irritated by attempt
  459. Still sorting out three sevens divided by fifty
  460. Still show resistance for second time
  461. Still proceeding as planned
  462. Still on the sea bed around california and maine
  463. Still legally binding
  464. Still in fear of returning, remains in american park
  465. Still good, old womans figure outwardly
  466. Still delighted european community is no more
  467. Still creator appeared with artist
  468. Still clutching your right hand or foot
  469. Still at home, regret regularly missing out
  470. Still an apartment
  471. Still activity at sea when the nights are drawing in
  472. Still able to move lightly and fast
  473. Still a wizard on the mac
  474. Still a sort of fat found in fried bread
  475. Stile
  476. Stigma involving queen creates tense situation
  477. Stifling communication in the end, doctor operates &mdash words rarely spoken
  478. Stiff, cold and unfeeling not at first
  479. Stiff wind is a serious setback
  480. Stiff slip with sections covered by a film to be removed to discover if a prize has been won
  481. Stiff paper odd person
  482. Stiff material to resist something battering
  483. Stiff material made from deer and sheep
  484. Stiff bristle growing from an ear of barley, for example
  485. Stiff brim
  486. Stiff and self conscious
  487. Sticky thing people eat maybe outside very loudly
  488. Sticky substance is green, with something served as starter
  489. Sticky substance in bottom of pot on variety of cereal
  490. Sticky substance exuded by fir trees
  491. Sticky stuff, plate fairly edible
  492. Sticky stuff for catching birds in tree
  493. Sticky stuff covering poor arnie&rsquo s flower
  494. Sticky stuff coating large end of rectangular dressing
  495. Sticky little growths twist leg out of shape
  496. Sticky and coarse
  497. Sticks in america an advantage with crops
  498. Sticks around striker, showing guts
  499. Sticks around buffet for local offal dish
  500. Sticks and leaves covering rooftop
  501. Stickler in bad mood about bible book
  502. Stickler for the law gets all flustered about one
  503. Stickler for niceties hurt in physical training
  504. Stickler enraged and in bad mood
  505. Sticker finally put on first compartment
  506. Stick, ultimately one used in running slope
  507. Stick wobbly bottom in goulash, being vulgar
  508. Stick with short answer you could be in the doghouse there
  509. Stick with left internally disheartened
  510. Stick with garden gnome it might draw many a barb
  511. Stick with commercial at this point
  512. Stick with a metal point, used by hillwalkers
  513. Stick up letters in position
  514. Stick together stuff in cutting semi precious stone
  515. Stick to these glasses
  516. Stick to a present with inset diamonds
  517. Stick tipped with iron
  518. Stick this person in part of sydney
  519. Stick securing old, hollowed out puppet
  520. Stick round a thoroughfare
  521. Stick publicity notice in this place
  522. Stick plug in this space
  523. Stick plug at this point
  524. Stick passed in relay races
  525. Stick ones nose in
  526. Stick one&rsquo s nose in, hearing gong
  527. Stick on bottom, wounding
  528. Stick no label upside down
  529. Stick insect tore about, the clever chap
  530. Stick in the name of a sculptor
  531. Stick in part of mouth
  532. Stick heard shattering — ultimately brittle
  533. Stick flexible as putty
  534. Stick fiddle alongside old composer
  535. Stick around, admitting love by the end of fiery speech
  536. Stick around to get love present
  537. Stick around the centre of geneva
  538. Stick around at home for the dog
  539. Stick around area to meet a bloke and a us highwayman
  540. Stick around a little, because this is sweet
  541. Stick a short gun in more efficiently when sawn off
  542. Stick 4 in this place
  543. Stews in a pan
  544. Stew made like this on the american frontier
  545. Stew heavily seasoned with paprika
  546. Stew has turkey in creole cooking
  547. Stets
  548. Steroid is working after short time in heart
  549. Sternutatory dwarf
  550. Stern, unconventional artist
  551. Stern unitarian keeping woman in order
  552. Stern thing parents do with children
  553. Stern or gloomy
  554. Stern bachelor meeting cook on vacation
  555. Stern and bow of ship going in one sudden movement
  556. Stern advocate to retire
  557. Sterility of inadequate policies embraced by civil service
  558. Sterilised wound looking neat
  559. Sterile elastic masks a doctors best friend
  560. Steps taken to bring about downfall
  561. Steps taken before beginning to bake a small cake
  562. Steps sailors may take with two instruments
  563. Steps of a ladder
  564. Steps in field too much going over shoe
  565. Stepping in
  566. Stepped right over naked body
  567. Stepped in time with baton
  568. Step up, being against standing still
  569. Step up the ladder
  570. Step twit has climbed
  571. Step round citys grand building
  572. Step from carriage on way through town
  573. Step down, not about to give autographs
  574. Step 4
  575. Step 3
  576. Stench terrible with decay in new york city
  577. Stem overwhelming urge for 5
  578. Stefan, every so often, waves
  579. Steer without crashing hot rod, as is customary
  580. Steer then give way finding large bend
  581. Steer round extremely nasty stone
  582. Steer regularly seen around short cattle breed for this reason
  583. Steer front of boat in lake
  584. Steer clear of social worker introducing great conflict
  585. Steer clear of a chasm
  586. Steer badly, having awful consequences at the outset in fog
  587. Steer back of coach onto 15
  588. Steep quarry encloses one caves opening
  589. Steep cliff is mostly frightening
  590. Steep charge to secure home mother’s on to it
  591. Steel tower supporting power lines
  592. Steel drum keeping time with first of trumpeters in procession
  593. Steed in novel emma is to run badly
  594. Steamy games at school produce inappropriate characters
  595. Steamy and hot on the outside, turning purple
  596. Honey i __ the kids: 1989 comedy
  597. Brown bag staple initially
  598. Waves from the back of a boat
  599. Like some sandpaper
  600. Sam adams e.g.
  601. Flickered-out flames?
  602. 24 analyst chloe __
  603. Good thing to have for a change?
  604. Judith of down home
  605. Reacted to a really bad pun perhaps
  606. Hunk of bacon say
  607. Word with teen or golden
  608. Nab in a trap
  609. The ellery queen award is one
  610. Youre gonna need a bigger boat movie
  611. Apple known by its first three letters
  612. Light as a fire
  613. Calf-covering skirt
  614. Movie with minions
  615. Got a run home
  616. Spoon-bender debunked by the amazing randi
  617. Repair bill heading
  618. B.b. king genre
  619. Meteors and what three down answers aptly contain
  620. Diner list for animal product avoiders
  621. Italys como per esempio
  622. Fixed with thread
  623. Rapper with the 2013 #1 album born sinner
  624. Also includes
  625. Xl or l but not lx
  626. Take to heart
  627. Brazil metropolis
  628. Controversial agribusiness letters
  629. Actor liotta of the many saints of newark
  630. Fear the ___ (slogan for the milwaukee bucks)
  631. Jon ___ (game of thrones character played by kit harington)
  632. Downton ___ (pbs historical drama series)
  633. Actress white who is the oldest person to have hosted saturday night live
  634. Contents of some envelopes (abbr.)
  635. Deck of cards with major and minor arcana
  636. A black lady sketch show segment
  637. Bite-sized potato snacks familiarly
  638. The ___ of water (oscar-winning film directed by guillermo del toro)
  639. Sounds good to me
  640. Joan of ___ (french saint)
  641. The 40-___-old virgin (steve carell film)
  642. Peabody-winning npr legal affairs correspondent who was a guest on the against all odds episode of finding your roots in 2021 (2 wds.)
  643. With 53-across grown-up acorn
  644. Blot with a cotton ball say
  645. Two large australian cities
  646. Three colors starting with g
  647. Artsy site
  648. (office [?) shark]
  649. (business [?) shark]
  650. Gets the better of
  651. Acted as toastmaster
  652. Guide a horse
  653. Of russia before 1991
  654. Go fish request
  655. Hard to get
  656. Put in a crypt
  657. Steamship going around pale swimmers
  658. Steamboat bill once passed after ending up with king edward’s crown on board
  659. Stealthy new tories stir up unions at first
  660. Steals seat back
  661. Steals pants in america
  662. Stealing, theft
  663. Stealing possible contents of mound in suffolk
  664. Steal small quantity
  665. Steal informer
  666. Steal train to make a bit of cash abroad
  667. Steal the receipts
  668. Steal money from house
  669. Steal fifty two papers
  670. Steak done differently in french city
  671. Steady relative in happy surroundings
  672. Steady on there
  673. Steady continuous stream
  674. Steadiness of british fellow supported by anglican church
  675. Stays on track, gracious and firm
  676. Staying in bed, say, a great honour for a body
  677. Staying in bed later than usual, telling stories at home
  678. Staying helpful, elder badly provoked again
  679. Staying alive but losing heart is wrong behaviour
  680. Stayed in bed later than normal
  681. Stay to get temperature taken &mdash when ones this
  682. Stay on the wing
  683. Stay on most important
  684. Stay in order to see well camouflaged creature
  685. Stay in lincoln with concealed identity
  686. Stay flexible also in motion
  687. Stay extremely irresistible in such attire
  688. Stay drunk with knight becoming aggressive
  689. Stay calm to avoid sunburn
  690. Stay 10 seconds, being uncertain
  691. Staunch supporter rightly depressed
  692. Staunch supporter of plant
  693. Staunch supporter certain at heart to regret waste
  694. Staunch republican in office
  695. Status of tax due
  696. Statue is demolished &mdash shrewd
  697. Statuary it ain&rsquo t oddly, depicting reptile
  698. Statistical graph
  699. Stationed in east so push for strong drink
  700. Station requires select ground to provide coverage for area
  701. Station 1 across and down together in school
  702. Stateswoman metal ruler has caught square in rear
  703. Statesmen revamped determination for grant application
  704. Statesmen arranged financial enquiry
  705. Statesmans right prince upset country
  706. Statesman&rsquo s howler &mdash most calm in turmoil
  707. Statesman shot african lion
  708. Statesman sees libya torn apart
  709. Statesman partly responsible for abuse nato received
  710. Statesman is part of cabal ask anyone
  711. Statesman berliner once beheaded
  712. Statesman and duke seen with benjamin netanyahu
  713. Statesman treason
  714. States things are breaking in camera shot
  715. Statements accepted as true
  716. Statement true about city dumping yen
  717. Statement offering little put detail awkwardly
  718. Statement of principles firm is in the red
  719. Statement of money to be paid
  720. Statement of conditionality is accepted by province
  721. Statement not binding i say
  722. Statement in court case mostly taking care of duke making impromptu comment
  723. Statement from uk spying agency
  724. Statement fifa put out us lawyer against it
  725. Statement by weatherman and the rest in support
  726. Statement about rule applied to eggs
  727. Stately home&rsquo s new peach melba line
  728. Stately creature, top of stairs, looking sickly
  729. Stated son needs help
  730. State you look a state
  731. State, traditionally powerful one, withdrawing quietly
  732. State, or regularly misread, question
  733. States serial criminal
  734. States income
  735. State without change, silver, say, and gold
  736. State where mans hip replaced
  737. State vote held in assam and darjeeling
  738. State using the euro with gold rand adopted at the outset
  739. State university leading cover up
  740. State tv channel back in north korea at last
  741. State time to head off
  742. State that alabamas like the borders of korea
  743. State syrup, heading off cough, has worked
  744. State subsidy, part of the uk recalled, not available
  745. State senate extremely reluctant
  746. State seizing grand duke settled abroad
  747. State secrets held in british workshop
  748. State secrecy provision covers dictators wife
  749. State republican keen to sup­press independent legislative body
  750. State represented by senators barry goldwater and john mccain
  751. State representative hot for young temptress
  752. State purpose briefly
  753. State proponents of aggressive action styles
  754. State originally lauded in a lot of papers
  755. State offering some alaskans a subsidy
  756. State of wild exaggeration after texan left
  757. State of wife &mdash is at home full of tricks
  758. State of uncertainty requiring a difficult choice between two options
  759. State of something subjected to very high temperatures
  760. State of shock yours truly&rsquo s in
  761. State of sailor nursed by a buddhist monk
  762. State of regularly neglected wreaths revolting
  763. State of panic
  764. State of ones affairs
  765. State of old pm, being without police officers protection
  766. State of old limo confused with cab
  767. State of old character residing in british india
  768. State of oblivion of bishop in posh car
  769. State of king meeting an elite army unit
  770. State of inability to manage
  771. State of gradual decline
  772. State of fruit topping one put together
  773. State of feeling
  774. State of equality father respected at first
  775. State of deep and prolonged unconsciousness
  776. State of cup of tea almost ready, so its said
  777. State of being naked
  778. State of being divine
  779. State of being aware
  780. State of a reactionary priest
  781. State newspaper taken over italian lake
  782. State modest about turnout
  783. State lead over posh bar out of town
  784. State itself rejected after leader rejected
  785. State is firmly put in place
  786. State in revolt is washington
  787. State in control over a subservient one iran/suez
  788. State imposed during pandemic
  789. State heads involuntary response
  790. State has a long time to produce standard figures
  791. State half time wager
  792. State goes out with a dictator
  793. State funeral participation in it is no longer required
  794. State failed doctor in irish country
  795. State facts about defeat on last point in tennis
  796. State extremists in syria transfixed by row about israels borders
  797. State evidence of recent clothes shopping trip
  798. State emphatically cleared out disreputable irish county
  799. State cook discovered circumnavigating hawaii
  800. State capital one missed when touring
  801. State banks are failing
  802. State authoritys somewhat compromised
  803. State as a fact
  804. State aid put back into local area
  805. State again reviewing repeated notes in paper
  806. State administration branch
  807. Stasi moved to hold famous author
  808. Starve, if thrown out of such a hotel
  809. Starts with the straight approach — right for tyrant
  810. Starts with places producing protective coverings
  811. Starts with leader moving to the back &mdash thats a nice touch
  812. Starts with book covering tax in italy and spain
  813. Starts to turn ravaging, without intervention dropping to upsetting
  814. Starts to talk up river &mdash bags of tasty fish
  815. Starts to take in folder in auto
  816. Starts to stroll through once awesome colonnade
  817. Starts to sneak your way into my compassion
  818. Starts to smoke, eventually saw someone tranquillised
  819. Starts to see colourful birds giving dirty looks
  820. Starts to regret eating stuffing coloured like a kebab
  821. Starts to read out inspiring literary work in competition
  822. Starts to put record straight about some current spoilers
  823. Starts to play yorkers later on now this holds things up
  824. Starts to order in lighter fuel
  825. Starts to order dinghy, despite losing yacht in a strange way
  826. Starts to like our groovy record
  827. Starts to go around debenhams to buy a handy tool
  828. Starts to get out of drowning in debt expert advice is a useful suggestion
  829. Starts to get lively during month of dance music
  830. Starts to describe indigenous native growling ozzie
  831. Starts to delve into ground, doing this
  832. Starts to acquire cheap tops off rugby player
  833. Starts to accentuate the affirmative gripping this poet
  834. Starts on some kafka a german yarn
  835. Starts off summer parties apparently in spring
  836. Starts off puzzle solving slowly, teaser that demands attention
  837. Starts off hostilities, a kiwi activity
  838. Starts off every poem in collection in style of homer
  839. Startling
  840. Starting with impenetrable vacant stare, reported appearance of us mafiosi
  841. Starting to snort cocaine, one with a nervous twitch and a nervous complaint
  842. Starting to develop recipe in kitchen range
  843. Starting to create family in which you are reportedly growing up
  844. Starting telly is depressing it normally gives sad news
  845. Starting price anticipating terminal pay out
  846. Starting point for endeavour in which maybe four succeeded, reportedly
  847. Starting point for comparisons
  848. Starting now, understanding the german has less on
  849. Starting a baby is the idea
  850. Starters of artichokes served with chicken pasty
  851. Starters from tijuana a connois­seur of chillis taken with it­
  852. Starters for our first part of meal, naturally
  853. Starter that&rsquo s spain to a t, somehow
  854. Starter of samosa with considerable taste
  855. Starter of mutton to devour
  856. Starter of grilled american river fish
  857. Starter in le mans makes car go through clutches
  858. Starter had type of liquid served with a little bread
  859. Starter for ten — question for labour
  860. Starter #2 from menu missing in order phone inn, of course
  861. Started to lose heart and pulse
  862. Started to carry large screen
  863. Started job regenerating items for connoisseur
  864. Start, not finish, at site of siege
  865. Start with yen lads saved
  866. Start with support for member, developing flier
  867. Start with money to maintain angleseys principal harbour
  868. Start with handle for possible conspiracy theorist
  869. Start trouser pockets
  870. Start to veer away from evil rocks
  871. Start to undress in land by middle of wimbledon common
  872. Start to train first person in berlin in excellent exercises
  873. Start to study more sinuous snake
  874. Start to straighten sheets for escort, as a gentleman does
  875. Start to spin dry daughters going away outfit
  876. Start to speak pompously having necked one drink
  877. Start to smoke joints audibly, showing sign of irritation
  878. Start to smoke joint and smell clean hair
  879. Start to sketch possibly libellous poster, no hurry
  880. Start to search inside hollow part of tooth
  881. Start to roll a board games ten sided die set
  882. Start to relish a good scrap
  883. Start to reduce speed east of lincoln wanderer might do this
  884. Start to reduce crush please, fall back
  885. Start to recognise fish and equipment used to catch them
  886. Start to put on pair of smalls and hug
  887. Start to plead i must have name
  888. Start to miss eastenders itv breaks with these
  889. Start to make everybody walk
  890. Start to like novel proposition
  891. Start to haul off fish
  892. Start to giggle about head teacher
  893. Start to float down river
  894. Start to feel with no objectivity you should enjoy yourself here
  895. Start to eat into fresh fruits in abundance
  896. Start to dredge north yorkshire river you may have to work at it
  897. Start to draw lots for casual artwork
  898. Start to draft a report about water from the eye
  899. Start to cultivate mountain ash without a top
  900. Start to collect pieces of wood for footwear
  901. Start to chop tree without a top
  902. Start to chase unruly male animal
  903. Start to chase a red squirrel away
  904. Start to accept fish in sea abroad seem diseased
  905. Start song outside
  906. Start siege, developing plans
  907. Start replacing tons with grams in correct code
  908. Start replacing second half of trading area like slough
  909. Start putting on clothes for sport
  910. Start playing in attack when winning
  911. Start part of play thats about large vessel
  912. Start on satire, finish making lampoon
  913. Start old fashioned joke
  914. Start off having great influence, but score less than a hundred
  915. Start off fresh list
  916. Start off following artist over
  917. Start off bit before a dance
  918. Start off banquet as one at table
  919. Start of terrible hullabaloo in newspaper business
  920. Start of summer as break is most traditional
  921. Start of spring walk
  922. Start of record im frightened to hum
  923. Start of poorly paid job for one of the plebs
  924. Start of play about fighting
  925. Start of lesson, they bring in students
  926. Start of last over &mdash our players end in ignominy, being dreadful
  927. Start of last month turning very chilly
  928. Start of exciting film, a blockbuster
  929. Start of demolition in built up area that is on the indian ocean
  930. Start of beard with subtle changes
  931. Start of affair with next american goddess
  932. Start of a roman month
  933. Start january by visiting and opening base
  934. Start given to european entertainer
  935. Start eating, its freshly made
  936. Start eating most of finger, top of nail
  937. Start down you moved left with your back to the wall
  938. Start delivering goods in german city
  939. Start cooking or eating around one
  940. Start bland description of restaurant experience
  941. Start at one, working to produce primer
  942. Start assault
  943. Start and finish not clearly defined
  944. Start again and take for granted pressure is off
  945. Start again after a break
  946. Start a ximenean section for a to z connoisseurs
  947. Start &mdash to make an omelette
  948. Starship engineer leaving bed in a mess
  949. Starship captain caught with alien lady in place in 12
  950. Stars turning up in ordinary locations
  951. Stars seen around eastern indonesian island
  952. Stars performing outside brazilian port
  953. Stars make much use of unknown route
  954. Stars love hard boiled film genre retrospective
  955. Stars laid back in carefree surroundings
  956. Stars kept julies last umbrella for summer
  957. Stars from the french movie finally to confront awful lies
  958. Stars from old film genre turned up
  959. Stars dealing with a disease hooked by drugs
  960. Stars constantly yattering about brazilian port
  961. Stars also wandered, alpha moving
  962. Starry eyed setter visiting shop stocking article getting endless criticism
  963. Starry celebration given by commander in chief about time
  964. Starry cast rally, though not all
  965. Starry artists tell a reviewers hiding
  966. Typical sort of characters, as in serfs, maybe
  967. Typical places where children might play
  968. Type of truck where one could live and sleep
  969. Type of small house
  970. Type of race put down again
  971. Type of film only showing in visible and ultraviolet light
  972. Type of delivery members nail
  973. Type of bridge game
  974. Twofold bent over
  975. Two litres covered by one time liquid softener
  976. Twice yearly wife provides fruit
  977. Tv station expels new fashion designer
  978. Tv bulletin presenter
  979. Turnover, spectacular at first, is contained by pacific island
  980. Turned to source of celebrity gossip for tragic tale
  981. Turned quickly
  982. Turned grey, losing heart with assessment
  983. Turn of phrase endlessly quoted, flipping silly
  984. Turn into a fine spray
  985. Turkish delight at last after starter of olives, am not upset
  986. Tune laura composed in the buff
  987. Tumbled over boarding train with possible classmate
  988. Try, with great effort
  989. Try gin and it mixed by tenor extremely tasty substance
  990. Trustworthy channel
  991. Truncated opening feature
  992. Trotters supported animal home after altruist, essentially gets out of practice
  993. Tripod placed over a fire for a pot to stand on
  994. Trio into a ban might turn out to be this
  995. Trinket taken from jug &mdash gift we might pick up
  996. Trimming faulty tile with nhs emblem
  997. Trimmed unnatural river structure
  998. Trigger gets on the radio show highlights
  999. Trial examination
  1000. Trendy, not quite trendy, or affectedly trendy
  1001. Trendy way one student mostly identifies academy
  1002. Trendy girl coming out, student ultimately needing a loan
  1003. Trenchant acute
  1004. Trench in meadow ending with silt
  1005. Tremendous hooter squeezed by husband in middle of night
  1006. Tread boards in leading parts at criterion theatre
  1007. Treacherous behaviour
  1008. Trap found in a bundt
  1009. Transport tom hired, right for a month in paris once
  1010. Translating english literature, pens second half of proverb
  1011. Transfer a stolen design for spout
  1012. Traitor defended by arthur atkinson
  1013. Train of thought in the advertisement ensnaring customer finally
  1014. Train from london to paris, brussels or amsterdam
  1015. Trade union offensive limiting mine corruption
  1016. Trade disc and record for sticker
  1017. Track has one slipping, left abandoned
  1018. Toy with some fish, say its not a fish
  1019. Toy weapon has unusual rings to crack safe
  1020. Toxophilites missile
  1021. Tousled beauty had fun avoiding romeo
  1022. Tough peacekeepers, brave
  1023. Touching your ears is old idiosyncrasy
  1024. Touch lean on
  1025. Total body of work
  1026. Tossing carrot to black kid in golf
  1027. Topless italian has to tickle bottomless numskull
  1028. Top off, cook
  1029. Top money for us chain
  1030. Top grade hiding a sign of infamy
  1031. Top clue cunningly constructed this one is word wise
  1032. Tool for grasping and lifting
  1033. Too many bottles in dustbin, generally
  1034. Too keen to get on
  1035. Tonys project hercules might not have welcomed
  1036. Tommy betrayed that is right
  1037. Toff in uniform was in the army secretly
  1038. Tobacco in tin used up
  1039. To trust ones instincts when cycling in paris, one rang some bells
  1040. To lower in status
  1041. To hand
  1042. To expel almost all of gang is hard
  1043. To all appearances
  1044. Tiring of long distance flights
  1045. Tires standards
  1046. Tips for hot weather clothing cease to convince
  1047. Tip off old prince essentially fbis given up
  1048. Tiny little daughter fighting shark
  1049. Tiny contribution i&rsquo d placed in bowl over by clock
  1050. Tiniest particle in balance
  1051. Timid, frightened
  1052. Timid setters crossing river
  1053. Time to crush online troublemaker
  1054. Time off saved duty at work
  1055. Time limit for buying food products
  1056. Time in new york, jangling
  1057. Time for ironing
  1058. Timbre enthralling traveller born to find instrument
  1059. Tie game would that be a letdown in medieval times
  1060. Tidal river wave
  1061. Thumb through short tome with doubled ring binding
  1062. Through seawater ploughed giant ship
  1063. Thrilling to catch cold
  1064. Three legged rugby player
  1065. Thought fun is late starting
  1066. Those there
  1067. This person, about to stop affair, is creator of 27
  1068. This is healthy food, yet weight increases wildly
  1069. This forced one to take the stairs, thus getting exercise
  1070. This compiler brought up aim to improve
  1071. This childish fight can escalate rapidly
  1072. This beast ultimately tried to attract partner and swaggered
  1073. Think company will have special appeal amongst spectators
  1074. Things you ought not to tell
  1075. Things provoking activity
  1076. They discern thoughts of fear stopping workers going underground
  1077. They create undue anxiety
  1078. Theres still hope
  1079. There is real trouble when these open
  1080. Their own pants became threadbare
  1081. Theatrical and exaggerated frenchman in beret
  1082. The way travelled reportedly
  1083. The thing i just saids rubbish, husband admitted
  1084. The tanks destroyed asian city
  1085. The seven seas
  1086. The pools could disguise these awful pits
  1087. The opposite of how milton wrote
  1088. The old republican is beginning to trust no practical person
  1089. The met office
  1090. The mans receiving little knock in instances of corporal punishment
  1091. The implication is one would let in old scottish lord
  1092. The girl, artist after return cut
  1093. The french healer reserving time for teacher
  1094. The first person to get cloned is an internet hit
  1095. The fellow grabbing old garden tool
  1096. The driving idea originally conjured up for supposed royal prerogative
  1097. The crux of marrying is trust
  1098. The authorities collaring lawyer on calais street wish they hadnt
  1099. The 1d
  1100. Thawing of icy relations
  1101. Thats highly unlikely, say watson and holmes shortly
  1102. That strange london lecturer must leave after cool event
  1103. Thailands currency in difficulty
  1104. Text rules announcing what could reduce the wages of sin
  1105. Text about new hit fashions
  1106. Test clothing case right for several players
  1107. Tempter in legend with hamlet not represented
  1108. Teletubby twice to regret making comeback to make catchy music
  1109. Telephones heavy breather
  1110. Teetotal tyneside dons exonerate high street trader
  1111. Tease very loudly after tea
  1112. Tearier drunk in african country
  1113. Team initially charged games coach, say
  1114. Team in taxi missing reserves
  1115. Team getting on with protecting injury
  1116. Teacher meeting commanders in hot oppressive wind
  1117. Tax department underwriting american shows
  1118. Target of nepotism measures one&rsquo s time in office short
  1119. Taps with hard metal back one found in kitchen
  1120. Tapering container for grain, etc
  1121. Talks quietly to dogs slipping lead
  1122. Takes in tea brewed by son
  1123. Taken as read initially, something black
  1124. Take too much flipping dope, ecstasy and port
  1125. Take selfishly
  1126. Take pains as consequence and regret eating eggs on the counter
  1127. Take choir trip to jerusalem, say
  1128. Take charge of narrative, lifting a veil
  1129. Take back grappling iron left in a risky way
  1130. Take away ease, we hear, for occupier
  1131. Take away budgie smugglers or pump for answers
  1132. Tactful native american in western half of region
  1133. Tackle satirical sketch taking off society
  1134. Starring element
  1135. Staring rudely
  1136. Staring lecherously
  1137. Staring angrily at first person shouting on the phone
  1138. Stargazer adjusted ready made refractor&rsquo s tip
  1139. Starfish formed by a biochemical compound
  1140. Stares stupidly at bunch of fruit, having no resistance
  1141. Stared at inappropriately
  1142. Stared at and, yes, cried aloud
  1143. Stare, with old boy turning up in summerhouse
  1144. Starchy item returned to bar staff employed in spring
  1145. Starchy food rejected by european staff one employed in spring
  1146. Starchy class at lancing originally
  1147. Starch
  1148. Star, protecting a chum, being disciplined killer
  1149. Stars welcoming wave in barnet, meeting a hero
  1150. Star won regularly on scottish golf course
  1151. Star with lowered head a capes in need of a trim
  1152. Star with a gorgeous figure
  1153. Star whos the pick of the bunch
  1154. Star was right geldof put out sparkling irish product
  1155. Star victor mature making a comeback
  1156. Star turn finishing early after bow before our group
  1157. Star system group
  1158. Star suddenly expanding
  1159. Star students on the way up
  1160. Star sign giving protection to a shrewish woman
  1161. Star seen in massive gallery
  1162. Star round which we orbit
  1163. Star perhaps getting a black eye
  1164. Star performer, groom
  1165. Star of typography
  1166. Star of stage &mdash in rep originally &mdash on the up
  1167. Star of 1 across
  1168. Star not complete convert to compassionate eating
  1169. Star name, one adopting fashionable diet
  1170. Star name following a particular diet
  1171. Star mostly not eating dairy, meat, fish or eggs
  1172. Star more annoyed being in last place
  1173. Star mark for tropical resort
  1174. Star making record on champagne
  1175. Star making a return appearance in wigmore hall
  1176. Star keeping very cool when collecting a pat on the back
  1177. Star is left in america to bathe in publicity
  1178. Star in the king and i, classy lass
  1179. Star in film i rated
  1180. Star in cannes barely gets work
  1181. Star hides much being a deranged killer
  1182. Star guide to note
  1183. Star group
  1184. Star featuring in musical is terrific
  1185. Star exploding somewhat taken aback
  1186. Star element
  1187. Star doesnt go conversing in spanish
  1188. Star devouring liqueur its a slippery slope
  1189. Star cricketer, that man brown
  1190. Star cooped up, putting on some weight
  1191. Star characters in disney film
  1192. Star carrying animal to old japanese dictator
  1193. Star appearing in many westerns
  1194. Star and moon could be central parts of her world
  1195. Star and journalist sharply divided
  1196. Staple item on the early bird menu
  1197. Stanhope for one in time becomes mediocre
  1198. Stands in front of royals guards, at the start, going for their headgear
  1199. Standing stone stops e g pier collapsing
  1200. Standing in train, get flustered
  1201. Standing in bit of iguana dung, i step awkwardly
  1202. Standards of those who stop things happening
  1203. Standards of service right for inclusion by agents
  1204. Standards concerning member of the clergy
  1205. Standard heading
  1206. Standard, partially declining, is never going up
  1207. Standard used for comparison of 100 arty kids reviewed
  1208. Standard urn, say, for prize
  1209. Standard upheld by a druid priestess
  1210. Standard unit
  1211. Standard thing
  1212. Standard space to print and write ones name
  1213. Standard source of salt found in average cheese
  1214. Standard recipe for salmon
  1215. Standard post
  1216. Standard of wine drunk with journalist, eating a new sort of cheese
  1217. Standard of programme notes at symphony hall
  1218. Standard number assigned to soldiers
  1219. Standard menu elated both going out
  1220. Standard loom attached to knitted fabric, briefly
  1221. Standard french authors nonsense devoured by the famous
  1222. Standard for example aboard vessel
  1223. Standard fellow, eh
  1224. Standard element of mclarens ignition
  1225. Standard element of animation plot
  1226. Standard cut reduced
  1227. Standard clubs with refurbished interior
  1228. Standard carrying feeble column
  1229. Standard card
  1230. Standard car coat
  1231. Standard cattle
  1232. Stand in monarchs grin &mdash pretence, somehow
  1233. Stand in for monarch
  1234. Stand up to relax ones parts
  1235. Stand up to female champion
  1236. Stand up and look at very good dancer
  1237. Stand to succeed finally after lapse
  1238. Stand to sort out letters
  1239. Stand out around statesmen at summit as moral
  1240. Stand or move gently left
  1241. Stand on this, maybe, and see more yes, now encroaching heads shifted
  1242. Stand on the table using sword to protect nurse
  1243. Stand in part of theatre, including nationally acclaimed trio, initially
  1244. Stand in front of painter, nearly still
  1245. Stand for one reading in johns gospel
  1246. Stand for leadership of the youth party in free yugoslavia
  1247. Stand for leader of england with muscular back
  1248. Stand for body keeping our people in additional employment
  1249. Stand by manifesto
  1250. Stand after knock out in the manner of australian native
  1251. Stanch
  1252. Stance assumed by newspaper shows balance
  1253. Stan messes about in test
  1254. Stan maybe rejected slippery character
  1255. Stamp publishers name
  1256. Stamp, emboss
  1257. Stamp stuck to envelope portrayed heads
  1258. Stalwart tory earl shunned by camilla and her old man, mistakenly
  1259. Stalwart keeps returning as celebrity children&rsquo s tv character
  1260. Stalls, kiosks
  1261. Stalls of french poets works
  1262. Stallions back on course whereas this one isnt
  1263. Stall tags done, free to circulate
  1264. Stall rate increase
  1265. Stall in markets beginning to wind up
  1266. Stalks of threshed grain
  1267. Stalk us baseball players from the south
  1268. Stalk underground art whizz discovered by womens centre
  1269. Stalk spanish hero on the rise after exercises
  1270. Stalins enforcer concealed routine bugs
  1271. Stale wind sends american packing
  1272. Stake required, unlimited
  1273. Stake money on northbound underground before departure
  1274. Stake in poker
  1275. Stake blanched by the sun, perhaps
  1276. Stake a new note
  1277. Stairs to attic excellent
  1278. Staining, wet splashes &mdash trying red, perhaps
  1279. Stain ruined shiny material
  1280. Staightforward procedures involving one in poor health
  1281. Stags, does
  1282. Staggeringly wealthy
  1283. Staggering feeling giddy
  1284. Staggering excellent
  1285. Staggering, homes in on hooch
  1286. Staggering aft, infirm sailor may grasp it
  1287. Staggered round city time to be taken back into house
  1288. Staggered online talks describing aquatic mammal
  1289. Staggered entries will finally join up again
  1290. Stagger time with swimmer
  1291. Stagger back, giving lecherous look
  1292. Stagger back from park with painting
  1293. Stagger back and stare
  1294. Stagger around with the speaker
  1295. Stages run over street artist
  1296. Stages of a relay race
  1297. Stage yet to be erected, back to front
  1298. Stage work
  1299. Stage monologue
  1300. Stage left, for instance
  1301. Stage is plain to the audience
  1302. Stage in endlessly severe horse race
  1303. Stage in development of some workers at home getting sign of approval
  1304. Stage fellows carrying one end of banner
  1305. Stage favourites returned
  1306. Stage crew run over crazy ideas
  1307. Stage broadcast worry
  1308. Stage a robbery carrying tools
  1309. Stage a new abridged production of the cherry orchard
  1310. Staffroom paper undelivered letters quickly written
  1311. Staffordshire theme park
  1312. Staff’s methodology when hosting a travelling exhibition
  1313. Staff with energy travelled by bike
  1314. Staff turn tropical fruit
  1315. Staff trimmed in style
  1316. Staff train monkey
  1317. Staff touring area wrong to limit good advice to motorists
  1318. Staff that protect rebuilt city sure
  1319. Staff seen around a street
  1320. Staff reminder, no parking at the front
  1321. Staff regularly asleep its the drink
  1322. Staff regret accepting european money
  1323. Staff reaching a point with 50% of children going back into some form of education
  1324. Staff outside the italian financial centre
  1325. Staff on both sides of a street
  1326. Staff harbouring a fugitive that’s cuckoo
  1327. Staff given a hint uniform is missing cuff
  1328. Staff getting over adopting new musical movement
  1329. Staff getting bug possibly creates controversy
  1330. Staff drowning feeble king in watercourse
  1331. Staff cross when oscar is dismissed
  1332. Staff covering large garden at the back getting fertiliser
  1333. Staff comment on website
  1334. Staff coming around, but this would require filling
  1335. Staff allowed to get something to eat
  1336. Staff acquiring millions instant wealth
  1337. Stadium music featuring elo post break up, making comeback
  1338. Stadium housing second lima football team
  1339. Stack of dried grass
  1340. Stack beano at first with earlier back issue
  1341. Stableman at a coaching inn
  1342. Stable employee stole pants put on queen
  1343. Stabilising weights
  1344. Stab of pain
  1345. Stab at one by going mad
  1346. St paul&rsquo s type, perhaps, man racked with tension
  1347. St paul converted with a blunt instrument
  1348. St patrick initially harbouring english one in flight
  1349. St jude is their patron saint
  1350. St johns view as he converted sectarian
  1351. St john&rsquo s wort
  1352. Ss surrounding point to get runaways
  1353. Squirrel monkeys tree
  1354. Squirm, writhe
  1355. Squirm on tv and lie about dummy act
  1356. Squirm in pain
  1357. Squirm awkwardly around a nobleman
  1358. Squires way to cross blue river
  1359. Squire&rsquo s way right around county
  1360. Squire needs way to cross blue river
  1361. Squint, as overbearing editor receives tip from eccles
  1362. Squint at hairless horse
  1363. Squeezing hard, give relative a cuddle before beginning on tennis player
  1364. Squeeze garden into trimmed surroundings
  1365. Squeeze gallons into the tin, furiously
  1366. Squeal emerging from loose rocks by church
  1367. Squeaky sound cake ring
  1368. Squat plastered in refuse how stupid
  1369. Squat maybe located, it’s said, without planning
  1370. Squat in small enclosed space
  1371. Squash bullies leader complete lunatic
  1372. Square, where stone comes from
  1373. Square times its root
  1374. Square peg moved then to practise intuitive approach quickly, so to speak
  1375. Square loaf mostly devoured by old man
  1376. Square cut turns game
  1377. Square craft around naval unit
  1378. Squanders benefit on drink
  1379. Squander cash on account of what bookie offers then stop
  1380. Squalid type briefly performed
  1381. Squalid detectives set up man and woman
  1382. Squadron of small warships
  1383. Squabble over right to take on non professional course developer
  1384. Spymaster has the leading role in roguery
  1385. Spy pictures red frames getting on fine
  1386. Spy on street creating trouble
  1387. Spy novel feature good for analysing on couch
  1388. Spy no 2 in slovakia
  1389. Spy master is years in disguise
  1390. Spy knows russian ambassador never starts revolution
  1391. Spy is a polite fellow
  1392. Spy gets kind of crimson once covers blown
  1393. Spy contract
  1394. Spy agreed to support revolutionary operations
  1395. Spurs wanting a final point getting a stroke of luck
  1396. Spurs uncovered backing blocked by excessive regulator
  1397. Spurs game i must lampoon, ironically at first
  1398. Spurious plea in a report by prince harry
  1399. Spurge
  1400. Spur of the moment childrens game
  1401. Spur disc
  1402. Spruced up politician nosily investigated coats
  1403. Spruce in deep hole removed
  1404. Sprinter, maybe, allowed to enter rearranged heat
  1405. Sprinter jinks round dog in dangerous races
  1406. Sprinted, heading off being tracked down
  1407. Sprint to catch red coach
  1408. Sprinkling small stuff
  1409. Sprinkle with chilli
  1410. Sprinkle black bird in parched area
  1411. Sprinkle powder
  1412. Springy, resilient
  1413. Springy hat worn by english non smoker
  1414. Springtime post thats danced around
  1415. Springing like cannibals with misplaced energy
  1416. Springier pants for putting on again
  1417. Springfield was 80% clean
  1418. Spring loaded door lock
  1419. Spring flowering woodland plant
  1420. Spring upon moving edges of cape
  1421. Spring treat, say, including special rates for one
  1422. Spring to ones feet, in case of arm being fat
  1423. Spring greens go mushy without nitrogen, yankee admitted
  1424. Spring frost after 2nd of april
  1425. Spring flowers i left out in winds
  1426. Spring day with easters first card
  1427. Spring bulb with blue flowers cheating harpy
  1428. Spring activity for the kids
  1429. Spreadsheet is superb, though not before easter
  1430. Spreads content leaving bloggers cycling thread on board
  1431. Spreading solace around after vacation &mdash social worker&rsquo s responsibility
  1432. Spread widely broadcast
  1433. Spread the word about stopping chap going mad
  1434. Spread scandalous information
  1435. Spread over spain
  1436. Spread out cycling absolutely not
  1437. Spread out breads after cover is removed
  1438. Spread out blind to get through
  1439. Spread in papers supporting city
  1440. Spread hay mans name
  1441. Spread goodness, except thursday
  1442. Spread for which i&rsquo d turned up behind schedule
  1443. Spread element of culture, say, enthralling english girl
  1444. Spread chord
  1445. Spread butter, with end of knife thats used to deliver liquid
  1446. Spread for drying
  1447. Sprayed with liquid in second dashed about
  1448. Spray, tip or pour mixture
  1449. Spray with greater frequency to cover rumpled suit
  1450. Spray son parking in heap of snow
  1451. Spray shrub briefly with last of insecticide
  1452. Spray over top of neglected church building
  1453. Spray knocks antelope back after short jump
  1454. Spray from can
  1455. Spray blue rinse all over the place
  1456. Spray around right shrub container at badminton
  1457. Spout on end of pipe
  1458. Spout english with german
  1459. Spouse detailed to return with catch
  1460. Spotted large number at church in past
  1461. Spotted in nude, wrong is only alleged
  1462. Spotted in audition for drama
  1463. Spotted heavyweight rising, getting killed
  1464. Spotted flyer in extremely tough attack
  1465. Spotted dogs beginning to follow detective
  1466. Spotted communist and went bananas
  1467. Spotted cat circle church group
  1468. Spots the french going after their neighbours charcuterie
  1469. Spots regularly ascended
  1470. Spots one charged with arson at last
  1471. Spots of youth
  1472. Spots mickelson finally securing hole in one on the contrary
  1473. Spots men carting bottles up
  1474. Spots in part of east london, as locals may pronounce it
  1475. Spots her majesty having a bit of bacon
  1476. Spots first of nuns entering a church
  1477. Spots all cheetahs need evidently, first of all
  1478. Spots a knight in church
  1479. Spot where we left musical instrument
  1480. Spot unwanted visitor in the garden
  1481. Spot the woman’s instrument
  1482. Spot the sack thats put on board
  1483. Spot suggestive of sixth sense
  1484. Spot stringed instrument without her
  1485. Spot storyline with school setting
  1486. Spot sort to use a keyboard
  1487. Spot politician going into mansion
  1488. Spot odd skinned fruit
  1489. Spot mature time of feeble mindedness
  1490. Spot journalist and paper giving false hope
  1491. Spot invaded by american bear
  1492. Spot if the criminal makes call after crime
  1493. Spot head of zoo taking computer studies
  1494. Spot greek character crossing junction
  1495. Spot good story involving people in a house
  1496. Spot former european currency
  1497. Spot fine, then jail for west indian
  1498. Spot english agent
  1499. Spot empty mousetrap in big house
  1500. Spot calcium used in cosmetic cream
  1501. Sporty type of male appreciative of painting etc
  1502. Sporty sort to deprive captain of tuppence
  1503. Sporty sort in form takes extraordinary run
  1504. Sportsperson held hostage by eleven terrorists
  1505. Sportsmen
  1506. Sportsmans father not taking sides, accepting foul shot
  1507. Sportsman left in enclosure
  1508. Sports results a large number
  1509. Sports players wife or girlfriend
  1510. Sports pitch boundary
  1511. Sports merchandise for sale as advertised on the radio
  1512. Sports field in service, or put out of action
  1513. Sports fans drink beers
  1514. Sports distressed satchel with note inside
  1515. Sports chiefs tucking into endless snacks and some sort of pudding
  1516. Sports broadcaster in state of shock
  1517. Sports blazer
  1518. Sports and live music venue
  1519. Sports administrators that ruin ground covers its just not cricket
  1520. Sporting venue, live, hosting international before end of game
  1521. Sporting god secured by the rack, or somehow enslaved
  1522. Sporting fixture on river is level
  1523. Sporting events matches
  1524. Sporting event having would be scorer
  1525. Sporting event for both profess­ionals and amateurs together
  1526. Sporting contest, though theres nothing in it
  1527. Sporting achievement
  1528. Sport receiving stolen goods
  1529. Sport tired, endlessly
  1530. Sport, mostly pleasant, involving curious old characters
  1531. Sport, and one reason its dire
  1532. Sport&rsquo s over fits horribly and dies
  1533. Sport you might get in butchers
  1534. Sport with swords
  1535. Sport with puck
  1536. Sport unexciting after ed departs, as one sees with rock climbing
  1537. Sport losing wifes attention
  1538. Sport left burden in a&e
  1539. Sport is conflict with referee finally intervening
  1540. Sport involving free fall
  1541. Sport involved in covering winter sports venue
  1542. Sport in post office, behold
  1543. Sport in los angeles annoyed english
  1544. Sport in dispute
  1545. Sport i abandoned that is extremely rough
  1546. Sport german helmet in execution
  1547. Sport drag, perhaps, at society dance
  1548. Sport available on large rescue vessel
  1549. Sport as a criminal activity
  1550. Sport and business degree here may be steps you can take
  1551. Spore producing organisms
  1552. Spooner’s journey from hive to flower causes minor irritation
  1553. Spooners turning instrument into closing material
  1554. Spooners to use motivational tactic getting a drink in america
  1555. Spooners to stay and work in garden extensively
  1556. Spooners to check appointments in order
  1557. Spooners sentimentality, something sweet providing inducement
  1558. Spooners parrot cuts back sticky treats
  1559. Spooners pale jewellery is conservative
  1560. Spooners other half meeting old king in confined space
  1561. Spooners music teacher hes six feet under
  1562. Spooners man with a beard in prayer
  1563. Spooners man contacted show again
  1564. Spooners male first aider reveals overall strategy
  1565. Spooners magical method to remove unwanted plants such as this
  1566. Spooners inundation chart provides protection from murky water
  1567. Spooners interpretation of penalty regulations in hopeless case
  1568. Spooners giving you a little fruit wedge
  1569. Spooners exposed worker &mdash one may get over the shock
  1570. Spooners european braves outdoor seating
  1571. Spooners dry grass, territory that would do for dog
  1572. Spooners crude technique thats used to send messages
  1573. Spooners corrupt father on tv makes portable furniture
  1574. Spooners composer gave money to servant
  1575. Spooners cleverly ignoring old eastern riposte
  1576. Spooners canadian diver could possibly have a second job
  1577. Spooners brown dress, its abandoned
  1578. Spooner&rsquo s requirement held aloft, reflecting needs
  1579. Spooner telling child to cry a river, possibly
  1580. Spooner says le pétomanes an object of historic interest
  1581. Spooner says cads loud music is why he cant start his book
  1582. Spooner said fire inexperienced tool
  1583. Spooner not allowed witchs purse
  1584. Spooner gets b, d#, f# permutations from these instruments
  1585. Spoon out extreme bits found in nasal cavity
  1586. Spools
  1587. Spool, sticks and string game for one
  1588. Spool for thread endlessly going up and down
  1589. Spooky spirit
  1590. Spooky group keeping people up in house of usher
  1591. Spooky entertainer left president following golf
  1592. Spooky condition is serene, somehow
  1593. Spooked, began to bury first of loot
  1594. Spook agent receiving shocking treatment having landed by river
  1595. Spontaneous aunt travelled by rail wanting independence
  1596. Sponsored set
  1597. Sponsors right to stop formula one dying
  1598. Sponsor and manager of public entertainments
  1599. Spongy sphere in middle of somewhere else
  1600. Spongy dessert knight tucks into after a drop of brandy
  1601. Sponge off others
  1602. Sponge falls over
  1603. Sponge asss back pleased expression
  1604. Spokespersons unwelcome in the outskirts of middlesbrough
  1605. Spoken to without notice to be prepared
  1606. Spoken part doctor originally played something fishy here
  1607. Spoken greeting to woman providing sanitation
  1608. Spoken for, val needing no introductions
  1609. Spoken about men in annual mass migration
  1610. Spoke quietly, announcing result of family injury
  1611. Spoke enthusiastically, as one with radical views about bible
  1612. Spoke briefly about hot biblical site
  1613. Spoilt, naughty child shown on tv
  1614. Spoilt brats broadcast
  1615. Spoilt bankrupt
  1616. Spoils trouser fabric, introducing drop of antique liqueur
  1617. Spoils look of tin openers
  1618. Spoil piece about old billys mate
  1619. Spoil mother rotten, initially
  1620. Spoil left overs then finish
  1621. Spoil jewellery, adding mottled effect
  1622. Spoil good welfare, having reversed plan
  1623. Spoil dissertation about malta
  1624. Spoil backing of legato bassoon piece
  1625. Spoil appearance of part of the cafe, disabled needing a lift
  1626. Splurge when in paris at end of june, visiting sister
  1627. Splurge in us city, initially with round of drinks
  1628. Splotched
  1629. Split, or stick together, being caught with time off
  1630. Split, one hundred remaining
  1631. Split wood remove to the periphery
  1632. Split vote in parliament
  1633. Split over leaving do
  1634. Split leftover capital
  1635. Split into thin sheets
  1636. Split in religious group that goes both ways
  1637. Split from leader of champagne socialists
  1638. Split from company at first, taking holiday, pocketing a grand
  1639. Split fifty fifty
  1640. Splenetic
  1641. Splendid wave
  1642. Splendid secretary who&rsquo s been in the family a long time
  1643. Splendid salesman aboard bus heading west
  1644. Splendid large university fred now recalled
  1645. Splendid guess
  1646. Splendid and attractive without catch
  1647. Splash out
  1648. Spitting feathers
  1649. Spiritual seeker uses my wand no end
  1650. Spiritual number brings in a grand, perhaps
  1651. Spiritual benefactor that is after information
  1652. Spiritual advice to moses in warehouse
  1653. Spirits senior officer takes two
  1654. Spirits initially not seen they may be here
  1655. Spiritless detainee an italian leader imprisoned
  1656. Spirited french not good digesting salmon
  1657. Spirit making process
  1658. Spirit vital to embellish our ideas
  1659. Spirit used in a bloody mary
  1660. Spirit ultimately haunting wide russian river
  1661. Spirit shown in march and november
  1662. Spirit shown by good party organiser
  1663. Spirit said to show spirit
  1664. Spirit of staff having mushroom turnover
  1665. Spirit of burlesque essentially, topless form of entertainment, with no lines
  1666. Spirit of belfast radio presenter
  1667. Spirit needed by animal trainer
  1668. Spirit is shown by the guardian boss, its alleged
  1669. Spirit initially prevailing in 17th century parliament
  1670. Spirit in bottle, german one, say, upended
  1671. Spirit in bottle in egypt arising
  1672. Spirit haunting a hall of justice in battle
  1673. Spirit behind someone elses work
  1674. Spirit and resilience
  1675. Spirit abuse needs to be cut by half
  1676. Spirit &mdash a small measure fellow&rsquo s consumed
  1677. Spiral horned south african antelope
  1678. Spiral galaxy
  1679. Spiny sea creature with five or more arms
  1680. Spiny lobster without large claws
  1681. Spiny creature aunt ogles in unseemly fashion
  1682. Spiny australian mammal
  1683. Spinning led to detective twisting muscle
  1684. Spinning basket for bear
  1685. Spin tail of monkey in metal frame
  1686. Spin senior put out is a con
  1687. Spin monsters going forward
  1688. Spin jar filled with last of mercury
  1689. Spin dry theatre ruffle
  1690. Spin dry fabric, causing worry
  1691. Spin doctor lacking degree becomes university official
  1692. Spin around and arouse cad after taking stimulants
  1693. Spin a lot of rubbish
  1694. Spilling 17 under rolling sea, into liquid annihilation
  1695. Spill valve discovered in this place
  1696. Spill the beans many pupils have not been here much this year
  1697. Spill lime and soda over men returning to supply toilets
  1698. Spiky plant found in country estates
  1699. Spikes a penniless western gunfighter
  1700. Spike in rent around end of month
  1701. Spies working for more than one side
  1702. Spies soprano centre stage, wandering around
  1703. Spies seize retreating councillor roughly
  1704. Spies reported pancake mixture being used to make bread
  1705. Spies on family to obtain material
  1706. Spies following lead casing the french port
  1707. Spies blemishes on skin
  1708. Spies among latinos oddly withdrawn
  1709. Spied moving towards lake, scatter
  1710. Spider mans skin layer
  1711. Spider mans inner skin layer
  1712. Spider silk
  1713. Spicy sausages go with italian lager
  1714. Spicy pakistani cuisine with food cooked in a karahi
  1715. Spicy food pioneer cooked, keeping very quiet
  1716. Spicy dishes converted to sugar
  1717. Spiced stew of various meats and vegetables
  1718. Spiced rice, alluring eastern cuisine just having seconds
  1719. Spice feature of christmas morning, second to be consumed
  1720. Spice, mainly from indonesia, made by grinding seeds of an evergreen tree
  1721. Spice used in chilli and curry powder
  1722. Spice up writer
  1723. Spice up routine crime, perhaps
  1724. Spice teachers initially misidentified, say
  1725. Spice starts to change unappetising milkshake into nectar
  1726. Spice is something extracted for an indian
  1727. Spice is new dope inhaled by deep purple
  1728. Spice girls bit of leopard print clothing radical originally, yes
  1729. Spice girls a little sad about track
  1730. Spice girl starts to booze aboard becks yacht
  1731. Spice girl goes over old hit, occasionally sounding tuneful
  1732. Spice fanatic sending over excellent specimen
  1733. Spice children initially think the world of
  1734. Spice assessed and softened by soaking
  1735. Spherical map of earth
  1736. Sphere function
  1737. Spent seven days speaking
  1738. Spent nothing out, presumably
  1739. Spent freely, reportedly, being depressed
  1740. Spendthrift set get 23 24 with 50% off
  1741. Spending proposals
  1742. Spending little, squad left for the uk
  1743. Spending a billion, bribe aristo
  1744. Spend the night a lot of corsets dispensed with
  1745. Spend some time relaxing in shanghai
  1746. Spend money to secure lessings first dramatic work
  1747. Spend good day in southern utah
  1748. Spend a very long time finding way through building
  1749. Spend
  1750. Spelling system that uses first half dozen letters
  1751. Spelling expert corrected errors checking compliance with english
  1752. Spell single word for scrabbles elementary rule
  1753. Spell of maidens during match
  1754. Spell of cold weather eventually penetrating the joint
  1755. Spell failure for this shooting style
  1756. Spell at the wicket
  1757. Speed trap
  1758. Speed of ships west of promontory
  1759. Speed of racing driver going flat out
  1760. Speed last of dinner gets consumed
  1761. Speed in heats, uncommon
  1762. Speed head of police found in bust at quarters
  1763. Speed effortlessly through part, not needing this
  1764. Speeches that close with pious elegy, mostly moving
  1765. Speeches from congress
  1766. Speech marks out quest to obtain love
  1767. Speech happening during summer month on russian river
  1768. Speech extolling a group we&rsquo ve left
  1769. Speculator, denying role in collapse, causes trouble
  1770. Speculator initially selling tin and gold
  1771. Speculation lacking in celebrants likely garb
  1772. Speculation about everyone dancing in classical style
  1773. Speculate about reserve, where prices fall
  1774. Spectacular action of disenchanted workers
  1775. Spectacles leg, rotten, twisted
  1776. Spectacles in time slipped into bill gatess trousers
  1777. Specs, oddly found outside home for writers
  1778. Specious financial saving
  1779. Specious excuse from platoon leader regarding message
  1780. Specimen not originally large enough
  1781. Specify putting giants pants in river
  1782. Specify page concerning writer
  1783. Specified son with copy from author caught in act
  1784. Specifically what makes blood thicker than water
  1785. Specific word in song briefly captivating trekker
  1786. Specific type of dramatic poem ibsen wrote
  1787. Species of kipper under water plants essentially hidden
  1788. Species of european bunting
  1789. Specialist sending back anything thats not thin and green
  1790. Specialist on underground, extremely pleased with herself
  1791. Specialist hospital in pleasant surroundings
  1792. Specialist form of taxation that man supports
  1793. Specialised market in organic hemp
  1794. Specialised hospital, charming nurses
  1795. Specialised hospital takes on delicate case
  1796. Special website bringing together information from diverse sources in a uniform way
  1797. Special way of doing something
  1798. Special team&rsquo s request in english court overturned
  1799. Special study in two facing pages
  1800. Special strategy game mostly involves me in plans
  1801. Special soul music from jamaica
  1802. Special significance
  1803. Special set of circumstances
  1804. Special sailors regret to retire destroyer
  1805. Special remedy for a fingerpicking style
  1806. Special position of hotel in 15 location
  1807. Special long needle
  1808. Special issue of magazine promotes subversive acts
  1809. Special issue arisen around cover of hindu meals
  1810. Special invite including musical drama producing no effect
  1811. Special hood is not a nice look
  1812. Special honey extremely likely to be fragrant
  1813. Special gin in cocktail this might be a plus
  1814. Special gift capone put in marquee
  1815. Special fuel, i hesitate to say, that&rsquo s given away too much
  1816. Special english scripture tailored to anglicans is something all used
  1817. Special elite force about to take by assault
  1818. Special educational needs bothered governing body
  1819. Special ceremony is featured in writer’s activity
  1820. Special catering arrangement for assembly
  1821. Special case to carry the blade
  1822. Special border plant
  1823. Special artists event for an old cross dresser
  1824. Special aptitudes
  1825. Spears eaten as a vegetable
  1826. Speared by zulu, the rancorous protestant
  1827. Spear like shape formed by the freezing of dripping water
  1828. Spear featuring in anglo saxon epic given to icelandic leader
  1829. Spear a fish
  1830. Speaking plainly, not top level
  1831. Speaking incessantly and fluently
  1832. Speakers pretty terse before start of speech
  1833. Speakers earnings corrupt post holder
  1834. Speaker&rsquo s fully absorbed, stuck into paper
  1835. Speak, under pressure, in golf club
  1836. Speak, for example
  1837. Speak unfavourably about traffic outside fronts of university colleges
  1838. Speak to daughter wearing a formal garment
  1839. Speak softly by small dogs cage
  1840. Speak slowly, line getting to drag on
  1841. Speak rudely to underworld god
  1842. Speak pompously about knight decorated
  1843. Speak of sin restraining love
  1844. Speak indistinctly, losing marks at first, say
  1845. Speak in lazy manner
  1846. Speak in a sharp angry tone
  1847. Speak impolitely about norfolk town
  1848. Speak harshly of underwear yen
  1849. Speak fondly of exclusive story being uncovered
  1850. Speak dramatically
  1851. Speak badly of wound one can&rsquo t directly see
  1852. Speak badly of drug, taken regularly in tiny amount
  1853. Speak at length with enough for meeting, no question
  1854. Speak at length about trivial matters
  1855. Speak after bartender initially identifies one who spills a lot
  1856. Speak about march returning sooner or later
  1857. Speak about democrat and liberal with regret
  1858. Spattered red wine covering complete quilt
  1859. Spatter around liquid dispenser
  1860. Spate
  1861. Spat, receiving a plumber&rsquo s latest list of charges
  1862. Spat out everything, but sent back taro, as predicted
  1863. Spasmic noise this
  1864. Spartan character too short to reach medicine bottles
  1865. Sparseness of sun god, rodneys gutted about it
  1866. Sparkling old friend with energy and fragrance
  1867. Sparklers kill
  1868. Sparkler hastily shortened at each end
  1869. Spark second girl to secure one collection of books
  1870. Spark is appropriate around scottish chimney, on reflection
  1871. Spare shillings taken by pawnbroker
  1872. Spare rooms at last given to uncle
  1873. Spare part nice used in one that goes flat out
  1874. Spare let youll have to book
  1875. Spare key, yours some time ago
  1876. Spare fire
  1877. Spare cash initially wasted, minor problem
  1878. Spare bishop from inconvenience
  1879. Spare balls help when covers are taken off in match
  1880. Spar with clever dicky over money for pm
  1881. Spar put in advertisement for e mail manager
  1882. Spar on the front of a vessel
  1883. Spar joining front half of ship to rear
  1884. Spanners good held by new union member
  1885. Spank husband mixing with riff raff
  1886. Spanish youth rejected by an upper class welsh girl
  1887. Spanish translations of the girl
  1888. Spanish team, formerly
  1889. Spanish seaside
  1890. Spanish romantic painter, d 1828
  1891. Spanish queen, the first murder victim in one&rsquo s city
  1892. Spanish punch
  1893. Spanish operetta can be ones dish
  1894. Spanish mate advanced with dynamism on m1
  1895. Spanish masters year in indian state
  1896. Spanish man clutching at politician
  1897. Spanish location in iberia’s foremost business area
  1898. Spanish line on mat for waltzer, did you say
  1899. Spanish lecturers undressed in lounge
  1900. Spanish landed estate i had acne
  1901. Spanish island business located in iowa
  1902. Spanish hero extremely equivocal with detectives
  1903. Spanish hero cut up about rival finally heading north
  1904. Spanish girl, half cut, covers bed in cheese
  1905. Spanish gentleman with important animal
  1906. Spanish gentleman concealed goal stupidly
  1907. Spanish edict sister spies me breaking soon
  1908. Spanish drink its okay for the french
  1909. Spanish dictator, d 1975
  1910. Spanish dancers percussion instrument
  1911. Spanish dance a fond nag
  1912. Spanish currency unit from 1868 to 2002
  1913. Spanish conquistador who toppled montezuma, 1519
  1914. Spanish conquistador
  1915. Spanish article about silver english coin once
  1916. Spanish architect, greatest expon­ent of catalan modernism, d 1926
  1917. Spanish 2 down
  1918. Spaniard, no longer with man u, quits team
  1919. Spaniard to make departure twice
  1920. Spaniard possibly to pass on turn
  1921. Spaniard maybe in east london semi, soon to move
  1922. Spain you once granted a small opening
  1923. Spain excluded from distribution of air miles, libya likewise
  1924. Spain broadcast sitcoms about working for financial experts
  1925. Spain agreed to host entire broadcast for private viewers
  1926. Spaghetti, perhaps mostly cooked al dente followed by a custard tart
  1927. Spades have lodged in the ground
  1928. Spacious, well ventilated
  1929. Spacious yachts first to tie up, heading north
  1930. Spacing ring
  1931. Spaces next to where one sleeps
  1932. Spaces hosting essential part of repeat performances
  1933. Spaces covered by two dimensional surfaces
  1934. Spaces aboard for officers suits
  1935. Spaced out grandchild looking up to get food
  1936. Spacecrafts return phase
  1937. Space time tunnel
  1938. Space vacated after journey including a trek
  1939. Space to stretch, sleep regularly, and prepare
  1940. Space to stretch out when sitting
  1941. Space to reverse round front of traction engine
  1942. Space programme&rsquo s latest look amazed
  1943. Space professors way of putting things
  1944. Space on bus is potential road home
  1945. Space in front of bay to take ship
  1946. Space group of journalists provides leader
  1947. Space given to lean recruit
  1948. Space for transubstantiation, not the front of church
  1949. Space for entertaining
  1950. Space for bears friend to get married
  1951. Space close to patient with bad disorder
  1952. Space at front of border for plant
  1953. Space and opportunity to replace henry with tragic king
  1954. Space age opportunity for school leavers
  1955. Space role
  1956. Spa city
  1957. Sozzled, rich upper class lady taking water under pressure
  1958. Soviet unions leader after lenins death in 1924
  1959. Soviet union president, d 1982
  1960. Soviet satellite, launched 1957
  1961. Soviet police man breaking sticks off
  1962. Soviet official giving order to young woman in taxi
  1963. Soviet minister gets second great deal over extracting erbium
  1964. Sovereign taking a nation in the wrong direction
  1965. Sovereign in charge is unrestricted
  1966. Sovereign english politician meets on ship
  1967. Sovereign added to rotten bid
  1968. Southwestern research station lists cakes
  1969. Southwark infirmary for men only
  1970. Southernmost point of chile
  1971. Southern wine brewed for strength
  1972. Southern vineyard penny managed had reservations
  1973. Southern tourists solvent
  1974. Southern states that seceded from the us in 1861
  1975. Southern state utterly into bondage
  1976. Southern sailor is a celebrity
  1977. Southern queen with capacity to grasp bishop&rsquo s argument
  1978. Southern plonk promotion it ignites
  1979. Southern peninsula in part of modern russia
  1980. Southern native american rock formation
  1981. Southern mariners guiding light
  1982. Southern greek character raised total
  1983. Southern fellow restraining endlessly caustic church worker
  1984. Southern fellow framing present is photographer
  1985. Southern european capital, not against producing pigment
  1986. Southern dish for pepper
  1987. Southern cleric, misfit, altered reflective judgement
  1988. Southern california city, a major naval base
  1989. South west spanish port
  1990. South east asian snack food
  1991. South east asian fellows upset young arab
  1992. South east african country, formerly nyasaland
  1993. South east african country
  1994. South pacific island country, gaining its independence from new zealand in 1962
  1995. South pacific country, where prince philip was revered as a spiritual figure
  1996. South carolina mounts western trophies
  1997. South and central american wildcat
  1998. South american writes about the german underwear
  1999. South american scrambled up ravine
  2000. South american palm
  2001. South american natives mostly feeling affection on vacation
  2002. South american mammal related to raccoons
  2003. South american greeting tasty asian dish
  2004. South american greeting snack food
  2005. South american garment
  2006. South american figure turned up at four after end of debate
  2007. South american fellow seen, a rogue
  2008. South american dictators, not a model of industry, are lecherous types
  2009. South american city body almost accepting investment from american
  2010. South american chap, 29, main lessee
  2011. South american bloke at home in most of district
  2012. South american beaver like rodent bred for its fur
  2013. South american author regularly dreads being shelved
  2014. South african right to eat fish
  2015. South african of dutch ancestry
  2016. South african hill
  2017. South african club has male member that is touring irish county shortly
  2018. South africa to override the church in power it makes me sick
  2019. South africa embodies england for her, on reflection
  2020. Souse
  2021. Sourpuss runs in hackney
  2022. Sources of words given by new user a hit
  2023. Sources of wood used around part of window frame recalled garden items
  2024. Sources of whisper, hushed, in rolls royce sound of engine
  2025. Sources of riesling in oppenheim just any wine
  2026. Sources of comfort only found lining fashionable shoes at first
  2027. Source, i heard, honestly come by
  2028. Source regarding series to see in paris
  2029. Source of wipeout unfortunately near skier
  2030. Source of water put in a favourable position
  2031. Source of water distributed later in wales
  2032. Source of warmth on 5 november
  2033. Source of tremendous intelligence no
  2034. Source of thread in suit woven for someone from central africa
  2035. Source of thames produced water for river
  2036. Source of sugar working for old cook
  2037. Source of stimulation
  2038. Source of steel block fool contaminated with copper
  2039. Source of starch fool put in spanish fizz
  2040. Source of spectators impulse to create powerful rush
  2041. Source of shots being set up in part of pub
  2042. Source of sharp pain repeats &ldquo ooh &rdquo when stricken
  2043. Source of red and white red and navy, i fancy
  2044. Source of power is ambiguous, following nationalist uprising
  2045. Source of poison near suspicious deaths
  2046. Source of petroleum as strand is developed
  2047. Source of oil on end of mantelpiece, alongside source of milk
  2048. Source of news heard in 1045 and 1115, for instance
  2049. Source of natural gas
  2050. Source of metal behind tree on land
  2051. Source of magnesium found in drink from reservoir
  2052. Source of light to cry over
  2053. Source of light recognised at first in old christian society
  2054. Source of light a big hit in space
  2055. Source of issue among computer users
  2056. Source of interest, you said with more confidence
  2057. Source of intelligence, say, government picked up, discounting russia’s leader
  2058. Source of inspiration right behind miners&rsquo union&rsquo s top figure
  2059. Source of inspiration in lecture, having switched sides
  2060. Source of ink to mark sheep arcane symbol
  2061. Source of great authority
  2062. Source of grapes, fish and sour tasting liquid
  2063. Source of food for the deprived
  2064. Source of flour used to make dough
  2065. Source of flavour in beer &mdash the culminating touch
  2066. Source of first introduction that rhymes
  2067. Source of electrons gamble successfully handled, picked up over a year
  2068. Source of colour initially absent in artificial silk
  2069. Source of chefs cooking fat causing wind
  2070. Source of caviar, found in the black and caspian seas
  2071. Source of apple tree to fix product of apple tree
  2072. Source of antiquated writings stocks a hoard
  2073. Source of a cuppa
  2074. Source arranged drugs for part of newspaper article
  2075. Sour disposition of us men, prigs being awkward
  2076. Sour cream offset with acid, nothing less
  2077. Soup recipe secured by painter
  2078. Soup for one on returning
  2079. Soup du jour its trimmings sustain first lady on run
  2080. Sounds upset over special meeting
  2081. Sounds like where jumpers might go, or where flyers go
  2082. Sounds like very big is better
  2083. Sounds from owls
  2084. Sounds from cats
  2085. Sounds coming from reactionary and half hearted session
  2086. Sounds beginning at the left part of the mouth
  2087. Soundly beaten
  2088. Sounding slightly twisted in spirit
  2089. Sounding similar
  2090. Sounding like, eg, a pager
  2091. Sounding like sensible questions
  2092. Sounding like a bird, not half quaint
  2093. Sounding hard, nothing has replaced one chapter in something easy
  2094. Sounding extremely ecstatic when given appropriate stuff
  2095. Sounding challenge to mount­aineer, money serious current issue
  2096. Sounded thrilled to have escaped, gradually having change of heart
  2097. Sounded like oxen or their burden
  2098. Sounded like christmas bells
  2099. Sounded from belfry oscar climbs there with an ape
  2100. Sound, as opposed to visuals
  2101. Sound upset, drunk, staggering
  2102. Sound unstressed after chief visiting was abused
  2103. Sound to cover expletive in unforgettable episode
  2104. Sound the horn going forward and reversing
  2105. Sound system bent trees round
  2106. Sound system adds nothing to car
  2107. Sound sleepers make love, getting up around noon
  2108. Sound shortened in shout to encourage maurice
  2109. Sound sad, vision being cut short
  2110. Sound quality of britain reduced in time
  2111. Sound quality coming from south west
  2112. Sound process identifying russian plain
  2113. Sound pleased with oneself
  2114. Sound pleased to turn up with expensive motor
  2115. Sound part of a transmitted signal