1. On the shelf, popular christmas tradition
  2. Hopping aussie marsupial, informally
  3. Dhabi, capital of the united arab emirates
  4. Dried grape that is a rum cake ingredient
  5. Earths center and hottest part
  6. Twisted, as a sense of humor
  7. Lofted tennis shot
  8. Pen, water based ink pen that is used broadly in calligraphy
  9. Peace prize, award for martin luther king jr
  10. Pen, fine tipped pen that uses a thick, opaque ink
  11. Electric marine slitherer
  12. Stark, maisie williams character in game of thrones
  13. Alphabet sequence thats also a tv network
  14. Need to know basis 2 wds
  15. Small sugar measure, for short
  16. Short funny performance, say
  17. Lanka, asian island nation
  18. Writing implement used with touchscreens and electronic devices
  19. Mysterious vehicle in the sky, say abbr
  20. Pen, permanent or non permanent highlighting pen used commonly on whiteboards
  21. Parts to be played in movies, say
  22. Student focused school support organization abbr
  23. Ball pen, ballpoint writing pens commonly found in offices
  24. Post box item, for short
  25. Twitters bird or mcdonalds arches, e g
  26. Golf cry that sounds like four
  27. What the three monkeys say, see no
  28. Headey, terminator the sarah connor chronicles actress
  29. Optical
  30. Driving home for christmas singer chris
  31. Crying in the rain band hyph
  32. Directional suffix with north or east
  33. Rail on the road
  34. Up in the air, on a schedule abbr
  35. Large potato holding bag
  36. Boys, i want it that way band
  37. One from phuket or pattaya
  38. Dial ed device that connects people
  39. Jetsons pet dog
  40. Kid who is older than 12
  41. Four monopoly props, for short
  42. Discounted retail events
  43. 51, nevada
  44. Unpaid worker at a hospital, perhaps
  45. Agency that audits taxpayers abbr
  46. Guardians of the galaxy character rocket
  47. Playing for
  48. One from outer space
  49. Down in the dumps, e g
  50. One who helps the manager, for short
  51. Behind schedule, like a train
  52. New city
  53. Actor jackie of rush hour
  54. Prefix with hazard to mean lacking organization
  55. Bering, for one, for short
  56. Vulgar bloke pinching primates bottom
  57. Votes, official but incomplete, and blunders
  58. Voices heard in paper, reportedly
  59. Vladimir in play, say, wanting one drink
  60. Vivid railway workers uniform
  61. Vital bit of gear arrived shortly before opening of mine
  62. Visual adjustment subject to forcible separation
  63. Visitors initially embarrassed to break wind
  64. Visible in the distance
  65. Virtuoso with record on the radio
  66. Virginia creeper not against supporting walls for clinic offering jab
  67. Viral infection was airborne, according to radio report
  68. Violin bows
  69. Vintage directors filthy material
  70. Villains well connected in this working group
  71. Vilifier&rsquo s part of speech about feeding wild creatures
  72. Vigour i am contributing to a country
  73. Viewpoints seen on outskirts of every island
  74. View through rose tinted spectacles see iliad
  75. View singular quantity of film
  76. Victorian hiding small crystal
  77. Vicious gaoler is in women&rsquo s wing
  78. Vice and anger could become a source of resentment
  79. Vibrant diamante pants
  80. Vestment from back of shelf with no name tag
  81. Vessels most at base, after refit
  82. Vessels from holland draw fleet out
  83. Vessels filled with last of scotch cheers
  84. Vessel attached to second pipe
  85. Very small piece of cloth turns into fruitcake in illusion
  86. Very resistant to once more entering lifeless street
  87. Very productive expert has most of career in charge
  88. Very old cat in north east complex
  89. Very obvious trail grew confused
  90. Very little time to look
  91. Very likely to be disembowelled thats fatal
  92. Very large award set to be reduced
  93. Very keen to do something
  94. Very hot or very nippy
  95. Very good time in hell
  96. Very good hole for a bird
  97. Very fast moving river current
  98. Very distressed copper knocked back plonk
  99. Very busy certainly with head to toe treatments
  100. Very brief affair around end of february
  101. Very adaptable fellow demands honey in tea, period
  102. Vertical supporting post
  103. Veronicas source of methamphetamine
  104. Vermin run up round top of oven, making you draw back
  105. Verbal agreement resulting in promotion
  106. Venture to secure unknown amount of money for social enterprise
  107. Venetian magistrate naked on vacation, showing butt
  108. Vehicle at home in shed
  109. Vegetable baked in its skin
  110. Vast expansion of g & t one tucks in
  111. Various small items son gets wet again
  112. Various people going under
  113. Various items a lot seen around one&rsquo s place of confinement
  114. Various items &mdash a harp, a praline &mdash scattered around
  115. Vampire beaten by sides of ricotta with fresh vegetables
  116. It's safe now signal
  117. Try to prevent
  118. Football position or deodorant brand
  119. They make for a smooth flight
  120. Black or white
  121. Song faves
  122. Exclamation of sorrow
  123. Critical factors
  124. Four four-letter things that are worn
  125. Three joints in the body