1. Where a treacherous circled letters can be found
  2. California roll e g
  3. Corns outer layer
  4. Do re mi fa sol la ti do is one
  5. Strip of sails and rope as a ship
  6. Rustle up new business behind county court
  7. Russian born american songwriter, d 1989
  8. Runs when piano produces rough sound
  9. Running leaving
  10. Runner in europe punched by queen do behave
  11. Run taken from excellent ball by youngster thats routine
  12. Run 12
  13. Ruling on a point of islamic law by a recognised authority
  14. Rule applied to criminal faction or one cheating partner
  15. Ruin some poor frenchman
  16. Rugby players upend that man over tense tradesman
  17. Rubbish time to dawdle around
  18. Royal name offering small change in second rule
  19. Royal figure not quite intent to have post redirected
  20. Royal family takes the lead and finally admits flaws
  21. Row of crop marks
  22. Row by inlet secreting navy base
  23. Round sort of canine, a native of polynesia
  24. Rough reportedly served on ship
  25. Rough latino area on a peninsula
  26. Rope winding device
  27. Rome turned over by invading monarch
  28. Romance a special one not half
  29. Roman province, governed by pontius pilate at the time of the crucifixion
  30. Rolling stone who bought sandwiches
  31. Rob roy met with trouble, arriving at place on mull
  32. River bend with profundity
  33. River bank home to beavers originally
  34. Risk of standard diet originally eaten by kangaroo, after a change of heart
  35. Rising when expected, i subsequently hit back
  36. Ringing up here is not toll free
  37. Right wing leader poor souls in 60s wear
  38. Rib woman when guardian has leader cut
  39. Rex comes off wagon at saloon opening times
  40. Revolutionary rector opens attraction in abbey
  41. Returned box containing special files
  42. Return visit to wrap ones flower
  43. Return of pétain and quisling, say, wanting power increase
  44. Retiring billionaire glaswegian suppresses nation
  45. Retired model is a source of revelations
  46. Retail manager
  47. Result differing from others
  48. Restructure due cant lay off senior scottish lawyer
  49. Resolve pay up
  50. Resistance with some current inclination
  51. Resistance to sliding
  52. Resignation and what it may be met with
  53. Resident of the uk stores what spanish fuel
  54. Reserves for fighting
  55. Reserve right in company for a philosopher
  56. Reserve bowled on long grass in field, showing craft
  57. Rescue craft, if able to anyway
  58. Requiring little skill
  59. Requires river to pass through grottoes
  60. Reporters covering hospital department awards
  61. Reporters rising to give agreement
  62. Report to me in barking north
  63. Replacement of fossil fuels requires years longer to develop
  64. Repeated ones name, struggling to be businesslike
  65. Rent kit out its of little value
  66. Removed contaminants from
  67. Reminiscent of detective finally addressing case
  68. Remaining after deductions
  69. Religious people gathering shells, essentially as ornaments
  70. Religious belief felt a fire
  71. Relaxed and let student off
  72. Reject outcast swapping sides
  73. Regulation us city set up introduced by member of 13 in 3
  74. Regular payment to local government
  75. Regular engagement at a venue
  76. Regular behaviour, i note, beginning to rile in performance it points to a bore
  77. Regular behaviour patterns into which son declines
  78. Registers open top cars not these days
  79. Register right, make changes again
  80. Refuses to play against every international team
  81. Refuse to acknowledge ones outwardly depressed
  82. Refuse and return some aviator glasses
  83. Reformulation of renés adroit justification for existence
  84. Redeem a forged note
  85. Recorded background music played in public
  86. Record rise in disorder after parties
  87. Record quavers and crotchets
  88. Record penned in brussels is getting english acclaim
  89. Recent naughtiness ultimately needing reporting
  90. Recalls tie in whist wryly
  91. Recalling, say, a cart’s measurement
  92. Recalled part of wagnerian opera being broadcast
  93. Recall of purpose in competition is mentioned
  94. Reasoning about first origin of society leads to skilled organisation
  95. Reason against admitting defeat for one in the soup
  96. Rearrange spa visit
  97. Reading, then seeing it translated by kindles again
  98. Read out sensible explanations
  99. Rather tight lipped giving bye
  100. Rat in castle biting servant
  101. Rascal moving houses thus caught offering outdated conveyance
  102. Rang a licentiate in profound reflection
  103. Rajs bottom cream is a turn off
  104. Raise cube enclosed by layer
  105. Rainwater spouts getting real soggy in a storm
  106. Rainfall measurement unit
  107. Race with no clear single winner
  108. Rabbit or donkey
  109. Rearmost as decks
  110. Brown and yale
  111. Ended corruption
  112. __ in the boys room: 1973-74 hit
  113. Actor somerhalder of lost
  114. Lizard-approved coverage?
  115. What some queens do
  116. Boston suburb named for an english county
  117. Common conveyances for calvin and hobbes
  118. Made everything clear
  119. Nielsen of the naked gun films
  120. Caesars 18-down
  121. Sushi pairing
  122. Brief but sharp pains
  123. Historical turning point … and as three words a literal description of 17- 27- and 48-across
  124. Timberlakes old crew
  125. Trade discount quintet
  126. Grabbed forty winks
  127. Back in black group
  128. Modern-day wand wielders
  129. Source of yuletide coziness
  130. Low-carb high-fat diet
  131. Often-hazed member
  132. Marisa of the wrestler (2008)
  133. Sawatch range resort
  134. 54-across here
  135. Verb that sounds like multiple vowels
  136. E to e e.g.
  137. Canadian shoe retailer
  138. Scary floater
  139. Top of many a dial
  140. Begin a naval deployment
  141. Targets of much fertilization
  142. Light-bulb moments
  143. Falco of nurse jackie
  144. Place to get clean
  145. Word related to both cars and golf
  146. %22____ for a friend%22
  147. Three things commonly represented as numbers
  148. Three five-letter groups of animals
  149. ____ steak (four-letter min.)
  150. 'goodbye ____' by the chicks
  151. The front page of the internet
  152. Eminem's fifth studio album
  153. Reads program code