1. Key that exits full screen video
  2. Two under par in golf
  3. One meaning of shalom
  4. The bruins of the n c a a
  5. Pulling a coin from behind someones ear e g
  6. Buttigieg of the biden cabinet
  7. Cashed, as a bad check
  8. Far from cramped
  9. Bakery offering that's always free?
  10. Best actress oscar nominee for "the dark angel" (1935)
  11. Wasatch mountains ski resort
  12. Recreation with skis or sneakers
  13. Unpretentious ancestry
  14. Felony, e.g.
  15. Reduced-rate hotel offering
  16. Big gp. of towers?
  17. Former first lady behind the "let's move!" initiative
  18. Courageous … like 17-, 24-, 40- and 50-across?
  19. Key that will get you out of a window
  20. Shadowfax, to gandalf
  21. Tom who voices woody in "toy story" films
  22. Golf announcer's call before a potential victory putt
  23. Mötley crüe piece
  24. Lab-coated tv educator
  25. Artist's trunk?
  26. Pluto, but not goofy
  27. Lunches with jif
  28. Hardly an orange-free st.
  29. Tv's "barefoot contessa"
  30. "so here's the __"
  31. Monterrey milk
  32. 1-down relief org.
  33. Be convincing
  34. Code of silence
  35. Confounding layouts
  36. Like some coffee and ales
  37. 6th of december?
  38. Participant in a mac-vs-pc argument, maybe
  39. Payout determinant
  40. Bbq residue
  41. Longtime satirical magazine
  42. Day before the big day
  43. Anti-war activist yoko
  44. Docs for dachshunds
  45. Crafter's knife brand
  46. Literary king of the elephants
  47. Affix as a patch
  48. The cars' ocasek
  49. Jupiter and saturn
  50. Second most common blood type
  51. Where planes can fly
  52. Column with a view
  53. Faith founded in persia
  54. Cold-blooded critters
  55. One may contain crab legs
  56. Champagne bucket filler
  57. Bat mitzvah text
  58. Not sure it's possible or an observation about 3- 5- or 23-down
  59. Ingredient in the candy whoppers
  60. George michael vocally
  61. Like a perfect world
  62. The big bang theory astrophysicist
  63. Sandwich that shares a name with an apartment building style
  64. Home to myrtle beach
  65. Key west, to cape cod
  66. John houseman in the ____ ____
  67. Wrap for a summer roll
  68. East asian cuisine item
  69. A furnace for reducing a body to ashes by burning esp. for funeral rites (noun)
  70. An enclosed, transparent container for growing and displaying plants or small animals indoors (noun)
  71. A container where water animals are kept; establishment where fish are kept and exhibited (noun)
  72. A room, hall or building used for public gatherings (noun)
  73. Two four-letter bodies of water
  74. Two countries
  75. Maker of the whopper: ____ ____
  76. Ten words starting and ending in h
  77. Hitless mlb game, in slang
  78. Stupidly bad, in slang
  79. Brigand thief
  80. Ride the waves
  81. Bring to close
  82. Before d e f