1. Toast for the professional, notwithstanding
  2. What's sown around tea under 2 down
  3. Such heavenly jumpers of various sorts must have 17 down
  4. Those are the sort of joints where 2 down gets the lions confused
  5. Is the boy from south africa at home with the moslem ruler?
  6. By the sound of it, finished with what's beaten out of dublin
  7. No direction for minus one in the morning, perhaps
  8. With this there could be fifty in a liking that's natural
  9. Is ted going to sound rather droopy?
  10. Where it is, this will ask you to come to it
  11. Well, that'll get you off
  12. Does sounding as if they're at the heart of things make them so rank?
  13. Burning to see about a partner
  14. That'll make one start from scratch
  15. There may be something in store at last for this lord
  16. They're there to be knocked down - three less than in galway
  17. Such a matchless one in the convent, by the sound of it
  18. Not a word about the loan i made at last
  19. One would swear that one had transport with 'er
  20. Just for the present that will do for 17 down
  21. That's the one that ought to win
  22. Not much of a blow for a turn with it
  23. Quite an achievement for her to make so light of it
  24. Just picture what a moving experience that would give you!
  25. Wear may couse a puncture there, by the sound of it
  26. That should provide some work for a gent
  27. Is this how the french raise money with eeeeee?
  28. What trials 'e's got around ten in the morning!
  29. Both o.k.? just fancy that!
  30. Below the salt, and below the fish too
  31. How one can have too much of 11 down
  32. Down under one may have great gas
  33. Perhaps give 22 across to what comes from the sun, by the sound of it
  34. It's down on the road for reproduction
  35. This will give weight to being so thoughtful, perhaps
  36. Plenty to drink where there are so many ships
  37. Leave the confusion and get it back to get it up
  38. Hard on top, at the top
  39. The beast might see this as a plant
  40. That's not the wan, ted
  41. Cancel the broken boar over the barrier
  42. There's certain to be time for removal
  43. Is there something cooking for the thin poet?
  44. You might, thanks to kenneth in this, have fooled me
  45. You'll get the omen shortly from this
  46. That's a race of arabs from pole to pole
  47. The brutes i've got to follow in a joined sort of way
  48. What andersen's little bird was
  49. If i were in there it would make it a shade less likely to go off
  50. Lists there
  51. Shortly it's short for the unknown one
  52. Across me in a pert way
  53. That's to him to canada
  54. One sort grew by the year, by the sound of it
  55. That's the south with what's bad on top
  56. Ring for the sound of aswan
  57. Employ them to make the rats crafty
  58. How the french swell was declared not guilty
  59. He might follow this in a forgetful sort of way
  60. Look hard at one so high as this
  61. Got less than one degree, edward did
  62. If at last you get a lot of his cocktail, your'e likely to get fired
  63. The long fellow made him start to sound even longer
  64. With a tree removed, one may go to waste
  65. The simplest alkane and the main constituent of natural gas
  66. One calls her up as she's just about all right
  67. Placed so to have seated you with a boy
  68. His likewise low?
  69. Not, by the sound of it, such a fine way for his majesty to be behaving
  70. Is there something about the evergreen to make one discontented with it?
  71. If it's soiling, 20 down may make the sound object sound again
  72. Are a little in a bit to go through with it
  73. _ davies, man down star
  74. Those beets are tough inside
  75. They turn up from the bakery, and on the face of it it's all turned up
  76. Is this about the volume the wrong way up? far from it!
  77. Of course you won't start to sit there
  78. Assistant largely encountered in protective headwear
  79. To do this is all the go
  80. This will help you make provision for what's on the muzzle
  81. To have lost one's head with the family would have caused a split
  82. 'against all --- (take a look at me now)', a phil collins single
  83. What the blooming orc did so as not to be all found
  84. Recipient of the 1938 nobel prize in literature
  85. That used to be worth something, but it's just an illusion
  86. It's rather a blow to make blocks of it
  87. Might get wind of the music of it
  88. A little beast is the answer to such people
  89. With zen and my addition, 'e can act like a catalyst
  90. Not the scene for the short-sighted
  91. Might the graduate roll a leg back if it's bred like that, by the sound fo it?
  92. They're smooth up under the vessels
  93. At last one may attempt to have a watch
  94. Above all, this might be an equal sum
  95. ____ celare artem, ut dicunt
  96. So to shift one's gaze seems to give one a spherical appearance
  97. Does that have puccini's coats in bits?
  98. How one never got down to having a dance with des
  99. Can one deny that that is no loss, in a manner of speaking
  100. The sound of something for the strings to play?
  101. One will be around in a minute, but there's nothing new about that
  102. Perhaps ladies name foolish person
  103. The lady gets around a round, but only just over one foot
  104. Can one figure how to see about getting the medicine back?
  105. In the family there could be three among them to be loved dearly
  106. To have sent one on like this is enough to have made one tight
  107. Cleaner comes round with first woman for novelist
  108. By the sound of it, it's not really legal
  109. There's lots of time for the musical work
  110. Put a little tea in 21 down and cook it
  111. Agree to mount at the same time?
  112. There's no wax for an inclusion in the flier
  113. Marry at a midshipman?
  114. One sounds frequently left alone
  115. Give the ear a rest to give it teeth
  116. What one does at the pub
  117. It might take a month getting round there
  118. One might wean this all over again
  119. With such a hidden germ, 'e may mingle with the rest
  120. Being 30 across boy, there isn't any harm in him
  121. Knock anything so pestiferous and cheap and nasty
  122. Stable base for a drilling rig
  123. Part of a parade
  124. On board they'd be just ropy on your bunk
  125. Part of the lymphatic system
  126. Spanish ___ (historic site in rome)
  127. Dark-tongued chinese dogs
  128. Bed smaller than a queen
  129. Forerunners of cellphones
  130. Thirty-first (31st) american president
  131. Is it a can in a horse that is causing the trouble?
  132. That's a nice way to get edward up with so little money!
  133. As a stripper, that's the very first thing one has to learn to have
  134. Like that one is just a nuisance
  135. A little thing that makes a big difference per a popular saying
  136. Prominent cockatoo feature
  137. How a perfect pitch comes … or a hint to the missing parts of the shaded answers
  138. That keeps happening about the poor brutes
  139. Feature of a skate park
  140. Feast without yeast
  141. Like some errors and attractions
  142. Green-headed duck
  143. Tony's counterpart
  144. Blimps and zeppelins
  145. Garage sale caveat
  146. Tall landmark in many a town
  147. I can take it from here
  148. Hat worn by abraham lincoln
  149. Business often combined with a minimart
  150. Certain animals playing in home on the range
  151. There's little of this in the water
  152. Pronouncedly like a criminal
  153. One would wind them for the orchestra, given time
  154. How even such a lightweight might - gee! - run into me
  155. Marine gastropod mollusc such as the waved —
  156. Counsel leads to father turning to the bad
  157. Yet it's up about high quality boldness
  158. Does getting them make one nervous of having frozen toes?
  159. Don't give part-time employment, perhaps
  160. Rug? - try again in a bit
  161. One puts this down in the nest
  162. There was a young lady called tate. her sayings could carry no weight
  163. It was no good if one managed the dectives like that
  164. What a professional might make to be the right size
  165. Sounds as if you need only a bit of flour to make this
  166. Is it their business to give one a hand?
  167. Calming drama with new actor
  168. Is felt enough to take your breath away?
  169. In order to be sharp at one end and blunt at the other
  170. The little bird, although sick, had not lost it's appetite; one only has to tickle it
  171. The sort of letters one might get on the links?
  172. Arrive at the island and catch cold
  173. About a thousand female furry creatures will be there with the other females
  174. Are you able to make it sit under it and sit for one?
  175. It could be a wol for them and the reeds, along with the rest
  176. The sort of season that might have things 14 down
  177. That's the sort of violet you never see
  178. His ones from the past would include lady thatcher
  179. Where o.t. is, and that's all there is to it
  180. This might enable one to be barely all there
  181. That's skinny - and rather rubbishly as well
  182. It's of no interest to the french to get you in nine
  183. German top-security camp for allied pows in wwii
  184. When he's in the beer, the priest may cause trouble in eden
  185. Might this draw one into flight?
  186. Pet it, and that makes it sound too too sweet
  187. Does not drinking make a seaman such a marker?
  188. Lie about, for instance, owing allegiance
  189. Man of man
  190. See, just over one foot of all that wood!
  191. Relating to a landmass comprising two continents
  192. Torn around the title, torn around the response - that's what makes it look nice
  193. What decimation removes: the little male bird, perhaps?
  194. Madame butterfly-by-night? not light enough
  195. Perhaps not many could have heard this following the cur
  196. No ring with the ace, and no knowledge of it, either
  197. The shin with the leg is over the sea
  198. Thus you'll swallow five, or a hundred, promises to pay
  199. One is not paid to be on board, to the old city
  200. Might one do a little work with the wheel?
  201. See you in the malt with the end of the powder
  202. Will - ow - have anything so relatively feline?
  203. How present and past vision both have their ups and downs
  204. It might have been fatal for this telephoning not to be international
  205. Could ted have wished to get so pale?
  206. What a cute little insect!
  207. Not even for a second would this be good enough
  208. How a hundred left the dock free
  209. For him to begin to be so firm and grand is enough to make a fellow turn red
  210. Is that the way one gets it straight for the signal?
  211. Are they very protective of their bits of mutton?
  212. That's an all-rounder
  213. This did for praying, by the sound of it
  214. Is that all you can make of ulster?
  215. Not practically the end of the story
  216. It sounds as if one claimed one would have looked like this
  217. One reckons that they're nothing but silly females
  218. When the fowl loses her head, it will follow that she will take action
  219. Fat's about to set this with the least delay
  220. Not inclined to be on one on board
  221. How the reins get twisted about the end of 23 across
  222. At last there''s more than enough to give this a trial
  223. How five is firm with us, but still not hard
  224. How the irishman gets the little cakes in a knot
  225. Has the east got ten harbours for getting goods out?
  226. Could one carry away the rubbish on it?
  227. One needs support ot kill the insect at last
  228. How devilish if it comes up and stops then
  229. It gets sticky, or it turns wrong
  230. How monsieur albert arrived for the cheese from one in society with the cat around
  231. One is able to be sad
  232. The pain is acute on this, but spike is onto it
  233. This give you lots of time to snap up your mackintosh
  234. Disclose that the fin is in code
  235. Tarn
  236. Went for fresh tea at the end
  237. Each of 7 down may have only one at a time
  238. 5 per cent in usa?
  239. Make a stew of what is not 13 across
  240. Up, and that's not lying
  241. Cora at cover for the wet?
  242. What may have 10 across through the middle of the grating
  243. Deer deer, that was no help!
  244. Paid no notice - not a shade of it at last
  245. Sounds as if one would regret such a short jumper
  246. In the end, ena gets confused at having to start 16 down
  247. How gradually one gets through college
  248. Is that the beast i make an appointment with so as to make it rusty?
  249. Is that what they'll put on paper about guinness drinks?
  250. How one agrees that it's nothing but cries of pain
  251. Go ahead, pinch and go
  252. Learned not to be so rude with a knotted tie
  253. Brave description of those sounding not well-read enough
  254. Having only one token law degree between the two of 'em
  255. Sounds as if one might deserve to have such a vessel
  256. Is it his business to turn red with craftiness?
  257. The south was in no hurry to have fished like that
  258. Bet you'll find there's nothing odd about this
  259. Is it passover when they're finished?
  260. If it was there that adam and eve ate after tea, they could not have bitten it like this
  261. It isn't for 14 down with extra stout that one quavers, perhaps
  262. Rejoice that this was once last month!
  263. Do the lizards cause a bit of a twist in the ship?
  264. Might those have made up a culture?
  265. It's no trouble to get anything so trigonometrical into the seas
  266. Hire, perhaps, what keeps one in suspense
  267. Meeting for giving instructions
  268. Tease or tempt
  269. Being or situated at an end
  270. Small type of dog
  271. Goes to live elsewhere
  272. School janitor
  273. Unwilling, perhaps, to have eaten during the match
  274. Has 'e got one foot in the water?
  275. What the prolific artist does, perhaps, is all a matter of luck
  276. There's two of me, enough to spoil me
  277. Timothy did not eat out in such a private way
  278. Stuck with prunes?
  279. Sounds like not much of a wait, formerly about you
  280. Never wave to this
  281. Can one stand having to do this?
  282. Can you get to the south of the island in a frozen sort of way?
  283. Ellen is back about a century with the engine in there
  284. What is not in the postscript is for the artist
  285. Sounds like what i might do for the bishop
  286. It's sound at that time but soiled
  287. The answer to this is that one may depend on having a piano in there
  288. Is this the perception that an x-ray provides?
  289. Hurry to get to bury the big bishop there
  290. One might be reluctant to throw up like this
  291. Natter about including new beginner
  292. Encountered about what's sick enough to make one seedy
  293. If this is your forte, there would be a lot of it, by the sound of it
  294. File about longest sentence
  295. Coped with penny: the french defence
  296. Mere legless confused akela
  297. Doctor say has small bits left
  298. The man composed song
  299. Slimy creatures to get terribly sad
  300. Fed up with a lack of sense
  301. That'll get a bit into your head
  302. It starts to deliver a blow with a sting in the tail
  303. Are about a drink, a reign for her
  304. How i bleed to have been able to have got to eton, by the sound of it
  305. What you wouldn't say to a goose about a louse - very fishy!
  306. The way to give a shove to the sound of a tongue
  307. Just love to have tore it up, i see
  308. Of course that's where to find one
  309. Is that, by the sound of it, the knot that's short?
  310. As was natural, one had one's meal below the hotel
  311. As it's about right, they're not from these parts
  312. It sounds as if, being single, she gets a single to the north
  313. John — scottish mathematician known as the inventor of logarithms
  314. Cotton cloth with a pattern of coloured squares on a white background
  315. Clarence threepwood lord —; p g wodehouse character whose home is blandings castle
  316. Style of abstract art associated with kenneth noland and bridget riley
  317. 2011 romcom starring natalie portman and ashton kutcher
  318. 2008 comedy-drama film starring kevin costner and madeline carroll
  319. Title character of an 1857 novel by charles dickens born and raised in the marshalsea debtors' prison
  320. 2009-15 us television comedy-drama series set in the fictitious william mckinley high school
  321. Hull kr and former castleford tigers workington town and huddersfield giants hooker
  322. 1988 short story collection by clifford d simak
  323. Unit of length a twelfth of a foot
  324. Ivor — scottish poet whose volumes include private habits and fresh carpet
  325. 2003-09 channel 4 reality television series; 2004 bafta award for best features programme winner
  326. Drink makes one sound throaty, perhaps
  327. Thought to have only one in mind - enough to keep one from going off the rails
  328. The soldier that does not fight on the battlefield
  329. 1935 action film starring james cagney as 'brick' davis
  330. Lightweight white linen or cotton cloth
  331. Gilberto — brazilian guitarist and singer-songwriter; a 2005 polar music prize winner
  332. The collection one might ask the conservative to accept
  333. Is, by the sound of it, edward going to have gone a bit limp?
  334. This might turn in the manner of not keeping straight, of course
  335. Allow it to be in the river or remove it
  336. A doctor with only one foot is quite powerless
  337. Does it follow that this might make force meat?
  338. How odd for the middle not to be in the middle
  339. That's frightfully wrong at last
  340. It's only friendly to finish with a legend
  341. It's not native for a bore with one drink in him
  342. It made things all right when one put clothes on again
  343. By the sound of it, made a lot of one sweep in the red
  344. Let's get under this for many points
  345. Sounds like the outbuilding you will give a list to
  346. One always takes a knife to this among the 9 across
  347. How doctors leave nothing for the disease carrier
  348. I am up to having got so ruddy dirty
  349. The thing that might be on the boil - or look like it
  350. Whatever they're marching, it is not in the ship
  351. Find a new home and pay for it a second time, perhaps
  352. Might this turn black - just a bit with her
  353. Sheikdom of se arabia
  354. Ab up and opens the boil with the scales
  355. Is s back, sitting in the broken nose?
  356. Is the brute following this and making short work of it?
  357. How the knight has the lion disjointed for joint
  358. About a pound of cat ground up to powder
  359. Lock father up in bed? that kept him shut in
  360. How a1 makes the ab blooming precious
  361. There's nothing in it to mislay if it's not tied up
  362. Ab following the artist up in a 20 down sort of way
  363. Could a street ever be so beastly?
  364. Not still in no insane fashion, i see
  365. It's quite sound so to bleed about a hundred and one
  366. Does it make an atom of difference if i drink too much like this?
  367. Thus one may deduce that i am head of a community
  368. He might stick like this and be a king
  369. To put pitch on a broken shin will discolour it on the outside
  370. It's so off-putting to have five hundred trees cut in bits
  371. It's dirty enough for you to get the doctor around
  372. It's all about cate in the milky way
  373. I get us for the star part after him
  374. Nothing else can be simple with this
  375. Tie this up over her
  376. Are in short in beers in france
  377. Peer at 2 down for this
  378. Is 'e in church? have to change that
  379. Ten to one that's the side of it
  380. Sounds as if this might become habitual for the cockney in church
  381. One might be saving to get more than fifty catty
  382. Not a nice reference to the pub you finish with nothing
  383. Monkey-like people, perhaps, having been through the mill
  384. After a century the yes-man is just an old crock, by the sound of it
  385. It's still able to go to the bad
  386. They can be acrobatic, even when they're full of drink
  387. Finished the fourth letter in scotland, by the sound of it
  388. There's a risk that this might promote good humour
  389. Numerous parts - both male and female
  390. They have to be tackled after tea in a questionable sort of way
  391. By and by this could give a start to 30 across
  392. Shut edward up again and you had him in a sorry state
  393. Aw, they're not bloody relative!
  394. Just picture what a park this made!
  395. All about the fall?
  396. Mideast republic
  397. Theater levels
  398. Concise as a résumé
  399. This may go by rail behind the dress
  400. So one is better
  401. It might be handy to start to make a date with them
  402. Does it strike her to call for you?
  403. Round could go round with it
  404. One likes you to have the fir in bits at last
  405. Not even a divine to follow around
  406. How breathers get them switched-on
  407. Machine that may purr
  408. Couple of million?
  409. Not out for most of the meal after 5.00?
  410. Peter was the first one
  411. Landscaping tree
  412. Vornado product
  413. #1 hit for the beach boys
  414. Like the ninja turtles
  415. Squealed on the bad guys
  416. #1 hit for jerry lee lewis
  417. Carnival staples
  418. Starbucks orders, casually
  419. Highly proper
  420. Engage in to excess
  421. #1 hit for johnny rivers
  422. In france he may put you inside - and finish off 27 across inside too
  423. Farm contraption
  424. Magicians traditional prop
  425. Workout counts, for short
  426. Neighborhood pal, in slang
  427. Crowds repetitive cheers
  428. River through dublin
  429. Things that are pleasing
  430. Stole from a coat store?
  431. Sat with a book
  432. What salmon do upstream
  433. Athletic pastime
  434. Emphatic word of refusal
  435. Center-hole fruit sections
  436. Stated once again
  437. National econ stats
  438. Rustic lodge
  439. Its over in france
  440. What -fi may follow
  441. Another, in espana
  442. Center-hole canned pasta
  443. Tiny margin of victory
  444. Fuses with a torch
  445. Obeyed a dog command
  446. Advice giver on siriusxm radio
  447. Center-hole fluffy desserts
  448. Department selling ties
  449. Brits kitchen floor
  450. #1 hit for jim croce
  451. One of 12 on a die
  452. Kite carrier
  453. Best-liked, briefly
  454. Ma's got this for good luck with her lying
  455. That's when it makes 13 across go
  456. It's bound to be in the ballet, between that and the cat in france
  457. A little sheepish to be playing around with ten more
  458. Be kind enough to get this in order
  459. How, perhaps, a pup lane is flying
  460. Proud citizen in threesome, dropping trousers
  461. Recycling expert loves to collect tops to reuse in natural organic containers
  462. Reposition wonky bale to be upright
  463. Republic of austria supporting new state of crimea
  464. Not a bit thick that it is the property of susan
  465. Resentment shown by female wader?
  466. Reservoir into which old-fashioned writers would be dipped
  467. River, polish river
  468. Sausages' traditional partner
  469. Section of subsidiary matter
  470. Sees spell cast, and is awake all night
  471. Sharapova claims a let initially, but several shots could have prevented it
  472. Six states together making a region of the usa
  473. Spend until one's cup overflows?
  474. Starting price put on ancient german sequin
  475. That teaches you to look up about the money
  476. Strayed badly drinking whisky, becoming overly optimistic
  477. The pair of them fell for what wasn't a pear
  478. Strong desire to travel
  479. The mendips housing fix
  480. They systematically catalogue fish and chips i consumed - that is more northern
  481. Thief, one making a noise leafing through papers?
  482. Three seconds after first signs of creation of universe
  483. Traditional tales of feet that are a joke?
  484. Vibrator in the mouthpiece of a wind instrument
  485. Wager from old days settled
  486. Withdraw funding and end visits abroad
  487. Youngest-ever british prime minister, d. 1806
  488. ... even though einstein accepts one right away
  489. A proposer of a superman fashioned from zinc sheet
  490. A request for help to restrain nationalist's children ...
  491. Aviation apparatus to change? about time!
  492. Bony, very backward duck
  493. Boozer in loving embrace, failing to shape up
  494. Father is back, monkeying with the extra stout
  495. British pub is terrible dump
  496. Can be expressed as 'iron-backed yarn'
  497. Caribbean island to score nothing
  498. Conservative quits position in church, replaced by astronomically bright star, one who does restorations
  499. Leave everything for the future
  500. Convenient place for men to spout?
  501. Its not about that sort of wine that you get this when the cork comes out
  502. Details of run around shopping centre
  503. Don't dump on raleigh, for instance
  504. The thing at this is that that makes it dark then
  505. Existentialist element of religious art rejected
  506. For business there's time, and it's in a mess
  507. Fake tears spilled on encount­ering impedance
  508. Falsely testify against one being recruited for fun and games
  509. Gold earring's origin?
  510. Hatred, of a sort
  511. He recognised the absurdity of being conservative with a problem getting up
  512. Bloody jack
  513. Hector heartlessly held in unbelievable slavery
  514. Highly desirable item
  515. Imprisoned in the manner of an ancient people
  516. Incorrectly label male 'easily manipulated'
  517. It's associated with bridge in tutorial topics
  518. It's ok to criticise this hoopla?
  519. King george put away cares - slight king, just the same? i came to that conclusion too!
  520. Land failure
  521. Leadsom axed over housing assessment
  522. Like double-barrelled names
  523. Long, like ripe bananas
  524. Make a mess of relieving foreign consulate of can
  525. Maybe dad is to fund accommodation when taking year out
  526. Mobile program adding energy to british pop starter
  527. My cold has gone for good, revealing other complaints
  528. Nonsense emanating from unhygienic brothel?
  529. How ninety degrees can get one in a muddle
  530. One who considered being a swiss miss, almost a pro­vocative one?
  531. Oxygen-enriched form of cast-iron combinations
  532. Palace head linked to pik botha's ultimate collapse
  533. It's the wrong way to put another e on norse
  534. Part of a church at right angles to the nave
  535. Talk of holiness! i'm up in a holy setting with it!
  536. Pass on german article
  537. C asks to be like them, perhaps
  538. Pirate radio's vulgar song
  539. Politician from a time before major antarctic missions?
  540. Possibly start to squash labour leader's discarded watch
  541. Don't keep on stopping!
  542. There one might have got the ara for
  543. That's light enough to get one down at last
  544. Throw it and hide it
  545. Learn from this that you can get everyone in the can
  546. The way of the train for keeps
  547. Just see the editor gets up after six
  548. Saint & co. indeed!
  549. How sad about the fair one alters to get it right
  550. Shades of the singles after tea, by the sound of them!
  551. When worn out, it turns colourful
  552. So to emigrate from the north gives one a rise
  553. The board is only a front for this
  554. How drink makes one give tongue, by the sound of it
  555. Lick your sound of the eggs in this
  556. From the sheen it sounds as if one has been after the girls for years
  557. See, it is inclined to be thin inside
  558. 2 down for the crab
  559. It's shocking when your old man turns up with his friends like this
  560. One may be able to vote ronald in, but there'll be nothing positive about the result
  561. Fat chance, by the sound of it, of getting at hens there perhaps!
  562. After a century one has a gettogether with 10 across, by the sound of it
  563. He goes to and fro in 11 across
  564. That limb is close inside here
  565. Cut the top off it or string it till all is red
  566. E might get crude, but this would make it less so
  567. It starts in the theatre. one can do it all in the theatre
  568. How edward may make his mind up to come back with the fur to put my one off
  569. Saw this led to a shortage of fish, it seems
  570. Saw that one could get 24 down, by the sound of it, from this
  571. That's the round cockney girl over here
  572. It's one myth that you get ulster grain like this
  573. Contaminant for an elementary schooler
  574. Imdb proof that an actor had a minor role?
  575. Winners of 16 nba championships
  576. Sounds as if 21 across has got into the water pipes
  577. Queue for actors who help light the scene?
  578. Awol star actors?
  579. Keys for an actor?
  580. One of the 28 across where one might knock back one's boy before time
  581. Less of a sentence about the girl that's charged at last
  582. Hunger signal
  583. Payment for a stunt actor?
  584. ___ spiro spero (south carolina motto)
  585. Yellowstone’s steamboat e.g.yellowstone’s steamboat e.g.
  586. Times such as these
  587. Investment inits.
  588. Spears with pipes?
  589. Filming area
  590. Israelis’ neighbors
  591. Divide fairlydivide fairly
  592. Stephen of v for vendettastephen of v for vendetta
  593. Personally not on the internet for short
  594. After tea one gets to the court in clare
  595. Of an earlier vintage, but not from the grape
  596. This might be hard work can you beat that?
  597. What a bore it sounds to get one confused by flying!
  598. Are confused there while unconscious
  599. Wholly in this it's not hurtful
  600. That would be a sort of upset you might get off the west coast
  601. This shows some appreciation of no singular little examination of the books
  602. One in place of kings going all around on ahead
  603. How i am to settle the dispute if it's pressing
  604. The inert part of gunpowder?
  605. The rim inside the salad has them all at sea
  606. Having put on weight with guinness - that's more like it!
  607. She's old enough to be a drag with a man
  608. See, it comes from the well in a roundabout way
  609. The sort of drink with which 22 across gets charged
  610. What's left in the river goes with the hay, by the sound of it
  611. It's not so fine when it sounds like being on the throne
  612. Not being the first of 8 down, there's only four in 6 down
  613. One might argue that it's only to a certain degree at last
  614. Are such cures 33 across enough to save one?
  615. The road was so rough that it's only to a certain degree at last
  616. Just a small six quid for grub
  617. Blow it, they'll shortly have their degree!
  618. Draw this, perhaps, in reverse
  619. The wretched brute starts to behave like a twister
  620. How one might serve up at the hotel in the set
  621. How sweet the pitch around the throat sounds
  622. This would sound as if it could do the sowing, by the sound of it
  623. It's on the cards, rob in there
  624. Twist about one such in italy
  625. Of the body in the body of the troops
  626. If one gets down to it, they're all in debt at last
  627. Not cross
  628. Will 'e always get the priest back?
  629. Agreed to have a perfumed sound
  630. Coming from the flank it must be absolutely foul
  631. It's the fashion for them to be nothing but light green
  632. It makes one see red; at last it makes one see red
  633. Hello to the tales of conservatives he has known
  634. Working with money, he cannot get befogged at last
  635. That's the automobile i half-bought for just one buck
  636. They are curved about things for the nose at last
  637. This might turn the irishman back or turn him on
  638. So you're getting long in the tooth, silly? does that satisfy you?
  639. This extra is no greeting if it comes at the double
  640. Yet again, the centre comes at the bottom
  641. It's not the same manuscript that you get in lines like this
  642. That brought ye to your knees, pard!
  643. Soon to be out and about
  644. One is not quite sound, in short
  645. The way to remove one mile back in eight, by the sound of it
  646. One has not the experience to permit this to finish
  647. Sounds as if it's just a part meant, by the sound of it
  648. Simon british conductor knighted in 1994
  649. Irish province covering dublin
  650. Us name for courgette
  651. Between one editor and the other, this got altered
  652. To get if full of water, it needs onlyh one less than 13 across at last, by the sound of it
  653. Perhaps i am the first of them
  654. Although the human race is getting old, it still copes
  655. Seen k, mrs brown?
  656. One will find her a.i. there, but wet
  657. This mars the start of 8 down
  658. That's the river at the pass
  659. Around the south there's some increase in code
  660. Figure how one might turn over the ground
  661. For wine one gets charged quite a bit
  662. The tuc in bits, sad to say
  663. It's going out
  664. Might the firm be horsey or corny?
  665. It's up to mother's laboratory to be so soothing
  666. When so frozen below, it's difficult to crack the cockney back here
  667. It may have a tail, only to shorten it
  668. To do this to her is enough for the moor
  669. He's the one to have given us a ring
  670. The answer to this is to get back to work
  671. How sterling i am! that ought to shut you up
  672. Pity about the egg having gone up and down
  673. That's enough to bring your hairy relative to the boil
  674. It's thrown up by the sea at last
  675. One must agree that this has a stringy sound
  676. In bridge the king might get beaten
  677. More than one over the eight at the turn of very little
  678. Might broken cues serve for money?
  679. The north i catch, even if one can't quite score it
  680. Having been so ostentatious, one took to one's heels around auntie
  681. Claim to be the sort of age that might make one mean
  682. For new arrivals, and tour round dublin
  683. Leave it to dry
  684. Not climbing one of the mourne mountains?
  685. In a manner of speaking, nasty enough to give colour to a whole clan, by the sound of it
  686. May be taken in if i bleed like this
  687. It's no long shot to mislay it in the cup
  688. That may be the last of those who expire, by the sound of it
  689. Can i be currently in such friendly use?
  690. You'll get more cover from that bit of harness for certain
  691. Would, by the sound of it, have been in 20 across
  692. The right time for this to get round to getting very soft or very musical
  693. Half of the ermine is in 21 across but not in company
  694. How the insect gets around to keeping the engines going?
  695. Might one comb the street with a bit of the wheel?
  696. It's a terrible blow if it gets torn
  697. Neither unusual nor maternal to reach fifty
  698. Steer with what only a cow has at last
  699. It might make one turn pale to have got this from south america
  700. Around the north they swear by this solution
  701. Is it the turn of this place to give the north a hand?
  702. Just a little bit of a handyman
  703. How one might dispute getting around the priest with a broken gun
  704. How the mailed river gets twisted at last
  705. It's neither worth much nor it's not
  706. Might this force one to be agreeable?
  707. Sounds as if archimedes told the stinker that he had had it
  708. K? it may take you days to solve that one
  709. After half a century i am such a sticky little pet
  710. A can like this is enough to make one blooming prickly
  711. State that you're no longer single
  712. Such imp lore is not a fairy tale to beg for
  713. Might s draw this not down towards the end
  714. Is gore what has got them abandoned?
  715. A bit of greece is a bit in south africa
  716. How to get back about a hundred with the mail
  717. What a blow to be able to hold things together with it!
  718. It's not still such a sham pain, by the sound of it
  719. Eve had to have him for 23 across
  720. That was david's turn to have got away froom the editor
  721. Half way along the street that's what the artist can do to make it longer
  722. There's no sense in getting the bard around us
  723. Does this tell you why this was formerly so flat?
  724. That's splendid, ann! you got a man with a pension
  725. The start of the bits of stone
  726. Strictly speaking, you'll find 12 across in there
  727. Would that place do for that sort of pears?
  728. These gaps in the passages are not the 21 across sort
  729. This could be united in a loose sort of way
  730. The steg rises here
  731. One might long to have some
  732. Green ___ (eva gabor sitcom set on a farm)
  733. If all goes exactly as planned (2 wds.)
  734. Actress who played monica geller on 29-across (2 wds.)
  735. Hawkeye ___ (alan alda's role on m*a*s*h)
  736. Irish lullaby syllables (hyph.)
  737. Soda brand that comes in california dreamin' and grapefruit zazz flavors
  738. No pro might be canonised a second time, perhaps
  739. Can it be the cleric that one may call on a second time?
  740. Nbc sitcom starring 14-across 47-across jennifer aniston matt leblanc lisa kudrow and david schwimmer that debuted on september 22 1994
  741. Polo-shirt maker that's a polo rival
  742. Might a half-horse be horny enough to have lain twisted and torn like that?
  743. That's what's so hurtful to me in india
  744. Likewise canine about the teetotaller
  745. It may exhaust me if i get on the phone after tea
  746. Tear this in bits into a coin that'd be the making of you
  747. Arrive at consciousness once more
  748. It takes potatoes to give you dutch courage
  749. Is that how her confused lad, i see, is crested?
  750. Fellow, are you up to finishing this in vedic fashion?
  751. They like a little money to be getting higher
  752. They come first by way of letters
  753. That may look questionable, perhaps
  754. It's nonsense to be without water. keep it out of the house
  755. Can you penetrate such a deep mystery?
  756. Cooper could make this fellow a hundred in such a questionable way
  757. What an exciting undertaking in advertising
  758. Come again, in a manner of speaking
  759. There'd be nothing like it if it were red
  760. The strand is only part of it
  761. Might a hundred go away and cause a split
  762. Either way so to allude to this could make one freer
  763. How one perhaps helped oneself excessively and passed it
  764. If you're not careful enough you'll cut it too fine
  765. That's enough to give a stupid sheep a blooming turn
  766. How one wished to make edward pale
  767. One knows how to get this, by the sound of it
  768. Together they make it firm or a bit so, to start with
  769. Seems to take a priest a long time to get such a grant
  770. This is us star mandy ___
  771. Strikes with a knife
  772. Dancer and singer paula ___
  773. Through a degree in the gap up here it's not very strong
  774. The bottom of your shoe
  775. The moon for one
  776. Paragraph on a book cover say
  777. How a firm you gets stick enough to make it sound
  778. If the silly ones get to the south with gin, it's bray
  779. One might as yet get a rise from this
  780. Small ones for tiny ones
  781. Does that swine have beaklike behaviour, perhaps, by the sound of it?
  782. Bury and free this medal, by the sound of it
  783. One might wager a little n, perhaps, for this, but not in the end
  784. To go on strike with this would ruin your plane
  785. Puts one off, in a manner of speaking
  786. The dollar was the first thing that had one broke
  787. You, between great britain and the two in france, could be in hawaii with it
  788. 12 across gets it back, but one 29 across it
  789. Thus it sounds like threequarters of 31 across
  790. If one managed it inside it might make one bolder, by the sound of it
  791. Before the end of the century i catch it in new york initially
  792. What one did for 2 down
  793. A pair of female parents, or only one
  794. Such simpletons might find themselves in the soup
  795. It all comes down to the artist being at home
  796. Did not get a close-up of this
  797. The little brute would do wrong to get into a row
  798. That tale about the race is mere gossip
  799. That's about the boy for field work
  800. One's fit to perform for the tale
  801. How the violinist might acknowledge the applause
  802. How one might dig a little with a bit of your spur at last
  803. Made so fast that it could not move as it was so sick at last
  804. Go back and do the sowing once more, by the sound of it
  805. How the old german might have hurried to begin writing
  806. What a nose did
  807. Perhaps the way the sewer might become vocal?
  808. Sounds like where there's 8 across
  809. Is it in the cop to finish the limb?
  810. How it will hurt to cut the tail away, perhaps
  811. There's really nothing in an apartment like this to keep one on top
  812. They sound like tails that come by the foot, perhaps
  813. Might they provide rudders for the unaspirated?
  814. Sounds as if you've no son to follow you - how stuffy!
  815. Without a can? gee, one will not be missing that!
  816. Beneath all that fat the editor was weeping
  817. If that bird is dead, go and do likewise
  818. There's some drink left, but it's not champagne
  819. What an unimportant thing for the farmer's wife to have done!
  820. Not bound to say that's what ireland was
  821. If it's up to counsel with us, then it's the treasury
  822. By the sound of it, not much of an achievement to have less than 12 in each of them, perhaps
  823. Is coen about to get his law degree all together
  824. Is the jacket about to get the start of 31 across in a mess?
  825. With great respect, can it be ever and ne'er about a hundred?
  826. This might be x, for instance
  827. Get-togethers for lechers by the hundred?
  828. Signatures will be needed to try to get around to deal with 4 across
  829. One speaks out, or on either side of what's at this
  830. Ms gets a lot more, but not quite enough
  831. Not hit a half a hundred in a church
  832. How the sprite comes back, as they're on the hop
  833. Around ten you and the dee will give it out
  834. Of course it's all right if it's being lent in a hurry
  835. Is desmond ever to make what may be his due?
  836. The tithe of one dime?
  837. At this one can never stand being at one's ease
  838. Of late, it's on top
  839. If you get the wind up, these bloody things will catch it, by the sound of them
  840. It's not practical for an accountant to get half a hundred like this
  841. Sounds as if it's a cellar for him
  842. Are you sounding cross enough to get edward back?
  843. All told, hurried up with the pest i have
  844. With a spaniard around i play it slowly
  845. One has a feeling this has an up and down around ten
  846. Perhaps ascertain how silly you may get about this
  847. Your old man is not pleased to be up here
  848. Might this be four, by the sound of it?
  849. Going in it
  850. Was the north sick of being made fast?
  851. There's a bit of a blooming ring from the bell around tea
  852. Expatriate american poet arrested for treason in 1945
  853. Have this and you'll be quite decided that's how you'll leave
  854. Temporarily, the tin is broken before the mud comes back
  855. On ear or on foot
  856. Is there a solitary way to get just over half a century?
  857. Will this show signs of having been in harness?
  858. When they were on the march, that was it for caesar
  859. Is this what it costs you when eggs are not produced in the nest?
  860. May it be grown in a tin like this?
  861. See and behold and be vocal, and shup up shortly
  862. The last of it may cause one to feel the whole of it
  863. That's the bird that gets under the train
  864. Just a few cottages in denmark?
  865. On the surface, this may seem a bit thick to be so tight
  866. To get around for this, the young lady gets involved with ed
  867. How everyone there became wholly circular?
  868. How the writer may have got around to sounding such a swine
  869. Can you get one in the eye like this?
  870. One may be dealt with if it's not 17 across
  871. Certainly not one of the large cats
  872. It turns up that there aren't any domestic animals to have underfoot here
  873. Wisest greek in trojan war
  874. Refuse to deal with 7 letters
  875. Tease tempt
  876. With the sea, i don't 2 down with this
  877. Where one might be for a brief drink
  878. 'e is untruthful, so confiscate
  879. Encouragement not to be extravagant? you're wasting your breath
  880. One gets a turnover from this
  881. Water in them has been built up around you
  882. Don't make a move, just keep on being untruthful
  883. Of late of old
  884. It used to be herself that used to be the next best thing to a nut
  885. Stel is still less
  886. In a manner of speaking, sidney got over 11 down, by the sound of it
  887. What possessed the little father to look so cross?
  888. What you'll get around the mountains of ulster
  889. One might 14 across and sound rough
  890. To hurry back like this is wrong
  891. Even a hard case might get the wind up for fur
  892. Towards the stern inside, they stay on top
  893. It's enough to turn your stomach if you swallowed it for a change
  894. Chase it into the ship as one moves it by rail
  895. Very strictly speaking, the south is over the highest point
  896. It will turn out that it happened you swallowed it
  897. After half a century this gets up to being bigger than a church mouse
  898. That gets 14 down on, on each one in 13 across
  899. At the turn of it, the duest is only a pose
  900. What a shambles to be so blind to what's in the air!
  901. Not particular about making ne'er a mess there
  902. It's just a little lousy, or turns at last to get the gen that's in the air
  903. Set fire to the top people inside here
  904. I declare that silly one's always eating!
  905. Keep that sort of spade back to make a sausage
  906. That's looking like ireland in a peg
  907. One college or three
  908. The state of anarchy is at the bottom of this, and no mistake
  909. One is not so wing about a postscript
  910. It's not repulsive at drawing, perhaps
  911. Here was the start of the drain
  912. What will follow about it that it's all of a unit
  913. No w, in s
  914. In ayr, the western part is all twisted
  915. What an upsetting play by shaw!
  916. What may be done on your head makes one always a swell
  917. Cry out about the former demand you made
  918. The southern one that's good at spelling, just for a change
  919. One sounded pained over edward and had it
  920. If the doctor comes around with the spirits to me, he does the beating
  921. The cry that would make 'er not drink too much
  922. In this it could be really what's got done
  923. Not fighting for a bit, by the sound of it
  924. Might, by the sound of it, a quartet overlook 9 across
  925. Sir, we currently carry on
  926. There's not much time for people to be in what the french have a word for
  927. Keep thatnks in check
  928. Don't keep on stopping where there's no finish
  929. They ought to bloody well suit you
  930. The reverend father is back. it's 'imself that's the one to publicise it
  931. That's the ruddy end, beheld like this!
  932. What a pity to get a hundred and a fifty in so unusual a way!
  933. They must be shelley, by the sound of it
  934. Is there any cord in the fat around the neck?
  935. By the sound of it, farewell to a bargain
  936. There's nothing to the east of the river
  937. With money we get a turnover, enough to make us nuts
  938. It's not so hot to have a spring afterwards
  939. The couple had need of refreshment at twenty to three, by the sound of it
  940. One may, in short, take it with brie
  941. You may go on this if you're inclined to be old
  942. This won't even do for the middle of 4 down
  943. A matter of two bob, as of old
  944. It keeps coming up about dog tax
  945. When one is around, the boy is punctual
  946. This was apt to finish in edward
  947. It's rare for this to be less than five hundred and one
  948. When it's about a hundred the tree is twisted but still standing
  949. The academician is not strict in this to lent
  950. It may have power and sounds husky
  951. Where one might go to court after tea
  952. What may be set at sea goes without saying of this
  953. What a wrench that would be for the southern gold-digger!
  954. Without any trouble sid could make 15 across with this
  955. If your friend were fat, it could be the death of him
  956. By the look of it you may take it as read, by the sound of it
  957. How tel could lead to an abatement
  958. How heavenly an inverted limb might be!
  959. It's as if a c.a. could be nothing but a front
  960. How one might have relied on finding a rut over the start of 30 across
  961. How a torn shirt gets dry before tea
  962. How tel with l might have hurried up at speed
  963. How handy it would be to have the kittens there!
  964. For a sacrifice one might change the sound of this
  965. The orchestra caught sight of it getting around to cutting
  966. The state of place for science and a parent
  967. There's nothing to it
  968. Many arrived where arthur held court
  969. Workers in an orchard
  970. Yellowstones steamboat, eg
  971. Vicar, eg
  972. Dirk nowitzkis signature move
  973. Successfully secure
  974. Window of opportunity
  975. This might be armed, to a certain degree at last
  976. Big data org
  977. Mar-nov system
  978. Owner of menorca and mallorca
  979. Will 2 go into 4/5 x 7?
  980. Bodyguards, informally
  981. Campaign-backing orgs
  982. One might shortly get there in wexford
  983. Baracks first chief of staff
  984. Moved upstream, perhaps
  985. Jazz composer blake
  986. Starter groups
  987. Billing unit, at times
  988. Two letters from santorini
  989. In japan 28 down is starting to have strings attached
  990. With them there's no vice at all
  991. One has to be in the church before we can respect him
  992. You could get a blow from one
  993. And 26 across, he got ratty when they ratted
  994. Fighting the sound of the companies of the stomach
  995. How grand father gets with grand decoration!
  996. Coming from space makes one sound as if having put on weight
  997. Time to get round the dial on it (1'5)
  998. What is in having had a holiday? not having given in, that's what
  999. Are a little more in the beer
  1000. Once in, it's most unusual
  1001. Wearing a brassiere about one for 12 across
  1002. Blooming happy to get to 1051
  1003. Hereabouts, turn the grass over in church
  1004. It sounds so corny when it comes by instalments
  1005. That's two more than 24 across for the male and female at first
  1006. It may be held in camera, no?
  1007. Sounds as if one had what the needle has to be
  1008. That little fellow might talk turkey
  1009. No trouble to be a midshipman in so novel a way
  1010. What to say with you going over backwards in teh air
  1011. It's so festive to the north in this direction
  1012. Sounding perhaps more devious, one used to supply the army
  1013. The question is could one make 18 down of this after a century
  1014. This co. can swallow a lot with various additions
  1015. The creed has a pleasant beginning
  1016. Your gangster's mistress, by the sound of it, sounds as if she's in time
  1017. Have a go at a mediterranean crop sount of 20 across
  1018. Just one of 19 across?
  1019. Sounds as if one may gave a dam' sore throat
  1020. In such dry surroundings a latin father gets the hump
  1021. That wretch breaks the crane in the fog
  1022. It comes back with the bit for the church
  1023. It follows the referee and is most unrefined
  1024. For cosmetic effect the little bird had a meal around four
  1025. What one may ask for inside the shellfish
  1026. I see this follows 27 across in a form of architecture
  1027. See tea inside the side of 32 across
  1028. One delivers a speech or a rise
  1029. That former officer was as bold as brass
  1030. I call this a flower
  1031. How number one comes back to be charged, and 24 across like it
  1032. Looks as if there was no refuse here
  1033. The way to encourage the young one that's not your own to walk, perhaps
  1034. The sort of clothing one alludes to about the east
  1035. That's for the ancient one in the theatre
  1036. That's where one ties it in a knot
  1037. How perhaps one claims to be a green light for the perfect insect
  1038. Is their art that of mr chips?
  1039. Ricochet off a cushion
  1040. The white rose for them
  1041. Never broke enough to make one liquid
  1042. Gas thief's tube
  1043. Amplifier effect
  1044. Bush with a tart fruit
  1045. That's the letter of thanks from greece
  1046. Gee! the corn has got wet
  1047. That sounds like a nervous english county horse
  1048. Develop from a larva
  1049. Outdoor seed holder
  1050. Gay nineties et al.
  1051. Western tableland
  1052. Word before canada or jordan
  1053. Walks like a flamingo
  1054. How amazed one is at such an occidential sack
  1055. The sea story when the deer's around
  1056. Tibetan teacher of the dharma
  1057. Policy nerd
  1058. Pool member once
  1059. $10 worth of quarters
  1060. Birthday party ritual
  1061. ___-slapper (riot)
  1062. That's one small step . . . site
  1063. Ominous day in rome
  1064. Amorphous sci-fi menace with the
  1065. Whaler played by peck
  1066. Shinola for years
  1067. Rocks to be processed
  1068. Flattering in an oily way
  1069. Golf course gizmo
  1070. Medoc and merlot
  1071. Salty discharge
  1072. Go down the gangplank
  1073. Trip and fall at last
  1074. One's looking so heavenly
  1075. Sanctuary seating
  1076. Some concert sites
  1077. Go bad as an egg
  1078. Hunter of crime fiction
  1079. Art class goop
  1080. That bloody transplant could alter one's whole outlook
  1081. The study of the girl from south america
  1082. Seems that theatres are being shut up towards the end
  1083. It's a bit thick to have to draw about five hundred of this
  1084. Does this refer to having found 'er in the paint?
  1085. You must have a ring for the cur in sic
  1086. One might gorge that sort of dairy product
  1087. There would be bubbles in this thing
  1088. Either way it's dogmatic
  1089. It sounds time to make 33 down unacceptable
  1090. It's never too late to set a new speed record
  1091. No, it is the turn of the dog to make the fuss
  1092. At the end of the street the times has them all for show
  1093. Though there won't be a drink at the funeral, one will go to it
  1094. Break the star and it will go bad on either side
  1095. Always on hand, not on foot
  1096. The catch in this is that it's up to almost all one's mate
  1097. That may be how a gun has got broken, laurence; it's so thin
  1098. It's said to have ten in the scene to be served
  1099. The speed at which they got to bury becket there
  1100. That could be five, or skip around in pussy
  1101. You get this on hand and foot
  1102. That's what it was like with pa in
  1103. Just about the kind of place for a rest, or in the rest of it
  1104. If bent, one may get it back in a mere twist
  1105. There's nothing of the rest of this
  1106. What's left of the crop will need a close shave to dispose of
  1107. Some extra - include it with what i have
  1108. There's a right turn in the song, but not for a week, by the sound of it
  1109. It's hard to find the ocean that's not heavenly
  1110. An' with that he took money out
  1111. How the artist turns up in the brushes in the american pubs
  1112. If as it seems you are only barely literate, you will have to change your ideas
  1113. Overdrawn - that's here, it seems
  1114. So to be strong, or turn bankrupt
  1115. If you get wood that's too fresh, you've been done
  1116. Steal everything in the place and made off with the bag of it
  1117. To continue to do this one must have a brush with it so that the south may keep on crying
  1118. En, rather than en?
  1119. One is able to stand it when the seaman puts on side
  1120. Still it needs one more to make it abominable
  1121. They are believed to have been pitched around the east
  1122. That's the ruddy 17 down
  1123. Coming from uncle sam, perhaps, they have gone into politics
  1124. Abel's biblical brother
  1125. Face spot that may get popped
  1126. Frozen asset that comes in cubes
  1127. Common birthday dessert with icing
  1128. 2011 romantic comedy film directed by dennis dugan starring jennifer aniston and adam sandler: 4 wds.
  1129. Pop-up annoyances briefly
  1130. Ninth month of the year for short
  1131. Prohibit something say
  1132. To be a nudist, that's the first thing one has to learn to have
  1133. The 9 across of 25 down
  1134. Purchase something
  1135. 2003 fantasy comedy film directed by tom shadyac starring jennifer aniston and jim carrey: 2 wds.
  1136. That's the priest i have to put some life in
  1137. Are, in short, in a state of 17 down
  1138. ___ it up (to joke around) slangily
  1139. Pull with effort say
  1140. Euphoria network: abbr.
  1141. She's the ___ 1996 romantic comedy film directed by edward burns starring jennifer aniston and cameron diaz
  1142. The ___ 2010 action comedy film directed by andy tennant starring jennifer aniston and gerard butler: 2 wds.
  1143. Us government agency that provides support to entrepreneurs: abbr.
  1144. Field of study like maths or history for short
  1145. Lure someone or something into a trap
  1146. Set in a straight line
  1147. Secret place of storage
  1148. Slow cooked meat-and-vegetable dish
  1149. Language spoken in bangkok
  1150. Breaking away series actor ___ cassidy
  1151. Area outside the city for short
  1152. Your mom's sister to you
  1153. Antonym's opposite for short
  1154. It should be easy to hold one in the field
  1155. Not the time to be too young
  1156. Kissing on the street for one: abbr.
  1157. ___ star 2001 musical comedy-drama film directed by stephen herek starring jennifer aniston and mark wahlberg
  1158. Be warm enough to melt the ice
  1159. River on the iberian peninsula
  1160. How i close the door on anything so prophetic
  1161. Is one soon to get a little tea in it? on the contrary!
  1162. Like caesar i came, by the sound of it, my dear boy
  1163. Got fresh again with no clothes on at last, by the sound of it
  1164. What an opening shot often does
  1165. Organic food kitchen
  1166. Of course i had enough to please me before the sun came up
  1167. There's 12 in this
  1168. That's a right sort of thing to sound so yellow
  1169. They're bound to be one in aforetime, by the sound of it
  1170. Thus lent has uses that are not nice, by the sound of it
  1171. Its cover may enable one to recover
  1172. How tasteful to be so biassed about a pound!
  1173. How i was the manager or the persian boy
  1174. Damned if father didn't get rid of this
  1175. At your funeral you'll get over the drink, by the sound of it
  1176. An'a couple of times, seeing it's so fruity
  1177. Pleutre e
  1178. That's not a single thing to make a plaint about you
  1179. It sounds as if it's yourself that would come at the end of the queue
  1180. Petite herse e
  1181. Is that the number i catch in new york?
  1182. You can't say it's a bit thick to have a fence with it
  1183. It's in meath, an' it's in ulster. that's a neat one!
  1184. Can one welcome anything so hard?
  1185. Click might be, but not in public
  1186. It's enough to make you sick the way they quote me the wrong way
  1187. The sot gets confused and gets at last there in belgium
  1188. The turn of the number one ebb and flow for all that printing
  1189. Do you need a pitcher for the dance for ascot?
  1190. Allow the little bird to be around the pub
  1191. In the bits of fern she will get the wind up
  1192. If you might be a second offender, that's a sticky matter
  1193. Being so unconventional is enough to get a fellow down, it seems
  1194. This carrier won't help quite the reverse
  1195. Consumed with decay in a roundabout way
  1196. Getting around in orbit or but
  1197. You might take this with you around a horse without any modesty
  1198. It takes double you to tease when there's a little bird around
  1199. How sweet (but not good) she is getting to be in the ship
  1200. Come and visit while the doctor has an operation in here
  1201. Seems i am able to support 'er
  1202. Does the bulb give one the will to turn up?
  1203. Does it happen that i get so much in the middle of the deep?
  1204. The sort of 29 across that one cannot play in the home
  1205. That's a certain weight to have on the head
  1206. The foot has it and the foot must keep it
  1207. Whatever may be bad about tea, this has made it less
  1208. It's on shore in a manner of speaking at last
  1209. That might be 12 in 18 down
  1210. Just a little peace, by the sound of it
  1211. The motor runs into such as 14 down
  1212. Here's the least part of a sick one in one month
  1213. In turn, the layer might become so lively
  1214. After a century one would be prone to be over 14 down
  1215. How warming to have had a meal with her around!
  1216. After one short month the opus might be for the army
  1217. Is that the apartment i borrowed from you? great gas!
  1218. Is there any ice cream in it? blow that!
  1219. The way to get at three in this with play
  1220. Daddy's bird is less then one foot
  1221. Not a good lascar
  1222. I am not ruddy well able to get stuck into this
  1223. Lo, that's what loathing would be with this
  1224. At last he is more than sick of the groundwork
  1225. It's got nothing in the 32 across
  1226. It might be low to swallow the middle of this
  1227. Just for a change, kill people in the mat
  1228. Everything considered as alalll, perhaps
  1229. Elastic enough to make one sick in the sty
  1230. That's enough of a meeting to try a saint
  1231. So simple for her to put an engine around you
  1232. And that's flat!
  1233. Some more to get one ten in the rate
  1234. Would the r.a. want to be somewhat rare like this?
  1235. Such as this one bear arms
  1236. That sounds like a nice place to live
  1237. Many happy returns from the poet
  1238. How burns made a mess of being a cockney?
  1239. Each of them is one 3 down
  1240. Is the bear about to be sick if he can't see to read?
  1241. Both of you may agree to mount at the same time
  1242. Is it up to your boy to get the figures in 23 across?
  1243. How wearing they are - enough to have one out of breath!
  1244. Of what was tender and freed
  1245. It takes furniture to make one multiply
  1246. How the american soldier gets a century on father's length that's expressive of the mona lisa
  1247. What goes into such building must at first get burnt with laurence dressed
  1248. What (or maybe where) the penitent is
  1249. Can the saint peal? that's all according, as you might say
  1250. One might perhaps get you a box or get you a hole on top
  1251. Rips into the real s for tit for tat
  1252. At last we have grave occasions from them
  1253. The oriental flower of festivity
  1254. The habit of this may get you a box or get you a hole on top
  1255. Brother kenneth has had a smashing time
  1256. Take it, notwithstanding, if you want to take 11 across
  1257. Stick father back at this point
  1258. It's just fine for her to be around if mine gets twisted
  1259. It's so deadly, though it starts only half you?
  1260. Such an allowance of russell is great gas
  1261. The brute got his teeth into the one in the church
  1262. Had a starring part, perhaps, in the fringe, actually
  1263. If one is 15 across, it seems this isn't tey
  1264. To be so pushy after tea may be very deadly
  1265. The beginning of the miscellany may get the name all wrong
  1266. A mousey-brown stick
  1267. Few's have sounded so deadly as this
  1268. Go back to this about poetry
  1269. They might have been relatively under a car for the combs
  1270. Is she what she could never be?
  1271. About eleven eels that can't get home
  1272. Might granny smith make one as spirited as john?
  1273. This counted against what it ate in such a mild way
  1274. It's the little sister inside in the tent that is so demanding
  1275. Didn't look good for the twister to turn red
  1276. Is it the pain a digger can give one that is so disturbing
  1277. Did john peel follow him?
  1278. This might lead one to the french firewood
  1279. Is it not a bit thick so to sit back and take action?
  1280. I could be in among them and be of service
  1281. You, in short, might find no shade there
  1282. It was lent that enabled one to behold a boy
  1283. It's irritating the way the girl calls to you, perhaps
  1284. Never shall ow! have this
  1285. That'd be a shallow sort or burial
  1286. As for pa, after a century he is in with them
  1287. Either way from the north it carries to meath
  1288. As they're about a man, but not the principal one
  1289. No strippers in the kitchen
  1290. That'll put some life into an ulster marriage
  1291. One famous hole in the ground in ten
  1292. They might be thinking of getting under a thousand and giving employment
  1293. He could have been one whale of a captain
  1294. It can't get less than follow fifty in this direction
  1295. Is it for music to make one so rich?
  1296. Vere! an x means you've taken too much
  1297. Sounds as if it's his command in the post
  1298. The south might make it killingly funny
  1299. Don't lose your cool and get paid with elsie, by the sound of it
  1300. When he is working in pain, by the sounds of it, gee, you'll get even less work out of him!
  1301. At last it's obvious that this has to do with 29 across
  1302. He gets the painting up in a bit of a hindu way
  1303. Just a little lying here
  1304. The chemist might get a glow from it
  1305. There's sting in the tyail of the turn of the taste that's bad
  1306. Seems i'd be fishing with this in the river
  1307. What's good in rome is the way one gets on in the public transport
  1308. Not being authorised, edward's the priest
  1309. Such a gemstone is enough to bring a fairy to a full stop
  1310. One might get shot of what's in it periodically
  1311. How to repair a town that's lying here?
  1312. Seems that yobbo a1 comes at the end of the innings
  1313. Could one get around with such a bad upward look?
  1314. Tall display of dishwashing liquid?
  1315. Domino dots
  1316. Foolish girls might need one pound of them
  1317. Just in case there's only a little tea that's indian
  1318. Rock band's preferred dishwashing liquid?
  1319. O brawling love! o loving __!: romeo
  1320. Everything's ready to go!
  1321. Masonry finish
  1322. Tablet with air pro and mini models
  1323. Baa ma
  1324. The turn of the beginning of the revolution of cricket?
  1325. Mlb team with mr. and mrs. mascots
  1326. Update the look of as a product
  1327. 1957 coasters chart-topper with the refrain gonna find her
  1328. How a stripper might be giving one a hiding, perhaps
  1329. A double round of gin for 'em and i
  1330. Can't get in with a cid
  1331. How one may depend on the french anonymity
  1332. Prepare to fire an also at the bird
  1333. More than sharp enough to be wounding in the era
  1334. It takes money to get up to a public school
  1335. You take it with you, just in case
  1336. It's grand how furious i get at what's not really there
  1337. Can i help causing pain to 17 across?
  1338. Yes, it's on board that you get to monkey with it at the double
  1339. Spring onto the one of 30 across under the piano
  1340. Give a catty turn to the french in a splendid way
  1341. 12 across would have none of it
  1342. How they give out the entire old testament, initially
  1343. This would put off mine legally
  1344. Is the deer about to turn around the turn so as to have got back?
  1345. Sent around where the dirt comes up - and there's a lot of it, by the sound of it
  1346. Would a boy serve for a composition?
  1347. It's up to turn around the cleric with nothing hidden
  1348. To a very great degree, the most of the north
  1349. How grand that he has got nnnnnnnnnn for gracious living!
  1350. Around the south it's open to have a breather
  1351. How i take a wife after a century and a half, weather permitting
  1352. Might one perhaps be blind to anything that looks so bad?
  1353. The sort of ant that he might make inflexible
  1354. Where to find one's elders and betters
  1355. Got to grips and got its teeth into it with this
  1356. Ah, that's just about all up for the deity
  1357. The nautical family that lacked the ends of 22 across
  1358. It would be better for the sprite to get about a bit
  1359. One may not take it as read, by the sound of it, that it's 16 down
  1360. The southern island, in divers ways
  1361. That's the way to put off having one freed
  1362. A den for a poet
  1363. Time for a and one more
  1364. This goes and gets to be a pest with the cur
  1365. Entitled to have been made for one night, by the sound of it
  1366. Little father, i can't be so distraught
  1367. Is s not the outside part of the wrong 'un?
  1368. So the raptor turns over its victim
  1369. A fat 20 down?
  1370. That's not the sweet part of 26 and 35
  1371. By the sound of it, no rabbit would have voted for such a bad dugout
  1372. That's a sign they've got only one law degree between the two of 'em
  1373. Everything you turn up with is just a little way
  1374. For them, this is reflective about the game
  1375. After five one might sail around fifty houses
  1376. Relatively feline to be hanging around
  1377. With so little hair, by the sound of it, take a crowbar it, by the sound of it
  1378. What a model way to lay hands on the bird!
  1379. Ancient public space
  1380. Amy klobuchar for one (last 3 letters + …)
  1381. Asian desert (… first 2)
  1382. Pointed remarks
  1383. One of 16 in chess
  1384. Open declaration (last 3 + …)
  1385. Sauce on a gyro (… first 2)
  1386. Bad ___ (2016 mila kunis film)
  1387. Spotify's 2018 debut: abbr.
  1388. Scented bag (… first 2)
  1389. Mass book (last 3 + …)
  1390. How wearing it is to get in this for 6 down!
  1391. Like a good flan
  1392. Final song at a concert often (… first 4)
  1393. Bit of horse food
  1394. Nonsense (last 4 + …)
  1395. Sounds as if karl the virtuous would have done well in 19 down
  1396. Is it not capital that the m.o. turns up there?
  1397. What might be compact is all found above y
  1398. What a fool i am to be making money!
  1399. Do a headspin say or what four of this puzzle's black squares do?
  1400. Northern nevada city
  1401. Flavorful lemon part
  1402. Failures bruise them
  1403. Is the south in the monarch by mouth?
  1404. Delightfully unusual
  1405. 2000s fashion dolls
  1406. Game with a freeze variety
  1407. St. peter's and others
  1408. ___ some lose some
  1409. Palindromic cuff type
  1410. Regal competitor
  1411. It lets you into any room
  1412. The thin man's best friend?
  1413. Story you may need a ladder to get to
  1414. Swanky hotel chain
  1415. Va-va-___ (exciting quality)
  1416. Manny the mammoth's movie franchise
  1417. It may contain iron
  1418. Big name in big pharma
  1419. A cheap knock-out from the russsian bird
  1420. It's seen but not heard: abbr.
  1421. Close to being in the nude, and not having worked for it
  1422. Between the poles a robert may be one those who did well in india
  1423. Throw up the rest in bits and it'll be in the red
  1424. When there's no sun the times don not sound 28 down
  1425. Find another place about a place to sit
  1426. Is the seaman dismissed? not for the present
  1427. Is one short month able to be enough for a place in india?
  1428. Perhaps it's the docker that's in the wrong
  1429. I came like caesar, my boy, for 13 across of 5 down
  1430. Giving place in the way of giving one's autograph?
  1431. That fits in with the story of the olive branch and the ark, for one of them, by the sound of it
  1432. The hock is not good for five in the peninsula
  1433. It's not this to 17 down
  1434. One in the corps sounds like one at the core
  1435. That's fifty, as well as being in the water
  1436. A short? nothing like that
  1437. It's great gas to make light of it
  1438. I'm accustomed to laugh at this
  1439. Are you? oy, it's for you to play!
  1440. What trading there was for a bride for smetana!
  1441. Is the girl about to get the editor back without the aid of an engine?
  1442. There might be five in two performers, if it's just for cover
  1443. Objects to them starting to be so spare
  1444. All right, it's just a pious one with stripes
  1445. That all goes to show about what one would, and what one does, supply
  1446. What a comedown for the artist to be having a bath like this!
  1447. They're kind to the boy for current production
  1448. Mail on sentry go?
  1449. Enough there to slake any number of thirsts
  1450. In germany the pound needs it to fall in value
  1451. The other way round, says you, by the sound of it
  1452. Can one stand being in church? from this you may take it as read
  1453. Can there be 1 across for that carboy?
  1454. That'll do up about half a dozen for the poet
  1455. Not, in short, the sort of obeisance that may be offensive
  1456. Welsh dogs
  1457. Grower of firs and pines
  1458. Too soon to have been beheaded every so often
  1459. Followed by a, then e, for the goddess
  1460. This runner is never abroad
  1461. The southern story, but there's nothing new about that
  1462. A wet follower of the bee, by the sound of it
  1463. What a morning i had, but not at either end!
  1464. Can this be sweet? it is no more
  1465. Not h.g. - or his child
  1466. By the sound of it, all right on, but not in, court
  1467. Not even a small drink for them
  1468. The flower of the peninsula, thanks to augustus
  1469. Does the framework tell all at last?
  1470. There's not a single thing to do with it
  1471. One steer here?
  1472. Do l shapes make lilies?
  1473. We're all extremely on the inside
  1474. The note is not off-key to a beastly extent
  1475. The sort of fish that should be kept on ice
  1476. As fleas go, the colour varies on the inside
  1477. May blow it after the thaw
  1478. The point of this is that 1 down, for instance, gets to be first-rate
  1479. Stroke this? it's just not on for the bat
  1480. Look up about the cover as one leaves a bit out
  1481. Predator and prey have a get-together for tungsten
  1482. How south africa may spoil it with an end? that's a good one!
  1483. Is this what makes one turn it up in the move?
  1484. Josephine is next in a sound way
  1485. The way a hundred and fifty spoke only made a mess of it
  1486. Cross the top off the criminal
  1487. Might 17 across get around when it sounds as if i shout
  1488. How the follower of 21 across may have bubbles
  1489. That's as cats die and get thrown away
  1490. What a blooming female insect!
  1491. For the good of one's health, one might get it in abroad
  1492. One might make us a short form of this
  1493. Funny how one gets employed
  1494. Semi b and y?
  1495. Did mary have little of this with her little lamb?
  1496. It's not frest, so it's just a waste with 'er
  1497. One gets drunk before you
  1498. Did jonathan get the bird, and speedily?
  1499. Might 'e have only one foot left at last?
  1500. 0%0%
  1501. Sidney comes back and is apt to be a swell
  1502. Frightfully equipped for sound at last
  1503. With an addition he would be a bit like 17 across
  1504. M is taken for this
  1505. Was good to have in bed
  1506. Forever concerning this after 29 across
  1507. One thought that this was a bit thick
  1508. It's no go for everything in ted's confusion
  1509. Not the sort of wave for 24 across
  1510. Place for a digger, and in expectoration
  1511. Get around to get on ahead and get around about a degree
  1512. The pale is unwanted, to a very large extent
  1513. Sounds as if the fee line is up to it without a word
  1514. Might one pull it over the poles? goodness me!
  1515. That's an e in a sort of a way in a house
  1516. That's one place you might stick an ad
  1517. By the sound of it, the highway to tell the stream to be quiet
  1518. Just for a little, in a manner of speaking
  1519. What is in the little bits makes them beam, perhaps
  1520. That bash is made for the indians, with great respect
  1521. Say, has that got involved with 'er for the times?
  1522. Fallow, such time as one gets a leader
  1523. It's silly to allot the gin like this
  1524. She might lose her head and become loose
  1525. How does the fish come into it to do the 4 down?
  1526. Just for a little in the fish i catch
  1527. I'd made this get twisted around a head
  1528. With ma, gender is in force in france
  1529. The saint may stalk me up here
  1530. Not a hen and more than a one, by the sound of it
  1531. That's how the ebb makes traps with the cows
  1532. The sound of the gale, in a manner of speaking
  1533. Gjot around to telephone to the 28 down
  1534. Sounds as if there be many there to raise the temperature in the ship
  1535. The sound of your voice has some weight that's hard
  1536. It's dangerous to get to grips with a hundred and fifty such
  1537. Come up, 24 down, with the fish; there's no fish in that
  1538. Cross into 17 acrosses to a pronounced extent
  1539. How unfortunate that one is rather stupid
  1540. Sounds as if it could be you that's missing
  1541. Thus i am reckoned to be among the big places
  1542. Look to them to be on your guard in the shrubbery
  1543. For the sake of publicity, can 'e be seated next to the reverend father on the way back?
  1544. This has at last an inclination
  1545. Do some commercial fishing to make it click?
  1546. Make the burn get drunk
  1547. How a jaw starts to be sore
  1548. Removal of tail would be a hurtful thing to do
  1549. Baauer hit with a record-setting 103.1 million us streams in the week of march 2 2013: 2 wds.
  1550. Ultraviolet beam
  1551. ___ aboard! (conductor's cry)
  1552. Will arnett's character on arrested development
  1553. Just to make it light it turns ruddy lousy?
  1554. Not a legal eagle, likewise not too happy by the look of it
  1555. Sweater or shirt for example
  1556. Pass the ___ (shift responsibility to another person)
  1557. Huge hullabaloo
  1558. Drake hit with a record-setting 116.2 million us streams in the week of july 28 2018: 3 wds.
  1559. First woman in the bible
  1560. Optic ___ (eye/brain connector)
  1561. Word that can follow bumble and honey
  1562. ___ the hedgehog (sega video game franchise)
  1563. Lil nas x hit with a record-setting 143 million us streams in the week of april 20 2019: 3 wds.
  1564. Texas longhorn's sound
  1565. Safety device beneath a tightrope walker
  1566. Huskies pull them in races
  1567. Chicago white ___ (baseball team)
  1568. Need bengay perhaps
  1569. Free-throw shooter's skill
  1570. Student ___ debt
  1571. Oh what's the ___? (this will never work)
  1572. Highest rating on some numerical scales
  1573. How he begins to get skinny with an inclusion in the gem
  1574. Like a pipe that's dripping
  1575. American ___ language (communication method for many deaf people)
  1576. Utah-to-nevada direction
  1577. Hilton or marriott lodging for example
  1578. Fruit flavor of many purple candies
  1579. Charter ___ (historic tree on connecticut's state quarter)
  1580. Small ipod model last manufactured in 2017
  1581. The flowers of women's lib?
  1582. Climber for the league in the usa
  1583. Minister in there provides the short answer with me around
  1584. Polished surface of a ruby or emerald
  1585. President's bill-blocking power
  1586. Word-processing command that reverses your last action
  1587. Lack of impartiality
  1588. ___ cards (office supplies that may be 3 x 5)
  1589. Figure out from clues
  1590. There's at least one heart in some such sum as t
  1591. How clever to dry up in her company!
  1592. Container for a bouquet of flowers
  1593. Final resting place for a mummy
  1594. Doctors who deliver babies: abbr.
  1595. One in a horn, one with a horn
  1596. One has suffered this to be worth more than half a crown
  1597. If one sounded like the headmaster of a public school, one might have had too much of it, of course
  1598. What an exhausting time this is!
  1599. Perhaps the current way to make 1 across
  1600. The chicken is in the wine
  1601. One might blame the roach for following such an agent
  1602. It could not be worse with an evil twist
  1603. Sounds like a glacier
  1604. Is that going to be the next gi around one?
  1605. How enid got around the priest and felt the pinch
  1606. The sound of a couple of letters for the brave
  1607. Just a little bottle at last for the rain
  1608. At last it''s what i''ve got in the garden
  1609. Might this go over 29 across
  1610. Ruin 27 across and there''s quite a row
  1611. Along with the doctor i have a deal of profit from a pub
  1612. Being so mouldy, perhaps, get thrown away
  1613. Sounds as if one will be in the water, just a little
  1614. That could give more strength to ''er chin
  1615. That''s something that''s very dear in australia
  1616. Too sad to be worth only one buck, by the sound of it
  1617. Sounds like the tool with which one makes 23 down
  1618. That german song was not a true one
  1619. Might a divine kill a number of extras?
  1620. In the direction of the fighting hundreds?
  1621. Sounds as if i have then all round. can you beat that?
  1622. That''s the priest i have to make more lively
  1623. Seems the scotsman turns them in a beastly sort of way
  1624. If one were to 8 across the city, that''s what the middle of it would be, perhaps
  1625. One has a feeling that the insect will get the girl up
  1626. The seervice is getting old - there''s the rub
  1627. It has no good promises to have such theatres around the north
  1628. Pa could make it pale aswell as dirty
  1629. Has the saucy boat been raised to the surface?
  1630. It''s not honest, even with strings attached
  1631. Between the pages one might bury what has 8 down
  1632. One is not prone to do this
  1633. That''s the way your breath may get quite raw there
  1634. Seems i''m able to put end to big bill
  1635. There''s ten in the tear and to spare
  1636. As a matter of course it''s been bleeding hot in the tea
  1637. They''re certianly not all there
  1638. Of course it''s been taken again
  1639. Get it up from the sun, by the sound of it
  1640. That''s the stuff to keep a girl out
  1641. How smart of the little bird to have lost its tail
  1642. You''d be well suited for the excise
  1643. There's a horse in the corn
  1644. Would this sound like the way to go and be heavy?
  1645. One might long to have it
  1646. Sounds as if one might get this for firing
  1647. Since they''re around the east to a relative extent
  1648. How the little beasts follow the little bird
  1649. Around the north the bell will ring for punnishment
  1650. The sort of bully boy matthew would love to be, by the sound of him
  1651. Pen the doubler in the coal
  1652. The little beast may do wrong in the row
  1653. How noble so to get a sound pound!
  1654. In this tooo it's a plus
  1655. Almost the last man in to give strength to the side
  1656. What c might be doing on crete?
  1657. There''s somethng about the course, just a bit, in a manner of speaking
  1658. It''s six feet long in the body of a church
  1659. It was so irratating the way class came first
  1660. What one might seem to pour ons''s confessions into
  1661. This might sound like an example of moments
  1662. Holy house, just the same, around the north
  1663. So look up to one in church before paul
  1664. The goddess would just love to get 10 more to make her bloody
  1665. Very mimi cat
  1666. You''ll get some mileage out of that
  1667. Sounds as if there were pears there
  1668. Everything on account, with permission
  1669. Hold back what''s left for 8 across
  1670. Give evidence of having a little tea in state
  1671. Seems that leslie is in church, along with the likes of granny smith
  1672. Don't jump around so much - there''s no end of it
  1673. Man could cope with the time of this
  1674. What''s round is twitchy with a missile
  1675. You have to have the french to get the point of this (60
  1676. A certain number - about a thousand - for the river
  1677. Sounds as if one raised few so horrible as this in the garden
  1678. Savings are their forte