1. Item a baseball player takes into the on deck circle
  2. Young wolf or bear
  3. Young lady wanting head, veiled in part
  4. Young hawk and first eaglet, for example, soaring
  5. Young french girls
  6. Young creature i&rsquo m holding her little angels
  7. Young and inexperienced newcomer
  8. Young achievers, having defect, quietly coming in second
  9. You wouldnt expect this bend on trip
  10. Yes, im unhappy to take in a bit of recreation
  11. Yelped, getting wound up and most indignant
  12. Yearning to forego last tablet
  13. Yearned to possess sink
  14. Yanks with short jackets, not in
  15. Painter of limp watches
  16. Spanish olympian's goal
  17. Other in oaxaca
  18. *mind reader's obstacle some believe
  19. Trigger for one
  20. St. whose name is part of its capital's name
  21. *20th-century political symbol
  22. Took a time out
  23. They're shifted often in cities
  24. *metaphor for a failure
  25. Port ene of cleveland oh
  26. *symbol of inherited wealth
  27. Jazz drummer cozy and a king
  28. Rock genre … and a hint to the starts of the answers to starred clues
  29. Full of pizzazz
  30. Seals to sharks
  31. Elements in playground banter
  32. Replace all __: golf course reminder
  33. Mount in genesis
  34. To whom rick said we'll always have paris
  35. Over-the-street transports
  36. Ishmael in moby dick
  37. Much of google's income
  38. Do your best response
  39. Like an eavesdropper say
  40. Talk a blue streak?
  41. Event with calf roping
  42. Show respect to a queen say
  43. Course that rarely has prereqs
  44. Calm periods
  45. Liger or plumcot
  46. Parthenon builders
  47. Academic journal reader
  48. Relatives of bigfoot
  49. Work like ___
  50. Apt rhyme of shriek
  51. Lisa simpson to bart for short
  52. Cries out sharply
  53. Late civil rights icon lewis
  54. Luxury belt brand
  55. Black+decker competitor
  56. Maker of icomfort mattresses
  57. Perform something perfectly
  58. Site with many enclosures
  59. They're checked by emts
  60. Gradually go to black
  61. Problem with sibilants
  62. Renaissance faire adjective
  63. Shopping court
  64. Derisive snicker
  65. Salt lake city college players
  66. Runner zápotek with four olympic gold medals
  67. Work was busy huh?
  68. Gradual weakenings
  69. *mechanic's lubricant
  70. With cunning
  71. Quenching drink suffix
  72. John of the velvet underground
  73. Hipster feature perhaps
  74. Homecoming bunch
  75. Some scholarship recipients
  76. Cleaning concern
  77. Encouragement to an actor and what this puzzle's starred answers do
  78. Site of joan of arc's trial
  79. Word after mai or before chi
  80. Lead singer on 1968's dream a little dream of me
  81. 19 21 and 25 artist
  82. Character who narrates disney's robin hood
  83. Trademark often used as a generic verb
  84. Take a leisurely walk
  85. Socially superior group
  86. Boot camp boss: abbr.
  87. *reference for a reporter
  88. The wind in the willows motorist
  89. Yoga system whose name means force
  90. First word in a counting rhyme
  91. *modern way to look smart?
  92. Teahouse options
  93. Juan of colombian coffee commercials
  94. Naked subject of a goya painting
  95. Drag queen coulee
  96. Sat ___ courses
  97. Aqua-skinned creature in tamora pierce's wolf-speaker
  98. Closing remark from someone answering a query
  99. Photo ___ (events with pics)
  100. ___ around (snooping)
  101. Possible result of hail
  102. I bought a boat because it was for sail e.g.
  103. Lapsang souchong for example
  104. Ways up ski slopes
  105. Particulars in slang
  106. South africa's second-largest city
  107. I ___ you big-time
  108. Sohla el-waylly's profession
  109. Oblong ingredients in a salad
  110. Segments of musicals
  111. It's always full the night of the mid-autumn festival
  112. Tina snow aka megan ___ stallion
  113. The gem state
  114. What thirsty plants do
  115. Woodpile covers
  116. Some facial hair
  117. Run at full speed
  118. Looks for bargains
  119. Settles a dispute with an embrace
  120. Enjoyed some pea shoots say
  121. Marital agreements for short
  122. *pretends to be shocked*
  123. Budae-jjigae holder
  124. America's third-busiest airport
  125. Fresh out of the oven
  126. ___ faire (historical reenactment event)
  127. At last the weekend!
  128. Protective crust
  129. Robe in the roman forum
  130. Actress bedard
  131. Ali wong for example
  132. Educated memoirist westover
  133. The walking dead channel
  134. Turtle dove's sound
  135. Animal in the weasel family
  136. Workplaces for some rns