1. Carefully sort
  2. Choice for goldilocks
  3. With 8 across ride a wave without a board
  4. Disappearing sounds
  5. Arrived at a dock perhaps with to
  6. Bars often scanned for short
  7. Alternative medicine treatment
  8. Masters figure
  9. Where are you? response perhaps
  10. Staple of african food
  11. Poet gorman who read at president bidens inauguration
  12. Puts up a fight
  13. Tijuana titles
  14. Fema supplies
  15. High-end apple line
  16. Night on bald mountain inspiration
  17. Arrive as clouds
  18. Take in a heist
  19. Market in advance
  20. ¿cuánto __?: how much is it?
  21. More than listen
  22. Order served with toothpicks … and what each of the other four longest answers is?
  23. Phillips 66 brand
  24. Exobiology subj.
  25. Battlestar galactica enemy
  26. Like the handmaids tale to many critics (but not to the author)
  27. Thurman of batman & robin
  28. Yo whats new?
  29. Word with glass or ware
  30. Wheres my fancy feast?
  31. Common dumpster spot
  32. Peter or jessica
  33. Leave it to me
  34. 80s hip-hop pioneers
  35. Macaroni type
  36. Loops in briefly
  37. One in mexico
  38. Far less than 100%
  39. Hoops three-point line e.g.
  40. Helens homeland
  41. Worker with a host family
  42. ____ ____ record (filter album)
  43. The girl on the train, e.g.
  44. Spy's lexicon
  45. Measured by examining two or more objects to find similarities and differences (adjective)
  46. Two four-syllable countries
  47. Three sciences
  48. Three punctuation marks
  49. Periods of time
  50. Insurance/financial co.
  51. Certain domesticated cattle
  52. West coast city (acro.)
  53. Utilizer
  54. Type of lock
  55. Imbue with energy
  56. Salmon spot
  57. Refine as metal
  58. Missionary's target
  59. Not terrestrial nor aquatic
  60. Destroy for parts
  61. Rye, perhaps, welcomes british intellectual
  62. Russian banker first runs out of country
  63. Runs to escape bad tempered elk
  64. Run with bounds
  65. Run out of fish market
  66. Run into thicket to laugh uncontrollably
  67. Run away from raid after youth initially displays thuggishness
  68. Run around somewhat, having small puncture
  69. Run about in empty garden
  70. Rulers erased the central elements, providing means of control
  71. Ruler from past stopping in error, returning without wife
  72. Ruler from european border heading west
  73. Rule out supporting a learner ones interested in
  74. Rule conservative must leave promptly
  75. Rubbish match official withdrawn for good
  76. Rubbish book found in outbuilding
  77. Rubbish a conservative&rsquo s spinning
  78. Royal phone held by supporter
  79. Roy orbisons book promoted without article in african language
  80. Rowers hope to develop measure of strength
  81. Row of leaping rugby forwards
  82. Roving about domain
  83. Rover corporations retaining a lawyer with personal hygiene issue
  84. Rounded shape, place to go over when climbing
  85. Rounded projection, part of a larger structure
  86. Roundabout way times gets free access
  87. Round up the ladys daughters
  88. Roughly trample front of edible plant from the tropics
  89. Roughly calculate what&rsquo s left about one metre
  90. Rough home with old lover getting to perform
  91. Rough clothing ladies perhaps will be revealing
  92. Rotten fish is sent back
  93. Rotten crisis produced bans
  94. Roman rural deity
  95. Rodent per hog
  96. Rock band with light touch
  97. Robin hoods band announced time for revelry
  98. Robert longs to overtake the french racing vehicles
  99. Robbery not entirely legal, burglar reflected
  100. River side
  101. River mouth, like that of the nile
  102. Rising in the rockies, the longest river in north america
  103. Rising in singular haste
  104. Rise up and fight daughter at the back
  105. Rise that has charlie opening fashionable branch of business
  106. Ringmasters tent
  107. Ring shortly to collect bread in cairo, perhaps
  108. Ring round head appearing in encephalogram
  109. Rigidly precise, restricting small source of coloured light
  110. Rigid measure from head of state
  111. Rights of celebrities to collect fare
  112. Rightfulness
  113. Right to stop daily cake it causes skin condition
  114. Right by snake, another wild creature
  115. Ridiculous person
  116. Ridiculous orange beast
  117. Richard adams novel
  118. Rhetoric about priests leaning
  119. Rex &mdash , british painter
  120. Rewrite other conclusion to unsatisfactory hypothesis
  121. Revolutionary with others turning up in compound
  122. Revolutionary occupants of illicit taverns high chamber
  123. Revolutionary irishmans correspondence
  124. Review of theatre dossier reveals play by synge
  125. Reverse managements reshuffle after married man is dismissed
  126. Revelation in ballad shortly penned by a writer
  127. Reveal secret to let opposition win
  128. Return handwritten document, enclosing ring, as greeting
  129. Retrospectively, detective is filling in a month old document
  130. Retroaction occasionally one to inspire
  131. Retreat regularly visited for period
  132. Result produced by plotters
  133. Result of a good hand in game &mdash run succeeded with it
  134. Resistant to elements
  135. Resistance/current gradient
  136. Resentment of a slight
  137. Resembling bears
  138. Rescued from incredibly deep river
  139. Request harmony
  140. Republican italy so disposed to dismiss me
  141. Representation changes area to old city used by pirates
  142. Reporter&rsquo s accommodation is delightful
  143. Reportedly wander round capital
  144. Reportedly standing in line, helping with lines
  145. Reportedly overprotecting young fish
  146. Reportedly excluded italian, a crook
  147. Replacement of what has been drunk from the glass
  148. Repeated blows bringing one round
  149. Renter of a room or rooms
  150. Rent cheat not getting off
  151. Renault
  152. Renaissance polymath upsetting old doctor with article on xmas
  153. Ren&eacute &mdash , belgian artist
  154. Remove the middle of pasty once cooked
  155. Remove the bones
  156. Remove lead from centre of rung exactly
  157. Removal from a property
  158. Remodels contemporary apartment second
  159. Reminder of the code word for an e
  160. Reluctant individual overlooking an area of scotland
  161. Relish servers last word
  162. Religious teaching is unable to deny earlier beliefs
  163. Religious adherents tunic regularly appeared in joke
  164. Releases plenty of product for testing
  165. Relatives legally sons
  166. Relatively rare argon put in high pressures certainly having leaked
  167. Relative devouring hot comic strip
  168. Relative bringing ghanaian diplomat up
  169. Relations to make trips, heading off
  170. Relating to racial groups
  171. Relating to nerves
  172. Relating to a father or mother
  173. Regularly leaving by five, glad to make return
  174. Refuse to go to seed
  175. Refrained from
  176. Refrain from painting over articles in paris
  177. Referring to river bank rain pair recollected
  178. Reference books chapter on critical politician
  179. Reeves role, originally, over staff
  180. Reduced price for salad ingredient
  181. Reddish brown stone mans name
  182. Records collection chef keeps while first in england and belgium
  183. Recording almost entirely worthless
  184. Recorder, say, with order to capture popular street spirit
  185. Recoil, struggling to eat fish a snapper
  186. Recognise why attacks mounted after head of state loses face
  187. Recluses side splitting joke
  188. Reckless leader to be dying
  189. Recesss contents yellow or colourless fluid
  190. Recalled phi, say, securing word for ‘farmyard noise’ in chambers
  191. Recall crumbling basement
  192. Rebels meet ruin, attacked by vanguard of soldiers
  193. Reason for fading light in part of leinster
  194. Rearing up, tame animals cross threshold
  195. Rear pinched in dance smack
  196. Ready to keep on suffering pollution
  197. Raw, natural
  198. Raven keeper brings grouse to diner
  199. Raucous area found by knocking shop in us university
  200. Rather start to read story about 4, see
  201. Rate of oceans retreat
  202. Rascally con attracting cry of irritation once
  203. Rapid speed fastener
  204. Ransack, tossing lire all over the place
  205. Rank stones close to perfection in real life
  206. Rank rising sharply
  207. Random way to deliberately lose in archery
  208. Ran site shifting wine
  209. Raised energy to make balletic step
  210. Raise false alarms
  211. Rain lightly
  212. Raf tutors bombing surface
  213. Race with turns that are slippery
  214. Race on motorway for a group of mates
  215. Race car leaving front of plant