1. Coolidge or gam
  2. Draw new zoning lines
  3. Blackjack or bazooka
  4. Do-it-yourself buys
  5. Rideshare company with a 2019 ipo
  6. It sheds its antlers yearly
  7. Swedish tennis great bjorn
  8. Dreaded financial review
  9. Military battlewear
  10. One of yalta's big three
  11. Winter cap attachment
  12. Rainfall runoff facilitators
  13. Blt spread
  14. Three-time award for berra for short
  15. Funding sources for medicare
  16. Risk taker's challenge
  17. Posted a yelp review
  18. Brickell who's married to paul simon
  19. Mangy mutts
  20. Moral missteps
  21. L'orfeo or otello
  22. 61-downs on calendars
  23. Dixieland band horns
  24. Prefix in skin care brands
  25. Highlands pattern
  26. West with over 20 grammys
  27. Tom —; character in the adventure novels also featuring huckleberry finn
  28. Fortified red wine
  29. Ford f-150 competitor
  30. Seagoing forces
  31. Fruit in fruit bars
  32. Like a boring speech seemingly
  33. Word after box or bucket
  34. Profligate consumption's closing french city
  35. Bottleneck cause often
  36. What sassiness has a lot of
  37. I am a thief? madness
  38. Stuff in dust bunnies
  39. The tendency in the trial is very distressing
  40. Smokey ___, singer, songwriter and record producer whose real first name is william
  41. While covering for the fellow spies
  42. A person who talks when you wish him to listen
  43. Make a meal of it
  44. Town in northamptonshire, formerly a centre of the footwear industry
  45. Speedy amtrak option
  46. Land made for you and me in a woody guthrie song
  47. Demo material for wile e. coyote
  48. Grp. that combats smuggling
  49. One with a feather duster maybe
  50. ___ amidala star wars queen
  51. Oakland's oracle for one
  52. Entertained with a story say
  53. Print media revenue source
  54. A mince pie and liver spread and it's free
  55. Country singer ___ james decker
  56. Captain who circumnavigated the globe
  57. Very wee
  58. The kennedys or the bushes so to speak
  59. Structures illustrated twice in this puzzle through both black squares and letters
  60. Embarrassing fall
  61. Nae nae or cancan
  62. World's highest-paid athlete in 2019 per forbes magazine
  63. Drops (or adds) a line
  64. Military field uniform
  65. Setting for a classical sacrifice
  66. Adjuncts to some penthouses
  67. Bottles that might be marked xxx in the comics
  68. Maker of no more tears baby shampoo for short
  69. Fourth-and-long option
  70. Do that might block someone's view for short
  71. Subject of a school nurse's inspection
  72. When repeated calming expression
  73. Smallest state in india
  74. Reason for a yachtswoman to tack
  75. Elongated flexible organs occurring near the mouth in some invertebrates
  76. Legendary siren who lured rhine boatmen to their death
  77. Builder of the ship used by jason and the argonauts, after whom it was named
  78. (they/you/we) exist
  79. A race star turn, on the move, dining here?
  80. Absolute rule by an individual
  81. After sleep, left in the morning uproar
  82. Caught by publicity about group
  83. Children's play area
  84. Competitor in from france managed to get into tourist trophy
  85. Conservative with word of warning referring to type of lens
  86. Digress in law and err
  87. Famous person’s stage of journey coming to close
  88. Gain control over law-enforcing group, extremely sedulous
  89. Government not in control of this soldier faction meeting other ranks
  90. He tries tips from erasmus, say, with indication of hesitation
  91. Helpful air currents
  92. Initially seen as crazy, keep bringing up the old musical instrument
  93. Let in a duke with german
  94. Location; outburst
  95. Nonsense about henry’s beat
  96. Not in code or cypher
  97. Not previously used
  98. Original supercontinent
  99. Second showing somewhat nearer university
  100. Shooting with bows and arrows
  101. Splendid bachelor party
  102. Stealing article, flees town at first
  103. Tantrum noticed by sound of it
  104. Ten at heart of it, my cadet smiles, enigmatically
  105. That will never happen, road men at work
  106. This shows mistake was made — “maturer” is wrong
  107. Touchy after legal proceedings seeing h and h as different?
  108. Track, scent
  109. Walking poles; birds
  110. Wife greeting papa with favourite dog
  111. Wild, hit out regularly? silly
  112. Remark made to the audience
  113. Having a fast beat
  114. Jail term without end
  115. Taut or rigid
  116. Motorists
  117. Government agent
  118. Short of information?
  119. Huge without third colour
  120. Tzime of confusion say
  121. Garment right behind fire
  122. Origin of bigger machine
  123. About to moan about new trickster
  124. Tempt hospital department with diamonds
  125. Origins of botany?
  126. At home nurse is mean
  127. Youngsters left terribly sad
  128. Former pupil round with eastern instrument
  129. Lower terribly crude note
  130. Fairy of superiority
  131. Hybrid offspring of a female tiger and male lion
  132. Aniseed-flavoured aperitif
  133. Joiner in william shakespeare play a midsummer night's dream
  134. Songbird of the family motacillidae such as the meadow —
  135. Term for england used by soldiers of the first and second world wars
  136. Capital and main port of barbados
  137. Easternmost london underground station on the central line closed in 1994
  138. Capital of corsica
  139. 2010 short novel by susan hill subtitled a ghost story
  140. Michael — conservative mp for surrey heath; secretary of state for education from 2010-14
  141. Measure of volume used in cooking equal to three teaspoons
  142. 1930 novel by dorothy l sayers
  143. Keith — television chef who authored 2000 autobiography out of the frying pan
  144. Group of three membranes that envelop the brain and spinal cord
  145. 1996 comedy-crime drama film starring frances mcdormand and william h macy
  146. Alan — author of novels cry the beloved country and too late the phalarope
  147. 1927 novel by upton sinclair
  148. Male character from french pantomime with a whitened face and pointed hat
  149. 1948-94 multilateral treaty to promote trade succeeded by the wto
  150. Actress who starred as jane seymour in the film henry viii and his six wives
  151. Maybe daisy cutter?
  152. Trick heartless monarch in flamboyant style thus?
  153. Having or showing good judgement 9 letters
  154. Check the advance of a sick man who returns
  155. In taking a short cut...
  156. A flower in the shade
  157. Argentinian actress and political leader
  158. Sandwich, dover, rye etc
  159. Sailor somehow harms low-lying area
  160. Sensuous brazilian dance for couples
  161. Length of yardsticks
  162. Passport documents
  163. Willing to face danger
  164. Hollywood celebrity
  165. Finished ahead of
  166. Point toward
  167. Lipsticks for example
  168. Space in a sleeper car
  169. Liquid explosive for short
  170. 30 to 300
  171. Opening poker stake
  172. Rolling stones supposed lack
  173. Overly greasy
  174. Film projector spool
  175. Cuisine using chopsticks
  176. Activity using joysticks
  177. Tv watchers gadget
  178. German autos for short
  179. __ canaveral fl
  180. American state with boise as its capital
  181. Duke of ---, title of the queen's cousin prince richard
  182. Revered political figure says crew follows bush
  183. Banana lists badly in s hertfordshire
  184. Entertain a chorister with food
  185. Pretentious person dupes drunk
  186. Question about a radio nerd by henry's driver
  187. Quietly supply orsino's first request
  188. Reagan's campaign slogan's a little bit negative!
  189. Resolved to discourage revolutionary material
  190. Small boys go crazy over shelled peas and vegetables
  191. Son is staggeringly pushy - he had to be!
  192. Soundly in favour of young people as they build muscle
  193. Speedy ships
  194. Support playwright retaining current share
  195. Supporter of platform parade
  196. Tooth job, one out for you, say
  197. Touching significant new version of story
  198. Two changes in patrol car's fuel container
  199. Unhappy daughter is not absorbing short story
  200. Veep's admission hiding eastern fool's lack of shame
  201. Voters
  202. Was unfaithful to elizabeth to begin with at derby race
  203. Worth mentioning old labour leader's upset over special summit
  204. __ macdonald, heroine of the 1745 jacobite rising
  205. 'bird training's no good!', you shout at home
  206. 750 grammes resting on new oven?
  207. A loud bird gets egg on time
  208. A season with bury
  209. Ambassador (british) spotted casing speakeasy
  210. Artery, capillary or vein
  211. Artist writing about etchings primarily is boring
  212. At home, teams show guts
  213. At opening, he can't stand
  214. Bowler for one admits trouble getting a team to flag down a lift
  215. Break in stirrup? try scratching flanks
  216. Building hospital by a river
  217. Cat steals last of stilton from paradise
  218. Children go back to front on slide
  219. Christian science movement founder
  220. Club wants women to gain advantage
  221. Coat's a hit with detached hood
  222. Comedian to court daughter
  223. Cultivated part of flower, trimming both sides
  224. Dances with nato abstainers?
  225. Deal endlessly with germany over zilch? it's doomed to failure
  226. Savant did struggle, old and deprived
  227. Divert brook
  228. Drink bitter from start to finish? just stories
  229. During display, notice dog
  230. Externally, bishop wearing stole produces a bible
  231. Extra serious weather problem ends terribly for planet
  232. Fancy unspecified number occupying temple
  233. Feeling in need of an aspirin?
  234. Fellow left foreign exchange discount
  235. Firebrand film comic got up in silver and gold
  236. Frivolous segment of panel discussion given up
  237. Great flow under construction
  238. Hairy tutor, old american, impresses queen
  239. Halt! after small change to starter, i'm stuffed
  240. House transported back in ark royal
  241. I'm taken aback by fashion - it's an illusion
  242. Idle miners come first regarding 1984?
  243. Likeness: ____ montis equum the greeks left at troy (virgil aen. 2.15)
  244. Independent quartet carried by yak
  245. Instinctive response to a sudden threat
  246. Joyous small tipple this setter's laid on
  247. Man's hugging irish people who succeed
  248. Not in any way restrained
  249. Oblong - a shape for a sausage?
  250. Perhaps lancelot ousts king in the dark
  251. Pioneer appears in old negative looking dapper
  252. Poisoning from rouge originally in vanity case?
  253. Poles keep radio broadcast smoother
  254. Possible cause of careless mistakes?
  255. 1957 novel by vladimir nabokov
  256. Notable basset features
  257. Dark overhead expanse
  258. Princess in the emerald city
  259. Computer system managers for short
  260. It flickers with a flick
  261. Its panhandle is in the pacific time zone
  262. Meghan and harry's archie for one
  263. Comcast or verizon for short
  264. Schuss with a chute
  265. Tough drill bit material
  266. Red sesame street resident
  267. Org. in many tom clancy novels
  268. Paver's stuff
  269. Early cell phone maker
  270. Holler from homer
  271. 1970 best picture winner
  272. Japanese battle cry
  273. Batting figs.
  274. Howls with laughter
  275. Classic superman pose
  276. In the cunning truth itself's ___: alexander pope
  277. Kuala lumpur natives
  278. Chrysanthemum cousin
  279. Gamer's online representation
  280. Start for classical or conservative
  281. Gator look-alike
  282. Romantic outings
  283. Abbr. on a business envelope
  284. Shortstop topper
  285. Speedy australian bird
  286. Burger flippers position
  287. Dr samuel english lexicographer
  288. You're gonna need a bigger boat film
  289. Sound heard on a dairy farm
  290. Fuel for some patio grills
  291. Internet connectivity delays
  292. Astronaut shepard who walked on the moon
  293. Michael douglas film set in new york city (2 wds.)
  294. Natalie wood film set in new york city (3 wds.)
  295. Organizations that raise funds for campaigns for short
  296. Covered with frosting as cupcakes
  297. Robert de niro film set in new york city (2 wds.)
  298. Wile e. coyote's supplier of fake tunnels
  299. Top-ranked (hyph.)
  300. Glass-enclosed fixture in a jewelry store
  301. Many moons ___ (in the distant past)
  302. Big name in crossword puzzle magazines
  303. Freezer bag zipper
  304. Juicy fruit product
  305. Green animals in angry birds
  306. Former new york yankee shortstop derek
  307. Nba great ___ the stilt chamberlain
  308. Time off from work when feeling ill (2 wds.)
  309. Lily of france garments
  310. Rods between a car's wheels
  311. Folded tex-mex snack
  312. Voice-activated apple watch assistant
  313. Seven nation ___ (the white stripes song)
  314. Fliers' bags weighed out with light wire?
  315. Actor mendelsohn of ready player one and rogue one
  316. Of, relating to, or characteristic of ancient and medieval scandinavia
  317. New stay turned out to be unpleasant
  318. Duration of note broke mauve tile
  319. Like all the letters from b's and c's on
  320. Can such doctors give treatment for vertigo?
  321. In norse mythology, a huge ash tree that binds together heaven, earth, and hell
  322. However, nearly everyone finished without recipe
  323. Shapeshifter in eastern folklore
  324. Woman assuming aristocratic airs
  325. Larger member of violin family
  326. Freed let go
  327. Shore scavenger
  328. Large cork stopper
  329. Of caesar’s time
  330. Electrical switch covering
  331. Lacey’s partner tv detective
  332. Lease hire
  333. Non-commissioned officer (abbr)
  334. Move on-screen icons
  335. Abandon evil ways
  336. Persian gulf’s bigwigs
  337. Concert site for one
  338. What i stands for in pin for short
  339. Doctor in the armed forces
  340. Venn diagram groups
  341. Cars’ rolling parts
  342. Nonreactive like argon
  343. Like some fat aunts cavorting in college for all to see?
  344. Latin name for anatolia, the asian part of turkey
  345. Quality of being easily damaged or destroyed
  346. Scrubbing sponge
  347. Sheep dip turned evil and acrid
  348. Burnett outfront cnn show
  349. Port menier
  350. Huileux e
  351. Duck is able to get across eastern sea
  352. George smiley's creator
  353. A growing swindle
  354. A japanese dish of soya beans in their pods
  355. The rounded edible bulbs of an alliaceous plant
  356. Brazilian modern ballroom dance in duple time
  357. City can produce old subject
  358. Major hindu deity usually depicted with black or blue skin; an avatar of vishnu
  359. Frank ---, 20th century american singer and actor who was nicknamed ol' blue eyes
  360. Passage to a water-girt land?
  361. Look with partly closed eyes
  362. Tip bucket one held in sink
  363. Social help employed in luggage factory?
  364. Causing fatigue or exhaustion; tiring
  365. The raised edge of a pavement
  366. Hoppy marsupial from down under informally
  367. Feather ___ (fluffy scarf wrapped around the neck)
  368. Show a user how to use a product for short
  369. To the point rather rudely
  370. Animated penguin movie happy ___
  371. Stun ___ (pistol-like device)
  372. End of the year school dance
  373. American tv series starring david hasselhoff (birthday today) that first aired in 1982 and featured an artificially intelligent car: 2 wds.
  374. Deer-like animal that's larger than a deer but smaller than a moose
  375. Largest living bird in the world after the ostrich
  376. Role played by david hasselhoff from 1975 to 1982 in the tv soap opera the young and the restless which helped him gain recognition: 2 wds.
  377. Island with the carrauntoohil mountain for short
  378. The ___ and the beautiful long-running cbs show
  379. Person to consult when sick for short
  380. Comes out on top in an exam e.g.
  381. He's the ___ for me. (he's my soulmate)
  382. ___ powers group of nations that fought against the allied powers in world war ii
  383. David hasselhoff's autobiography that was released in the uk in 2006: 2 wds.
  384. Show the courage to undertake something dangerous
  385. Silent on a topic
  386. Vase that an archaeologist would find interesting
  387. Bon jovi song ___ my life
  388. Pieces of april actress ___ holmes
  389. Repetitive pattern in a design
  390. Having a sharp acid taste as a lemon
  391. Give off light or heat
  392. Smell very bad
  393. Text document format from adobe: abbr.
  394. Lie in close proximity as a building
  395. Popular card game with a lot of colors
  396. Archaic before (rhymes with air)
  397. Thick blackish liquid used on roads
  398. How netflix delivers content (bypassing traditional distribution): abbr.
  399. Making the bed e.g.
  400. The revenant and titanic actor fondly
  401. Small amounts of sauce e.g.
  402. Indefinite amount of time
  403. Bright first part of the day for short
  404. Look through a hole say
  405. Ladies' finger
  406. Give the authorities the slip
  407. Not censored as in a movie's special edition
  408. Florida city with the south beach
  409. Teeny-tiny pimple problem
  410. Voice assistant on an iphone
  411. Written or verbal test
  412. ___ the ball rolling (start the activity)
  413. Emerald and sapphire e.g.
  414. No more tears shampoo
  415. Path to satori
  416. They might reflect good business
  417. Lawn game banned in 1988
  418. Becomes really buff
  419. Réduire en poudre
  420. Mammifère de madagascar
  421. Pate de chair de poisson
  422. Mogambo lead
  423. Besicles e
  424. Becqueter e
  425. It's where folk realise stuff!
  426. Unit of liquid measure equal to one quarter of a pint
  427. Unusually large, vast
  428. Happy manufacturers enjoying themselves?
  429. Calm seas are difficult to fathom, we’re told
  430. Expedia info
  431. Squander little by little
  432. At risk of offending for short
  433. __ tú: 1974 hit sung in spanish
  434. Unstructured recreation
  435. Double helix part
  436. Ran away from rifle drill
  437. Stick in the closet?
  438. Pollen pouches
  439. Inlet in an otis redding hit song
  440. Ruffles snack company
  441. 2014 boxing biopic
  442. Worn-look fabric style that this puzzle's four other longest answers exhibit?
  443. Beauty and the beast role
  444. Tracked by air traffic control
  445. Mark who plays the hulk
  446. Cell network structure
  447. Learner who is working to become wise
  448. Like many magnets
  449. Superspeed boy in the incredibles
  450. Turns the hose on
  451. Dartmouth e.g.
  452. Greeting at a dog park
  453. Watches through binoculars maybe
  454. Get yer __ out!: live stones album
  455. 18-time nba all-star bryant
  456. Ian —; author who wrote the james bond series of novels
  457. Wandering, almost gave up before finding a bit of hope around south-eastern state
  458. Fliers have ways to get out of a terrible gale
  459. Extremely happy youngster keeps hack very excited
  460. Fancy cake with layers of fruit and cream
  461. Actress noted for her roles in ever decreasing circles, the borrowers, downton abbey and film the best exotic marigold hotel
  462. Vessel found in the kitchen bin, perhaps
  463. An island off italy, in the bay of naples
  464. Empty-headed victor with a speech that's affected
  465. Spring flowering plant in the lily family often 'forced' to bloom indoors
  466. I'm all right ____: 1959 film made by boulting
  467. German junkers ju-87 dive bomber first used in combat in the spanish civil war
  468. Unwelcome inbox filler
  469. Rc drink
  470. Greek assembly place
  471. (i'm not a cowardly lion!)
  472. Window molding
  473. Drifts as a scent
  474. Albuquerque isotopes' baseball league
  475. Remember past november races?
  476. Jot down minimum temperatures?
  477. Ship's bell sound
  478. Stud horse to many foals
  479. Appease xbox users?
  480. Leave lab animals in a maze?
  481. Chemical suffix with ox-
  482. Wnba game airer
  483. Mountain ridge (eater anagram)
  484. Moonraker author fleming
  485. Put bosses' pictures in a slideshow?
  486. Superman partner lane
  487. Ilhan omar or kamala harris briefly
  488. ___ candle (firework)
  489. Actress ___ michelle gellar
  490. Survived in musical chairs
  491. Inscribe into metal
  492. Legal drama events
  493. Dutch guilder's replacement
  494. Market research panels
  495. '90s dance craze
  496. Pooh pal in a blue shirt
  497. Explicit song subject perhaps
  498. Plant concerning to environmentalists?
  499. Took away by force
  500. Word before rummy or fizz
  501. Mordor warrior
  502. Jingling pocket item
  503. Dissatisfied worker's desire
  504. The heat ___ (glenn frey song)
  505. Part of a west point course?
  506. Spinnaker supporter
  507. Baseball scoreboard letters
  508. Broadcaster koppel
  509. ___/her pronouns
  510. Hymnal-holding seat
  511. It picks things up when it's hot
  512. 1991 robin williams movie
  513. Mahal preceder
  514. Monastery man
  515. Dutch word that means farmer
  516. Region of paris on the southern bank of the seine
  517. Out of mind in southern state repeatedly
  518. Italian grand prix motorcycle racer who won 15 world titles between 1966-75
  519. Launch scheme for such an office
  520. Toxic substance makes geriatric indisposed, to some extent
  521. English parliamentarian's row is without substance all the more
  522. Great performances network
  523. Maker of the yacht-master 42 and sea-dweller watches
  524. “sheck ___ (rapper with the 2018 hit “”mo bamba””)”
  525. Load-carrying farm animals
  526. Tree part that can be peeled off
  527. “legal statement such as “”guilty”””
  528. 1967 beatles tune known for its confusing lyrics: 4 wds.
  529. 1975 barry manilow tune which ironically he didn’t compose: 4 wds.
  530. Extra-virgin ___ oil
  531. Nascar events
  532. Ram or ewe’s sound
  533. Type of question with only two possible answers: hyph.
  534. Pet that’s taken out for walks
  535. Obama ___ (2009-2017)
  536. 1956 johnny cash tune about avoiding temptation: 4 wds.
  537. High school number that reflects a student’s results: abbr.
  538. “pious character on “”the simpsons”””
  539. You might share one on snapchat
  540. ___ and for all (conclusively)
  541. ___ de parfum (kind of fragrance)
  542. A port in northeast sicily, on the strait of –
  543. Brand of tortilla chips with a cool ranch variety
  544. Risked getting pulled over on the freeway
  545. Thor’s jealous brother in marvel movies
  546. “what “”the birds and the bees”” refers to”
  547. Annual honor given by a performing union: 2 wds.
  548. Aliens such as one in a steven spielberg movie: abbr.
  549. 2019 and 2020 for example
  550. The four ___ (1960s motown group)
  551. Facial feature that you might pluck or thread
  552. Verb that sounds like a vowel
  553. Divisions in a swimming pool or on a highway
  554. Joint bent when a person lunges
  555. Apple & ___ (brand of juice)
  556. It makes beer ferment
  557. Cardinal ___ (action such as lust or gluttony)
  558. Mani-___ (spa treatment)
  559. Event such as comic-con for short
  560. State where davenport and dubuque are
  561. Person who introduces the presenters on the oscars telecast
  562. Read ’em and ___! (card player’s boast)
  563. Seismic aftershocks
  564. Liquid in a fountain
  565. 1995 gulf coast hurricane name or a birthstone
  566. Rubber ___ (stretchy office supplies)
  567. Tool in a gardener’s shed
  568. Speak disrespectfully to
  569. Simone biles and katie ledecky’s olympic team: abbr.
  570. “it’s not ___ me (“”i don’t decide””): 2 wds.”
  571. 35 or older for a us president
  572. Pull with a crowbar
  573. Pardon, amnesty
  574. Angry promise to devise puzzle
  575. Of small physical stature (abl. of description)
  576. Dance fad of 1996
  577. Equips
  578. Green rum cocktail captivates british city
  579. River, forming part of the border between scotland and england, that enters the north sea at berwick
  580. This diver is a certain type
  581. 1892 ‘cockney song’ by charles ingle and albert chevalier
  582. Dish from the wild west
  583. Confined to one's resting-place
  584. The author of alice's adventures in wonderland and its sequel
  585. I intercepted medals relating to suspicious activity