1. Punctuation mark often spoken in conversation
  2. Vampires attacks
  3. Love to an italian
  4. What a joke
  5. Fast food side order
  6. Medium for a newsletter
  7. Russians heading off with europeans
  8. Russian agreed communist rose to the challenge
  9. Running late, trains can pose a problem
  10. Runners enlist doctor after training
  11. Runner turned green after hash
  12. Run under superb service tree
  13. Run round second base
  14. Ruminant animals lacking good cereal grass
  15. Rumble from ocean was disturbing to the ear
  16. Ruling party on the left, around south, is supported uncommonly
  17. Ruler exercises right during more rioting
  18. Rule, then abdicate, failing to produce son
  19. Rule out contralto appearing in opening passage
  20. Rug from east estonia is most dull
  21. Rude to limit area for protecting
  22. Ruddy german after making u turn tailgates german car, i hear
  23. Rubbish, burnt out team from 27 making a fast start
  24. Rubbish prison, said dissenting voice
  25. Rubbish cover on bentley in car storage
  26. Royal navy brought in to subdue everyone in duchy
  27. Rowing boats propellers
  28. Roughly holding up end of elephants trunk
  29. Rough plan from special executioner
  30. Rope used to secure a tent
  31. Rook its a bird
  32. Rook in front of tree is not considered
  33. Roman pair squeezing a medics feet
  34. Roll along clumsily not ruled out when short of oxygen
  35. Rise of drag performer
  36. Ring huge greek character
  37. Rightly supporting evasive reply
  38. Right time to burst above the ground, like a tube
  39. Right argument in favour for each
  40. Rich ruler caught and hung in reorganisation
  41. Rich man angry about drug going round university
  42. Revolutionary song about german capital
  43. Revolutionary part of ptolemaic astronomy
  44. Revolutionary nearly put frighteners on mrs siddons
  45. Reverse edges of inferior part of spur
  46. One working with dishes
  47. They change on birthdays
  48. Vegan, e.g.
  49. Reviewer's "10"
  50. First name in jazz singing
  51. What golfers hit, with "the"
  52. Send for delivery
  53. Traditional flowers used in indian weddings
  54. Justice kagan et al.
  55. Dishevels, as hair
  56. Baseball bounce
  57. Strauss opera based on a sophocles tragedy
  58. "ghostbusters" ghost
  59. Divvy up
  60. Turn it down
  61. Party drink option, no corkscrew required … and what's in each set of circles?
  62. "odelay" musician
  63. Wilcox daughter in "howards end"
  64. Relish the taste of
  65. Social sensitivity
  66. Cabs, say
  67. Pull an all-nighter
  68. Certain equality advocate
  69. Aspen transport
  70. Group with lodges
  71. Minnesota's __ omar
  72. "tru calling" actress dushku
  73. Masking and others
  74. Like lento music
  75. Rock and roll hall of fame city
  76. Avocado dip, for short
  77. Long battle
  78. Browser standard
  79. They're depressed by drivers
  80. Once around the sun
  81. Portfolio options, for short
  82. Place for a figurative pain
  83. Cbs series with multiple spin-offs
  84. Haul from behind
  85. They're saved on cellphones: abbr.
  86. It might get lost in translation
  87. Binary type of question
  88. Gulps from a flask
  89. Visitors from afar briefly
  90. Hot wheels toy
  91. D.c. fundraising org.
  92. Circle's center in a variation of duck duck goose
  93. Actor/dancer fred
  94. One may rate an app
  95. Accelerator informally
  96. Alternative to a metal detector
  97. Disco ___ (the simpsons character)
  98. 24 cans of beer often
  99. Gets ready to go out maybe
  100. Tennis star marin whose surname is a palindrome
  101. It can entertain guests
  102. Plain pie
  103. Way to order a meatball sub
  104. Manage; handle
  105. Bryan cranston show
  106. Unfair transaction
  107. Commercial public conveyance of passengers or goods; a carrying or moving from one place to another (noun)
  108. An adherent, follower or backer; one who promotes or advocates (noun)
  109. A painting, photograph or other likeness of a person, especially one showing the face (noun)
  110. Easily carried or conveyed; capable of being moved (adjective)
  111. Two island countries
  112. Two punctuation marks
  113. Two types of teeth
  114. Three grains
  115. First six greek letters
  116. Asian female garment
  117. Suffering angst
  118. Train drivers compartments
  119. Spice from nutmeg covering
  120. Made noisy racket
  121. 'nobody ____ baby in a corner'
  122. Weaving tool
  123. Apply paint minimally
  124. Suitable for singing
  125. Fried rashers of meat
  126. Not as frequent
  127. Torn frayed pieces
  128. Naturally salty water
  129. Recreational watercraft
  130. Country of pharaohs
  131. Diversion in train of thought
  132. Sweet confection
  133. Retreat from one who pulls big teeth
  134. Retail binge
  135. Restricted area with monstrous bird in bottle
  136. Restrict severely, being in the minority
  137. Restraining expression of disgust is not nothing
  138. Restoration of wild rye after cover is ploughed up
  139. Respectable regiment is escorted outside and dispersed
  140. Respect quartet i left in town
  141. Resolution satisfied ownership of property after it is abandoned
  142. Resin supplied by servant releasing key
  143. Residence of a german man of law
  144. Reservoir dogs director
  145. Reserve placed on abridgement of long almanac
  146. Require alteration to top line in decorative work
  147. Reputable type of milk opened by puritan
  148. Republican admitted to charge, a provocateur
  149. Representative sample of collagen treatment
  150. Repository for wrecked car
  151. Reporters incapable of producing issue for boss
  152. Reportedly, pull top thing for protecting a boot
  153. Reportedly studied newspaper in late night flight
  154. Reportedly predominant state
  155. Reported looks of a chronicler of his age
  156. Repeat ride
  157. Renunciation of belief
  158. Rent reduced in youngsters contract prior to match
  159. Removing contents of new audi with long name
  160. Remove weapon from some lunar module
  161. Remove stunted vegetation
  162. Remove answer in gaelic language
  163. Remorseful prisoner first one in the religious ceremony
  164. Relocate german in abu dhabi, perhaps
  165. Religiously committed school entertaining archdeacon with a set of holy books
  166. Religious portrait from two athenian characters
  167. Relentless old men with capacity to support home
  168. Relax about initiation of important exam
  169. Relative travels around globe
  170. Relative of swan confused with lion
  171. Relating to certain communications, push to abandon america amid rigged election
  172. Regulars consumers
  173. Regularly hes in suspect yemen gallery cia target
  174. Regularly excel with displays for cakes
  175. Regularly bring me my feed like a bushbaby
  176. Regulars drunk last of beer on tap
  177. Regular contributors to swift session
  178. Regular and predictable movement late in the day
  179. Regret accepting level income
  180. Regret about old currency unit
  181. Region of kent
  182. Regarding education, second option will receive stick
  183. Refuse to be carried in this cruise ship
  184. Refuse roubles onegin brought to the west
  185. Refreshing pause
  186. Reform of trades looked hard
  187. Redundant repetition
  188. Reduced to the essentials
  189. Reddish brown start to autumn, in two different ways
  190. Reddish brown colour ones seen in mushy peas
  191. Red fruit carpet alsos covered
  192. Recreational vehicle seen on the strand
  193. Records musical signs
  194. Record library with content written out in great detail
  195. Record piece of music
  196. Recognise character on the radio
  197. Receptacle on table, such as golf trophy
  198. Recent arrivals sadly eat in kitchen at first
  199. Recalled unsophisticated french spa town
  200. Recalled primitive weapon being used with drug business
  201. Recalled main article linked to movement of an artistic kind
  202. Reasons not good for sets of drinks
  203. Reasons copper&rsquo s got to arrest e european dictator
  204. Reared animals for stage
  205. Really great performance &mdash furious father&rsquo s left
  206. Realise social security covers america
  207. Real hue intact
  208. Ready to drop off
  209. Readjusted to show zip
  210. Readers of stories
  211. Range of political blocs announced
  212. Random parking in ditch first and road after this vehicle is south african
  213. Random notes on a small island seen in circle line
  214. Rampant rand perhaps initially excited singer
  215. Raise the dough to quit before november
  216. Raise tax within european sheltered zone
  217. Radioactive element, ac
  218. Radio chat shows
  219. Raabs department beginning to pester rees mogg, perhaps
  220. Ras equipment fails