1. Sinclair lewis
  2. Intimidate unnerve
  3. Fidgety unrelaxed
  4. Dirty dancing father
  5. The descendants father
  6. Faire sortir une bete de son gite
  7. Proceeds by a winding course
  8. Diana in at mine entrance
  9. Second of two bugle calls signalling the hour for retiring at night, also played at military funerals
  10. One of an iranian race living in central asia
  11. Announcing girdle can work
  12. ____ ash, men behaving badly actress
  13. Person who supplies and handles animals used in film and television productions (8)
  14. Cooked in a spicy tomato sauce with bell peppers and herbs; italian, 'hunter'
  15. Either of two people or animals conceived at the same time
  16. Best set table held up as gives evidence
  17. Mansion by lake, housing for top people at ease
  18. Attractive alternative to losing all the matches
  19. Tower to lease, in coastal area around south
  20. Meal left a french chef half cut
  21. Old jacket sailor put back on board, xl
  22. The ice plant genus
  23. “a day, long time” — proverb
  24. A bad mark for this sort of clue
  25. A fish that’s biting
  26. A friend? only on paper
  27. Allocates such dreadful tee-shirts and jeans
  28. Countryman sees game-bird losing height
  29. Dramatic work by pavement artists?
  30. Dye anne hathaway originally used up
  31. Fat person’s pudding
  32. Good rule to mix up thin porridge
  33. Grow rapidly, and drive ram away
  34. Headgear on back of the head
  35. Instrument once used in daily recital
  36. It’s easy to be a little angel?
  37. Jump over tomb
  38. Perfect french dessert
  39. Ship’s tailor?
  40. Skin lotion not rejected by monarch
  41. Strode round rural area
  42. Such bacon uneven in quality?
  43. Suddenly and unexpectedly lacking a couple of presents
  44. Wild flower grew up beside pet
  45. Worker completed transfer
  46. Dragon in the hobbit
  47. Land in the water in livorno
  48. 20th century us abstract expressionist painter
  49. Writer of satires
  50. Ferocious attack overwhelms british
  51. Flower lies in tangles with weeds
  52. From one direction, point to the back of the ship
  53. Game played with netted sticks
  54. God, i'm satisfied after a couple of lines
  55. Hated to move on to improvised way of settling match
  56. Human or animal manifestation of vishnu
  57. In court, judge rebuffed fat idiot
  58. It's only a tiny bit of work
  59. Italian port oarsmen drunk
  60. Kid rock produced by yes? bit of shock initially!
  61. Long for european girl
  62. Look angry if x-factor boss misses train
  63. Lovers share tweets when travelling
  64. Make a fuss about mass way to dispose of bodies
  65. Most peevish, so you say 'relax'
  66. Move with a circular motion
  67. Old car bishop scrapped in fury
  68. Old show-off cut off at last, daughter revealed
  69. One blooming cool-looking cat, i'm told!
  70. One can't be forced to work
  71. Pilots taking you out for bit of laugh in these?
  72. Possible prospect of lap dances? fantastic!
  73. Primate and knight visiting elba briefly?
  74. Primate upset yours truly during brief temptation
  75. Some fruit couples picked up
  76. Something for tea brought by pack mule
  77. Song about character kicking drug
  78. Sort of rule you can't look up?
  79. South african horn, seen at football matches
  80. Sprinkling of spices (alternatively seasoning works)
  81. Star property
  82. Such as would suit you down to the ground? only half
  83. The latest is the responsibility of very small people
  84. These incursions not cross-country?
  85. They have you going in circles around the airport
  86. Unable to be rubbed out
  87. Unusual stone cooker
  88. Wagner opera in german has act with heroic deeds
  89. Wasted red angrily told people where to go?
  90. Welcome lecture
  91. Worried by area - see it secured all round
  92. 3-d model representing a scene
  93. A bit cruel recasting grease?
  94. A bit of love, no more malice
  95. A fighter's old friend
  96. A firm friend?
  97. A place to make liquor, not bubbly
  98. Awkward sleeping without pillows ultimately
  99. Be liable for where a dog's dinner's gone?
  100. Biting times column half-censored dutch photos
  101. Boards' arrangement of vessel to drink
  102. Bolt vegetable, but not drop of merlot
  103. Brainy type of english supervisor ferrying goods
  104. Broken damned loo apt to cause grief?
  105. Car body
  106. Cast assuring silence for leading actor
  107. Conflict taking month to heat up
  108. Conned by european soprano? that can be hell!
  109. Could it make a lamb joint stretch?
  110. Cutlery and a set of plates one may have at a banquet
  111. Dried product of a laurel tree, used in cooking
  112. Drink to combine with alcohol
  113. Enduringly popular queen awful revenge consumes
  114. Evening game
  115. Excite - activate
  116. Collateral meaning
  117. In a way that causes catastrophe
  118. The expanse of the sky heavens
  119. Lawsuit; something done
  120. Loose cloak
  121. Roman public squares
  122. Additional tweak
  123. Containing nitrogen
  124. Explosive locator
  125. Gradually change
  126. Item to hand out
  127. Humorous poem of two short couplets
  128. Give a gentle push
  129. The hall of ___ , gallery at versailles
  130. Extinct volcano shouldn't
  131. Chapter i'd rewritten for next to nothing
  132. Case of student in east dogging revered christian leader
  133. Clear italian drink greek is wanting opening
  134. Cannabis and ecstasy in prison
  135. Character with inclination for one toiletry containing iodine
  136. Characteristic modes of expression
  137. Circuit of track friend recalled
  138. Claire demolished pastry
  139. Child expert's son has scar
  140. C-f musical interval - prince regent george's eventual regnal number
  141. Climate change problem
  142. Cheesy food, undercooked, cut using teeth
  143. Casually plays with food
  144. Classical music concert for which part of the audience stands
  145. A rich eccentric hosts writer, fabulous creature
  146. Spin result, maybe cutting advantage
  147. Concealed description of the invisible man
  148. Amount due when i'd bet foolishly
  149. Behave yourself when you act as guide
  150. Cook modest arab dishes
  151. Clumsy wit upset discontented killjoy
  152. Corner relative when drunk?
  153. Cold rice balls with raw fish
  154. Clouds of particles and gas obscure bus lane
  155. Crackpot butchers barman
  156. Comic actor is concerning first lady
  157. Composition of messiaen spurned by one in concert
  158. Collections of overlapping signs
  159. Cuts back gradually, limiting publicity for shows
  160. Curry, not the first, in space
  161. Court ladies using animal magnetism, primarily
  162. Company member initially gives hope of settlements
  163. Composed of viscous liquid drops
  164. Copies a lot of music that's free, at least abroad
  165. Copper knocking back a very soft drink
  166. Omitting stages, investigators work here in lab
  167. Either of two stops that give a pipe organ its characteristic tone colour
  168. Gwen ___, singer-actress who portrayed jean harlow in 2004 biopic the aviator
  169. The supposed ability to communicate by thought
  170. Tree with a copper variety
  171. The honey badger, an animal related to the wolverine
  172. Peri —, actress who played roz doyle in us television sitcom frasier
  173. They can be two-toed or three-toed.
  174. Nancy ---, the first woman to serve as an mp in the british house of commons
  175. Gush when master dances
  176. Peter mark —, english physician and lexicographer whose thesaurus of english words and phrases was published in 1852
  177. Old gold coin equal to a sovereign overseas!
  178. To eject or drive out with force
  179. Everything unknown to companion
  180. Don't allow man up the pole
  181. Beautiful handwriting considered as an art
  182. Analogies for lines of latitude
  183. — ap gruffydd; killed near builth in 1282, the last native prince of wales
  184. Racecourse expelling a fellow wearing a kilt?
  185. Max _, cosmetics company founder 1872-1938
  186. Dance showing a little decorum, basically
  187. Groups of singers performing rounds, canons and harmonies in unison
  188. Specimen lawn plant; _ grass
  189. He plays emmerdale's frank clayton
  190. Soft, grey, toxic heavy metal
  191. 1947 debut novel by mickey spillane whose protagonist is mike hammer
  192. Constituent part of the university of cambridge founded in 1428 as a benedictine hostel
  193. A sign of love to the french
  194. Garrulous, like a tv lunatic absorbing atmosphere
  195. A labyrinth to shock and awe
  196. Sunday before easter commemorating christ's triumphal entry into jerusalem
  197. Flies swiftly (into bed on board?)
  198. Crater lake near naples, italy, regarded as an entrance to hades in ancient times
  199. Patrick —, new zealand-born widnes vikings rugby league player previously with bradford bulls
  200. Irishman given a spooky experience abandoning church
  201. Us blues singer and guitarist born huddie william ledbetter in 1888
  202. Part of a brain or a 59-down
  203. Cry at a fireworks show
  204. Beach outing say
  205. Hit cbs forensics series
  206. Movie filming locale
  207. Engender as suspicion
  208. High point of winter?
  209. Sound of ice cream hitting the floor
  210. Financially afloat again
  211. Comics goals
  212. Mobile apps clientele
  213. Instagram upload informally
  214. Traffic helicopter e.g.
  215. Partner of signed and delivered in a stevie wonder hit
  216. Coppertone stats for short
  217. Most widely spoken native language of india after hindi
  218. Ls meaning in box scores
  219. Aladdins monkey sidekick
  220. Suffix in many english county names
  221. Like a thiefs loot
  222. Like a thiefs loot slangily
  223. Dutch artist known for his impossible drawings
  224. Gore and capone for two
  225. I think in textspeak
  226. Drinks not meant to be savored
  227. Rupauls purview
  228. Pieholes
  229. Gaelic spirit who wails to foretell a death in the family
  230. Provide ones digital john hancock
  231. ___-weeny (small)
  232. Ratified for short
  233. Senate assent
  234. Place for a stud or a ring
  235. Number-picking bar game
  236. Story on a stand
  237. '70s embargo gp.
  238. *home of the nfl's saints
  239. *dentist's laughing gas
  240. Mideast's dead __
  241. Cause increasing bitterness
  242. Keep out! sign … or in three parts each answer to a starred clue
  243. Insect colony with a queen
  244. Very serious as straits
  245. *slipping into slumberland
  246. She in sevilla
  247. Former justice sandra day __
  248. Mit and brookings
  249. Little bit of gel
  250. Giraffes eat its leaves
  251. Reason for a ball game delay
  252. Giants catcher buster __
  253. Truck type
  254. Partial floor cover
  255. Moses of the track
  256. Iron option
  257. Mets infielder lowrie
  258. Words before a date on a medicine bottle
  259. Cowardly errand runners?
  260. Crewmate of capt. kirk and dr. mccoy
  261. Staples paper clips and the like
  262. Place where bombs were bursting
  263. Novice funny folks?
  264. Body part with a canal
  265. Ammo for daisy rifles
  266. Worker with a van
  267. Melancholy rapscallions?
  268. Grabbed before anyone else could
  269. Japanese soup noodle
  270. Sister channel of qvc
  271. Maoist photographers?
  272. Cop operation
  273. Jet last flown in 2003
  274. Wide shoe letters
  275. ___ pal (female friend)
  276. Player in the midsummer classic
  277. Org. checking carry-ons
  278. Kabbalah for example
  279. Car with a leaping cat hood ornament
  280. Word with room or center
  281. Thing that's pointless to beat
  282. Get ready informally
  283. Targets of bench-pressing
  284. Like some barbecues and mining
  285. Ropes at rodeos
  286. Release as a tie
  287. Coke or crush
  288. Appreciate informally
  289. Nyc-based skit show
  290. Fearsome dragon in the hobbit
  291. 6-across or 8-across
  292. Lifter at a construction site
  293. Garnish for a corona
  294. One of eight in a stick of butter: abbr.
  295. Gymnast's bar
  296. Pueblo tribe member
  297. Tabloids hoverers
  298. Leave no tip for
  299. Revenue-collecting agency
  300. Lob trajectory
  301. Twelve oaks neighbor of fiction
  302. Antique bathtub features
  303. Checked-baggage limit
  304. Rescuer to the rescued
  305. Mandatory bet
  306. Distort as poll results
  307. Original house of bourbon members
  308. Ethan of the green mountain boys
  309. Quackgrass e.g.
  310. Music festival itinerary for short
  311. Doesn't leave ajar
  312. Golden arches order
  313. The riddler to batman
  314. Help in securing a loan
  315. Script memorizer
  316. Fight card highlight
  317. Present-day neanderthal
  318. Celeb with a magazine
  319. Aspiring star's goal
  320. Out of one's tree
  321. Public spectacles
  322. Hunted and pecked say
  323. Stage staff
  324. Tour de france range
  325. Eggs on in a way
  326. Entrenches
  327. Memorial day's day: abbr.
  328. Toy that shoots pellets
  329. It wasn't me! support
  330. Roth investment
  331. Giants (and crossword) legend
  332. 747 or 757
  333. Go against the wishes of
  334. Hated roman emperor
  335. Developer's counterpart
  336. Ring ref's rulings
  337. State bordered by the mississippi and missouri
  338. Diplomatic quality
  339. Temporary home for fido
  340. To melt from a solid frozen state
  341. Nothing left at home has turned up
  342. 1958 film directed by alfred hitchcock
  343. Traditional type of italian straw-covered bottle for chianti
  344. Short hand on joint
  345. Inspiration for historical characters losing a shirt perhaps
  346. 1998 film drama starring meryl streep and renee zellweger
  347. Climbers - our team's nine, roughly
  348. Sending on to be used as a shield?
  349. Even lower in estimation
  350. The 14th century, especially as a period of italian art, architecture or literature
  351. Blue hedgehog in a series of video games
  352. I name cicada after reforming scholar
  353. Self-indulgent people
  354. A feeling of languor will make some of the children nuisances