1. 2016 prequel that earned
  2. Club swung by a baseball player
  3. Trigger for a sprinkler system
  4. Round vegetable in a pod
  5. “carrie” actress who narrates an audiobook of harper lee’s “to kill a mockingbird”: 2 wds.
  6. Small east indian shrubby mint; fragrant oil from its leaves is used in perfumes
  7. Flexible items for test carried back by porter
  8. The — in the rye, 1951 novel by j. d. salinger
  9. Woody —, milwaukee-born jazz clarinettist who led various bands called the herd
  10. — —, jeeves!, title of a novel by p. g. wodehouse; or, a 1936 film starring arthur treacher and david niven
  11. English poet whose epic allegory the faerie queene celebrates the tudor dynasty and elizabeth i
  12. Plant gun in a corner perhaps
  13. In muslim belief, any of the nymphs of paradise
  14. Dominic __ mp, former attorney general and now a leading remainer
  15. Apprentice put a pound on good money-maker
  16. Do not notice a drink problem
  17. Write (something) quickly
  18. Subj. of the 2017 memoir working on the dark side of the moon
  19. Richard who composed the music for damn yankees and the pajama game
  20. Cheesy crust
  21. ___ feste burg ist unser gott (bach cantata)
  22. Subject of the supreme court cases loving v. virginia and obergefell v. hodges
  23. Conflict that saw the sieges of ladysmith and kimberley
  24. One looking for bugs
  25. Sprint and such
  26. Thats the ticket!
  27. Modern game equipment
  28. Home of the isle of man
  29. Bad choices in it might cost you an arm and a leg
  30. Like the lion slain in hercules first labor
  31. Cow or chicken follower
  32. Have trouble sleeping say
  33. Daring way to fly
  34. Classic opera set in cyprus
  35. Calculus calculation for short
  36. Organ i have in both sides of my body
  37. Building for plants; prison
  38. Enthusiastically praises
  39. Extremely ill
  40. Freely accessible
  41. Long-term plan
  42. Persistently painful
  43. Slightly unhappy
  44. Structure, edifice
  45. Hurt by knocking
  46. Main ingredient in omelettes
  47. Play the stock market
  48. Time for relaxation or hobbies
  49. Enclosed chair carried by porters
  50. Blameworthy
  51. Baked loaf
  52. Bite and work food in the mouth
  53. Note value
  54. Obvious it's not in code
  55. Collect a mothership?
  56. Encourages london team
  57. Reportedly amend sacrifice location
  58. Occupation of space in true style
  59. Twinge of constant inclination
  60. Monopolise a wild animal
  61. Design is laced another way
  62. More excited by capital
  63. Charge three notes
  64. Our duncan swallows tongue
  65. Thus repeatedly average
  66. A steep conversion into old money
  67. Relative is mostly vague
  68. European city
  69. Former currency unit
  70. Joint connecting the leg and foot
  71. World chess championship title-holder from 1972-75
  72. Name given to the economic and political theories of karl marx and friedrich engels
  73. Race of decadent people in 1895 h g wells novel the time machine
  74. Musical instrument; the alto of the oboe family
  75. City and state capital of perak malaysia
  76. Timid son of hector and andromache in greek mythology
  77. The war memorial in whitehall london designed by edwin lutyens
  78. The 1980s channel 4 music show hosted by jools holland and others
  79. Author of 1728 stage work the beggar's opera
  80. Roman procurator of judaea who authorised the crucifixion of jesus
  81. Best actress in a leading role oscar nominee for brief encounter
  82. 2002 novel by belinda jones
  83. Painting by leonardo da vinci also called la gioconda
  84. Yearly book or calendar
  85. Textile woven from flax used for bedding, bathrobes, loose trousers and summer shirts
  86. Hold two jobs informal
  87. Bird of river and lake
  88. Flowering shrubs in the genus rhododendron
  89. It's awkward to release, and we hear why
  90. He considers rodin's work
  91. Early christians sneakily ensnare a leader of zionism
  92. Wave in interval with hesitation
  93. With the apple i prefer
  94. Husband painting a deer
  95. Seemed fair enough in collecting the dole
  96. Anti-aircraft weapon named after a place in sweden, where it was first made
  97. Welsh bbc newsreader and regular linkman for election and royal broadcasts
  98. Problem getting ring off
  99. Residence stocks wine that's extremely unpleasant
  100. Resinous
  101. Sent extra clothes to iron, first off
  102. Something unique
  103. Sponsor's yearly payment supporting rising boxer?
  104. Sweet stuff in parcels regularly carried by plane?
  105. Upset about recording – old recording having no sound
  106. After-dinner wine
  107. Aristotle changed system for the better
  108. Call up the day before to secure approval
  109. Cats in litter
  110. Con artist's crime ultimately creates shock
  111. Diatribes lacking in balance primarily? could be
  112. Extra on stage as part of a crowd scene
  113. Fabric, a feature associated with 25? not half!
  114. First of lads in bar is the woman's bookmaker!
  115. Fop wants british evian water?
  116. French art entertains cricket side for ages
  117. Furniture-protecting cloth
  118. German protestant theologian, d. 1546
  119. Go back on screen, introducing recipe
  120. Have groups of lawmen succeeded?
  121. High sea's extremely rough for clippers
  122. Highly desirable or alluring
  123. Holy person wants to talk about a certain singer
  124. Hotel needs legal documents for hearing
  125. Author who created the character james bond
  126. Hotel resident thought aloud
  127. It is time to stop live performer
  128. Learner advances in brass instrument – that's swell
  129. Lively dance, originally from bohemia
  130. Making tough decision, finally located in a north london borough
  131. Man, american, wears ridiculously dated tie
  132. Much-loved sporting hero a teen star? no
  133. Opera singer helping to make verdi valued
  134. Plant a herb around spring, not start of winter
  135. Play down communist uprising in a french territory
  136. Praise a cracking former officer
  137. Hint of weakness one found in metal brace
  138. Daniel craig bond films
  139. Master of ceremonies swallows a wine gum
  140. Fish out of water so to speak
  141. Fantasizing 7 little words
  142. They are at bottom of rivers 7 little words
  143. Bell-shaped flowers 7 little words
  144. Not at all serious 7 little words
  145. Rupture 7 little words
  146. Building site workers 7 little words
  147. Fantasising 7 little words
  148. One brokering an exchange 7 little words
  149. Blue-collar workers 7 little words
  150. Konrad --, chancellor of west germany from 1949 to 1963
  151. Bouncing plant?
  152. Collect accumulate
  153. Sitting non-exercising
  154. High wind round the top of the building or part of it
  155. Causing annoyance
  156. Avidly seriously
  157. Turns up, tenor in rehab is a patron of spa
  158. Take in through a straw
  159. A fool or moron
  160. Actors rickman and alda
  161. Natural shower
  162. Actor ___ ray of the green berets or battle cry
  163. Cloth used for dusting
  164. Edible seaweed that may look like paper
  165. Trot and canter for a horse
  166. What the school day is devided into
  167. Two vehicles sandwiching a third, perhaps
  168. Morning-call always backed up by sick-note
  169. Language family comprising latvian and lithuanian
  170. A dish of small pieces of meat, vegetables etc, cooked rapidly in a wok or frying pan over a high heat
  171. Lester b __, winner of the 1957 nobel peace prize
  172. Andrew --, american chef and television personality
  173. A recess in a wall or rock face
  174. Wrongly name birds retreating into the distance
  175. Have 21 out
  176. Drug baron managed to return to business
  177. Classic book that begins at the far end
  178. Cut with an axe or sword
  179. Hail of bullets
  180. When to trot out a childish story
  181. 2006 novel by lisa jackson
  182. Mission in san antonio, texas; site of a siege and massacre by mexican forces in 1836
  183. Common to stick to military personnel
  184. 1976 comic novel by tom sharpe
  185. A terminal solution, unknown regarding food
  186. The —, nickname of 1920-22 world light heavyweight boxing champion georges carpentier
  187. Compton —, author of comic novels whisky galore and the monarch of the glen
  188. Reluctant worker regularly indulged, taking rest principally
  189. Twisted women step on ladder
  190. Bruce —, former united states and current los angeles galaxy soccer coach
  191. Patriotic 1899 tone poem by finnish composer jean sibelius, catalogued as opus 26
  192. Suburb of wollongong, australia, housing an artificial port and industrial complex
  193. Harold ramis' character in the ghostbusters films
  194. Cassis flavorer
  195. Play with unseen players
  196. Working on the dark side of the moon
  197. Macbeth brew ingredient before witches mummy
  198. Russell westbrook
  199. Gone girl cast
  200. Tools with teeth used to cut wood
  201. Boomerang sound effect observed in the mountains e.g.
  202. Adobe's popular document format: abbr.
  203. Animal that is the symbol for the zodiac sign aries
  204. ___ tree hill tv drama series starring chad michael murray
  205. Fish eggs that are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids
  206. Boardwalk empire channel: abbr.
  207. Bill & ___ foundation private foundation which is the wealthiest charitable foundation in the world: 2 wds.
  208. ___ office president's office space in the white house
  209. One of the digits on the foot
  210. Walter payton and emmitt smith in the nfl: abbr.
  211. Just a tiny bit
  212. Rebecca ferguson's character in the film mission: impossible – rogue nation
  213. Tv channel founded by ted turner: abbr.
  214. Biomedical research charity based in london which is the third wealthiest charitable foundation in the world: 2 wds.
  215. Three or five but not two or four
  216. James bond flick from 1973 live and let ___
  217. What a lumberjack would swing at work
  218. Sound from a pigsty
  219. ___ medical institute non-profit medical research organization which is the fourth wealthiest charitable foundation in the world: 2 wds.
  220. Sharply projecting part
  221. Ozzy osbourne's song ___ i'm coming home
  222. Small pellet inside a fruit that's usually spit out
  223. Wiped the plate clean
  224. Pick up a sensation
  225. Dance at the end of senior year
  226. Michael buble song ___ a beautiful day
  227. ___ lisa perhaps the most famous painting in the world
  228. African horned beast with a tough hide for short
  229. Don't worry ___ be fine…
  230. Winnie-the-pooh's talkative bird friend
  231. Encourage someone to do something wrong
  232. The magnificent seven actor brynner
  233. Burton or belgian (beer)
  234. Protein derived from an east asian legume
  235. Suffix with heart to mean grief caused by a loved one
  236. Shape made with two fingers symbolizing peace
  237. Group in school that would discuss the children's progress: abbr.
  238. Places to sit at the movies
  239. Nuclear bomb e.g.: abbr.
  240. Tony danza sitcom ___ the boss?
  241. Prefix with bus to mean an edition containing multiple works of an author
  242. Rather unpleasant smells
  243. Symbol of marriage on a finger
  244. Indulge in devious methods to achieve something
  245. Thick or thinning set of strands on one's head
  246. ___ vu (feeling of already having experienced something)
  247. ___ known i wouldn't have pressed for details.: 2 wds.
  248. State of persistent unconsciousness
  249. Poke to draw attention
  250. Horde of violent people
  251. Witnesses with one's own eyes
  252. I ran with tailor fittingly making what looks long short
  253. Somerset uplands
  254. Hesitation about going by river? try again
  255. Fruit in pie pen pal's written about
  256. Moves or causes to move from one place or position to another
  257. What errant people do, a bit of improvement
  258. 2000 novel by zadie smith
  259. Massage naked? - scandalous!
  260. Ductile element with the highest electrical conductivity of all metals, symbol ag
  261. Richard —, 2012-14 wakefield trinity and 2013-15 france rugby league team head coach
  262. Saint ---, italian benedictine monk who was archbishop of canterbury 1093-1109
  263. United fans angry over goal in tie? no
  264. Upset or annoy
  265. The character of part of austria
  266. Michael —, speaker of the house of commons from 2000-09
  267. 'however --', track on paul mccartney's 'press to play' album
  268. Balkan country north of albania
  269. Giovanni ribisi
  270. Shadowland lion king
  271. Domicile in front of 123 sesame street
  272. Von furstenberg
  273. Jets are found in it for short
  274. Photo framers offering
  275. Tough person to get information from
  276. Like southern israel vis-à-vis northern israel
  277. Acclaimed 1942 film banned in germany until after w.w. ii
  278. Alma mater of n.b.a. m.v.p. russell westbrook
  279. Its found just south of the white houses south lawn
  280. Stadium divertissement
  281. Often-braised cut of beef
  282. Language of south asia
  283. Home of the unesco world heritage site of palmyra
  284. Its futile
  285. Ending of eight u.s. presidents names
  286. Measures taken to make golf courses tougher in the early 2000s
  287. Let me demonstrate
  288. Sports star who once declared i am america
  289. Like some barbecue
  290. Arizona rival
  291. Some guitar basics
  292. Bryophytic growth
  293. What a jerk!
  294. Singer of the song shadowland in the lion king
  295. Certain clinic contributor
  296. Significant span
  297. Homework shirker's comeuppance
  298. It may hold broken pottery
  299. Frozen beverages
  300. Source of blowups
  301. Olympic figure skating gold medalist after kristi
  302. Many an irish song
  303. Try for a better hand
  304. Smirks
  305. Mystical views
  306. Saddle-making tool
  307. Muesli brand
  308. Constellation points
  309. Banjo bar
  310. Barbarian horde
  311. It includes aapl and msft
  312. Reds catcher with 10 gold gloves
  313. Pharmacy chain
  314. Browser extension e.g.
  315. Hackers crack it
  316. Thrill from sills
  317. Steal perhaps
  318. Mrs. krabappel of the simpsons
  319. Giovanni ribisi title con man
  320. Former late-night talk star familiarly
  321. Limp bizkit genre
  322. Has a thought
  323. Address for a 1-across perhaps
  324. Farm males
  325. R rating rationale
  326. With 26-down open sesame! speaker
  327. Cheap way to buy with in
  328. Darfur's country
  329. It may unlock your iphone
  330. Mexican state bordering arizona
  331. Rihanna's te ___
  332. More kooky
  333. Pastry portmanteau
  334. One may be rolled out in the park
  335. Persian passageway
  336. Cochise player of early tv
  337. Wading birds with camouflage plumage
  338. Ritalin condition
  339. Lady of two goya paintings
  340. Lead attorney's assistant
  341. British texter's i'm off!
  342. Magic marker filler
  343. Break up lines?
  344. Had avocado toast say
  345. Medically closed up
  346. Khamenei or khatami
  347. What often comes before pie
  348. Hoist
  349. Take care of business
  350. Uppity
  351. B.j. of the office
  352. Needed to scratch
  353. Roof spinners
  354. French riviera city-state
  355. Los angeles for los angeles
  356. Rippled like chips
  357. Point or pointer
  358. 2004 action film starring ron perlman in the title role
  359. City in styria austria south of graz
  360. Ruby — comedienne who authored 2002 memoir how do you want me?
  361. The — 1970 animated film starring the voice talent of phil harris and eva gabor
  362. 2010 comedy-drama film starring om puri and aqib khan
  363. Anton — actor who played chekov in 2009 action film star trek
  364. Sings on the slopes
  365. Largest historical czech region
  366. Lizard of tropical asia and africa with reduced limbs
  367. Russian unit of length equal to approximately two-thirds of a mile
  368. Samuel — 19th-century british politician after whom the load line on a ship is named
  369. Cyprus-born entrepreneur who appeared on bbc tv show dragons' den from 2005-12
  370. State capital of georgia us
  371. Carpet engineers live outside this country
  372. Nancy drew series byline
  373. James taylor for one
  374. Yale bowl fans
  375. Rush toward
  376. Smeltery material
  377. Bob — 1964 olympic 5000m gold medallist
  378. President of yugoslavia from 1953-80 born josip broz
  379. Christopher — best actor in a supporting role oscar winner for the deer hunter
  380. Jamie — beziers herault rugby union prop; 2013 ireland one-test wonder against usa
  381. R g d — england test cricketer who took 8-43 against australia in leeds in 1981
  382. Alcoholic drink made from fermented apple juice
  383. Scott — us golfer; 1987 us open championship winner
  384. Actor who played chekov in 1960s us television series star trek
  385. Like stacked measuring cups
  386. Area that may have stained glass
  387. Vehicle whose passengers are called fares
  388. It adds to hazardous driving conditions
  389. Obsolete french coin
  390. Flippant response to an order
  391. Full of enthusiasm
  392. Red-suited december traveler
  393. Ho chi minh museum site
  394. Stones song that would be a poor choice for use in an ibm ad?
  395. Countess' partner
  396. Tax prep whiz
  397. Leaning tower's home
  398. Boarding school detention
  399. Flares up as fighting
  400. Twisted sister song that would be a poor choice for use in a fedex ad?
  401. Org. that regulates dietary supplements
  402. Beach boys song that would be a poor choice for use in a google ad?
  403. Covers with mud
  404. He rewards courage on both sides in the iliad
  405. Grampa simpson familiarly
  406. Employee incentive
  407. Tom jones song that would be a poor choice for use in a christie's auction house ad?
  408. Mary ___ (shakespeare's mother)
  409. ___-80 (old computer)
  410. Indian turnovers
  411. Marvin gaye song that would be a poor choice for use in a realemon ad?
  412. Auto graph?
  413. Bill haley & his comets song that would be a poor choice for use in a u-haul ad?
  414. Whistler's massachusetts birthplace
  415. Elvis presley song that would be a poor choice for use in a sheraton ad?
  416. Crack team and queen chat about monster
  417. English exam part often
  418. Concluded a case
  419. Turkish harvest
  420. Florida representative darren
  421. They breed in arctic canada
  422. Trade-promoting u.n. agcy.
  423. Gave as by a bequest
  424. 2004 will smith sci-fi film
  425. Like many a frat party
  426. Count basie's ___'clock jump
  427. A piece of research i considered fashionable
  428. Practical as experience
  429. Heads abroad?
  430. Hold on tight band
  431. Gave a post-workout massage to
  432. Pos. counterpart
  433. Run out as a membership
  434. Skeevy looks
  435. Ppp to pythagoras
  436. Opec amts.
  437. Winter racer
  438. Due-quattro go-between
  439. Uscg reception
  440. Dr. who 111-down
  441. Very loud to verdi
  442. Uncool fellows
  443. Central theme
  444. Bertie's aunt in p.g. wodehouse stories
  445. Clear in a cafeteria
  446. Tabloid abductors
  447. Intense dislikes
  448. Among the gunners he gets the bird
  449. Chain owned by wyndham
  450. Mar. arrival in theory
  451. Machu picchu denizen
  452. See 119-down
  453. Crunchy side
  454. Flight safety equipment?
  455. 2014 lizzie borden portrayer christina
  456. Plan together in secret
  457. Slingshot feature
  458. Make a mess of as traffic
  459. Oh that's adorable!
  460. Girls emmy nominee hoffmann
  461. Glorifying verses
  462. Shift key symbol
  463. Alice in wonderland portal
  464. Around the corner perhaps
  465. Top choices slangily
  466. In need of scrubbing
  467. Have a sense
  468. Movie with 2019's best director
  469. Homemade jewelry site
  470. Brass's dining hall
  471. Vlasic product
  472. Polygon measure
  473. Tide or era competitor
  474. Shirts with witticisms
  475. Not as prevalent
  476. ___ dictionary (crowdsourced reference)
  477. Jock’s put out and wants more devolution in some measure
  478. Habitual speeder's problem
  479. Cracker in pie crusts
  480. Fancy feast competitor
  481. Kaepernick hairdo
  482. Bit of kale
  483. Gin with a yeoman warder logo
  484. 2001 penn movie
  485. Western lawman played by costner
  486. Beggar's request
  487. Robert ludlum novel published posthumously in 2002
  488. Validating number
  489. 2010 film drama written and directed by peter mullan
  490. Artist returning breakfast item, extremely dry, poor in appearance
  491. Source of some penetrating notes
  492. In two pieces
  493. Full frontal with samantha bee channel
  494. Male buddy in slang
  495. Counterpart of highway in an m.p.g. rating
  496. Object to being told to go again?
  497. Danger for coastal residents
  498. Event in nuclear physics
  499. It should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable according to a saying
  500. Took a chill pill
  501. Incompetent sort slangily
  502. Braves division briefly
  503. He hosted the second-ever episode of saturday night live
  504. Like beer and baking dough
  505. Member of a south asian diaspora
  506. Format accommodating poor vision
  507. Try sinatra at karaoke say
  508. The misers daughter in molières the miser
  509. Shield of greek myth
  510. Oscar winner for shakespeare in love
  511. Sci-fi subgenre with retrofuturistic technology
  512. It may lead to tax evasion charges
  513. Horticultural tool with tines for gathering fallen leaves or mown grass; or, a croupier's accessory for drawing in money at a roulette table
  514. Helms
  515. Not like the odds of say
  516. Language family that includes crow and lakota
  517. Rain unsteadily
  518. Digital world
  519. What the czech word ano means in english paradoxically
  520. Steinbeck novel featuring the madam dora flood
  521. Feature of an old-fashioned swing
  522. Comedic actor wareheim
  523. Peace nobelist walesa
  524. Gym rats development
  525. Achers lament
  526. 1984 steve perry hit
  527. Act overprotectively toward
  528. Word with boom or skip
  529. High pitch maybe
  530. One of alexandre dumas' three musketeers, along with porthos and aramis
  531. Hospital tube
  532. One might be thrown from a horse
  533. Works with numbers
  534. One working on an estate
  535. Flotilla of merchant ships
  536. Role for a biology grad student perhaps
  537. Lumbers (along)
  538. Refuses to share
  539. What a cake candle often represents
  540. Approx. 1055 joules
  541. Worker with numbers for short
  542. The aladdin song a whole new world takes place on one
  543. Like mailman and waitress
  544. Barbra streisand album a love like ___
  545. Cowboys and spurs
  546. Like the central planet in dune
  547. Actress petty of a league of their own
  548. Gave extra juice
  549. Rival of bal and bos
  550. What might get you a ladle drunk?
  551. Uh … sure
  552. Handypersons inits.
  553. Its wingspan can reach 30 feet
  554. Something journalists may work on
  555. Engineer who coined the term horsepower
  556. Quaff quickly
  557. Delightful event?
  558. Stretching or tightening muscle
  559. Aetnas business: abbr.
  560. Isle named for a gaelic goddess
  561. Dangling part of a rooster
  562. Capital once known as thang long (ascending dragon)
  563. Problem usually encountered at night
  564. Mini manufacturer
  565. Bit of old-fashioned animation
  566. Eratos instrument
  567. Baby stops vital game, losing head completely
  568. ___ geo wild (“cesar millan’s leader of the pack” channel)
  569. “put your hands together” as instructed by an emcee
  570. Pick a ___ (complain about something very minor)
  571. “have ___ news for you!”: 2 wds.
  572. Put where it won’t be found
  573. Thin bit of wood used to make something level
  574. Country whose folklore includes leprechauns: abbr.
  575. Gnat for example
  576. Hockey position played by tony esposito and patrick roy
  577. One of two items a train runs along
  578. 1/6 of a fluid ounce: abbr.
  579. Tony nominee for the role of 30-/33-across in the 1975 broadway musical “chicago”: 2 wds.
  580. Jai ___ (game that’s popular in florida)
  581. “___ you one!” (“thanks for the favor!”): 2 wds.
  582. From ___ z (thoroughly): 2 wds.
  583. Town ___ (old-timey news announcers)
  584. With 33-across velma kelly and roxie hart’s defense lawyer in the musical “chicago”
  585. Vehicle that’s hailed on the street
  586. Wu-tang ___ (hip-hop group)
  587. Mama ___ (“the princess and the frog” voodoo priestess)
  588. Male counterpart of “lass”
  589. The reds or the blues for example
  590. Golden globe winner for the role of 30-/33-across in the 2002 movie musical “chicago”: 2 wds.
  591. When an airplane should touch down: abbr.
  592. ___ poke (brand of caramel candy)
  593. “american ___ warrior” (nbc show)
  594. Actor stiller of “meet the fockers”
  595. Get off ___ (receive very little punishment)
  596. “the ___ of everything” (stephen hawking biopic)
  597. Neon ___ (common aquarium fish)
  598. Jeweled crown
  599. Currently in vogue
  600. Nickname of carrie’s boyfriend on “sex and the city”: 2 wds.
  601. “much ___ about nothing” (shakespeare comedy)
  602. Sniper’s gun
  603. Word that can follow “teacher’s” or “chia”
  604. “not by ___ shot!”: 2 wds.
  605. Broadway lyricist gershwin
  606. Quote from a song
  607. Writing tool that you might need to click before using
  608. Secretly address an email to: abbr.
  609. Like downward views such as on google earth
  610. Strolls in a creek
  611. Well-known person for short
  612. Place where books can be borrowed
  613. Not ___ (just mediocre): 2 wds.
  614. Actress seydoux of “zoe”
  615. Music recordings that preceded digital downloads: abbr.
  616. Countryside lodging places
  617. Subaru legacy for example