1. Sort of equal, perhaps, for a divine
  2. How hundreds have got fired
  3. How gloomy to have a twist in the inside!
  4. The way to get the fire going again
  5. To get something to fly with for a drawer
  6. Sounds as if there's something bloody there, but it's quite useless
  7. For the good of your health, get in abroad after it
  8. Just a little sign of harness
  9. Set off with the very best solicitor, perhaps
  10. Although there's not a tear in it, one is let having it for nothing
  11. Because about the edge, they're spoken in play
  12. Growths come back with what goes on ahead for the boater
  13. Please make use of it and cover it with water
  14. What a mouldy way of fishing!
  15. Yes, no fathers may be dismissed like this
  16. How one's enemies make one silly and get sick with insects
  17. Each 11 across it gets extremely small inside
  18. To be on a ship is enough to make one throw up
  19. Get down to it and get the smell away, perhaps
  20. Where he's e, it seems
  21. Even without feet it will get you up after half a century
  22. Can one feel so strongly about father's mills of the north
  23. What to do when you engine fails and you're all at sea
  24. 20 down comes to a certain end like this, and that's the end of it
  25. Not still what one gives one's tea
  26. Does 17 across in turn get a mark?
  27. It doesn't sound so like that
  28. Got up and put on a thing in rome
  29. For a change, get me up at last
  30. The indian father returns with pain
  31. To this place comes the lady's broken toe
  32. Is she putting her sword away with an object?
  33. A special order of late about the car
  34. 'e has got plenty at present
  35. After the turn of the tide they're bound to get charged
  36. At last in greece one gets round to turning a precious stone round
  37. Ceve? it all goes to show
  38. Place for a rainmaker
  39. One always weds before them
  40. Oil starts them for oil
  41. Arrive at the northern rut, perhaps
  42. Make the most if it, by the sound of it
  43. Jean webster's daddy had them
  44. The boy gives promises to pay to get the side out
  45. Even with such a shed one would be homeless
  46. Such a bar is back, i see, and is foreign, in a manner of speaking
  47. There's little bits in the paper after the wedding
  48. Short leave from the university
  49. Pussy plays around the backward artist and falls
  50. The holy ones are the hard ones
  51. The turn was the end for cutting over the hole
  52. Boasting about the way to blow an endless stick up
  53. Before tea jewish peter comes
  54. Not likewise, i had tttttttttt, perhaps
  55. Seems that ian is a blooming good chap
  56. It takes sinew to finish in weight like this
  57. A short? don't mention it
  58. Raphanus sativus, cultivated for its pungent edible root
  59. One has the will to give the hill a trial
  60. Where there's firing, roughly speaking
  61. Sorry that there's only one-ten among the pennies
  62. Infusion of an e, that's what it is
  63. Cut the polish in on the keyboard
  64. Have to get together with 'er
  65. Write it in the sea, in a manner of speaking
  66. It gets set for the start
  67. If one had swallowed this, one might catch up with ae
  68. Originally for itinerant farm workers, a cottage or hut in the scottish highlands, mountains or remote parts of britain as a refuge or temporary dwelling
  69. To this it's namely clever
  70. Genista nova for the sweep?
  71. One might blooming well get to the north back there
  72. Not the 31 across way in which painting comes up to ulster
  73. There's no tripe i'd ruin like this
  74. They may get hipped at having the soil mixed around 3 down, in short
  75. Scottish river, quiet and extending far down
  76. Not, by the sound of it, not granny
  77. She had ruddy little in this to bring to granny
  78. You'd never peer at one such
  79. It's handy when it comes to blows
  80. Earth's gravity-bound life-supporting blanket of gases comprising nitrogen, oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide
  81. That sounds comparatively like a master of ceremonies
  82. Did she keep her maiden name on her bicycle?
  83. Yes, never rasher with fat like that
  84. It's so healthy in the country
  85. There may be something the matter to make so free about the street
  86. Sick inside of faults
  87. It's so moving to play one on this
  88. I.e. it's there for the west or the east
  89. It's not that hard, see?
  90. It's got a crust, thanks to michelangelo having carved it
  91. She gets to the point
  92. That might be the done thing with a literate witch
  93. To a degree they used to be in britain
  94. Heads of american classified counter intelligence damage friendly country without meaning to
  95. There is a tough fibre in the girl
  96. 2017 biographical comedy-drama film starring judi dench and ali fazal
  97. Cate is about to get the last letter that was in america
  98. How hundreds get loose between one and one
  99. Will one get the total from the bench, perhaps?
  100. A member of the christian clergy in the catholic, anglican and orthodox churches
  101. How a hundred went off and got let off
  102. Bird with headgear
  103. The era of the common man? yes, there's the rub!
  104. Currently, mother is back with father in france
  105. Best animated feature at the 2018 oscars
  106. No need to be upstage when it brings things to a head
  107. The boy adjusts them so that they're let in
  108. How mean en can be!
  109. Give a new twist to the knock for 6 down
  110. Inform one in from there
  111. I got a van, i travelled north, fruitlessly
  112. Very well, that's in a well-known way
  113. Basil frequently insulted them in fawlty towers
  114. How a rut has given mother a bad shock
  115. More than twice as high as 1 across?
  116. Such music makes commercial fishing impossible
  117. Make it right, but it is right
  118. Still i could make this abominable
  119. Sounds as if i will do this for the bishop
  120. However dirty, pa could make it pale
  121. Is bad fish putting one out of action?
  122. Plays with matches?
  123. Batteries
  124. With 19-across cotton-eyed joe e.g.
  125. Comment like and now here's pam with sports. pam?
  126. That may not have been entirely accurate …
  127. ___ chandler four-term u.s. senator who helped found the republican party
  128. Master's follower
  129. Cum on feel the noize band 1973
  130. Cinephile
  131. Home of the big bear ski resort informally
  132. Could hair be so lengthy as this?
  133. Hangin' ___, new kids on the block hit
  134. Enrique ___ nieto former president of mexico
  135. Fashion portmanteau exemplified by wearing yoga pants all day
  136. Journalist whose mother father sister and husband all won nobel prizes
  137. Like a novel with a roguish adventuring hero
  138. It's caused by and contributes to stress
  139. ___ ko youngest player to be ranked #1 in professional golf
  140. They're known for their wrinkles
  141. Pulitzer-winning novelist ___ lurie
  142. Soup whose name rhymes with duh not dough
  143. Frankenstein setting
  144. Former u.n. secretary general waldheim
  145. Attempt to get to the bottom of what is very aabout to be saintly
  146. Something to teat a month back
  147. One might be shooting over such signposts
  148. Entirely crooked, like the gardens
  149. As it turns up very little, it's very smooth
  150. Potty tot learning it, i assumed?
  151. It's so fresh one might stir it in the pine
  152. Nothing but a plank not left on the dock
  153. Loving worries to start with
  154. That will last about the srtist relates to 2 down
  155. The present day has its charms, possibly
  156. What one does on the siding one might look for in the ship
  157. I am the first of them
  158. Piano in rail in spring
  159. It's for the horse to get his knife into the fish
  160. Stick out smashed
  161. Not planting, unplanting
  162. Will the container leave and have a gamble?
  163. Sheds inexplicably shut
  164. There's no odd invoice for this level trend
  165. First priest to be on time
  166. That's him or the big him there
  167. They sound affirmative and finish affirmatively
  168. It might get you in the habit to get it underfoot
  169. There's no spring in their rise and fall
  170. It's early to have such a smashing time
  171. Nael is inclined to do this
  172. It's smooth the way i catch it at the end of the week
  173. From the dugout to take a shot at round here
  174. That's what 20 down is
  175. In a sign of gratitude unable so to be set to music?
  176. Where there's no cheating with the buying and selling
  177. The man is a short one (2'1)
  178. How pentecost will not be up and may be on hand
  179. 17 acrosses, to a certain degree
  180. Enjoy dropping rubbish and go back for 3
  181. The prophet claims to be outside, initially
  182. What's the matter with a start-up of 28 down?
  183. What the honest chairman may be said to be
  184. Previously 12 across, perhaps
  185. This is said to be great in the mind
  186. No star could tear around ten like this
  187. Ith it leather for a thinger?
  188. Though untrained, got a pound for wages
  189. It may rock the boat to put anything so magnetic into the hold
  190. Is 'e (and all of us) so extremely singular?
  191. That gets a men sort of an end
  192. It's not the woof that is not the pigment that's not all of a piece, by the sound of it
  193. They're kind of in need of a pound so as not to be particular
  194. Might disc lose this?
  195. Might be at large and always disparage it
  196. It's not clear if it's the night sky
  197. One does not go with the fishers, perhaps
  198. The priest comes up north with friend in a springy sort of way
  199. See us with a boy? it's the usual thing
  200. There's just a tree in the whole of it
  201. Being obstructive in such a manner
  202. Blooming well means about one
  203. How the god comes up with his relation on his knees
  204. At last the boat is quite a draw
  205. One has to blow a lot for even such a cheap wedding ring
  206. Seems that i am the dog to criticise the north
  207. Dries up on horses
  208. Has one british parliamentarian got lots of property in ireland?
  209. It's a blow that it's such a mischievous thing to do
  210. Teh way ot ask ted if he was on ice
  211. It's compelling for that fellow, my father, to vote conservative
  212. One that has claws, by the sound of it, for the present
  213. In the tree trunk the teetotaller might get a drink from it
  214. It sounds as if in them it's meant to make one tight
  215. What a good meal for your pals, perhaps
  216. That might make one's drind cold - of sweet 99)
  217. A berth with this might only be
  218. They sound like welsh cries of distress
  219. Poor trousers around the sea
  220. The sign of a law degree comes between them and them
  221. Might the newspapers rue the squeeze of it
  222. Theres a fashionable mill in 'er
  223. It's my belief to do this agaiin after a century
  224. That gives a start to 11 across
  225. Not to forbid everything to sound painful
  226. What's to be done about the gun for the prisoner?
  227. It's no treat when they're all out of practice
  228. Mother is so doggedly unbending
  229. Within tent?
  230. After this crescendo, what a bore not to be on one's feet!
  231. Not a little swallow with something on its head at the bottom
  232. It gets carried back
  233. Formerly, about you one might make light of this
  234. What they do is 33 down, or a twisted sort
  235. That's in a 9 down
  236. According to byron, that lady is for burning
  237. With a gift, you and 'e get worn out
  238. Come again about that brute
  239. For sugar, there's nothing with us at ulster back here
  240. 10 across did this with the port of the mediterranean
  241. Does one like this? well, no, by the sound of it
  242. Have a smashing time with your bird and make it a score
  243. There was not a dam' thing left there
  244. Can the island turn up?
  245. Are these birds the cause of atmospheric pollution, by the sound of it?
  246. Get the lout confused and escape through it
  247. Just a little bit of a male little bird
  248. Wish the deity is up from the deep
  249. Rags
  250. Got around to making the alternative bed
  251. The spanish was polite, yet pushed its way it
  252. How the little figure goes, and that goes for adam and eve too
  253. It's not so odd this way
  254. Blocks what the hundered and fifty has for a meal
  255. It's proper to appear with the end of 34 across
  256. See you save this with the seer around
  257. That will help you to see the train smash around the east
  258. What the crab has makes it crabbed, perhaps
  259. It's fatal for caesar, i and desmond to be able to make 15 across
  260. A hundred are put on, by the look of it, with worry
  261. Lower the head of hte bird that has landed
  262. Do wrong and run this
  263. How trying this is, in a manner of speaking!
  264. Save in this as a matter of interest
  265. Is that the thing that makes great britain great? that's for the birds!
  266. Indeed it has been changed
  267. Did get slipped into the desk
  268. Sounds as if one might get fat at hens there
  269. It's not so odd at achill that there should be no list of this
  270. Give r a nudge for the noun from the verb
  271. The tin is in a hurry
  272. Global donation of dishwashing liquid
  273. Just one way to estimate how the boy can get arouond the extra stout
  274. What a pity she was so devoted
  275. How rats come to the top of the bill
  276. Sounds as if one has to pay to go on ahead
  277. Never close to write in an ode
  278. Given a thousand, molly would still not have had company
  279. What's left is wet, so keep it under control
  280. Please give us a song for medical purposes
  281. It's all one in a hard setting on board
  282. How to take things as a matter of course
  283. When over two, henry the fifth came before edward
  284. After it's lent it's laid
  285. All to the good to have them in the form of collections
  286. Get this underground with ten mixed in it
  287. Might one get to adore, by the sound of it, to be a downtrodden bully boy?
  288. Place frequented for holidays
  289. Rough and simple
  290. Tv or radio advert
  291. He's enough to make it short after being shortly incorporated
  292. Usual or habitual practices
  293. In a fundamental or basic way
  294. This is how, see, the earl gets time to be a 28 across for the church
  295. For a wound, 'e is sharp enough
  296. The police did read thsi about the remainder
  297. Are you on the gin, regrettably?
  298. That's the way to knock your friends back
  299. There's a child at the bottom of the slip
  300. Gee! make light of getting 3 down
  301. Got to being in pain once more
  302. Pack jack
  303. Yes, that's the way to make one of what's done
  304. How part of 21 across may be shed
  305. Lacking this it's not inside
  306. That's what 5 down's got
  307. Bring a 3 down to court, by the sound of it
  308. Dublin is so splendid
  309. Old writers point to outlay
  310. Mixed-sex code-cracking
  311. Drunkard reaches sea with hesitation
  312. That's twice as able to be be improper
  313. It's rude to turn the ends up
  314. One might get a grilling when there's some tea in middle of it
  315. Incentive for a donkey?
  316. Making fun of age isn't wrong
  317. Shout at graduate redneck extremist
  318. Soviet leader keeps eastern church in clemency
  319. People knotting lace and shreds
  320. At last, is there any more to make an examiner?
  321. Hurry along the street. how ripping!
  322. What comes down with an artist in it
  323. The black and the brown for ascot?
  324. At last she will take your breath away
  325. All for work, but at last for play
  326. Being overweight here, hundreds raised families
  327. This number sounds like one of 15 across
  328. Times does the about turn as it follows
  329. Once timothy is back, a number more will be on hand
  330. So it's disclosed that the work need be mixed up
  331. No pro could see tea afterwards and get less
  332. Where there's a part, together with its ridge
  333. Us university at cambridge massachusetts
  334. 1923 novel by p g wodehouse
  335. County of the republic of ireland; county town portlaoise
  336. Small eurasian tree with reddish-brown apple-like fruit
  337. Capital of ille-et-vilaine france
  338. Former french coin of low denomination
  339. 1960 film drama starring james garner and natalie wood
  340. 2011 action film starring alex pettyfer and timothy olyphant
  341. In poetry a metrical foot consisting of two long syllables
  342. 1995 novel by t coraghessan boyle
  343. 1748 novel by samuel richardson subtitled the history of a young lady
  344. Bob — winner of the 1986 pga championship
  345. River rising in northern france that flows through belgium into the north sea at nieuwpoort
  346. Is she rough enough to have a nun around?
  347. Samantha — 2011 us open singles tennis championship winner
  348. Team sport played on horseback
  349. The — 1999 film drama starring al pacino and russell crowe
  350. 1959 novel by miss read
  351. Rugby union wing; 1959 wales test debutant against england
  352. Salesi — rc narbonne and former australia northampton toulon gloucester and cardiff rugby union prop
  353. It's got sent in meaning, by the sound of it
  354. Under the church, i see, you'll find crosaire for one
  355. Sounds as if the officer has got a nut case around him
  356. They's a bit more than ten in the rates
  357. Musical sheets of paper, by the sound of them
  358. Perhaps spit knocks it over
  359. That's the academician i try to make unusual
  360. Don't let the leaves of the book go on as a result of strikes
  361. It would make a stinker or 'er to have one in stitches
  362. It will take the weight off her mind to be about just over fifty
  363. When it came down hard, one called to it
  364. The wet way with ted, notwithstanding
  365. Fir is
  366. The bald fact is that in the end it's stuffy
  367. Of course it's of use on the end of 19 down
  368. Full of goodness initially, but bad for visibility
  369. What one did in trousers when it was stuffy?
  370. You'd be out of your mind to hold things up with her
  371. They sang about 'er - it's all the rage
  372. 23 down with ireland - gee, that's provision of provisions!
  373. Park in which scotch landholder shoots man wandering about?
  374. You may count on getting a taxi up here with you and me
  375. Of late it's a smooth rise and fall
  376. Group member with access to secret seven letters
  377. Royal house of france ruling from the accession of philip vi to the death of henry iii
  378. It's a bit of a pest with 27 across
  379. Even when it's dry in hampshire you can water out of them
  380. See you, esso, for 19 across, perhaps
  381. Is that sailor, albert, in church?
  382. It's just a shade fishy to put one off with it
  383. Kept up to give it a different 7 down around us
  384. Fot the most part, ain't confused to be a supporter
  385. Leaderes of 23 down
  386. Such french spirit and an additional five hundred, you could have for one buck
  387. The extent of the volume
  388. You'd get at them in 1 across
  389. With h and this one might keep back the start of 1 across
  390. Seen through ten with the artist, you had
  391. You'd do wrong to be in that sort of a boat
  392. University city in wales, on the menai strait
  393. Sounds as if they're for sale
  394. Too old and too fat for the olympics there, by the sound of it
  395. The little one goes up and down
  396. Perhaps you'd need to be to get nuts in may
  397. One may be cocky and a little foul, by the sound of it
  398. Take your bat to an advertising phrase
  399. By the sound of them you'd expect them by the nile, but they're near the artic circle
  400. Saw that we were in the dive
  401. It gets sound
  402. Example made of mep since crooked
  403. Nails by the hundreds in the water
  404. Among poets 'e is foremost
  405. You'd be shocked at having to give a lad an apple
  406. Venerable news source
  407. From tiberius on [not a country!]
  408. They're just not right, you see
  409. It's got a point in the swine that you've been wanting
  410. Vietnam war commander [not a country!]
  411. Big name in western novels
  412. Agree formally
  413. River painted by cézanne
  414. For putting your money on? of course!
  415. Sounds as if, all told, they're up in the building
  416. Hail to no polish goon!
  417. He will succeed in time
  418. You might get a dose of it at last like this
  419. It's no go
  420. The writer is up to cut this to a relative extent
  421. That's a pup, a firm double on it
  422. To him you might swear there was nothing black to begin with
  423. That's a case or the teetotaller being just a pain
  424. He starts from ireland, but only here and there, not all over
  425. There's a hundred travelling around at the same height
  426. What the farmer reaps, with the help of the soil of greece
  427. This may be played with one string missing
  428. Now it includes men in anticipation of trouble
  429. Cpas entries
  430. Big 12 team count
  431. Lack of pain [not a country!]
  432. Out, perhaps
  433. End of darwins century
  434. Particle in a beam
  435. Inspiration for captain hook
  436. Lifetime parent
  437. Prefix that sounds pursuable
  438. Initial game payment
  439. Red-coated munchie
  440. Support gp founded under fdr
  441. In appreciation wiht palms
  442. Certain flat screen
  443. Like yosemites el capitan
  444. This might make me a cunning and mean thing
  445. Least serene
  446. Part of a babys repertoire
  447. When youll likely go, at sfo
  448. It's not a bit thick to start to let you get going with this
  449. Traditional spring beverage
  450. Native alaskan people
  451. Harvard laws addr
  452. Part-time paid player
  453. Little rogue
  454. It means combatting
  455. Espresso alternative
  456. Russian novelist who wrote anna karenina
  457. Travel record
  458. Tight curls
  459. Is that all that it's worth? not by the gross?
  460. Nickname like liz
  461. Arabic aloha
  462. The french dickens
  463. Trivial points
  464. Cbs series since 2003
  465. Where some chips are made
  466. Transfers to t-shirts
  467. Shylock or scrooge
  468. Scandinavian roofing material
  469. Traveling next to
  470. Heart of darkness, eg
  471. Deep south cuisine
  472. Hq for some pilots
  473. Lestat de lioncourt creator
  474. Fdrs price-control agency
  475. Reserve beforehand
  476. Game with infrared beams
  477. Org of the games
  478. Request for help of a sort
  479. Court rival of rafael
  480. Theyre often seen on trees
  481. City not far from etna
  482. Cousin of a club
  483. Invisible turnout?
  484. Burrowing swimmer
  485. Olive oyls mother
  486. Deep-dish delight
  487. Spy-fi pseudonym
  488. Initial release
  489. Small chocolate-covered candy
  490. Common russian prename
  491. Moccasin leather
  492. Nyse valuation stat
  493. One may assume it's charged, and that's where it is
  494. The south might go down on paper with this
  495. Joe —, actor who played henry goldblume in us television series hill street blues
  496. That's the wrong way to greet the idiot in the bath
  497. Maori name for the shrub dodonaea viscosa
  498. Father may get it around five to get the lifeboat out
  499. Does this give one the insight to see you in response?
  500. Bill is working it out
  501. One way to get the rag together
  502. Not female carriers, by the sound of them
  503. Sore by the shore
  504. In the bay, or lie crooked there
  505. What a sorry state!
  506. A suspicious protein for poisoner
  507. A term of respect encountered around large compound
  508. Are i as bad as can be in the treble?
  509. A volume about what’s retained by banks?
  510. Amusing person caught appearing later in sale
  511. Author's fictional land inspired by drink, something juicy written up
  512. Beautiful and delicate creature: mona lisa, perhaps
  513. Bereaved person needing suitable period to drop name
  514. Cancels dancing in full and finishes cancelling start of dancing
  515. Mount this in grease, by the sound of it
  516. Car blue, in one sense?
  517. Club that may follow club, loosely speaking?
  518. Companion suffering nip
  519. Crude advert, first to last, by communist
  520. At about to repair the people for a change
  521. Currency banked by doctor, a relative
  522. Current broadcast not working, so restricted
  523. When in bed, the slut was in a hurry
  524. Deceit conjured up over a drink
  525. Dizzy sensation to check one attempt? that’s about right
  526. Do say that which has been identified repeatedly in rant
  527. Dogsbody, an active digger
  528. First english printer, d.1491/2
  529. British writer losing some love for seducer
  530. Freak rains excited cape town residents?
  531. Grandee having note provided in marvellous opening of opera
  532. Hint army’s lacking rearguard and lead soldier
  533. Hurried in attempt to get to us city for its breakfast cereal
  534. In which one fuels spreading of cod malaise?
  535. Incombustible matter left in the fireplace
  536. Italy yet to be beaten after second half
  537. Jammy and eggy?
  538. Kitchen item that’s presented with an identical example
  539. Large hard sweet
  540. Legend behind uprising needing no introduction
  541. Like charities for 6, possibly, supported by royal
  542. Like to insert tongue, opening wide
  543. Little room on raised platform for more bananas
  544. Long fifth option at the atm?
  545. Love it, going climbing in county, returning again and again?
  546. Many a hitch with this attitude to unions?
  547. Medic heading off manager’s nonsense
  548. Get the boss on the phone at the circus
  549. E's about one foot in the water with them
  550. Mocking exclamation of laughter
  551. Money putting an end to tender hearts in love
  552. Murderer showing nerve for an american engaged in a crime
  553. Part of one arm is stuck, almost a disaster
  554. There's no end to the turn of the spike
  555. Physical discipline, very popular? past year shows regression
  556. Point-to-point on horse for young hunter's quarry?
  557. Seems that mother is at home for the most part
  558. Queen saying poisoner behaved like a chicken
  559. Citrus fruit used for marmalade and certain liqueurs
  560. Queen snubbed by lay reader unfortunately before
  561. Radio’s offering of news in musical format? it’ll do for the present
  562. Red wind instrument’s not popular
  563. Sight, hearing, etc
  564. Something red marked for attention of the chairman, last of post collected
  565. Source of his support filling senior politician with stoic indifference
  566. Stone bloke found inscribed with a note
  567. Stop holding it, miss
  568. Thinner sheep carrying fatter rump
  569. Those in opposition named jerks, accordingly on the periphery
  570. Transaction securing chrysler’s foremost car accessory
  571. Turn pipe down well!
  572. Underground material greeting last character entering european city
  573. Unusual living arrangements easier amongst freaks
  574. Water supply in blood, lose it!
  575. Wife escaping winding of twister, as bricks falling?
  576. __ novello, welsh composer and songwriter, d. 1951
  577. If it had a tail one might shorten it
  578. Is the broken fin dead? then blow it up
  579. Hostile behaviour and attitudes
  580. We are not at all amused by the decoration
  581. Eve's just about all right if one calls her up
  582. What one draws at the bar
  583. Feelings of late, by the sound of it, but not late
  584. Baby edward - that's when it added up to
  585. For john to take the chair, he needs to have five hundred in him
  586. Be you about to be without such a shiner?
  587. Interfere with the decoration, by the sound of it
  588. Just a thing - or one that is not agreeable
  589. This resin ate as one might chew
  590. Will the fairy do it up at the end of the sentence?
  591. When one counsel finished, he did not get down to it
  592. Sent around the gear with stripes
  593. How the doctor gets the same twist while asleep
  594. Try to get around the underclothing and the result will be grotesque
  595. I am a fence and going through with it
  596. The sort of hen that doesn't have feathers - just spots
  597. It's in 20 down, perhaps; it's how one comes into this
  598. Is it his gore that makes this so horrible?
  599. Heard from the herd, by the sound of it
  600. Using dishwashing liquid in the shower
  601. Not 2, no sound. how blissful!
  602. That's for the late tinotme
  603. One saint minus one won't give you the pip
  604. I'm grand and i give it to the newcomer
  605. Cornelius or dr. zaius e.g.
  606. Donald’s first secretary of state
  607. Victim of crank calls from bart
  608. Sounds as if you have to have a lie for this, but you don't have to
  609. It's on ahead
  610. Intelligence agency infiltrators
  611. Ford field squad
  612. Asset for investors and city drivers
  613. After a thousand that would be the end of the game on board
  614. How a hundred in addition may get to be a habit
  615. Ballerina descriptor
  616. Region disputed in the boer wars
  617. 1960s british prime minister douglas-home
  618. Co-star of parker davis and cattrall
  619. Great-aunt of archie george charlotte and louis
  620. Largest section of a risk board
  621. 2015 film that won the best picture oscar
  622. The boy is beginning to have strings attached 31 across
  623. The so-called dirty place was on ahead
  624. This isn't a lofty don't mention it
  625. Join the service perhaps
  626. Name on kilkenny coins
  627. Could one bear to sound in such a state?
  628. How stressful for it to be so wet at the end of the street
  629. The way i give you a hand is perfect
  630. It takes money to get up into the lough in a 33 across sort of way
  631. Might the little beast go for one, by the sound of it?
  632. And that's even more than twice as high
  633. Mount this above 1 down
  634. The case of a live bat
  635. Get ted to turn up around his little sister and stop it
  636. His this might be frightfully spanish
  637. Draw up the doctor at the stern
  638. If i got married, it would have made me lively
  639. Even the best of players may turn miserable
  640. Nothing that's on the eagle may be held
  641. Can you see that they can actually see, by the sound of them?
  642. One comes on line, but is not at it
  643. Nothing turns up in this throw
  644. The grain comes up, that is to say, for the eagle
  645. Not in favour of being canonised once more
  646. August people are increased by the addition of ted
  647. There might be a rum sort of such a blooming thing
  648. The young editor is back in feline form
  649. One gives employment - after a double century it would be for the prosecution
  650. Actually it's in this, or it's added to make it mathematical
  651. It's her turn to get fed, so put it in the oven again
  652. The wine gets charged, just a bit
  653. It needs a tug to stop at sea
  654. A tory would help to let such nonsense get around
  655. Thsoe grand mountains - what a wallop!
  656. That would put an end to 8 down
  657. May have corn on or in it
  658. Hide the past under the whale to a blooming extent
  659. Carry on course
  660. On this of for over two
  661. It sounds heavy enough for reg to have come back with it for the book-keeper
  662. As usual, she gets a pound
  663. Something to play for the singer
  664. Such a drill would be dull
  665. Might this fly up for 10 and 0?
  666. One underground working in ten gets to be so well known
  667. A brace for 4 down?
  668. The former morning for the trial
  669. Where on is, vocally
  670. Get around the boy inversely
  671. There could be alot of drinking about the gin
  672. Seedy enough to open this by magic
  673. Seems that a was a horse - that''s what it all came to
  674. ''e was feeling bad at having dismissed this in the ring
  675. What''s so sad about the people is that they may be made
  676. Owing to this, here it is
  677. Lian, perhaps, might be the way to keep one down
  678. So materialistic, perhaps, it takes your breath away
  679. How sad that one sounds to have had the time for 7 down!
  680. Sole doubt, by the sound of it
  681. A way to get the grass up for the nurse overseas
  682. The turners would never leave your piano like this - not on throw
  683. One might, with great respect, always get round about like this
  684. Might one eat a deer around june on the continent?
  685. Had a moral sort of a rise
  686. One must be so pleased to have got the story back to the editor
  687. There's no higher barrier around the teetotaller
  688. Could the turners make such a disturbance?
  689. Tell the fairy to shut up or die
  690. Sounds as if i have a bath,but that's just nonsense
  691. If i'm a bit more,that's all for the best
  692. What the deuce could follow this at court?
  693. Might ones mate pour water aroung the piano?
  694. K is fated to be encountered like this
  695. At last i leave it till all is blue
  696. How worries become vocal with love
  697. This beginning is the end of 19 across
  698. Managed like this the thousand that's demanded
  699. Suckers make their money sound as if it goes like a weasel at last
  700. Very loyal and committed
  701. Little work for the shoemaker
  702. Small boats for emergencies
  703. The way to turn around the cleric in no hidden way
  704. Feeling that one dismissed one and ten more
  705. Land on it lightly at last
  706. Exhaust sesu?
  707. Eagles of the lough
  708. There's nothing near as silly as that to start with
  709. Upstanding before the top
  710. Three feet to one hand at the end of it
  711. The sound of 1 down is compelled to make things stronger
  712. There's a bitter aura about the broken tongs
  713. What aurora might be doing, by the sound of it
  714. Shaw to be canonised?
  715. Has the knight 16 down been posted?
  716. It's not so fine to find the artist at home
  717. One is speechless but no longer 15 across
  718. Said to belong in the ocean
  719. They look short, but are long and pointed at last
  720. Can o and e be in the water?
  721. How a hundred get married once more and get fired at last
  722. This bine might 13 across
  723. A net that's twisted in the mediterranean
  724. Be good to be able to possess your sprite
  725. To the terminus (2,3,2,2,4)
  726. After 21 down you look over this in a mediterranean way
  727. Perhaps one gets a letter off for hoarding
  728. H is not for this
  729. A god makes a 3 down of what are so wearing
  730. That isn't sound
  731. Inside this the germ may not stay inside
  732. That makes it tough to give the girl a pound
  733. How 'e may get to be extremely bright, yet quite ordinary
  734. Will the ship go back and rock?
  735. How the saint tried not to stay inside
  736. Sounds as if beyond your sound comes the green
  737. Let this have some comfort in it
  738. For these drinks, see 9 across
  739. 2 down, by the sound of it, gets the afterthought back at this point
  740. How the police parties have to get to the south
  741. At the drop of a pound, all you get is finery
  742. Seem in the end to do ma in altogether, perhaps
  743. Can it be the other nun that's escaping?
  744. The way to upset the open vessel?
  745. One is accustomed to there being nothing new about you
  746. With such eagerness this ends by working without any eagerness
  747. If you keep giving like this you'll finish in debt
  748. So you could get pounds for your voice like this
  749. Rash to have such fun with the sea
  750. Articles for the editors of newspapers
  751. The beauy of this is that she might fail to get down to earth
  752. What the playboy claimed to be guilty of
  753. Might this have made henry the first a stinker to his little sister?
  754. Finished with the firm thousand and pelted it
  755. He was a mouldy old marcher
  756. This might come at the double in one guilty of 27 across
  757. This might 26 down at this point to a firm extent
  758. One would get it in the neck if such a big vessel were at the bottom
  759. She will make one go to seed, perhaps
  760. The secret trees one has missed, by the sound of them
  761. The way to be greeting it when it's coming down hard
  762. That might give the insect the feel of getting the girl back
  763. Where it's double e - really it is
  764. Just a matter of letters for a horse and sheep
  765. The sort of ructions that might be given this month
  766. Not pleased, you see, to sound so jewish
  767. That's enough to make mother doggedly unbending
  768. The amount of about one hundred for a float
  769. How dangerous for your ruddy father to get back!
  770. Sounds as if one is not ruddy sick at last but able to contain it
  771. Fifty singles get done up
  772. Seen to it that it isn't frozen
  773. One has a feeling that the insect may get the girl up
  774. That's for water, of course, in india
  775. For her it's low, by the sound of it
  776. Sounds like what she is made of - or is inclined to do
  777. It's got a male sound
  778. Just now that will do as a gift
  779. What one makes over, it sounds as if they may sprout
  780. 5 down might be set askew in this
  781. One needs to have ten more if one wishes to hurry
  782. He may have a little cut
  783. What a splendid member of the race!
  784. That mixture cured something about the dog, but it may come again
  785. A one of a race would be for races, and that's flat
  786. That cutter makes more sound
  787. What the tug might do to stop the ship
  788. Current production makes the sort of them with edward
  789. Become of service, perhaps, to make 26 down
  790. That's for getting in the past
  791. How father might seem to come up with the fruit
  792. They sit with a bun during the trials for the trials
  793. How the cat makes me get to double you
  794. Well, that's not fresh fish, so it's not
  795. More than two times as high, by the sound of it
  796. Tied to being in the end in debt
  797. Might i reckon to cross this?
  798. ___ drop (gesture to end a great performance)
  799. Nfl cornerback who took second place on dancing with the stars: athletes (2 wds.)
  800. It's all about money, but not long ago
  801. With the boot around, one is getting on the blower
  802. Former figure skater who took third place on dancing with the stars: athletes (2 wds.)
  803. Sound to this, the sound of a bird
  804. Figure skater who won dancing with the stars: athletes (2 wds.)
  805. Chaney of old horror movies
  806. ___ meeny miny moe …
  807. Sports shirts
  808. The ___ life of henrietta lacks (hbo film starring oprah winfrey)
  809. The second a of ncaa (abbr.)
  810. Airport takeoff approximation for short
  811. Some community fitness centers
  812. Small amount of cash (2 wds.)
  813. Called balls and strikes for short
  814. Tale of ___ (sob story)
  815. No need to shout! (3 wds.)
  816. Should start with nothing, and the north might have made nothing of it
  817. Makeup malfunction
  818. Beijing-born james bond villain (2 wds.)
  819. Tony award-winning director trevor
  820. Spreading framework
  821. Might this sort of saw be gripped like this?
  822. Be thrify with him, even if you belt his bottom
  823. Roped around the priest to give support
  824. After a polo start, this might make it the substance of one making excuses for it
  825. Pinch time to probe aquatic animal
  826. Alall
  827. M is with such hair, if he's not your 4 down
  828. Reach best performance level
  829. Promenade saunter
  830. Leaving out unless
  831. Slander libel someone
  832. Buy tickets
  833. Bridal headdress
  834. On each side of head
  835. Force money from
  836. Roaring animal
  837. Got around to this, or got your teeth into the editor
  838. They're all on board
  839. Bones in chest cavity
  840. Severely undernourished? cook leek with salt
  841. Are you with five hundred in pennies? have some thrift with it
  842. I cross more with the ranger around
  843. What's wrong with the car might make it right for the 17 across
  844. One starts to be dealt with in such a hearty way
  845. Oh, 'e can be made to be quite a swell
  846. Has the w.i. got a hole in it to make it sound dear?
  847. In short, the day one ceased to be single
  848. Is this lately a matter of very little money?
  849. 16 down is the very last thing you'd be doing for them
  850. To speak slowly, especially prolonging vowel sounds
  851. At south africa, a distant one one may go on
  852. One can't see a kind of 30 across over the window
  853. The way to have a go at the sore spot for the meeting?
  854. How i had the start of 2 down or not ion
  855. Nothing could make her catch a steer
  856. You could make it sweet to turn up a treasury note like this
  857. It could be risky for one of 13 down to get this cross
  858. You'd always have got 8 down from this
  859. He is on fire; igni vel amore incenditur
  860. It's hardly normal to find an there
  861. That's a male sort of a response at last
  862. That will 30 across to be one in the house of lords, by the sound of it
  863. Payphone pop leaves in a mess for 'laughing' hunter
  864. In the way one passes away - either east or west
  865. Jewish official at the court of artaxerxes after whom an old testament book is named
  866. Put number one on into the ant
  867. How anne gets the editor around to start 3 down
  868. What is around the wood to aim for
  869. A more normal turn where there are contests
  870. If allah had, that would be for everyone
  871. Short skirts test the clergy
  872. Cannot the deer be cut in bits so fast as this was?
  873. Character played by charlton heston in the 1956 film the ten commandments
  874. Yes, nail could make this blissful
  875. Sounds as if the clothig she has is hairy
  876. Big enough to be well off the bottom
  877. In the drink, the seaman is
  878. Bet they get mixed in the bags, just to hinder you
  879. The one that's after you may come after with a drink
  880. If you do this it's all to your credit
  881. Bull in it
  882. One goes around for the ground
  883. No kind of bloody beater
  884. Sounds as if this would bowl
  885. It goes against one so to start to get the reverend father up
  886. It's for a mother to be over the rail with love
  887. Are they subject to the aspects of my personality?
  888. There isn't any harm in being a beginner
  889. See, there's no snobbery with the shortage of girls
  890. I'm a bit categorical in this...
  891. The festival gets to the north in this direction
  892. For the poet it has not been paid for, by the sound of it
  893. Take a relative look at 14 down for this (9)
  894. It turns up with the small part
  895. Even with stress, there's little money in dace
  896. Said to be filthy and could be cruel
  897. That other teetotaller in a real setting back there
  898. Here, a thing never to be found in 14 down
  899. One day this could turn wet
  900. Senseless communication?
  901. Even after repairs, the store is in the red
  902. That's how we hail the product of the loom
  903. It is with the different thousand that one draws the line
  904. Vegetable that's right to put with a meal
  905. One would be insane to be born again in the river
  906. That's a way to string along, by the sound of it, in agreement
  907. Subject to its being in belgium
  908. Drink up round about a hundred, in short
  909. It's more in order to be a consumer at last
  910. Be there, even if there's not a drink to be had at the funeral
  911. Satan lived badly
  912. Seems the nobleman is just not up to preparing for 19 down
  913. That's a good book
  914. Any of several trees of southern asia with light hard wood
  915. Perhaps one is unable even to eat what one gets there
  916. No indian in the cup there
  917. One may get active with 150, perhaps, in time
  918. She might be made to tie with her hair over paper
  919. Keep ted back there with a in the end
  920. Where to set up a girl in france
  921. The way to the start of 16 across
  922. So the cleric is producing a new edition with a pound
  923. It's not so odd to have fruit there today in business
  924. Not able, by the sound of it, to be the bamboo from the 11 down
  925. Perhaps a d.d. led and was laid long ago
  926. Does one keep talking about something from 23 down?
  927. 'igh numbers?
  928. It's a little beastly so to go around her softly
  929. Desmond, i met one up there with a list
  930. Last man in the outside of the loch
  931. How witty 'e is with the pork and the mutton 'e gets from them!
  932. I would get to cross this at speed
  933. Discusses about one in the wood
  934. Folded veil used as a nun's headdress
  935. Tie up her afterwards - or afterwards
  936. As played in a football match if the scores are tied after 90 minutes
  937. Just done for show
  938. With them she's been around, been drunk there
  939. Oh, you saint! does this put you out?
  940. Having been fired, this needs 21 across not to be all at sea
  941. Being so totally dependent, the fatherly artist may take the chair, i see
  942. Do they refer to all you charged among the saints?
  943. Time permitted for payment of foreign bills of exchange; a process of employing goods to fulfil economic needs
  944. An ace needs another 10 to be all around the pacific
  945. Steeds of the heights
  946. Did gunga din enjoy a gamble, perhaps?
  947. A type of dog you'd expect to find in the irish times
  948. Thus may be shown to the place that used to be about a lady
  949. This tool might be one foot long below the south
  950. Of late, behold the ship that never made a profit
  951. Is the little tit about to give you all a little tea?
  952. Ar a little in the air
  953. No fool from 4 across
  954. Just witness how one might be at the match
  955. Long to be over two feet for daddy
  956. Plenty of wife in the salt for him
  957. Before long the pig might fly
  958. Where to find the northern colt in the sand
  959. Sounds as if one might address this
  960. Premier grass with 'er
  961. This will make you start from scratch
  962. Big bear ski resort
  963. All told, that's in the family way
  964. Title for a lady in spain
  965. Certain internet video poster
  966. Doctor, i have been in the habit of 17 across
  967. Take apart in order to reproduce
  968. One might get cold in such a long drink
  969. I am getting grand enough to get 'er to give us a song with a dip
  970. Am i currently with this in a friendly sort of way?
  971. They sing for the reckoning when they get to bray
  972. Such a diet needs a little tea added for the soldiers
  973. There's something loud to be done with such a bit of a party
  974. A might sound as if it had lead on it, so as to have had it hanging around like this
  975. If i give her a ring, her number may be or she will be
  976. If they sound dandy, the beastly monarchs are yellow and weedy
  977. Not blown out to make a picture of this in the hotel
  978. Cross this to get to the range of it
  979. It could begin with glee, but it's all so sad
  980. Give it a list, by the sound of it, for a quick change
  981. Bivouac meaning
  982. Use your loaf and be literate at last
  983. Nora roberts books
  984. The turn of 31 across goes out like this
  985. They might drive the motor, and all the rest, with horsepower
  986. How silly is the one from italy?
  987. Inherit mocomeney?
  988. These squirts can get into the soil
  989. We are in there with the eggs that are very fresh
  990. What comes before noon
  991. For a shade of a change, lazarus would have had to do this, by the sound of it
  992. How one managed not ot have a duel with the editor
  993. Celtic musical evening
  994. The realm of study
  995. Wide outlook
  996. What happens after one weds
  997. For publicity, it's back to father and father on site
  998. How the rugs turn with a deep twist on the run
  999. Just over a score of three
  1000. Arrive at n. rut?
  1001. The swine are going to swallow this
  1002. Is 'e that secret drinker, eric?
  1003. Such possessions cause the wrath of the eastern member
  1004. Is that how the silly cleric gets cracked in the ice?
  1005. O, that's the backward father, the father i had given too much to
  1006. Fifty affirmatives for the minstresl
  1007. That forte should have been more offensive
  1008. Nothing to the east of this flower
  1009. My land is likely to go up
  1010. O, counsel may have the shakes if he's got sick with what he's eateen
  1011. In the way of dashing the god with pain
  1012. The sort of agent that might make the w.i. thin
  1013. The start of 20 across might do this for the butler
  1014. Fiddle with the strings on it
  1015. Not those same women of the old testament
  1016. The way for one to be all there
  1017. Fly enough to gat set askew twice
  1018. That was the end of defoe
  1019. Perhaps desert all round a little relative
  1020. That's where it was the drink that was speaking
  1021. I'm not just about the one that's got the water around
  1022. May be on the beaches, or on you, to your discomfort
  1023. Leaves in it to prepare for your drive, perhaps
  1024. The volume of the southern ship for a drawer?
  1025. After this one might get 'er to give one a clip, just to keep one on the hook
  1026. Soft help, by the sound of it, from ulster?
  1027. After 1 down he produced 9 down
  1028. How toads might be confused, and surprised, about the nude
  1029. If private, they're not earned
  1030. Stringing along up and down
  1031. The sound of the men in the church
  1032. The sort of tic that is at this point unacceptable
  1033. Nothing so moderate out of the river, by the sound of it
  1034. It's certainly sad about 33 down
  1035. What a wallop, perhaps!
  1036. The peer gets twisted and crinkled after a century
  1037. How the south got 27 down on the siding
  1038. For the final stretch in ice
  1039. Does this prevent you from getting the doctor round for your pet?
  1040. It may be very constricting at the front of the vessel
  1041. 20 down might get over the border of this in 12 across
  1042. There's a straight entertainer around the north-east
  1043. Extra death for the divine doctor among alcoholics anonymous
  1044. It's grand and silly if it's mountainous
  1045. Gets up around the north and soaks
  1046. One might get drunk on the hoof
  1047. Da, eh? that's the occiput there
  1048. `tisn't the mixture of gin that's giving it the bad taste
  1049. It's made out in order you should do your duty
  1050. Prepare to cover the walls again
  1051. Back here it does not look good to get round to it
  1052. Do get the boy back for his medicine
  1053. An order to the policeman to begin shooting?
  1054. It's not your own child that saw about no and nil
  1055. How one gets in the bend in italy
  1056. Seems that it's myself that used to be entitled to be in scotland - great gas!
  1057. Thus, perhaps, one ascertained how much at home one was
  1058. Gee! that's a bid to make one replete, by the sound of it
  1059. And thereby hangs an extradordinary tale
  1060. Greet the south with strings attached
  1061. Strictly speaking, that's the way to cut off the place in dublin
  1062. It sounds unbelievable that there should be no strings attached
  1063. Buried, perhaps, with only shallow digging
  1064. Blow hot? no, blow cold
  1065. Putting the gin gently under the sea
  1066. Are they kind enough to give one pound towards his promotion?
  1067. Blow that for a cheap wedding-ring!
  1068. Roughly, it' sin latin that i got married
  1069. C - x?
  1070. How to pray for a riot in a tin
  1071. Blowed if one knows where that comes from, by the sound of it
  1072. The absence of excuses
  1073. Let him rest like a naughty old man
  1074. There's nothing by way of my pet there
  1075. The sort of banter you'd expect from a naughty old man
  1076. It is cut but isn't at the top of the church
  1077. It may go down, go up and may go off
  1078. Sounds soft and sweet with everyone
  1079. The south could make it one fire
  1080. Are you ove by this in the red?
  1081. It may be drawn to the 28 across and be made there
  1082. Knave of clubs?
  1083. Balm with an oxymoronic name
  1084. Xxxe, perhaps, just for a present, for instance
  1085. Potential rescue
  1086. Home of yaks and zebus
  1087. Passed-down code
  1088. Not luck into
  1089. Nosebleed section, eg
  1090. Cloud name prefix
  1091. By dint of being uncultured at last
  1092. End of a nonprofit, maybe
  1093. Features of some taxis
  1094. Grp organizing trips abroad
  1095. Just a phone call away, say
  1096. Ron weasleys pigwidgeon, eg
  1097. American girl array
  1098. Cook in the tech biz
  1099. At length, to a certain extent
  1100. Poacher catcher
  1101. Earning an r, maybe
  1102. Potato or pasta, eg
  1103. 611 fifth avenue merchant
  1104. Lipinskis leaps
  1105. No, thank you, eg
  1106. First name in 1990s rap
  1107. Many a soccer rooter
  1108. Significant spread
  1109. Remove the contents of
  1110. In the springtime of life
  1111. Parent company of mack trucks
  1112. The sort of mouths the sort of 2 down may have
  1113. Wow, thats bad!
  1114. Member of the teen titans
  1115. Barra olympic park setting
  1116. Reptiles symbolizing royalty
  1117. Influential social media users
  1118. O plus re, here and there?
  1119. In the opera they would come by the thousand for the girls
  1120. Edit this, perhaps, as it starts to flow the other way
  1121. How father turns with pain to the indian
  1122. Your little brother without a commission would yet be worth many a buck
  1123. By the beginning of november frost is just starting
  1124. The french mark of the east gets to 20 down at last
  1125. No, a woolly rag
  1126. What would you be doing with a joint like this?
  1127. Either william or mary must have been as good as gold
  1128. For twelve, the short number goes backwards and forwards
  1129. The brace that might cause trouble to 'er
  1130. Where the bells may bring out the genius in one
  1131. One hurried to get there
  1132. Attentive to the beer, right?
  1133. Such a carry-on at the race course!
  1134. From the start one makes a go of this bit of business
  1135. By the end of the morning i leave for your friend in spain
  1136. The wife, bet, may perhaps deal with 29 across
  1137. Thus one gets worked up for tat, perhaps
  1138. Can it get into the nice place, please?
  1139. Will he see you, in short, with the tea there?
  1140. Used to be set up to go to a sewer
  1141. Copied it once more, not so, by the sound of it
  1142. Sewer with 7 down?
  1143. Might he invite the fowl to come for a walk?
  1144. Ned is with rage
  1145. One can't propose toast with this
  1146. One who is 14 down may be on his feet in the byre
  1147. Seen about what may happen to this age?
  1148. It's not even the way to get around the divine
  1149. Such an inverse production, perhaps, would be quite positive
  1150. That shows one is all there
  1151. Left? that's right
  1152. Sounds as if one would be keeping this
  1153. Such perception would enable one to have seen how to to die afterwards all twisted up
  1154. For the verb, there's xxx in you
  1155. That will get one idly into the country before half a century
  1156. Some parliament members
  1157. That gets left three-quarters in the water
  1158. Dry like nash's humor
  1159. Part of a winchester
  1160. Rear part of a 16-across
  1161. Hybrid chevys
  1162. In this i claim to have got confused and unfriendly
  1163. At this point y is found to be unacceptable
  1164. Cookie with a big stuf version once
  1165. River crossed by washington
  1166. Emotion that may be managed
  1167. Hit the tab key perhaps
  1168. It may be preheated
  1169. It's not her station back there
  1170. Chief god of valhalla
  1171. Man in black autobiographer
  1172. Lettering on a crate perhaps
  1173. 2-down had just one
  1174. Rebel yell rocker billy
  1175. Connery or moore role
  1176. Undo legally
  1177. Pacific battle site briefly
  1178. Peak in 1953 news
  1179. It department worker
  1180. Texas tea by another name
  1181. Guest's bed maybe
  1182. Success for a closer
  1183. Either unforgettable duettist
  1184. Sleep clinic issue
  1185. Church bell's place
  1186. Hotel room appliance
  1187. Nonissue at domed stadiums
  1188. It's just no go when the saucepans get overturned like this
  1189. They have a house that's not at all lordly
  1190. From here, still near dublin, the pipes the pipes are calling
  1191. In church, this would fall away after half a century
  1192. They get carried to go by the broken greens
  1193. An academician is 'e? he should get more pay
  1194. One quarter, one quart
  1195. When the tin is broken, you'd be wrong to be burying it
  1196. Warm her over the wye on the moor
  1197. You may need one, just in case
  1198. Disenfranchised with love?
  1199. Your pleasure when one of your relatives loses his head
  1200. Will 'e give the vehicle a leg up for the sake of the gospel?
  1201. The rugs are turned over in a way that makes it staying that way 97)
  1202. Sounds as if the rotter finishes a solo passage
  1203. Under the spanish, this might be no odd sort of side
  1204. Fighting with this, one won about only one pea
  1205. Hullo! make a song with the pipe
  1206. You may have to do only very short time for this
  1207. One 1 across, in the manner of ian, a cleric
  1208. Everything in the beast is raw
  1209. That's a symptom that one did wrong, by the sound of it, with rome
  1210. Insert this but leave the end out
  1211. Is the primate able to eat it?
  1212. Sounds like what the peas and beans ate. can you beat that?
  1213. Pace this: it's not in the blood in the family way
  1214. Tat has to be late to be lying like this
  1215. While dying, i am getting some change out of this
  1216. Sounds as if p follows t so as to contain the brave
  1217. Don't go and stick around me
  1218. Served lunch to say
  1219. Until next time word
  1220. ___ art art movement that originated in the uk and us during the mid-to late 1950s which includes elements taken from mass culture
  1221. Art movement that originated in europe towards the end of 18th century which is characterized by its emphasis emotion and individualism
  1222. That lass makes a din when they're in the water
  1223. Rocket launching organization: abbr.
  1224. Art movement that originated in germany at the beginning of 20th century which is characterized by distorting or exaggerating the subject
  1225. Adele's 2011 hit rumor ___ it
  1226. Resting spots for sojourners
  1227. Drink that can be brewed or iced
  1228. Heavy mist that may impair visibility
  1229. Zig's counterpart
  1230. Blacker than black say
  1231. One objects to there being no amateurs being involved in 11 across
  1232. With them one fails to see the falls
  1233. Drop from a list say
  1234. Art movement that originated in europe in the early 20th century as a reaction by artists who wanted to reject the modern capitalist society
  1235. Art movement that originated in europe between 14th and 17th century marking the transition from the middle ages to modernity
  1236. Nba scorer's stats briefly
  1237. With a little bird i can get big enough to have gone down
  1238. All is ___ in love and war
  1239. Porterhouse alternative: hyph.
  1240. Form an opinion or judge
  1241. Great basin college city
  1242. ___ regency (marriott and hilton competitor)
  1243. Word that goes with urchin and horse
  1244. ___-classicism name given to the western decorative and visual art movements
  1245. Low pitch or grave in tone
  1246. Spiced indian beverage which is a form of 34a
  1247. Take a short car trip say
  1248. Prince harry and prince william's alma mater
  1249. Creator of sonic the hedgehog
  1250. Little girl blue singer ___ simone
  1251. Ruler divisions for short
  1252. English class writing assignment
  1253. Magnetic fusion device at a research institute in korea: abbr.
  1254. Tiny sips
  1255. So to forbid the rug being turned over sounds just a little foul
  1256. You'd swear that this has the sound of a letter
  1257. Actor idris of thor
  1258. Hint like the one you are reading now
  1259. Does this allow one to have a wave with it?
  1260. What an inclusion in the house makes it so tasteful!
  1261. The mixture of a score makes the vestment all fishy
  1262. One has to run it through a comb
  1263. That could be the truest thing one ever says
  1264. Cotton eyed joe
  1265. Here we get ri, it seems
  1266. It could give you some interest to be in false teeth
  1267. Citi field catcalls
  1268. It's controlled by the railway among all the rest
  1269. Like this, a bachelor's degree is just something to build on
  1270. All told, this has some impact
  1271. Sounds bright and early, yet it's black
  1272. Start to fight over bits of lace in the drawer
  1273. Might turn mad and give it stick
  1274. That sure would be doing the employing
  1275. They make the scots get confused about you and me, but that's all put on
  1276. In the absence of any assistance, the girl died tied in a knot
  1277. 5 down, and 11 inside
  1278. I do this like a heathen but not now
  1279. Thin enough for a washer with 'er
  1280. To a large extent it's not wanted to be too pale
  1281. This has to be in a mould
  1282. This won't get you down, as it's got poison in it
  1283. The removal of 29 across leaves one to rue the rest
  1284. Gee! he's got enough space for the bride
  1285. Might this regulate how much you get on the radio, by the sound of it, of book censorship?
  1286. Leonard x was a fast one
  1287. Signs of harness?
  1288. When never back around work, you may start it again
  1289. The south could make the odds fourteen at least
  1290. That's the way to make it last
  1291. One may tell about it, but not much
  1292. You've no idea how almst wonky this is up in the nun
  1293. The void in an editor has been cancelled
  1294. It looked ruddy bad for the eel to have turned up
  1295. Fed up with not being on the attack at last
  1296. It may cause trauma for the nag to get brokedn on the street
  1297. This will have us lying up on the tree
  1298. Disclose that the fin is broken in code
  1299. Is the eu nest to have left from rome?
  1300. It's for the bords to give ear to this and be serious about it
  1301. Rev. o., that's the best thing to do with 2 down
  1302. One gets a jerk to make it a cid matter
  1303. The very good one gets a pound in a very bad way
  1304. A sloven could make them come in volume
  1305. The fow's in the middle of the hock
  1306. Left it in the former editor
  1307. It's most important to get the medicine men to us
  1308. They're not out
  1309. It's all in a month back by name
  1310. The sort of 10 across with 25 down in it
  1311. The firm got up and got back in a rush
  1312. For refinement this must be icy and get ten more
  1313. Kept on, in a manner of speaking
  1314. See tea afterwards to get it out a bit more
  1315. Gee, this could make a better man of you in no hurry
  1316. He sounds as if he might be a chipmunk, by the sound of it
  1317. No, the p can be made into a wraparound
  1318. Enough to have made a loan of the middle of it
  1319. With respect to the gentleman of italy, one pays no no attention to this signore
  1320. How the cliques get sick at the very beginning of the voyage
  1321. One puts water back on this cooks it
  1322. Not the common look - it's too hard for that
  1323. Mars if it's this
  1324. It needs skill for the south to get fifty-eight of the end of 1 across
  1325. Not a bit warlike, by the sound of it
  1326. How one countryman is able to harness fifty more
  1327. How one is managing, even with a pin in the tooth
  1328. Find your way to 24 across with tin
  1329. Try not to be democratic with the girl round us
  1330. One is a painter in the last starry manner
  1331. It's enough to turn your stomach the way you turn to quote me
  1332. It's not light, but it has to have a hole
  1333. In addition in the big plate for the scandinavian
  1334. Perhaps dah appeared in court
  1335. How ulster may have been caught in the act
  1336. It's up to ellen to get some work with powder
  1337. One may be brought to heel with this on heel
  1338. Who, by the sound of it, fed the 19 downs?
  1339. So clinging as to sound too, too short over them
  1340. To open and shut it upside down is enough to make one cross
  1341. The crooked tear is all for show
  1342. Obtained about a billy (4)
  1343. One would be stealing along to play it and with it
  1344. E's to speak it, or write it, or try to
  1345. En is there, but not by accident
  1346. It's on the cards that the bottom is to be found in the middle
  1347. One gives out half a hundred items
  1348. Where one's relations may be disposed of for cork
  1349. Where the name goes wrong if it's wanted
  1350. (pounds)51?
  1351. That's make you see red on the road
  1352. Place the sand, perhaps, here
  1353. How the peer might die with eleven more
  1354. Sounds as if one might be a zoo employee in the insect house
  1355. Saw the speed in bits about one
  1356. That will put some life into a bride from ulster
  1357. Being inside it, ben may get beaten up in it
  1358. I have got to the end of it; it's just no go
  1359. This will give one a slice of the t in truce
  1360. Sounds as if this gives one the opportunity for singing
  1361. Split a century and a half with what you get in the bakery
  1362. In the fog, 17 across gets a bit wet
  1363. You need some security to get away with it
  1364. This is enough to make it barely untidy
  1365. The gratitude of a letter from greece
  1366. It's a lucky thing that mother has got a bed for the baby
  1367. So you may count on getting a taxi up with us
  1368. Just a bit of a pest with her
  1369. Will it take a violin to make this?
  1370. There's agreement that the withches get the insect
  1371. You have to have the start of 6 down to get the point of this
  1372. Knocked on top, one lets the water in bed
  1373. Given some tea she would make this occasion quite lively
  1374. Clones ought to be where they are
  1375. Will 'e chop the rest of it in bits for a period?
  1376. Can one get around to exist on the oil from there?
  1377. One is prone not to be up to this
  1378. Young enough to have l on the end and be old
  1379. Would your animals come back for a walk?
  1380. The sort of opening that makes a covering at last
  1381. Am i to leave a friend that's from spain?
  1382. One may let the water in to make the resin
  1383. It is first to be found in 19 across and is all so thin
  1384. Sounds as if you might restrain this by the roadside
  1385. This legend, perhaps, is what you get from one buck
  1386. One might commit matricide for this property
  1387. Got a point on the top and a sting in the tail
  1388. It's inclined to be a little crooked
  1389. Might be knights and nights
  1390. There's a short a in what gets drawn
  1391. You can't get them to take off with you and me
  1392. States, ` `call me heather.' '
  1393. Pacific resort popularly
  1394. Come to one's senses
  1395. They're inclined to run into the ship
  1396. Monday wednesday friday or tuesday thursday saturday, but 36 across
  1397. Fifty-ones get done up
  1398. Westernmost african capital
  1399. By hte adjacent couple, by the sound of it
  1400. That sounds like a prophet one might see through
  1401. In business one might turn the colourful painting over
  1402. War on peace author __ farrow
  1403. Some of nixon's plumbers formerly
  1404. Puccini 3-down
  1405. With all judges present as at a circuit court
  1406. Going around, it ends by being burnt
  1407. View from anchorage
  1408. Cast by the sorcerer, and what he does if he's eductated enough
  1409. What a lofty look this could give one!
  1410. There's some strain on the hair of the south
  1411. It sounds sas, but not of late
  1412. Go in, and after that it's enough to make one sick
  1413. Does the get 'er back up?
  1414. How very unusual for the academician to take a holiday!
  1415. Might the postscript change this book in church?
  1416. Sounds early for the late
  1417. How i had tents, perhaps, for the fools
  1418. Is the doctor not quite among the last of this?
  1419. Sounds like a coming together, but it's a pouring out
  1420. Pa in for them in a big way?
  1421. The doctor should take a drink if that's the trouble
  1422. That might be an ear - a whale of a big one
  1423. The silly one i cause pain to by way of giving a hand
  1424. Where they're in the dock just for pleasure
  1425. Sharp at sea
  1426. Handy things for his majesty to have a bear
  1427. How their plays get about through the end of 10 across
  1428. Symbolic of something similar to 3 down
  1429. Behold a head-hunter in hte same setting as this
  1430. That number one jerk is enough to make one acid
  1431. Having had some practice at it, did the funeral again, perhaps
  1432. Does the man of god turn up in such a spirited occasion and behave like 23 across?
  1433. Its' eccentric to have 'em with bert on the table
  1434. It would be grand to make a different parent of this
  1435. Festive, perhaps, if it's set askew in an early way
  1436. As for this 1 across, that was his lookout
  1437. You get no thanks in them if smoothness is lacking
  1438. One needs iron with it too in 26 down
  1439. Nobody comes to tea without a mesh, it seems
  1440. It was not close to the need to follow work
  1441. That'll turn your stomach, what you ate for a change
  1442. The name by which one might miss her
  1443. Perhaps one might get it up one's nose
  1444. 18 down may be said to be - not does, by the sound of them
  1445. One got some change out of it from the last of 'em
  1446. Is the south inclined to go jogging?
  1447. Thsi enough. enough to live on
  1448. One is in place of kings around the head
  1449. Noble in france, by the sound of it, and intent to a large extent, perhaps
  1450. Against this sort of band it's illegal
  1451. The 10 across are quite in order
  1452. Take a look at the former underground workings
  1453. Screwy and round the bend
  1454. If it were on a log, by the sound of it, it would have a list
  1455. She's quite in order, though she sounds a nobody
  1456. Look for one in a turban, by the sound of it
  1457. It depends on the weather if the scotsman will shortly be here
  1458. Word before clock or energy
  1459. Missouri neighbor
  1460. Green topping for gnocchi
  1461. Tattoo canvas
  1462. Third part of the mnemonic + ensemble = ___
  1463. Tool often spelled without an e
  1464. Second part of the mnemonic + dolls' musical partner = ___
  1465. Hurried back at speed, as the teller might do
  1466. Father is back, for instance, by jove!
  1467. Fourth part of the mnemonic + tempo = ___
  1468. Fruit that's also a body shape
  1469. What percolators do
  1470. Plumber's pump type
  1471. The pound one is taught to get for wages
  1472. Got up and finished at last
  1473. Drag queen's hair usually
  1474. Fifth part of the mnemonic + melody = ___
  1475. Number of stars on texas' flag
  1476. Househusband e.g.
  1477. Start of a tribute poem's title
  1478. Something you can't do
  1479. Corona del ___ california
  1480. A bogey is over it
  1481. Hunk of gunk
  1482. Lapd title
  1483. Responses to captains
  1484. Like some nuts and caramels
  1485. Kind of pay for a former employee
  1486. Utah jazz's grp.
  1487. How something is done
  1488. Treble clef lines often remembered by this puzzle's mnemonic
  1489. Rhyming synonym of clip
  1490. Prefix for liberalism
  1491. Photocopier ancestor briefly
  1492. Nothing hard
  1493. Behave just a shade 21 across with pain?
  1494. Sounds as if there's been a couple of accountants round here
  1495. Payment in goods where in is?
  1496. One could find such frisky old men on 9 across
  1497. How witty to find the pear broken up in the tree!
  1498. Sin in the cost of make up
  1499. This got arouond on his bicycle
  1500. Will the confused sot be in belgium at last
  1501. Blown up too much
  1502. Certainly not the talel of tom thumb - that's the height of improbability
  1503. Could one stand, having been built with this?
  1504. A town and a cape for ascot?
  1505. There are 24 down at the souond of the height of the top of it
  1506. Even a little like this may come to blows
  1507. The times starts to remove a seer
  1508. It's up to one to phone ulster and get decorated for it
  1509. That's the sort of joint you get to below this
  1510. Silly to come after the end of the march
  1511. Does last month come to such a dingy end to make it go into a decline?
  1512. It could be handy for a t.d. to get involved with the egg
  1513. As a revolutionary, first-rate, but not a wet one
  1514. Might for the present be serious trouble over the border
  1515. Nothing but trees to anticipate this
  1516. Could make up the prices of mussels, by the sound of them, to have after tea
  1517. Where fish are flat, by the sound of it
  1518. It takes ages for word to get around when there's such confusion
  1519. Here one might be confined to being a century old
  1520. The human form of 11 across might get forked into the ground
  1521. Unexpectedly large amounts of money
  1522. That's publicity for your brother for certain, by the sound of it
  1523. Like you sailor boys - all four of them
  1524. Like santa or uncle sam
  1525. Racing shells
  1526. The right stuff author tom
  1527. That's the place you can see that they turn back
  1528. This is not at last the coat you put on
  1529. Once his voice breaks, a boy's unable to do it
  1530. Once more you may find it's about a record over here
  1531. What one might greet while in the air
  1532. For lying, they get to be for 17 across for living
  1533. It's the outcome that one's taking action
  1534. As a rule they get modelled around tea
  1535. They may be turned on for lights out in the us
  1536. That crafty, saintly artist is up to this, to a certain degree
  1537. That's what one is not at all like
  1538. Northern races there
  1539. What a bloody lump he is to cover like this
  1540. Might s elect to get its teeth into this, by the sound of it?
  1541. Pop goes the rooster? 23 down!
  1542. Just plays for a dear twist in charles
  1543. Get them back from the baker to set one back
  1544. Book this under your chin with the french
  1545. Open this and find 14 across inside it
  1546. Being so worked up, about a hundred made their way out
  1547. We get the times for employments
  1548. It's even lower than the bottom
  1549. Perhaps enter this on the credit side
  1550. Might les get bad enough to be so cutting?
  1551. They go around to get ahead
  1552. It would need a blow around the north to make such a mess of it
  1553. Going off pop for the paper? 99)
  1554. That's a score and a half!
  1555. She would be horrible enough to gore the ship
  1556. Sounds like what one did with the dough one was in want of
  1557. A fence is just a shade lighter
  1558. Pronouncedly like a 9 across that might figure in a 24 across on a 19 across
  1559. Even with one buck, the girl gets a little tea that's still bad
  1560. Being a century old, the god's back to being frosty
  1561. Such banners, perhaps, sound as if they might be swinging in church
  1562. Make a speech at the end of last month to add some colour to it
  1563. This gives enough room for the manner in which the twister turns
  1564. The accountant and the composer might have figured of old in a 24 across
  1565. After the turn of the tide, those books get charged
  1566. So after this, nevertheless
  1567. Hundreds, and round the neck and on the head
  1568. After ten the drunkard comes back ot the trading centre
  1569. There's promnise of a parental part here
  1570. How a prominent nazi got a priest in, not sad to say
  1571. One does not deny that one lets this in
  1572. Maybe not the number one in africa, but none leave before it
  1573. That flaming thing may take too long
  1574. How a horse may come back in a mixture of glue, just in case
  1575. If, perhaps, one looks after the money there, don't go away
  1576. For them, they want it all found
  1577. By the sound of it, more ancestors than goldilocks ever had
  1578. No trougle to get in the way of 12 across
  1579. One is informed that that's enough to make a priest stand up, along with five hundred more
  1580. Perhaps in trousers, but certainly out of breath
  1581. They might be the salt of ulster to a graduated extent
  1582. Perhaps what soap opera might produce after half a century at the lady
  1583. Feeling tht one is in the middle of something with a full stop at the end of it
  1584. Seems i would be to sing about it, but it will get me nowhere
  1585. Back there, like one of 31 across
  1586. Sounds as if one needs something additional on to be all there
  1587. One with bow but no arrow
  1588. Rush to get your buck back
  1589. A bit more, but no star
  1590. Just about the last thing you's be seen dead in for practice
  1591. With leaves, leaves the ground?
  1592. At where there's play in there
  1593. In the manner of the start of 26 down
  1594. Pitch your tent over a river's belly places
  1595. One could make paste (sic) want to get away from it all
  1596. The trouble with what comes out of the head is that it comes up in the alps
  1597. Give a place of kings a hiding with a flourish
  1598. How beastly that i'm turned up the wrong way
  1599. It begins at last to make one stand
  1600. This might appear to look grand to sound like 3 down
  1601. Pop's daughter
  1602. How ronald gets firm with a smoke around the sun
  1603. Run through this; it's enough to make one blush
  1604. An addition is needed to make a sailor of this
  1605. Squeezing snake
  1606. God of the dead
  1607. It's simply the way i've got into a ten
  1608. Breaking away
  1609. Beer hall vessels
  1610. It is not still up there in hte moon
  1611. Tough economic time
  1612. Perp zappers
  1613. Make a knot of the ruddy part of 13 down
  1614. There's 2 down in the boys that have to be borne
  1615. How the layer turns up alive
  1616. The plant that makes a european turn red
  1617. In cub, the star in company
  1618. Not an extreme way to help up with people around
  1619. It won't make for happiness if i am going to leave everything this way
  1620. Flee with li at this
  1621. The north should make nothing at all of this
  1622. Seems as if the fellow has had a touch of the sun
  1623. The plants that make for happiness over the ten-fifty-one
  1624. It's enough to make cornelius dull to be in such a sorry state
  1625. What an entrancing position this might be!
  1626. Bad temper inside you, as see about the plural, in short
  1627. The man goes around in clerical dress for the church
  1628. The keels are smashed over the weight of the framework
  1629. A little bird tells me that the yard gets noisy
  1630. Don't keep this with a belt
  1631. Give me a lift. that ought to give me a lift
  1632. Come back to greet the one that's not 20 down with a washer
  1633. Thsi gets to the end of 4 down in london
  1634. It's asking for sheets to get them in such numbers
  1635. It's not all over; for the american soldier gets on in a real way
  1636. The little basket sounds as if he'd make a joke of it
  1637. Where one might get around to parenthood
  1638. It would shake you to begin with the fish like this
  1639. Muse who gives her name to a type of steam organ
  1640. What the sun could make things in a variety of ways
  1641. It's over in england, too
  1642. How you come between the girl and albert on a yearly basis
  1643. When this happens it's so upsetting for the uncovered vessels
  1644. Gee! that's the bird that' sthe very image of the north that's serious
  1645. Photographer known for her photos of people on the fringes of society: 2 wds.
  1646. Tennis trailblazer arthur
  1647. Bitmoji and snapchat for example
  1648. Name of the mechanical capsule on fox's mental samurai
  1649. How sickening to come across this in ice!
  1650. Bespectacled costume designer in incredibles 2
  1651. Big tourist city in brazil familiarly
  1652. Needing very little effort
  1653. Photographer known for her portraits of celebrities: 2 wds.
  1654. Final exam for example
  1655. Removes the skin from as a banana
  1656. It's nicknamed the banquet beer
  1657. Elementary school class with finger paints
  1658. Like water ___ duck's back: 2 wds.
  1659. Tennis hall of famer sampras
  1660. Large truck for moving furniture
  1661. The empire strikes back actor guinness
  1662. Actor carl of ocean's eleven
  1663. Tightly packed together
  1664. Photographer known for her photos of babies: 2 wds.
  1665. South american native all over mum
  1666. Bird that farmers try to scare away from crops
  1667. The last samurai actor watanabe
  1668. Vietnam war film whose title is a military unit
  1669. Argentine soccer legend maradona
  1670. High school dance with a king and queen
  1671. Winding device on a fishing rod
  1672. 15 across's not sharp enough, by the sound of it, to live there
  1673. I shall be shortly among the french there in france
  1674. Tight as a snake
  1675. Italian criminal organization
  1676. Opposite of crazy
  1677. Chris who is captain america in marvel movies
  1678. Restaurant area where you might sit while waiting for a table
  1679. Reddish stalk used in pies
  1680. Port for attaching devices to a computer: abbr.
  1681. Unit of money in mexico
  1682. Say ___ to the dress (tlc show)
  1683. Consumed some calories
  1684. Atom with an electric charge
  1685. Become mature as fruit
  1686. Christopher of somewhere in time and superman
  1687. Electronics brand celebrating its 100th birthday this year
  1688. I ___ what you mean
  1689. Thomas __, english portrait painter and landscape artist whose works include 1777's the watering place
  1690. Id-checking crew at airports: abbr.
  1691. ___ zim: enter the florpus (2019 netflix movie based on a nicktoons show)
  1692. Nfl player whose home games are in nashville's nissan stadium
  1693. Clump of grass to plant
  1694. Short-sheeting a bed for example
  1695. Unsettling and odd
  1696. ___ nwodim of saturday night live
  1697. Provided a snack to
  1698. Gunslinger wyatt who was at the o.k. corral
  1699. Group providing protection to bank accounts: abbr.
  1700. Female porker
  1701. Prefix indicating modern
  1702. What a sound feline!
  1703. The saint might be in no hurry to get around
  1704. This could lead to lesson, perhaps
  1705. This is as seen to be not so hard
  1706. Having been inside, one is in flight
  1707. It's just perfect the way i give you a hand
  1708. If you go round to the baker's you'll get this
  1709. It gets sewn into the middle of the subject
  1710. Not playing the goat- really
  1711. Cold enough to make me shriek,by the sdound of it
  1712. Perhaps how a disc jockey rises round the vessels
  1713. With you in the door,follow your nose for it
  1714. Understand the bit of it thats's no good - take 2 down, in fact
  1715. The sound of admiration for what the carnivore does
  1716. River flowing through the broads
  1717. It makes you sick enough to perish around the oceans
  1718. Row of columns at regular intervals
  1719. How an s.c. comes in the fore in a medium sort of way (6).
  1720. That gives you a sprightly end to yourself
  1721. Defile conservative, no matter who fails to finish
  1722. In the end the dee just had to flow the wrong way
  1723. The god would love to get pa in up like this
  1724. Stick the advertisement at the top of 6 down
  1725. If you get fifty-one in there on the rocks you'll need some such help
  1726. There's nothing in them sticking out and hanging from them
  1727. The borders of the insect set to music
  1728. It's a must for your man the da to be conservative
  1729. See 13 down for this sort of range
  1730. After tea there may be the traces of a horse in them in london
  1731. Here they would be true in a grave way
  1732. Has the kangaroo been given food-and shelter?
  1733. Charged with assault?
  1734. Extensive outlet forming the southern tip of vietnam
  1735. Around the north the seed is thick
  1736. Actually, i become vocal in a knowing way
  1737. From one, one may get support in an improved way
  1738. Less of the start of 3 down
  1739. To your boy, an expression of thanks for the composition
  1740. Is this being so wildly important?
  1741. Seems 'e's a deceiver, so let the crown be the receiver
  1742. Pry about the ape up here with cash in advance
  1743. Could the meat still be young at a century old? maybe it's been in the fridge
  1744. That's enough to make a horse fly one foot at the end at last
  1745. The whole of it is in the water and the money is in the whole of it
  1746. Is one entitled to start to get sound?
  1747. The — on the train; 2015 novel by paula hawkins
  1748. How to encourage one to walk with long ears?
  1749. Have regrets about the deal
  1750. Joan got around a bit
  1751. One would be mad to have tea with 14 down
  1752. In the time between, bury the duel
  1753. From a sheep you get a horse in his scottish way
  1754. On the same side - it's all one in these
  1755. American singer, songwriter and musician who joined the byrds in 1968 and formed the flying burrito brothers with fellow byrd chris hillman in 1969
  1756. Such gobbledegook is needed to fix up the motherly part
  1757. And turner, as a tradesman, could have been in better training
  1758. Northern river covered in top-quality shellfish
  1759. In there 'e might have a lot of pull
  1760. How irritating to be doing one's best!
  1761. 1 down on the wheel, by the sound of it
  1762. You'll perceive it isn't so hard
  1763. Given to fighting in the present age
  1764. Might wit send after this, and you'd be in despair? but one makes up for it
  1765. Female campaigners portrayed in a film with carey mulligan, helena bonham carter and meryl streep
  1766. This would not go, that is to say, and get worn
  1767. Corn has a wall where this comes
  1768. Can the east get odd enough to put one off?
  1769. Gee! mother is going back and forth before getting to the delta
  1770. One has not decided to be in them
  1771. Fifty monkeys up this part of the plant
  1772. Could one get around to getting winnie up?
  1773. How a teetotaller has got to be a first rate boy
  1774. After a century one behaves in a questionable way with the drink in there
  1775. This could get soiled, perhaps, under the ear at the time
  1776. Competitor finds prisoner sensitive
  1777. Having been taken by surprise, i'm exhausted
  1778. At this point, jerks are not acceptable
  1779. Not a single one like him on land, it seems
  1780. The last of the da
  1781. Perhaps her ring has been salted - as a result of inflation, maybe
  1782. There's a thousand in the former tree, but not at the end
  1783. Very large lorry
  1784. After tea it would be nonsense for this to be ready for picking
  1785. Cutting the sound of the 33 downs with a jerk
  1786. The equipage of all those who came
  1787. If it's owed, that's entirely ok
  1788. The basis of having 12 in with gin
  1789. The senior sot just about led this
  1790. The case of the end of 25 across being overweight, perhaps
  1791. The automobile for a rev. after six
  1792. About something very large? far from it!
  1793. For the girl and for the angler, by the sound of it
  1794. Just a little of spring, by the sound of it
  1795. Heen, perhaps, lastingly
  1796. Got around to getting the fish in
  1797. For cockneys, but not soley for them, in a manner of their speaking
  1798. No, they're held in camera
  1799. By the end of the morning, your little brothers start to provide food for the gods