1. Naughty brat
  2. How-to presentations
  3. Zip in soccer scores
  4. Dance music sculpture etc.
  5. Rolls of fabric
  6. Where clay went to make a ceramic vase?
  7. Where penny went to deposit money?
  8. Boy in spanish
  9. Where viola went to perform with an orchestra?
  10. Where dean went to meet with professors and students?
  11. Doctor who player whittaker
  12. Triangular stringed instrument
  13. Aerospace employee who assesses new aircraft
  14. Run like the dickens
  15. Shows to be untrue
  16. Landlocked african nation west of niger
  17. Springfield elementary bus driver
  18. American __: u.s. territory in the south pacific
  19. Rap devotee
  20. Tuscany three
  21. Designates for a specific purpose as funds
  22. Like triangles with unequal sides
  23. __ to joy: segment of beethovens ninth symphony
  24. Pitcher seaver who won three cy young awards
  25. Swatters targets
  26. English muffin topper
  27. Monogram of a french fashion house
  28. Word preceding sea or seated
  29. Convent sisters
  30. Military inst. based in annapolis
  31. Currency of france or italy
  32. Stereotypical kilt wearer
  33. Seat in a bar
  34. Less snug
  35. Not hold back as a rant
  36. Announces with fanfare
  37. Three-wheeler for short
  38. Labor union foes
  39. Toddler's creation
  40. Blade storage spot
  41. Serrated slicer
  42. Dine together
  43. Is delicious
  44. Fair cost
  45. A person who organizes, encourages or initiates the development of a program or event (noun)
  46. Noisy disturbance or upheaval; violent or tumultuous action or activity; agitation (noun)
  47. Far apart; secluded; out-of-the-way; distant in time or relationship (adjective)
  48. To provide with something that influences or causes a person to act; to impel (verb)
  49. Two countries ending with y
  50. Waved item
  51. Grief expression
  52. Your cant relax with these in your pants
  53. Youngster accepting tip of lapel as component of suit
  54. Young upwardly mobile professional person
  55. Young journalist abridged cover story about drink
  56. You smooth figure
  57. Yorkshire river leaks out of its banks
  58. Yo yo with ace spots turned up
  59. Yarn created by following expert