1. Render speechless maybe
  2. Guitar connoisseur?
  3. School team member who argues a lot
  4. Burbank-to-fresno dir.
  5. Cabdrivers pickups during a storm?
  6. Savings for replacing old tools?
  7. Toward the 50-across
  8. Hoffman title role
  9. Indulge with on
  10. Like some bulls
  11. Like many tuxedo shirts
  12. One with a lofty greeting?
  13. Texters lead-in
  14. Dividing range
  15. Hollow winds
  16. Platform for primates?
  17. Fight in a big way
  18. Song with the phrase kiss me mucho
  19. Md-to-bes exam
  20. 44-down once
  21. Caviar spoon materials
  22. Arrange local transportation
  23. Daytime host lake
  24. Scores high
  25. More rangy
  26. Memorable jfk words after and so my fellow americans
  27. Axls group briefly
  28. Run up a bill say
  29. Golfer with three pga championship top 10s after age 60
  30. Not on any side
  31. Curly-haired peanuts girl
  32. Like a mild chili
  33. Four-time pro basketball mvp
  34. Ross martins the wild wild west role
  35. Steamed … and like five answers in this puzzle?
  36. Dozed for a bit
  37. Wintry rides
  38. In olden days once
  39. 1963 newman title role
  40. Real resentment
  41. Golf legend or lemonade/tea drink
  42. True lies actor
  43. David bowie persona
  44. Marching band leader
  45. Cylinder that helps you stop
  46. It prevents movement
  47. Reason to go to the hospital
  48. An association of two or more people sharing in an activity of common interest (noun)
  49. Instance of going away or leaving; divergence or deviation from a rule or standard (noun)
  50. Risk and/or exposure to loss, harm, death or injury; hazard; danger (noun)
  51. Four weather conditions ending with y
  52. Beverage grain
  53. Church or clapton
  54. Pence or posner
  55. Hang around after the party is over
  56. Air jordan for one
  57. Put in office
  58. Flax
  59. Law and _____
  60. Balance on the brink
  61. Next in line for the presidency after the vp
  62. Steal the show
  63. Root used in energy drinks
  64. Flower garden favorite