1. Forge for the one ring
  2. More than enough crude stuff here to make a girl
  3. Let it be soft if you don't mind
  4. For this, don't mind it
  5. Get at the nail to get the point of 17 across
  6. Frightened, intimidated
  7. Bet that has you dead at last
  8. December holiday inspired by ''seinfeld''
  9. Dissolved substance, in chemistry classes
  10. Bernanke's group, for short
  11. Path opening for nuts?
  12. How perjurers may be caught
  13. Acre's 43,560: abbr
  14. Barbera's partner in cartooning
  15. Nymph of the mountains
  16. Don draper and others
  17. Numbered compositions
  18. Miserly activity
  19. Go all out at a party
  20. Suggestions to improve
  21. Prickly seed coverings
  22. Music purchases stored in wallets
  23. Wallet bill, perhaps
  24. Latin percussion pair
  25. Valley, particularly in northern england
  26. Dance accompanied by castanets
  27. Post-pablum sounds
  28. Country in western africa
  29. Units marked on a wooden stick: abbr
  30. Kind of shirt named for a sport
  31. Metal projectile in stooges shorts
  32. Greenwich village assent circa 1968
  33. Works on the fall fall
  34. What crystal harris became famous for doing in 2011, and a hint to the theme
  35. A light bulb contains one
  36. Gp. for people with suits
  37. ___ retreat (1970s-'80s new york city club)
  38. Refinements gained by experience?
  39. Brisket source
  40. Things to aim for
  41. Prophets, seers
  42. Steve of country
  43. Homonym of "sea"
  44. Village voice-given achievement
  45. In great shape, as muscles
  46. Screechy singer yoko
  47. Clue for this puzzle's four longest answersclue for this puzzle's four longest answers
  48. Very slow, musically
  49. Preps for staining
  50. Palm in one's palm?
  51. School grouping, in some states: abbr
  52. Spring after it, then
  53. Contentious party demanding loud, dramatic movement
  54. Do this with me for him, by the sound of it
  55. Long day's journey
  56. Get a good workout
  57. "maverick" star
  58. Spoil test period in order, expelling small number
  59. Opinion column
  60. Riles hot-head about taste
  61. Martial arts facility
  62. Some used fords
  63. Fortunate fellow
  64. High jumper of nursery rhymes
  65. You can buy bars of it
  66. University of illinois site
  67. Study fields
  68. Top people are what i'd get for gifts, perhaps
  69. It's not right to make this in 16 down
  70. Smallish quarrel
  71. Cause hunger
  72. Bygone compact car
  73. The entire amount, with nothing omitted
  74. Plant-based weight loss regimen
  75. A descendant of noah, famous for his hunting prowess
  76. In this it would be certainly legally done
  77. Nicola —; first woman to win an olympic boxing title
  78. Go on this for a swindling time
  79. Election prizes
  80. Questionnaire catchall
  81. Agreement to exclude a set of books in which spelling's normal?
  82. Old glory features
  83. Southern california college
  84. Composer whose works include the pomp and circumstance marches
  85. Feinstein of the 34-down
  86. This stuff might make mother ail
  87. Riding sch., e.g
  88. Device of the wryly humorous
  89. Bathroom sprinkle
  90. Some investment stats
  91. Been fit to have gin with it? you'll be the better for that
  92. Something golfers often break
  93. Number of hits in a perfect game
  94. Reason for a tarpaulin
  95. Took a rest
  96. Start of a quip about a hobby group
  97. Enclosing, in a way
  98. With 42-across usual result of a leadoff batter getting three strikes
  99. Us actor who played president benjamin asher in 2013 action film olympus has fallen
  100. Prefix with "lock" and "freeze"
  101. Memo abbreviation
  102. Part of u.s.m.c.
  103. Family name of morticia and gomez
  104. Instance of psychological trickery
  105. Modern replacement for a cash register
  106. Guitarist wood of the rolling stones
  107. Opportunity to determine if the referee blew it
  108. What someone might make a stand for?
  109. Classic story in which paris figures prominently
  110. Like scotch for a minimum of three years
  111. It may be painted
  112. Common name for members of the sturmabteilung of the nazi party
  113. With a bmi over 30
  114. Diva's show-stopper
  115. Side length squared, for a square
  116. Like associates, on some e-mails
  117. Made allowances?
  118. Sean has an ad for what's at in a gentleman from spain
  119. Not inclined to be a trial for steeplechasers
  120. It's not difficult to get a stupid heavyweight
  121. Playground equipment that'll move if you're really, really patient?
  122. B sound-alike
  123. Imran _, ex-cricketer and prime minister of pakistan since august 2018
  124. Getting teary
  125. Anvil and stirrup
  126. Ostensibly bullshit-free bill o'reilly segment
  127. Possible food-recall cause
  128. Some boolean-logic operators
  129. Novelist and wwii flying ace roald
  130. Follow an implied final recipe instruction
  131. Augustine, for one?
  132. Jack and scotch
  133. ''jolly roger'' captain
  134. Blake title feline
  135. 'monk' condition
  136. Finnish designer alvar
  137. Boy hiding love for girl
  138. It takes an old instrument to cut off the top of this in recognition
  139. Tribal unit
  140. Teammate of alex, jorge and cc
  141. Node in a terrorist network
  142. The 'immortal god of harmony,' according to beethoven
  143. The position is to get at it back with a confused duet
  144. Boise's qwest, for one
  145. Author de beauvoir
  146. Famed cunard liner, familiarly
  147. 19th-century warship
  148. Mumbai wraparound
  149. Watson and big blue, for two
  150. Has father got adornment for his fine house?
  151. Like some denim jackets
  152. You might crack one with your brain
  153. One transports goods in a vehicle
  154. Learn by rote
  155. Economic series
  156. Lead-in to a nostalgic observation
  157. Kahlo's love
  158. Dry italian table wine
  159. All right in the rest to keep the fire up
  160. Furnace emission
  161. Very low-priced
  162. Label for yo la tengo and the new pornographers
  163. Spitzer's replacement
  164. Goulash ingredient
  165. Forgo the alarm
  166. Mesquite feature
  167. There's some ruddy piracy near there
  168. Behavioral oddity
  169. Not the long sort to have angry inclinations
  170. Make the canoe go and go bad at last
  171. Single or double, e.g
  172. Wartime submachine guns
  173. "take ___ train" (duke ellington hit)
  174. Half a classic pop group
  175. Ring bearer, say
  176. Candy container
  177. Apt rhyme for ''flick''
  178. Entrepreneur inspired by hershey
  179. German/czech river
  180. Equiangular figures
  181. One finds water with a divining rod
  182. Apt name for a gay s&m supply store?
  183. App representation
  184. ___ suspension (ear drops)
  185. Live-in helpers from abroad
  186. Cymbals + stand
  187. Promote or demote
  188. Author mrs blyton?
  189. Bovine mammal
  190. Tear into strips
  191. Badger's dwelling
  192. Regional drawls
  193. 'gremlins' gremlin voiced by howie mandel
  194. Popular cosmetics ingredient
  195. Assembles convenes
  196. Game show host and comedian bil
  197. Sequence late in the alphabet
  198. Past word
  199. Delta constructs
  200. Hat tricks, perhaps?
  201. Org. that investigates arson
  202. State of remaining alive
  203. Curbside collector
  204. Doj department
  205. First name in whodunit mysteries
  206. Honey i need some help
  207. Morissette singer
  208. Novel on which the film 'precious' is based
  209. Gravity falls
  210. Interactive entertainment giant
  211. Best actress nominee for "ordinary people"
  212. Texas sch. in the 2006 film 'glory road'
  213. More than twinges
  214. Degs. for english majors
  215. Set up a new billiards game
  216. Mo. to watch the world series
  217. Bill that once featured saddam hussein
  218. Insurance for a tightrope walker?
  219. Totally last season
  220. Lack of knowledge or education
  221. Plane landing
  222. Get rid of discard
  223. Agricultural hall of fame locale: abbr
  224. Building where things are made
  225. Online bookseller
  226. Italian car magnate ferrari
  227. Brand for some rappers
  228. Tropical trip souvenir
  229. Argentine revolutionary down in the dumps?
  230. Serta choice
  231. Busy hands
  232. What children may get a fit of
  233. Cigarette mktg. watchdog
  234. More likely to earn a 'graphic violence' warning
  235. Got really mad
  236. Kind of deal or structure
  237. 'a sorta fairytale' singer
  238. Track features
  239. Speculator finds papal decree
  240. Teas brewed on a bench
  241. Lies about skye or capri
  242. K, not k for a matter of daze, by the sound of it
  243. Satirist harbours plant
  244. Scattered pieces of rubble
  245. Stop with a tug at sea
  246. Jack's creation
  247. Author taught by hg wells
  248. Epa stat
  249. An anthem in the first of the month
  250. Arthur marx, casually
  251. Wizard's walking stick
  252. Nick of "heartbreakers"
  253. One serves in the army
  254. Territory of the us in central america from 1903-79
  255. Puree of onions mixed into a thick white sauce
  256. Gianluca — manager of watford fc from 2001-02
  257. 2011 comedy-drama film starring co-written and co-directed by adam deacon
  258. 1984 channel 4 television film starring marion bailey phil daniels and tim roth
  259. Robert — english scientist born in 1635 who built the first gregorian telescope
  260. Another name for the ten commandments
  261. 2002 crime drama film starring robert de niro and frances mcdormand
  262. Hard black variety of lignite
  263. The — 1972 science fiction novel by john lymington
  264. Busy in business
  265. Arrival time for the fashionably late?
  266. Thus ran back before radar, by the sound of it
  267. Photographer who once collaborated with capote
  268. Republic in central america; capital managua
  269. Any or all of the sacred writings of hinduism written in early sanskrit
  270. 2000 sci-fi film starring val kilmer and carrie-anne moss
  271. Miguel angel — 2008 bmw pga championship tournament winner
  272. Something you might bid
  273. Gathering place for animals
  274. Flunky in "young frankenstein"
  275. Ninth successor of st. peter
  276. U.k. highway connecting london and dover
  277. Crow that will never crow for him at first
  278. Circulation measure
  279. A little too quiet, perhaps
  280. California's -- national park
  281. 'the tinker's wedding' playwright
  282. It's fishy, perhaps, that it's so showy
  283. Film that rates three stars?
  284. One-time cbs spinoff
  285. Country joined euro in 2014
  286. Slanderous, by definition
  287. Containers that may be cracked
  288. Song title words after "the future's not ours to see"
  289. Scarlett o'hara's mom
  290. Atlantic city tourist attractions
  291. It pictures the u.s. capitol
  292. Mainline?
  293. Former 'n sync vocalist and judge on 'america's best dance crew'
  294. Pops since 1905
  295. Post-wrapping tradition
  296. Film that rates four stars?
  297. They're involved in joints
  298. "___ frome"
  299. Son of aaron
  300. 'grey's anatomy' actor
  301. German fantasy writer michael
  302. 1966 candlestick park highlight
  303. Far from normal
  304. 'peter piper picked a peck...' for one
  305. Claire bloom, in ''the king's speech''
  306. Booker's quest
  307. Literally, ''leader''
  308. ''twelfth night'' protagonist
  309. One way to decide
  310. Certain gun ammo
  311. Balance-of-payments concern
  312. Title high schooler surnamed white
  313. Ostiary's post
  314. Strollers
  315. "your stinginess"
  316. Fiddler on the roof lead role
  317. Ewes babies
  318. Diner loaf
  319. Riddle from a master
  320. 20-hour-week worker, e.g
  321. Azkaban guard, in the world of harry potter
  322. Gulls and geese
  323. Anti-dwi org
  324. One going from theater to theater?
  325. Migratory seabirds
  326. Three, in sicily
  327. Ate at the theater, say
  328. Grinch guy
  329. Fingerboard bar
  330. Competition that makes a mess
  331. Like green hair
  332. Portable flat-screen display
  333. Offer a bet
  334. Ive __ busy
  335. Baguette, e.g
  336. After-sunset time, in poems
  337. Gale family creator
  338. Thinks through
  339. Cocoa-coffee blend
  340. Spiritually awakened
  341. One who takes off a lot
  342. How some silly things are done
  343. Tune for one
  344. Self-service food station
  345. 60s journey
  346. Everything else category
  347. I must be seeing things
  348. Cowpokes hurray!
  349. Motes may be seen in one
  350. Storied alpine rescuer
  351. Something found under a chest
  352. Device for scratch removal?
  353. Goaded into action
  354. Former medicare ids
  355. Second-largest city in in
  356. Very worrisome
  357. Western gambling center
  358. Coin often left in a dish
  359. Co-creator of 'watchmen' and 'v for vendetta'
  360. Title loc in six horror films
  361. Round firecracker
  362. Selfie stick attachment
  363. High-scoring club?
  364. Beatles music label
  365. Reason for a non-hire
  366. Super bowl mvp between peyton and santonio
  367. 26 ruined by this team of players
  368. A number are into computers
  369. Around leek, regularly lacking money for accommodation - it's inexorable
  370. Bread-making mixture
  371. Jack benny in his patented pose?
  372. Bristol sounds like a french port
  373. Calculated harm to banning e-cigarettes
  374. Car built to run on the ultimate in engine oil
  375. Cash-crazy european can be employed straight-away
  376. Clive james, say, is this, in part
  377. Cold sauce eaten with curry
  378. Collection of pieces by different writers
  379. Dear bruce, perhaps it is just a gesture?
  380. Disorder of the orators?
  381. Eighteenth letter of the greek alphabet
  382. Electronic devices fill nurses with fear
  383. Enthusiastically praise vibrator, perhaps, when naked by lake
  384. Erection affecting the flow of liquid in the genital area, reportedly
  385. Extremely undemocratic to interrupt the development of nearly green power generation
  386. Frightening year out for mark
  387. From the east, an aroma is emerging
  388. Frustrating skin defect in article
  389. Get 5 for member of family
  390. Go one way and then the other
  391. He sips any cocktail that's hard and fruitless
  392. Here ryde is an american
  393. In france, you read italian
  394. Indulgently looks after uniform for miles and those who are destitute
  395. Inverting upside-down explosive
  396. Isn't he wrong breaking into minister's residence not long ago?
  397. Keen to welcome both long and terribly grand plot for production
  398. King has a change of heart initially, having to trample over crusader
  399. Spanish for 'very'
  400. Mountain range - code word for s
  401. 12th grader, e.g
  402. Mysterious erotic frolicking on the outskirts of eccles
  403. Natural ability to pick up a distress signal
  404. Nut with green kernels
  405. Odd characters in story are making beans
  406. Once an island bird losing half its tail?
  407. Over-the-shoulders supporters
  408. Plenty in support of amalgamation
  409. Posturing wasn't lenin's game
  410. Prevent new building
  411. Ready to include starters of egg and cress in meal plan
  412. "four stars ... !" (with 87 across)
  413. Religion is a bit of a growth industry
  414. Request tree-lined square borders
  415. Ribboned decoration
  416. Right fuss after outrageous speed: it's criminal
  417. Prolific painter of paris
  418. Sailors start to enjoy raw fish dish?
  419. Saviour of millions, one described by writer, getting nothing in return
  420. Secret's out, and it will help to shed some light
  421. Speak ill of topless lesbian?
  422. Squeals excitedly as ogre's holding head of invader
  423. Stand in line to hear writer die as such
  424. Sticker permitted troublemaker to enter
  425. Strong as poirot?
  426. Structural change results from this modification of a concrete urinal
  427. Surgical dressing
  428. Team seeking brown to plot to assume power by end of day
  429. Tell me how easy it is, holmes, for food to go through this canal?
  430. Tells story about company lying about shifts
  431. They say solver had dinner late to lose strength
  432. Throw up next to hall
  433. Time to request something to do
  434. Tommy, for example
  435. Gamboled
  436. Tour iran, plus half the planet
  437. Turned up really loud, music essentially is pants
  438. Vessel manoeuvre: starting to go about
  439. Virtuoso solo passage near the end of a piece of music
  440. Want idle son to leave
  441. Wickerwork basket
  442. Wine is ok in bordeaux?
  443. Wrongful employment
  444. Instruction in a method acting class for maids?
  445. Hole advantage
  446. Itty-bitty bite
  447. Matzo brei ingredient
  448. George of the jungle's best friend
  449. "street signs" network
  450. What must be up to come down?
  451. Citation shortener
  452. Mine haulage tracks
  453. Surrealist who avoided the draft by writing the day's date in every space on his induction paperwork
  454. Helps to the garage
  455. Ruler markings?
  456. Word derived from the latin 'uncia,' meaning 'one-twelfth'
  457. St. petersburg is on it
  458. Med. research grp
  459. Code checker
  460. Figures figure, briefly
  461. Ones knocked off during strikes
  462. Krypton descriptor
  463. Particular mag. printing
  464. Circle bits
  465. Name on the cover of ''little men''
  466. Extends a finger?
  467. ''hot hot hot'' and ''day-o''
  468. Frosh teachers
  469. Edwards and vandenberg e.g.: abbr.
  470. Airline pilot: business is ___
  471. Gondola routes
  472. Apt partner for carol?
  473. Marsupial feature
  474. Lead-in to date or dare
  475. Shoe designer: business is ___
  476. Racial rights org
  477. Bachelorette party prop
  478. Real estate mogul: business is ___
  479. Relieved cry after a tough week
  480. Reference librarian: business is ___
  481. Crete coin
  482. Recently retired nbaer
  483. Donna summer, 1979
  484. Santana, 1970
  485. Spaghetti specification
  486. Tilde feature?
  487. ''perjure'' is one
  488. Word after wuzzy
  489. Some rodent appendages
  490. Cad on his best behavior?
  491. One faced in court
  492. 2, at putt-putt
  493. Genus of meowing mammals
  494. Rebel oft-seen on t-shirts
  495. Ferrell's 'step brothers' costar
  496. Boxer on season four of 'dancing with the stars'
  497. Oktoberfest prop
  498. Sun. church oration
  499. Dislodge, so to speak
  500. Getting flattened by a gridiron lineman?
  501. Half of c.e
  502. Hebrew 'hi!'
  503. Partook at the groaning board
  504. One banished
  505. West african garb
  506. Flower also known as love-in-idleness
  507. "fascinating ... !" (with 124 across)
  508. Beer served without artificial carbonation
  509. "seinfeld" was on it
  510. Like an oz man
  511. Pending, as a house sale
  512. Actress who co-starred in 'havana,' 1990
  513. City raided in 'godzilla raids again'
  514. "... always the ___ know"
  515. "it's a ten ... !"
  516. Setting of hbo's "big love"
  517. How to swear?
  518. Provocative radio host
  519. 'i feel the earth move under my feet,' e.g.?
  520. Sprout again
  521. Takes back something said
  522. Fictional sister of meg jo and beth
  523. Where french students go
  524. In the beastly little one swallowed to get chicken
  525. Bluish black element 6 letters
  526. Become plumper 4 3
  527. Jabberwocky poet
  528. Very long time daily mirror
  529. Anger affecting ones judgement
  530. By the sound of it, put a dress on this
  531. Walker's charge
  532. Plus or pareil preceder
  533. What literally comes from the north, east, west and south?
  534. Seagoing fighting force
  535. Barbie's company
  536. Abrupt finishes to phone conversations
  537. Sane, slangily
  538. Of great importance or consequence
  539. Set fire to this to let it get less
  540. It's done with 11 to keep one from the bad
  541. I err in the cars for cargoes
  542. "rules of engagement" star
  543. Spanish monetary unit
  544. What's so forward about the little sister is that she won't stop
  545. Belonging to an egyptian sun god
  546. Dampen again
  547. Made a bigger glare in the end
  548. Breakfast meats
  549. "the first noel," e.g
  550. Parker or bic
  551. Acrobat's walkway, maybe
  552. This tic is not a regular one at this point
  553. Extremely unattractive
  554. Distance units on a football field
  555. Swedish liquor with memorable ads
  556. Does something dangerous
  557. Iconic water fowl
  558. Wine, in quebec
  559. Bleacher blast
  560. Standards, yardsticks
  561. Forty-___ (gold seeker)
  562. Uncertain estimate
  563. Geometric determination
  564. 'all seats have been sold' sign
  565. Office of an ambassador
  566. Winged peace symbol
  567. Banking tech
  568. Kind of woodwind instrument
  569. Takes steps in response to
  570. 1981 fonda/hepburn classic
  571. Yankees superstar, familiarly
  572. E.t. carriers, theoretically
  573. "going rogue" author sarah
  574. Web opinion piece
  575. Eight is enough for one
  576. Fasteners for the cinderella character
  577. Aria
  578. Fix a pearl necklace
  579. This got done by the foot
  580. Prompting device for a speaker
  581. Law school exams (abbr.)
  582. Build to a climax, perhaps
  583. Vertical parts of stairs
  584. That was what was so trying for the steed after tea
  585. "one ___" (joan osborne hit)
  586. Credit-card alternative
  587. Never hum an one like this?
  588. Became the responsibility of
  589. Interval in which something is tested
  590. Indistinct images
  591. The comeback kids?
  592. *to whom "howdy, stranger" is often said
  593. Not get fifty of all the masses there
  594. Stuff to be smelted
  595. They may possess 50-footers
  596. Uses one's gray matter
  597. Fast marching pace ... or a hint to 16- and 39-across and 10- and 24-down
  598. Hem and __ (be indecisive)
  599. Counsel may finish up
  600. That brute might do wrong in a row
  601. Surfer of sorts
  602. L is ten for this
  603. Schedule guess: abbr
  604. Conveyed, as water through a main
  605. 1995-2005 navy legal drama starring catherine bell
  606. Safety org. with a travel tips blog (abbr.)
  607. Animal who appears in many the far side panels
  608. Saturday night live network
  609. Young babies
  610. Limo passenger often for short
  611. Magic carpet ___ (steppenwolf song)
  612. Showers with flowers
  613. Member of comedy team the crazy gang whose partner was chesney allen
  614. ___-free (travelers' delight)
  615. Radio tower tops
  616. Antipollution org. (abbr.)
  617. Search engine giant
  618. Corp. money vips
  619. Artist born in 30-down
  620. Author of the "goosebumps" series
  621. Happen to get up for this date
  622. Summer brew
  623. Corn peel
  624. They may be self-sealing: abbr
  625. Stumble over, having drunk too much of this?
  626. Ticket usable on more than one trip
  627. Drag racing assoc
  628. Singer jones with nine grammys
  629. Protect or shield
  630. Still sleeping: 2 wds.
  631. 1974 espionage parody film starring donald sutherland
  632. Least loopy
  633. They rapidly pass border in record time
  634. Treaty sessions
  635. What keeps bloomers up?
  636. Tom hanks movie with a silly string fight
  637. Residential care worker, for short
  638. Potpie piece from a pod
  639. Org. for piece lovers?
  640. Place for pop-tarts
  641. Ada's st
  642. Financial inducement
  643. It gets patted on the bottom
  644. When repeated, cry to a vampire
  645. Thermodynamic quantity measured in joules per kelvin
  646. Columbus in n.y.c. or dupont in d.c
  647. Fruit thought to be a hybrid of the raspberry and the blackberry
  648. 'imitation of life' author
  649. Rodent for the pied piper
  650. 50-50 share
  651. Grid can be annoying
  652. Type of patchworking
  653. Break a deadlock
  654. Babel structure
  655. Astound by throwing nuts
  656. Oriole great ripken
  657. Boston building, to locals, with 'the'
  658. Athletic association
  659. Bound to get over them underground
  660. Deo ____, with god as my witness
  661. For the whale it's difficult to get south for fruit
  662. Gp. in a 1974 kidnapping
  663. Actress charlotte of "the facts of life"
  664. Raul castro's predecessor
  665. Traditional december spin around the harbor?
  666. First news of the french match
  667. Spot fleetingly
  668. Times such as this one
  669. Eat like a rodent
  670. 'avatar' people
  671. Bad break
  672. Removes respectfully
  673. Thousands of centuries
  674. Binghamton-to-utica dir
  675. News star
  676. "the man who ___ there"
  677. A time is about lit to influence for or against
  678. A sailor to obtain an objective
  679. The last of 15 across may cause trouble
  680. Stick poster, for example, in this place
  681. Can't rely on the fog to spoil the metal
  682. Computer science graph parts
  683. Deal go-betweens
  684. Remnant in a tray
  685. Allocation of resources, e.g. in a&e
  686. Frequently fried vegetable
  687. Chihuahua pal of stimpy
  688. Convention representative
  689. Bedsheets at some parties
  690. It makes molehills out of mountains
  691. Professional rugby team
  692. Free throw attempt, usually
  693. Masago, e.g., at a sushi bar
  694. Wine i love to pour into fancy jar
  695. Whale-watching, maybe
  696. You might do it over your own feet
  697. Get the job again to get the tip in
  698. They must be dense
  699. World's busiest airport: abbr
  700. Where a kid's shovel may be found?
  701. Anderson cooper, to gloria vanderbilt
  702. Figure of many a mayan deity
  703. Musical productions
  704. Monk's unusual appendage?
  705. Ball in the skull
  706. Tentative assent
  707. Keen on fish in a soft sort of way
  708. 'soon it's -- rain'
  709. At no point, in potsdam
  710. Reps. and sens
  711. Of course would sound at last
  712. Never a thing to take lightly
  713. Sacramento's former ___ arena
  714. Richard with a much-used thumb
  715. Stuffy mall franchise
  716. Team nicknamed the black knights
  717. Because it's about a member in current use
  718. Make more presentable, as a letter
  719. One's minute hand takes hours to get around it
  720. Intricately decorated
  721. Samson's love
  722. One works on the land
  723. Narc's goal
  724. As a favor, in latin
  725. Carrier of 50 down
  726. One's always in the shade
  727. Rest in a nest
  728. Birds who get busy right up to april?
  729. Detectives look for them, briefly
  730. 50-down, casually
  731. Buck the majority
  732. In want of things as a matter of course
  733. You get this class of a thrown in india
  734. Bluish black element
  735. M&m hue
  736. Help for the hapless
  737. Past your sound for a graze
  738. Breaking such glass sounds sore
  739. Shade changers
  740. Poetry foot
  741. Gave formally, award say
  742. What the knives might start to do to the lute to weep about
  743. Place for batting practice
  744. Former sunscreen ingredient
  745. Equip with firepower
  746. Hitting a point of no return
  747. Dialect in 1990s news
  748. Sonny shroyer's role on "the dukes of hazzard"
  749. Moved to a higher position
  750. Is that the state of one's discernment?
  751. Agreement between nations to stretch borders further?
  752. Cockney and french, when i'm entertaining people at parties?
  753. Seasonal song starter
  754. Tv character who ate cats
  755. Unfortunate soul
  756. Mas that may maa
  757. It's chopped, in a way, in 18-, 26-, 49- and 60-across
  758. Ran ___ of the law
  759. Period from request to delivery
  760. Landing spot on a roof
  761. Leader elected by monks
  762. Neighbor of st. petersburg
  763. National park whose name means 'the high one'
  764. Archer's wife in 'the maltese falcon'
  765. Solon
  766. Beatles title woman who "made a fool of everyone"
  767. Georgia was one once: abbr
  768. With glee the ant is so smart
  769. Hit for the monotones
  770. Bond type, for short
  771. Fed's target
  772. The ncaa's runnin' rebels
  773. Delicate, like the fluttering wings of a fairy
  774. Popeye's charge
  775. Bloods and others
  776. Marked by blots
  777. Set in five for fun
  778. Nyc transit org
  779. Impish elf
  780. Pleased the baby sitter
  781. Perhaps most noble at the first opportunity
  782. Buttock muscle, informally
  783. That might be one of the vi cars
  784. Ending for "hatch" or "cook"
  785. Hit for dusty springfield
  786. Cat caught in a web?
  787. Glass tubes for measuring in a lab
  788. One and one, ell and ell in ireland (1'5)
  789. Noun following a prep
  790. Take to the seas
  791. Pool game call
  792. They're cold draws
  793. Name in a well-known beethoven piece
  794. Old name for indian's largest city
  795. Saurus start
  796. Where to drive to one's stomach in a roundabout way
  797. Bar activity, perhaps
  798. Deep soup dish
  799. Start of a love letter
  800. Some evil spirits
  801. Word before sauce or soda
  802. Reason why not
  803. Utah politician hatch
  804. Celebrated figure
  805. Full of promise, as an outlook
  806. Letters from down on the farm?
  807. Browns home, on scoreboards
  808. Indonesian grilled chicken snack
  809. Dash readout
  810. Seat preference, for some
  811. Galactic empire superweapon
  812. One playing a small part
  813. Tiny orbiters
  814. Where trains stop: abbr
  815. Put up to run
  816. Vintage theater name
  817. Prepare to get a hand
  818. What some smartphones run on
  819. Emulate eagles
  820. Dream team members org
  821. Is this what the smelt did?
  822. Fraught with anxiety
  823. Worker with light metal
  824. Not carrying on, but managed the games after tea
  825. Last non-priest to be named pope
  826. Attorney impersonator?
  827. Milanese money, once
  828. Guinness of "a passage to india"
  829. Star hurler
  830. Went after a lucky seven
  831. Mosquito coast nation
  832. La-z-boy purchase
  833. Hopped up on candy bars, perhaps
  834. Some kurdish speakers
  835. Personal belief system
  836. Relaxing locales
  837. Like calls between drudges?
  838. Cougar longoria
  839. Bunny breeding season?
  840. Network television no-no, politely
  841. Enrollees from the very beginning
  842. 'i can only ___ much!' ('i'm only one person!')
  843. Food in a memorable "seinfeld" episode
  844. 'just let ___'
  845. Nypd notices
  846. Many people can make this claim
  847. Housefly's demise
  848. Snorkeler's spot
  849. 1955 un joiner
  850. Take one or the other
  851. British monarch before george i
  852. Eerie sighting briefly
  853. Shameless promotions
  854. Removed as rubble
  855. I ___ . . . (declaration in clue)
  856. Vest-wearing creature
  857. Christopher robin baby
  858. Young civic leader
  859. They're served with sides
  860. Frittata needs
  861. Craft protected by hera
  862. "hondo" et al
  863. Sledding spots
  864. Dry area near a mountain
  865. Go get it rover!
  866. Bellyacher's sound
  867. Home fuel option
  868. Provides for a time
  869. Chicken farm supply
  870. Language of the philippines
  871. Blue or white english cheese
  872. Cement-headed
  873. Assembly manual units
  874. 1996 coen brothers thriller
  875. Historic east-west wagon route
  876. Decorates as cookies
  877. Arcade buy
  878. Messenger's bag
  879. One- or 11-pointer
  880. Hoops hall of famer unseld
  881. Christmas trees often
  882. Home of sun devil stadium, for short
  883. Things traveling on sound waves?
  884. Happy meals toy, e.g
  885. Get off the shoulder, say
  886. "isn't that cute?"
  887. Morgan freeman won its 2011 life achievement award: abbr
  888. Comeback to 'you are not!'
  889. Love, to latin lovers
  890. Passive aspect
  891. Expandable piece of jewelry
  892. Bush campaign strategist karl
  893. Like warner bros. tunes
  894. A is bony among the forwards in rugby
  895. You'll need more than one in a rib joint
  896. Subject of a prague museum
  897. Not likely to cut it
  898. 36-down highlights
  899. Hide this twisted tale with her
  900. Fat from pigs
  901. Haven't yet settled
  902. The others have all been fed. say that again?
  903. Crumbly cheeses
  904. British title for a lady
  905. That's what they come to
  906. With this, you see, you're not happy to be jewish
  907. Henry just won't leave one alone
  908. Bearded african antelope
  909. The lion king character voiced by beyonce in the 2019 remake
  910. Texter's error
  911. Boat's stick?
  912. Cursor target
  913. Cut with the tenderloin removed
  914. Maine birds
  915. Drink that may be brewed or iced
  916. 2011 romantic-comedy film directed by garry marshall and starring zac efron and michelle pfeiffer amongst others: 3 wds.
  917. Decay or go bad
  918. That ___ 2014 romantic comedy-drama film directed by tom gormican and starring zac efron and miles teller: 2 wds.
  919. Half a trivial pursuit category
  920. 2012 comedy-drama film directed by josh radnor and starring zac efron and elizabeth olsen: 2 wds.
  921. Rounded roof like a capitol capper
  922. Man's best friend as per a phrase
  923. Flyer to tel aviv: 2 wds.
  924. Common part of a liquid diet
  925. Coalition of countries with common agenda say
  926. Author morrison of the bluest eye
  927. Take responsibility for say
  928. Tach count
  929. Trick-or ___ (halloween celebrator)
  930. Foreboding occurrence
  931. To have ___ with (have influence): 2 wds.
  932. Cressida cowell's how to train ___ dragon
  933. Fairy tale baddie for one
  934. The lucky ___ 2012 romantic drama film directed by scott hicks and starring zac efron and taylor schilling
  935. I could ___ horse! (very hungry): 2 wds.
  936. Website anyone can edit for short
  937. Touchdown approx.: abbr.
  938. Mello ___ (citrus-flavored soft drink)
  939. Milky white gem which is october's birthstone
  940. ___ run 2004 film directed by gregg champion and starring zac efron and mary-louise parker
  941. Breath-taking organ?
  942. Uninspired excuse
  943. Move the wheel of fortune say
  944. Sarah, i've a thing the dead spit of it
  945. Succeed without difficulty, with "in"
  946. One who's now right-brained?
  947. ''australie'' divisions
  948. Hunter of wabbits
  949. Player who stops the puck
  950. Natural history museum attractions
  951. European area
  952. Unlikely beanery patron
  953. Steamy container
  954. La scala performances
  955. Sells at a loss, perhaps
  956. Wedding band, at times
  957. Terre impermeable et sterile
  958. He is a feline from spain
  959. Wanted to do this with one's dough
  960. Item kept in a chest?
  961. Middle of a driver's quip
  962. Japanese script
  963. Cymbeline's daughter, in shakespeare
  964. Link between handles?
  965. Dean's reality tv partner
  966. Baseball-like game with two bases
  967. Keyboardist saunders who played with the grateful dead
  968. Subject on a wanted poster
  969. 'stop whining, start living' author
  970. Sookie portrayer on 'true blood'
  971. Question from one in another room
  972. Natural to a region
  973. Md state crustaceans
  974. With 110-across, where divas deliver
  975. Syracuse's color
  976. Holds a grudge about
  977. Unfriendly store owner?
  978. Shelters for scouts
  979. Dessert brand since 1897
  980. Martha stewart, for one
  981. Panettiere of tv and cinema
  982. Like an unmade bed
  983. Parent's explanation, perhaps
  984. One who's not first
  985. One-time mrs. trump
  986. Filled orders at a restaurant
  987. Mass-mailing tools
  988. Pants you can't wear
  989. Introductory section of a story
  990. 1999 motorcycle hall of fame inductee
  991. Pursuer's command
  992. Gainesville gridder
  993. 2000 #1 hit for santana
  994. Zipper parts
  995. Sazerac ingredient
  996. Shoulder troublemaker?
  997. Sea brass
  998. "pauses are normal" adage?
  999. Photo-shoot shots
  1000. *ernest and julio gallo product
  1001. General grant's first name
  1002. Alphabetical 51-down?
  1003. Mit-trained architect
  1004. Rav4, e.g
  1005. Close-range field goal
  1006. Highway-adjacent establishments, frequently
  1007. Failure to act promptly, enlarged?
  1008. Merseyside side
  1009. Gets ready for bed, maybe
  1010. Maple's genus
  1011. Lose 62-down
  1012. French chardonnay
  1013. Brooklyn-born basketball great
  1014. ''the tourist'' star
  1015. Bug causing a sore throat
  1016. Former tiger beat rival
  1017. Ok state vegetable
  1018. Hit one out of the park, say
  1019. First printing, say
  1020. One of the si base units
  1021. It disturbs one's equilibrium
  1022. '___ diner' (suzanne vega song)
  1023. Fishing town on the normandy coast with a farmers' market selling local produce including scallops and flowers
  1024. Computer option for a document
  1025. Land named for a cartographer
  1026. Union exchanges
  1027. Important stars
  1028. Exams during which students can talk
  1029. Tn state fruit
  1030. Source of oil deep-sea divers found beneath river
  1031. Browser add-ons
  1032. Roderick has some verse
  1033. Times when cognac heats up?
  1034. Cloverleaf components
  1035. Time-stamps anew
  1036. Church holding
  1037. Wear away - with zero decrease!
  1038. 'get it in gear!'
  1039. N j —, new zealand test cricketer who hit 222 against england at christchurch in 2002
  1040. '20s heavyweight champ
  1041. 'running fence' artist
  1042. 'south pacific' isle
  1043. "look! ghosts!"?
  1044. Suffix with carol
  1045. Complaint about a weak morning cup?
  1046. 'ariel' poet sylvia
  1047. Ma state dessert
  1048. Blondie single that reached number 2 in the uk in 1978
  1049. Duo in the news
  1050. Some corp. recruits
  1051. Like most mules
  1052. Kicked up, as a fuss
  1053. Liquid-filled vessel in which to clean things
  1054. African shows disapproval of ironic opening
  1055. Does the butterfly, say
  1056. Article about crosswords?
  1057. Word ending for enzymes
  1058. The metaphysics of morals writer
  1059. One representative who's always misbehaving?
  1060. Classic 1954 horror film about giant ants
  1061. Dallas-to-laredo dir
  1062. Orchestra name reflecting its music
  1063. -- de vie
  1064. Jails
  1065. 'the ___ tailors,' dorothy l. sayers mystery
  1066. Periods of treatment required by a fool in rough games!
  1067. With 44-down kenobi of sci-fi,
  1068. Source of many english words that come to us via french
  1069. One of the lesser sunda islands in indonesia
  1070. -- butter (nabisco cookie)
  1071. Smears with animal fat
  1072. Very quickly, enlarged?
  1073. Now-rare skill
  1074. Official doc
  1075. Shine brightly in the light
  1076. Sci-fi skipper
  1077. Swims with the fishes, maybe
  1078. Earnestness
  1079. Anti-crack org
  1080. Drink made with pur¿ed fruit
  1081. Moses removed his
  1082. Promising rookies' doses of reality
  1083. It's unlucky for some
  1084. Welcoming items?
  1085. -- holtby, 1898-1935, novelist and feminist
  1086. Weep about her for the fruit
  1087. Scene of 1990 mohawk uprising
  1088. That'll give you quite a start
  1089. What a soldier wears that has a serial no
  1090. Father shows how to make a sale
  1091. Depended on what was untruthful once more
  1092. Dirty bathtub's trait
  1093. It turns red with acid, blue with alkaline
  1094. Took the trouble to do something
  1095. Tv e.t. and namesakes
  1096. Writer ___ ingalls wilder
  1097. Letters symbolizing sleep
  1098. Ed ain't to keep this
  1099. Allows to have drink
  1100. Summer blouse
  1101. Question that's a classic pickup line
  1102. A plant having its seeds enclosed in an ovary; a flowering plant
  1103. Mater's partner
  1104. May be made, but not before noon
  1105. Winnipeg time
  1106. Rock and roll pioneer whose hits include tutti frutti, long tall sally and good golly, miss molly
  1107. Whale, to norwegians
  1108. What two is that one's not
  1109. Got cut short between the poles
  1110. "scrubs," for one
  1111. Fleshy roots for salads
  1112. Never fall from 8 across
  1113. Sport of a 1994-95 strike
  1114. Oktoberfest dances
  1115. Word of submission
  1116. 1981 novel by j g ballard
  1117. One approaching 100
  1118. Nyc marathon founder fred
  1119. Run gracefully
  1120. Promising gardening correspondent?
  1121. Symphonic wrap-ups
  1122. Submarine-detecting device
  1123. Felt ill
  1124. Apt name for a 23andme employee
  1125. The tech-savvy builder ___
  1126. Bungee jumper's hashtag perhaps
  1127. Riot squad's substance
  1128. Player on bench has point of view that's material
  1129. Dealer's delivery
  1130. Super 8 and others
  1131. Outdoor clothing store
  1132. Hits the gym
  1133. The tech-savvy doctor ___
  1134. Hamilton's nemesis
  1135. Coffee nickname
  1136. Cannon garments
  1137. Diet hidden in pancake toppings
  1138. Published as a story
  1139. Anyone ___ (not you)
  1140. Polite opening line?
  1141. Covers in shiny leaf
  1142. Winnie-the-pooh youngling
  1143. Just-purchased
  1144. Pop-ups and such
  1145. First mate say?
  1146. Best picture winner after the artist
  1147. Christmas tree detritus
  1148. Yada yada yada for short
  1149. Tips of boots
  1150. Appealing kind of offer for a home seller
  1151. Federal reserve increase
  1152. Happy hour haunt
  1153. Where to see samantha bee
  1154. Auto shop buys
  1155. Spanish for to be
  1156. Fable takeaway
  1157. Done in since halving physical training?
  1158. Uintah and ouray reservation dweller
  1159. Dwelling that might be made of mud
  1160. Ingenious devices
  1161. Canadian jolly jumper inventor
  1162. Noted limerick creator
  1163. Oda
  1164. Droll one
  1165. Tiny meas. of time
  1166. Soothing plant gel
  1167. French papa
  1168. Like some tissues
  1169. Apple devices with earbuds
  1170. With 65-across, comment that might be heard after the start of 17-, 28-, 45- or 59-across
  1171. Ready an orange
  1172. It starts with a break
  1173. Ellington strayhorn hit
  1174. Full of profanity perhaps
  1175. Prone to clumping
  1176. Classical or classic rock
  1177. Student's no-homework excuse
  1178. "lobby" or "novel" ending
  1179. Might the knight make them by night for his lady?
  1180. Marriage locale
  1181. The milky way is not, sounding like a stopped clock
  1182. Danseuse indienne
  1183. ''twinkle, twinkle, little ...'' (children's song)
  1184. __ high city: denver
  1185. What pandemonium lacks
  1186. Not alive yet
  1187. Meg of "courage under fire"
  1188. '80s "star wars" plan
  1189. Japan's 'way of the gods' religion
  1190. Phantom, ghost
  1191. Cooking equipment
  1192. He could make this little bird a little part
  1193. 50+ org
  1194. Pitcher's motion
  1195. Subjective newspaper section
  1196. Cleans the floor
  1197. Interstate service-center feature
  1198. Sanit workers' job
  1199. Bowling spot
  1200. Conifer fluid
  1201. Per ___ (salary term)
  1202. Trio after m
  1203. 'paper moon' father and daughter
  1204. Buddy and binary, e.g
  1205. That's how to have encountered a brick carrier
  1206. Class for cooking, sewing, etc
  1207. Build a wing
  1208. Place for b-2s and b-52s: abbr
  1209. 64-across, for one
  1210. Field goal percentages and such
  1211. Nametag greeting
  1212. Gazpacho eater's need
  1213. Brass or bronze, e.g
  1214. One seeking mr. right?
  1215. Eddie murphy, to "saturday night live"
  1216. It has lots of slots
  1217. Like batman, the lone ranger, etc
  1218. Joe louis
  1219. Certain blood type, for short
  1220. Jonas who developed a polio vaccine
  1221. 1995 dodgers pitching phenom hideo
  1222. Ah, up with the slaves for the earthquakes
  1223. Nothing could be 31 aross with this sort of oil
  1224. Mouth blooming well has them, by the sound of it
  1225. Replacement arm
  1226. Go bad, as a plum
  1227. Valentine's day gift from mt. olympus?
  1228. One may twist the coin for style
  1229. Sort of bicycle
  1230. Tartar sauce for fish sticks, e.g
  1231. Movie killer john kramer's sadistic promise?
  1232. Strain, as flour
  1233. Miner's vein contents
  1234. Command that ms. barrymore not leave her poop in the toilet?
  1235. Person with great power and stamina, as it were
  1236. Nearly the last about the medicine man
  1237. Quick, al, i've got four in for a drink
  1238. For a cent you'll get most of one fish
  1239. 'and ___ was,' 1985 talking heads song
  1240. Cameron of 'growing pains' and 'left behind: the movie'
  1241. Blow a little and turn it on
  1242. Or heal in pakistan
  1243. Not needing dry-cleaning
  1244. Samuel adams brews them
  1245. How c got to the loser?
  1246. Stew sphere
  1247. Interrogator's goal
  1248. It was in order to turn it up before passed on
  1249. Protectors of tiny shirts
  1250. Low building
  1251. Desert spots
  1252. Be free of worries
  1253. Really cogitate
  1254. Happen to be nothing on after this
  1255. Let her have a go at the kids
  1256. Lane's co-worker
  1257. Places to the fights
  1258. Gable film set in africa
  1259. Futon, for one
  1260. Dog's name in kiddie literature
  1261. Ending for power or gator
  1262. Squash or pumpkin, e.g
  1263. Old weapon of war
  1264. 'drugs are bad, ___?' (mr. mackey line on 'south park')
  1265. Coated in flour
  1266. After martyred bishop, i'm for the chop!
  1267. Drop on your face?
  1268. Expos
  1269. Sketching tool
  1270. 'methinks thou ___ protest too much'
  1271. Red root vegetables
  1272. Boat-propelling tool
  1273. ___ before you leap
  1274. ___ tip (expert's advice)
  1275. Not gon' cry singer who received the bet lifetime achievement award in 2019: 3 wds.
  1276. Automaker based in seoul that sponsors the nba
  1277. Song from way back when
  1278. Segments of a play
  1279. Start for germany, but not greece
  1280. Android who reported to captain picard
  1281. Number of provinces in canada
  1282. Slippery ___ (kind of logical fallacy)
  1283. ___ data (unprocessed information)
  1284. Move back from the shore
  1285. Dispose of on craigslist say
  1286. The tears of a clown singer who received the bet lifetime achievement award in 2015: 2 wds.
  1287. Asian peninsula where pyongyang and seoul are located
  1288. Anton ___ (food critic in ratatouille)
  1289. Footwear in many winter olympics events
  1290. Lifesaving areas in hospitals: abbr.
  1291. Growl from a watchdog
  1292. Path for grocery carts
  1293. Like the numbers 9 19 and 29
  1294. Insects that make pantry raids
  1295. Word before weeny
  1296. Nut-producing tree that's the state tree of texas
  1297. La ___ (pacific weather phenomenon)
  1298. Wasabi ___ (veggie used in snack mixes)
  1299. Sweet love singer who received the bet lifetime achievement award in 2018: 2 wds.
  1300. Make changes to as a wikipedia article
  1301. Nudge with a finger
  1302. Guillermo del ___ (the shape of water director)
  1303. I don't ___ the difference
  1304. Nobel prize and academy award winner dylan
  1305. Fossil fuel that contributes to global warming
  1306. Jazz legend fitzgerald who received 13 grammys
  1307. 2016 presidential hopeful bush
  1308. ___ told you before …: 2 wds.
  1309. Black ___ (2010 natalie portman movie)
  1310. Music genre that some people consider whiny
  1311. Little drummer ___ (christmas song)
  1312. Decisive points of a band wave?
  1313. Discovery channel survival show
  1314. Utensil drawer compartment
  1315. Dangerous weather condition for boats
  1316. Restroom in britain
  1317. This is the worst performance ever!
  1318. What's crispy in some fried chicken
  1319. Prince george's grandmother
  1320. ___ chips (crunchy green snack)
  1321. Zellweger of the biopic judy
  1322. 2000 eminem song with the line dear slim i wrote you but you still ain't callin'
  1323. Grain that's a staple in chinese cuisine
  1324. Period following mardi gras
  1325. In ___ event (regardless of what happened)
  1326. Suited to the task at hand
  1327. 2004 movie featuring a clash of sci-fi species
  1328. Start for "bus" or "present"
  1329. Woman who entertains guests, a great number, on eastern ship
  1330. Mar-a-___ (palm beach estate)
  1331. Mind the way this should come to an end
  1332. She portrayed frida
  1333. What's been through the mill has been soiled, perhaps
  1334. Penguin or star
  1335. Mischievous creature responsible for machine faults
  1336. Crosses follow them on paper
  1337. Region of n europe including norway and sweden
  1338. In the wrong direction
  1339. Elec. co., e.g
  1340. Get the letters cast
  1341. Prank victim, perhaps
  1342. Former tv broadcast band
  1343. Enunciate poorly
  1344. Dish out thousands and thousands to the auditor?
  1345. Pattern of lines radiating from a central point
  1346. That holds the lady in the test
  1347. One's fantastic behaviour does not need 19 across
  1348. Men with lowered energy in the east recall trouble
  1349. Pale in a retiring kind of way
  1350. From which 18dn is made
  1351. Not yet boy scouts
  1352. Country whose capital is yamoussoukro
  1353. Here it's all for show with that
  1354. Way out of reach
  1355. So it's up there the catholic was hiding in among the flowers
  1356. Cartoon detective with a trench coat
  1357. Cross - kind of
  1358. Race created by wells
  1359. This gets you one foot up inside
  1360. 3 p.m. (video gaming)
  1361. "american graffiti" director
  1362. Dilating application
  1363. Tint, shade
  1364. Rapper who 'loves coco' in an e! reality series
  1365. Clearly, in drama, some lines get botched
  1366. Real-life tv show
  1367. Trump has an elaborate one
  1368. Usually secretive or illicit relationship
  1369. Herring prized for its eggs
  1370. Corner-to-corner lines
  1371. They produce spots
  1372. #1 on bravo's all-time '100 funniest movies' list
  1373. Symbol for mercury
  1374. Japanese ship designation
  1375. The destroyer, one of the three chief divinities of the later hindu pantheon
  1376. Salmon color
  1377. Emmy-nominated sitcom of the early 1970s
  1378. Cordon ___ (master chef)
  1379. Singer's piece of fruit?
  1380. Student of comedy perhaps is one to be admired
  1381. Small, sweet pies
  1382. Peninsula comprising the asian part of turkey
  1383. Flippers, tank, etc
  1384. Round storage item
  1385. What's last
  1386. Dunkable item
  1387. Smelling a bit off
  1388. Flynn the swashbuckler
  1389. Colorful subway poster
  1390. Notice to keep out nothing in the accounts
  1391. Mtv show, "the ___ world"
  1392. Automobile brand that lasted 107 years, for short
  1393. Nw england town or cake
  1394. Mount holyoke graduates, e.g
  1395. Good call letters for radio disney?
  1396. Number on the right side of a clock
  1397. Budget ___-car
  1398. Machu picchu culture
  1399. Separate, like gold and dirt
  1400. Genesis gent
  1401. Pale pink, for one
  1402. Juan carlos' predecessor
  1403. Levar, on 'star trek: the next generation'
  1404. Charles i and mary ii, e.g
  1405. Finding from the 'fifths' taken from this puzzle's theme answers
  1406. Cref's partner
  1407. Twice as firm as a pup, a covering
  1408. The time between day and night