1. Could a billy have the skills to tease them, by the sound of it
  2. What is the coup de grace, perhaps, might do, by sound of it
  3. With great respect, this might be always in the tear
  4. Principles of 33 across
  5. Repeated cry from richard iii
  6. Stop skating, my lads! there''s work fo you inside
  7. If winter comes, you won''t be able to stand it if you do this
  8. Might one alter this to noon?
  9. Plenty of time to love poetry from her
  10. Perhaps i can't be made to cut a caper like this
  11. One after the other at speed
  12. That bird is not bare-headed
  13. It sounds as if of course, i''m able to be like napoleon
  14. They cannot even be laid, it seems
  15. There's no charge nor tune for this
  16. Discours pompeux
  17. One may well think that there''s something evil in a bee
  18. The medical officer got the sort of plane, perhaps, that never got off the grass
  19. In such a chic way, ronald is always with us
  20. Those hills provide a bath with the men of england
  21. The lout was one of those proscribed
  22. They have a point of up to a hundred and one
  23. That''s the fellow who will make things hot for you
  24. Fuller might need it''s prickles - at least around the east
  25. One is just not up like this
  26. O, that swimmer in the shrubbery!
  27. Is there a single sound organ here?
  28. Is that the girlish manner to bark where the lights go down?
  29. They may be made as the morning draws to a close
  30. From the north it gets shot, not abroad perhaps
  31. Her current poetry is totally negative
  32. Try to get the vote for the artist, by the sound of it
  33. How one distributes a half a hundred items
  34. Still not under way
  35. Ow! there's nowhere in the country like that
  36. How a sober one got in pain and got stuck with it
  37. Does this have some influence on making it fortissimo in cate?
  38. That's the thing i have for goal
  39. That might be da or b on the way home at last
  40. Is dover about to reckon that it's not so good as they say?
  41. There's not such an odd end to this side
  42. The hundred secret senses novelist amy
  43. Enthusiastic agreement (2 wds.)
  44. Legal injustice informally (2 wds.)
  45. Papier-mâché toy holder at a fiesta
  46. American gangster best supporting actress oscar nominee ruby ___
  47. Quarterback luck who was the 2018 nfl comeback player of the year
  48. Symbolically, this could perhaps be a cid matter
  49. Kick it up a notch! chef lagasse
  50. For this one needs the dr., since it's a matter of 17 across
  51. Many an h&r block employee (2 wds.)
  52. Some kind of wonderful actor eric
  53. 1255
  54. Marshy setting of beasts of the southern wild
  55. Jump ___ fall (taylor swift song)
  56. This will come ___ surprise … (2 wds.)
  57. Sent along a particular path
  58. Nobody's foolio rapper
  59. Li'l abner cartoonist (2 wds.)
  60. Seized autos for short
  61. Classic game consoles
  62. Actor who played chandler bing on 29-across (2 wds.)
  63. Backup again as a computer file
  64. ___ and prejudice (2005 keira knightley film based on a jane austen novel)
  65. Tommy ___ (1995 chris farley/david spade comedy)
  66. Even-handed
  67. Jarring musical sound
  68. Bald or golden bird!
  69. Motivated avid
  70. Not a giver
  71. One of a pack for playing
  72. Bank payment received
  73. Compete at speed
  74. Prolong lengthen
  75. Can't look sideways in the bith of chain in the breed
  76. Brainy enthusiast (inf)
  77. Served in a cone
  78. Simple wooden boat
  79. Die with 'er in hte ship that's broken up
  80. Disc over in the escape?
  81. All together in italy
  82. It sounds great to be there in conflict
  83. It''s not a bit thick that susan should follow 15 across
  84. Such conflict might get blooming loose
  85. There's lots of it with 14 down
  86. At ten one may be there for good measure
  87. Man comes before this; it is praying
  88. One has to be up to it
  89. It at in old?
  90. Might the sailor get the bull there?
  91. Never let this get you down (50
  92. Men of man?
  93. It's way over, but make it short
  94. Were a hundred and fifty to speak like this, the result would be confusion
  95. How little birds use their fists with fighting
  96. The very height of living in greece
  97. Two and eleven, for instance
  98. The very height of the holiday for the first lady
  99. How a parent may turn up here and be stuck with it
  100. X in the tin under the canvas?
  101. This might become absolute if you're not up to any monkey tricks, but it's in the up
  102. One gives ground
  103. Does a girl like them if they're festive?
  104. Might they bowl to the transgressions to a certain degree?
  105. In this it's not public in a negative sort of way
  106. What is 'e, that fellow, demanding about the eleven?
  107. One may take it as read, by the sound of it, that they could be brave enough to see you
  108. Just take a look up at the fortress
  109. This captain of industry sounds most attractive
  110. When one is seedy one is tasty if one is in a sane setting
  111. Perhaps a place for 10 across in church
  112. What a blow to the wrist of golf!
  113. They'll tell you how much and how silly they are with ross
  114. It would be bad to make it come to blows, perhaps
  115. One's a feline to make a beeline along the road
  116. A party might fail after this
  117. So coal is seen to be involved with ur
  118. How unjust i might be about the one with the water around
  119. The result of a lofted blow
  120. Let them be in risk for ladies
  121. Time for work to be encountered up here
  122. No mother could get the dectives back on the move
  123. Where it might be aimed around the north of the middle east
  124. There's nothing straight in the way they go by river
  125. You may have the choice to alter this one in on alien way
  126. Now in, perhaps, for this one won't be the first
  127. About six fish for a place in the church
  128. How royalty could become incorporated in the papers
  129. There's nothing in the nail for gilbert's fairy
  130. It's not for the lough to get one's own bith of timber in scotland in england
  131. Take a spade to it for a hearing aid, perhaps
  132. How a french one is willing to act as one
  133. One hundred in a devotion for recess?
  134. How the rugs get turned over in a way that has them staying like that
  135. Is one able to be held responsible following fifty-one?
  136. How disturbing is an american soldier, thanks to the capital of russia!
  137. It's grand to take place at 19 across
  138. There's nothing beastly motherly about it
  139. What the attack is doing is making 17 across sick, it seems
  140. The state of the clothing you've just bought!
  141. What england does, according to nelson, before trafalgar
  142. If there's a chap with 'er, one like this has to keep an eye on the girl
  143. There's the horse in the high wind along with the geese
  144. Courtly followers of joshua
  145. What a singular thing to do
  146. Where one 20 down so untidily?
  147. The migrants get the pigs around the wall
  148. Ere these little ones 19 down
  149. With 71-across 2016 2018
  150. Here in havana
  151. Leave college sports early say
  152. 2008 2009 2010 2011
  153. Lead-in that means way to go!
  154. 2015 2016 2018
  155. Isolates in business-speak
  156. Have goals
  157. 2012
  158. One-named singer with the #1 hit cheap thrills
  159. In rome i love to get abraham up in such a primitive way
  160. It may do wrong and it may be run
  161. And 23 down, the noise in london seems very bad
  162. What each of the programs in this puzzle has won at least once
  163. Futuristic assistants
  164. Literally frying pan
  165. 1949 (first winner)
  166. Cousin of a plum
  167. Those ungrammatical sorts or employment - all nine of them
  168. A bid that's not behind there for the bridge
  169. Track that hosted seabiscuit's final race
  170. What trawlers trawl for
  171. A mile a minute e.g.
  172. Site of a herculean feat
  173. ___ and the lost city of gold (2019 movie)
  174. Bit of bicycling gear
  175. Most newspapers have them nowadays
  176. Most meek
  177. Shelfmates of chips ahoy!
  178. In the long run that's where there's the r.a., although there's a man around
  179. After ten, by the looks of it, this passed away, by the sound of it
  180. 1960s-'70s israeli leader
  181. ___ queen! (you go girl!)
  182. To begin with, never came back in again with one tree and five hundred more
  183. That's enough to ruin about a hundred
  184. I reckon to get across this, perhaps
  185. Get 'er fearfully backward with father around
  186. That sounds like an unaspirated, hoary old 6 across
  187. To be so artistic about this cannot be overdone
  188. It's just a shade first-rate and dry
  189. Fling it up to the ship
  190. Thus one may be assured that this is neither the first nor the second entertainment
  191. Hamlet might put an end to 23 down
  192. It's in need of a plug to make light of this
  193. If the big cart is low, this may get it up a few feet
  194. A mixture of peas in the church
  195. Given 17 across, a pig might have wings
  196. Get a turnover as big as a hat
  197. It sounds as if you may be the source of what will not turn your stomach
  198. About ten tones for the church
  199. It's himself, the predator, on his knees, so it is
  200. Where there are english races of a northern type
  201. Can the barber provide fewer to man the ships?
  202. Do this to get a fish with a click
  203. The point of this is that it will make the snake cross
  204. This is all on the surface, but it's called inside
  205. Place the place for driving, or for lying
  206. That's slang, by mouth
  207. One gets fed up at last with not being offensive
  208. One would just love to give this a painful turn
  209. The ground that gets wet in the end
  210. This wil give one leave to get the editor back a bit
  211. Mother gets a sprite around for those high in church
  212. How the east comes together again for a change
  213. The punter that doesn't have a punt
  214. How one gets it across?
  215. Everything is in there, just in case
  216. In a wa it's all right in the pacific
  217. They get laid, even if they're not
  218. Br3n & bros
  219. During the autumn there's work for this in the sea
  220. For counsel, drawing to a close won't be getting him down
  221. Rot has the engine to get the fluid out
  222. That's for blowing
  223. During a couple of centuries i let it be irish
  224. The dope about the papers is that they're no way independent
  225. It's so wearing to get it up to change the wheel, by the sound of it
  226. That's the sort of passer that's not dense
  227. Of these four, two would be a 14 down
  228. One will not drink up, just go to and fro
  229. Seems there are about ten such toms, yet there's no end of them
  230. It stands to reason that that's a takeaway
  231. One may gather that this could be spring madness
  232. One could make us a place like this
  233. Have in your shop a backward editor for protection
  234. After a century you'll adore it, buddy
  235. The cheek of twelfth night is enough to shake you
  236. Um! my addition makes the whatyoumaycallit object to it
  237. It's up to the editor, i believe, to have given the order
  238. At the beginning the north will get up your nose
  239. What's left in a shade is in the hands of the police
  240. You'll find it's difficult thus to draw back at last
  241. Sounds as if one son was able to come from them
  242. That bloody vessel has got a broken car, thanks to this
  243. That might be re pap, the penguin
  244. Did she claim to be herself back from jane austen?
  245. If you get down to it, it's through about the light
  246. Is a french blow the way to get a twister to relax?
  247. Did not tell the truth about timothy up here and his company
  248. Not still what you give your tea
  249. What the waiter must learn to do if you have it coming to you
  250. You might think there's be a lot of crowding going on there, and maybe swindling too
  251. Sounds like the sort of drink one might have when one is late
  252. Is your scuffle just a foot long?
  253. Looked beastly like a salt, by the sound of it
  254. Fired for tests
  255. The point of this is that the academician runs out into the sea
  256. Is the boy in the water with them, just a little?
  257. As this, see below in bits
  258. The employment one might give to a thousand such would be for only nine
  259. In the north, that's enough to show how nervous a catholic is
  260. Thus was the girl encuntered, i see, with a seal
  261. When it's dry all around, the latin father gets the hump
  262. That southern speaker might need 9 across
  263. After childbirth
  264. Cooking range
  265. That's the girl i have. let her sound like it
  266. Covered street
  267. Exploitative
  268. How to regulate the draught with a little more water
  269. How the muddled sot gets to the 11 across of belgium
  270. In the water this lies twisted
  271. Nine-piece ensemble
  272. Your friend the fence is a backward editor
  273. How corny to be shortly with them on water
  274. Might one maintain the little girl in the tin?
  275. The vote went on round and round the boy
  276. How boring it seems to be so farsighted!
  277. Is five the last of what one has to sell?
  278. It takes a foreigner to get the drain the wrong way up under the health resort
  279. Does this lead to the wearing of the green?
  280. An end, by the way, to one in india
  281. It's not even a shade brave to cry out like this
  282. The sort of number to go with the start of 4 down, to start with
  283. It's just a rumour that there's an addition inside one of the pack
  284. A hot water bottle? that's just for the birds
  285. A cockney tiller?
  286. Hail the trump with exultation
  287. It's puzzling how it can be so full of holes
  288. After tea, a poet may have some outpouring
  289. The little basket will make a joke of it, by the sound of it
  290. When they're complete, the graduate turns up and greets them, by the sound of it (9)
  291. A wish to 27 across too much? yes
  292. Can one break even a little of it at last?
  293. To beging with, saturday is enough
  294. Good time to be about five hundred corsets
  295. There were not a this like this in the bible
  296. What 9 across must do at last
  297. That should be wound up for you if you're late
  298. It will pay one not to be a minor prophet, by the sound of it
  299. Rust, for instance, has a beastly look, by the sound of it
  300. Vessel for cut flowers
  301. Gives out playing cards
  302. Slang word for sunglasses
  303. Drawn matches
  304. There's nothing fast, or deep, about henry
  305. One way to put tea in the wise man, just for play
  306. What one's sweet little brother may possess?
  307. How offence may lead to fury in the end
  308. The handy way to make the pianist 17 across
  309. Are you as crafty as this?
  310. The sort of adder that, not having any feet, could hardly do this before the fall
  311. The beer sounds soft and just a shade not strong enough
  312. How reginald gets at it up and down on the water
  313. That was a striking encounter for them
  314. This might be thought to have given employment to a thousand
  315. That's like a writer that's shaky
  316. That's a bloomer, and a big one too
  317. This will finish on the last of it to make si new
  318. Is there a piund of seaweed in the cooker?
  319. What one does with 23 across starts with the times
  320. Total span broke after the happy event
  321. How a 1 acrossed off galway
  322. Shelley, perhaps, lacked the velocity for this
  323. Carnivorous padre upset politician
  324. Account that shows balance
  325. Diabolical as i can't move
  326. Have a fire there? no thanks!
  327. Choose second vote
  328. A quick comeback about a roundabout
  329. Brought up, or got up, about a shade
  330. One boy, one of several in the fire
  331. A pickled sound that was most offensive
  332. 10 across
  333. He starts to have an ''enty in a masculine setting for cover
  334. If i have lost my suntan i must go through with it
  335. It may jbe sort of equal to supporting a 5 down
  336. The green cleric turns up with such a rude twist
  337. Capital of alberta canada
  338. 2004 film comedy starring ben stiller and jack black
  339. In cricket the position of the fielder who stands a little behind and to the offside of the wicketkeeper
  340. Highest mountain on the isle of man
  341. Sea duck of the northern hemisphere valued for the soft fine down of the female
  342. Tree of tropical america whose very light wood is used for modelling
  343. Ivan — 1989 australian open singles tennis championship winner
  344. Any of various evergreen ferns of the genus asplenium such as ebony — or sea —
  345. 1960s us television detective series starring gene barry and gary conway
  346. Coastal village north of aldeburgh suffolk that became site of a magnox nuclear power station in 1968
  347. Lyonel — new york-born artist whose works include 1920 oil hopfgarten
  348. With the dead in france i make a song for the joiner
  349. How edward goes around and goes away
  350. John — british army officer hanged as a spy in 1780 during the american war of independence
  351. Ancient greek city noted for the austere way of life of its citizens
  352. Character played by orson welles in 1949 film thriller the third man
  353. Somnolent character voiced by pinto colvig in 1937 animated film snow white and the seven dwarfs
  354. Weekly us news magazine founded in 1923
  355. Short-legged breed of hunting dog with long ears
  356. The — 1996 film drama starring robin tunney and fairuza balk
  357. Keith — ireland hooker; inaugural winner in 2001 of the irb international player of the year award
  358. Mostly in want, but not mostly in need
  359. Mean e is not at all tricky at whist
  360. How the twister turned into the shade
  361. Now that's in the way of dog tax, perhaps
  362. Made of 19 across, by the sound of it
  363. In fact, you may depend on it being about a pound
  364. Give out everything to the turn
  365. Not after you, before you
  366. The way i use my voice at last is getting higher and higher
  367. You'll see that it's not this that's not hot
  368. That's enough to put 28 across off
  369. It's lucky to have one parent from scotland
  370. The pitch of the sea
  371. Puffing billy may not have been one, but he sounded like it
  372. Said to have admitted ali baba
  373. It was a precise one on demand
  374. Elderly beatrix
  375. Ring around five hundred underfoot
  376. Trellis for plants or trees
  377. Hone could make the little creature have two values, by the sound of it
  378. How one got away with only a bad second
  379. That 's what is coming at the double from egypt
  380. Not the sort of number you get from 4/5 x 7
  381. The way ivan ran was sheer bliss
  382. With this he sees it's right in the middle
  383. My mane is desmond, old people
  384. That old bell-ringer would put one off up here
  385. You will have gone with th for him
  386. The point of this is that it's high church
  387. In short ins
  388. Near dublin, i see, it could be still but not inanimate
  389. This would sound a heavy way to be moving
  390. On its crust there's no hair of two shades
  391. Cheap old transport for the girl that could be a star
  392. He might be night, by the sound of it
  393. There can be no sow for one like this
  394. The river might try to help the economy
  395. This might make it entirely boring, by the sound of it
  396. Knock back the knots for entertainment
  397. It sounds bloody like a sort of return of 29 across
  398. That proves one is not all there
  399. How 11 down turns around the rip by way of tit for tat
  400. I will sound like this in church
  401. This will start to make one nicer and better off
  402. The academician may turn up in the department and leave it
  403. They're way over the tops of the roofs at last
  404. The beam of one who's loafing around, by the sound of it
  405. Sir, one makes this wet on paper
  406. How shockingly energetic one is!
  407. Beyond the east it gets sticky
  408. This might for the present be spoken in a civic sort of way
  409. Chatter about one danger of the sea
  410. We come back in a singular short setting to have one in stitches
  411. Not so hot as a hard hat
  412. The bug might produce sugar with the french
  413. Having taken off one's clothes, one takes the plunge with edward
  414. Barely a french one that's not right
  415. The south is all for neptune and makes it sharp, by the sound of it
  416. Thus it turns up, and behold it's capital!
  417. It's myself, ronald and william that have the strong character
  418. Flower the skunk and thumper e.g.
  419. The sort of horse that might rot before one month at first
  420. The artist needs these bits of dust and ten more
  421. The overheads involved in a tin of bakings?
  422. Planet of the apes franchise activity
  423. Once in this it's not of ten
  424. The shade gives a cool twist to the old city
  425. 55 down competitor
  426. Mother is quite a character
  427. Birthplace of 1 across
  428. Allowed to use
  429. Following the genes is this
  430. Have you got it into your head that that's not here
  431. For a start, gee, i'm not all there!
  432. Ill-feeling at the lacki of a commission, by the sound of it
  433. Cheer about nothing and get stuck with it
  434. Mother may be in harness and stay there
  435. To get the fish in would work, by the sound of it, for him
  436. This has nothing to do with trinity
  437. There's an all-rounder at this point at last
  438. By the sound of it you might weep, sister, at this turning point
  439. Dens, honeycombs, etc
  440. Far from soothing
  441. Spring constructions
  442. Common greeting card content
  443. Momentous happening
  444. Captain kirks home state
  445. Carrot farmers goal
  446. Zero, quaintly
  447. Seat for a peke
  448. Pram pusher
  449. Org for nadal or federer
  450. Like everything in a she shed
  451. For fast fighting at sea?
  452. Chance at the spinner
  453. One likely to snap
  454. It can be thin but not fat
  455. Need to slow down
  456. Supergirl actor jon
  457. Gig for a sleuth
  458. Slow, to ravel
  459. George w bushs degree
  460. Health care underwriter
  461. Just a bit more and ted follows c to have got this out
  462. Set in a golf bag
  463. Ordinary: abbr
  464. Sitcom star from melmac
  465. Fragrant chain
  466. Sleuth of radio, movies and tv
  467. Early game console seller
  468. Soy sauce taste
  469. Set charge
  470. Mig developer
  471. Skirt with a flounce
  472. Envelope abbreviation
  473. Brewmasters array
  474. Airport counter lessee
  475. Space measure
  476. Song line starter
  477. Elegant footstool
  478. Whispered stage line
  479. Like some bistros
  480. Advises caution
  481. Zonk out
  482. Gives the wrong impression
  483. Word with hot or dog
  484. Theme of some comedies
  485. Gear bit
  486. Careful planning, for short
  487. One whose work is laughable
  488. Clump of dune grass
  489. For the train, i'd something to sing about
  490. Island conifer, by the sound of it
  491. This course comes at the right time, perhaps
  492. On deck it's not a metal vessel
  493. Back up to the non-drinker for green?
  494. Led this into the vessel for the swell
  495. Feared red and dead
  496. It may be red and may be smashing
  497. Drops from this, and it brings one to one's knees at last
  498. Are you in for what did for the priest?
  499. 16 'e's on bounce? get nearly as high again after each comedown?
  500. A certain girl's from here - name gone astray after beer
  501. Drew the vessel with desmond back around
  502. After removing top, change into an enchantress
  503. Answer with point that's pertinent
  504. Art thief: 'am i not worried by consequences?'
  505. At home i sleep, rising to make a sandwich
  506. Authority figure or obscure challenger to establishment
  507. … with 'female only' sign
  508. Become an adult
  509. Perhaps the priest was not to be believed, but it could have been all put on
  510. Biting a peanut on and off to take in fibre
  511. Before now there'd be a chance of finding this in india
  512. Bright sun, next to mercury, orbits cool pair
  513. Cake abiding by gravity and spoiling
  514. Carrot used as dietary substitute
  515. Citizen of a monarchy landlocked within south africa
  516. Clean feathers before hens de-winged
  517. Come originally to hunt
  518. Conservative peer noticed tool
  519. Country of a mind to repress sex
  520. Covered with a firm surface
  521. Dad's dance move
  522. Dine in residence that's most immaculate
  523. Electronic noise from bass getting radio dj upset
  524. Fake tory in labour? not our former pm
  525. Flexible material found during the last ice-age
  526. Followers of colonisers burying dead in this place
  527. Foot as party leader was somewhat untidy
  528. Funny film about old vehicle reversing to happen in seaside resort
  529. Girl's transport delivered
  530. There's a domesticated little in it back from south america
  531. He let in english nationalist for celebration
  532. Hilarious person in sunday best
  533. I skirt around doubtful utterance brought up by fool
  534. Make a can of this
  535. In genesis, eve ain't displaying innocence
  536. It gets large print spaces in newspaper features
  537. Judge saw criminal giving talks
  538. The little passage that 24 down might lie under
  539. Latin etched into artful pottery
  540. Loss of money earned over players - 100's missing
  541. Man will cause commotion …
  542. Man's posh moniker, used regularly in evolution?
  543. Mere beings, every other character, but not this guy?
  544. Message from trump?
  545. Monsters? turn back - no time to wait!
  546. Nature's forecasters use brains to obtain current research and development
  547. New age rock supports metal plants
  548. Object of night shift
  549. Old lady unhappily retired after ventures yielding no more capital
  550. One releasing those caught in possession?
  551. Ornamental strip of cloth
  552. Pierce brosnan finally wears tie
  553. Plans for launches
  554. Playing tennis, keeping ball on line is rude
  555. Pleasure holding books, retiring to bed
  556. Promotion involves salary increase for flatterer
  557. Proverbially stubborn beast
  558. Quote reportedly visionary traveller
  559. Seconds includes eton mess with seeds
  560. Shakin' stevens ignoring tv impression
  561. So, today's not the 4th?
  562. Soldiers of fortune
  563. Succeeded in developing theory about the womb
  564. Sulphur vapours around sinks
  565. Team enters hard times over position in league?
  566. They rescue sick parrots, bandaging heads
  567. This stops junk escaping from dj's mouth
  568. This unfortunately could make digestion 'arder
  569. Threefold feat
  570. Toast and orange squash with afternoon off
  571. Try one indian cigarette
  572. Upfront as a drug user
  573. Waves one off from plane
  574. Weather event dashed most of roof tile particle into faulty conversion
  575. White tissue under the rind of citrus fruit
  576. Writer's a pain to reinterpret, university lecturer concludes
  577. Can this have fatally followed in sugar?
  578. Stick father up at this point
  579. Could so much fuss be for building without baking?
  580. Time for business, and it's in a mess
  581. It beats one how they could be a confusion of the end of 10 across
  582. The most normal way to make the south a home
  583. Not so with one, by the sound of it
  584. What a beastly way to get 'er to put 'er name to it, by the sound of it!
  585. Of course one prepares traces like this
  586. So they're back in the end after being unable to get started in poetry
  587. The sort of joint one swallowed for the ambassador
  588. This might advise one to be about to get 'er a little tea
  589. That's enough to make batman a little cocky
  590. Ruth becomes pushful, along with the rest
  591. Can one rely on pay from one with a poem?
  592. No light matter
  593. The way it's said to be so sad about the country
  594. It sounds soft. let it be polite
  595. This wood can do for garbage
  596. Address in a grand, or in a mild, sort of way
  597. Here on the road the right would be this
  598. After last month the hidden pet i have is comouflaged
  599. How you for the present, edward, have no boss
  600. Can the papers do with getting sent in confusion?
  601. Might it be one's duty to cut it out?
  602. Don't worry - it's not thoughtful, ever
  603. Cloth of gold?
  604. Makeup of juvenile pies perhaps
  605. Winner of an oscar emmy and tony in 1973
  606. It needs strength to make it strong at last
  607. Does that contain the weight of the motor?
  608. Drink up about one hundred, in short
  609. Not exactly welcoming?
  610. Cheese slice in a food fight?
  611. Don draper and roger sterling for two
  612. Mencken’s history of the bathtub e.g.
  613. An alfresco feast?
  614. Hanging piece of protest art?
  615. Tuscan city with a famed biannual horse race
  616. Sounds as if he will succeed in getting his breath with it
  617. Fifty such might have rung and have bitten
  618. Awake ___ or be forever fallen: paradise lost
  619. Gaunt guy
  620. Summer’s lease ___ all too short a date: shakespeare
  621. For morning employment this will entertain you
  622. So to invest might be the death of you, by the sound of it
  623. Port across the mediterranean from cartagena
  624. Will this try to be a box for an international?
  625. Tired attire?
  626. Seems i'm placed, eaten and cut off
  627. That's the one for entertainiment after midnight, perhaps
  628. Present when a teetotaller died
  629. At last one agrees with the church gatherings
  630. What an ass is on fire in the ship!
  631. Will she let one have room to step ashore, madam?
  632. And 19 across, could anyone get through this? no way!
  633. See, wave a little to the one that's frozen
  634. That's not lying, honestly!
  635. Sounds as if one might want to be struck like this
  636. One gets the water back and simmers it
  637. This bit of the music will pass the time
  638. How one might be tempted by the ten that's frozen
  639. It's not so fine to have the r.a. in here
  640. If fore follows it follows
  641. The speeds of an oriental fighter plane? like leaves
  642. That might have been thought of have been the gain one might make in one dime
  643. George got her chop in
  644. That's barely the way to behave
  645. Is the girl able to have 2 down in?
  646. That instrument gets back the stolen property
  647. This nation could be the same class of thing as 4 down
  648. Cold? no, hot and high inside
  649. Of course you might bet that's the way to start to add up
  650. That might be just cant from 12 across, for instance
  651. O, run around a cuple that's old and finished
  652. You'd learn to have this on if you 7 down
  653. They may soon have a dip with the p.s.
  654. Half blind on board
  655. No, for instance, inside the people
  656. Be on a horse, by the sound of it, on an isle
  657. Pen the sound of such church music
  658. This is where one may get stuck with a little company
  659. Such church music is able to get you giggling, by the sound of it
  660. There's no way to get beyond the last at last
  661. Not one sound
  662. The number of knots that have just come to an end
  663. With no odd end, see 9 across
  664. They've got to be wicked to make them just a little light
  665. The portrait painter just can't miss having a shot at this
  666. Is the ways out around the south
  667. That sounds like an eerie thing to do, soundly
  668. It sounds as if she's not in the public service
  669. Can i help causing pain to the silly one?
  670. With the aid of lubricant after tea, this worked
  671. Might it be laid in the bar by the poor fellow?
  672. He'll give you a belt
  673. Is anly a relatively dirty old man?
  674. Just a little spirit as they're played
  675. Ring again if you want an annulment
  676. I can not be the one for 17 across
  677. In short, the sort of 23 across sight that is not short
  678. Turned out that this happened to be swallowed by you
  679. 14 downs make for mist around the east
  680. Is 'e emaciated and black?
  681. No light turn? on the contrary
  682. Sesesesesesesesesesese in the morning
  683. Any help for a five that are sick?
  684. Beastly alexander, by the sound of it, may get acid
  685. N, not nn?
  686. You don't want so much of this - it's otiose
  687. Blooming peasant-like
  688. First or earliest 6 letters
  689. If you're 10 across you need 25 down for this
  690. Champagne measure size of six bottles
  691. It gets served with tea before the dance in clare
  692. Dotty enough to need a driver
  693. Cats for apostles
  694. After such a lousy start, does this give one a permit?
  695. Would a drink at last ever make one mechanical?
  696. Oh, i see, was glad to have jeer'd around like this
  697. The little singer needs more than one player
  698. Parent and child are together in the building business
  699. You'd get one more for a dime
  700. Sounds as if water is coming in, so the ship goes bottom upwards
  701. Finished with the finisher by the fire
  702. The beast i had started to rust
  703. Thanks is not quite given for the gift
  704. Sand, perhaps, notwithstanding
  705. Sounds like what i does by the sound of them
  706. Being all on edge, the knight is back at last
  707. There's precious little weight in that miserable accountant
  708. Send it with about a thousand with it
  709. The way to be not ruddy well about the divine for the canoe
  710. One does not destroy them if they'll do for replacement
  711. What's so stupid around the south is just dotty
  712. It could ber a bit of a bloomer for this come at the end of a st.
  713. Sweet girl, et? that's what it sounds like
  714. Sounds as if sore teeth get ground
  715. Where there's port on board
  716. Turned to shelter up in the red
  717. So una got the father to help? no fear!
  718. Have in bits is what the actor will do, it seems
  719. How wounding to be enpanelled, it seems
  720. You and i turn up needled in a singular setting
  721. Does that make a new root? o, just a few
  722. Perhaps going in 21down, in no specialised manner
  723. We in employment with the editor?
  724. There's a priest in he county till all is blue
  725. So to break the tin one did wrong at the funeral
  726. One is not forthcoming about to do wrong
  727. It's quite natural to be at these, perhaps
  728. Flower of the city does maths with thee
  729. Nothing to pay for being kept over the water
  730. It costs nothing to go around with this
  731. It might turn your stomach to have eaten this for a change
  732. That could be the time for a scottish man - ay, to make a pig of himself
  733. Relatively pleasant on he continent, by the sound of it
  734. The last of what you eat is not out
  735. He will begin to get around the girl with his bow
  736. Sounds as if one claims one will be between the seats
  737. Get the broken set underground?
  738. Some time ago it began to be a lengthy transgression
  739. Gave thanks back for this, notwithstanding
  740. Hides all that bowling in the cup
  741. See 3 and 5 down
  742. The little loser takes a little look at last
  743. Strong enough to make the top ten
  744. Where there's a card there's a hound
  745. Shelley might have shut up at 1.50 in the morning
  746. What was done with the medals for those dead around the fighting
  747. Sounds like the way cover for the face might help
  748. Bound to be on the rocks, along with her latin father
  749. What a draw five hundred in tatters was!
  750. She tells the world that she has put on just a little weight
  751. This receiver is put up to keep you out
  752. Barely complete
  753. There's nothing but the yard up there
  754. Seems the boy is not the owner with 17 across
  755. One little bird and one little beast for the little birds
  756. Might the cliquie find a little bed on a great lake?
  757. Have it with water, over about the teetotaller
  758. To mother, to get the saucy ship off the bottom
  759. Looked at last as if it was not rebellious
  760. Start to run away and cut it off with the help of the sheep?
  761. Old water at last
  762. Look as if one might go up with the french
  763. May be in the stocking and get rung
  764. A relation is all that was allowed to edward
  765. The model way to show how much you like the bird?
  766. What may be drawn at the bar
  767. There's nothing like it for the cardinal, it seems
  768. Amazon.com delivery
  769. Stress on a word or syllable
  770. Nfl analyst and former quarterback tony
  771. Supportive undergarments
  772. Indeed, n is enough to make this last
  773. Once more one may make light of it, as a rule, and tie it in a knot
  774. Lucy's sitcom chum
  775. ___ free (minute maid assurance)
  776. The way we ___ (1973 barbra streisand film)
  777. Farm animals in the oregon trail computer game
  778. Finding ___ (2016 sequel film)
  779. Italian city that wasn't built in a day
  780. That'll help a pole to keep a cool head
  781. Actress thompson of 2018's little women
  782. Name for a two-tone dog
  783. Some deals purchased from a mobile app
  784. Out of patience (2 wds.)
  785. Boat built in the 2014 film noah
  786. German luxury car company
  787. Affirmation from the flock
  788. Campground shelter
  789. Actor who plays a lost astronaut in 8-down (3 wds.)
  790. With 50-down actor who plays an astronaut seeking his lost father in 8-down
  791. Geoffrey who won a best actor oscar for shine
  792. Convention center trade show for short
  793. Space thriller directed by james gray starring 1-down/50-down 6-down and liv tyler (2 wds.)
  794. Celebratory circle dance
  795. Come up around the north in the water
  796. Has she got six blooming legs? and nothing out of 23 down (6)
  797. Destination planet in 8-down
  798. Horizontal spreadsheet lines
  799. ___ f (beverly hills cop instrumental)
  800. On ___ (available by the mug)
  801. Those bodies may get seedy
  802. Copy informally
  803. ___ shorty (1995 john travolta film based on an elmore leonard novel)
  804. Fast-food tycoon kroc played by michael keaton in the 2016 film the founder
  805. Planet in an old tv sitcom
  806. Likewise an eye class of a thing, perhaps
  807. For the initiated, it's broken toes the boy has
  808. One might get her to have a business trip in south africa
  809. This advance is set after 22 across
  810. That sort of a plane is quite a dogged class of a cone
  811. In the water a tin is upset on father - so contricting!
  812. How one reckons the worth of lifts, escalators and stairs, by the sound of them
  813. High water around twelve?
  814. It encouraged one so to listen to double figures with the editor
  815. Sounds as if formerly it was stinking, but is no more
  816. That saint minus one will never give one the pip
  817. Relatively an unwashed state
  818. Sir, it's no light matter at last
  819. How the twister turned around in a ruddy around
  820. That's enough to make me tiny - there's nothing like it
  821. Do they give father the right to get tttttttttt
  822. Such temporary promotion will enable one to wager about the priest
  823. Change the young officer into bits of buns
  824. Very little scores a hit among the saints
  825. Metric bits?
  826. That's 23 down, i see, for an architectural order
  827. Is the boy able to hold his drink?
  828. One could have a lust with rum for the five of them
  829. It's in the inside - twice in the inside
  830. That's the number i catch in new york
  831. Vanilla perhaps?
  832. Elated in raptures
  833. Getting to one’s feet
  834. Celebration caper
  835. Opposite of pessimist
  836. Move on roller-blades
  837. Rebounding bullet action
  838. Playing for money
  839. Clinical evaluation
  840. Inside layer
  841. Pocket drinks container
  842. Document showing nationality
  843. Well read tutored
  844. Artist’s paint
  845. Full force brunt
  846. Uptight edgy
  847. Happening in progress
  848. Diverse wide-ranging
  849. Was this writer's wife a gorgon?
  850. Owing to being just a shade like this here
  851. It's hard for them to be outside what's so hot in the ship
  852. Disc lose this in the past, perhaps
  853. As a matter of course that belongs to the scottish holy man
  854. Rather long
  855. Twitch in face
  856. Are a little among the late to a frightful extent
  857. That's five-one-five lazily, yet just a shade brightly
  858. One claims that the gaels get involved about the french
  859. Spear carried by knight
  860. Smartly dressed (inf)
  861. Large animal with horn (abbr)
  862. Twist together interweave
  863. Corrected musical pitch
  864. Greedy person (inf)
  865. Ms portman film actress
  866. Faith religion
  867. Heavy lifting machine
  868. Plant with long stiff leaves
  869. Get round a little relative where it's green
  870. What a nice fellow fawkes must have been
  871. How princess penelope goes in for medicine
  872. Author and activist ___ keller
  873. ___ zimmer the oscar-winning score composer
  874. Person who isn’t quite 20 yet
  875. Act maliciously
  876. It’s ___ for! (i love it!): 2 wds.
  877. One gets stuck with things that are so sticky
  878. They're all-rounders
  879. More of a mixture around through the ruler
  880. It has a a blooming whale of a time to get concealed
  881. It's father's turn to be 17
  882. Given that your old man has got a corporation
  883. As this is for the race for a little lying
  884. Thus i have the stamp of the papers
  885. Where one is just not able to get on in china
  886. `tis ans 'tis? wait for it, by the sound of it
  887. At or on? just wait for it, by the sound of it
  888. Cross him with an edward?
  889. The spanish side of the start of 19 down
  890. How linked letters might have provided cover for the knight
  891. For one alchemist that's enough to rile back about 34 across
  892. In france that philispher might have made an arrest
  893. Where one might learn something about fish
  894. In the teetotaller the mistake is to behave in such a horrifying sort of way
  895. Go ahead and spread it
  896. In short, in the start of the church, in wexford
  897. Where one might catch something that's not 2 down
  898. Might one get around to employ such in yorkshire?
  899. You just can't believe that it's true what you hear (and see) from about fifty goggleboxes
  900. Do they come together chemically to make up the weather?
  901. For the builder it gets burnt over laurence
  902. Those on the bench might have made this severe
  903. She's not married in ireland - nor in the ocean
  904. One might be quite hot at working with figures, perhaps
  905. Does she have a big place - a place for heroes forever?
  906. Leaves on the end, of course
  907. One goes around with a carilon, perhaps
  908. Star, as that's where it is
  909. What fun to go to and this with the pound, i see
  910. Does this alter the money you get back?
  911. Might the south permit everything in the swine to be lacking in shade, perhaps?
  912. That's the first thing you have to learn to have as a nudist
  913. Sounds as if i make an awful fuss so as to 16 down with it
  914. Hears about a hundred and one way to 16 down
  915. No flow
  916. How sickening for the artist to do it at last
  917. All to the good, placed like that
  918. The way to make a trial of how big one is, by the sound of it
  919. Could the south go to the bad below the bottom?
  920. Sounds as if something heavy is hangig around here
  921. That's where one is up to help the north
  922. To hang is a mischievous sort of death
  923. The top of the bridle is tops
  924. Sounds as if i have a hard time with the wise man
  925. Let the pound have lost value?
  926. Not the noise of 24 across
  927. And 13 across, this will insure that you get it cheap
  928. How painful the kangaroo can be at night!
  929. How to go one better than alfresco entertainment?
  930. You're asked to get in with six, along with edward
  931. Might one get the bird in church with it?
  932. That's how i have got into the middle of the flower
  933. How dull this dril is in society!
  934. What the punter may have to do to go around it
  935. If you wish to get on in transport, see 4 down
  936. How can the church manage with anything so wearing?
  937. It takes quite a wrench to get the representatives back around her
  938. That makes one cross to a medium extent
  939. What saucy class of frolics!
  940. Preserving parenthood in perpetuity?
  941. Coo over the king for this
  942. How fishy to have made her jewellery so wet! and so pickled
  943. It's unbelievable whaat a twisted nut the girl is
  944. What has it in the vegetable at speed
  945. A playful man of athens gets it up to man of scotland
  946. That's not the same as a woman of the old testament
  947. It makes the girl yellow to be put in the can
  948. Sure it's about ot be back down below
  949. Giving added heaviness to hanging around?
  950. Perhaps the way one might take a chip shot at nothing?
  951. Like kited checks
  952. To tun around in speed
  953. Open the tap? no!
  954. Array of resources
  955. Having beenon holiday, one might make 15 across and have five hundred at the end of it
  956. Meal where you hear the loud sizzle of batter
  957. How one upsets it back out of the mouth
  958. The little plural one swallows in the fold?
  959. From this does one understand that there's h in the grate?
  960. As for tom, perhaps, 'e was no male of 31 across
  961. Is that you or your sprite?
  962. How some schooling comes to an end in us
  963. Go fishing? that clicks
  964. Enough space to bury a girl?
  965. By the sound of it, that's farewell to a bargain
  966. Something remarkable nexus
  967. Is he the one tht has you befrogged?
  968. Compound derived from ammonia
  969. Redondant 9 lettres
  970. Cave might go around at the trot like this
  971. What a bore to make 17 across sound!
  972. A little in water, his is, it seems
  973. A go, perhaps, when it's no go for the ship
  974. Half a hundred and plenty more
  975. It's not so odd at last to play ball with them
  976. Is the bird dead? do thou likewise
  977. She may be addressed like this, and it may cost a lot to have her dressed
  978. Seems the first part of the play is not still on
  979. Is that the artist i conducted by train?
  980. Is the pig around the wall in the air?
  981. Never stopped getting tied up, by the sound of it
  982. It might come to an end of one foot
  983. One club and plenty of other weapons there
  984. Such loud streams may be so decorative
  985. That's a bloody wrong shade of nobility
  986. Large crater in volcano
  987. Everything considered, he's a funny fellow, henry is
  988. When sarah gets to 50, perhaps she gets fired
  989. Could one help it if one sat among the saints?
  990. As a rule they might get a b.a. for cookery
  991. How ex, perhaps, may be taken as a matter of course
  992. That southern water was actually more like a bog
  993. Could they be indentured, perhaps?
  994. That old roman chucker-out gets around and is grateful
  995. The offence of the old sailor is a serious one
  996. In church, to be precise, by the sound of it
  997. How the bird takes off as it goggles
  998. A mot could make all that ice so fruity
  999. Silly about by being so deep
  1000. What one used ot be able to get back from the market in
  1001. Might one thus haul n on horseback?
  1002. The attraction of being a shoplifter?
  1003. While going, the trains get smashed before tea
  1004. What used to belong to her - next to nuts
  1005. Might the boy get back to the east and get away from this?
  1006. Always weds afterwards
  1007. Where the bus is waiting with ham around?
  1008. Might a little cargo make the least of mum?
  1009. What might happen in here would never get one one over the eight
  1010. There's no contract for lots or things here
  1011. You'll get a good return from this, by the sound of it
  1012. Yes, sir, at the double! they're so woolly
  1013. At last i have four of them in there
  1014. Just show judy with this
  1015. Meet this, by the sound of it; it would not make your stomach turn
  1016. All the same, this might be a knock-up
  1017. The sort of tic that might suit a sort of 2 down
  1018. You find her going up in the air when there's malt around
  1019. With a little bird i can make it largely go down
  1020. If it's put there's no finish ot it
  1021. That's a blooming motor race
  1022. There's not much about tar for 12 across to work on
  1023. Not having a rich 20 across is not socially acceptable
  1024. An egg in a not very fresh state
  1025. A farthing more of this would have made the dress outstanding
  1026. One night in france in any sort of money
  1027. For the teetotaller in the barrier, see 8 down
  1028. In turn, desmond had a lot of talk that came in spots
  1029. In view of this, take a look at nicholas, by the sound of it
  1030. A mere green lad
  1031. Get from one side of the pub to the other on a bicycle
  1032. Might you get the fur that might be employed
  1033. There was double the cargo there
  1034. Where there's firing, perhaps - metal, too
  1035. It's himself, so it is, that's praying over this
  1036. The thing is sprightly - the very thing
  1037. What a c.a. might be dogged with
  1038. Here, perhaps, one is indebted to being like this
  1039. That was hard to make
  1040. By the sound of it, one knows where to find it - but not in ulster, by the sound of it (6)r
  1041. That sucker from the sea has gone after the p.s.
  1042. After a century a pony gets so twisted that it has something over it
  1043. The way desmond came back about his parent took one's breath away
  1044. I'm edward, mother, but i'm a cripple
  1045. It comes to a coarse end with the coarse food that's in it
  1046. The ore confused it gets, the more of a proposition it is
  1047. It comes at the end - of a story, by the sound of it
  1048. What's to do about the many that may produce current events?
  1049. Just think - it was a tooth it swallowed!
  1050. Not the sort of firewood you'd find in 25 down
  1051. Can she get 27 across into the north-east?
  1052. What a comedown the rich man has!
  1053. How grand to have such countless numbers back to the milky way
  1054. In the mountains the bell struck the note of e, it seems
  1055. Yes, that's the way it was submitted to the editor
  1056. Out of sorts, to a notable extent
  1057. Not still the way one can't get around ten
  1058. Can she be the last to have strings attached?
  1059. You may wear yours with a difference, but you'll regret it
  1060. Lies by the ten thousand for the leagues
  1061. Seems you've made a soft landing, ducky!
  1062. That stuff has sodium in it, so it's all right at last
  1063. One will never get down to making it the first up there
  1064. You've no right to come to grips with this
  1065. Walie it for an ambush?
  1066. How sweet they are - and how crafty at last
  1067. Standing the pig with the steer
  1068. They may get wrung on the horse if it gets too dry
  1069. Sounds as if the wye is in prepartation for the launch in ulster
  1070. Where he, ma and i have been posted
  1071. Mother! hullo, that's in nebraska
  1072. What one bore in france
  1073. That's what's wrong with the paling's, perhaps
  1074. In the end mother returns to india
  1075. One may figure out just what tit for is in the street
  1076. Quite accustomed to being in employment
  1077. A ted might have been given a medal after this arrangement
  1078. Where there are no geese to be found in italy
  1079. Dress up so as to show off
  1080. What a silly start of 30 across!
  1081. Worn by the elephants in the wast?
  1082. Where sal may have done her studying
  1083. How a mixture of maths is enough to take your breath away
  1084. One might get a hundred to give one a leg up
  1085. How cool so to be seen round about!
  1086. Just for the present, they''re the sort of people who get things done
  1087. That shows the ability of william to hold his drink
  1088. The sort of law that''s all in little bits
  1089. Playing field material
  1090. Pretty-picture link
  1091. Instigator of hilarity
  1092. Lots of time for swells on the sea?
  1093. Sleep type, briefly
  1094. Combustion consequence
  1095. Untouched areas
  1096. Summer setting
  1097. Southern side dishes
  1098. Belles wooer
  1099. Poivre counterpart
  1100. Meaning to go camping?
  1101. Allied pairs
  1102. Lake, canal, county or city
  1103. Interstate choice
  1104. Changed name label
  1105. Oily seed
  1106. Goatish group
  1107. Single one, single one
  1108. Pine to a large extent - so what?
  1109. Stopped dealing with money in france
  1110. Thus it may get close
  1111. Can be inside what's mythical
  1112. What a spirited occasion!
  1113. Just ring the bell again if you want to change the law
  1114. That's the way to produce the outcome
  1115. Td
  1116. There's little feeling for the fishes at the bottom
  1117. That's not too sound
  1118. Springing, for instance, is bound to be all a matter of taste
  1119. By the sound of it, ate besides this
  1120. By the sound of them, thay end with 18 downs
  1121. Around t my series get hidden
  1122. Just one short, but don't mention it
  1123. Lack of politics leads to lack of entertainment
  1124. O, there's nothing in the shape of an egg here
  1125. Perhaps erne's there in scotland there
  1126. The grass is dry and misty, by the sound of it
  1127. Counsel needs ten more to put an end to 17 across
  1128. That's without a background
  1129. Sail in the mud for mind and matter
  1130. It's bound to come fourth
  1131. Anyone for tennis? s, maybe
  1132. Ghostly places about the little right turn
  1133. Court the little girl up here and fleece her, perhaps
  1134. How henry plays on board with his mother
  1135. Might the dogma, perhaps, go backwardss and forwards?
  1136. If this were to go in for the competition, this sounds as if it might get the prize for initiative
  1137. They would never be short enough to make one short of breath
  1138. Sally (or maybe it's susan) is not among the first thing, by the sound of it
  1139. Call it e - a bit of a biter
  1140. One follows a mean, blooming twist
  1141. His might be tops when it comes to writing
  1142. Response in the mail, by the sound of it
  1143. How the police might give the artist back his holiday
  1144. If a hundred want to get really fit they must do what thery're told
  1145. That old greek might have helped you to figure out a hidden clue before i did
  1146. That could be the business of three blind mice
  1147. Is that the way? well, it doesn't sound like that
  1148. Pool float quality
  1149. Event handout
  1150. Far from cheery
  1151. Like much cheese and steak
  1152. What a dh doesn't do
  1153. Burpee packetful
  1154. Some core muscles briefly
  1155. Three-dimensional chart
  1156. Waistline bulges
  1157. Lat's neighbor
  1158. Admission requirement perhaps
  1159. Withdraw as from a race
  1160. Sparkler in the smithsonian
  1161. Like olympic pools
  1162. Fireworks explosion
  1163. Did a crossword editor's job
  1164. Light salad dressing quality
  1165. Crow with the sound of a steam engine
  1166. 23-down et al.
  1167. Quick for one's age
  1168. Purple pastel shade
  1169. Do they hold the sound of a wind instrument in short?
  1170. What a lousy old force! a cid?
  1171. How the doctor does the writing for 11 down
  1172. The times that ure may remove
  1173. Leaves there what is fated to be about a mixture of oil
  1174. How rose gets less than normal - just a shade
  1175. The royal way to turn to 28 down
  1176. Might a car omit to get sent like this, by the sound of it
  1177. Up in england they repair one afterthought, it seems
  1178. To a very large extent 'e will have no-one on the bench round us
  1179. What the doctor got up to was just being ver 26 down
  1180. That's where it changes form day to day
  1181. It's inclined to be made up of items
  1182. If one is this, it means one is just a pain in the neck
  1183. For an egyptian host that was the ruddy end
  1184. The hair that goes on ahead may make one feel the pinch
  1185. One might be deceived by the doctor around 16 down
  1186. At this point it may get stuck firmly, perhaps
  1187. Could this ever get a pad to go through with it?
  1188. Seedy enough to canvass, by the sound of it, for the angelus
  1189. No so, wing for them
  1190. That's just out
  1191. Strictly speaking, that's all they are
  1192. How the capital of france and the capital of holland come together for the church
  1193. That old speaker was as good as gold
  1194. What noah never did with 18 down
  1195. When things get 'ard, things got rough
  1196. Likewise, the playful king, edward
  1197. You get to be fermenting with anything so dirty
  1198. Where to work out of the fridge
  1199. One always weds before them (though not necessarily in the 9 across)
  1200. The reverend father is back. it's 'imself for publicity
  1201. She finds it not unpleasant around the east
  1202. About fifty for frying may be drawn up or made
  1203. That's what comes of a negative beginning
  1204. Trying to get over the bed
  1205. Out of work with us in the nude
  1206. It's little more than cant, to a certain degree
  1207. That might be shed for a 4 across, built this way
  1208. Dam for a dam, by the sound of it
  1209. That's how i get the agent around
  1210. Strapped lingerie part for short
  1211. Prepare to fight in a boxing match
  1212. Novel by charles dickens that deals with the story of a shipping firm owner who is frustrated at not having a son to take care of the business: 3 wds.
  1213. They're all one, the way one may have them dealt with
  1214. How one might be saying it's the way to be finding a new position, by the sound of it
  1215. Shipping or handling charge
  1216. Prefix with or logical to mean manner of content thinking
  1217. A ___ novella by charles dickens that deals with the story of ebenezer scrooge an elderly miser: 2 wds.
  1218. They blow all over ireland, by the sound of them
  1219. That sounds wet, as a rule
  1220. Confirm the last of the horse at last
  1221. ___ the sea short story co-authored by charles dickens that revolves around captain jorgan's sea voyage: 3 wds.
  1222. Star wars character kylo ___
  1223. May it be irish singer
  1224. Junior navy officer for short
  1225. Early programmer ___ lovelace
  1226. Most liked or preferred informally
  1227. How the girl's back to get one in motion
  1228. The mixture of sand's providing entertainment to the insect
  1229. Cost of living stat: abbr.
  1230. Disastrous or destructive
  1231. ___ good feelings (period in history): 2 wds.
  1232. Body part with fingers
  1233. Actresses ryan and tilly
  1234. Low in fat say
  1235. Like some news that's not good
  1236. Resistance unit in physics
  1237. Dell or ibm products for short
  1238. Yellow muppet character of sesame street
  1239. Took up residence elsewhere say
  1240. Cubs and white sox organization: abbr.
  1241. Coconut fiber from which rope can be made
  1242. Sharp-eyed bird with a hooked beak
  1243. Is your bird on long legs?
  1244. Like 19? that's a silly one!
  1245. ___-to-order (specifically designed)
  1246. It author elinor
  1247. Mammal that hangs upside down
  1248. Stage musical that won the obie award dear ___ hansen
  1249. It's good for you to have it toasted
  1250. How the cockney might get it in the neck for a change
  1251. Put another brand on it, in a manner of speaking
  1252. Well, not a sound like this
  1253. Sauce on a gyro
  1254. 1957 coasters chart topper
  1255. Amy klobuchar
  1256. Where one might make a cannon
  1257. Concerns what is more than once in there
  1258. Sorry to have had the bird after beheading
  1259. That might adorn the boy with other things
  1260. Fifty-one and still single?
  1261. The reign of one of the 23 down, perhaps
  1262. Although colourless, it could make a green mixture with g in it, perhaps
  1263. Cry for the oars in the ship
  1264. Was delighted to be like this in need
  1265. That'll be showing just how silly they are when they try to be tuneful
  1266. Fly in the fizzy red wine?
  1267. Do they come in and go out of 1 across?
  1268. Whisky ecossais
  1269. How the forte goes down in bed?
  1270. Agonisant e
  1271. What may be made the wrong way from the press
  1272. Of course one might take this to be a tree
  1273. Le roi des dieux
  1274. Mammifere a fourrure estimee e
  1275. Perhaps hew a bit that's blocking the passage
  1276. That's how i'd swell up and be dead
  1277. Of course it's a warning spoken previously
  1278. Get around and a bit more for new arrivals
  1279. Will it do not to go straight around the west?
  1280. Got to what was sore, about five, that is to say
  1281. There's nothing at all like it to make me tiny like that
  1282. Top scorer euro 96
  1283. One is certainly not all there to get dismissed in a buzzer
  1284. It's tops, there and all for show
  1285. Forward with the mode in the mist!
  1286. Even if i drink to such excess, does it make an atom of difference?
  1287. This has been shortened to a limited extent
  1288. This tells you that they're across the atlantic
  1289. Sounds as if dawn might be the one to raise her voice
  1290. In france it's very trying in the ship
  1291. Get down to it with your finger
  1292. Did they force one into journalism?
  1293. That had one up in arms
  1294. Eht, no? right away!
  1295. Seems the child's a girl
  1296. It may be offered through being about what is light
  1297. Whip and mug
  1298. One of 1 down is enough to give 10 across quite a start
  1299. You won't be blamed for a former, single speed like this
  1300. Is south africa cut off from the english county, in short?
  1301. The way to get around a girl in divers ways
  1302. Now they're light
  1303. More like an arm, perhaps, that may easily be twisted into carrying a gun
  1304. The scent when the tide came in perhaps
  1305. All the east get extremely single
  1306. Tie kat and adopt it
  1307. After just over half a century a parliamentarian is not a big stiff
  1308. Pan in the community kitchen?
  1309. You'd be nervous having fresh flowers, by the sound of it
  1310. Or it might even be daddy from long ago
  1311. In stock with nothing in the top of the theatre
  1312. Above the start of 29 across as the bishop is
  1313. How touching not to be able to see the sound of 21 down for the hillside in scotland!
  1314. How 27 across follows 9 across, in short, and that's flat
  1315. Sound yet unsteady
  1316. Cab ada contain on the pitch ten like this?
  1317. It might go through the hair on the head of the fowl
  1318. This is only half back around me
  1319. She is certainly not worth her weight in gold
  1320. Get wind of it and draw it
  1321. By the sound of it, choose one rum in ant
  1322. That's where i was in a hurry to get to
  1323. Get up around 'er across the atlantic
  1324. It might have hurt the unaspirated, even if he'd had a gun
  1325. Only the best directors may be right (9)
  1326. The height of being middle-of-the-road (6)
  1327. Sounds as if it's in french
  1328. After a couple of pubs, ian is quite uncivilised
  1329. Seems one's willing at last to be inside there (6)
  1330. Order this, but don't order glasses if your sight is like this (4,5)
  1331. What a mean welcome to fury! (7)
  1332. Ed overth made it a lot, by the sound of it
  1333. This could never be harp for the executor, perhaps, as he acts
  1334. With a split, did about four with one gin
  1335. Never of old would it have shut behind the prisoner
  1336. No advance for li at this, it seems
  1337. For the last hour 16 across could be found in here
  1338. East in the near way is enough to make one sound hoarse
  1339. The orange has rage in the middle of it
  1340. Gee! that, for instance, would not make a lay for the last minsstrel
  1341. It isn't your stomach that gets back to meet this, by the sound of it
  1342. What you might gain with lust by hand
  1343. Precious little weight may be given to such miserable accountants
  1344. 5 down of furniture for the v.i.p.s
  1345. Turn it to make the irishman turn up
  1346. Let her sound like this
  1347. The way to passon that i'm not quite all there
  1348. That's to say by way of a title
  1349. That 's about what's pitched. i have not to let it go
  1350. A in what's got a baby in the west indies of old
  1351. Well, you're just not with it
  1352. Are, perhaps, godly
  1353. Part of a round of drinks?
  1354. Even though one is right at the bottom, one is still presiding
  1355. Turn and die without having come to court?
  1356. Legally unsound for the financially unsound?
  1357. It grows in water, in a manner of speaking, after a century
  1358. He's seen your sound
  1359. With one from the old testament, aallah might have been everything
  1360. So to have both 50 and 500 on is enough to make one some capital
  1361. That's no horse, by the sound of it
  1362. This may give one the air of a drawer
  1363. At the beginning of the year one may 5 down him as a caretaker
  1364. At last this 4 down gets to the first of 14 down
  1365. Is it to mother to get the vessel up? sounds as if you can take that as read
  1366. By the end of the morning i would be not nearly finished
  1367. Very much liked to read about this do
  1368. Is on fit for the tale of one like this?
  1369. Hurry away at last and dispose of it all
  1370. In scotland got a degree - don't believe me
  1371. His father is in desmond and is in want
  1372. Get down to trees by the half-hundred
  1373. There's no odd end to the side
  1374. Compared to this, see 3 down
  1375. A questionable way to behave with the air of a soldier
  1376. The way to get to the top with a bit of the states
  1377. Press near to tea
  1378. The ways by which you get them to be sound underground (6)
  1379. How edward gets up over our roundabout
  1380. Turned the pages till all was green
  1381. It's well-known that this can't be the editor
  1382. Is the south the very last last thing you'd get from the church?
  1383. In this place it is an inseparable part
  1384. Highly dangerous, by the way of an afterthought
  1385. The way to get round to write iiiii, by the sound of it
  1386. The way one cried in the tin? straight, it's not
  1387. The desire of the north-east is to be only a bit fresh
  1388. Ruddy well all in the blood but in vain
  1389. How i say what may be actionable about one in water
  1390. Sounds like 12 in achievement
  1391. … harmony in the motion and magnitude of the __ … : copernicus
  1392. Asian tourist city
  1393. Symbol of ease
  1394. Unvarnished inventions?
  1395. One often stands alone in a split
  1396. Stops lying?
  1397. If the claim were, it would be 11 across, to say the least
  1398. The night they invented champagne composer
  1399. Joe-induced speaking clarity?
  1400. Gp. inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 2017
  1401. Promises at the altar
  1402. Letting in or letting out, truthfully
  1403. Butter used to deep-fry samosas
  1404. Ubiquitous youtube button … and a hint to four long across answers
  1405. How the girl starts to like a ring
  1406. Made it spirited
  1407. In the matter of a market, by the sound of it
  1408. Sounds as if you're being able to pay for a river-crossing
  1409. Not the t weed of ireland
  1410. The sort of headache that makes me anything but cheerful
  1411. That gets down to it in 18 down
  1412. Could adam's wife be in the roof for always
  1413. Where there might be tides under the sea in new york
  1414. With you in there there could be bids on he move
  1415. That pigeon might have made it for 30 down
  1416. One has to respect the way the crooked dam gets over her anger
  1417. Seems he's no hillbilly - just an ordinary chap
  1418. They don't sound like the original of royality like this
  1419. So tie this in the sun; one makes it as one
  1420. Don't stop - just peek, perhaps
  1421. Just about nothing in with a charge
  1422. Don't forget that this could be perhaps out over g
  1423. Does the beastly king sound foppish and be so yellow and weedy?
  1424. This has you browned-off and sore
  1425. No sound of fighting? well, just a bit
  1426. It's best to be dressed up to them
  1427. Well, she's not willing to do it like this
  1428. It might suit one to come to blows with them
  1429. By the sound of it, seen that fellow at the top
  1430. You get no change out of that similar bloody vessel
  1431. Half a dozen may provide transport for the church
  1432. She and he together get pickled
  1433. For the beast, it needs only one ounce more to give it away
  1434. This will make one learn in class
  1435. It passes up to give it out
  1436. An ant might get to the border of this in church
  1437. Is the painting's country so up-to-date?
  1438. Bowl with what's wrong to a degree
  1439. How lucky that mummy has got a little bed
  1440. The b.a. is fundamental with this like this
  1441. The end of it is a foot long
  1442. For the rocks it would be out for the farmer
  1443. Less than minute assistance refused to oliver twist
  1444. The sort of a bit of mutton that might help one if one got an attack
  1445. What is on top ain't twisted on top on board
  1446. How a south american might take the 28 down off the face of one from the usa
  1447. Seeing how much the silly ones can become vocal
  1448. One are, perhaps, flying into 14 across
  1449. Pass with no band in, it seems
  1450. In cub, a place for a commercial vehicle in there
  1451. Bays where et was to be found?
  1452. There's nothing like a ruddy thing on top
  1453. Could a teetotaller get a drink from the inside of the tree-trunk?
  1454. There's not a happy smile with a cut, sir
  1455. They might be switched on for a breath of fresh air
  1456. He painted maja
  1457. Hoped-for job interview result
  1458. One may start with starters
  1459. Paste in japanese cuisine
  1460. Billionaire musk
  1461. Certain brain cell
  1462. Submit your tax return online
  1463. Some are husky
  1464. Destination east of miami
  1465. Tree ring datum
  1466. Aunt in mexico
  1467. Old-fashioned sort of a set-up in the irish times
  1468. The decision where to draw the line
  1469. It's all very fine for the girl be so enthusiastic
  1470. Celebratory week-end cry
  1471. Fashion designer's forte
  1472. ___-ida
  1473. One puts up with this in a lazy (and a foolish) way
  1474. How one might be selling mothers with water?
  1475. Adorbs non-slangily
  1476. I solved 52-across!
  1477. Cold at a coffee shop
  1478. Sometimes-bad sign
  1479. The water, by the sound of it, is not tied down
  1480. Rave review remark
  1481. Sting-y pollinators?
  1482. Car-buying fig.
  1483. *what i'm hearing is …
  1484. What a picky person picks
  1485. Cat biter
  1486. *actor wil
  1487. One of the caribbean's abc islands
  1488. Pair that defeats kings
  1489. *pool shark's call
  1490. Industry expert often
  1491. Las vegas' ___ grand
  1492. Goes on dates with
  1493. Light-colored beer for short
  1494. Navel-revealing shirts and a hint to each starred answer's first few letters
  1495. It's all very fine to have fired your counsel like this
  1496. How burdensome to get upon the start of 22 across!
  1497. Farm area measurement
  1498. Indian tea type
  1499. Director's stop! order
  1500. Cheese sometimes made with goat's milk
  1501. Massive tales
  1502. Harder by this my god
  1503. It will pay you to talk like this about laurence
  1504. Tend, maybe, and made money
  1505. Try to fire ahead
  1506. Before the century i catch it initially in new york
  1507. Your secretary must learn to take it from you
  1508. 'tis perhaps dead, so don't go to bed
  1509. Not true that they'll come down with one in ones
  1510. Getting down to it; getting twice in the inside
  1511. That's how 11got matted, but not originally
  1512. One motor could not fly far with us
  1513. It follows the queen in a sec
  1514. How grand so to drive into the pile!
  1515. Interfere with what sounds so decorative
  1516. Sounds like the strength of molly malone
  1517. Everything on credit, with permission
  1518. Bag this, although once you might have blown it
  1519. There's some give in the door around the north
  1520. You might get a buzz from below, by the sound of it, perhaps
  1521. For what it's worth, that's how they get paid
  1522. One thousand such are only nine
  1523. Never gets close round the writers
  1524. How the cockney gets 'urt with a weapon
  1525. She might study to get below there in south america
  1526. Ian, have you come first in class? that's perfect!
  1527. It's short
  1528. They sound like 32 down kept on ice
  1529. Put a can over this like this and put it in the shrubbery
  1530. In reverse it would be wrong to run like this
  1531. Sounds as if one might get k like this on the dance floor to make it equal
  1532. Sounds in time that you are nervous
  1533. Charity race maybe
  1534. The sound of dried up danes at night?
  1535. What a beastly hundred with almost another ten!
  1536. Not the sort of lots to make a pen mute
  1537. It's correct to own such ties
  1538. Does this cancel out the way in at the end?
  1539. One would like to have such a start to the creed
  1540. Deep enough, by the sound of it, to get deeper about fifty
  1541. There isn't any beginning to 16 across for the prize
  1542. Its scent makes an italian man turn red
  1543. What no toiler ought to do
  1544. A half a hundred to include in for a lamp
  1545. He starts to be a seductive woman
  1546. At last a foundation for a march for the military
  1547. Might 'e praise item number ten up from the bottom?
  1548. It's just a gamble if you can get a taxi back (by the sound of it) with precious little weight
  1549. In the box during the international
  1550. That sounds, alas, as if at first 12 across needs it
  1551. Just a shade dark
  1552. Playful, plump cockney girls
  1553. Sounds as if he helped us to get to grips with the messiah
  1554. Charge. nothing like that for anything so little
  1555. Sick, perhaps, for christmas
  1556. Notes that this might be hail to 17 down and 17 across
  1557. Was 9 across single to the last?
  1558. In relation to an endorsement on your passport, five is needed
  1559. Nothing from f to the final letter
  1560. One did this by the way of 23 across
  1561. Does ireland have to phone to the gathering?
  1562. Having been shortened, the spanish died in 7 down
  1563. That could be a small measure i makes a hole in, but not on purpose
  1564. They're thought to be only a twisted side
  1565. At last it's ready for the stomach - what nonsense!
  1566. Is this what one might be making of 9 across?
  1567. The question is that's not like queen elizabeth
  1568. Addressed, perhaps, on the wheel, by the sound of it
  1569. Can i be currently not to make a crossword, perhaps?
  1570. Armer, perhaps, for armoury
  1571. I do this, but not now, to make one heat hen
  1572. Longed to have deserved to have been beheaded
  1573. Iris might get on with drink in
  1574. They sound as if they provide some escape for the welsh
  1575. Allowed only so much beer, perhaps, and with reason
  1576. In line for training
  1577. What a blow to get one's nose up to his majesty!
  1578. No fast fuss about an american serviceman
  1579. How like a boy to be so silly there before morning!
  1580. Very like an opener, by the sound of it
  1581. Times of work for works of music
  1582. One might have been baking in a suit
  1583. Does one serve to make it no-go?
  1584. Does the big bird come up with the bone and a lot of water?
  1585. Can one help being like 22 across, perhaps?
  1586. Just another island meeting?
  1587. Cut the french and you get it in the neck
  1588. Production not in place
  1589. Write fast
  1590. It's not sidesaddle that's so very good for the horseman
  1591. One may perform or open it
  1592. The tank is empty in america
  1593. Comfy home
  1594. There's five, ten, fifty in this to fiddle with
  1595. Cake unit
  1596. Like swift stories
  1597. What a blow was that!
  1598. That 's the whole of the tree in chopped-up form
  1599. Around the south there's a consumer for a festive occasion
  1600. Nora roberts book
  1601. Prepare to drive the way to get biting
  1602. Long to get to be on foot for cockneys
  1603. How cornelius got them in order to have gone with them
  1604. Courtroom oath
  1605. What a blow for 1 across!
  1606. Were too much, by the sound of it
  1607. Loves to get around you and make them just a little seedy
  1608. However energetic you are, be more energetic, perhaps
  1609. Feeling strongly in verbal form?
  1610. The rug's turned up in a way that's staying
  1611. A thing one might have about fresh flowers, by the sound of it
  1612. A french one and one that's poetic, and that's everywhere
  1613. Is that what you make of 2 down?
  1614. The least you can do with what i am is in the mine
  1615. Being ingrate, perhaps, has been fired
  1616. Your man has it before it's broken, by the sound of it
  1617. Lit this so as to get some response
  1618. See you in response to have it in sight, perhaps
  1619. Displayed and delayed
  1620. That's what they pay you to enter, perhaps
  1621. I'd get into ways of speaking, but never on purpose
  1622. Lit this so as to learn about tea
  1623. One might be accepting an ad., given this choice
  1624. Is the girl at home after tea for the leather?
  1625. The old china cat is on the grass
  1626. The old vessel is not as good as it was
  1627. There's nothing in a blain to make it so perfidious
  1628. The short answer, behold, is that they're a matter for lent
  1629. Seems like the sort of people with the gift of achieving
  1630. I am like this every morning (3,1'5)
  1631. Has irelnd a dancer after the dance?
  1632. The country where one is to be found
  1633. Noises from the pigpen
  1634. Prefix for a music genre that indicates there's something different about it
  1635. Where critical cases are taken by ambulances: abbr.
  1636. ___ threat (threat that won't actually be carried out)
  1637. What the farmer gets form his crops he surrenders
  1638. Ted is to be found at a bar in avoca
  1639. Spanish stadium exclamation
  1640. Where i rust in a mess?
  1641. It may end in .com or .org: abbr.
  1642. How one laughs at anyone thrown off a horse like this, perhaps!
  1643. Laid a smooth surface on a roadbed
  1644. Released in september 2019 say
  1645. Ratings for some animated films
  1646. There ___ no words …
  1647. Formerly, no capital k came regularly
  1648. How fifty get in a rut to an excessive extent
  1649. Such as the student prince who got their degrees had the potential for being future rulers
  1650. Sounds as if one might give ian a shave for a face that was bearded
  1651. The sheikh, by the sound of it, might get three times about a thousand so as to do this
  1652. How to make money like this, that's just part of your education
  1653. Where stickers get stuck in volume
  1654. There's no knowing what her wares might be
  1655. Be inclined to be like nael?
  1656. With a rifle around, the girl will keep up the heat
  1657. One way to get about by lice about a hundred
  1658. Might a little tea write back with it in a little lousy-sounding way?
  1659. Loose what's poisonous before your uncle has finished
  1660. Is the north not quite before its time?
  1661. You get the thread of this island after a century
  1662. Shades of the artist in inclination
  1663. The stone in the inside of the fruit?
  1664. You might fall for a jaunt like this
  1665. How singular 21 down might be ! (maybe you don't get it)
  1666. How one leaves everything if one has the strength
  1667. O, ta for a car to play with!
  1668. Sounds as if one gets fired from the church
  1669. Shades of hornblower as a child?
  1670. How siox may get firedd?
  1671. It's all to the good for this to say and deny it
  1672. Entitled to have none broken before being wounded
  1673. Where an is, there's nothing 20 down
  1674. The model way to 34 across the bird
  1675. Not how one might live there
  1676. That 's something that may be made the wrong way
  1677. Note how this might be never g
  1678. O, that area could be great gas!
  1679. How horrible it is to go back about that
  1680. Something like a little money going up
  1681. Emit o.t.?
  1682. There's nothing in the ranch to stop the ship
  1683. If you behave in such a questionable way, you'll get what you deserve
  1684. See about that smell. it's enough to have one round the bend
  1685. Mean to get this confused with a blooming one
  1686. Lacking an heir, by the sound of it
  1687. Don't leave enough and you'll suffer for it
  1688. Finish with a single period of schooling in eight, by the sound of it
  1689. The sound of fireplacery, perhaps, to a large extent
  1690. Hing after this for the artist, and all the rest of it
  1691. Don't go, i.e. for underwear
  1692. Oy! nell is not 17 across
  1693. Sounds as if one knows where to find them - with the academician under the insect
  1694. Test about a mine with the inn
  1695. How one gets to the end of the place
  1696. If she were to put on a little weight she'd tell everyone about it
  1697. Has leslie been let look like this?
  1698. As a rule it sounds wet
  1699. The beastly things one does by 1 down
  1700. That active fellow has been charged
  1701. Shall we have a song about putting on them
  1702. Having it on hand, one may get to the bottom of it
  1703. The way to beat a place of kings with a flourish
  1704. Sound as if the ayes have them about the hidden saint
  1705. That's why it's about a 17 across
  1706. What a tactful coil with a twisted tip!
  1707. Devil a saint gets crooked before getting to the century
  1708. With this one's berth might only be
  1709. That's him at the bottom of 27 down
  1710. Make little way with an indian
  1711. It's fundamental to get your degree like this
  1712. She certainly did not put disney beyond the pale
  1713. Although one puts one's trust in him, yet again he is not to be believed
  1714. No young 11 down for nestor
  1715. It's just a test, maybe bleaching your hair
  1716. They go off as albert gets ready to fight
  1717. An italian poet was a bit slow
  1718. Might this dip be made in human form?
  1719. It sounds as if 8 down started there in germany
  1720. Strictly speaking, that's the way to see about 4 down starting up
  1721. One would be pleased to be dead in there
  1722. Keep gratitude in control
  1723. One not barely subhuman
  1724. Hundreds don't get high on beer
  1725. Too bad it's only worth a couple of bucks, by the sound of it! (4,4)
  1726. Well, d is not with this
  1727. With 'em i do not get along smoothly, so i go away
  1728. Perhaps they could be said to be not shoddy
  1729. They want to get made with sand
  1730. Bury the meshes for communication
  1731. How 10001000 fly-by-nights are fighting
  1732. It's not so hot when the young meat is aged a hundred
  1733. There's a pleasant expectation of having a cape over it
  1734. Might he let up with a piece over the fire
  1735. Does this give one grounds for finding 'er in the railway?
  1736. Give an indication that there's a silent rodent over the east
  1737. Morse with 4 down