1. What the oldest known chess set was carved from
  2. 194 of them fly outside the u n headquarters
  3. Human organ with the ability to regenerate itself
  4. Show romantic interest
  5. Scented aisle laid out in shop
  6. To systematically take apart
  7. Medical term for abatement of disease symptoms
  8. Biceps femoris and semitendinosus muscle group
  9. In a way like a cone
  10. Type of community monasticism
  11. Strengthen something, maybe with concrete
  12. Speaker designed for bass frequencies
  13. Pouches worn over mens breeches in 15th century
  14. Major river that flows through iraq and syria
  15. Featured jointly in lead roles
  16. Irish ruled ireland from 1922 37
  17. Donald st elsewhere doc played by ed flanders
  18. Pleads earnestly
  19. Brown material used for most steampunk clothing
  20. General sherman is one in this california park
  21. Tool that might be said to be thrown in the works
  22. Blazing , a western comedy by mel brooks
  23. The children, fiction about trains by e nesbit
  24. Become less watery coagulate
  25. House, quirky fred and ginger prague building
  26. Leader in native religions who guides spirits
  27. Joanna aka abfabs patsy
  28. Chief egyptian deity worshipped as a sun god
  29. Captain brings carol danvers to the big screen
  30. Game poultry breed originally from cornwall
  31. Twist around, like an office chair
  32. Snapping turtles have a lure at the end of theirs
  33. Composer of water music and messiah
  34. Portable gas heaters for warming food
  35. Deep, narrow sided valley alongside a river
  36. Prague, club based at sinobo stadium
  37. The poky little puppy was a golden book
  38. The source of something
  39. Warders, commonly known as beefeaters
  40. Hulks human surname
  41. Sybill, harry potters divination teacher
  42. Common word in the dog breeds golden or labrador
  43. Aggressive celebrity photojournalists
  44. Vienna born former australian chancellor kurz
  45. Drinking vessels loaned from stores for parties
  46. Watertight work enclosure
  47. It person who creates software
  48. Team game where players shoot dye filled pellets
  49. Headdresses with egret feathers worn on turbans
  50. Star trek show starring sonequa martin green
  51. Hello, hola, bonjour, guten tag
  52. Partner in investment
  53. Advantages pros, not cons
  54. Near camera shots
  55. By 2017, serena had won 23 grand slam singles
  56. Bernadine who won booker for girl, woman, other
  57. Tv show, books feature this porcine girl
  58. A situation, an imagined scene or occurrence
  59. Having no money and unable to pay debts
  60. Twisted, say a neck after a traffic collision
  61. Italian white grapes
  62. Transforms a signal into mechanical motion
  63. Megan thee , us rapper and songwriter
  64. Some cultures consider these insects to be lucky
  65. African country that was once rhodesia
  66. Film, the literary and potato peel pie society
  67. Congealed greases and detritus in victorian sewers
  68. Exclaim loudly a brass instrument
  69. Giant , orange eight tentacled sea creature
  70. Dance show set on a construction site
  71. Dumbledores companion fawkes is this
  72. The star wars character played by harrison ford
  73. To discover a new place
  74. Diy music of the 50s popularized by lonnie donegan
  75. John , squawking snooker star
  76. Cornish chemist who discovered calcium and sodium
  77. Words joining subject and complement
  78. Placing fabric loosely over a mannequin
  79. Control natural resources to produce energy
  80. One eyed greek monster
  81. Greys anatomy spinoff show, 19
  82. Inventor of wire netting machine, 1844
  83. Canadian province whose capital is edmonton
  84. The spark that starts an engine or motor
  85. Noisemakers for counting
  86. Obelixs pet in the asterix comics
  87. Type of art not based on concrete existence
  88. Rihannas home nation
  89. Japan hosted these summer games in 2020
  90. Make something look nicer adorn
  91. Straps on the back of a saddle
  92. Styling hair
  93. Horror about a coven of witches, remade in 2018
  94. Eligible to be freed while awaiting trial
  95. Large town made up of temporary shelters
  96. Mid line pauses in poetry
  97. Employee of a school or office that cleans
  98. Vein or artery intermediary
  99. Went by helicopter
  100. The rigid observance of rules of etiquette
  101. Where jesus christ was born
  102. Hair accessory of a large loop of elastic
  103. Self assured, believing in oneself
  104. 2005 2020 name of pro tennis event in toronto
  105. Architect who designed jewish museum berlin
  106. Currency software to calculate exchange rates
  107. Rolling stones 1978 album including miss you
  108. Out of africa actor klaus maria
  109. Poetry patterns stressing one of three syllables
  110. Type of mammal suckled in a pouch
  111. As as a newborn baby
  112. Post shower cloak, often made of flannel
  113. Inflammation reducing, manufactured hormone drugs
  114. Capital of parana state in brazil
  115. Area in a house with a sink and toilet
  116. Pipes that move water and waste in a house
  117. Songbirds with brown heads, genus molothrus
  118. Pamphlet with info about a service or product
  119. Person who leads a protestant church
  120. Heinz , german general, developer of blitzkrieg
  121. Crater on the far side of the moon
  122. The godfathers family name
  123. Cucumbers fermented in vinegar
  124. Oregon park named after the usas deepest lake
  125. Contest where one buys a ticket to win a prize
  126. Like wheat, this is a common cereal grain
  127. Curly hair that appears dry and flyaway
  128. Raged on like a burning fire
  129. Other name for haydns 104th symphony symphony
  130. French baron and mathematician augustin louis
  131. Rabindranath , indian poet and author
  132. Bsc bundesliga side with blue home kit
  133. Priestly commentary following scripture reading
  134. Singing garden bird that the victorians would cage
  135. Greek figure who was birthed from a tree
  136. What a an excellent act, usually a song
  137. Irish mythical hero and son of luch
  138. One who helps with props before and during a play
  139. Sleep , a feeling of being unable to move in bed
  140. Top floor apartment in a tall building
  141. Expressing puzzlement or confusion
  142. Day where costumed children beg for sweets
  143. Drew from charlies angels, never been kissed
  144. Heavy, candied and spiced treat made for christmas
  145. State of eternal punishment in christianity
  146. Front crawl as an olympic event
  147. Twigs in the undergrowth
  148. Deep fried balls made of chickpeas or fava beans
  149. Its paired with cytosine in a dna strand
  150. Getting a drink out of fruit
  151. More common name for the cuspids
  152. Canadian province where calgary is located
  153. Add this to western to make a music genre
  154. Blast into space
  155. Plant tissue layer between xylem and phloem
  156. What a famous pharaoh might be buried in
  157. Creepy dolls in dead silence and saw
  158. Artist who painted guernica in 1937, pablo
  159. Animal known as jumbo squid and red devil
  160. Main body of a plane, behind the nose cone
  161. Attempt to emulate or match do something again
  162. Collaborate and engage with someone
  163. Formal dancing in three quarter time
  164. Powdered medicine delivered in gel containers
  165. Chinese language spoken by over 730 million people
  166. Uk lake with a mythological monster
  167. Alternative name for st jude, brother of st james
  168. City where hagia sophia and grand bazaar are
  169. Small vehicle for driving to the 18 holes
  170. Fixed admission to those was a scandal in 2019
  171. Star of ant man film, born in new jersey in 1969
  172. Business or person who money is owed to
  173. Those who smear reputations
  174. Based an argument on
  175. Understood by few mysterious
  176. Plants can be anchored, or this, in soil or water
  177. The of the beast, 1982 hit for iron maiden
  178. A star or an angels role in a prominent tree spot
  179. Dust, a cold, hay fever can make you do this
  180. Lifted anchor onto cathead
  181. Green arrows identity queen
  182. Season following summer
  183. Cuts of meat featuring backbone
  184. An onboard locational device anagram of a divan
  185. Portmanteau signifying uks withdrawal from the eu
  186. Bubka record breaking ukrainian pole vaulter
  187. System of millions or billions of stars
  188. Forcibly remove from an interactive system
  189. Art , place with exhibits 37th codycross world
  190. What parkour experts need deftness
  191. A cupboard with shelves or drawers
  192. Sculptures that weep tears of blood or milk
  193. Villainous spirit in zoroastrianism
  194. Visual home for your computer programs
  195. The structures of a language
  196. Put up a tent or camp
  197. Tiny european nation with two cows on its flag
  198. Swiss us natural historian louis, born 1807
  199. British game played by hitting chestnuts together
  200. Genre of books that are filled with recipes
  201. Time to start a fresh calendar and resolutions
  202. Mineral that helps build strong teeth, bones
  203. Timberlake as a troll sings cant stop the
  204. Shuffle along, make room
  205. Cor , instrument also known as the english horn
  206. Knitting yarn with furry fine fringing
  207. Roman name for french city of chartres
  208. Family that includes homer, marge, bart, and lisa
  209. Confined space one goes to in prison
  210. Bar shaped hair clip
  211. Write with an associate on joint book or project
  212. Brazilian municipality in east são paulo state
  213. Like a shirt sprayed with stiffening product
  214. Oldest schuyler sister in hamilton
  215. One of the seven ancient wonders, of rhodes
  216. Toxic plant whose name means fingers
  217. Classic french dish of chicken cooked in red wine
  218. European country whose capital is sofia
  219. Ol , popular nickname for frank sinatra
  220. Southern peninsula of india
  221. A serious crime
  222. Wild , irish national park once named ballycroy
  223. Actor clooney or former president w bush
  224. Of bethany, sister of lazarus and mary
  225. Beefsteak is a variety of this red salad fruit
  226. A short break between activities
  227. Bow out, resign, quit
  228. Present or current holder of office
  229. Largest county in the united kingdom
  230. Teeline and pitmans note taking
  231. 18th and 19th century movement to end slavery
  232. Horror author of 1929s the curse of yig
  233. I , opera concerns strolling players in italy
  234. Tatum oneal won an oscar for this 1973 film
  235. Reptile with 74 to 80 teeth at a given time
  236. Rod shaped
  237. Buddha gained enlightenment under this fruit thing
  238. Assistants place switching illusion
  239. Bare headed african stork that feeds on carrion
  240. Needlework padding material used in quilting
  241. To reel backwards to walk uncomfortably
  242. Cressidas father in troilus and cressida
  243. Goodbye, schoolteacher novel by james hilton
  244. Move around hurriedly, like a crab
  245. Flat polish easter cake of pastry, sponge, icing
  246. Evening oil, from a yellow flower
  247. Bridge, it crosses the east river in ny
  248. Vienna lies close to austrias border with
  249. Allowing fluid to escape a container
  250. Larry david co created this us sitcom
  251. Neurologically caused loss of ability to write
  252. Bishop staffs with hooks
  253. Future uk prime minister, born in grantham in 1925
  254. Instruments that measure electrical current
  255. Rigid airship named after its german inventor
  256. Businessmen who stand surety for bail
  257. Movement of birds from one country to another
  258. Shipshape to fly
  259. Type of sandwich eaten by paddington bear
  260. Priestly vests
  261. The area where a beach or coast meets the sea
  262. Date keepers named julian, gregorian
  263. Where carbon fuels are extracted from
  264. What waitresses dont like to get from customers
  265. Europe or rfe, us broadcaster based in prague
  266. Disorder involving joint pain
  267. A part or piece of a larger whole
  268. Chemical element whose atomic number is 94
  269. Theory or law thats a basis for reasoning
  270. Star of netflix stand up special inside
  271. Stated a fact confidently
  272. Archaic word for spiritually evil
  273. Italian city famous for the uffizi gallery
  274. Animal crossings aged tortoise mayor
  275. Home for canines that troublemakers sleep in
  276. Coated aluminum with a protective layer
  277. Japanese shogunate in 1400
  278. Wheat based disks that are good with cheese
  279. The spiritual work of any christian person
  280. Videotape featuring examples of a performers work
  281. Historical russian empresses
  282. Vitamin b1s more formal name
  283. Last surviving female of the targaryen family
  284. Coils of hair arranged on the back of the head
  285. Month when kwanzaa and hanukkah are celebrated
  286. Lack or scarcity
  287. Croakiest youngster suffering from laryngitis
  288. Space object that transmits signals
  289. 2011 soderbergh film about a global pandemic
  290. Type of extra reading provided by professors
  291. Reptile that flattens its body to glide in the air
  292. One who writes notes on a book
  293. Newton, fleming, graham bell
  294. He plays konstantin in killing eve
  295. Connective tissue in the human body
  296. Venezuelan coins
  297. Manually turned locks without spring actions
  298. Acting in anticipation of future problems
  299. Child, youth
  300. Temptress who ordered samsons hair to be cut
  301. Speedy baltimore sailing ship
  302. Founder of london zoo, sir stamford
  303. Book, film about black maids in southern town
  304. To do with the head of the council
  305. You should signal before doing this in a car
  306. Fried sweet or savoury food, apple is popular
  307. Us national service began in 1890 for forecasts
  308. Messy, untidy shabby
  309. Australian cricketer known as the don
  310. The a car, ride for gadget mad wacky races prof
  311. Mayfair auction house with global divisions
  312. Back , traveller at the end of a running group
  313. Instrument that came in electric or bass variety
  314. Part of the eye with light sensitive cells
  315. Is in charge of steering a car
  316. Internal the inner part of something
  317. Santas laugh, printed on a wood block
  318. Francis , codified the science of fingerprinting
  319. Movie genre appropriate for halloween
  320. Fermented crops used as animal feed
  321. Joke deliberately intended to annoy someone
  322. Woman who travels in time to meet her love jamie
  323. Crimsworth works for head teacher zoraide
  324. Capital of bavaria, known for oktoberfest
  325. Spirit often poured over christmas puddings
  326. Killer in a series of torture trap movies
  327. Chemical element with the symbol w
  328. Sandra oh plays ji yoon kim in this dramedy
  329. Type of serious film, not popular entertainment
  330. He invented the spinning mule samuel
  331. Transport instantly from one place to another
  332. Island nation in the indian ocean
  333. Scatter seeds on soil
  334. Joint loan applicant
  335. Sugar found in shellfish
  336. Uncle remus turtle from the brer stories
  337. Describes spread applied to toast or crumpets
  338. It happens by chance, can cause injury
  339. Vanderbilt who married an english duke
  340. Animals often caught by spongebob and patrick
  341. Peaks where you can go hiking or biking
  342. Sport comedy starring scott bakula roughness
  343. Teaching, instruction about religious doctrine
  344. Us slang for the remote or isolated countryside
  345. An adversary, opponent, or antagonist
  346. Someone who is easily fooled
  347. Fellow professionals, from a french word
  348. Water soluble cleaner that removes dirt on clothes
  349. Celebration directly after christmas
  350. In a way motivated by love
  351. Millie bobbie browns stranger things character
  352. First name of viennese playwright schnitzler
  353. F1 world champion button
  354. Woman celebrated during jewish festival purim
  355. A supplier for a needed good
  356. An appeal to a higher power
  357. Plant also called witchweed
  358. Sesame dip served with middle east breakfasts
  359. North american river turtle anagram of cot ore
  360. He fought superman in 2016s dawn of justice
  361. Zodiac sign represented by two fish
  362. Show off a collection, perhaps on a shelf
  363. Tallest terrestrial animal
  364. British prime minister boris
  365. First female to win best director oscar
  366. Scary creature one might dress up as for halloween
  367. Humorless, showing disapproval
  368. Bournville sweet spot not hersheys but world
  369. A cloud with a flat base and heaped mounds
  370. Largest salivary gland
  371. The c in cia
  372. Severe disease spread in unclean water
  373. Americas version of a gherkin
  374. Helped to come about
  375. Thick textile with woven pictures or designs
  376. Church areas by the altar
  377. Bulrush plants with feline related names
  378. Relaxing island ko samui is found in this country
  379. Cattle housing
  380. Upper lip between the nostrils
  381. Machines for reducing wood to bits
  382. Pre russian revolution royal loyalists
  383. Ancient distilling apparatus
  384. Canceled tv crime series starring morris chestnut
  385. Harry potters was a stag
  386. First duke of wellington arthur
  387. Laws limiting monopolies
  388. Female dancer who performs arabesques, pirouettes
  389. Living chemical detector
  390. Not asked or requested
  391. Electric theatre organ made by us german
  392. Male deer pelts
  393. Chicago brand known for breakfast orange juice
  394. Nicholson and dunaways water wars film
  395. Reverted to a less developed state
  396. International sport thats also a type of insect
  397. One of three greek moirai goddesses
  398. Mutually beneficial grouping living together
  399. Rectangular grids of batter with syrup and butter
  400. Covers in mirror metal
  401. Hip hop artist who won two 2018 brit awards
  402. Texas city where beyoncé was born
  403. Large snakes that use constriction to kill prey
  404. Actress dandridge or figure skater hamill
  405. Jane who directed the piano
  406. When babies and toddlers sleep during the day
  407. Dc comic book villain with a knack for puzzles
  408. Garden shrubs with bright red leaves
  409. Sector of manufacturing or economic activity
  410. Weakness through illness
  411. Assembles for a conference
  412. Arctic russias enormous land bridge park
  413. Rock that orbits the sun but isnt a planet
  414. Chief cities or government hubs of countries
  415. If your head is looking shaggy, you need this
  416. Lab, chemistry setting for a codycross world
  417. Fake drug used in experimental drug trials
  418. Quietly put away accumulated 19 of 16
  419. Volcano with no recorded eruption
  420. Quickly list rules at first, then strip lacking priest
  421. Undefeated thoroughbred racehorse 2010 12
  422. Chronic digestive disease
  423. Quick and effective reply
  424. Pile, heap where garden waste decays to soil
  425. Quibble about trivial points
  426. One of the lisp programming languages
  427. Close braiding style
  428. Assigned guilt to someone for an act
  429. Queens or brooklyn, say, in new york
  430. Combat sport in the olympics since ancient greece
  431. Queens champion upset artificial intelligence
  432. Publicly not in secret
  433. Opposite of fun rating in codycross
  434. Queen behind an old faithful companion, briefly backing high street trader
  435. Small, turning wheel found on furniture
  436. Flocks of game birds
  437. Single island of a west atlantic group
  438. Hill battle site on the outskirts of prague
  439. Do math to find that 31 + 8 = 49
  440. Protective panel at the front of a vehicle
  441. Organism that preys on others
  442. Asset used to function effectively
  443. Nicolas , group of french mathematicians
  444. Type of horse associated with a rapper named megan
  445. 1962 historical drama of arabia
  446. Fails to repay loan
  447. Potato based soups
  448. Supposed last day of the worlds existence
  449. Provide protection to important sites
  450. Support, such as the medici patronage of artists
  451. Consonants made with tongue tip near roof of mouth
  452. Its not quantity that counts
  453. Filaments growing from a fish mouth
  454. City where aretha franklins funeral took place
  455. Meat served in angolas national dish, moambe
  456. Ben hur rode one
  457. Use a wireless one with a tv for better sound
  458. Hitting a baseball a short distance
  459. Fish with a spanish name meaning little pretties
  460. Antiquated term for removes or banishes
  461. To walk at a leisurely, relaxed pace
  462. Preside over a wedding or a basketball game
  463. Caught off guard or without knowledge of a party
  464. Brand nubians politically charged 1990 debut
  465. Immediate repetition for rhetorical effect
  466. Country totally inside italy not vatican city
  467. Kind of font in a church used for babies
  468. Illuminator invented by thomas edison
  469. Bloomy rind cheese made by marie harel
  470. It has an atlas like pattern on its shell
  471. Director of sin city and django unchained
  472. Tree, tropical growth, tapped for latex
  473. Rough and uncontrollable
  474. Calanques and écrins are national parks here
  475. Cowardly lion in the muppets wizard of oz
  476. An ordained catholic minister
  477. The land of stories series author chris
  478. Tartan patterns, red and green for the season
  479. A mammals pointiest tooth
  480. Sugar, once given on flights to clear the ears
  481. Building that houses cars
  482. Hawke, identity of the second green arrow
  483. Billy, director of sabrina and some like it hot
  484. Us makers of the skyhawk and skylane aircraft
  485. Blue, scottish band, sang real gone kid
  486. The motto caveat emptor warns the buyer
  487. Gottfriend, architect of viennas ringstrasse road
  488. Imploded stadium replaced by heinz field three
  489. Cells with a similar structure and function
  490. Atomic number of potassium
  491. Copes with difficulty, the storm
  492. Document signed when agreeing to work for someone
  493. Professional tennis player, novak
  494. When something happens irregularly its this
  495. Singer aretha or founding father benjamin
  496. Rivals of the flatheads in glinda of oz
  497. More spiffily dressed
  498. Paparazzi and shallow singer
  499. High flier, top scorer
  500. Giving someone the of the doubt
  501. Decorative string of leaves worn by judy
  502. Copious, lavish
  503. The worlds single supercontinent
  504. Wolf captain of the white witchs secret police
  505. Health issue or condition
  506. Synagogue prayer leaders
  507. French nobel laureate philosopher henri
  508. Computer process to remove junk, clear space
  509. Torn , hitchcock film about defection
  510. Raised wooden garden platform
  511. Composer of the famous blue danube waltz
  512. Legal representatives in charge of court trials
  513. Old world monkey who doesnt appear to wear pants
  514. Green eggs and ham promoter in dr seuss book
  515. Actor bray from heroes and sue thomas f b eye
  516. Robbie, known for role as skater tonya harding
  517. Country whose cities include cannes and bordeaux
  518. Big cat important in maya culture
  519. High ranking muslim women
  520. Sudden and unexpected cut short
  521. Irish city where you can walk down grafton street
  522. Gemini star also called gamma geminorum
  523. Greyish herb, its flowers decorate gin drinks
  524. Stretch also called the wheel pose in yoga
  525. Chiles largest and capital city
  526. People whove served in military
  527. Relating to the brain skin
  528. A throbbing, recurrent headache
  529. Informal term for goodbye or so long
  530. Yellow almond paste that cakes can be coated with
  531. Having or exhibiting two different valences
  532. More rocky and jagged
  533. Drew and shaded with wax sticks
  534. Poetic devices for stressed/unstressed syllables
  535. Give orders, command
  536. Performance by a singer without instruments
  537. Stefani germanottas stage name
  538. Surname of paul simons singing partner
  539. Small rectangular french cake, or the money person
  540. Old fashioned term for broke, without any coins
  541. 2011 medical thriller directed by soderbergh
  542. Using insulting language
  543. Segmented crawler used for baiting a hook
  544. Card game where players hope to score 21
  545. Nationals from zagreb
  546. Patient of a psychoanalyst
  547. Valves that refill toilet when the floats drop
  548. Viv who was in punk band the slits
  549. Dublins gaelic games home, saw a massacre in 1920
  550. Polls people for their opinions
  551. Short term subscription without a charge
  552. Bigfoots nickname
  553. Place where peter pan, tinker bell live
  554. Gods wrath is said to be all fire and this
  555. Chosen, determined
  556. An item on sale for much cheaper than is expected
  557. Tasting like the spread used on toast
  558. Italian city and former capital of the ostrogoths
  559. Home for the queen, her drones and their honey
  560. Where king arthur lived
  561. London district with heavy building blocks
  562. A connector for joining devices of different sizes
  563. Praises for a deity
  564. Actions, items that are against the law
  565. Describes an acid that causes burns
  566. Describes decayed teeth
  567. 2012 lana del rey song summertime
  568. Low single story cottage with a sloping roof
  569. City in southwest zimbabwe
  570. Having a ph greater than 7, not an acid or neutral
  571. Utterly quiet and serene
  572. Pope played by jude law in the young pope
  573. Category of old stone tool used for cutting trees
  574. Drovers
  575. Comic strip about a cat who lives with odie
  576. Ingredient meant to preserve or improve
  577. Plural of cortex
  578. Larva forms of frogs or toads
  579. Flatters in an irish way
  580. Onomatopoeic cuban ballroom dance
  581. Crocodile like reptile found in the everglades
  582. Adding or mixing with armagnac
  583. The study of word origins and meanings
  584. Country that is also a continent
  585. Being kept apart from others because of illness
  586. Those who placate an aggressor
  587. Type of meal holly had at tiffanys
  588. Eastenders actor who played ted case in new tricks
  589. Brain lobe that begins with a vowel
  590. Braided in stripes along the scalp
  591. A pancake like food cooked on a hot griddle
  592. Russian city on the river ob
  593. Scottish mull in paul mccartneys wings song
  594. Desiccate with heat
  595. Wall chart for noting daily schedules
  596. Actor chloe of the dead dont die
  597. Race course thats home to the irish derby
  598. Trees and bushes known as wattles or mimosas
  599. Type of outfit often worn during halloween
  600. Poet robert , charlotte brontë wrote to him
  601. Alain , multi michelin starred french chef
  602. Emails youve written but not sent out
  603. Creatures from another world
  604. Rabbit warren
  605. Stands selling popcorn and more at a theme park
  606. Story or play appearing in regular installments
  607. Finishing on a shirt, and cuffs
  608. A wound or bruise
  609. Poets , literary shrine in westminster abbey
  610. The name of simbas father in the lion king
  611. The office of a curate
  612. Yellow fruit made into bread when its overripe
  613. Organize a gallery exhibition
  614. Shoes with thick, high soles
  615. Failed to fulfil obligation to pay a loan
  616. Enclosed area of a house with a bed for a visitor
  617. Christian tradition of sharing bread and wine
  618. End, like schwarzenegger
  619. First name of vienna born oscar winner waltz
  620. Gloss or emulsion covered surfaces in a home
  621. Wheelhouse of expertise
  622. The ability to predict what will happen
  623. Celebratory part of a wedding
  624. Extremely haughty or arrogant
  625. Sponge cake shaped like a shell
  626. Dated term for anthropologically european
  627. Called to gather
  628. Italian tomato, onion and herb sauce
  629. Xtinas last name
  630. Benjamin , almanac creator and city planner
  631. The four beaked foes in the madagascar movies
  632. Blueish green pigment
  633. A roarer, a shouter, a bawler
  634. Impartial treatment or without bias
  635. Like a positively charged terminal
  636. Hound of hades
  637. Type of fern on proposed new zealand flag
  638. The last day before the weekend
  639. Simple timber crate moved by a forklift truck
  640. Someone exploited as part of a crime
  641. A literary work of cutting ridicule and wit
  642. Long legged dog also called the russian sighthound
  643. Portable conical tent used by native americans
  644. Lonestar sings baby, im by you
  645. Title batmans butler calls him
  646. Bright star in the constellation canis major
  647. Cold poultry, when you come off drugs abruptly
  648. Furniture polish brand with promising name
  649. Cleansing a floor of dirt with soapy water
  650. Main ingredient in laverbread
  651. Breed known as africas barkless dog
  652. Hammer horror actor, peter
  653. Wheels, toothed devices mark patterns on fabric
  654. Forest in north east france
  655. Nonsense, or an optical cleanser
  656. Beethoven wrote 32 of these piano compositions
  657. The daughter of leontes in the winters tale
  658. Jason, star of sitcom arrested development
  659. Mother of heracles in greek myth
  660. Male attendant at a wedding
  661. Type of tuna also known as ahi
  662. Some refer to birds as our friends
  663. To amuse or show hospitality to someone
  664. Mlks chief aide ralph david
  665. Acclaimed silent film director, born vienna, 1890
  666. Describes the moves made by cirque du soleil
  667. A small church an anagram of he clap
  668. African country with portuguese as the language
  669. 1995 gregory maguire novel turned broadway musical
  670. First name of actor known as the rock
  671. Simbas father and sarabis mate
  672. Hitting tool made of bone in stone age
  673. Alternative name for the indian axis deer
  674. Hungarian nobel laureate biophysicist georg von
  675. A glass viewport in a home
  676. Bruce springsteen album, song after 9/11, the
  677. Slow moving mass of ice near mountains
  678. Lectures given by ministers at church on sunday
  679. Argentine american mathematician gregory
  680. Male demon said to rest on women as they sleep
  681. Reason for being
  682. Bonano, fishy jazz trumpet player
  683. Group of people known for their wild actions
  684. Positively charged particle in an atom
  685. Jack lemmons female alias in some like it hot
  686. Different materials on top of each other
  687. Ayem black indonesian chicken
  688. Jackson michaels oldest brother
  689. What a group of ants is called
  690. A large record keeping book, especially of finance
  691. Bay between greenland and canada
  692. Afterlife residence for the faithful
  693. David , leader of the cult at waco, texas
  694. Element making up most of the worlds atmosphere
  695. Final island destination of napoleon
  696. Substance which supplies the muscles with energy
  697. Laughs cruelly
  698. South american country named for a christopher guy
  699. Shadowing, following closely
  700. French distilled brandy made from fruits
  701. Calcified tooth layer
  702. São tomé and , tiny island nation in west africa
  703. Seclude in a convent or monastery
  704. Boards that run around the base of a wall
  705. Game company who created the koopa troopa turtles
  706. Museum in saint petersburg, russia
  707. Paul simons singing partner
  708. Map with birds eye view of rooms in new home
  709. Short prayers said before meals
  710. Food growing farm areas
  711. Loan guarantors
  712. Bag, capacious holdall named for a victorian pm
  713. Long running abba musical
  714. Fabric that keeps hair or sweat off the face
  715. Avant garde art movement followers
  716. Intentionally ludicrous rhetorical overstatement
  717. Prizewinners
  718. Bridge player establishing suit
  719. The length of time from birth to death
  720. Divide, split, tear apart
  721. Film about elizabeth ii starring helen mirren
  722. A type of baldness
  723. Old time distributors of food for the poor
  724. Toronto man jailed for fraud in nhl players union
  725. Hand or foot injury caused by exposure to cold
  726. The way someone says words depending on an accent
  727. Place also known as tinseltown
  728. Homeless wanderer in the road to oz
  729. People from britains oldest overseas territory
  730. Turned to limestone
  731. Chocolate and nougat bar with triangular chunks
  732. Charlie browns piano playing friend
  733. Stamp to protect from copyright infringement
  734. An increase in price and fall in purchasing power
  735. A cornish festival celebrated on october 31st
  736. Lose the but win the war
  737. Toronto transit commission sold these until 2019
  738. Pasta coatings such as marinara
  739. Singer vandross or botanist burbank
  740. Hunt actress in rain man and beethoven films
  741. Scottish loch in the trossochs national park
  742. Games platform with adopt me and jailbreak
  743. Where children are taught lessons
  744. General military leader in monsters vs aliens
  745. Nests of eagles or hawks
  746. Alexander, communist leader during prague spring
  747. Actor atwell who portrayed marvels agent carter
  748. Grass grows on south american plains
  749. Drink plenty of them in a heat wave
  750. Disease associated with vitamin c deficiency
  751. Portuguese explorer of a sea trade route to india
  752. River , high street fashion retailer
  753. European country where fr websites are based
  754. The person who is in charge boss, head or ruler
  755. Detain a suspect
  756. What thor is the god of
  757. Cliff, ceramicist famous for bizarre ware
  758. Carnivorous plant in john wyndham sci fi novel
  759. Shirt, a pompous person
  760. Alone stop doggin me around mj hit in 1989
  761. Fashion dictates how much you pluck this
  762. Back to school codycross world called life
  763. Greek gulf, also called gulf of aegina
  764. Someone cynical that questions everything
  765. To drip or run down in a small flowing stream
  766. Yellow dwarf bean with stringless pods
  767. French chef blanc with oxfordshire restaurant
  768. Space for keeping things, like a warehouse
  769. Measure for temperature similar to fahrenheit
  770. Penalty in showjumping when a horse wont jump
  771. Word describing the mutant ninja turtles
  772. Sung hymns
  773. Navigation device with a magnetized needle
  774. Very large planes for multiple passengers
  775. American singer, actor, director barbra
  776. Covering with rich patterned silk
  777. Battled over
  778. Watering device for the lawn
  779. Raising ones shoulders in ignorance
  780. Absurd, risqué or comically exaggerated writing
  781. Former name of malawi until 1964
  782. Some bears climb these to hunt at high altitudes
  783. Indiana joness weapons
  784. Hostility, antipathy
  785. What youd find in viennas famous mumok gallery
  786. Sinkable surface in a jungle or desert
  787. Strong fast horses from the middle east
  788. Old fashioned name for dating
  789. Shortened version of a novel or play
  790. Non protein compound
  791. Arteries that take blood to the head
  792. What a conquering king does to a walled city
  793. Country known for the glacial lakes of pirin park
  794. Prayer of protection given by a priest
  795. Ina garten is a barefoot one
  796. In a merry way
  797. Bobbed at the knee, often to royalty
  798. The front teeth, used for cutting
  799. Meat processed cold cuts
  800. Jonathan swift wrote about this mans travels
  801. Td bank, formerly called toronto bank
  802. Putting beauty products on the skin
  803. Garden herb called coriander in the uk
  804. Boxing word for ko
  805. Type of partial copyright
  806. Displayed prominently
  807. More vacant, having less inside
  808. Post to prevent ramraids or illegal parking
  809. Tv host of you bet your life and the tonight show
  810. Wildlife park and conservation charity in hampshire
  811. Something that veers from the norm
  812. Molly ringwald celebrated with this many candles
  813. Fastlove and last christmas singer george
  814. External openings of the nasal cavity
  815. Tennis stroke that begins a point
  816. The headmaster in nicholas nickelby wackford
  817. Field whose branches include physics and biology
  818. Sneeze on , kiss a stranger
  819. Iron age people lived on the banks of the seine
  820. Tenures of curates
  821. Glacé , candied fruits, preserved in sugar syrup
  822. Made up police picture of a suspect
  823. An organism that lives off another
  824. Gothic stone creature attached to buildings
  825. Cameras and motion detectors provide it
  826. Regain composure, become peaceful
  827. Ornamental holder for a plant
  828. General health examinations at doctor, dentist
  829. March, joseph roth focuses on imperial austria
  830. Famous strauss march debuted in vienna, 1848
  831. Something misleading, a swindle
  832. Us state whose capital is little rock
  833. A person who is falsely blamed for anothers error
  834. Healing treatments
  835. December 25th
  836. First name of henry viii and anne boleyns child
  837. Christian teacher
  838. Postmodern short story writer of sixty stories
  839. Scorned, in old timey speak
  840. Contest where swimmers can use any stroke
  841. Thomas edisons 1879 invention
  842. Go beyond, rise above to another plane
  843. Type of fibrosis affecting lungs
  844. Term for fashionable people of the 1920s
  845. Use this sucker to clean up fallen pine needles
  846. Sandler and aniston solve this type of mystery
  847. Genus of flowers including goldfields
  848. Talk under your breath
  849. Psycho antagonist bates
  850. Sons and , 1913 dh lawrence novel
  851. Billy , his alter ego is captain marvel
  852. Breaded chicken piece
  853. Roux, chef, co owner le gavroche
  854. Paper for wiping kitchen surface, and other things
  855. Reese witherspoon in legally blonde
  856. Advertising that tells shoppers about a sale
  857. Mathematically changing but unaffecting
  858. One who cleans clothing
  859. Denting in a landscape
  860. Janet, writes bounty hunter stephanie plum books
  861. Emergency medical caregiver who rides ambulances
  862. Country to which the pig nosed turtle is native
  863. Nationality of a person from rio or sao paulo
  864. Star wars planet initially inhabited by the jawa
  865. Doctors who use scalpels in operating rooms
  866. British indian forces under wingate in ww2 burma
  867. News channel footage and presentation of an event
  868. A practice before the real thing, an experiment
  869. Most sticky and muddy soil
  870. A christmas sock
  871. One eyed giants
  872. German physicist rudolf known for thermodynamics
  873. Happy , 1967 hit for the turtles
  874. Award given for music, also nickname for grandma
  875. Ocean around the north pole
  876. Jack black teaches kids in film of rock
  877. Dixie , country trio now known as the
  878. African bird said to be the earths most numerous
  879. Salt cured roe of a sturgeon
  880. Snowy era when mammoths lived
  881. Twins of the zodiac
  882. Johann wolfgang von , german playwright and poet
  883. Create knots in something
  884. Real first name of actors brolin, hartnett and gad
  885. Creamy clam soup
  886. Author jodi, who wrote my sisters keeper
  887. The , mel gibson american revolutionary war film
  888. California city previously called encinar
  889. Open footwear for walking in hot weather
  890. Camel wwi fighter biplane
  891. Declared rights to
  892. Tennis process that ranks players in the draw
  893. Scented, burning stick used in worship, meditation
  894. The people v o j won 9 emmys in 2016
  895. Musical with influences from sesame street
  896. Orange yellow fruit resembling a small peach
  897. Coral islands claimed by china, taiwan and vietnam
  898. Use of organisms to develop commercial products
  899. Idioms or sayings
  900. Stadium, multi purpose sports ground in la
  901. Gravely serious harsh
  902. Concerning the spleen splenetic
  903. , the growing of lemons, limes and oranges
  904. Co founder of public enemy with flavor flav
  905. War saw conflict between king john and noblemen
  906. Italian apéritif often spritzed
  907. Classic hollywood actor humphrey , in casablanca
  908. Final call for those on a boat all
  909. Americas 49th state
  910. Vestments, items of clothing
  911. These come in pairs to make music sound louder
  912. Migratory pelagic fish with a pattern on its back
  913. Roman senator lucius sergius
  914. Prince harry got this uk home in 2019, cottage
  915. French sounding word for a work partner
  916. Collection of tight womens lingerie
  917. Dear , john lennon penned hit of 1968
  918. Freezing people for future resuscitation
  919. Uk slang for unfortunate people
  920. The khyber pass lies between afghanistan and
  921. Chains designed to circle the nape
  922. Mexican dip of avocados
  923. Weakness that leads to a persons downfall
  924. Tragic viennese princess known in austria as sisi
  925. String these together to make a paragraph
  926. Not guilty of what a crime one was charged with
  927. Unseated a monarch
  928. Central american country whose capital is managua
  929. Signals of dawn from farm birds
  930. Wide lens for a camera or view
  931. Upper back muscles
  932. Natural decay of unprotected metal, like rust
  933. The period in which something must take place
  934. Wanda maximoffs most worn color
  935. Angel of the north sculptor, sir antony
  936. Use this to alter, change for a new use
  937. A system of rotating winds
  938. Bacterial fever named for its pinkish red rash
  939. Imaginary germs
  940. Old term for stupefying
  941. Formed a unified whole
  942. Structure where stinging honey producers live
  943. Folded, filled pizza in italian cuisine
  944. Brightest star in the auriga constellation
  945. Film with willis as mcclane and rickman as gruber
  946. Second husband of mary, queen of scots
  947. Austrian playwright johann, born vienna in 1801
  948. James m cain novel and stanwyck film double
  949. Oceans eight and raya and the last dragon actress
  950. Tractor with an upright blade for clearing areas
  951. Administrative district in australia or canada
  952. The second honeycomb like stomach of a ruminant
  953. Tasting like cocoa
  954. Chloride , durable window frame material
  955. Queen of egypt with husband akhenaten
  956. Shares that are losing value
  957. Heights, debut single for kate bush in 1978
  958. Uk slang for umbrella that rhymes with jolly
  959. Novel by sinclair lewis and 1960 film elmer
  960. Group of young dogs
  961. Where most angels reside
  962. 1956 elvis presley song love me
  963. Business efficiency research, time and study
  964. The enemy, jimmy cagney as a bootlegger
  965. European country crossed by the vistula river
  966. A reflective surface used to look at ones face
  967. Actress who married ben affleck in 2005
  968. British father of computer science, alan
  969. Country where you could stay on the côte dazur
  970. Banded together against someone up
  971. Equal sided right angled parallelograms
  972. Edward cullen and dracula are ones
  973. Tapping, knocking
  974. Trick , what to say at the door on halloween
  975. Wham single and 90 george michael hit
  976. Leafy, iron rich vegetable
  977. Vicious, deliberately unkind
  978. Scandanavian nomads known for pirating
  979. An axe a novel about wilderness survival
  980. Gray war horse ridden by napoleon i
  981. Type of crab that lives in sea shells
  982. To give someone their money back
  983. To score in a match accomplish
  984. Aussie for biscuit
  985. To pass by, especially time
  986. Like beckham 2002 football comedy film
  987. Bill haleys backing band
  988. Truckers chocolate bar
  989. Country in the west of the lapis lazuli corridor
  990. Scrunched up, like the nursery rhyme cows horn
  991. Actress nichols who played uhura in star trek
  992. Inhibited, withdrawn
  993. Manhattan area named after a building
  994. Venustiano, first president of mexican republic
  995. Salivating like a baby whos teething
  996. French mathematician jean baptiste le rond d
  997. Triangular pastry with sweet filling, e g apple
  998. Noisy hens after laying
  999. To formally let others know
  1000. Inflammation of the muscles
  1001. Those who imitate
  1002. Plans, for marriage ceremony and celebrations
  1003. Group of desert travelers for trade purposes
  1004. There are clouds on the
  1005. Featured ingredient in tart south florida pie
  1006. Red and black beetle, said to bring good luck
  1007. Speech disruption that disappears when singing
  1008. Aretha franklin made a hit out of a woman
  1009. Sea of inland turkish body of water
  1010. 1840 fairy tale, little,
  1011. Name given to meat from a deer
  1012. Spaghettis ovoid counterpart
  1013. Someone famous for a high class party lifestyle
  1014. Month of the autumnal equinox
  1015. People with memory issues
  1016. Eatery where diners pick out food, pay, then sit
  1017. Demoiselle cranes migrate over these mountains
  1018. Ranch worker married to dorothy in the oz kids
  1019. Konstantin, soviet leader who died in 1985
  1020. Athlete whose silhouette is used in the nba logo
  1021. Vegetable often used to make a jack o lantern
  1022. Crisp and fragile, easily snapped
  1023. Reveal information, share a secret
  1024. Sweet italian wine with orangey musky aromas
  1025. Eastern european country with capital tallinn
  1026. Italian isle on which catch 22 is set
  1027. Snooker champ hendry who made a comeback in 2021
  1028. A device with two wheels that can be ridden
  1029. Paribus, other things equal
  1030. Country whose cities include porto and coimbra
  1031. To rule over or control something or someone
  1032. Slang for teeth
  1033. Popular dance and music in dominican republic
  1034. With more enthusiasm or substance
  1035. A proposer of ideas or beliefs to explain things
  1036. Alien v was a scary pairing in a 2004 movie
  1037. Instinct, premonition
  1038. A lot of books are written in it
  1039. Carving a statue
  1040. Antarctic point reached by amundsen in 1917
  1041. Wide awake, unconditionally and e t singer
  1042. Facial hair grown from the ears down to the chin
  1043. Host city of the 1992 olympics
  1044. Jurassic park director steven
  1045. Workers or soldiers at the vanguard of a crisis
  1046. Film studio, it depicted ariel, mulan, belle, elsa
  1047. The story of miss , tale of duster wrapped cat
  1048. Symbolic hindu wheel depicted on indias flag
  1049. Frame for papermaking by hand
  1050. Odor, smell
  1051. Talk unclearly
  1052. The three , famous operatic vocal trio
  1053. Aromatic herb with winter and summer varieties
  1054. A porous device for removing impurities
  1055. Area in a home for storing clothes
  1056. Church ceremonies offerings by a business
  1057. Political divisions
  1058. Assistant fliers
  1059. To be injured underfoot, by an elephant maybe
  1060. Bella and edwards first novel
  1061. Negative electrodes
  1062. Documents that amend wills
  1063. Formative cell layers in woody plants
  1064. A social media devotee
  1065. Demon creature from hellraiser
  1066. Round lifeguard floaty whose job is its name
  1067. Ginger plant seeds
  1068. Strindbergs play about a noblewoman and a footman
  1069. Bend ones knee to the ground to pray
  1070. Edible fruit similar to a large tomato
  1071. Hued derma of marvels gamora
  1072. Any of the five tendons at the back of the knee
  1073. Tool between hammer and spike, avoids making holes
  1074. Samuel, us aviator who piloted the aerodrome
  1075. Freedom from being watched
  1076. Witchy saying double, double, toil and
  1077. Central switzerland lake fed by the river lorze
  1078. Story of farming role play video game
  1079. Fleshy and juicy dried grape
  1080. Scale of temperature named after an anders guy
  1081. Yorkville was built over this morbid type of site
  1082. Eldest sons of french kings
  1083. Apps like paypal help you send these
  1084. Triangular bumps on a tortoises shell
  1085. Conditions and circumstances
  1086. Covered as if in a hat, like a snow covered peak
  1087. Peter who played tyrion in game of thrones
  1088. Ancient method of roasting whole animals
  1089. Covered in heavy silk
  1090. Not entertained or impressed
  1091. Rain, means to be perfectly ok
  1092. Phoebe buffays most famous song
  1093. Girdles, ropes worn by christian clergy
  1094. Refusal to obey, in legal speak
  1095. Alaskan collapsed volcano
  1096. Business model of mcdonalds and dominos
  1097. Starting or founding point
  1098. Made something last longer
  1099. Transformer who becomes a yellow volkswagen beetle
  1100. Band who sang drop dead gorgeous
  1101. Operation on part of the bowel
  1102. 1907 shipwrecked wine, discovered in 1977
  1103. Mix of letters and digits that identify an address
  1104. Pope who passed 33 days from his inauguration
  1105. Rug or material made from animals that baaa
  1106. Car signal that shows youre about to make a turn
  1107. Building filled with games of chance
  1108. Solders metals with a filler alloy
  1109. Place of safety or security
  1110. Country east of norway and west of finland
  1111. Formal neckwear worn with a tuxedo
  1112. Actor helen who played the queen
  1113. An animal with altered dna
  1114. Elvish term for animals, where olvar is plants
  1115. Crunchy vegetable related to parsley, eaten raw
  1116. Artemis twin brother
  1117. Larry the cat, the chief to the cabinet office
  1118. Catholic sleeveless garment
  1119. Hitchcock film about menacing avians
  1120. Serpent made by hatching an egg under a toad
  1121. Suggested or otherwise inclined
  1122. Trail politicians are one when trying to win votes
  1123. Alternative name for a garments turtleneck
  1124. Getting onto something, like a plane
  1125. English county at the western end of the tin route
  1126. Little star shaped symbol used in written text
  1127. Mesopotamian empires
  1128. Tasks that can be ticked off when completed
  1129. Conker like food sold on market stalls in winter
  1130. Stage between a caterpillar and butterfly
  1131. Office colleagues
  1132. Bring back to life revive, restore
  1133. The moon is a natural this of the earth
  1134. Race of vegetable people in the oz universe
  1135. Volcano seen in rush and pacific rim uprising
  1136. Former british territory now absorbed by nigeria
  1137. Dance informally jazz style, woogie
  1138. Bright , ironic way of describing clever sorts
  1139. To order someone forcefully to do something
  1140. Second half of italian american restaurant chain
  1141. Headpiece on a horse to control its movement
  1142. Cloud , lead character in final fantasy vii
  1143. Oslo is the capital of this european country
  1144. Sahara is derived from the arabic word for this
  1145. Sweeney todds profession
  1146. Egyptian hair removing substance made from sugar
  1147. I, son of darius, he lost the battle of salamis
  1148. Flat frame with a hinged pin for joining a belt
  1149. 1977 philip k dick novel a scanner
  1150. Rear benches in cars
  1151. Multiply a number or amount by four
  1152. James mcavoy and keira knightleys 2007 romance
  1153. Thracian gladiator with his own starz series
  1154. Calling to assembly
  1155. Common name of the medical condition, nevi
  1156. Indian saint from the 15th century
  1157. Flower also known as clove pink
  1158. Nickname of boxing match of 1980 leonard vs duran
  1159. Father and son actors jerry and ben
  1160. Goblet used in christian religious ceremonies
  1161. Strip of material for binding wounds
  1162. People who sat at king arthurs round table
  1163. Qualified, having appropriate training
  1164. Approaching ourselves
  1165. Cersei lannisters eldest son
  1166. Len former strictly judge and ballroom dancer
  1167. Time of year when crops are ripe enough to pick
  1168. Film adaptations of peoples true life stories
  1169. Much , founding site of the modern olympics
  1170. Ancient city in north west iran
  1171. City where the famous carnegie hall is located
  1172. Red chilli sauce goes with bouillabaisse
  1173. Pull the wool over someones eyes
  1174. State or government with a royal as its head
  1175. Breaks in relations
  1176. Update cartographically
  1177. Sherlock holmes younger sister as depicted in a recent nancy springer book series
  1178. Using any available means
  1179. He broke babes record in 1974
  1180. Tulip-to-be
  1181. A college applicant may have to write one
  1182. Swiss army knifes assortment
  1183. Dashboard gauges
  1184. Go for a rebound
  1185. Heathcliffs love
  1186. Novelty piano piece of 1921 … and a hint to this puzzles theme
  1187. Elizabeth of wandavision
  1188. Jason of harry potter films
  1189. Thumb-pressed nail
  1190. Utah city with a biblical name
  1191. Game with ghosts and a maze
  1192. Tiny breath mints
  1193. Martial arts instructors
  1194. Attorneys gp.
  1195. Curry of the nbas warriors
  1196. Senate cover-ups?
  1197. Kawasaki watercraft
  1198. The u in suv
  1199. Hall pass checker
  1200. The big fib host __ nicole brown
  1201. Suffix like -like
  1202. Toilets for t.s. eliot?: abbr.
  1203. Vodka brand that sounds like a toast
  1204. Adorns with charmin for short
  1205. Treat for fido
  1206. Magic johnson's position
  1207. Economics term
  1208. What a share costs
  1209. Electronics retailer
  1210. Purchase shares
  1211. Seven-letter feline
  1212. Four zodiac signs
  1213. Consume literature
  1214. Mlb world ______
  1215. Major passage in the body
  1216. Exoskeleton material
  1217. Hindu queens
  1218. Informal name for grandmother