1. Dont mess with it
  2. Mobils partner in gas
  3. Aluminum recyclables
  4. Im on
  5. 2021 in roman numerals
  6. Hot tub nozzles
  7. Used pony to travel with mike
  8. Use of an inappropriate, though similar sounding, word
  9. Use docking facility in space, moving backwards
  10. Us representative drills through ecclesiastical site
  11. Us general, slippery thing recalled
  12. Us city enveloped in love for little italy in the future
  13. Urge some lesser pentagon characters to turn to the other side
  14. Upset with rotten conclusion
  15. Upper class boy tucking into eggs and swiss roll, for example
  16. Update design of the french on remoulded tyres
  17. Up with mountain soldier on an ascent in lift
  18. Unusual stir about hackneyed items, things in the old hat category
  19. Unusual heat burns me
  20. Unusual chemise and odd robe regularly stained
  21. Untrustworthy type reportedly calls off a solo passage
  22. Unsteady, with old boy feebly taking charge
  23. Unselfish desecration
  24. Unseated riders, those unfamiliar with a powerful horse initially restrained
  25. Unrestricted by reservations
  26. Unrest as corruption besets one
  27. Unresponsive having swallowed cold coffee
  28. Unpleasant facts
  29. University department failing to employ conservative
  30. University challenge, which can make a splash
  31. Units of an academic year
  32. Unit of roman legion
  33. Unidentified travelling salesmen
  34. Unhealthy looking food item
  35. Unfinished clue im altering, about utopians head in clouds
  36. Unexpected, small rebellion involving republican
  37. Unexpected retreat in the south of france
  38. Unequally carve up goose, madly merry tucking in
  39. Underworld keeps around half of dead
  40. Unconventional iron telephone kept inside
  41. Uncle out on a run &mdash thats some sort of energy
  42. Uks prerogative of mercy
  43. Uk banker first to take payment for letter
  44. Fx for some marvel characters
  45. __ & hammer baking soda
  46. Throw for __: upset
  47. Lumbering critter seen on safaris
  48. Make like drake
  49. Thats what we agreed on
  50. Latin word for brought back used in titles
  51. Cant argue with the truth
  52. Who in paris
  53. Barely making with out
  54. Cant fight city hall
  55. One-named pillowtalk singer
  56. Thats life … and a summing-up of 20- 29- and 47-across
  57. Baby yodas real name
  58. Hr assessments
  59. Tiptoe deviously
  60. For __ sake!
  61. In a flawed way
  62. Trumpet great with a statue in new orleans
  63. Creaks and shrieks
  64. Anesthetic injection that eases pain
  65. Louises title pal
  66. Kept out of sight
  67. L.a.-to-chicago dir.
  68. Corporate expansion tactic
  69. Turnpike no-no usually
  70. Many a zoom session
  71. Cable network thats a homophone for movie headliners
  72. Tricky basketball footwork named for the continent of its origin
  73. 70s-80s genre associated with the knacks my sharona
  74. Nuke as leftovers
  75. Of service
  76. Clouds that sound like a virtual assistant
  77. Throw easily
  78. 2014 ben affleck movie
  79. Toddler's i'm done
  80. Critters, collectively
  81. Tasmanian devil, for one
  82. Female head of a family or tribal line; woman who is the dominant member of a group (noun)
  83. A college, university or school that one has attended (noun – two words)
  84. A large, busy city, especially the chief city of a country or region (noun)
  85. Related to the mother's side of the family; characteristic of motherhood (adjective)
  86. Starbucks beverage
  87. Freight; goods
  88. Two south american countries
  89. Three meals
  90. Six land formations
  91. Simba, for one
  92. Event attended by cinderella
  93. Male singing voice often
  94. Harry potter's made him invisible