1. Wine with the
  2. Athletic gripper
  3. 5 ml in some recipes
  4. Big state
  5. Believer in karma
  6. Order from a stool maybe
  7. Last one in competitively
  8. Folklore cave dwellers
  9. Jipijapa hat familiarly
  10. Stephen hawkings journalist daughter
  11. Mouth-watering reaction?
  12. Log-in need
  13. The p in tafkap
  14. Kept from leaking in a way
  15. Spun flax fabric
  16. Prefix with dairy or fat
  17. Affirmative capn
  18. Like survey questions with two boxes
  19. Stick-on decoration
  20. Trailblazer in the muscle car category
  21. Gun for a race
  22. Tool thats swung
  23. At some point during a trip say
  24. Great regard
  25. Ten-time all-star slaughter
  26. Be in a bee
  27. Doesnt measure up
  28. It __ familiar ring to it
  29. Word on a french passport
  30. One of the deadly sins
  31. Comics punch lines?
  32. Unit of perfume
  33. Packers home
  34. Its unlimited with some rentals
  35. Longtime shatner co-star
  36. Affirmative playground retort
  37. Horse of a certain color
  38. Old-timey before
  39. Acronym for unabashed intimacy
  40. Brand of automotive products
  41. Square takeout container
  42. Common spaghetti topping
  43. Characteristic of a short, popular saying or maxim (adjective)
  44. A word that modifies an action word; an english word ending in "ly" (noun)
  45. Spoken rather than written; oral; consisting of words (adjective)
  46. Expressed in or characterized by the excessive use of many words (adjective)
  47. Six-letter hat
  48. Four languages
  49. Six four-letter words with ur in the middle
  50. Repellent ingredient
  51. Upper-story apartment
  52. (nail [?) cabinet]
  53. Housemate of garfield
  54. Like a cayenne vis-a-vis a jalapeno
  55. Sediment formed by wind-blown dust
  56. Cocktail made with prosecco and peach nectar
  57. Author of war of the worlds, book published 1898
  58. Catchy song that stays in your head
  59. Sw african country, famous for stunning sand dunes
  60. Lowering in prestige
  61. Annual fashion ball held in a new york museum
  62. Two time world cup winning us soccer captain megan
  63. The taxonomic rank below domain in biology
  64. 1997 film with ethan hawke and uma thurman
  65. Vampire novel penned by bram stoker in 1897
  66. Destabilize, undermine authority
  67. Variant of yiddish for an alluring atypical female
  68. Air freshener brand sometimes misspelled by public
  69. Breadcrumbed dishes cooked in the oven
  70. Summer in the city opening line of 1966 hit
  71. Risk management professional, using statistics
  72. Hand painted porcelain named after a german city
  73. Egyptian sufi whirling dance
  74. Hornungs gentleman thief character, created 1898
  75. Kathryn, uss voyager commander
  76. Italian fashion designer, donatella
  77. Ice cube was straight outta here
  78. Ancient household rubbish tips
  79. Particle in the nucleus that has no charge
  80. A tactile code for the blind invented in 1824
  81. Ii, belgian king who ruled from 1865 1909
  82. Hartebeest also known as bubalis
  83. Paper record of deposits and withdrawals
  84. Bebe, broadway actor also known for frasier
  85. United, efficiently working together
  86. Us name of light metal first extracted in 1825
  87. A flaw in a character that proves their downfall
  88. Argentinian president known by her initials cfk
  89. Disease associated with an almost all corn diet
  90. Observe and guys comic book superheroes
  91. This global humanitarian movement began in 1863
  92. Bad language, cursing
  93. 1978 best picture oscar winner
  94. Large heathland and woodland in southern england
  95. An imaginary elephant in winnie the pooh
  96. This mean time was established worldwide in 1884
  97. Alliance of political parties
  98. Canadian pm, defeated macdonald in 1873
  99. Plain , laos region with curious stone pots
  100. Small jewels or glittering trinkets
  101. Actor andress or politician von der leyen
  102. Suffocate, prevent something from growing
  103. He came up with 3 laws of planetary motion
  104. Site of first modern olympic games in 1896
  105. Annie, short story writer of brokeback mountain
  106. The tall headdresses worn by bishops and abbots
  107. Hybrid between polar bear and a brown bear
  108. Food treatment dealt to hares introduced to wine
  109. Color known simply as hollywood until 1940s
  110. Some of shakespeares plays were printed this size
  111. French musketeers carried this narrow sword
  112. When youre in love with a beautiful woman band
  113. Surgeon joseph invented antiseptics in 1865
  114. The usa purchased this northern state in 1867
  115. Lead sulfide ore
  116. Garments loosely wrapped around the shoulders
  117. Hell worship like a dog at the shrine
  118. Transparent part of the eye with no blood supply
  119. Small hardware piece to connect to a computer
  120. State of being well known for bad deeds
  121. Steel helmet finalize or conclude something
  122. Country thats home to the monte carlo casino
  123. Boll , cotton pest found in america since 1892
  124. Brand that makes world cup footballer stickers
  125. Sigourney weaver in the alien movies
  126. French chain of hypermarkets and supermarkets
  127. Flight director of apollo missions xi and xiii
  128. Versatile military knife invented in the 1800s
  129. Monty python made movies in this manner
  130. German model who hosted project runway
  131. Dont shoot one just for bringing bad news
  132. Loki, god of mischief, is this type of con artist
  133. Musical composition known as theme and this
  134. Famed blacksmith who made farm equipment from 1837
  135. La worlds highest city, located in peru
  136. Non human animal ranked the worlds most dangerous
  137. Metaphor that sounds like a magician would make it
  138. A poem of lamentation an anagram of dye thorn
  139. What the r stands for in the stage name h e r
  140. This noted new york city music hall opened in 1891
  141. Lakes croatian mountain park with waterfalls
  142. How the famous five described lots of ginger beer
  143. Turning it will turn off a houses water supply
  144. Herby liqueur named after war hero giuseppe
  145. Otto von , first chancellor of germany 1871 1890
  146. Discovering something secret
  147. French mediterranean island north of sardinia
  148. Portuguese term for vineyards
  149. Touted goods from place to place
  150. Horror film where videotape kills its watchers
  151. Emergency, 1968 insurrection in asia
  152. Brimless, soft hats for women tied under the chin
  153. Mons, large shield volcano on mars
  154. Actor dawson from daredevil, rent
  155. Surname of lucy and linus in peanuts cartoons
  156. Rhinoplasty procedure in common vernacular
  157. Sea anchors or small parachutes for planes
  158. Cretan princess associated with the labyrinth
  159. Canadian prime minister from 1896
  160. Template overlay
  161. Seal, large gray mammal from an antarctic sea
  162. Short handled double edged weapon used for battle
  163. Khal el , historic souk in central cairo
  164. Inscribed stone that unlocked languages
  165. Ended a relationship, jilted
  166. Lock key fastening set within a doors body
  167. A human looking artificial body with intelligence
  168. Spanish province associated with winemaking
  169. Woodland fern with large, divided leaves
  170. Gentle kick in swimming flap wings
  171. Makes happen faster
  172. Fictional monster that sabotages devices
  173. Garments targeted by protestors in the late 1800s
  174. 2d shape with straight sides
  175. Regal nickname of beethovens piano concerto no 5
  176. Common name for edible perch like fishes
  177. Short, manual weeding tool
  178. Extinct primate that resembles a person
  179. Coveted wedding dress designer from nyc
  180. To clean or purify completely
  181. Charlotte brontës romance novel, published 1847
  182. Film where jazz drummer falls prey to teacher
  183. Clichés or cheap platitudes salts
  184. British pm defeated by gladstone in 1880
  185. Musical term, tells players to increase the volume
  186. Alchemical mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acid
  187. Political system abolished in japan in 1871
  188. This new waterway through egypt opened 1869
  189. Movie that beat la la land for the oscar in 2017
  190. Gregory hines, savion glover, or ginger rogers
  191. Tennis player lindsay, who won wimbledon in 1999
  192. Wahlberg brother with the funky bunch
  193. Sparkling french wine, 1891 treaty protects name
  194. Run once linked australia to new zealand by sea
  195. Divide or cut in two
  196. Cliff nesting seagull with a distinctive cry
  197. Illuminator developed in the 19th century
  198. Innocent victim of othellos jealous rage
  199. 30 rocks don geiss, men in blacks zed
  200. Carrying box for artists to use outside
  201. Diamond company that likes lager
  202. French city famous for ceramics and enameling
  203. Common headache medicine trademarked by 1889
  204. The water filled tank attached to a flush toilet
  205. Extracted metal from its ore with heat
  206. Middle eastern sweet made from shredded filo
  207. Artist okeeffe known for painting lush flowers
  208. Kenya city whose u s embassy was bombed in 1998
  209. Newspaper size thats half a broadsheet
  210. Department of teaching and research
  211. Hybrid of a zebra with another equine animal
  212. Andrew, first american president ever impeached
  213. Material to stuff or fill out, eg in patchwork
  214. Dont wear plaid, steve martin film
  215. Trailing bellflower with white to purple petals
  216. Full of light gas, first powered one flew in 1852
  217. Tv show where olivia pope fixes things in d c
  218. Kenny chesneys girl thinks this is sexy
  219. This man he might be flemish
  220. Suprachiasmatic , the brains internal clock
  221. Brazil specialty grilled meat, all you can eat
  222. To ransack or steal valuable goods or loot
  223. City that had a massive fire october 8 10, 1871
  224. Primates found in africa and arabia
  225. Play to the , do something for popular effect
  226. Erstwhile, belonging to some prior time
  227. Race at war with the narn in babylon 5
  228. Destiny, 1845 phrase for usas expansionism
  229. John, director of a bugs life and toy story
  230. Describes perilous heights
  231. 19th century name for radio waves
  232. Suit of armor with a soul in fullmetal alchemist
  233. Body of water on which englands east coast lies
  234. Tiresomely long winded
  235. Sounds like a method for raising an anchor
  236. This congress met in 1814, after napoleons defeat
  237. Brides throw a bouquet but grooms throw this
  238. An alignment of three of more celestial bodies
  239. Large s american rodents also called nutrias
  240. Has offspring as a father, in a biblical sense
  241. Eerie silent zone in durango desert, mexico
  242. Black, canadian sci fi series about cloning
  243. Golden ale whose name is derived from cologne
  244. Outlaw billy, who gained fame in the old west
  245. Composer berlin who wrote white christmas
  246. Book, film about boy with facial deformities
  247. Town of the hahnenkamm ski race in austria
  248. Jessica fletchers hometown in murder, she wrote
  249. Painter of the fighting temeraire, 1838
  250. Feminist, author of the beauty myth
  251. Distanced, separated
  252. 1880s armed conflicts between china and the west
  253. South african dish of hollowed loaf with curry
  254. Describes a puffed out hairdo
  255. Sallys perky last name in when harry met sally
  256. Island, 1883 book by robert louis stevenson
  257. Pasta shaped like little bows
  258. Three headed dog that guards the entrance to hades
  259. First name of mahatma ghandi, born 1869
  260. Illness that causes the skin and eyes to yellow
  261. Precious metal micro thin covering
  262. Artist considered the father of impressionism
  263. Spanish name for a pale golden brown horse
  264. This stock market index first started in 1896
  265. Spiritual teacher of the dharma in jainism
  266. Compliant with orders
  267. Category of dark and bleak post war movies
  268. Solemnly renouncing a belief, cause or claim
  269. Christina , writer of goblin market, died 1894
  270. Monarchy that ruled over the austrian empire
  271. Six yards from each post in soccer
  272. Flap inside a cars windscreen to prevent glare
  273. Large birds that mostly eat carrion
  274. Michael jacksons zombie themed hit
  275. Davy, who was the king of the wild frontier
  276. Group of people who read, discuss a novel
  277. Swim zone with a machine to make it like the sea
  278. Best, record time for running, swimming, etc
  279. Tent offering medical assistance at a carnival
  280. Deep fried batter ring coated in sugar
  281. Spring loaded catcher of rodents
  282. Hammer out a deal, for a bigger salary maybe
  283. Creatures that are key to jurassic park ride
  284. Mayim bialik owns a cat cafe in this tv show
  285. Amusement park ticket that wraps around lower arm
  286. Additional costs for a work trip, e g travel
  287. This arachnid has a stinger on its tail
  288. Stomach , sickening feeling on a fast ride
  289. Alternative non traditional treatments
  290. Tossing beanbags at cans to win a prize
  291. Food, often meat, cooked on an open fire
  292. Ryan gosling learned to play jazz for this film
  293. Hair iron used to add twirls, bounce
  294. Gastritis is a condition of this digestive organ
  295. Leaning at an angle, like on a theme park ride
  296. Plant that grows in a pond, attracts frogs
  297. Type of reality that requires goggles
  298. Dried up, scorched, e g earth in a heatwave
  299. Mr peanut wore one over his right eye
  300. Us city that hosted the 1996 olympics
  301. A rocket is used to augment initial thrust
  302. Far fetched, unreal creation, like at a theme park
  303. Julia, breakout star of 1990s pretty woman
  304. What police often need to search a house or office
  305. Rate, how much foreign currency is worth
  306. If you spill salt, toss it over your left one
  307. Neck injury from a fast roller coaster
  308. Water slide with a tree theme
  309. Keep in good repair
  310. Bible loving ned in the simpsons
  311. Literary use of a contradiction in terms
  312. Cuban fruity rum cocktail with lime and ice
  313. Hot season when theme park visits increase
  314. Step by step directions from a to b
  315. Me i, 1980s single by joan armatrading
  316. Be careful hiking along these steep rockfaces
  317. Tape, a type of confetti strewn street parade
  318. Essential mechanisms for stopping a ride
  319. Dorothy, blanche, rose and sophia were these girls
  320. With collins, the name of a major book publisher
  321. Seventies style wide trousers
  322. Breakfast cake baked in an iron, topped with syrup
  323. Design ideas for arranging furniture in a room
  324. Bird with bright feathers that can mimic speech
  325. Late night host jimmy with sidekick guillermo
  326. What lt kilgore loves the smell of in the morning
  327. Its the seventh planet from the sun
  328. The family , a single panel comic of a family
  329. Major blood vessel in the human body
  330. Puzzle that involves fitting together flat pieces
  331. Crime done by people not on the outside
  332. Exciting experience, like at an amusement park
  333. Superhero who featured in 2019s far from home
  334. Schedule of buses or trains, for example
  335. Crispy breakfast food made of shredded potatoes
  336. Tv show about veronica, betty, archie
  337. Twister move on a roller coaster wine opener
  338. Kid soft handwear, or to treat with care
  339. Not exactly breakfast, not exactly lunch
  340. Exploring networks of underground hollows
  341. Tool for skinning vegetables
  342. One lawmaking body in the united states
  343. Aviation pioneer brothers orville and wilbur
  344. Permanent pen used to write on storage boxes
  345. Never been , classic drew barrymore romcom
  346. National song to express identity and patriotism
  347. Big , roller coaster with big downward slopes
  348. Winter olympic sport in cool runnings
  349. Another name for an amusement park with rides
  350. It is also known as the north star
  351. The team nearly won they were close, but
  352. Buffy the vampire slayers last name
  353. Barren australian region with bright orange sand
  354. A place where you can borrow stories
  355. Eric who played guitar for cream, yardbirds
  356. Microsoft operating system that debuted in 1985
  357. Tractor pulled cart ride at a theme park
  358. Delight, sugary confection from the middle east
  359. Permanent attachments that go with fittings
  360. Long french bread stick
  361. Deduction from the price of a ticket
  362. Two indicate you are a clumsy dancer
  363. Nissans luxury car brand
  364. Units representing the amount of energy in food
  365. A device held above the head in rain
  366. Wooden pins to knock down with a ball
  367. A social media app based on the sharing of images
  368. When a guitar or voice doesnt hit the right notes
  369. Yellow and black buzzy insect transformers name
  370. Liquid you can consume, as edible is to food
  371. Lotion to stop harmful uv rays on a day outside
  372. Sparkling displays in the sky at a theme park
  373. They are crucial to a petting zoo creatures
  374. Surname of tv host, writer, actor known as oprah
  375. Soviet satellite that triggered the space race
  376. To provide sustenance for
  377. Screen part of a computer or a large lizard
  378. First of the marvel universe movies tony stark
  379. In their boots being very very scared
  380. The medical name for the kneecap
  381. Elevating, like on a big wheel or drop tower
  382. Theyre used to paint pictures
  383. Unit of length equal to six feet
  384. Thinly sliced italian sausage
  385. Nature abhors a
  386. Outdoor meal on a blanket or bench
  387. A group of these striped cats is called a streak
  388. Stevie, the man who sings superstition
  389. He sat at a round table in arthurs court
  390. Major river that flows through new york
  391. Jordan peele horror movie starring daniel kaluuya
  392. Actor milano of charmed
  393. Reverse , slingshot fairground ride
  394. Pills taken to add nutrients to diet
  395. Length of space between two locations
  396. Waterbird habitats, e g marshes, swamps, shores
  397. The same shade, or paired well, not contrasting
  398. Procter & gamble brand of manly toiletries
  399. Study assignments that need to be completed
  400. Set of songs compiled for a workout
  401. One wheeled transport used by acrobat
  402. This might increase on a ride measured by pulse
  403. This country became independent from spain in 1816
  404. Jennifer lopez was the maid in in 2002
  405. Turning round and round like a gravitron ride
  406. Musical direction to increase the volume
  407. To outperform a fellow actor
  408. Reserving tickets in advance
  409. Fund a tv show in return for advertising time
  410. Lightning and steve share this last name
  411. This device always points north
  412. Coffee remnant after the drink is made
  413. At someones beck ready to take orders
  414. Nationality of composers tchaikovsky and borodin
  415. Animated family of the future, the
  416. Spinning drinking vessels at a fairground
  417. Jenner, pepsi ad model
  418. Some lovers attach this to the rail of a bridge
  419. Striking a ball with a bat
  420. According to a saying, its golden
  421. When you breathe out, you release carbon this
  422. Carnivorous south american fish
  423. Type of dodge car driven by bo and luke duke
  424. Yellow sauce to put on fairground hotdogs
  425. Stunt on a bike with the front wheel in the air
  426. Performer who throws and catches balls or clubs
  427. Scheduled routine vision check
  428. Raised wooden area around a fairground ride
  429. Someone who doesnt react well to being defeated
  430. Water, method of staying afloat in the deep
  431. Frozen dessert served in cones at amusement parks
  432. High voiced singers tv mob family
  433. The e in ev, vehicle
  434. Lotion applied following exposure to solar rays
  435. What a coach might give the team at halftime
  436. Baby cucumber used for pickling
  437. Taking place 12 times a year
  438. Early morning hairstyle, before brushing
  439. Toys, win these cuddly animals at a fairground
  440. Bone strengthening element with atomic number 20
  441. A famous stance by switzerland taken during war
  442. Small rodent known for keeping food in its cheeks
  443. Scare someone in a haunted house attraction
  444. A 2016 film about many alien ships coming to earth
  445. Lady, primary female role in a play or movie
  446. Online travel shopping company, founded 1996
  447. Witness giving evidence on the stand
  448. Month in which australia day is celebrated
  449. Fiery, ablaze, e g bush encountered by moses
  450. Mythical bird major city in arizona
  451. Mr brightside band, the
  452. Boiled frankfurters served in buns
  453. A of dollars spaghetti western
  454. Primate studied by dian fossey
  455. Universal , movie experience theme parks
  456. A lens or shape that curves inward
  457. Preserved bodies of pharaohs on display in cairo
  458. Small candles used for heating scented oils
  459. Crispy fried vegetable hoop
  460. Gloves keep your hands warm for throwing these
  461. Get the shuttlecock across the net in this game
  462. 1999 bond film the world is
  463. Fisher price 1980s lightweight stuffed animal
  464. Dieters eat these puffed circles instead of bread
  465. Technical term for the fear of animals
  466. Lives next door to spongebob
  467. Photo based social network owned by facebook
  468. Cooking in the oven till crisp on the top
  469. Snow whites seven pals
  470. People from baghdad are
  471. Harmon music producer better known as j roc
  472. Tiny faces or pictures in chat messaging
  473. Mind over , willpower can help overcome problems
  474. Crispy seeds on bagels and hamburger buns
  475. The children of your aunt or uncle are your
  476. Chewy sphere with hard shell, makes bubbles
  477. Sparkle like the little star in the nursery rhyme
  478. An artists plate for mixing paints
  479. Singer ed, who had a hit with shape of you
  480. Chow mein is topped with this crispy pasta
  481. Large canvas circle used in childrens games
  482. Crunchy vegetable spear
  483. French general defeated at waterloo
  484. One, two, three, four, five/once i caught a
  485. Deep fried ball of filling coated in crisp crumbs
  486. Demanding forcefully to have something
  487. Mauve may time flowers that bob in the breeze
  488. Play, dramatic performance about christs death
  489. Crunchy nuts also used to make milk
  490. Fluids, not solids or gasses
  491. Stud or hoop that is worn in a lobe piercing
  492. Kylie and danniis last name
  493. Month that includes new years day
  494. Large, noisy beach bird
  495. Zero, nada, none
  496. A religious separatist, arrived in america in 1620
  497. Crunchy batter for japanese deep fried veggies
  498. Another word for eye spectacles
  499. A four piece musical group
  500. Seeds used in rye, pumpernickel bread
  501. Aircraft that can land on water such as the ocean
  502. Cleanin out , 2002 hit for eminem
  503. Horton and dumbo are this animal
  504. Christmas happens in this month
  505. Making small waves on a lakes surface
  506. Spiral horned african animal, e g nyala or eland
  507. And tobago, island nation in the caribbean
  508. The most crunchy and dry
  509. Crisp red and white root veggies that top salads
  510. Skill or ability at something
  511. Period when werewolves must change
  512. Day of the , menacing plants take over the world
  513. Fastening a belt
  514. Frozen water added to cold drinks
  515. Juliets surname in shakespeares play
  516. Middle eastern dish of fried chickpeas
  517. Large spheres in the solar system such as mars
  518. Making pig noises
  519. Room in a home for food preparation and cooking
  520. Hard sugar with nuts thats served broken
  521. Disney film about princess with very long hair
  522. Sport played with a willow bat and red cork ball
  523. Sewing , electric stitcher for making clothes
  524. The heads of state of kuwait and qatar
  525. Adverb often found before ever after
  526. Crushed cocoa beans eaten as snacks
  527. Female offspring the sisters of brothers
  528. This half of will & grace is from toronto
  529. Total striptease film about sheffield unemployed
  530. Irish bakers make this crusty loaf without yeast
  531. Cinderellas transport to the ball
  532. Standing upright, not horizontal
  533. Put oneself in front of another to save them
  534. Prison for sparrows, parrots, etc
  535. Toast, sweet spiced sugary toast
  536. Collection of fallen foliage, often jumped in
  537. Italian hard almond biscuits dipped in coffee
  538. Season during which hibernating creatures sleep
  539. Building in which children are educated
  540. Nuts found in southern us syrupy pie
  541. Fabric rectangles for drying after showering
  542. The alliterative woman who is a dc comics hero
  543. Crisp south asian pastry stuffed with veggies
  544. According to churchill it is better than war war
  545. Playing on video consoles
  546. Rain comes from these
  547. Joints that allow arms to bend
  548. Slang term for a scientific expert
  549. One loses when one sheds pounds or kilos
  550. Its made up of one or more sentences
  551. Crunchy seeds from this bright yellow bloom
  552. He played winslets villainous fiancé in titanic
  553. Four sided shape with or without equal sides
  554. Crunchy covering for hand held mexican dish
  555. A bike with three wheels
  556. Fitness check that uses high pitched sounds
  557. Universes where there are other versions of you
  558. Baked grain rounds used to hold cheese, toppings
  559. The tiniest, the least large
  560. Jennifer, won an oscar for silver linings playbook
  561. Crispy pastry that lies over cooked fillings
  562. Clear and easily perceived
  563. Sweet french disc sandwich made of egg whites
  564. Sport on ice blades, speed or figure
  565. Upper surface of a room, opposite the floor
  566. Glued, stuck
  567. Crunchy bell veggies, can be red, green, yellow
  568. Game of , fantasy show with dragons
  569. Last name of elvis, the king of rock and roll
  570. Universal studios erupting water park, bay
  571. Blown up or filled with air
  572. A countrys unit of money, for example dollars
  573. Brand of stackable potato discs
  574. Flesh means your kith and kin
  575. Mister crusoe
  576. Hard sweet circle served on a stick
  577. Worlds most famous painting, by da vinci
  578. Puzzle game with bright shapes that drop
  579. People that give, for example blood or money
  580. These teeth crunch down on really hard foods
  581. One of the four periods of the year
  582. Fleshy underground plant parts, like potatoes
  583. When your salary reaches your bank account
  584. Christian religious building
  585. This christie wrote thrilling murder mysteries
  586. Girl mouse who likes mickey
  587. Use a needle to insert medicine
  588. Knockdown of all bowling pins on first roll
  589. Goldberg, who played oda mae brown in ghost
  590. Flat device like an ipad
  591. Italian pies that can have crispy thin crusts
  592. A schedule so you know when to do things
  593. Water , actually veggies, used in asian meals
  594. Chocolate coated crunchy balls in red packet
  595. Device used for viewing the stars and solar system
  596. Name for the hindi language film industry
  597. Sweet smelling bright pinkish flower
  598. Crunchy yellow niblets on a maize cob
  599. Scared, frightened
  600. Drink sold as beans or grounds
  601. Cooking in oil to crisp up foods
  602. Creatures that formed medusas hair in greek myth
  603. Mexican tortilla chips topped with cheese
  604. Name of the famous blue tank engine
  605. Jesters in a deck of cards
  606. Buttoned garments for covering the upper body
  607. Chubby baby angel in religious art
  608. Words of are sage advice
  609. Mimic a drum machine using only the mouth
  610. Remote , rectangle shaped tv channel changer
  611. Germanic crispy pastry log filled with fruit
  612. Bread pops up out of this appliance when its done
  613. The woolly coats worn by sheep
  614. Kfc use this as their crispy, fried meat
  615. Cloudless overhead sight on a bright, sunny day
  616. Ditzy friend of monica and rachel
  617. Crunchy wafer chocolate fingers, snap when broken
  618. Citrus fruit that isnt yellow or green
  619. Low value coin named for a metal it once contained
  620. Like bread with a crispy, crunchy outside layer
  621. Electric lamps turned on at night
  622. Holiday where kids hunt for chocolate eggs
  623. Nations form these when they work together
  624. Often confused with an alligator
  625. Curved toy meant to return when thrown
  626. Innocent plea in court
  627. Red october warship type a type of sandwich
  628. Dr who could talk to animals
  629. A companys staff, workers
  630. Noise caused by lightning
  631. Figure , elegant winter olympic sport
  632. Smoke and these meant to trick others
  633. These power cars or motorcycles
  634. Spreads dairy product on toast
  635. Dove like birds that often inhabit cities
  636. One piece garments that combine tops and skirts
  637. Examples are bearnaise, marinara, hollandaise
  638. Use an oar or this to control a boat, canoe
  639. Every you take is sung by the police
  640. Language from which the word schadenfreude comes
  641. On the block just arrived in the area
  642. Man of the jungle, in a disney film
  643. Cutting utensils found in kitchens
  644. The collective name of acidic fruits like limes
  645. Body tissue that helps lift weights
  646. Place where fiction and non fiction is sold
  647. Times when we dont succeed
  648. Its thrown in fights during winter
  649. Also known as table tennis
  650. Former us first lady obama, author of becoming
  651. Buildings where christians worship
  652. Bills sent for services or goods ordered
  653. Breaks in the bones
  654. They follow clues to solve a crime
  655. Kids make bunny ears learning to tie these
  656. Treasure found at the end of the rainbow
  657. Facebooks chat app for phones and the web
  658. The ground is this in relation to a persons feet
  659. Album tracks released individually
  660. Law & order special unit crime procedural
  661. Worlds tallest mountain
  662. Yearly salaries earned by working people
  663. Name for a baby frog
  664. Wear these on the wrist to always be on time
  665. Tom hanks character gumps first name
  666. Vehicle for astronauts
  667. False reasons for doing things
  668. Long bracelets worn between the head and chest
  669. Peace, love and , or a state of contentment
  670. Online pages for businesses, nonprofits
  671. David copperfield, penn or teller, for example
  672. The noses job
  673. Legal voting age in the us
  674. Poisonous, like the bite of a snake
  675. Put your hand to your head in shame
  676. Fake teeth that replace a lost smile
  677. Kids wear these clothes for halloween
  678. Gymnastics position with widely spread legs
  679. Another name for lp, album or vinyl
  680. Blank, white surface for artists to paint on
  681. Creating or building something
  682. The dour, sullen dwarf in snow white
  683. Large cat and a type of sports car
  684. Ship goods to a different country to be sold
  685. Pieces of evidence that are left behind
  686. Cuba is this type of feature surrounded by water
  687. Continent on which you might take a safari
  688. Slow moving monster on the walking dead
  689. Bread shapes meant to be sliced
  690. Soft style of shirt
  691. Of the opera, play with masked protagonist
  692. Pairs of people, often romantically linked
  693. Coppertone and banana boat can prevent this
  694. Leafy vegetable that typically makes a salad
  695. Accidentally scored for the wrong team in soccer
  696. Large american brown bear, ursus arctos horribilis
  697. Place in a house to sleep, keep clothes
  698. Hair on ones upper lip
  699. Repetition of a task makes perfect
  700. Mythical horse like creatures with horns
  701. Periods when missing from work or class
  702. Shopper, buyer theyre always right
  703. Romantic colored flowers sold by the dozen
  704. Summery day drink made of yellow citrus fruits
  705. Another word for hugs
  706. Lights bright displays in arctic skies
  707. People who are on vacation
  708. Indiana jones tried to raid this in the 1981 film
  709. Us state abbreviated to ny
  710. Its what the early bird catches
  711. Feta, brie, cheddar and edam
  712. Young playful dogs
  713. Shape on which baseball is played
  714. Put coins in this machine to play songs
  715. Flat surfaces to store books, trinkets on
  716. Facebooks precursor
  717. Generic word for money, investments
  718. Simple snack served between two slices of bread
  719. Gate walked through by those whove just landed
  720. 12 00 am
  721. Dotted tiles used to play a game
  722. Eating between meals
  723. Small dark red fruits with long stems
  724. A chip off the showing family characteristics
  725. Reimbursed monies that employees spend on work
  726. Spinner, childrens toy for busy hands
  727. Wooden stick that kebabs are cooked on
  728. Another word for sausage
  729. Choreographed movements set to music
  730. Sticking this mouth part out can be bad manners
  731. Netted bat used to play tennis and badminton
  732. Things that irk us, especially pet ones
  733. Cleaning tools that suck
  734. The past the study of past events
  735. He found a magic lamp and battled jafar
  736. Mythical hairy creature that wears large shoes
  737. Drinking using your tongue, for example milk
  738. Handheld controllers for tvs, stereos
  739. Fashion ideas or clothing combinations
  740. Tiny metal pieces that attach papers together
  741. Bite be killed
  742. Hardest thing to find on a fairway after tee off
  743. Novels that focus on love
  744. Type of band that moves while playing instruments
  745. Completely normal, not new or different
  746. Commonly pierced body parts
  747. Salon treatment for feet, toes
  748. Making a woolen garment
  749. Electronic devices that transmit sound
  750. Bugs bunny and south park are examples of these
  751. The gel of this plant can treat sunburn
  752. Out of control forest burner
  753. Green leafy plants used to make salads
  754. The boy who wouldnt grow up
  755. Where she sells seashells
  756. 32 degrees f is the point of water
  757. Uses a ruler or tape to check length
  758. You cant teach one new tricks
  759. Individual pieces of pizza or bread
  760. They go with dots in morse code
  761. Entertains, makes someone laugh
  762. Scanned someones body to see their skeleton
  763. Toughened headgear worn for safety or protection
  764. Rapper, real name is marshall bruce mathers iii
  765. Molded doughy breakfast treat, possibly eggo
  766. Three legged stand for a camera
  767. Written art form full of imagery, often rhymes
  768. Neil who was the first man to walk on the moon
  769. Occasionally, now and then
  770. Chemical contamination of the natural world
  771. Decorative covering for a rooms vertical surfaces
  772. Numbers drawn at random for cash prizes
  773. Alexander graham bells device changed the world
  774. Heavenly creatures like cherubs
  775. Canadas official language other than english
  776. Name given to a network of rabbit burrows
  777. Slang term for a girl who likes to climb trees
  778. A large, tall glass or cup without a handle
  779. Toast italian sandwiches at home with a press
  780. Sport associated with val disère and zermatt
  781. Lucy, who dropped a letter in a childrens rhyme
  782. Got better after being ill or injured
  783. Another word for academy awards
  784. Copied an animal, like dolly the sheep
  785. Cleaner dust sucking device, replaced brooms
  786. Place to play coin operated video games
  787. Mythical beast said to hoard gold, breathe fire
  788. Purchases made online
  789. The largest of the uks channel islands
  790. Style of small italian restaurant
  791. Actor banks of pitch perfect, the hunger games
  792. Question and answer session, for talk show or job
  793. Run through ahead of a performance
  794. Sets of straps to fix horses to carts
  795. Striped sweet treat hung on christmas trees
  796. Germanys national airline anagram of half aunts
  797. Places where white collar work often takes place
  798. New kiwi country near to australia
  799. Country where the battle of waterloo was fought
  800. Seedless, easy peeling orange citrus fruit
  801. Famous magician who died on halloween night
  802. They go with spills when having fun
  803. Routine appointment with a doctor or dentist
  804. Earth, venus or mars codycross explores ours
  805. Garments worn over ones clothes when cooking
  806. Caterpillar home before it becomes a butterfly
  807. The command area of star treks uss enterprise
  808. Place that makes alcohol from grapes
  809. Outdated beepers used in hospitals, 1990s tv shows
  810. Hand in a piece of work to be graded
  811. Southern french city famous for its film festival
  812. Without any artificial additives
  813. Gun dog that can be cocker or springer
  814. French , alternative name for the côte dazur
  815. Christian ceremony that uses a font
  816. David, uk prime minister who held the brexit vote
  817. Appointment to look around a property for sale
  818. Type of lager named after a city in bohemia
  819. House, australian band who sang distant sun
  820. Us city, the titanics intended destination
  821. Framework a mattress is placed upon
  822. Only former yugoslav nation to border italy
  823. Fair that travels or rio parade
  824. Piggledy means untidy, chaotic, messy
  825. Lasagne like baked dish originating in greece
  826. Main currency unit of spain before the euro
  827. Meghan who married prince harry
  828. A submerged board for steering a ship or boat
  829. Flat timbers walked by pirates as punishment
  830. Sickness, experienced in a car or on a ride
  831. Tools for writing on a blackboard
  832. Name given to a white stoat or weasel
  833. Lengths of hair rubber banded at the back of head
  834. Your grandmother or grandfathers sister
  835. Painted cloths behind actors on a stage
  836. Baltic state that is an anagram of i hail tuna
  837. Reaper, thresher and gatherer of wheat
  838. Building like buckingham, schönbrunn or versailles
  839. Superhero who battles poison ivy
  840. Vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell
  841. Excerpts of text that people said or wrote
  842. Crime of killing
  843. 22nd james bond film quantum of
  844. Short legged marsupial that lives in a burrow
  845. Popular musical hall dance with high kicks
  846. Game of tossing rings onto poles
  847. Language spoken in krakow and gdansk
  848. Male person who uses a rod and a reel
  849. Tenured teacher at a university
  850. Tennessee williams wrote about one named desire
  851. Spanish city famous for its las ramblas boulevard
  852. Like the made up friends kids sometimes have
  853. Japanese site of a bomb drop on 6th august 1945
  854. Opposite of electronic messaging, sent by post
  855. French name for the alps tallest mountain
  856. Dickens tale of two cities concerned paris and
  857. Closes then opens eyes quickly
  858. Americas independence day is on this day in july
  859. These we raise in song or anger
  860. Device for capturing images before phones
  861. Describes the fur of a kitten or maybe a cloud
  862. One fifth of a hundred
  863. Foods like potatoes, breads are also called
  864. The sensory hairs on a cat or dogs face
  865. Like highgate in london, or père lachaise in paris
  866. Comic book reporter who married superman
  867. Find them on the periodic table
  868. Emma, star of 2003s love actually
  869. Tunes liked by the general public
  870. Kind of evening expected on valentines day
  871. Quixotic traveller cut short horseplay
  872. One famous split infinitive, star treks to
  873. Financial abbreviation iou means this
  874. Quiet, slippery character pinching king&rsquo s money
  875. Tom hanks hoped to save this ryan
  876. The flat boards in bookcases and cupboards
  877. Fried chinese dumplings served in soup
  878. Hours, when a business is active
  879. Quiet, reticent person has a change of heart
  880. False document a fake or the act of making one
  881. Freeloader, one who lives off others generosity
  882. Quiet girl absorbing a film
  883. Giant brownish orange planet in our solar system
  884. Us medical drama greys
  885. Quiet english lady
  886. Melodic and musical, not off key
  887. Nationality of da vinci, michelangelo and raphael
  888. Quickly write section on swimming stroke
  889. Possible home of a shower or a toilet
  890. Two words to wish someone well before an event
  891. Mountains that separate france from spain
  892. Quickly passes mens trousers feature heartless youth
  893. Light, crunchy dessert made from egg whites
  894. Scottish waterway famous for its monster
  895. In retail, this person is always right
  896. Quick way round two problems with electricity
  897. Video calling app from apple
  898. Frances pont du gard is a famous one
  899. Questioning start of gig, with band assumed sick
  900. Science fiction author ray, wrote fahrenheit 451
  901. Soak food in tasty liquid
  902. Using brushes to create artwork
  903. Queen leaving court is risky
  904. Filled with uncertainty or unlikely to happen
  905. Certificate proof that a website is secure
  906. Theron, the fast and the furious villain cipher
  907. Queen avoiding area linked to unknown highway
  908. Pardons, excuses someone for wrongdoings
  909. Persons rump or buttocks
  910. Ran into each other, e g two vehicles
  911. Queen attending summit in states disheartened, they say
  912. Tv mafia series starring james gandolfini, the
  913. Great board game for kids who want to be doctors
  914. Quarter settled first on scones, not wafers
  915. Watching a movie or tv show online
  916. Surname of frances famous leader napoleon
  917. Artificial fabric used to make clothing
  918. Soil area for plants with usually bright petals
  919. Quarrel about opening of motorcycle club its a source of bitterness
  920. One out of posh, sporty, scary, baby and ginger
  921. Moscows famous art gallery
  922. Quantity caught in a fishing net
  923. Use it to get money out of the atm
  924. Energy in food
  925. Motor powerful engine for a speedboat
  926. Quality of one smashing seductress ive not lovelessly abandoned
  927. Amsterdams airport, a major international hub
  928. Computer part with numbers and letters
  929. Pie with a banana and toffee topping
  930. Doctors whose job is to look after teeth
  931. Day, or carpe diem
  932. Either team in a knock out contests last game
  933. Lake where germany, switzerland and austria meet
  934. Part of a school where physical education is held
  935. Animal rescue facility for abandoned pets
  936. 50s nostalgia show with richie, joanie and fonzie
  937. Music hall tune its a long way to
  938. Meal youd be served if you ordered a full english
  939. Travel on this countrys tgv high speed railway
  940. Kids toy in a coil shape, goes down the stairs
  941. Coat to keep a pup or a person warm
  942. Orcas and humpbacks
  943. Northern country with maple leaf symbol
  944. Storm in a , a great commotion over very little
  945. Oddly, spains national anthem doesnt have them
  946. Harry who gets to hogwarts from platform 9 and 3/4
  947. To give up something entirely to leave
  948. Spicy paprika infused stew associated with hungary
  949. Unsinkable ship that sank film with leo and kate
  950. Handheld arrangement of flowers
  951. From or related to beijings country
  952. Workout or dance one piece stretchy garment
  953. Nation famous for its red bull ring racing circuit
  954. This toronto actor played david in schitts creek
  955. Author who created the world of middle earth
  956. Creatures feared by an arachnophobe
  957. Talking boastfully or arrogantly
  958. Bask in the heat an anagram of bean huts
  959. Scotch , scrambled eggs, toast, anchovy paste
  960. Tight fitting, stretchy jean like garment
  961. Ewan, male lead in 2003 romcom down with love
  962. Wyatt earps famous gunfight on october 26, 1881
  963. Corncrake, eurasian short billed type of rail bird
  964. Style of luxury outdoor tourist accommodation
  965. Jeff kinney writes book series diary of a
  966. Traditional alternative indian medicine system
  967. Second book of the bible
  968. The beatles liverpool club
  969. Composed or written in verse
  970. Website for rental accommodation
  971. Fair , aussie expression showing approval
  972. Jake gyllenhaals actress sister
  973. Short game golf club
  974. There are four fundamental ones of these in nature
  975. Mash this peelable fruit for good hair conditioner
  976. Mccarthy the road and child of god novelist
  977. Another name for stage curtains
  978. Grand title of head of ottoman or mughal empires
  979. Country where you can stay in an auberge
  980. Us president who served as governor of california
  981. Mountain trek exploring gorges and waterfalls
  982. Observed, e g a crime being committed
  983. Playwright j b who wrote an inspector calls
  984. Made in a traditional way by an expert
  985. First , initial person first at an emergency
  986. He had a hit with goodbye yellow brick road
  987. Perfume launched by calvin klein in 1985
  988. Alliterative name for rubber beach sandals
  989. Greek fast food of small pieces of skewered meat
  990. X man who has an adamantium infused skeleton
  991. A century ago, this decade was roaring
  992. Friendly feelings toward others
  993. Renowned university in the latin quarter of paris
  994. 1960s batman actor
  995. Person powered vehicle popular with tourists
  996. Writer of time travel romances based in scotland
  997. Puffy french breads with a lot of butter and eggs
  998. A switch system that gets a vehicle started
  999. Short note mailed home by a tourist
  1000. Readying your luggage an anagram of pick nag
  1001. Get fit by , its less energetic than jogging
  1002. Lower manhattans film festival
  1003. Taylor swift song about freshman year
  1004. Healing used in reiki via the palms
  1005. Gates, known for her philanthropic foundation
  1006. Room , food served to your suite in a hotel
  1007. A silverback is a large male of this great ape
  1008. P t barnums first name
  1009. Capital city of thailand
  1010. Waterways you can visit in venice and amsterdam
  1011. The commission that investigated jfks death
  1012. What the world calls football, the us calls this
  1013. Entitlements, prerogatives
  1014. Baobab trees are native to this continent
  1015. Actor richard, once married to elizabeth taylor
  1016. Moes , target of bart simpsons prank calls
  1017. The zodiac sign for late june to late july
  1018. Thandiwe, star of crash and maeve in westworld
  1019. Portions of the capital of a company, up for sale
  1020. Doctor whos robot enemies
  1021. The tissues that make up the roof of the mouth
  1022. Holland, destination ferries from harwich
  1023. Pot of melted cheese for dipping
  1024. A popular tourist destination, often by the sea
  1025. Penny pinching, greedy
  1026. He was in drop the dead donkey on bbc tv, neil
  1027. Country where the spa town of spa is found
  1028. Agents, eggs, yeast and baking soda are these
  1029. Loud speaker public address systems
  1030. Small wooden figure, decorated by crafters
  1031. Stunt when a cyclist lifts up the front wheel
  1032. Storm , thrill seekers trip to see a tornado
  1033. Gus, director of good will hunting and milk
  1034. Single ladies and halo singer
  1035. This determines if material floats in water or not
  1036. England australia cricket series played since 1882
  1037. Dont forget this if youre heading abroad
  1038. Bothered, pestered
  1039. To his coy , metaphysical poet marvells verse
  1040. Spongy italian square of bread with herbs on top
  1041. Removed a disguise
  1042. Official country home of the uk prime minister
  1043. Item bought on holiday to remember the trip
  1044. Designer, inventor of airships
  1045. Simba in the disney film
  1046. Formal ceremonies, a result of romances that last
  1047. What people shoot at in archery
  1048. Bays, indentations in a coastline
  1049. Overseas, in another country anagram of bad oar
  1050. Online webpage with links to further resources
  1051. Burrowing mammal of north america
  1052. News, events broadcast as they happen
  1053. Technical theatrical rehearsal without actors
  1054. Powdered glass with a binder used as decoration
  1055. Jessica parker, michelle geller and ferguson
  1056. Poohs companion when searching for the heffalump
  1057. To cook slowly in a small amount of liquid
  1058. A protective apron or similar outer garment
  1059. Sci fi characters may be put in this when hurt
  1060. A luxury trip taken by boat
  1061. Orange metal element used in steampunk fashion
  1062. Related to the backbone
  1063. Sharp parts of the boots worn by skaters
  1064. An air passengers feeling of tiredness
  1065. 2018 conjuring horror movie set in a convent
  1066. Furniture to sit on when light, sleep on when dark
  1067. Edith, a british nurse shot as a spy in 1915
  1068. Book, foreign language guide for tourists
  1069. The atlantic bay between france and spain
  1070. A mexican dish of tortilla chips and melted cheese
  1071. A tool or piece of kitchen equipment
  1072. Classic raleigh bicycle model, launched 1969
  1073. Female gymnasts compete while wearing this
  1074. To get the word out to as many people as possible
  1075. Greek is a thick type of this dairy product
  1076. Breathing tube used to explore shallow seas
  1077. , cambodia, laos, all formed french indo china
  1078. Fictional folks with hairy feet from the shire
  1079. Knotting technique used to make wall hangings
  1080. Blamed for, charged with committing a crime
  1081. Long armed apes known for swinging among branches
  1082. This stone was key to deciphering hieroglyphics
  1083. Pointer to keep you on track on a hiking holiday
  1084. People who live in a certain area
  1085. Abbé wrote the declaration of the rights of man
  1086. Famed composer whose career began at 5 years old
  1087. Traditional japanese inn or travel accommodation
  1088. Small nosegays of flowers
  1089. Season through which most bears hibernate
  1090. Black and white dog that belongs to charlie brown
  1091. Celebration that occurs a week after palm sunday
  1092. Last name of former german chancellor willy
  1093. Tv sports coverage expert
  1094. Last , a trip booked only briefly ahead of time
  1095. Strong onion relative used in salad dressings
  1096. Uk city that hosted the 2012 olympics
  1097. Mathematician alan with code breaking bombe
  1098. Round inflatable for fun on a trip to the seaside
  1099. Ancient city in uzbekistan
  1100. 2018 coming of age romcom starring nick robinson
  1101. Stella , author and ex director general of mi5
  1102. Soprano singers and trumpets can hit these
  1103. Spicy mixer used for a moscow mule
  1104. A short leisure trip anagram of crux noise
  1105. Continent to which koalas are native
  1106. Mechanical device for cleaning carpets
  1107. Register for your flight, or at the hotel
  1108. Famous nyc stage square garden
  1109. Feathers of a bird
  1110. Country to which greenland belongs
  1111. Diet of eating nothing cooked, used in orthopathy
  1112. An arrogant way of walking
  1113. Fastenings sewn onto a coat
  1114. Colin , fast british hurdler
  1115. This jennifer played polly in along came polly
  1116. Nostalgic video of your photos, set to music
  1117. Claim, where your suitcases are after a flight
  1118. Lengthens muscles
  1119. A married couples post wedding getaway
  1120. Holly , capotes breakfast at tiffanys icon
  1121. Duvet like bed covering with duck feathers
  1122. Former british colony in southern africa
  1123. An energy source that cant be used up
  1124. Small constrictor often found near grain stores
  1125. Luxury hotel suite on the top floor
  1126. Four wheeled vehicle for solo off road exploring
  1127. Fusing a piece of one plant to another
  1128. Assault on 13, 1976 john carpenter thriller
  1129. Toronto’s name may come from this indigenous tribe
  1130. The price of the first stamp, issued in 1840
  1131. Catherine, heathcliffs love in wuthering heights
  1132. Traditional indian inn, often beside a temple
  1133. Hanna barbera character named for a baseball star
  1134. Cotton, linen, fleece, rayon and so on
  1135. Crocodile species, the worlds largest reptile
  1136. List of activities or destinations on a trip
  1137. Flux , a fictional device in back to the future
  1138. Whitby sailor made three major pacific voyages
  1139. Large bags packed by tourists
  1140. Angel, niagara and victoria are examples of this
  1141. Your thoughts tell me whats on your mind
  1142. Levis first created these clothes in the 1890s
  1143. Bright bangs and fizzes in the sky
  1144. 1912 comedy play by george bernard shaw
  1145. All human beings, every person on earth
  1146. Outer cables that secure a campers tent
  1147. Heel, body part named after trojan war hero
  1148. Type of flight that crosses a vast distance
  1149. Form of government with a royal as head
  1150. Arthur ,w s gilberts opera composing partner
  1151. This man was a famous archaeological hoax in 1912
  1152. Dobbys species from the harry potter series
  1153. Muscle relaxing treatment offered in spa resorts
  1154. Nuts that contain cyanide
  1155. 14th element popular in computer microprocessors
  1156. Shark, fish of uk waters found near the surface
  1157. Nutrient found in meat and beans
  1158. Legos brand of more advanced builds
  1159. Rural setting, fields and nature
  1160. What you send if you cant attend
  1161. Long journeys or trips an anagram of soya veg
  1162. Instruction on alice in wonderlands potion bottle
  1163. Steel ends of a construction workers boots
  1164. Make me feel singer monae
  1165. Youngest of hollywoods baldwin brothers
  1166. Northern irish city in which the titanic was built
  1167. Small craft with motor popular in beach resorts
  1168. Supernaturals dean winchester, jenson
  1169. Beans drunk in cafes over gossip
  1170. Twin brother of castor in roman myth
  1171. Circular winders, for storing thread or film
  1172. A late night plane journey
  1173. Empire, aka moguls, 16th c indian invaders
  1174. Fake punches
  1175. A large seabird known for its diving skills
  1176. Richard known for the ring cycle of operas
  1177. Cosmetic pencil to define mouth
  1178. Extra work hours outside of a standard contract
  1179. Chair type often promoted by la z boy
  1180. Love , a three sided romance
  1181. Dark body of water on which crimea stands
  1182. Pages displaying each month of the year
  1183. Susan, voice of james and the giant peachs spider
  1184. Spiky succulent that yields skin soothing extract
  1185. Childrens book cloudy with a chance of these
  1186. Male horses that havent been gelded
  1187. Jacket, 1987 stanley kubrick war film
  1188. Close relative or friend in case of emergency
  1189. The part of a shirt or coat around the neck
  1190. English scientist known for his work on gravity
  1191. A bass one often has 4 strings, an acoustic has 6
  1192. Young hen, not an egg layer
  1193. Flat protective weapon, often paired with a sword
  1194. Famous art museum in paris, the worlds largest
  1195. Clump of grass that little miss muffet sat on
  1196. Routine or regulated process for health or beauty
  1197. Only us state entirely comprised of islands
  1198. Sport where players throw fists in the ring
  1199. Order of items to be discussed at a meeting
  1200. How to get away with , viola davis drama series
  1201. First female prime minister of india, ms gandhi
  1202. Oversized, too large or heavy, e g baggage
  1203. One who takes on a cool lifestyle
  1204. Goals that a person is striving towards
  1205. Your personal social media page
  1206. Tex mex grilled meat taco dishes
  1207. Honeycomb product that vegans avoid
  1208. Western american mountains popular with hikers
  1209. This entire bathroom can be used as a shower
  1210. Netflixs comic book hit the umbrella
  1211. Little house on the prairie author laura wilder
  1212. Brainstorming plan of creative ideas
  1213. An anglican is a follower of the church of
  1214. Language spoken in hispanophone countries
  1215. James, director of titanic and avatar
  1216. Make up, smooch and get back together
  1217. Worried about, apprehensive
  1218. Princess diana lobbied against these buried bombs
  1219. A stitch in time , act sooner rather than later
  1220. Canadian city where a lot of tv shows are filmed
  1221. Symmetrical dome shaped line on a graph
  1222. Plants that need very little sun
  1223. Singer whose hits include roar and firework
  1224. Word upgraded typewriter
  1225. Removes liquids, similar to blood sucking worms
  1226. Plastic or wooden devices to suspend clothes on
  1227. Country where aran sweaters originated
  1228. Mighty joe young was one in the 1998 movie
  1229. Notes written to record events of a meeting
  1230. A person whose trade is to cut meat for food
  1231. Iconic yellow, mouse like pokémon character
  1232. Black , day of the 1929 wall street crash
  1233. Crime carried out from a vehicle that is moving
  1234. Outfit worn by surfers in cold water
  1235. The bony holes in which the eyeballs sit
  1236. For and , list weighing up pros and cons
  1237. Paper cloth used to wipe the mouth at dinner
  1238. Ruled column down the edge of a piece of paper
  1239. Exercise done face down, moving away from floor
  1240. Small gardening utensil, like a small spade
  1241. Hanging sweet filled model beaten open at parties
  1242. Named and given a slating public review
  1243. Luxurious thick furry material
  1244. First name of sport star rodman or actor quaid
  1245. Log of data or written evidence
  1246. Cold area where the north pole is situated
  1247. Happy songs are usually this tempo
  1248. Theyre the glass part of spectacles
  1249. Less blunt
  1250. Conflicting events on a schedule
  1251. In a storm, take whatever opportunity you can
  1252. It was discovered on the atlantic seabed in 1985
  1253. Place where lagers, ales, stouts are made
  1254. Us figure skater tonya, subject of 2017 film
  1255. Toy disc that can be thrown and caught
  1256. Buscemi as god in tvs miracle
  1257. Harriet, abolitionist who was once enslaved
  1258. Water , record of how much a person drinks
  1259. Two piece swimwear not very practical for swimming
  1260. Vietnamese salon reality tv show it
  1261. Not sage
  1262. Welcome to the , 2017 jumanji movie
  1263. I would do anything for love, but i wont
  1264. Fast moving river currents
  1265. First name of impressionist painter monet
  1266. Its considered bad luck to walk under one
  1267. Cocktail made with champagne and orange juice
  1268. Month associated with leos and virgos
  1269. Mark twain novel, the prince and the
  1270. Titular time lord of the bbc series
  1271. Suggestions for presents
  1272. Plant that doesnt lose its foliage in autumn
  1273. 2010 christopher nolan film about layered dreaming
  1274. Country bordering zimbabwe also beginning with z
  1275. Chemical element that boils to form a violet gas
  1276. First name of keys, piano playing grammy winner
  1277. Broadway play about witches in the land of oz
  1278. Note, adhesive paper for a temporary memo
  1279. Popular chain for sweets and coffee, donuts
  1280. It keeps socks up under trousers
  1281. Domesticated cousin of the polecat
  1282. John, actor in con air and pushing tin
  1283. Bright green, green tea powder
  1284. List, things to do before one dies
  1285. Type of car with electric motor and gas engine
  1286. Memorial in building form taj mahal, eiffel tower
  1287. Place where fido lives, sleeps kennel
  1288. Tesla is known for its cars of this type
  1289. First letters of individuals names
  1290. National lampoon had one in 1983
  1291. Wood eating insects that never sleep
  1292. Traditionally, a person does this on bended knee
  1293. Small shop selling fashionable items
  1294. Make contact get in touch with someone
  1295. Housework jobs that need doing around the home
  1296. Booster that sends shuttles into space
  1297. Card suit other than hearts, diamonds, or clubs
  1298. Date, plan for an evening meal out
  1299. Ocean on which perth, australia, stands
  1300. Old timey drinking glass featured in harry potter
  1301. Long glasses for bubbly woodwind instruments
  1302. Official financial plan of a government
  1303. Gyllenhaal familys acting daughter
  1304. You let the cat out of it when you reveal a secret
  1305. Smallest, like televisions hobo
  1306. Flat fish verb meaning to struggle
  1307. Silver adhesive used by diyers
  1308. Flatbread for burritos, quesadillas
  1309. Rota, whose turn it is to do the housework
  1310. Growing crops, raising animals
  1311. Jack, beat author of on the road
  1312. Gathering of old friends, e g ex classmates
  1313. Camera, simple device with inverted image
  1314. Science that studies earth, rocks and changes
  1315. Buffy and blade were vampire
  1316. Voucher or discount codes for bargain shopping
  1317. Twins are as alike as in a pod
  1318. The adjective narine relates to this nose hole
  1319. Baskets, floral arrangements next to doors
  1320. A long metal pole used for weightlifting
  1321. Slippery 1986 studio album by bon jovi
  1322. Daily diary for thoughts and activities
  1323. A pivoted horizontal beam with counterweights
  1324. Swinging seat or bed made of rope
  1325. Novel lunar phase book in the twilight saga
  1326. Greys , long running medical drama series
  1327. She had a 2020 hit with dont start now
  1328. Frothy saliva like secretion on certain plants
  1329. Upper layer of dirt that gardeners plant in
  1330. Baba , middle east smoky aubergine dip
  1331. Word dont give the secret away
  1332. Mcdormand, played fargos pregnant police chief
  1333. Upright sections, not horizontal rows
  1334. Dolls or figures controlled by the hand or strings
  1335. Land exhaustion, a problem in repetitive farming
  1336. Prediction for future weather
  1337. Painting with that famous smile
  1338. At straws desperately looking for hope
  1339. They stop noise from not letting you sleep
  1340. A rowdy soccer fan whos up to no good
  1341. Living thing that functions independently
  1342. Ideas that pop into ones mind
  1343. It holds a vehicles first set of wheels
  1344. In other places
  1345. Red fruit mocking annual film award golden
  1346. Food or drink items on a shopping list
  1347. Cuddly name of starsky & hutchs informant
  1348. Country music headquarters in tennessee
  1349. No garden grow plants in this on the sill
  1350. Clothing or boots that come up to the upper leg
  1351. Behaving alluringly, twirling hair around finger
  1352. A single reed woodwind
  1353. Tasks that need to be completed and crossed off
  1354. Platos classic manuscript about justice the
  1355. It connects the calf to the heel tendon
  1356. Amount, how much there is of something
  1357. Sweet melon variety thats light green
  1358. Retrospect, looking back its always 20/20
  1359. Construction site for boats and ocean liners
  1360. Organism that lives inside a host organism
  1361. Rock band of pretty fly , the
  1362. Study of atoms, molecules, etc positive vibes
  1363. Bald, gun toting foe of bugs bunny
  1364. Targets that a person strives towards
  1365. On a compass, its opposite southeast
  1366. Eye cosmetic for lashing out
  1367. Weezer had a hit song about this warm top
  1368. Glass home for crawling insects
  1369. Like a skateboard but with a stem and handlebars
  1370. Good for your body, like proper diet and exercise
  1371. Canadas prime minister in 2016, justin
  1372. Sky 2002 sci fi thriller starring tom cruise
  1373. This companys resort has a cinderella tea party
  1374. English physicist associated with falling apple
  1375. Shock, fear
  1376. Tool used to loosen, tighten bolts
  1377. Canadian singer dion, known for her titanic voice
  1378. Green or red vine fruits found on a waldorf salad
  1379. Blood sucking insect that lives where you sleep
  1380. Object on top of a box or springs on a bed
  1381. Superstition says this shouldnt cross your path
  1382. Creepy stop motion film about a girl in a house
  1383. Measure to keep public at home during pandemic
  1384. Royal canadian , canadian comedy series
  1385. Migraine is an extreme form of this
  1386. Hued drink made with leaves and hot water
  1387. Luggage item retrieved from a carousel
  1388. Dark suit with thin pale lines
  1389. Activist known for her role in the bus boycott
  1390. Month of the year whose name meant seventh
  1391. Arboreal living space
  1392. California location related with the film industry
  1393. Expert in scientific study of life forms
  1394. Set of steps for going up or down a floor
  1395. Manufacturing plants for industrial production
  1396. Medical reactions that cause sneezing, itching
  1397. Vehicle with a cars wheelbase and suvs storage
  1398. Oil pressed from beans, used in cosmetics or food
  1399. In the uk, its football in the us, its this
  1400. Scatters white dust before kneading dough
  1401. Income earned above original costs
  1402. Powers that fought the axis in wwii
  1403. Athlete who scores a strike or spare
  1404. Singer michael, one half of pop group wham
  1405. Danger or public speaking can cause this tension
  1406. Type of liquid based printer
  1407. This type of rap reflects street gang lifestyle
  1408. Country in which hamlet is set
  1409. Larrys the name of this social media iconic bird
  1410. Place where football or concerts are played
  1411. Describes animals that are nourished on grains
  1412. Soft green fruit with a hard, bumpy skin
  1413. A movie or play with lots of singing and dancing
  1414. Quick pause during a formula one race
  1415. The italian city of pisa has this type of tower
  1416. Literary madman don who attacked windmills
  1417. Popular brand of irish stout
  1418. The summer version of this happens around june 21
  1419. Embroidered canvas used as a wall hanging
  1420. In a circle, its the radius multiplied by two
  1421. When guests add to a song, they are said to be
  1422. Rubbery material used in baking spatulas
  1423. Oscar winning spanish actor cruz
  1424. Emery board is one type of this
  1425. Wet event that saves gardeners watering plants
  1426. The panel in a car that shows speed and distance
  1427. Ghosts might hang out here after dark
  1428. Popular seed snack from a bloom
  1429. Ivy league university town in new jersey
  1430. Writings , james bond theme hit for sam smith
  1431. Advertising gimmick that can start fires
  1432. Train lines, in other words
  1433. Thin socks that go up to the knee or mid thigh
  1434. She wrote one of historys most famous diaries
  1435. Hardship, difficult situation
  1436. Volumes recording money in and out of accounts
  1437. When no one can win, like in chess
  1438. Womens shoes, often worn dancing
  1439. He produced the nightmare before christmas
  1440. Large group of classical musicians
  1441. H2o and n2 are examples
  1442. Trendy plant that doesnt need a lot of water
  1443. Male protagonist in fifty shades of grey
  1444. Fatal chemical like arsenic, cyanide
  1445. Artificial waterways used by barges
  1446. Another word for the evening meal last meal
  1447. Flat metal ring used between a nut and bolt
  1448. Sharp nails on a bird
  1449. The most visited country in the world in 2019
  1450. Slimy garden creatures that carry their home
  1451. No rhyme nor this, absolutely illogical
  1452. And commander the far side of the world
  1453. Designation for critically threatened animals
  1454. Shriek piercingly
  1455. Chucky horrifying doll meets his match
  1456. Large paper pictures stuck onto walls
  1457. African xylophone with large wooden keys
  1458. A toasted bread cube served on top of soup
  1459. Phoebe waller bridges emmy winning show
  1460. People like rory mcelroy
  1461. French three word phrase for fashionable
  1462. Solange is this to beyoncé
  1463. This ocean is to canadas north
  1464. Strong metal cords made of linked hoops
  1465. Aqua teen force
  1466. Any figure skating jump that has three rotations
  1467. Ice cream topped with syrup, whipped cream
  1468. Alice sebold novel the bones
  1469. Nuptial shower before tying the knot
  1470. It is the new black according to the prison drama
  1471. Cartoon family who own snowball ii, the
  1472. Anne, played the princess in the princess diaries
  1473. Popular video game for up to 100 players
  1474. House entrance that is not in the front
  1475. A character in a story who relates the plot
  1476. Joint at the top of a persons arm
  1477. Quirky frozen accommodation for polar getaways
  1478. Type of pastry treat, often filled with apple
  1479. Thinning, e g a hairline
  1480. If this stings you, some recommend peeing on it
  1481. Male circus performer who has a lot of muscles
  1482. Act of god is common in this type of contract
  1483. Little indigo fruit full of antioxidants
  1484. Police restraints for a criminals wrists
  1485. Lady gaga sings about having no expression
  1486. I came, i saw, i julius caesar
  1487. Marie curie or rachel carson, for example
  1488. The floating arrow on a computer screen
  1489. Skates, sporting footwear with wheels
  1490. This four sided shape lends itself to a dance name
  1491. Messenger of the gods in greek mythology
  1492. Country that germany attacked on september 1, 1939
  1493. Fluffy couscous like grain from south america
  1494. Iron , the number of the beast band
  1495. Fancy black suit for a red carpet or prom
  1496. Aquatic predators in the reef, the meg and jaws
  1497. Kick up , to celebrate
  1498. Ancient roman fighter, e g in the colosseum
  1499. Science involving how molecules interact
  1500. This type of fairy danced in the nutcracker
  1501. Type of tree that doesnt lose its leaves
  1502. A literary murder mystery
  1503. North americas famous mythical yeti
  1504. Kidney shaped seeds that most people call nuts
  1505. Mechanical device created to help people
  1506. Pantry items that may include flour, oil or coffee
  1507. Turns head over tail
  1508. What the early bird gets, according to a saying
  1509. Julia roberts played the bride in 1999
  1510. Powdered color for adding vibrancy to paints
  1511. Insects that sound like a british band
  1512. Natural sources of gushing water
  1513. Rod used for catching salmon or trout, etc
  1514. Cutting tool for paper, fabric
  1515. Spanish dough patty with stuffing and crimped edge
  1516. Beckham, designer and former spice girl
  1517. Formal tryout for a group of actors or musicians
  1518. Brave , 1932 book by aldous huxley
  1519. Nut loving animal with a bushy tail
  1520. Alvin and his friends are this animal
  1521. Salad sauce act of wearing clothes
  1522. Male chicken with a red comb on its head
  1523. Donald glovers tv show about a rapper
  1524. When tickets arent available for a concert
  1525. Give me this, or give me death
  1526. Soft, wet, waterlogged areas of ground
  1527. Scar tissue band red hot chili
  1528. Breathing tube for swimming in clear water
  1529. Cut of meat from an animals breast
  1530. Someone who is present at a crime or accident
  1531. A detailed often psychological examination
  1532. Popular pixar series featuring talking playthings
  1533. Did a write up of a product or business
  1534. Unwanted plot details that ruin movies
  1535. Cooker thats not powered by gas
  1536. Popular fathers day footwear gift
  1537. Of venice, a shakespeare play
  1538. A flat bodied fish or a verb meaning to struggle
  1539. Response, outcome
  1540. What mens grand slam tennis is played over
  1541. All people from the genus homo
  1542. 1985 doug e fresh and mc ricky d hip hop classic
  1543. The name of the worlds largest volcano, in hawaii
  1544. Occurrence anagram of ancients
  1545. Professionals who review financial statements
  1546. The god of winemaking, fertility, performance
  1547. The procoptodon was a giant version of this animal
  1548. Small chopping tool invented in stone age
  1549. Bold passage to show off a musicians virtuosity
  1550. Aegon targaryens other name
  1551. Not biological or derived from organic life
  1552. Waterborne bacterial disease
  1553. Indian state with gir forest national park
  1554. Art , style of much signage of the paris métro
  1555. Calderón atlético madrids stadium
  1556. Wooden oars used by ancient peoples
  1557. Movie about a wwii evacuation from france
  1558. Jonathan, author of purity and the corrections
  1559. Male duck that has a green head
  1560. Creeping sycophant in dickens david copperfield
  1561. 1992 film about a bullied teen and chuck norris
  1562. Period following the stone age
  1563. Second to los angeles in tv production
  1564. Barium , aka witherite used in rat poison
  1565. Nature worshiping religions are this
  1566. Gentle natured, like an uncomplicated route
  1567. Antelope type animal of the north american plains
  1568. Pieces of pottery found by archeologists
  1569. Confer holy orders on a new priest
  1570. Waller bridge, writer on killing eve and fleabag
  1571. Model wife of simon le bon
  1572. A curved single edged japanese sword
  1573. Having different color eyes heterochromia
  1574. Dirk bogarde 1961 film about blackmail
  1575. Small bits of stone chipped off to make weapons
  1576. Egyptian sky goddess, represented as a cow
  1577. Structure laws and rules into a system
  1578. Battle , elimination genre of video games
  1579. Scottish ball game akin to hockey
  1580. Rabbit language in watership down
  1581. Wild australian horse breed
  1582. Spear thrower tool used in stone age
  1583. Iagos wife in othello
  1584. Funky , single by the beginning of the end
  1585. Track that runs alongside a canal
  1586. Rolled documents with rods carried by a herald
  1587. Crude metal produced by blast furnace smelting
  1588. Dutch painter known for girl with a pearl earring
  1589. Homo , extinct human aka handy man
  1590. Italian food company makes pasta and sauces
  1591. Straits of , shipping canal in ancient greece
  1592. Predator that hunts and eats birds
  1593. Extendable table with supports that move
  1594. Say so artist whose songs are big on tiktok
  1595. Liquid shellac
  1596. Trauma induced arthritis in a horses fetlock
  1597. Covered area, made with animal skins in stone age
  1598. This flop changed high jump competitions forever
  1599. Small podium on which a conductor stands
  1600. President roosevelts 1933 program of reforms
  1601. Wooden structures, basis of stone age homes
  1602. Theres a guggenheim museum in this italian city
  1603. Joan who had a year of magical thinking
  1604. Large marsupial that lives in a burrow
  1605. Betty, actress and forces sweetheart
  1606. First six letters of the proper name for aspirin
  1607. Legendary broadway star patti
  1608. Dugout wooden boats used by neolithic peoples
  1609. Game studio platform with robux currency
  1610. Palace housing an art museum in pragues old town
  1611. Last name of brainy andrea on beverly hills, 90210
  1612. Geology field, study of rocks
  1613. People related to us back in time
  1614. Spark induced gun
  1615. Azure shade named after an old dynasty
  1616. Freedom fighter that might be monkeying around
  1617. Variety show featuring exotic dancers and comedy
  1618. Jurassic animals no longer around in stone age
  1619. Small packets of energy emitted by e g light
  1620. Popular high school football tune, hang on
  1621. 2015 biopic about a blacklisted hollywood writer
  1622. Nullify, render invalid
  1623. Stage name of belcalis marlenis almánzar
  1624. Stone blocks on which stone tools were made
  1625. Se spanish region with the city of cartagena
  1626. Secretly female eliot, wrote middlemarch
  1627. Ring tailed madagascan primates
  1628. Communal burial tomb used in neolithic times
  1629. Blends of metals, typically using mercury
  1630. The most liable to have software errors
  1631. Small settlements where neolithic peoples lived
  1632. A creature from harry potter that sucks away joy
  1633. Word often used to describe a wealthy bachelor
  1634. Nationality of someone born in monrovia
  1635. Service, might have been carried out at stonehenge
  1636. Russias largest arctic port, a major trade city
  1637. Soldiers who surround the enemy city
  1638. Magritte painted the of images
  1639. Buffing, like neolithic people did to stone tools
  1640. Bakeware, e g casserole dishes
  1641. Extinct hominin from old stone age
  1642. One who follows the teachings of john wesley
  1643. Alliterative arrangement of matching vowel sounds
  1644. First name of british tennis star konta
  1645. The k in sku
  1646. Italian fashion house founded by designer achille
  1647. Male stone age folk who lived in holes in cliffs
  1648. Flavoring used in bread, cakes and confectionery
  1649. Fat from sheeps wool, use to make soap
  1650. Manual puffers for a fire
  1651. The mainbrace means handing out rum
  1652. Adding a handle to a tool, as ancient peoples did
  1653. Single reed woodwind, keyless instrument
  1654. Time of year when day and night are equal length
  1655. Thick, water based stage makeup
  1656. Sci fi show about an astronaut in a wormhole
  1657. Tree parts used as poles for stone age dwellings
  1658. Cylindrical shaped soft cheese aka junket
  1659. Sheryl, chief operating officer of facebook
  1660. Racket move a ball falls abruptly over the net
  1661. Eating tools carved from wood in the stone age
  1662. Complies, acquiesces
  1663. Large stone tool for chopping bones
  1664. Ronald reagans oldest daughter
  1665. Poisonous plant that killed socrates
  1666. How actor frank vallelonga was better known
  1667. Evil christmas beast from europe
  1668. Strips or cubes of salted, fatty pork meat
  1669. Homo , extinct human or upright man
  1670. These bears played baseball in several films
  1671. Altarpiece art with two panels attached by a hinge
  1672. Periods in time such as the pleistocene
  1673. German city where the könig gallery is located
  1674. Green, singer of emotional rollercoaster
  1675. A programmer routinely does this to finalize code
  1676. First wife of greek hero heracles
  1677. Shakespeare says our life is rounded with one
  1678. Legendary hero who fought an animated roc in 1958
  1679. Luxury olive oil with greek letter name
  1680. Practice or rite carried out by a society
  1681. Kreme doughnut and coffee shop chain
  1682. Mens sleeveless leather tunic of the 17th c
  1683. Ball that will score you two points in snooker
  1684. Prolonged neigh
  1685. Stone age pigments used these natural substances
  1686. Alpine resort, host of the first winter olympics
  1687. Model, standard example
  1688. Places where weapons are stored
  1689. Animal skins that were used for stone age clothes
  1690. Native flat slip on with woven leather strips
  1691. In a graceful, dance like way
  1692. Dramatis , list of main characters in a play
  1693. German term for late harvest, ripe grapey wines
  1694. Wrist decoration made from shells in stone age
  1695. Steampunk technology movement retro
  1696. Wealthy spinster in great expectations, miss
  1697. Not a mobile phone
  1698. Gravel sized debris from meteors
  1699. Mammoth like animal thats no longer living
  1700. White fleshed fruit with bumpy pink shell
  1701. Bulbous glass vial
  1702. Last name of laura who goes missing in twin peaks
  1703. 2020 drama about a korean family in arkansas
  1704. Country where lascaux cave paintings are found
  1705. 1977 neil young compilation album
  1706. Ancient city of egypt on the river nile
  1707. Doctor fischer of , novel by graham greene
  1708. Ty, founder of beanie babies stuffed toys
  1709. Stripey top or t shirt associated with france
  1710. Islamic leader considered a successor to muhammad
  1711. Japanese cherry blossom festival
  1712. German astronomer who studied planetary motion
  1713. Create something new like fire, tools in stone age
  1714. Aerial birds with scythe like wings
  1715. Elephant fang used as stone age tool
  1716. Kiera cass book thats bachelor meets hunger games
  1717. Gathering secret votes from members
  1718. Dutch city on the dommel, early home to philips
  1719. Giant animals around in the stone age
  1720. Called a defendant to court
  1721. Thickener in food prep anagram of a mug rug
  1722. The hurt locker oscar winning director kathryn
  1723. Paved area next to a building, like a patio
  1724. In music, movements that are played slowly
  1725. Ornamental ribbon on a french revolutionary hat
  1726. Finger lesion caused by a virus
  1727. Stone age tool for preparing animal hides
  1728. Colorful bureaucracy
  1729. Human with equine hindquarters
  1730. Linked to the nation of which valletta is capital
  1731. Name for the group of modern humans
  1732. When a ship heels to port or to starboard
  1733. Used to record music or sounds on reel to reels
  1734. Irrational fear of animals
  1735. To split in two, to divide
  1736. Panda , animal gifts to ease political tensions
  1737. The main character from fantastic beasts
  1738. Prehistoric peoples were doing this to make roofs