1. Person who is likely proud and ambitious in astrology
  2. Male voice range higher than baritone
  3. Audio recordings
  4. They cost over $5 million each during this year’s super bowl
  5. ___ gin fizz (mixed drink)
  6. Baseball arbiters for short
  7. Highest part of a baseball uniform
  8. Bar used to wash your hands
  9. Give a party
  10. Creates a white blanket in the yard
  11. Arthur ___ stadium (us open tennis venue)
  12. Sibling who shares your birthday
  13. End of a university’s url
  14. Whispered sound used to draw someone’s attention
  15. ___-inflammatory drugs
  16. Take it from the ___ (again!)
  17. Poli ___ (college major for short)
  18. Fight for sport
  19. Bamboozled irish politicians (one caught napping?)
  20. Convulsive measure
  21. Business delivering first of the fish
  22. Honeydew or cantaloupe, e.g.
  23. Scottish virtuoso percussionist made a dame in the 2007 new year honours
  24. The little devil's simply without cunning
  25. Comedian who had a long partnership with richard herring
  26. A method of tying a necktie
  27. The '0' symbol; nought
  28. Olympus vel vesuvius vel ida
  29. Goddess played by rene russo in thor
  30. E-4 or e-6 in the army: abbr.
  31. Single-minded pursuits
  32. Swimmer off the coast of greenland
  33. Kool moe ___ (first rapper to perform at the grammys)
  34. Stayed close to
  35. Having hooves
  36. Summer broadcast for espn
  37. Its sanctioned by a g
  38. Laugh hysterically
  39. Brother of the wild west
  40. What many doctors and lawyers work in
  41. Nascent stage
  42. Things felt at a casino?
  43. Daughter (and granddaughter) of jocasta
  44. Cool digs?
  45. Mr. microphone manufacturer
  46. Transpose in mix-up that could result in woman signing sponsorship deal
  47. The theatre cat in broadways cats
  48. Communication thats seen but not heard for short
  49. Slowly moves (along)
  50. Bubble and squeak ingredient slangily
  51. 1991 kenneth branagh film about reincarnation
  52. Computer mode
  53. Common diagnostic for epileptics
  54. Jimmy dorsey standard with the line youre like the fragrance of blossoms fair
  55. Caribbean land named by columbus
  56. Didnt pull over
  57. Pull off a spool
  58. Word whose first letter is dropped in contractions
  59. Having it out
  60. Country superfans
  61. Three cds?
  62. Collide with in an intersection perhaps
  63. Money at una casa de cambio
  64. Bygone saxophone great familiarly
  65. And all that: abbr.
  66. Saying the french word to finish
  67. Potential killer revealed by blood groups
  68. Bales out untouchables - terribly coarse!
  69. The spirit of the earth described by goethe in faust
  70. Nineties eric idle film; _ on the run
  71. Al —, gangster
  72. Alcohol initially banned in skating area
  73. Atmosphere old boy found in northern ireland’s capital city
  74. Cardinal slow on way back, everybody disheartened
  75. Chess player’s success welcomed by bridge partners
  76. Encirclement, say, if enemy gets energetic at outset
  77. Erotic dancing outside church — rebound hard to predict?
  78. Film “titanic” — argued new version is needed
  79. Flier’s usual nonsense?
  80. Foxtrot and tango as alternatives in soldiers’ place?
  81. In from france, happy to embrace new country
  82. Irritable as vessel held in new york
  83. Like sheep or like cow (not british)
  84. Loudly announce point in cellar
  85. Magic lamp finder
  86. One in boat dispute? i’m not sure
  87. Orchestral musician, popular, into red wine
  88. Originally vicky learned about perfume
  89. Our group by irish river feature
  90. Peer over lavatory, close, to see senior minister
  91. Present lady, without publicity, in kind manner
  92. Privateer recalling capri as rocky in part
  93. River in the news oddly
  94. Scoundrel in vogue given new start
  95. Seaside town
  96. Slogan from shaman tradition
  97. Stable worker in extremely grazeable clearing in forest
  98. Style of rock music that could get you back on road?
  99. Unrealistic upper-class head boy
  100. Series of spiral loops
  101. Medal earner
  102. Fatigue from a long flight
  103. Class with a lab for short
  104. Writes in java say
  105. Informer or spy
  106. By oneself alone
  107. Springs or swoops
  108. Veggies in some fried rice
  109. Chew and swallow food
  110. Fruit that grows on trees
  111. Sweet stuff in a piping bag
  112. Main character in a play
  113. Make less cluttered
  114. Do a tugboat's task
  115. Ink master pic
  116. Arcade game with ghosts
  117. Welland canal lake
  118. Fluffy brown dessert
  119. Like burning rubber's smell
  120. Wherry propellers
  121. Fruity beverage at mcdonald's
  122. 1925 irving berlin waltz
  123. Toddlers' breaks
  124. Ebola outbreak of 2014 e.g.
  125. Absorb's opposite
  126. Lower one's fielding average
  127. Bit of night light
  128. Boleyn portrayed in six
  129. Irritate by rubbing
  130. What jack broke in rhyme
  131. Home care workers
  132. Arms accords e.g.
  133. Its name means desert
  134. Rustic abode
  135. Far from clean
  136. Cessna spinner for short
  137. Decorate as a tree
  138. Betelgeuse or keaton in beetlejuice
  139. Rolls-royce's parent
  140. Point to mine developing the sobriquet
  141. Spades say to be convenient
  142. The first composer to journey
  143. Crib too became mechanical
  144. Lament ridge being lost
  145. Pull into auditorium say
  146. Organ – an instrument that's within hearing
  147. Gets wrong coach taking glen away
  148. Bed gets a layer of paint
  149. Tenner spent on cheese ingredient
  150. Beneath pet to be unfancied competitor
  151. Scheme to get some land
  152. Check alien permit
  153. Youngster of frugality
  154. Heal dog to a point
  155. Vegetable is equal bargain
  156. Sobriquet in a south american country
  157. Make a trip
  158. Hearing membrane
  159. Hot (climate)
  160. Weaker party
  161. Diving bird of northern oceans with a black and white plumage
  162. 1970s itv comedy series starring john alderton and pauline collins
  163. Robert us engineer born in 1934 after whom a type of musical synthesiser is named
  164. Henry poet whose works include drake's drum from 1897 volume admirals all
  165. Greek virgin goddess of wisdom and prudent warfare
  166. Jack english leader of the kentish rebellion against henry vi in 1450
  167. 2003 film comedy starring will ferrell and james caan
  168. Pseudonym of herman cyril mcneile author of 1920 novel bull-dog drummond
  169. James rugby union fly-half; 2006 wales test debutant against argentina
  170. Terry welsh writer who created the daleks for bbc tv series dr who
  171. 1848 novel by elizabeth gaskell
  172. Castle home of the dacre and howard families northeast of carlisle cumbria
  173. Author of novels i think i love you and how hard can it be?
  174. The main official residence of the prime minister of australia in canberra
  175. Seaport in northern chile in the atacama desert region
  176. Island off the coast of northwest wales
  177. 1997 action film starring harrison ford and gary oldman
  178. Marine creature with one or more venomous spines at the base of the tail
  179. Johanna 2017 wimbledon singles tennis championship semifinalist
  180. Former name of mthatha city in eastern cape south africa that was capital of the transkei bantustan
  181. Rookies, and what ails them after long hike?
  182. Smiling assassin chaser
  183. Food: writer given most credit for leading british tastes in a new direction, from the 1950s onwards
  184. An additional match to decide the outcome of a contest
  185. Title used by princes of the emperor of austria from 1453-1919
  186. Spanish classical composer
  187. Rent role
  188. Bachelor between islands brings every character back to another
  189. Ruins of a 12th-century castle near merlin's cave in cornwall; the legendary birthplace of king arthur
  190. Something that has survived from the past, such as an object or custom
  191. Just a little portion of cheese to get your teeth into
  192. In music, a medium-sized cylindrical drum making up part of a kit
  193. Very angry, pelt one american stealing ring
  194. Legal personnel about to procure english vegetable
  195. Lloyd's investors
  196. Lover in fine shiny fabric
  197. Mammal, a second seen in small lake
  198. Money returned by the way, covered by bill for meat
  199. More than one bound to get drink in bar
  200. Name a character in the centre of big gulf state
  201. Nice try, nhs
  202. Old annalist understood everyone here
  203. Old player, female in the field grabbed by supporter
  204. Party at dam displaying strange character
  205. Patron saint of greece
  206. Position university maintained in figures
  207. Private sector's heart broken by waste
  208. Queen mary, say, getting bottom scrubbed, so cold
  209. Relative turning up in unpleasant spot, without hope, lacking love
  210. Renewed energy to carry on
  211. Russian dish baked without filling, virtually inedible at first
  212. Second year will involve one getting different and strong
  213. Setter: one with art on the meagre side
  214. Sky successfully offloading one line to family
  215. Something that remains at the end of several months
  216. Something to solve on double-decker
  217. Staff party in a new part of greece
  218. State of brazil's sheepish comment about greeting
  219. Supporter left in street, befuddled
  220. Tentative insight as to why crack is filled with two gases
  221. Thanks air corps securing room for runways
  222. Travelling, some fork taken in country, heading for town
  223. Trouble looking worse ultimately, certainly with retinue
  224. Unknown figure to betray rising official
  225. Useless exercise by pioneer oddly forgotten
  226. West african country, independent since 1957
  227. Wine bar frequented by sweet fanny adams
  228. 007's drink
  229. A version of cinerama - hollywood stuff, inter alia
  230. Admits autumn is wild, involving trees initially undergoing necessary changes
  231. Appeal for help to attempt to limit setter’s deceptive approach
  232. Bar beginning to rock, joint almost back in mood
  233. Bar supporting bridge venture?
  234. Bar where xxxx's brewed dutch settler drinks
  235. Barry, it could be said, appears difficult
  236. Bottle stunt, alas, going wrong - still worth a mention?
  237. Broad description of things for sale?
  238. The bicameral federal legislature of the united states
  239. But it doesn’t mean we’d love never having to see you again!
  240. Buttocks finally scratched by short middle eastern woman famous for modelling
  241. Chunk cut down in study article
  242. Concealed malefactor bumping off leader
  243. Delivery from miller left in square
  244. Device for sending or receiving signals
  245. Drifter on bar, overly sensitive type
  246. A small amount found in dutch river
  247. Ecstasy - toenail
  248. Educate, arranging the learning without a staple of education?
  249. Elastic band found in small bar
  250. Father nursing wife with fruit
  251. Fish was circling river and most of ocean
  252. Flipping dull, echoing gong
  253. Foot i test out, trapping two balls?
  254. Frozen water sport
  255. Game of cards seldom breaking banks
  256. Girl in church picked up stringed instrument
  257. Greats
  258. Gumption - feeling
  259. Hat figure put on head, turned around
  260. Head off alien, green head off!
  261. In bar, risk bottles
  262. In shelter, female with long fingernail given a wide berth
  263. Indonesian island - programming language
  264. Intelligence of that woman will make you fade
  265. Jolly casual punches in bar
  266. 1925 comedy film starring charlie chaplin as the lone prospector
  267. 1990 booker prize winning author
  268. Hibernian 5 letters
  269. Norman conquest author
  270. Tax-deferred nest egg for short
  271. Nnw's directional opposite
  272. Sweet-smelling purple or white spring flower
  273. Horse ridden by frankie dettori that won the 2004 gold cup at ascot
  274. City of eastern germany
  275. Short price i arranged too early for the record
  276. Brushed away from the crown 7 little words
  277. Carried a golfer’s clubs 7 little words
  278. Giving an angry stare 7 little words
  279. Like linda mccartney foods 7 little words
  280. Reveals indiscreetly 7 little words
  281. Home of the commodores 7 little words
  282. Ear doctor 7 little words
  283. Nazareth native 7 little words
  284. It bears a stigma, part of nasty lesion
  285. Commencement beginning
  286. Wise man’s gift
  287. Craggy stony
  288. North atlantic treaty organization (abbr)
  289. Transferred from parent to child
  290. Something not applicable
  291. Parts making up recipe
  292. Single computer instruction
  293. Tears open
  294. Squelchy ground
  295. Acquit of blame
  296. We’ve only just ___! (commenced)
  297. Lindsay lohan starrer the parent ___
  298. Place where you can get sober
  299. She has a ___ tongue. (she often says unkind words.)
  300. Origami artist’s need
  301. Vanilla essence amount for short
  302. Insect linked with spelling
  303. Tomato ___ (output from a blender)
  304. All things considered broadcaster: abbr.
  305. Royal person
  306. Drink also known as milk punch
  307. Large, barrel-like container used for storing alcohol
  308. The doctor was out of ties
  309. Shields, especially heraldic ones that display coats of arms
  310. Pelican correctly positioned
  311. Device for streaming netflix
  312. Stumbles on excursions
  313. American producer/director whose films include platoon and born on the fourth of july
  314. Keep in subjection and hardship
  315. Chief or most important
  316. Dudley —, actor who played tinker dill in bbc tv series lovejoy
  317. One old fort now turned into a capital tourist attraction
  318. One loses one's head when in a corner
  319. It's no good - don't practise so much
  320. Devious girl conceals endorsement that's turned up
  321. Saying someone had struck you when he hadn't?
  322. Replace half-crown and shilling, for example
  323. Lillian, us actress whose appearances include 1955 film the night of the hunter
  324. 1964 musical written by jerry herman
  325. Julian, london-born guitarist, a protégé of segovia
  326. Title given to benito mussolini by the italian fascists
  327. 'lake isle of --', poem by w.b. yeats
  328. Lie under new screen finally digesting old biography, say?
  329. Beloved person, or the start of a letter
  330. Make attractive lemonade and use rail service
  331. Atlantic port in nw morocco
  332. Bubble and squeak
  333. Mr microphone
  334. Ensemble de plusieurs gros fils tordus ensemble
  335. Blue species in avatar
  336. Fastidiously neat
  337. Senator ___ character from star wars: episode i – the phantom menace which celebrates its 20th anniversary this month
  338. Involving the mouth
  339. Bruno mars song just the way you ___
  340. Science fiction monster film pacific ___
  341. Amazon founder and ceo bezos
  342. ___ of the line (final point)
  343. Extremely wealthy and influential businessperson
  344. Raised platform to deliver a speech maybe
  345. 19th century bed and breakfast say
  346. Intelligence agency under the department of defense: abbr.
  347. Joseph gordon-levitt and scarlett johansson starrer romantic comedy ___ jon
  348. Director of the film mentioned in 16a: 2 wds.
  349. All's fair in love and ___.
  350. A giant ___ (what king kong from the movies is)
  351. Actor who played anakin skywalker in the film mentioned in 16a: 2 wds.
  352. Collateral ___ arnold schwarzenegger starrer action thriller film
  353. What you bend to kneel
  354. The vampire diaries star somerhalder
  355. Palindromic name for a father
  356. Fashionable yes
  357. Repeat all over again
  358. One ___ time… (one after another): 2 wds.
  359. Half of a circle for short
  360. Bruce willis starrer action film franchise die ___
  361. Suffix with mar to mean a reddish color
  362. Rose colored glass singer johnson
  363. A teacher should ___ role model for her students.: 2 wds.
  364. In a tight ___ (in a difficult situation)
  365. With hardly any hair on the head
  366. Former tennis world no.1 ___ ivanovic
  367. Julia roberts starrer biographical film ___ brockovich
  368. Scribble something down
  369. ___ market (open-air market for secondhand goods)
  370. Worshippers of a celebrity
  371. Homer simpson's neighbor flanders
  372. Suffix with japan to mean its native
  373. ___-in-command (next person in charge)
  374. Casual dining restaurant chain ___ fridays
  375. Tokyo's currency
  376. What tails and tongues do
  377. The house that jack built actress thurman
  378. Engage in conversation
  379. Deep fryer's need
  380. Half open as a door
  381. English boy
  382. Somehow made ends meet with out
  383. Survival drama film starring tom hanks cast ___
  384. Prefix with man to mean a naval petty officer
  385. Prefix related to the environment
  386. Quench a desire
  387. That's a strict ___. (forbidden): hyph.
  388. Tiger's resting place
  389. Fat old boy feasted regularly
  390. Resistance in drum's protective sheet
  391. The athlete who is top
  392. Ms toksvig, qi and the great british bake off host
  393. Smallest and weakest animal in a litter
  394. Large and imposing house
  395. Greek with soft music maker
  396. Curious to see what the drink is
  397. Conclude, when you search about in
  398. Constellation whose brightest star is altair
  399. 17 gathered up here and formed a large group
  400. Reportedly developed very much like a monster
  401. Endorse, give a positive review
  402. Draw naughtiest embrace
  403. Large reptiles with powerful jaws and sharp teeth
  404. Packed in a box as oranges
  405. Elvis presley hit song
  406. Missouri-born president
  407. Juice choice
  408. Tummy relief
  409. The flash character
  410. Mil. rank indicated by a gold oak leaf
  411. Pawn for zeus
  412. *classroom vets
  413. Medalist moses
  414. *restate
  415. Auburn address part
  416. Brookie e.g.
  417. Pbj alternative
  418. Friendly relationships
  419. Member of the baseball hall of fame's inaugural class
  420. Many lifetimes
  421. Nation bordering victoria falls
  422. The five letters that switch to yield the contest answer
  423. Where the big 12's cyclones play
  424. Pecking order participant
  425. Good thing for a group to speak with
  426. Resort in the green mountains
  427. Mandalay bay machines
  428. Sforza castle site
  429. Org. for orthopedists
  430. Metal shooter
  431. Talking bear of film
  432. Funny or die unit
  433. Nursery sight
  434. Half-brother of peter the great (preceded by four with the same name)
  435. Jennifer saunders/joanna lumley series familiarly
  436. Four of you started to do some evicting
  437. Anderson cooper 360 network
  438. Italian romantic composer and violinist
  439. Go up into tent for fermented milk
  440. Object used for mooring
  441. Chinese dynasty known for its vases
  442. One often dropping things
  443. Tower hamlets' area of london
  444. The act of making a lease or licence valid for a further period
  445. A film with daniel craig as bond
  446. Homes for rinks
  447. Brit's adios!
  448. Red raiders' school
  449. Disappointing firework words
  450. Continent within australia?
  451. First-grader's retort
  452. Boy saved by scrooge
  453. '60s conflict site
  454. Ewe's boo
  455. Phishing email e.g.
  456. This frustrates me!
  457. Volleyball move before a set
  458. Diner staples
  459. Uncontrollable jerks
  460. Foreign affairs writer alison
  461. Liposuction cousin
  462. Attire for malcolm x
  463. American girl company
  464. Banzai shenzi or ed in the lion king
  465. Sci-fi time distortion
  466. Low-cost ride in a popular app
  467. About enough for one shot
  468. Fig newton relative
  469. Calculus pioneer newton
  470. Mardi gras city informally
  471. Cacao tidbit
  472. Nyc film festival site
  473. Coif style
  474. What a caret means
  475. Katie ledecky's olympic team
  476. One of 22 for walt disney
  477. Metaphorical attempt
  478. Strikeout record holder ryan
  479. Pot concoction
  480. Style in speaking of noble estate
  481. Right sort of measure
  482. Animal cruelly chained
  483. Misdated, mistimed, out of season
  484. Food item named after 18th century statesman john montagu
  485. Obstruction put on nobleman
  486. Low sound made by a frog
  487. ___ gunderson (unsuccessful salesman on “the simpsons”)
  488. Dessert served in wedges
  489. “gone girl” actress who narrates an audiobook of jane austen’s “pride and prejudice”: 2 wds.
  490. Grandfather of maggie lisa and bart
  491. Small ammo for a toy gun
  492. “homeland” actress who narrates an audiobook of margaret atwood’s “the handmaid’s tale”: 2 wds.
  493. Fountain pen fluid
  494. King ___ (young egyptian pharaoh)
  495. “___ in boots” (animated movie)
  496. Has too much heroin for example: abbr.
  497. Campanologist in a church steeple or tower
  498. Bmw rival from germany
  499. Sounds from unhappy fans
  500. Animal that moos
  501. Something you typically need to find in an escape room
  502. Walk onto someone’s private property without permission
  503. Car rental company that had the slogan “we try harder”
  504. What the roman numeral v stands for
  505. Killmonger’s first name in “black panther”
  506. Warning sign on a sticky park bench: 2 wds.
  507. “fbi” actress ward
  508. Chin and forehead’s location
  509. “life is not ___ of roses”: 2 wds.
  510. Music genre popularized by the sex pistols and the clash: 2 wds.
  511. Gronkowski who retired from football in march
  512. ___-pedi (nail salon combo)
  513. Cat food brand with a perfect portions line
  514. “in my view …”: 2 wds.
  515. Game where the solution might be “miss scarlet with the wrench in the lounge”
  516. French or spanish coin
  517. Meat-and-potatoes meal
  518. Behave badly, breaking pact outside university