1. Gunga din author
  2. Protesters' shout
  3. Speak at the u.n. say
  4. Cylindrical topper
  5. Italian car with a horse logo
  6. Positive as outlooks go
  7. Moma part
  8. Ira choice
  9. Ed with a voice role in up
  10. Turn in the board game life
  11. Pampers competitor
  12. Citi field squad
  13. Attempts to sell
  14. Pogo creator kelly
  15. Address to a judge
  16. Puts on youtube
  17. Tomb raider lara
  18. Concubines' living quarters
  19. Waterway through a rainforest
  20. Serfs' employer
  21. Flaky layered dessert
  22. Last choice in some surveys
  23. Like a gazebo
  24. Being a member of the best class at peak performance?
  25. Fare with letters
  26. Hacienda building material
  27. Yell after a slice maybe
  28. Raging blog entries
  29. Like a corrupt cop
  30. Trucker hat material
  31. Place for a bulb
  32. Fish swallows little moisture or pluto for instance
  33. Like minnesota winters
  34. Carpenter who was a drummer
  35. Starts to fishtail say
  36. Family member becoming super secretary
  37. Lifeboat mover
  38. Looking for in ads
  39. Org. once headed by oliver north
  40. Informally, 'la grande ____' is the tour de france
  41. 1974 film starring gregory peck as arch deans
  42. A trifling character or a bowman, maybe
  43. The ___, second of the wilbur smith books centred on the courtney family
  44. ___ egg, item good in parts
  45. Of grass, chopped down
  46. Give a casual greeting in modern lingo
  47. Candy that the lovers [circled letters] on valentine's day
  48. More deadpan as humor
  49. Gymnasts' supplies
  50. Some pro cameras for short
  51. Peach's center
  52. The number of letters in this clue's answer
  53. New moon or full moon
  54. Something most people lie about?
  55. ___ thank me later
  56. Terrific in dated slang
  57. Shepherd slain by cain
  58. Quick trips that the busy person [circled letters] around town
  59. Occur as complications
  60. Traditional time to start work
  61. Politician that the voters [circled letters] to congress
  62. One that shines as member of large kent family?
  63. Elite party attendees
  64. Action to collect on a debt
  65. Apple's first location?
  66. Alternatives to wagons
  67. Books that victorians [circled letters] for cheap
  68. Part of a multimedia ad campaign
  69. Luxury vehicle that the motorist [circled letters] on the highway
  70. One step down on the evolutionary scale
  71. Dish that may come with a spork
  72. Queen guitarist brian may has one in astrophysics
  73. Org. that regulates i.s.p.s
  74. That's intriguing!
  75. Mr. or mrs.
  76. Blanc who voiced bugs bunny
  77. Place to hide a card perhaps
  78. Word with dark or graphic
  79. ___ combs hall-of-famer who played for the 1920s-'30s yankees
  80. Surname of national security advisers under both bush 43 and obama
  81. T in an honor society's name
  82. Headrest for a couch napper say
  83. Five to six feet high roughly
  84. Chastise in no uncertain terms
  85. Over the horizon
  86. Products of some orchards
  87. Turns the dial (to) say
  88. Sped-up part of a contest commercial
  89. Molecule with a c t and g
  90. Green branch for short
  91. Dutch or huguenot colonists who settled in south africa
  92. Like the unconvincing advertisement for the sheer tights?
  93. ____ erosion is caused by animals
  94. Mountaineering exploits for a hundred members
  95. Del trotter, say, very, very overweight?
  96. A chartered accountant meant to back the universities
  97. Barrow worker caught by deceit
  98. Brown as pie in the cooking?
  99. Conductor travelled with those chosen
  100. Confuses players coming in by boat
  101. Dauntless display might be moreish
  102. European losing final in ping pong
  103. Fix deeply into surroundings
  104. Frisky single lad gave hint
  105. Gullible person in france not returning
  106. Holder of an office or post
  107. Man having beer in vermont
  108. Monk has no resistance to plague
  109. Officer gone mad in german city
  110. Policeman circling hospital in helicopter
  111. Policeman's weapon
  112. Protective case
  113. Relating to building design
  114. Ribbon prize or badge
  115. Rower starting out at regatta
  116. Rum included in good diet
  117. Sad song in matrix about neo's heart
  118. Shining learner having that certain something
  119. Sliced veal, look: avoid eating that
  120. Some twelve-stone sprites
  121. Survey ignoring conservative revival
  122. Suspend (from university)
  123. Tiny trace or amount
  124. Wild animal in eastern country
  125. Milky pudding
  126. Unit of bread
  127. Changes in water level
  128. Impact marks
  129. Nine-piece groups
  130. Chambermaid’s workplace
  131. Gang dispute over territory
  132. Short-sleeved garment
  133. Arm flexor
  134. Diets affected by sea changes
  135. Behold old frenchman appear
  136. Pale sort of caper
  137. Man to retry plan
  138. Overseer in favour of name change
  139. Walk that's measured say
  140. Gossip about the french parties
  141. Left fool a bloomer say
  142. Daughter sent off for damages
  143. Hose off a trainer say
  144. Sway to some music
  145. Sails fashioned from plant material
  146. Father with hesitation gets cat
  147. A fellow's in tiny bits
  148. Mature pier design
  149. 1959 novel by keith waterhouse featuring the fictional country of ambrosia
  150. Jack — actor who played the tin man in 1939 film fantasy the wizard of oz
  151. Isthmus of — narrow neck of the malay peninsula between the gulf of thailand and bay of bengal
  152. Henrik ibsen stage play first performed in 1893
  153. 1964 spy novel by len deighton
  154. State capital of oregon us
  155. County of the republic of ireland whose settlements include drumlish moydow and granard
  156. Colourless double sulphate of aluminium and potassium used in dressing leather
  157. City in vojvodina serbia near the border with hungary
  158. Member of a muslim mystical order whose name derives from the phrase 'one who wears wool'
  159. Mel — us actor who voiced cartoon characters daffy duck and porky pig
  160. 2010 novel by john le carre
  161. Richard — director of films iris and notes on a scandal
  162. Medium-sized wading bird with a small head whose female is called a reeve
  163. 1947 film thriller starring james mason and robert newton
  164. Phil — rugby union prop; 1976 ireland test debutant against france
  165. Beno — bath rugby prop; cousin of england lock maro itoje
  166. Of or relating to capital letters
  167. Greek island in the ionian sea, the legendary home of odysseus
  168. Person briefly in the office gets man captivated
  169. Managed to be somewhat unnatural
  170. Barricade mare
  171. Like an order mocking customer finally leaves
  172. It's clear i have put up with depression
  173. 1988 action film starring steven seagal and pam grier
  174. Judy ___, star of the wizard of oz
  175. German fermented cabbage dish similar to kimchi
  176. Demonstrate boredom
  177. Condo rental
  178. Grouchy person
  179. Express ones ideas
  180. Ancient legend
  181. Coup __ (rebellion)
  182. Designer spade
  183. Patriots and steelers org.
  184. Last-second scoring shot
  185. Fastener twisted into wood
  186. Scorches in a skillet
  187. Coffee/chocolate flavor
  188. Halves of a golf course
  189. Campus faculty nickname
  190. To the __ degree (highly)
  191. 1990s commerce acronym
  192. Like a 61 down
  193. Person from el paso
  194. Thin streaks of clouds
  195. Dangerous deception
  196. Born first
  197. Indefinite quantity
  198. Sum calculated
  199. Mexican of yore
  200. Told a little lie
  201. Made minor changes to
  202. __ circle (closest advisors)
  203. Skiers accessory
  204. Typical airliner
  205. An element of extra backsliding - a period that's not over
  206. Legs of lamb for roasting
  207. Three-day horse-riding competition
  208. Do harps ruin an unknown piece of music?
  209. Joke by one politician is intended to do damage
  210. Landlord, one that's found in bed
  211. Making unattractive noise, it managed to break over time
  212. My tyres burst under ice - whodunnit?
  213. Nancy's repeated consent by phone to get rid of waste
  214. Nasa’s last head initially opted for lunar mission
  215. No strong drink served up as guardian spirit
  216. Novel finally edited, introducing knight and horse
  217. Odd people heavily focused on europe, essentially obsessive
  218. One given menial tasks to do
  219. One italian mp tries working against expansionism
  220. Open university charged very big boss of sky
  221. Pitch from film director cutting a lot of ice
  222. Play golf with olympian, getting thrashed
  223. Profitable and extremely resolute venture i am arranging
  224. Repairman keeps a snake
  225. Rich people showering lionel messi with endless praise
  226. River sustaining sect's traditional way of life
  227. Rv with a phone in
  228. Senior nursing officer of old
  229. Several old people entering a swimming pool
  230. Shaq - basketball's ultimate draw?
  231. She foresaw conservative fool with gunmen
  232. Slow-moving glacier melts, engulfing empty trench
  233. Small melon with ribbed skin
  234. Some start celebrating upcoming greek play
  235. Sound’s singular feature
  236. Stanhope, minus front, rebuilt as another carriage
  237. Summer frock
  238. Tennis player in bilbao, relaxing on vacation
  239. Text manager providing rocks for building
  240. Vehicle brought back to spain for the barcelona gp?
  241. Veronica did a 22 in balloon
  242. Warning about wrong packaging
  243. ___ dali, painter
  244. (sound made by) fancy frills on female dresses - four/four
  245. A good place to gamble and lie around
  246. A gun for each person
  247. A pretty old invader, one of four in vw?
  248. Bbc documentary series hosted by neil oliver and nicholas crane
  249. A romeo longing to hug new colleague here
  250. Affirmative gestures
  251. After initially swallowing ecstasy tablet when drunk, this may save your life
  252. Ancient mariner goes in for each song book
  253. Angel's using drugs kept in heavy case
  254. Bank allowance limits to stop
  255. British inventor, from that time on, nearly left an impression
  256. Coming to and in pain again?
  257. Countrywide
  258. Couple's sexual relations upset me
  259. Crude film that's about a sailor
  260. Dis the criminal fraternity
  261. Draw roger opening note
  262. Drying area next to a sink
  263. Explorer and crew taking a set line
  264. Extremist involved in awful tragedy
  265. Eye troy in old image
  266. Jacques --, french composer of the humorous orchestral 'divertissement'
  267. Fan of wine, he and bill may get indissolubly lashed
  268. God and eden's downfall rejected
  269. Going round spar, for example, i can primarily see counter and freezers
  270. Got up and went to an event
  271. Hang around in a secretive way
  272. Hear out visiting minister's political aide, maybe
  273. In active opposition
  274. Amscray origin
  275. Classic shoe
  276. Fbi sting of the 1970s and 1980s
  277. Stunt cycle maker
  278. City of southwest kyrgyzstan
  279. Setting item
  280. Late baroque painter giordano
  281. Garage offerings and a phonetic hint to what the black squares in rows 3 5 11 and 13 do
  282. Country singer bentley
  283. Andorra is located in them
  284. One might be picked up in a bar
  285. Bishop's title: abbr.
  286. Org. for strikers?
  287. Where a lead story may be continued
  288. Mccarthy of can you ever forgive me?
  289. Charizard or pikachu e.g.
  290. Commuter plane
  291. Antarctic indentation
  292. Grizzlies' grp.
  293. Contemporary of hosea and isaiah
  294. Room between the study and billiard room in clue
  295. Digs a lot
  296. City about 1 350 miles west of brasilia
  297. Cadiz kisses
  298. Play interval 8 letters
  299. Ancient city birthplace of dido
  300. Tonga also known as the islands
  301. 19th century french poet 10 letters
  302. Tall wading bird climber
  303. Club prohibits some percussion
  304. ___ to something (succeed)
  305. ___ shirt (luau garb)
  306. Fashions that don't last
  307. What's happening!! hairstyles
  308. Frances houseman's nickname in dirty dancing
  309. ___ and the family stone (dance to the music band)
  310. Sherpa who summited 26-across with 39-across in 1953 (2 wds.)
  311. 2007 film role for ellen page
  312. Peak whose summit was first reached by 14-across and 39-across (2 wds.)
  313. Computer option for naming a document (2 wds.)
  314. Form of intolerance explored in to kill a mockingbird
  315. Financier john jacob who was aboard the titanic
  316. Tic ___ (breath mints)
  317. 2012 ben affleck political thriller about the iran hostage crisis
  318. Easy-to-spot jigsaw pieces
  319. I have ___ (beats me) (2 wds.)
  320. Explorer who would have turned 100 years old on july 20 2019 (2 wds.)
  321. Name written on the bottom of woody's boot in toy story
  322. Gone with the wind actor clark
  323. Money ___ nothing (dire straits hit song)
  324. Purple ___ (jimi hendrix song)
  325. Boxer named sportsman of the century by sports illustrated in 1999
  326. That ___ really tied the room together (the big lebowski line)
  327. Actor mineo of rebel without a cause
  328. Cards needed for blackjacks
  329. The ___ falcon (1941 humphrey bogart film)
  330. ___ for (attest to the qualities of)
  331. Tries to control as a runaway horse (2 wds.)
  332. Explosive compounds
  333. Reach the same conclusion
  334. Landed on a branch as a bird
  335. Transaction between sports teams
  336. Reverie, pipe dream, fairy tale
  337. Spear age is as strange
  338. German city whose zollverein coal mine industrial complex became a unesco world heritage site in 2001
  339. Blown-up photographs
  340. Watches teachers marking correctly?
  341. Drunk cried - it's the drink!
  342. Smashing time presumably, that's out of most people's hands
  343. Senior army rank
  344. Stop to sort net out for the whole ship
  345. There's a poor turnout for such a race
  346. Structure for every goal set out
  347. 1954 action film starring richard widmark and bella darvi
  348. Residential district, part of the london borough of barnet
  349. Garden plant introduced to europe from china in the early 19th century
  350. Lion king director broadway
  351. Glacier chunk
  352. Distribute unevenly
  353. Sound volume device (abbr)
  354. Tell bad things about
  355. After seventh
  356. Paddling up to knees
  357. Smoothed down
  358. Maybe feathered for cleaning
  359. Create something from wool
  360. Dog’s snout
  361. Type of white heron
  362. Zip stamina
  363. Fresh original
  364. Tricky baseball pitches
  365. Song that opens and closes the lion king
  366. Coordinate as audio and video briefly
  367. Dickinson of poetry
  368. Faulty or flawed
  369. ____: miami (american tv series)
  370. One of the coldest peninsulas of egypt
  371. Coarse scratchy sounds
  372. Trouble or harass
  373. Hungarian light horseman
  374. Deceives, cheats
  375. They get drawn randomly a great deal
  376. Neil —, musician-comedian who played ron nasty in 1978 tv movie the rutles: all you need is cash
  377. Rmuyk daily jumble answer
  378. Haalo daily jumble answer
  379. Taweys daily jumble answer
  380. Grreub daily jumble answer
  381. Mkaloeatbrr daily jumble answer
  382. Saw a figure ahead!
  383. The obstetricians started their business together, and now they’re part of the … daily jumble answer
  384. Author's muscle spasm
  385. Despicable, glib neo-liberal
  386. 2008 biopic starring greg kinnear as bob kearns
  387. Wind in the willows included seven tales orginally
  388. Clothing of paper arranged in a line
  389. Felicity initially lacking flexibility
  390. Romeo leaves to shorten meeting
  391. Capuchin against a sectarian
  392. He sends out, ergo, he utters, he hurls
  393. 1¾ml thoroughfare on raasay constructed single-handedly over 10 years
  394. Avant-garde, absurdist dramatist who wrote the bald soprano and rhinoceros
  395. Yellowish-red fleshy fruit used in chutneys or pickles
  396. Cow's bellow
  397. What an employed person has
  398. Long poem dedicated to a hero
  399. ___ england patriots nfl team from the greater boston area
  400. Ceo or cfo e.g. for short
  401. ___ perry singer of teenage dream and dark horse
  402. Let's put smart to work company: abbr.
  403. Snip with scissors
  404. Banks of fablife
  405. The fast ___ 2001 crime action film in which vin diesel plays the role of dominic toretto: 3 wds.
  406. X in ancient rome
  407. Guardians ___ 2014 superhero film in which vin diesel (birthday today) provided the voice for the character of groot: 3 wds.
  408. ___ and cheese (popular comfort food)
  409. Word like yuck! or ick!
  410. Consulate issuance to travel to another country
  411. Large african bovine with a mane
  412. Take my breath ___ (single from the top gun soundtrack album)
  413. Prefix with fall to mean an embarrassing mistake
  414. 2002 vin diesel movie in which he plays xander cage
  415. Standard battery size
  416. Puzzle with an entrance and an exit?
  417. Part of a journey or a part of the body
  418. 2005 american comedy film starring vin diesel in which he plays the role of u.s. navy seal shane wolfe: 2 wds.
  419. Texting chuckle: abbr.
  420. I am ___ liberty to say.: 2 wds.
  421. Carry out orders dutifully
  422. Mercedes-benz's or audi's competitor: abbr.
  423. Directionally opposite to wnw: abbr.
  424. The mysteries of glass author sue ___
  425. Downloadable periodical informally
  426. Cast an evil spell on
  427. Fishing tool that covers a wide area
  428. ___ five (celebratory hand-slap)
  429. Catch me if ___ can movie starring tom hanks and leonardo dicaprio
  430. Cleveland basketballer for short
  431. Video surveillance system: abbr.
  432. Place of higher education informally
  433. As snug as a bug in a ___ (cozy and comfortable)
  434. City in new hampshire that's home to antioch university new england
  435. ___ neeson actor of schindler's list and taken
  436. The big ___ (new york city's nickname)
  437. Overhead structure of a house or car
  438. Domesticate or train an animal
  439. Like a cigarette that doesn't have a flame
  440. Nobody ___ about it anymore. (nobody is bothered.)
  441. April fools' day rumor for e.g.
  442. Time ___ sci-fi tv series starring dale midkiff and elizabeth alexander
  443. Trainspotting star mcgregor
  444. Destroy a building
  445. No news of him ___. (no information so far)
  446. 1933 james whale horror
  447. Roux clair
  448. Maladie des moutons
  449. Matériau synthétique imitant le cuir
  450. Aliens fled in panic from such control...
  451. Affected working class speech used by jamie oliver, guy ritchie and others
  452. Henri —, 1952 and 1956 olympic dressage individual and team gold medallist
  453. The wife of william shakespeare, to whom he left the 'second-best bed' in his will
  454. It's not unusual around end of meal to serve cheese
  455. *mecca for sci-fi and superhero fans
  456. *trace-amount precipitation
  457. Gross sales on an income statement
  458. Co-star/co-creator issa __ of hbo's insecure
  459. The official of a synagogue who conducts the liturgical part of the service and sings or chants the prayers intended to be performed as solos
  460. *make flashy modifications to
  461. __ stefani returning coach on the voice
  462. Alerts on the road
  463. Nursery roll
  464. Car storage spot
  465. Run like heck
  466. Er i'd rather not
  467. Watson who played hermione in harry potter films
  468. Freelance for extra income … and a hint to the answers to starred clues
  469. Start of d-day?
  470. Depp's lone ranger role
  471. Sonia sotomayor's alma mater
  472. Pub flier
  473. Genesis city of sin
  474. Call round a little afterwards, being sly
  475. Extreme diet
  476. Determined precisely with down
  477. Words that begin the line before deny thy father and refuse thy name
  478. Pilot products
  479. Sticky-toed lizards
  480. Eventful chapter
  481. Eccentric question to irritate may finally
  482. Louisiana city, home of the mardi gras
  483. Voila, near hustler is an african giant
  484. Part of an aeon, in geological time
  485. Is able to start or finish a dance
  486. Recipe row over putting pinch of salt in is a small setback
  487. South african cricketer who died in a 2002 plane crash
  488. Sailor catches final fish when it swallows new fly
  489. Son ran back in distress to find fast-food outlet
  490. The original 'it girl'
  491. Colourless, odourless, flammable gas; the main constituent of natural gas
  492. Cuban capital
  493. Power grab
  494. *aftermath of a white christmas eave?
  495. *made something with unexpected consequences
  496. *insurance might cover it
  497. Signature maryland appetizers
  498. Bon ___ (cleaner brand)
  499. With 63-across business fable with two mice … or a hint to a word hidden in each starred answer
  500. Springtime bloomers
  501. Place for a me day
  502. Like a sea battle
  503. Succeeds in annoying
  504. Jalapenos' spicier cousins
  505. Try to annoy
  506. Broke into pieces
  507. Breakfast chain that temporarily flipped its p to a b
  508. Tropic of ___
  509. Beatles' beat guy
  510. Tennis star naomi
  511. Letter between kappa and mu
  512. Storyteller's fast forward
  513. Included in a bibliography
  514. ___ of attrition
  515. Pc support
  516. Black sabbath's osbourne
  517. Very calm
  518. A valediction: forbidding mourning poet
  519. Hgtv designer ford
  520. Hanna or barbera
  521. Michelle who wrote becoming
  522. Animal pair rescuer
  523. Often-repeated tales
  524. Stealthy email letters
  525. Typical fellow
  526. Lengthy on-the-air fundraiser
  527. Character played by natalie wood in the 1947 film miracle on 34th street
  528. Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th dynasty who succeeded akhenaton c. 1333 bc
  529. Rene –, french art nouveau jeweller, glass-maker and designer
  530. Normal english cut
  531. Have rice cooked for winner
  532. Round enclosure is accessible
  533. River forming the boundary between the ceremonial counties of durham and yorkshire
  534. Neil –, politician who was the leader of the opposition from 1983 to 1992
  535. Reject men following charge
  536. Crunchy entrée at chipotle
  537. Drop me ___ sometime: 2 wds.
  538. Take your time: 2 wds.
  539. Apple laptops discontinued in 2006
  540. Add vitamins to as bread
  541. Www.google.com and www.apple.com for example: abbr.
  542. Joan of ___ (french heroine)
  543. Three-time oscar nominee saoirse
  544. Instinct actor cumming
  545. ___: the movie (2017 tv movie based on a usa series)
  546. Middle eastern nation that's home to shiraz and tabriz
  547. ___ against the machine (rock band)
  548. Image made up of small tiles
  549. State south of oklahoma: abbr.
  550. Sparkly like the night sky
  551. Sewing tool used on canvas or leather
  552. Chicken won ___ (campbell's soup variety)
  553. Pledges recited in courtrooms
  554. Hall who hosted a 1990s talk show
  555. Select with a mouse
  556. Musical genre that billboard controversially decided old town road does not fit into
  557. The a in a.v. club
  558. End of the school week typically: abbr.
  559. Long shot actress charlize
  560. Discontinued make of gm cars for short
  561. ___ jam (sport-based video game)
  562. Industrial rock band whose instrumental 34 ghosts iv is sampled in old town road: 3 wds.
  563. Evil brute of middle-earth
  564. Achy breaky heart singer featured in the remix of old town road: 3 wds.
  565. ___ back and relax
  566. Protection for an inventor's brainchild
  567. What ___ you suggesting?
  568. Word meaning long stories that reads the same forward and backward
  569. Singer/rapper with the #1 billboard hit old town road: 3 wds.
  570. Primary airport of chicago
  571. Play-stopping noise from a referee
  572. Legal actions
  573. Second-largest nation
  574. Kitchenette cookers
  575. Poem by w. h. davies that begins: “what is this life if, full of care...”
  576. Shrank away from one in outhouse
  577. '50s tv western also rising from a barrel
  578. Structure which carries us route 101 between san francisco and marin county
  579. Piece of cloth worn around the neck or head
  580. Critical, having short period for twitching that's very bad
  581. The moment a spacecraft comes back into earth's atmosphere
  582. Still a reason for getting poor reception