1. Desmond the doctor has manners
  2. Plightweight?
  3. It would not look good to turn back like this
  4. One has a point if it's silly, for instance, but coming first at last
  5. Said to be placed in a rush
  6. You just can't believe he's had such a close shave
  7. 2008 kings of leon hit
  8. Petes dragon actor
  9. That could be a ringing sort of orchestra that's going around like this
  10. Am i made of wire like this in a friendly sort of way?
  11. Are you an offence? you are? be enough to bring the country to town
  12. Will mother get no spark from this? she ought to get one
  13. Will a nothing make this die, by the sound of it?
  14. After half a century one might be wise enough to have deserved this
  15. Wound the deputy with drink in him
  16. If fifty are perhaps in debt it does not give them a lift
  17. Is there money with the spanish in the county tipperary?
  18. It's so far away that it's about a speck
  19. Small enough to fit into a single stable
  20. Sounds loose enough, perhaps, not to be learned
  21. It should be in the doctors to dry things up with them
  22. Pretend it's not 2, no?
  23. With c on this in a way-out way, there'd be none there, by the sound of it
  24. How, perhaps to ascertain that this is for us during the eras
  25. Seems to me that perhaps these might be used for spirit writing
  26. Figures how to make me attempt to get after george
  27. Having smashed the tin, one did wrong to have got it in the ground
  28. That's the old measure in the motor of being underground
  29. Does it satisfy you to start 9 across now that you're getting older, perhaps
  30. It does not make one so sore that father is more often away from home
  31. The necessary result for an approach, of course
  32. What to pay for a toy is up to the academician
  33. Fed round about at this point like a bird?
  34. This might have c next it, but no more of that
  35. The sort of swallow one gets off mexico at last
  36. This follows 12
  37. That's the last thing i've got in the garden
  38. Does h get ground to make this?
  39. There's no m in us to do this
  40. That makes it hard to give the girl a pound
  41. Turn it on as he will turn it back
  42. Is this medicinal enough to provide something for cerberus, by the sound of it?
  43. Over the south it was said they're at the wheel
  44. The sort of truck that's very soft in the middle of the row
  45. Your old man is up as it comes up in the plant
  46. Well, their names are not on it
  47. By the sound of it, little sister, don't go and get stagnant like this
  48. One twisted coil and a further hundred lead to trouble inside
  49. Still firm and set over the day?
  50. Long to get at the fruit for the fruit
  51. It will make only a shade of change to the dancing there for it to lour
  52. It gives one heart in the ship to see how stuck-up they are
  53. There may have been a president in the shrubbery
  54. It would be all to the good for them to follow the little bee for the hounds
  55. In this one is all boxed in as one listens to the east
  56. That sort of thing for 13 across
  57. Before this, might one take the bus and get down to it?
  58. Might one make a bit of a living in headgear?
  59. What one ought to pay as a matter of policy
  60. Sounds as if the man will be never be one's sole support
  61. It's enough to make one morose to have a crab on it, lying there
  62. Would nothing get us put out with the boy?
  63. One might get fed with this and its lid with strings attached
  64. The way to make an i your blue street?
  65. Ccccccc, perhaps, for a sail!
  66. They start shortly to go round
  67. There's room there to get you into stockings
  68. There's something fishy about getting 35 across there
  69. Mean to get able to be sad
  70. Sounds as if it's seen you are above me
  71. What a very long, crooked nose!
  72. At last transgression gets one all in the red
  73. How beastly long to worry about 'er!
  74. Allocate as a notice on public display
  75. Arthur is made-up if he's frozen
  76. That'll give one something to eat from the ground up
  77. For the home they get around overhead with a jerk
  78. Hardly a capital ship, but it has great manpower
  79. Stand at one over the eight, we hear. gracious!
  80. This will come vaguely weaving into view
  81. One causes a riot with this tag
  82. That beastly top may be full of liquor
  83. People had the fish to start with before the last of the fowl
  84. A fast riser, perhaps, but only for a second
  85. The sort of people you'd get if you 4 down?
  86. The trouble is it has les in a mess
  87. Stae leaves nothing?
  88. Hindu festival of light
  89. The shade of a short plural in a pure setting
  90. I see he is beastly, yet with great power
  91. Having it on display shows it's first-rate jewellery
  92. If the equipment got ten more, that would do for part of the litter
  93. American golfer who won the 2001 uspga championship
  94. How the doctor bores one when he is so slow, in a manner of speaking
  95. That soft-sounding revolutionary gets to be conservative when it comes to prey
  96. He's grown up with two unaspirated girls? faith, he hasn't
  97. Would an owl have the wit to do this, by the sound of it?
  98. Might one stomach such a little tea, ready for the picking
  99. At last there was a permit for 5 down
  100. Can fly, even if 'e has a broken leg
  101. Lo, there's about some use for this flier
  102. I and ten others eat here
  103. How one objects to such spare gs
  104. It's ne'er g that's worth a dollar
  105. Mine gets knotted and they get knotted in no friendly fashion
  106. It's a puzzle how this could sound like an angry cane
  107. 1928 novel by agatha christie featuring hercule poirot
  108. If you possess round fifty, you may split it
  109. It's not the sudden way for the artist to get five hundred in gaul
  110. It's 21 across to be, at last, like uriah heep
  111. There's something so lofty about the young lady that it's enough to make one glare
  112. The chubby bit in the centre!
  113. There's a fearful lot of it, by the sound of it
  114. So that you may get it down it's built up in a 21 across setting
  115. The dr. may get the short answer to such sounds
  116. Bar this so as to get it to go into the tin
  117. You'll never get around with this
  118. One who’s turned out well following a little work
  119. With him you've got to buy your own drinks
  120. With nothing in sight, just look how fast they are!
  121. Willi —, 1964 olympic decathlon gold medallist
  122. It's always sharp after a century and a half
  123. Indian word for games on pony back
  124. O, my girl! a couple of quid, including everything?
  125. Alalalalalal? there's not much in them
  126. Albert is so sick of having mary around
  127. Before ten, might the artist find dust there?
  128. Chemically, one may get heated
  129. It's tough to have the girl turning up around one
  130. Sent the sound of them
  131. C.i.a. sister service
  132. Where odysseus is king in the odyssey
  133. Like a happy astronaut?
  134. Carnival city informally
  135. Pettable purrer
  136. State that's only 45 miles wide at the top: abbr.
  137. Sights in sports bars
  138. 2012 film about the so-called canadian caper
  139. Took the bird with a coca
  140. Like a happy medium?
  141. Like a happy portrait model?
  142. Old british coins worth 21 shillings
  143. Quick farewells
  144. Cry of triumph after arriving
  145. Bear with a bed that was too hard
  146. Pride for a gym rat
  147. Like a happy mountaineer?
  148. It sounds as if jack is there with the congregation
  149. Perhaps poll's got five to gin
  150. After today the medical man will have a rolls royce, and that hurts
  151. Convenience from an auto garage
  152. Something that may be chocolate-coated?
  153. Nursery supply usually sold in rolls
  154. Blue eyes or hairy legs e.g.
  155. One of two statues outside the new york public library
  156. French 20
  157. The h.m.s. bounty stopped here in 1788
  158. You're killing me bro!
  159. You drive it on a parkway and park it in a driveway
  160. Eldest corleone brother
  161. Score of 5-4 40-15 say
  162. Color akin to eggplant
  163. Help me obi-wan kenobi. you're my only hope e.g.
  164. Change … one hopes for the better
  165. Doesn't go anywhere
  166. Apartment number for many a building superintendent
  167. It had theaters in europe and the pacific for short
  168. Villainess in the little mermaid
  169. Virtuoso taking a bow before a performance?
  170. Perhaps bye-bye to lords
  171. Maryland collegian informally
  172. It's thought to be perfect if it had only fifty more
  173. It's up to her to show her worth
  174. Not being a magistrate, albert is quite sane
  175. A sort of music this is bound to be for
  176. Italian province in the heart of piedmont noted for its variety of sparkling white wine
  177. The sort of music one might be proud to give oneself
  178. It might be x that's been 25 down
  179. One of them's at the bottom of 20 down
  180. It's a contradiction in terms to be, perhaps, so beastly stupid
  181. Crane-like device for raising or lifting up; winch
  182. Docked, perhaps, but not only in general terms
  183. Don't forget that it's my round, so it is
  184. It's praying to make him sit up
  185. The sort of music a hen produces when she does her work?
  186. Given tongue, perhaps, and 12 across
  187. The sort of fish that's gone into the fish basket
  188. Are i in there where the train is with 9 acrosses?
  189. Former labour leader backs party workers overwhelmed by financial constraint, it's recorded
  190. This could be less of what you say if you sound as if you're ravin'
  191. Seems that nothing changes with egg production there
  192. The fish may turn stinking, and that's flat!
  193. Just over half a hundred cats may yet be the saving of you
  194. Seems your little brother possesses this and keeps it more in the dark
  195. Likeswise there's something for deliveries in the street
  196. Robert gets the end of 14 down back
  197. One may get this in order for the silly one to get the rot in a muddle
  198. Fifty's what's got into the sea by way of a missile
  199. One might get stuck up a eucalypt
  200. That's a measure of having lighted about this
  201. D.neb would be inclined to be like this
  202. One would love to be so toothy around the south
  203. It is about fifty-fifty that you won't be the better for having them
  204. One never, by the sound of it, misses her in ireland, nor in 27 across
  205. I'm with the rest for the bishops
  206. The sort of a tic that is quite unacceptable in ireland
  207. Over more than one foot of hose
  208. There may be many feet - and no feet - of it
  209. Does one get around to having fired this at last?
  210. Is it about the mokes that desmond is back to have it worked out again?
  211. Of use to the magician if he can do this with the letters
  212. They'll see to it that one can have them in tears
  213. Trees for the garda, by the sound of it
  214. How some fruit may be, in short, other fruit?
  215. That's firmly for sixteen, perhaps
  216. Removals, just in case
  217. When he went off course, this helped the magician with his reed in bits
  218. That could be the oil many need for a separate sort of payment
  219. By the sound of it, choose to follow a mon, for instance
  220. In defeat, a french one can no longer bat along
  221. To the east will ronald come back to a large extent and get the doctor to us?
  222. That gets a hundred on the river in france, and in the soup - that's clear
  223. When father has got in among the hair, he has no right to be there
  224. That's how 'e cries out with ten demands
  225. That had them beat!
  226. When it's wet at last, it all goes to waste there
  227. That's not beyond the pale - like the start of 22 across
  228. Oh, see! see how supernatural last month makes it!
  229. Has she shown you and me that editor she has?
  230. Get to grips with a hundred and fifty things that will 9 across
  231. All the same, it isn't like 22 across, by the sound of it
  232. Peer at the start of 13 across before you get to fifty
  233. Buck that sounds so sad
  234. This composition is rustic enough to have a famous american in a pale setting
  235. That sounds like the right sort of stuff
  236. In the tree trunk the teetotaller will get a drink from it
  237. You don't have to go very deep to bury this, perhaps
  238. For so long one cries about the broken tune
  239. That's what the cockney 8 down with
  240. This could be one's line - to a certain degree at last, by the sound of it
  241. What would you be doing with a hug?
  242. How one guides the herd
  243. In the kitchen the commander gets set back with stones
  244. You could get it up to look up for maintenance
  245. One could get paul in for cover
  246. This may give pause for a greeting at us
  247. Before saturday was finished one got food and enough drink for a soak
  248. They may have been in service for a long time, but one never misses them, by the sound of it
  249. You could get it up to get it up your nose, perhaps
  250. Are shortly to be in the river for the places in the country
  251. You in love or just seedy?
  252. Counsel may press it all about nothing. can you beat that?
  253. Please be patient if i bring my big brute along
  254. Is it that she's lost her head that makes your aunt so loose?
  255. It's round about the twister getting around
  256. You might have it on yours if you're guilty with a hundred on such knowledge
  257. Do you notice the highest points back there?
  258. It might make things sticky for you if you do this when you're told to sin no more
  259. An elbow with this may yet bend from the waist
  260. Lightly ram it into a gem
  261. Though peace is one, there have been such wars
  262. That goal is not subject to what i have
  263. Leaves its food
  264. This could be the real way to get over the poles
  265. One might have this sort of corn so as to make it
  266. Where there's no verb to give you the sound of how this gets worn on edge
  267. If one tore around the round roof, this would show you how far that was
  268. One might be this through 1 across
  269. If you get that trouble under your hair, plough it up
  270. What i learnt about the north through being on the inside
  271. Claim that that's the whole, for instance, of the east
  272. Can they stand being of service to the painters?
  273. How one may get across to the pub on a bicycle
  274. I see the sound of this
  275. There's something the matter with it to make it boil
  276. Nothing like a cardinal sign, perhaps
  277. Where there's 11 above there, that'll do for a start
  278. Rather with father than in india
  279. I'm 15 across
  280. The onion sports 2018 headline
  281. How used she to snake her way into the priesthood?
  282. Fish, about half a dozen for the clergyman
  283. Your mother, is she? that's a sick one!
  284. Say, that's got a light bottom!
  285. Is one driven at last to get the fluid away?
  286. He might be big enough to have jam in
  287. Might one be giving a demonstration of being just a little wet?
  288. For the clergy, little cars and all the rest
  289. God attempts to find where butlers are
  290. How i had the ale mixed in just the right way
  291. Shore that's got 14 down on edge
  292. This would provide some heavy work after tea to start 12 across
  293. That's a post that would be enough to make me turn sick
  294. Rose is so grand and snakelike
  295. Flower but not open?
  296. You won't get fat at that hotel in the heavens
  297. Unexpected extra benefit
  298. Very large tent
  299. Sounds as if he works in greece
  300. Feeling of exultant happiness
  301. Sett mammals
  302. Darken or make obscure
  303. Great or intense
  304. That religious man shortlyturns up in the moon
  305. For a month one is on the edge of injury
  306. Not invited to end in 15 across
  307. Not out of edward, by the sound of it
  308. You can see that it's all round the flat to start with
  309. They're continent enough to get a thousand of the mokes ashore
  310. What the postman might need where there's a cross dog
  311. You get a good return from this sort of a 24 across
  312. It was quite a blow to have to give a quid to the editor
  313. Where there's no spring, and not in free fall
  314. Seems that e's come first, but this may preclude it
  315. Seems e's come first
  316. The thief beat it
  317. Proud to be among the fans, by the sound of it
  318. Go and get the editor up a bit
  319. That's a marathon, ongoing exercise, it seems
  320. Yell 'o!'. that would make it a shade cowardly
  321. Cut in produce
  322. Drip has no right to entertain
  323. Build or rebuild crete
  324. Performing arts – hard to refuse
  325. Nest unknown in lake
  326. How the coypu gets its food with the air up there
  327. Lists some furniture
  328. Must deal with dirt
  329. Some sound, but only a little
  330. By the sound of it, to turn the bed over - that's wrong
  331. Fed up to feed - can you beat that?
  332. What a 17 down, dear little thing i am to make them!
  333. Is there e'er a bit of transport to hell and gone down there?
  334. That'll run othello run around with the tea
  335. For my sins, that's what i do be doing with these crosswords
  336. There's just a mark of the teetotaller in this on the roof
  337. There's something about her to pass through the eye
  338. It's 21 across that sounds as if it will allow her to operate in 1 across
  339. Just figure how one might make it green
  340. Not a human stream in that part of india? no, in part of africa
  341. Karrie — australian golfer; 2002 women's british open championship winner
  342. Novel sequence by john galsworthy published in 1922
  343. Us 2007 davis cup final winner; 2005 and 2006 stockholm open men’s singles tennis tournament winner
  344. The — 1868 novel by fyodor dostoevsky
  345. 1948 film musical starring judy garland and fred astaire
  346. Freshwater fish also known as an orfe
  347. 1986 film comedy starring judge reinhold and meg tilly
  348. In judaism the scroll on which the pentateuch is written
  349. Jean-paul — french philosopher awarded the 1964 nobel prize in literature
  350. The — 2009 romcom starring sandra bullock and ryan reynolds
  351. Alice — brazilian actress who played frey in 2013 action film elysium
  352. Where one stops here, all for show
  353. 1986 stage play by jim cartwright
  354. Wilkie collins novel published in 1860
  355. Pressing may produce a grunt around the east
  356. How a bag of fruit gets around to the blooming red, white and blue - and black
  357. See you get the runaround in merry surroundings from what's between you and the sun
  358. It'd never give you the pip to get to minus one at the end of the street
  359. A teetotaller? it can't be the editor that's been convicted of that!
  360. Sounds as if in the end they are your due - as indeed they are
  361. Being so tiny for the most part
  362. The beer there is not as good as gold over the lake
  363. Coaches what have coaches?
  364. A year in this is enough to bring you to your knees
  365. Do two of the crew come at the double from central asia?
  366. What's to do about it with the tea to make it the same again?
  367. Fit to be saved, this item was
  368. When it's important by day to have studied the correspondence, by the sound of it
  369. It might cause a strike to try to halt the little servant
  370. That's the tree that may be in the beer
  371. It was no help at all not to be the foremost editor
  372. It makes her lazy to get around on the table
  373. In the end, ena is 30 across
  374. O, a is there in an intrusive sort of way
  375. His revolting behaviour might get him to a lion
  376. To do wrong is to get on ahead in mayo
  377. There's no rage here, just wild beastliness
  378. One might nail it in this rate,but never for the defence
  379. That'll make it all right about the two of them
  380. Getting aggressive about your loan of the van, by the sound of it
  381. All the same, that's the way they're made - and struck, perhaps
  382. That miserable accountant carries precious little weight
  383. As i might make this like 2 down
  384. One claims to have been in haste to get there
  385. Just a little extra at the end
  386. How the solent made one feel the pinch
  387. How the tory comes last at last
  388. Puss in coat plays fast and loose with the keyboard
  389. The screen makes this sore, about to get red
  390. The bishop, being head of the diocese, will supervise it
  391. One might adopt this over the ouse, initially by instinct
  392. Not extremely spirited
  393. Might the south draw this in reverse?
  394. Getting fired to a painful extent?
  395. Is a an able to be a land?
  396. How the bar might give tongue, by the sound of it, for everyone
  397. Has the doctor got anything for you to drink?
  398. Half-way along the street, theartist longed, perhaps, to have practised his craft
  399. By this, sir! one takes a plane for the blood-suckers!
  400. Devil a place for the eggs? it isn't in rome, anyhow
  401. Is mother to be in need of a worm like this?
  402. First course with a melted cheese topping
  403. Ceases action
  404. How irritating to come last of 10 across!
  405. With 46 across bread with a chunk light filling
  406. Are they high in the scale of currency?
  407. Public school support grp.
  408. The way to give a hand to a bit of verdi?
  409. 5 or 72 across for short
  410. Matadors adversary
  411. Laughing african beast
  412. Hang __ (keep)
  413. Oversize reference book
  414. You'll get to the top of the theatre on him
  415. Watermelon covering
  416. There's no secret about its being composed of one ply
  417. Perhaps 'e swears it has 'im worn out
  418. Perhaps one might fly up with the hole of this
  419. No conscience is needed for a lesson like this
  420. What has beastly spots without being sick?
  421. Plenty of such a thing for a bid
  422. For them the blooming forte gets down to it
  423. It may be argued that one turned one bed over eight, by the sound of it
  424. After half a century it would not be right in water
  425. Opens, as a parka
  426. Checks for quality
  427. Dealerships courtesy cars
  428. Cape cod seafood
  429. Summer place for kids
  430. Overly neat, say
  431. Very focused, as an athlete
  432. Clear dirty dishes from
  433. Hs promgoers
  434. Had a smoke
  435. Lax landing list
  436. Low-crime part of town
  437. Special stress of a speech
  438. One 15 across and ten more to make it agreeable
  439. Scroogean scoff
  440. Happening later
  441. __ artois: belgian beer
  442. More slimy
  443. Baseballs men in blue
  444. Seems that this is subject ti what is essentially myself
  445. Guns from israel
  446. Incoming train stat
  447. __-bodied (physically fit)
  448. Emcees opening speech
  449. Airport screener agcy
  450. That doesn't sound like a short story
  451. __ be a stranger
  452. Are you in sussex?
  453. Claims that one is in possession or hose below the knees
  454. They must be with the devil of a drive
  455. Hurry to get to bury this at the cathedral
  456. To be honest, that's what the chairman is
  457. Start to register web address blocked by one country
  458. That would make one slip for a letter in greece
  459. Stop in dodgy side street
  460. That's enough to get the d.p. down
  461. Stretches out with small steps
  462. Struggled and sank when crossing lake
  463. Are you acquainted with her? sounds like it
  464. Support revised lease
  465. Tooth - real romp
  466. Unfinished model drum
  467. Uruguayan port city, once known for exporting corned beef - by seafront
  468. Variety of fruit that's peeled
  469. Was, by the sound of it, the pig meant to be such a chore?
  470. Warning sign of tory describing far-right group
  471. When there's nothing between leading couple, no more passion
  472. Almost sin having a tantrum in minister's home
  473. Balance on line in public building
  474. Bank charge right to go up
  475. Briefly closes eyes having lost black ties
  476. Brutal - high moorland
  477. The bloody ones are sounding vain
  478. Catching two rings separately in act using juggling
  479. Caught up in nasty net, fish died
  480. Comforts one son after do
  481. Dark-skinned red wine grape
  482. Delight as extremes of arachnophobia treated with spider
  483. Dracula's creator - furnace feeder
  484. Eat humble pie made from a loose pig
  485. Fantastically shrewd to keep vacated land
  486. Fielding position - narrow channel
  487. Flag excursion around rhode island with colonel
  488. Greek letter to church after european union employee found in harem
  489. Grimace of bird squashed by special constable
  490. Heads of media in russia request operational reports for news outlet
  491. Hear which method of transport british 5 select
  492. I travel across north on bypass
  493. Introductory beats
  494. Jerk springs on top of mountain
  495. Left gap somewhere in ship
  496. Left home carried by nun
  497. Where father may get down to the french
  498. Make too high an estimate of
  499. Makes suitable commercial appropriate to go on top of scoreboard
  500. Mark day institute gets a judge
  501. Match underground scientific apparatus
  502. Mo farah hasn't primarily lost races like these
  503. Most important person
  504. For those who cannot see how to get the brother sick with the french
  505. Nearly finish novel, then complete block
  506. The absolute way to be so true about a little tea
  507. Not decent, wearing one at the front
  508. Note jam is socially acceptable in pudding
  509. Nothing on sides of coffee mug
  510. Perhaps how springtime goes when all goes well
  511. Nuts about prince: princess gets tear on the frosty circuit?
  512. Obscures flash covered up by civil service
  513. Note once more that this could be the way to 30 across
  514. Opposing cheat after one's queen returns
  515. Part of grist or a germ in silo?
  516. Pig's home the parisian designs
  517. Place tee for golf shot
  518. Pleasant feelings following good base
  519. Popular cereal dye
  520. Prepare for starvation regularly
  521. Quite old clothes on
  522. Register for jobseeker's allowance in song unusually
  523. River having nothing to east
  524. Round opening of this: is tesco worried?
  525. See daughter's worried
  526. Sees hula dancing around old pubs
  527. Sentimental old lady having desire to embrace king
  528. Setter with small cat cries
  529. Slash department, then recruit
  530. Smokers caught by that man with noisy joints
  531. Soldiers on a hard section
  532. Somewhere to stay following golf?
  533. Sounds as if he has no commission and that causes illfeeling
  534. Song told a tale
  535. It makes one a shade cross to be so charitable
  536. Spiderman spinning with old 6
  537. Sounds as if you and i are there when this keeps the water back
  538. For inspection, this is what 32 down does
  539. Not a fat pair, by the sound of it, that gets shed
  540. It can't burn, yet could be the sort of ring that's burning
  541. The biter gets the strong taste up here
  542. I see it's got involved with the scene of discipline
  543. O, saints! that's the boy for the son of fingal!
  544. Of old, this might be taken as a sign
  545. A knight of old might have such an inclination to do it in the yard
  546. Knock back your boy to get him to church
  547. Via this it will keep you on the straight and narrow
  548. Ceve, perhaps, is all for show
  549. You may count on getting a taxi back with us
  550. Come again about the turf
  551. Sounds as if there would be work for this
  552. A professional would not make a pamphlet too longdrawn-out
  553. Back-up with the rest of the ray of gray's gem
  554. Snapchat logo
  555. He might knife the french in a curt sort of way
  556. Looks as if a greeting at you and me leaves a bit of a gap
  557. What a blow that the wound is not the lower one!
  558. What an agreeable place, perhaps, for sleep
  559. After 50, the academician is very prepared to swallow 100 and 10 with us
  560. It's rotten, i see, in the country
  561. So the burglar comes to blows with him?
  562. The sort of gent that's had a touch of the sun
  563. The sort of beast one may get, even with a broken firearm
  564. It's the following advertisement that he shreds in bits
  565. It's burnt, crude and not all at sea
  566. It gets a hold you and puts you to sleep at last
  567. The art of ulster gets back on the rails
  568. How sweet to be among the rest and in the race!
  569. Is that how much you can get out of what's pitched?
  570. Noble enough to deal with 1 down
  571. Keep an eye on this for 25 down
  572. One goes diagonally on board
  573. It's a roundhead, perhaps
  574. If i am pennies about to turn up, i could do with some power
  575. One might do this to a native, just for a change
  576. All this comes to will add up to a half-century
  577. Three feet with one hand on board
  578. I've got some vegetable stuck in my throat, arthur
  579. Might the teg, perhaps, have a rise like this?
  580. Seems the brown sort of monkeys are up around one
  581. Oh, see! see, i place it on top of my head!
  582. That's the sort of girl you wouldn't make a hit with; that's what's wrong
  583. How to have one of those many happy returns
  584. The very image of sloth, by the sound of it
  585. What a blow backwards and forwards this can deliver!
  586. Perhaps puts the evening meal on the table so that one just puts up with it
  587. One of 7 down for 27 across?
  588. It's the usual thing to see you and me and thomas
  589. Finished with 501?
  590. By the sound of it, have doubts about the prophet of communism. like that, for instance?
  591. This is felt? the very thing!
  592. A knight in mail was not in this
  593. Swimming brown half up, the insect is
  594. The sort of tool that might get you tea with crooked lines
  595. How silly one is to give a helping of so little tea
  596. There's nothing too old in the diocese
  597. Seen about what happens to the number?
  598. How revolting so to be, in short, in the roundabouts
  599. The north, indeed, has done it at last
  600. It starts to be questionable to look so doubtful
  601. That's bound to come every 1 across
  602. In the regular way, the first lady comes first
  603. That's a soft sort of a county
  604. Will they help one to see how to get a breath of fresh air?
  605. In the end, the river flows the other way, as required
  606. Perhaps it's backward; it's certainly unfortunate
  607. It would be great gas to go and intern this
  608. They give notification that father will turn up, with all his bad habits
  609. What is about me that's over two?
  610. Has the mail got lost and been in the pod, by the sound of it?
  611. It's time you get the chop
  612. Show you where to go, thosegirls will
  613. Not aware that little kay at present has got the nun around
  614. After last month it was not so bad, and that was the last of it
  615. Notwithstanding, you get at this in something that's going to grow
  616. All told, it's in the family
  617. Sounds as if thou art not for 15 down
  618. My affectionate regards to kenneth, as this will prove
  619. Will he make some attempt at getting a nanny?
  620. A letter from greece gets to be revoltingly little
  621. Leaves with bitter regret
  622. No go to be so comparatively fishy, perhaps
  623. One is not fair to the girl about the entertainment
  624. Sounds as if one claims one will have to see 19 across for this.
  625. This needs 16 down to be 15 across.
  626. Although airy, is 'e the genuine article?
  627. So pointed as to make a serpent cross.
  628. The doctor has a hidden date with the water all round.
  629. Join up with where there's a 12 across.
  630. One may look to 3 down for this sort of s, by sound of it.
  631. The roman city of york 8 letters
  632. In the usual way you will have no-one on the bench on your side.
  633. Simon venezuelan leader
  634. Simon revolutionary venezuelan leader
  635. Small cheap ornament 6 letters
  636. That won't make one limp.
  637. Welsh home of rugby union scarlets
  638. Nothing but sound at attention.
  639. Kind of dog that might get round over the river.
  640. This was more in a crumpled way
  641. Canes get broken and have a ball so as to be dominant
  642. Makes father or father in the south
  643. Graduates can have a fuss when punished thus
  644. It's part of the puzzle to sound like a bay in 29 across
  645. Rsvp - see to it for that divineevening affair
  646. Could one get around with wings that might be held?
  647. What the don does be doing in the way of declaration?
  648. Madam, you will barely go before you are so keen to come back
  649. Does it take a month to get around there in the west?
  650. No need to worry about having them fired
  651. One is not out for the latter part of the meal
  652. It was in the middle
  653. What a neat source, perhaps, of 28 across!
  654. By the sound of it, a tonic for foals
  655. For love of the land, pat may have been at the head of that trouble
  656. That should get the broken nut straight to a certain degree
  657. Old gerald may not have many aitches, but he got three wickets
  658. Not a way-out sort of prelate
  659. Choppy enough to soar with a huge addition
  660. It could satisfy you to be asleep like this
  661. That should get the 4 across i have going again
  662. Be, perhaps, one in society and invest like this
  663. It would be risky to uncross it, perhaps
  664. What an ass one would be to get over around the horse!
  665. What may be charged you may be charged with
  666. At the links one had a look at its teeth
  667. Did edward be so very thin?
  668. Being so fast, there was no give in it
  669. It does not sound true that this may give you a wrong number
  670. It is not what is in the backstreet that spoils it
  671. Get to the confusion of a one of 28 down
  672. During the spring, you and i create a disturbance
  673. Being no longer neutral, lost one's head and died
  674. Pen this in the form of a chain if you're one over the eight
  675. Horrified at what has got into the torn tag
  676. Be quiet, even if it looks so bright
  677. Threatening to be left in the inside of her, to a relative extent
  678. Is there so little of the french in the water?
  679. One will just worship the eyes that start 2 down, by the sound of it
  680. Being 14 down, they get you down
  681. Work them over the job
  682. Little hole for little 16 down, by the sound of it
  683. It's not natural to be so influenced by this
  684. If 'e is in the train smash, keep him there
  685. States that he is a member of the family
  686. This may serve of old for a fee to 12 across
  687. What one did when one was itching to cancel
  688. The old police in the more than double
  689. This makes one aware that the french is in no scientific setting
  690. That's prayers for devon, so it is
  691. There's good hope of finding one such there
  692. Be up, be little, be going out
  693. Has nothing to say around in what's so very little
  694. That'll make you rich if you keep it properly lubricated
  695. And 5 down, it's important to put your name to this, in the event of my being unable to do so (4,2,1,3'1)
  696. That's the model state you may be in
  697. Seems that charles the thousandth was a deep one
  698. It's time to give a firm turn to the key in it (1'5)
  699. It's hard to get to the bottom of 18 down
  700. The pests are up. shall we be such little shiners?
  701. If it gets beaten at last, the cow is all at sea
  702. If bill were to do this, you'd know he was a sort of lovebird
  703. Is it the right way to leave things, with such an asset?
  704. The firm support the lady gets is quite poisonous
  705. Could one plough with this?
  706. Behind the great engine or behind the great lady
  707. Where one gets the snare twisted? no joking!
  708. For an inefficient sentry the prospects are not bright
  709. To get your old man into the house, just add a little water
  710. The fabled work of george russell
  711. Might a father from rome get the hump in no. 6 across way?
  712. Is the dude about to write about his turnover?
  713. Where there could have been a market of the return to spirits
  714. One that's not on the other side
  715. The girl is up there in eastern europe
  716. Be short of a start for 24 down, by the sound of it
  717. Back from the pig, not in over the elephant
  718. Drink too much, perhaps, and you'll go too far
  719. What's the to-do with this too tight tar?
  720. For the roman patriot, a number of stories, by the sound of it. can you beat that? (3,1',4,5)
  721. The sort of weaponry that hurts the unaspirated
  722. The bunny girls might begin to fight there
  723. Does the north get sick of being driven?
  724. Target on the putting green
  725. Feeling rotten
  726. Igor's workplace in young frankenstein
  727. Investigator polastri played by sandra oh
  728. Wedding vows (2 wds.)
  729. 1958 romantic comedy starring cary grant and sophia loren (who turns 85 on september 20 2019)
  730. Disney princess who sings let it go
  731. It's best to be in the mail for the knight
  732. Star trek series featuring captain picard to fans
  733. Starship staff
  734. 1972 musical film starring peter o'toole and sophia loren (4 wds.)
  735. Maleficent: mistress of ___ (upcoming sequel)
  736. Game with numbered balls
  737. Make preparations in advance
  738. That's just over a foot long
  739. One that might steal 27 across and beat it at the double
  740. The girl's family are all of fine quality, in a material way
  741. Fizzling firecrackers
  742. Twist-___ (garbage bag closer)
  743. 1966 comedy thriller starring gregory peck and sophia loren
  744. Northern neighbor of chile
  745. Have some debts
  746. The sunny part of sunny side up
  747. Drummer's pair of cymbals (hyph.)
  748. Town dump emanation
  749. Costello in the who's on first? comedy routine
  750. ___ grease (physical effort)
  751. Cat burglar's haul
  752. Actor jean-claude ___ damme
  753. Being involved with a t.t., alan goes to america for this
  754. It's only human to be such a little in the water
  755. Cartoonist al who created li'l abner
  756. Dr. seuss classic and to think that i ___ it on mulberry street
  757. Pennsylvania birthplace of joe biden
  758. First appearance on screen
  759. Frozen four sports organization (abbr.)
  760. The ___-up (jennifer aniston/vince vaughn film)
  761. Uncredited actor in a film
  762. The edging of this bit of 27 down is in the middle of it
  763. Ooze out slowly
  764. Opposite of push on door signs
  765. Quid pro ___ (tit for tat)
  766. Put your name to the bottom of the flag
  767. That's the first thing, as a stripper, you have to learn to have
  768. That's where i didn't hang around
  769. You might get more of a knockout in this legitimate way
  770. It's up to this for father, or it's for traffic
  771. Is that the start of the sound of the wind in the trees?
  772. Hanna-barbera cartoon series combining 1960s lifestyles with a prehistoric setting
  773. What is there about the business that makes one strive for them so?
  774. For her, mine is muddled in a fine setting
  775. So as to be smart, the little bird was fed around four
  776. It's business for a time, and it's muddled
  777. One article found in uninteresting journal
  778. That's a green way to make one so furious
  779. How you get fifty in the fastener stream
  780. Away in a broad sense?
  781. Travels back in the reverse direction
  782. It's patrick himself, so it is, that's the evil liver
  783. It's quite ordinary to be like hamlet at last
  784. What's to be done with 1across? the answer is part of the x, perhaps
  785. Deep breathing can become so wearing!
  786. One can see what a lot of it i make of it, by the sound of it
  787. 1 across is one of them - and six of them
  788. A letter from the father of what 1 across comes from
  789. Ring around what one is at in a naval way
  790. Re this, the seaman is not at home
  791. A yellow to reddish-brown mineral consisting of a phosphate of thorium, cerium, and lanthanum in monoclinic crystalline form
  792. That's the coast of puccini
  793. How sweet for the stick to come back and make fun of us
  794. How mother comes back with our love
  795. Capital of the us state of kansas
  796. That comes after the hay, by the sound of it
  797. One-piece ski-suit
  798. One will never turn up over the rest if one comes in here again
  799. They wouldn't get a lucrative living from the church
  800. On second thoughts, is she so silly to be in a rush?
  801. Not a dusky belle among them?
  802. William, archbishop of canterbury succeeded by geoffrey fisher in 1945
  803. Let us sound in a contemporary of richard coeur de lion
  804. A such northern race of england being so royal?
  805. Former english tennis player welcomes chief supporter
  806. The last unrestrained piece of dishonesty
  807. Does it make the south bad to be lower than the bottom?
  808. Sounds as if the sound of 28 down is in the water
  809. The good and the bad of r.l.s.
  810. It's not himself that might eat afterwards because of this
  811. In short, you may get something to eat with the cat at essen there
  812. One may drive it five-in-hand
  813. Seen to be about you, it is adjoining
  814. That's how you got your turnover
  815. It takes only a few drops of such people to flavour (or poison) a whole province
  816. Cut off the top of it and only the side is left
  817. In support of turning right
  818. Nothing in such a huge way would do
  819. It's odd, perhaps, that it should be so rough
  820. Seems that tim's vain about making one so healthy
  821. What's twice 2? there's a catch in it
  822. Was unbelievable, that is to say, between fifty and five hundred
  823. All was not well with the north, but this fixed it
  824. Meditative position of many outside university
  825. One may be quite nonchalant about the bed that turns up, being broadcast
  826. That may make you sick and have an addition in europe
  827. Where i'd turn up in mean surroundings in the middle east
  828. Nowhere on land could one get the sound of such top notes
  829. It sounds as if he might give things a boost
  830. Cooler shaver has shaved it
  831. Sounds as if in grease one might get one yard, thank you
  832. Test introduced by ernest marples in 1960
  833. Perhaps one might draw this into the heavens in a rough way
  834. Go at being fat like this?
  835. Matters have got going by rail, it seems
  836. Invoke divine favor upon
  837. Stair units
  838. Heart’s main pipe?
  839. Lightly play the guitar
  840. All about that ___ (meghan trainor hit)
  841. Dental floss-promoting organization: abbr.
  842. By the end of the evening edward has got his own back
  843. The weariness of girlhood?
  844. Getting the wind up about the apartment you loaned
  845. To this, that is to say, it's clever
  846. Raise cost in order to send to coventry
  847. How a c is not broke in there
  848. That's to turn her learned, or else
  849. The two of them have trouble with the about turn
  850. When the beer's around, the priest provides the makings for cider
  851. Musical by andrew lloyd webber and tim rice about the second wife of juan perón
  852. Funny sort of way for the morning to be employed
  853. That sot desmond has thrown up
  854. Has `e got a broken leg - or a broken wing?
  855. What 16 across made one
  856. Given a flavour and frozen atlast
  857. They sing when they're reckoning to have got to bray
  858. That's not the main thing, of course
  859. Bits of ththththththththththth, perhaps
  860. Is frank hearty? that's just deceptive
  861. Cole's around the cover and has a smashing time
  862. Had to be dragged around you by the french
  863. Formerly it was asserted; now it's for crying out loud
  864. That would make a sound, sincere sort of nest
  865. To work, one's attitude is not in favour of it
  866. Perhaps ten on the pitch might tell you the state of 21 across
  867. After tea one is in the water, or about to fall there
  868. How to show your contempt for edward, just for kicks
  869. How like a writer to be so shaky!
  870. That sounds wholly bored
  871. They are either at the bottom of the vessel, or one cuts them off
  872. Could 10 be all of this blooming thing?
  873. It could be the turn of the river to have you in stitches once more
  874. The sort of ward that is not fortunate
  875. What is twice on this gets skinny
  876. Where the r.a. is waiting for attention
  877. This might get a ruddy turn, that is to say, on the bed
  878. That's placing one in painful surroundings
  879. Symbol in the snapchat logo
  880. Cheapest section of a plane
  881. Asphyxiating
  882. Sleepy-eyed
  883. Appropriate applicable
  884. Considerate and caring
  885. Perch nest
  886. Jump in dive
  887. Educational building
  888. English romantic poet john
  889. Be of same mind
  890. Hesitant reserved
  891. America mid-west state
  892. Rearer of livestock
  893. Slap whack
  894. Perhaps the flower gets stuck, by the sound of it, there for the dead
  895. What is mostly ugly is all in praise
  896. A negative form for by and by
  897. What a ripping little afternoon coterie!
  898. To get things going, one sat with the rest
  899. There's no break in diplomacy
  900. All the same, keep an eye on the indian
  901. I begot this while on foot to a great extent
  902. Reg didn't eat like a horse, he ate a horse - the total of it
  903. Decorated so as to be able to phone up ulster?
  904. During 23 down one comes to the border
  905. It's clear that that's enough to make one weep at last
  906. Are you in a sorry state with the fuel mixture?
  907. Don't go, that is to say, and wear it on top
  908. Will, perhaps, the horse slow down if you fill it up with drink?
  909. As is well-known to the witch, am i not to be believed at last?
  910. Canine hunting group 2 words
  911. Will mother stay in harness?
  912. There was not a dam' one left there
  913. That's all right during the voyage
  914. Begone, false one, by the sound of it, and don't come home!
  915. That's cheating, but maybe keep it dark
  916. How decomposition consumed in a roundabout manner
  917. By the sound of it your stomach starts not to want a piece of this
  918. How readers may break it down
  919. The side is in tears that they're live in there
  920. Former greenwich, for instance
  921. Elegant and concise
  922. Of language elegant and concise
  923. Commit or consign
  924. Chemical processes in the body
  925. Imaginary worst possible place
  926. The sound of what comes after what comes out of 9 across, by the sound of it
  927. It sounds as if you too might be driving into this part of the crossword, just for sport
  928. It could be worth tens in that direction
  929. The highest sort of vocalists
  930. This keeps us within the marks
  931. Can 'e get the wine back in a figurative sense?
  932. In command of the kitchen, perhaps, in not for the firsttime
  933. How the tide turns or gets over the paper
  934. This should follow the south in the looked-for way
  935. One bore with it in france
  936. It won't pay to be one
  937. That makes the sailor so wounding to the girl
  938. He may conduct, even if he's forbidden to teach, by the sound of it
  939. One won't give up with this
  940. One scales this to a degree with a long weapon
  941. One provides an explanation - not a hill at the end
  942. The sort of pile only a gorm might make quarts of, by the sound of it
  943. That mixture of cream, i see, has to be fired
  944. That sounds like a loan
  945. Such contact makes one, after just over fifty, a first-rate child
  946. Hurry around with the bib in bits that may be thrown away
  947. Result of a sort, or a ruddy turn
  948. It's her turn to be burnt for the later edition
  949. His would be for the boss of the writers
  950. That's too bad to sound like a girl
  951. Sounds as if old france is enough to make one bitter
  952. Beam about the girl to get her back
  953. The french mark from the east on board
  954. Get public relations on to this as soon as possible
  955. Rose a bit, by the sound of it
  956. It's up to nothing with us at ulster to get the sugar right
  957. The fast way to get to leonard x
  958. Does this encroach into the street?
  959. Sounds as if it flies underground
  960. Got in the fish in the shade
  961. How a pal keeps possession of himself with the mob
  962. As it's there as a precaution, just shut up
  963. Not safe to slip back round about here
  964. What a nuisance to have one so hearty around the ship!
  965. In what's in for the angler at last
  966. What a blessing gotterdammerung seems!
  967. How grand to get the postscript wrong as leonard did!
  968. He gets the painting back to get involved with yoga
  969. Don't forget it's myself that's to get the doctor to get up
  970. Cross off his head to make him cross
  971. One hundred by way of payment for drink?
  972. That's the edge, near the one to change sides
  973. Sounds as if i'm liquified - enough for 16 downs
  974. And 17 across: winged in a way to give one a boost
  975. The letter that cannot get around on the boy
  976. It will make you happy to give it stick with due confusion
  977. How lousy to be over the old police in a c.i.d. capacity!
  978. This might be our protection
  979. He is not practical enough to be in a conservative setting
  980. This aside, they're not ions
  981. Having this, one may now perish
  982. Given five hundred going abegging, one would be let off
  983. In a 10 across sort of way, you get m on afterwards
  984. Shall we be back behind time like the star?
  985. Let the pound have fallen in value
  986. What possessed one to be so fishy with the dock?
  987. A berth would be with this like ulster
  988. Sounds like the meaning one knows how to get
  989. Though not in favour of the little dear, this may be what will correct the trouble
  990. There's nothing pokey about such a turn of headgear with promises to pay
  991. In a manner of speaking, one may not get it outright, perhaps
  992. One may count on the mills of the north if one brews, by the sound of it
  993. Is the girl around the north or in the dock?
  994. That'll get you back before it blows its top
  995. Where you have to dig for your prey
  996. The way to change your mind about a silly she?
  997. How to join fifty inside for flavour
  998. Seems there's a 2 down of this in the air of rome
  999. In the horse there's a stream in there, cooking
  1000. Father when he's up and got his clothes on may be thus spoken to
  1001. The place thanks hurried to in italy
  1002. Is ot entirely there?
  1003. Where the palm is
  1004. Might a r alter l in heaven?
  1005. How i let it bring to light about 1100
  1006. Is a priest in the english counties till all is blue?
  1007. For the fish, it's on the same side
  1008. 955?
  1009. They will enable the community to walk and also sit closer
  1010. Get what im saying?
  1011. Philosophys descartes
  1012. Apt name for a banker
  1013. Lessens over time
  1014. See you, esso, for one of 27 across, perhaps?
  1015. The cure, 1979 (+20)
  1016. Less succinct
  1017. 11th-century castilian hero
  1018. Light, newly fallen snow
  1019. Ben e king, 1961 (+25)
  1020. Actor/singer burl
  1021. Ring solemnly
  1022. It must be passed to practice
  1023. Shelled snacks
  1024. Don mclean, 1971 (+28)
  1025. Fled a difficult situation
  1026. That's how i sell the island of entry to 15 across
  1027. Wine from northern italy
  1028. Johnny mathis, 1957 (+32)
  1029. Letters for a carrier
  1030. Carted off in cuffs
  1031. Scientific journal since 1869
  1032. Alt and del, eg
  1033. Bobby vinton, 1963 (+23)
  1034. Crime novelist leonard
  1035. Swung sharply
  1036. Not to be agreeable to have the broken gear inside the side
  1037. Blackjack in caesars casino?
  1038. The girl has her mother around for that miraculous food
  1039. Landless, perhaps, without reason
  1040. Being in the black, one may be a goner
  1041. How to urge a fellow to manage your publicity?
  1042. Give ear to this home if you're ardent enough
  1043. It may make him very chilly when i wrong him, by the sound of it
  1044. The odds are there's nothing odd about them
  1045. The way to dot the wolf twice
  1046. That isn't colourful with a myself in paris
  1047. Does she have a go at william?
  1048. The tear gets twisted, just for show
  1049. Don't talk over the milk there - it makes one shake
  1050. For such deer people there's no progress
  1051. Finished with the sun, that comes next
  1052. Do you get your knife into those that fly up?
  1053. Go one better or not be in
  1054. She might turn dotty to hold the water back
  1055. As, by the sound of it, i'm over the broken hut for the navigator
  1056. Once more it may happen about the brute
  1057. It's thus disclosed what one may write in an ode
  1058. How fifty ones may get knotted
  1059. That would get a car ruddy well down for me
  1060. You might lift the elbow and dig with it like this
  1061. How offensive a horse might be about ross up here
  1062. O, there's some hold-up, by the sound of it, for the singer
  1063. It's ten with you that's given off, indeed
  1064. For 26 across to follow this would cause a revolution
  1065. Is the girl set grooked on the bed?
  1066. As one does the cleaning, the holder turns up around the south
  1067. Do start to be too old to get the doctor up at last
  1068. Such 19 acrosses, perhaps, may be so wearing
  1069. Pardon the way one may rip into the reeve
  1070. Is that where you can get an alibi?
  1071. Tore into such a lazy form of fanaticism
  1072. It sounds just not true that there are strings attached
  1073. By now one is quite prepared, by the sound of it
  1074. That'll make you die about the boy, and that's flat
  1075. They twist 15 across, in the water
  1076. Can you pour this out for last month's insect?
  1077. You may not be very bright, but you can still get a dart into a deer
  1078. Ye come back around new york to make it green
  1079. 'twill be if i'm after it
  1080. By the sound of it, the dog is around the tree
  1081. There's nothing like it to ruddy well go on top
  1082. Split up and take the plunge around the whale
  1083. That month of happenings goes 22 across
  1084. Are, in short, in time, for what it's worth
  1085. He drinks to voce in an undertone
  1086. Might a noun get together again with ire?
  1087. The ground has air in the bird
  1088. There's no charge for them, of course
  1089. On with this - that's the drill!
  1090. About fifty noses, without reduction
  1091. That's not the principal thing you'd find where there's a sere turn
  1092. It's coming soon that i am my own to start with
  1093. Would a sucker just allow his money to go off, by the sound of it?
  1094. They don't sound wrong for ceremonial purposes
  1095. Being under a spell, the fowl lost her head and sang so sweetly
  1096. Was dawn sounding like the sort of person who 4 down and made light of it?
  1097. Was leander's love as brave as he?
  1098. Phew! is that all that's there, by the sound of it?
  1099. For me there's no christmas cracker, but a christian's one
  1100. Before the transport is here there'll be darkness
  1101. She gets the motor round what's drawn
  1102. He gets the craft up from the vedic literature
  1103. How beastly the french 09 seems!
  1104. Seems a smell is one of those things that won't get you down
  1105. They're dead wood when it comes to guiding the unaspirated
  1106. Once said to have been the cause of malaria
  1107. What the sucker did to the seaman or where they were lying
  1108. For him, see 14 down
  1109. For only the half of a half-pint he will serve the sportsman, that is to say
  1110. The account of the rime about the medical officer
  1111. Is 'e selfish enough to have got 'is twitch?
  1112. It's too early for the mater to be in such a pure setting
  1113. Has this got you still in such a state?
  1114. Good housekeeping or sports illustrated for short
  1115. Generation ___ (between a dad and son e.g.)
  1116. Sample an item before purchasing it
  1117. Sitcom based on the 1989 film of the same name revolving around four generations of the buckmans
  1118. ___off (farewell at the airport)
  1119. Soft cushy settee
  1120. Popular tuna variety
  1121. Anticipate as news
  1122. What is ___ matter with you?
  1123. Sound of the letter between u and w
  1124. Long bone in the forearm
  1125. Sitcom based on the 1986 film starring matthew broderick about a high-school slacker's day off from school: 2 wds.
  1126. Acronym for an international food distributor: abbr.
  1127. Emotive lyrical poem
  1128. Fights, or little bits thereof
  1129. That's enough to make one 17 down stop on the street
  1130. Eat away as one was on horseback at last
  1131. Hairy portion above the eye
  1132. Swiss high peak
  1133. Road house actor elliott
  1134. Set of muscles that come in packs for short
  1135. ___-mannered (unpleasant one)
  1136. Tv series based on the 1980 film of the same name about a group of students at a fictional school for the performing arts
  1137. Buffy ___ slayer supernatural drama tv series based on the 1992 film of the same name where slayers battle against forces of darkness: 2 wds.
  1138. Time when the next year is just around the corner: abbr.
  1139. Nut preceder that's also a veggie
  1140. What glaciers are made up of
  1141. How cruel to be without your suit!
  1142. How upsetting for granny smith's carrier!
  1143. Thoroughly annoyed
  1144. Floor-cleaning tall tool
  1145. Make amends for a past misdeed
  1146. Catch one's breath in shock
  1147. Hydrogen or nitrogen e.g.
  1148. Locality or neighborhood
  1149. Like the loch ness monster
  1150. Fore's opposite in navigation
  1151. Training ___ tv series based on the 2001 film of the same name about an officer infiltrating the lapd's special investigation section
  1152. Colleague in office say
  1153. Kid's minor scratch
  1154. Honolulu island
  1155. Actor vigoda who played sal tessio in the godfather
  1156. Have you ___ been to chicago?
  1157. ___ wolf supernatural drama tv series based on the 1985 film of the same name about a youngster who is bitten by a werewolf
  1158. Alien spaceship to us: abbr.
  1159. Wines that are not whites
  1160. In enough numbers
  1161. Forrest gump actress field
  1162. Does he love you singer mcentire
  1163. One in a pair of sneakers e.g.
  1164. Seven-year ___ (marriage-related phrase)
  1165. Clot in a soup say
  1166. Homophone of vein which means useless
  1167. Meat or vegetable gravy dish
  1168. From a different ___ (from a period in the past)
  1169. It's little enough in the water to have to pay
  1170. Premier american domestic security agency: abbr.
  1171. Parisian monument ___ de triomphe
  1172. ___ does it! (instruction to be careful when moving something)
  1173. From the fish you get nothing back with the mutton
  1174. The editor got around to have passed away
  1175. Means mean
  1176. Tttttttttt for pitching?
  1177. You'll see it's not for the thaw
  1178. Would it be beneath one not to be false enough, perhaps?
  1179. Do i have a hand in making him well?
  1180. Of late it never seems slower
  1181. They're aesthetic to a certain degree
  1182. It's for the host to go in with thanks in here
  1183. Plankton eating fish
  1184. Warrior pose
  1185. Hugger from the deep
  1186. For company you get one little creepy-crawly between 50 and 500
  1187. Cries might be in cries for help
  1188. That goes for the little girl at last, by the sound of it
  1189. Sounds as if one might be in a job at the zoo - a honey of a job
  1190. How the sea will 28 across
  1191. A whole round of drink
  1192. How hairy the byre could be in woe!
  1193. Wound made what's said to be great over what he had
  1194. The way to be in the bax at the match?
  1195. How bad it makes the south to be ready for riding
  1196. Orbit extreme answer
  1197. Never go for a drive with one
  1198. That's their duty - to get you tea in the clan
  1199. Get your hand around it and strike about fifty
  1200. There's little left as it's not tied up, by the sound of it
  1201. That's the one the brute chewed up in the church
  1202. Will it make people love you so to stop unaspirated hearing?
  1203. Fifty such girls would be so silly
  1204. Sounds like the entire pig that's the drill!
  1205. Decorative but not given enough initiative
  1206. That shelter on the port side did not look good
  1207. Being in church, leslie monkeys about with the plural
  1208. At last one attempts to get them into the forces, but that's their look-out
  1209. My! can't 11 get close with this?
  1210. This makes you put an end to 1 across in a certain way
  1211. There's no truth in the sound of its strings
  1212. I have got up to see tea with the gin and having it removed
  1213. As it's about the doctor back in the north
  1214. We seem to be one of the employers over 'er
  1215. How offensive to be at what has a point
  1216. It's bound to be getting over another one
  1217. How the ship gets around the great lake, but not in parallel
  1218. A reception, by the sound of it
  1219. That's the way to deal with removal
  1220. Are a little twisted in the peninsula
  1221. What a father pays to lease a father?
  1222. By the sound of it, that's me, by the look of it
  1223. Is a seaman smelling of roses?
  1224. Add `em up to a symbol for the clan
  1225. In this you get hindsight
  1226. Has the tunnel got going?
  1227. Perhaps a gentleman that's had all he can eat is positively glowing
  1228. It's gone and got raining around the north
  1229. Feeling bad in the way of sowing?
  1230. Put your heart into it, just for show
  1231. For action, get in the start of 1 down
  1232. One is in the snout, by the sound of it
  1233. Sort of serpent soundly shaking
  1234. Would so swinish a thief have beat it?
  1235. The artistic grain of the angelus, for instance
  1236. Might one stand what one viewed at the curragh?
  1237. One tried to get it all over the bed
  1238. Behold, where the sun goes down is right down
  1239. It's anarchy in the end and no mistake
  1240. That's what'll make one flatter
  1241. Yes, one can see it comes up after the bits of rag
  1242. How one might witness the international
  1243. Even the beak has to pay it
  1244. Such a shortage - oh, dear!
  1245. Is that the last thing that would happen to you with a pound?
  1246. This agreed with having a strung up, by the sound of it
  1247. In turn, dec. makes the rise not so hot
  1248. Follow the headless fowl and charge her
  1249. At last it's in a lot of weight to make si new, perhaps
  1250. How a scotsman's cow gets stuck, by the sound of it
  1251. Getting stout will cure this complaint
  1252. Breed enough to hold an entrance up
  1253. Hard to guess how they're set in misery
  1254. I am the one to come to the country at the speed of a fighter
  1255. More than double the amount of grain at last
  1256. Hide the reel around the hat
  1257. They reckon that it's silly to get to the rosses
  1258. Used they to display their weapons in japan?
  1259. An oriental bloomer for a festive occasion?
  1260. I am coming to a deep twist that will cause an obstruction
  1261. It's so unchristian that it makes him quite heated
  1262. Also, it's in a bit of a criminal
  1263. Now one might be having it with gin
  1264. This might follow the south, notwithstanding, as a matter of course
  1265. Mine is a green light, says the perfect insect
  1266. Will they sweep on like waves?
  1267. How for the present might get to the border
  1268. Seemes this is the y that's unacceptable
  1269. What a nuisance to get a bit over her!
  1270. And 26 down, is minerva all in the fathers with e following a?
  1271. Is it your habit to put 1100 more onto edward?
  1272. Just now there's a step in it with the wise man around
  1273. Hide, perhaps, what is not at the heart
  1274. Can it be the forte of the insect to be so meaty?
  1275. Ho! that for the young would be 21 down
  1276. To make a motor run needs a hold
  1277. To be played without a backward set, perhaps
  1278. This might force one to be in a suit
  1279. Slim chance you'd have of getting a loan from the south
  1280. Unluckily it's useless for music
  1281. All hung on to await settlement, indeed
  1282. It's wrong to get you red with pain
  1283. It's used in a negative way
  1284. Not used in a negative way
  1285. That's not one hell of a tug to give the north
  1286. Around neck - that's where it goes either way
  1287. That revolting sort of lion is against authority
  1288. What a foul-sounding sort of co-operative!
  1289. This is back to the afterthought of little drinks
  1290. What good will it do benjamin if 'e gets a fit?
  1291. Although he's at the top, he's not particular
  1292. It's not right for a king to be going down like this
  1293. Might the graduate turn up and come out of his shell all by himself?
  1294. That might get after 17 across for the rent
  1295. Not bristling with what you may possess in there
  1296. It is given to the north-east not to be so light
  1297. What by the sound of it, four men do, one periscope can achieve
  1298. Given a title that there's no bloody end to
  1299. Perhaps it's odd to find a nun round the first lady
  1300. Just listen to the neckwear of these sports enthusiasts!
  1301. It's not so hot to get it a bit round the jerk
  1302. A pound a drink for a call to arms
  1303. 'e is back in the orient - no trouble
  1304. The surface of the lake i got rid of has got dull
  1305. Make a knot in the ruddy rows made there
  1306. The needles have to have this for les
  1307. Still, i might make it abominable
  1308. That will get me back with little brother to a certain opening
  1309. There's less than 12 in here
  1310. How grand for your friend to have a twisted tail
  1311. Never lag behind so as to peek, perhaps
  1312. Scandal-plagued energy company
  1313. Perhaps an adder might fall for this
  1314. Work for the end of 20 down?
  1315. Lobs till one is sick of it
  1316. Grocery chain with a red-and-white logo
  1317. Canon camera named for a dawn goddess
  1318. Thanks to edward, one used one's 11 down
  1319. One of a pair of cartoon slackers
  1320. Mohammad __ pahlavi: last shah of iran
  1321. One may get into this and be finished
  1322. Ka __: southernmost big island point
  1323. __ stacy: spider-man love interest
  1324. Has the doctor reached double figures so as to add a little water?
  1325. Assert that a hundred an fifty have their guns trained on one
  1326. A ton of it around here and on it
  1327. The vet's sound opinion about your dying beast?
  1328. Perhaps at 2 down one gets sick at last
  1329. The speed at which one might go wrong the wrong way
  1330. Like the best circles, no firing there
  1331. To be in debt for a pound is enough to get one down
  1332. Little southern bed for one from north
  1333. The beastly lot an insect carries?
  1334. Take a right turn to the end of 35 across. can you beat that?
  1335. If you wish to be so wide, use your loaf to start with
  1336. How the two get another five hundred when they're together
  1337. Could the editor, if so cold and hard, build this up?
  1338. For some that would have been the last sort of transport they'd wish to have had
  1339. How charming at about the personification of obstinacy!
  1340. Might he take the top off the bead around him?
  1341. What is so real about a scotsman is the way he looks after the money
  1342. Ha! this would be what 34 across have a little of
  1343. Would the south have the strength to pull them up?
  1344. Are, in short, with moans at having to pay it
  1345. Score one less
  1346. You can't get leave to do this
  1347. Is it the turn of edward to make fun of such a gladsome thing
  1348. There's a more than normal turn to the struggles there
  1349. Given a nut, the pole is not poor
  1350. About fifty 20 down? not fewer than that
  1351. For one thus afflicted to come back is enough to put you off
  1352. It's not original, in a manner of speaking, or up in a bit of it
  1353. The sect is concentrated around the century
  1354. Allow it to be in the river? no, remove it
  1355. Here it's enough to make the east 34 across
  1356. Past this, in a manner of speaking, you're in the country
  1357. How one might get it in the neck for fencing
  1358. Not a crooked greeting to the home?
  1359. Seems that the law degree finishes with such mixtures
  1360. If you this it will stop you or make you cross
  1361. He takes a risk to sound so high
  1362. Is there an old king round about in the west indies?
  1363. About the present time the north has some fame
  1364. That man will go to 11 down
  1365. Drank some extra stout, and kept it down
  1366. How i call in the way they produce the eggs in no clerical manner
  1367. As it's about one currently in the house
  1368. The student prince never was. he just wasn't bred to it
  1369. Funny how one may arrive before one passes away
  1370. One is getting up to having enough arms and legs for twenty-five
  1371. That's smelling of what you have to do to repeat the fast time
  1372. What a fuss i make, by the sound of it, for sunday, by the sound of it
  1373. How dave comes around for his coat at the bar
  1374. How the mice get the devil of a nod like this
  1375. One will get all cut up by all the rest with h
  1376. There, a record!
  1377. Will she stir the mess into the mess?
  1378. This gave a clue that one hid about the twisted ten
  1379. How silly as transgressions to be guilty of murder!
  1380. If 13 across has the cat around, just cheese it!
  1381. How grand to get a woman with 5 down!
  1382. You'll see that this isn't 10 across
  1383. There's any amount of the crude makings of a girl here
  1384. What of you is up there without indentification?
  1385. See you in a packing case that's quite right
  1386. Never experienced, unlike 23 down
  1387. 'e will get sight of the numbers
  1388. As a lover, he is unwilling to get the air round
  1389. Address this if you want to blow it up, by the sound of it
  1390. Sounds like what one gets from 11 down
  1391. How extremely foolish, that is to day, about the girl
  1392. You may get the lid in with ease, by the sound of it, if you shorten it
  1393. Is that what's wrong with one of the end of 1 down?
  1394. Would one prefer to be a bit of a pest with her?
  1395. Will not be beheaded off france
  1396. In london you'll find a tin g after it as well
  1397. Not being 4, by the sound of it
  1398. It''s idle talk of a soft toy
  1399. That''s egging on production
  1400. Is that tess with such a twisted rig of stripes?
  1401. A mixed gin while you''re at the oars is like a crooked nail
  1402. Drag him up in force about you
  1403. Get your oar around the horse by way of protest
  1404. For those there, the hop begins at 10 o''clock
  1405. Are you with me in the hole as result of this? no, on the contrary, all''s well
  1406. It''s all 22 across to be in awe of this when you were not still asleep
  1407. There's only one ruddy cent in the middle of this
  1408. By the sound of it, to be in the cavity means you can hardly get along
  1409. This one is not one over the eight
  1410. If you're less cautious you'll cut it fine
  1411. An addition would have him without a wash
  1412. Might s. kill that?
  1413. Let it be about 15 across, but not strictly speaking
  1414. Sounds like i bit this to make it more grainy, by the sound of it
  1415. Ncaa huskies
  1416. Bedazzled big cat
  1417. Ribonucleic prefix
  1418. A bird, that is to say, that is till raw
  1419. A ruddy beast of a type one might find in the irish times
  1420. Little by little, by one of the 12 in here
  1421. Either way it's soft enough for a baby
  1422. Desire to be about the edge?
  1423. In conjunction with a rake in the mixed gin
  1424. What one 35 across is enough to give one ale with one's bread
  1425. Anything so soothing as this is welcome
  1426. One goes on a bicycle to get to this pub that's all the rage
  1427. Her boyfriend may just play around with 'er
  1428. Might he win there if it comes to blows?
  1429. One way to get round, as being in a joint like this
  1430. Auteur amos daragon
  1431. She's six foot of seven down, it seems
  1432. Sounds as if royalty does this for the press
  1433. That would make a gent so touchingly sunburnt
  1434. This gives one the feeling that it could be verne, but not jules
  1435. There's ten in the press that are sly
  1436. It's not really hurtful to have father away more often
  1437. One could be back on the bed - or gone out?
  1438. Across in germany, was it? ask about that
  1439. So to see you in the nut is a bit rough
  1440. Waterston and raimi
  1441. That sounds wildly important, being an advance payment
  1442. That's what you'll get, of course
  1443. Troublesome car
  1444. Ocean traffic lanes
  1445. Get the reverend father back - it's edward, as published
  1446. Yogi's little pal
  1447. Work over a town like this? that's a bit thick!
  1448. It's insincere to talk about inability
  1449. What the devil has got hold of the inspector with all this eviction?
  1450. Behave like this and it sounds as if you'll have a bit of a smashing time (before the cops get you)
  1451. That 'e is enough to turn your stomach says nothing
  1452. Two bees in the valley do not go for it boots and all
  1453. Look up to him and look closely
  1454. Either way he's only 6 down
  1455. That's the fellow with the scythe
  1456. Very fast the hay followed it for the magician
  1457. Slim chance of borrowing from the south
  1458. It would be tactful for the parrot to make the sound of a clock, by the sound of it
  1459. Can you lie and say this? no trouble
  1460. One will not welcome this if it's forwarded on, perhaps
  1461. The dark dog keeps barking so madly and so fruitfully
  1462. Concentrating on the 'en there?
  1463. It's agreed that it's like this for a change.
  1464. The south will go bad if you sit on it.
  1465. For the prisoner, it sounds as he might do some business there.
  1466. May he win by blowing there?
  1467. Looked for what the south should be like.
  1468. Adorn 'em to make 'em sort of ringing?
  1469. To a great extent this may be regal.
  1470. Seems that dog has 10 across
  1471. Get around to the wings for such views
  1472. The round of drinks that'll make you throw up
  1473. A soft melody or two
  1474. For a start she'll be able to tell you how many beans make five
  1475. Goodbye with this would just be extra
  1476. His vineyard would not do for the two of them - himself and ahab - in the end
  1477. It makes one so pleased to get the story wrong with one on the end
  1478. How the academician, when at home, comes down so precipitately
  1479. Sounds as if the one that is dining takes to the air in an extinct sort of way
  1480. One's glad rags are all flaming well around the north
  1481. There are saints by the hundred for you to show how you love them
  1482. One might finger this with it
  1483. One is paid not to be backward one particle
  1484. Not even he is not in it
  1485. A pair of sailors, i see. enough to make one acid
  1486. It gets sound, but soiled perhaps with your addition
  1487. That'll never make it work
  1488. Sounds like one of 21 down that the pirate might sound coarse with
  1489. At this you try to make amends for it
  1490. Does open work make him cross when he loses his head?
  1491. If it gets worn it may go flat, by the sound of it
  1492. By the sound of it, this might amaze one in southern africa
  1493. Couldn't stop getting tied up, by the sound of it
  1494. For a change they get it in the neck for the unaspirated
  1495. You'll get no change out of the book with the leather cover
  1496. Just about this time the north has some fame
  1497. Does it strike you that this might call her to your side?
  1498. A professor's good to see
  1499. Make light of formerly about you
  1500. One might be in a hurry to toast this
  1501. For you, in the red
  1502. Went so smoothly, and did it with one leg
  1503. Mean to lay claim to 17 down
  1504. Do wrong to us - it is inflammatory
  1505. S, now there for the fall?
  1506. This bit is only a fourth bit of 26 down
  1507. Ham's device
  1508. That's a blooming little favour!
  1509. Disco dancing
  1510. Clickable picture
  1511. Of a turn to the east, that's against you
  1512. He may get out with a whimper, not a bang
  1513. Like strikers sometimes
  1514. No amateur won't stand toast
  1515. Prop for hermione
  1516. Sounds as if 'e drinks to a beastly extent as time may pass
  1517. There isn't any object in being 15 across
  1518. Ban an a there
  1519. In the cavalry one might turn about to no rich tea
  1520. One of 24 across for mechanically-minded people
  1521. Has the scots official got a degree? he admits that's not true
  1522. Might you have to be so jealous to be able to putt well?
  1523. When it's come to blows, this may happen to turn, one gathers, during may
  1524. Never gentle to 5 down extent inside
  1525. Get to the county before tea and for wine
  1526. One wanted to get ahead as a dancer
  1527. Perhaps it's pets that give encouragement to walker
  1528. What the bird may have to pay for the cutlery?
  1529. Starts to stick out in front, but all of it used to stick out behind
  1530. Having fewer to man the ship leads to a close shave - almost
  1531. A french one has no trial, thanks to edward
  1532. Gee, it's well enough to make them corny!
  1533. In scotland, behold it's in ireland!
  1534. One hopes for the best with such a catalogue of notions, perhaps
  1535. That's how father lets up, just a shade
  1536. Not ruddy well brave
  1537. It's about counsel inside of what's up on the wall
  1538. After mother turned up, i would not have got to the end of it
  1539. It needs one club to chew and get a leg-up
  1540. That's just a wash-out
  1541. ___ never been more sure of anything in my life!
  1542. Medical researcher's workplace
  1543. State between nevada and colorado
  1544. Revise as a newspaper article
  1545. Big celebrity
  1546. It ___ nice meeting you
  1547. Actress who in 1985 played a high school outcast in the breakfast club and an aspiring architect in st. elmo's fire: 2 wds.
  1548. Film boxer rocky's last name
  1549. ___-it felix jr. (character in wreck-it ralph)
  1550. Name that ___ (musical game show)
  1551. Baseball stat that goes down after a shutout: abbr.
  1552. Actor who played a high school delinquent in the breakfast club and a yuppie politician in st. elmo's fire: 2 wds.
  1553. Emmy-winning actor danson
  1554. Supermodel banks whose tv career started on the fresh prince of bel-air
  1555. Actor who played a high school jock in the breakfast club and a law student in st. elmo's fire: 2 wds.
  1556. Wind that ranges from 39 to 54 miles per hour
  1557. Blade that pushes water to move a boat
  1558. Outline of items for a business meeting
  1559. It's just not on before wed
  1560. Desmond, cross here if you wish
  1561. Over-___ headphones
  1562. Legendary beast that lives in mountainous regions
  1563. They could be served sunny-side up
  1564. Country once known as persia
  1565. Homophone of dough
  1566. Where they tried to make me go in an amy winehouse song
  1567. Do they ring in a beastly way till all is blooming well blue?
  1568. Does one get busy on the outcrop?
  1569. Part of a knife that you could cut yourself on
  1570. Show business elite: hyph.
  1571. Group a general oversees
  1572. Physically provocative
  1573. The iron ___ (2011 biopic with meryl streep)
  1574. Wash as a baby
  1575. The real cohost ___ love
  1576. Lancôme rival
  1577. For here or ___? (question at a fast food restaurant): 2 wds.
  1578. It came ___ the midnight clear (christmas carol)
  1579. Law enforcement group that patrols hollywood: abbr.
  1580. Hall of fame yankees catcher yogi
  1581. Autumn for example
  1582. Song for two vocalists
  1583. Enjoy a weekend at aspen or vail
  1584. What do you ___ when you cross … (joke start)
  1585. Sounds as if the awl will wear one out at last
  1586. With this, you see, i make an awful sound
  1587. Get the serpent to stop 12 across
  1588. To this, that is to say. funny, isn't it?
  1589. What you get from father around the north is just a little precious
  1590. Even though one denies it, money talks
  1591. Could no sea run in such anillogical way?
  1592. Sounding even sillier, one may sink into it
  1593. The rear of these mountains is what you''ve got to get in order again
  1594. Gee! uses one''s 15 across as one shines
  1595. Love to get mother up for us
  1596. That''s you in stockings under glass
  1597. Is, by the sound of it, the pig meant to be so yellow?
  1598. With so much giving away, you may finish in debt
  1599. In the ship they''re not so holy, it seems
  1600. The red, that is to say, is up to being not up to keep one 14 down
  1601. Neighbouring re this?
  1602. One who ignores his customary duties
  1603. Just be patient if i bring my big pet along
  1604. Are they able to get mother first-rate in africa?
  1605. It's safe to say that's the way to possess the north
  1606. The nonconformist will get beer with a pound
  1607. There's nothing to laugh at having an american soldier in the overturned cart
  1608. How stupid to have such a lot of mixture in a big plate
  1609. Where there's grass it's old for ireland
  1610. It's quite courtly to pose such a bad-tempered query
  1611. The side of lansdowne road
  1612. It's so 28 down to put e on in the middle of it
  1613. Turn this and it will never get sound
  1614. Off and on, this appears to need a change of glasses
  1615. Oh, this sounds as if one might do the work of two
  1616. Are, in short, in a rage with the beastly coat
  1617. It's only black on top
  1618. Would the two of them beat it?
  1619. No longer keen on girls that drop their aitches, however tender they are
  1620. Having an inflated view of oneself
  1621. How one might aim to get to the top in the church
  1622. She sounds as if she's in the mediterranean
  1623. Lend an ear to the sound of the composer
  1624. It sounds of late as if there'll be no more mail
  1625. This 21 across, being perhaps one of 10 across, will be one of 25 down
  1626. A hilly fellow, perhaps but no hillbilly
  1627. One has a point in having it played during the set
  1628. It will suit you to get to be like that
  1629. That needs some mush to get it going
  1630. What could a teetotaller do for a baby in a real way?
  1631. He has a latin family in such a dry way that it gives him the hump
  1632. It shows understanding to get me back to the parent with your help
  1633. Can it be all right to eat with the artist?
  1634. The broken tin was meant to get finished
  1635. Beastly work, and so wrong with mathematics
  1636. Go ahead and fish if you're left by yourself
  1637. Being in bed with you, it seems i am inspired by it
  1638. Draw a non-drinker to the broken cart
  1639. What are, in short, in keats is, in short, on the wheel
  1640. Pa turns up here with indifference
  1641. Fat chance of getting at hens there, by the sound of it
  1642. They're so colourful, those boraws!
  1643. It's said to be never in grate, perhaps
  1644. To be about a speech they have to be inverted
  1645. Being a jumper, in short
  1646. The wrinkled artist is at home
  1647. Said 2b?
  1648. Sounds as if one has a great desire for sheen
  1649. In the company of a cockney girl one might dry up
  1650. Is that you still in such a state?
  1651. The french hair turns up with a shine on it
  1652. That'll force you to get your clothes round you
  1653. A long-drawn-out or silent e
  1654. That's a right sort of french way to be skilful
  1655. 954 x e for the cat?
  1656. Spike with a hole on
  1657. By the sound of it, the more fool you to get stuck in it
  1658. What a time i take when they sound so idle!
  1659. For the good of your health, get in and go there
  1660. No reef for the applesmith, perhaps
  1661. In the end i catch it with the keys to play with
  1662. Alfred turned and blushed when his trousers were like that
  1663. How one might tie the little knot with one's girlfriend at last
  1664. The sort of existence the nepalese, for instance, might enjoy
  1665. Let it stand as a hat for your son
  1666. One goes from job to job to get her ring, perhaps
  1667. As it's there, it could be a star
  1668. Go back with some pork and put it in writing as of old
  1669. It's up to us to get the mark, so keep it going
  1670. Plans for some shade of relation to the black prince, by the sound of them?
  1671. It's all this that's advantageous
  1672. Hot enough for the will of a man, in short
  1673. No thanks to you that's there firing going on there
  1674. Need to be about as wealthy as this to be as strong as this
  1675. They're rocks, but, by the sound of them, not
  1676. How dull to be so avid about a piano!
  1677. M in us is enough to put an end to 14 down
  1678. Have a cry like this before letting the dogs loose
  1679. Is the south in want of the sound of a rustler?
  1680. With such clothing, 'e is well furnished with a matching set
  1681. The sound of heavy sighs
  1682. Does the boy get on with the tyre?
  1683. If it sounds like being only the bottom of the bike, that's not so hot
  1684. It's not so hot when one is striking, of course
  1685. Thus one might have resort to having a hundred with yours and mine in the lough
  1686. Inside, that king was a hard case