1. Well, they're not all silly
  2. It'll hold water although it's upside down
  3. No flow for you at first
  4. A tale of the riots of eighty
  5. It takes all sorts to make a world
  6. All in order to be in new york, initially
  7. Someone at home?
  8. Nothing to do with relativity
  9. Two of the first part, six of the whole in parts
  10. Cannot the deer have to run like this?
  11. Lots of pi for them
  12. Grande place grecque
  13. Inflammation de la vessie
  14. Bondieusard e
  15. How lucky that mummy is from scotland
  16. Hard? if so, des and i made it so
  17. For letters you phone for an attitude
  18. That's their lookout for such as roger
  19. Was as king as of right?
  20. I do sit with the silly ones
  21. Bearing in mind that it's not gin
  22. Make it known that it's the reverend father on site
  23. Can one help being such a fool?
  24. They are about or not practical
  25. That'll manage the temperature in moister fashion
  26. Nothing on earth, lest i get lace all round
  27. There's a spring not in it but after it
  28. I get the tough lass back around
  29. Be in at the death that's not from dt's
  30. Come to before them
  31. That's thought to give you crosaire
  32. The reverend gentleman will always die at last
  33. My split personality will spoil me
  34. In with timothy and had such a warm meal
  35. One can't face facts if the hat is in the set
  36. Not sporting gentlemen they used to be
  37. Raise yourself to get up to this
  38. Having to perform in the usa police choir
  39. Yet it's not in time for the baby
  40. Ater this, bet a letter
  41. She sounds alcoholic
  42. There's the french in the end for one buck
  43. Thanks to the non-drinker the reed is in shreds
  44. Dry out a turn of such song
  45. Willing to add this
  46. Shut al up, not out
  47. A doublet, perhaps, finishes thus, and is all there
  48. Does this one have less on?
  49. She may be one of the alcoholics
  50. What a sweet, wanton dairymaid!
  51. Hark! is that scratchy or dissolute?
  52. The holy one won't listen to you if he's like this
  53. Make rum our gossip
  54. If you come to this it sounds soft for 12 across
  55. One gets driven home on foot
  56. That's a blunder, whichever way you look at it
  57. Sounds as if samuel has something like junk for frying
  58. For ten years been getting rotten, by the sound of it
  59. More about through a ruler
  60. Crusty and hairless for two in the shade
  61. To hades with the bus before after this
  62. Sugar, for one
  63. In good playable condition as a piano
  64. Stephen ___ justin trudeau's predecessor as canadian p.m.
  65. The limit when there's no limit
  66. Road runner's call
  67. The spouter in moby-dick for one
  68. Classic sci-fi film with a sequel 28 years later
  69. Baltimore or las vegas newspaper
  70. This wee d is stingy, perhaps
  71. Is 'e extremely singular? no, just like all the others
  72. 1970 w.w. ii drama with a repetitive name
  73. Animal in a shakespearean title
  74. Taste that is neither sweet nor salty nor sour nor bitter
  75. Things doctors see when patients say aah
  76. Small criticisms
  77. The heart of the military body, by the sound of it
  78. Convenience at a convenience store
  79. Animal in some ancient cave art
  80. Holder of the contents of the shaded squares?
  81. Trading board game with settlers
  82. Walled city on the coast of france
  83. The dark waters are without water at last
  84. Just now
  85. Birdie thomas could be so cutting for 3 down
  86. Write the amounts of 999?
  87. You've no right to make them
  88. Give a start to no outdoor clique
  89. What one might have been when confronted with 8 across
  90. It's firm at this point, so stick to it
  91. Ned deserved to follow the listener
  92. He serves to be without most of one eye
  93. The bunches of blooming attitudes about one
  94. The complainant sounds like her
  95. In the matter of a party
  96. Youse is agreeable
  97. What donkeys do when they get to bray?
  98. Write not the long way
  99. Did be cut up with the teeth
  100. A backward cleric gets time to be mean
  101. Not good ware with the shuttle
  102. Posted there online, perhaps
  103. Up with the red with the bell for firing by hand
  104. The car by the hundred is in short supply in the south east
  105. Up with crete!
  106. The church gives one a crooked stripe
  107. Could this sort of ling give one a suggestion?
  108. The flaw about you is shocking
  109. What to do with pa in
  110. One's lost a hundred, even more near to that
  111. Sit eeeeee to form capitals
  112. I am friendly with a buck
  113. It's sick-making to have a lisp and be putting on weight
  114. There are ants in the tin this month
  115. Hey, there! that's what it sounds like
  116. My light is green, perhaps, when my insect is perfect
  117. Not right insight?
  118. How long for this get up and give out
  119. Shades of being hard outside
  120. Can it be, in short, that i take the chair?
  121. A ba for the king in the kitchen there?
  122. Can nine, perhaps, get a rib with the zoo?
  123. Tilt the reed to have made such and untidy mess
  124. Having passed this, go on to a certain degree
  125. Get to the backstreet that outlaws one
  126. Getting along heavily with the timber?
  127. When the criminal loses his head it makes him cross
  128. So turned up with the blooming flag from egypt
  129. Tie up about ten in a way-out way
  130. The prima donna is most anxious to make a comeback
  131. Keep her but keep quiet
  132. Tom is up instantly about the people
  133. One will slip along on foot in the cold
  134. Add to ones territory
  135. No insight needed for this?
  136. Start to arrive after moving around in space
  137. In suspense for a stretch
  138. E gets the scenes concentrated
  139. Used to arrive in trousers
  140. Nothing shady about that
  141. They're high, plus about ground
  142. Mon oncle charlie
  143. This makes a sin so thin
  144. It's all put on, as the mixture comes with a twitch
  145. Brief spell of rain
  146. Anger affecting one’s judgment
  147. Lesser song on a record
  148. Table in a church
  149. Pay at the box office to see it at large
  150. There's room to make a living here
  151. Seated, but not in the sun
  152. Write the negative at length
  153. Therein one passes away
  154. This led to being called for the swine
  155. Master different flow
  156. Hesitate to hit red construction
  157. Creature flying to cave
  158. Drifter touring oman with daughter
  159. The sheep led the charge to the bar, strictly
  160. Desiccant found in metal case
  161. Some current map adjusted before
  162. I'd be in sorts of speech by mistake
  163. Spontaneous behaviour when the au pair meets the insect
  164. Sack some and digit out again
  165. Are the germans more understanding to children?
  166. Nothing odd at the end of the eastern loch
  167. 1932 film drama starring wallace ford and leila hyams
  168. Agent who aids silvia’s escape in william shakespeare play the two gentlemen of verona
  169. 1978 drama film starring jan-michael vincent william katt and gary busey
  170. Peter — swedish golfer; 2009 johnnie walker championship at gleneagles tournament winner
  171. Henri — french painter whose works include homage to delacroix and flowers in a vase
  172. Richard — best actor in a leading role oscar nominee for equus
  173. University city in west yorkshire that hosts a triennial international piano competition
  174. City and major seaport in liguria italy
  175. 1989 film drama featuring ian mckellen as john profumo
  176. Claire — actress who played the title role in 2008 bbc tv drama series little dorrit
  177. Old testament giant from gath killed by david
  178. Greek name of the destroyer in revelation 9:11 in the new testament
  179. 1953 film western starring alan ladd in the title role
  180. Ted's back was sore and came away
  181. Be in the beer for the tree
  182. Would wood be doing this?
  183. Might the lice riot for one to get it out of them?
  184. One is high in the church
  185. It's all so tricky to shut the door so loudly
  186. No on, perhaps, our before, by the sound of it (3, 1' 5)
  187. Such ire might make one cross
  188. 13 across big to sound as if it will mend us at last
  189. The ice around the piano? that's a long story
  190. Nomadic berber
  191. Caravaggio director
  192. He is in a dive and gets stuck with it
  193. Dine about it all write?
  194. I may be found among the fruit as is relevant
  195. How fishy when i serenade the girl
  196. Left without what's free in tb
  197. Can the boy have a dip with the french?
  198. No, it cares about battles
  199. They rush the stags back to the south
  200. The lad is about ten in the way of 19 down
  201. See how to prune this around the mouth
  202. Press at last the pest
  203. It's the south that's in the wrong
  204. Say quickly it's from the newspapers
  205. It may be shut up with no polite sound if one is cross
  206. Twist ten with drink
  207. A patriotic insect got them together
  208. Too small for 14 down, this place is
  209. Freeze as a windshield
  210. Three bears female
  211. All the same, that's how good the east is
  212. Just __ (small amount as of lotion)
  213. Mirror reflection
  214. What crosaire is still enjoying
  215. Peel with the mortar around the street
  216. It's himself, so it is, that's praying, but not in 19 across
  217. One's at the core of the corps, by the sound of it
  218. They go wholly on ahead, by the sound of them
  219. Prefix for objectors
  220. Thick slabs
  221. Porch with a roof, usually
  222. Decision thats not easy
  223. Formal forgiveness
  224. Still whole
  225. Cracked open, say
  226. Barely a sound
  227. Psychics __ cards
  228. The girl hides her lies and they get shot
  229. English breakfast drinks
  230. Unknown doe
  231. Affixed with a hammer
  232. Post-wwi art movement
  233. Special or covert strategies
  234. Hells kitchen chef
  235. Fix, as a loose shoelace knot
  236. Birch or willow
  237. Black key wood, traditionally
  238. Rival of elle
  239. Out-of-date on all sides
  240. Ziti shape
  241. Autos wheel rod
  242. Trial thats not easy
  243. African country with pyramids
  244. Luxurious country home
  245. Time period thats not easy
  246. West coast campus: abbr
  247. Electric fan noise
  248. Battle thats not easy
  249. Common urban bird
  250. I dont have time right now
  251. Operagoers cheer
  252. They sound as if the knight is for courting
  253. Britain's peerage is numerous without this one
  254. 'drink stock of vodka regularly', returning addicts admitted
  255. Little sarah, by way of being in the garden
  256. According to report, prestigious school’s gone down
  257. Without his top he's a cross outdoor worker
  258. Call for attention, woman in lift well below this?
  259. Canvas sacks emptied and refilled with trouble
  260. Chemical contents of beer listed
  261. Chippy with fish written on board
  262. Couple upset one after the other
  263. Covering for an arm
  264. Dependent on tablet - necessary to get up
  265. Diminutive of richard
  266. Lighted on the giants as they're all in-laws
  267. Down but a daughter missing, left plane in a panic
  268. E.g. fish with stuffing cooks gently
  269. Exploit model in paper over time
  270. Extra papers in the guardian
  271. Feels soft clothes
  272. For train, affected routes are detailed
  273. French pilot swapping sides would be british, by george!
  274. Got up to make drink
  275. Gun directed at parts of northwest france
  276. Health worker first wraps up what patsy takes
  277. Help drivers to find remote places
  278. Huge exporter's blue shoes run out once in fashion
  279. I don't care for the beautiful junk in this pile
  280. Inclined to pinch hit, he somehow edges sixes
  281. It's printed with parts from two magazines
  282. Kentish beauties order fifth slice and put on weight
  283. Kill time in boxing ring with jab
  284. Lady in sports car is a flapper
  285. Little chap with scales has fat clothing size made thinner
  286. Long cream puff
  287. Look to leader from brussels before campaign
  288. Major satellite contract delivered
  289. Stick in the beer that's one of twelve
  290. Maybe take tuppence off assortment of ha'pence
  291. Me? poser? nude in centre spread all stripped
  292. Very cold with a sick one in the chest
  293. Most of fleet, i'd expect, that's going out with the wind?
  294. Non-resident no longer wasted rent
  295. Official government report
  296. Ok to take in features of hotel room? going off opening b&b?
  297. That's a different hymn, by the sound of it
  298. Old school american couple retired amidst change
  299. One has to be generous, parting with a grand
  300. Paint using flecks
  301. Pompous bore
  302. The definite one
  303. Returning fast from paris, one to go through
  304. Rock from which a metal can be extracted
  305. Rules of furniture arrangement - huge fins
  306. Run out on a national horse
  307. Run through kama sutra's middle one: climax in new positions!
  308. Runway show? take clothes off
  309. Seed carrying pod with hooks
  310. Self-important - savouring oil
  311. Show lewis hamilton bio: not aware when taxed
  312. Show model short dress
  313. Smart electronic device in which power doesn't remain constant
  314. Snarled up ring road & english channel stopping free movement of workers
  315. Sorting bag later - is one dealing with problems involving letters?
  316. Tip head right down in water
  317. Topless senhorita excited unconventional leading man
  318. Tramp cut smell that might come out of armpit
  319. Trip with commission
  320. Trying new way of cooking omelettes
  321. Turn over paper and study plot
  322. Vdu information that something's wrong
  323. Wait until this line has gone if giving a speech
  324. Must not be left without them
  325. Went back to bed, one originally called number
  326. What it says on the tin
  327. A half of oxygen gets to the 29 down for contradiction
  328. She will start to cancel this with you fifty
  329. One and ten with the silly td up there
  330. An ulster fog's for the living things
  331. Do they give one permission for stupid talk of war?
  332. Lots of blooming sheep, by the sound of it
  333. Observed that what's tedious with this will be for ious
  334. A legal death may take one to heaven
  335. Neither spring nor neap will happen to get to die
  336. Sounds as if you follow what the actor gets
  337. A dim turn-up to obtain so little
  338. Otherwise, tp, by the sound of it
  339. Get to see of the turn of a hundred with us
  340. Is she silly not to be reckoned to be in the nude?
  341. It's shocking to have a hundred in what's open to go on foot
  342. Popular wyoming mountain resort
  343. Bore with the french
  344. Claim to be old and mean
  345. Stem spot from which a leaf sprouts
  346. Being untied, nothing to do at them
  347. Gin? whiskey? rum?
  348. Covert listening device and a hint to the circled letters
  349. Condiment also called bumbu kacang
  350. Where catherine o’hara got her start
  351. Maker of purrfect delicacies cat food
  352. Doughy ring
  353. The oxford english dictionary ends with it
  354. Greek letter that looks like an i and o superimposed
  355. Beehives for example
  356. Turner did not work at one but turner does
  357. Endure this in a weird way in scotland
  358. I taint the little bird red with the boy artist
  359. Is that what the cursed south has on?
  360. Not at last the sole things to go around on
  361. Stands to this about a boy
  362. Handy gap in dress
  363. Make one love is to make one useless, by the sound of it
  364. One depends that ten decays at last
  365. About the present time the north has fame
  366. 26 across, despite its sound, is not for this
  367. Not even inlet to walk a little
  368. Bird from down under will start to cry up
  369. Not a castle in spain, but one near there
  370. Make it salt with the beast i had eaten
  371. Dealt with such a bloody knavish young royal
  372. A letter might be the way to start 34 across, in short
  373. 42 before you?
  374. In may, o for a dance in a place there!
  375. Bit of a bloomer to make much of albert like this
  376. Sit around little kay and make fun of her
  377. They're included with what is sent
  378. Far to get about there in westmeath, by the sound of it
  379. Comes after may 31 or below 10 across
  380. Is it usual to be in the ouse to such a large extent?
  381. Sounds wholly entertaining with such a crowd
  382. It's sweet to leave it, of course, at last
  383. Make a your place in kildare
  384. Perhaps sort of 9 across or meaning the opposite
  385. It's mostly 15 across
  386. Cheval de course mediocre
  387. Do you get the point of what's in the beer that's high
  388. These know-alls seem to get their sums like parrots
  389. Keep cornelius' transport back
  390. Seems mine is the position to enforce
  391. Light aircraft without engines
  392. Samson and __, 1949 film and biblical story
  393. Military term for the lavatory
  394. Friendly, good natured
  395. __ nixon, played miranda in sex and the city
  396. John __, prolific writer of gideon's way
  397. Talk aimlessly, anagram of platter
  398. Language in which "bupkis" means "nothing"
  399. Meaning of notre dame, as in the paris cathedral
  400. Living fossil reptilians of new zealand
  401. Add liquid to make gravy in a pan
  402. Legal-latin term for work done for the public good
  403. July 18 in south africa: __ day
  404. Derogatory term for chronic fatigue syndrome
  405. James cagney movie that is top of the world, ma!
  406. Good for only one application, throw-away item
  407. __ rat; wrinkly rodent with protruding teeth
  408. Making improvised jazz music
  409. The great __, book by rebecca makkai
  410. Those who exaggerate danger and cause panic
  411. Google app for downloading content
  412. The __; tv series where psychic helps solve crimes
  413. Someone with lower rank or status
  414. Jean __, 60s fashion model snapped by david bailey
  415. Irish county town of offaly; "dew" whiskey
  416. Social event where you can dosey doe
  417. One who signals something is coming
  418. Edict from the vatican
  419. Nocturnal primate that travels at low speed
  420. Type of engine that drives an aircraft propeller
  421. Cooking medium for roast potatoes
  422. Snouted mammal, known as the scaly anteater
  423. Cell with at least one definite nucleus
  424. Outdated term for being in a romantic relationship
  425. Dressed to __; being all dressed up and spiffy
  426. Largest and most populous of the canary islands
  427. Large-footed hare, like winter footwear
  428. Ecuadorian active volcano
  429. Wooden tubes tied together to make an instrument
  430. 2007 perfect crime movie with michael caine
  431. Person in charge of the casino game table
  432. Beam used for support while cutting wood
  433. I wandered lonely __, wordsworth's words
  434. Muscles located on the side of the abdominals
  435. Lack of energy, sluggishness
  436. Support for an injured upper limb
  437. Stole fuel with a hose
  438. Looper caterpillar that resembles a measuring tape
  439. David __, actor played a cia director in homeland
  440. __ store, a retailer's most important location
  441. Chilled tomato soup from spain
  442. __ will do; lloyd webber hit from joseph musical
  443. Portrait of __, van gogh that sold for $75 million
  444. Rabbit breed with a fluffy mane
  445. Puts straw on a roof
  446. Tropical plant stems used in sunroom furniture
  447. Elementary particles with types: up, down, strange
  448. Indian yogurt-based drinks, from a hindi word
  449. Joan who voiced jessie in toy story
  450. Hole for a cord, such as to tighten a garment
  451. Enclosed inner areas of classical temples
  452. Californian city that means ash tree
  453. Interfere with, get in the middle of
  454. Passage that allows oxygen to enter lungs
  455. Stable hands who care for horses
  456. Hairy-nosed __; aussie bulldozer of the bush
  457. Convex curve in the structure of a road
  458. Merry christmas in french: __ noel
  459. Catherine of __, she married arthur and henry viii
  460. Native american peoples once led by crazy horse
  461. Top-level domain for isps
  462. A baby echidna or platypus
  463. Destination for old metal
  464. Most misshapen; anagram of triangles
  465. Us golfer nicknamed lefty, phil __
  466. Whom the faerie queen is purportedly about: __ i
  467. Lepidopteran associated with cartography
  468. Proving something to be fake news
  469. __ story; long, rambling joke
  470. Substance that expels parasites from intestines
  471. Lunar transport with four wheels
  472. Overly harsh; from laws of an athenian legislator
  473. Fascinates, transfixes
  474. Railway that operates up and down steep slopes
  475. __ fringehead; fierce and aggressive fish species
  476. Large-leaved plant of the genus petasites
  477. Crystal carafes for red wine
  478. Dorothy meets glinda in the __
  479. Handheld personal digital assistant of the 1990s
  480. Irish staple made with bicarbonate
  481. A popular type of frilly lettuce
  482. Edith __, wwi nurse executed as a spy
  483. Loose clothing worn by archetypal old farmers
  484. Crown of __; a spiky starfish
  485. Entrance halls at cinemas
  486. Hungarian equivalent to the english surname smith
  487. The red rising series protagonist
  488. __ ready for love, song by elton john
  489. Largest artificial lake in africa
  490. Scavenging insect with pincers on its rear end
  491. Ancient roman military unit; a school year group
  492. Japanese martial art focused on control
  493. Dia de los muertos traditional memorabilia display
  494. __ mantis; insect species with religious pose
  495. First president of senegal: leopold __
  496. __ name; fictitious identity
  497. 1980s tv movie about nuclear holocaust in england
  498. Scottish patterns on fabric
  499. Dutch city with largest bicycle parking in world
  500. First shot in a tennis game
  501. Tools for scooping mortar
  502. __ crab; waving crustacean with one giant pincer
  503. __ days, george orwell as a policeman in the east
  504. Extinguished a candle's flame
  505. Oliver & __ is a disney film starring billy joel
  506. Biennial golf event between the us and europe
  507. She played lacey alongside cagney
  508. Heated and cooled metal for strength
  509. Capital of manitoba, its name means muddy water
  510. Between tenor and bass
  511. Giant, magical serpent that can kill with a look
  512. Halite used by gritters
  513. Work that imitates style of another artist
  514. Another term for a military kid
  515. Imagined, not real
  516. A fancy term for bicycle bags
  517. Jeff kinney writes book series diary of a __
  518. Indonesian tusked deer-pigs
  519. A collection of signatures for a cause
  520. Rejecting, snubbing
  521. Spanish island location of the teide observatory
  522. Indonesian volcano, exploded forcefully in 1883
  523. Ornamental woodwork with open lacy pattern
  524. Warming drink with alcohol, sugar and spices
  525. Heavenly beings, __ and seraphim
  526. Cause a disturbance in proceedings
  527. The __, middle of roddy doyle's barrytown trilogy
  528. Giraffe gazelle or long-necked african antelope
  529. One orifice of a sponge that allows ventilation
  530. Québec town known as the lourdes of the new world
  531. Blotchy, smeared
  532. Golan __, region disputed between israel and syria
  533. Italian celebrity chef gino __
  534. Renders unable to hear
  535. Olympic swimmer and tv presenter __ davies
  536. __ frog; amphibian like a biblical giant
  537. Early currency made from metals
  538. The __ day, wwii movie with a cast of thousands
  539. British singer born harry rodger webb: cliff __
  540. Nickname given to joan of arc: maid of __
  541. Grass of north africa
  542. Tied things together in a tight bunch
  543. By whichever means
  544. __ park, outdoor film festival in new york
  545. Agra __; ironically non-aggressive beetle species
  546. Harum __, 1965 elvis presley film
  547. Muslim cloaks covering the body but not head
  548. Those who hoard money and are parsimonious
  549. Hopping desert rodent
  550. Largest lake that's entirely in europe
  551. Epitomize, characterize, exemplify
  552. Addition to jams to make them set
  553. Italian operatic tenor: enrico __
  554. Chinese paper folding, like japanese origami
  555. American unaged whiskey; a pale pup
  556. City where mozart was born
  557. A male from the uk's principality
  558. 20s sultry film star, nicknamed the it girl
  559. Exterior walls decorated with aggregate coating
  560. Pope __ xvi, in office from 2005–13
  561. Cats' character, the napoleon of crime
  562. Another name for a tadpole
  563. Phineas and ferb's tv family pet: perry the __
  564. Shapeless rubbery deep sea creature
  565. Person currently holding office
  566. __ ducks; bright, jester-like waterbirds
  567. North sea strait between norway and denmark
  568. Greek hay, whose seeds are used in cooking
  569. The __ of the magi, unfinished work by da vinci
  570. Greenwich village inn at the heart of gay rights
  571. Shirley jackson's haunted dwelling
  572. The shortest of the three triple crown races
  573. Part of bodily fur above the skin surface
  574. Dolphin name inspired by an indian river
  575. Natural landscape at lake bonneville
  576. Divisions of a diocese
  577. Old world primate or power tool for males
  578. Routes for ships, like in the english channel
  579. Stylishness and elegance, from a french word
  580. Peppa pig's friend with black and white stripes
  581. Baked orzo in tomato sauce: kritharaki or __
  582. Famous irish love song: the flower of sweet __
  583. Stork-like bird with footwear-shaped beak
  584. When harry __; 1989 meg ryan romcom
  585. Triangular upper part of classical building
  586. Nickname of australia's ladies football team
  587. Port on sulawesi, indonesia hit by 2018 tsunami
  588. British bank with turquoise eagle motif
  589. Small opening or crack that can be peered through
  590. __ phillips; elizabeth ii's first great-grandchild
  591. Move in chess, switching rook and king
  592. Twist and turn over garden soil
  593. Tina turner's character in the rock opera tommy
  594. Palace where henry viii wedded his 2nd/3rd wives
  595. Migration of boers in the mid-19th century
  596. Hesitating, being unable to make a decision
  597. Navigators' altitude-measuring device
  598. __ game, movie about alan turing
  599. Woodpecker that drinks from trees
  600. Luxurious lustrous material from an indian region
  601. Spherical dumpling made from unleavened bread
  602. __ durch technik, audi's slogan
  603. Degree of masticatory use
  604. Roots author, kunta kinte creator
  605. Court cases or legal action used to set an example
  606. Fruity nickname for the beluga whale
  607. Native inhabitant of australia
  608. String and weight device that verifies a vertical
  609. Bahia de cochinos, eventful site on cuba in 1961
  610. Eu agricultural overproduction of vintages
  611. Furry fly with tasty-sounding name
  612. Introductory statements, think us constitution
  613. Malignant tumor
  614. Beach vegetation with narrow blades
  615. Variety of chinese from guangzhou
  616. Neural transmitter of smell information: __ nerve
  617. Spaceballs and blazing saddles writer and actor
  618. Desdemona's father in shakespeare's othello
  619. Made me annoyed or angry; an animal idiom
  620. In geometry, figures that are identical
  621. Swan with musical call akin to a brass instrument
  622. Purge that brings about spiritual renewal
  623. Lengthways markings on a tennis court
  624. Specify legal conditions and demands
  625. Humans flee cylons in tv's battlestar __
  626. Supermodel once married to seal
  627. Caveat __, buyer beware
  628. Grand __, groupings of freemasons
  629. Cold environment with treeless plains
  630. __ fish; marine creature with a fishing rod
  631. __ 17: 1953 movie about wwii pow camp
  632. Northern spanish city, home to a guggenheim museum
  633. Shadow-casting blade of a sundial
  634. Wild bill __, lawman shot while playing poker
  635. Desert in which beau geste's foreign legion fights
  636. Tangential comments; anagram of sadie's
  637. The first __ of spring heralds the new season
  638. Snowboard sunglasses company
  639. Long-fingered nocturnal lemur
  640. Tv drama with jessica biel as cora tanetti
  641. System of communication using flags
  642. Hand-held cutting shears used in pruning
  643. The red, white and blue of the french flag
  644. The crowning glory of __ ponder by rebecca wells
  645. Odorous nickname for the hoatzin
  646. Red-wine grape popular in california
  647. Jeanne antoinette poisson aka marquise de __
  648. Queen of denmark since 1972
  649. Quick-moving african safari minibeast
  650. Leather cloth for cleaning cars
  651. __ plot, 1571 conspiracy to kill elizabeth i
  652. May 21, 2019 winner of the voice: maelyn __
  653. __ frog; amphibian with dog-like call
  654. Unpaid sums of money, behind in debts
  655. Marine species named like a flying mammal
  656. Island, and blue liqueur
  657. __-du-rhône, south french dept, "river mouth"
  658. Greek kingdom that invaded crete circa 1450 bc
  659. Lady and the tramp's male owner, darling's husband
  660. Encouragement to pull on a rope, as in tug-of-war
  661. Small waves in a circular shape
  662. Arctic hoofed mammal with a distinctive smell
  663. Sony smartphone brand, introduced in 2012
  664. Inability to walk
  665. Australasian possum; a n african durum wheat food?
  666. Gliding mammal, known as the flying lemur
  667. Tower guard, often called a beefeater
  668. North german city and baltic port
  669. __ brownstein of portlandia and sleater-kinney
  670. Text that provides knitting instructions
  671. Public sale where potential buyers place bids
  672. Black panther rules this fictional african nation
  673. Chicago-style pizza, thick as can be
  674. In the middle of two things
  675. Bring a parcel to the right address
  676. Gradually moving an infant on to solid food
  677. __ activities; interactive experiences (2 words)
  678. To have hit the button for more minutes in the am
  679. Three sheets to __, or inebriated
  680. __ at hello; romantic line from jerry maguire
  681. Creators, starters of a company
  682. Unconventional, like a queen rhapsody
  683. Terracotta __; chinese mausoleum figures
  684. Shiny hairless patch on the head
  685. Raw veggie hors d'oeuvres
  686. A land turtle is also called a __
  687. Glass display cases in museums
  688. Thrown when upset, like a temper tantrum
  689. Cinderella loses one of these at the ball
  690. Wicked, badly behaved in god's eyes
  691. Moma; museum of __ art
  692. Joints of the body between foot and lower leg
  693. __ sun, book two in the red rising series
  694. Most famous ringed planet in our solar system
  695. Uk vote on leaving the eu
  696. Shrimp __ has white wine, garlic, and butter
  697. Plague insect that eats everything in its path
  698. The least attractive of all
  699. White/black fungus that's a delicacy, esp. in oil
  700. __ over, handing over money reluctantly
  701. Preserved bodies from ancient egyptian times
  702. Language in which hola means hello
  703. Best-selling legal thriller author john __
  704. Small flat rings to keep bolts in place
  705. Leaves something empty
  706. Film recordings, e.g. of historical events
  707. Removed plumage, like from a chicken
  708. Prohibiting, fobidding, outlawing
  709. The space __ us, mars to earth film
  710. Classic ford car also known as a wild horse
  711. A choice that you have to make
  712. __ board; kitchen surface for dicing vegetables
  713. Weighted above; in danger of toppling over
  714. Vegetable sometimes called "little green trees"
  715. Collection of historical records
  716. Study of religions
  717. Song by __ williams made us happy in 2013
  718. Groups of letters added to the ends of words
  719. Soaked through to the skin, dripping wet
  720. Finger adornment; changes hue to match emotions
  721. Most important hive resident; beyonce's nickname
  722. Motorcycle especially for use on rough terrain
  723. Those who love to train at sports
  724. Artistic pottery, tableware, etc
  725. It travels knee to ankle, is protected in soccer
  726. __ velocity, end constant speed of falling objects
  727. Using scientific methods to investigate crimes
  728. Elongate the muscles before exercise
  729. Safety eyewear
  730. Treating someone like a young infant
  731. Memorabilia including guns, swords, daggers etc
  732. Country accessible from italy via the brenner pass
  733. "going __" is acting crazy and peeling out
  734. Airport departure vip waiting areas
  735. Snake __; fearless reptile stupifier
  736. The way a person holds their body
  737. Two and a __; sitcom about three male relatives
  738. Foot stool, sometimes with storage
  739. Soaking up liquid delicately with handkerchief
  740. Large hall for displaying works of art
  741. Ness is a short version of this girls' name
  742. Celebrity with a young fan-base
  743. __ plants grow sideways with tendrils
  744. Memento of a trip or a visit
  745. Busiest time to travel on roads or trains
  746. Total, entire, complete... vodka?
  747. With a reflective surface, e.g. __ sunglasses
  748. Planes rising into flight
  749. Scrape or scratch on the skin
  750. __ race; contest with a clear leader
  751. Music channel you can create on spotify
  752. Upton __; novelist who wrote the jungle in 1904
  753. To mix eggs, for example
  754. Coiled tube for putting out flames
  755. Christian group of god, jesus and the holy spirit
  756. No socks needed with this summer footwear
  757. It ain't over till she sings
  758. One who tidies up and disinfects a place
  759. Suffering illness as a direct result of flying
  760. __ horse; rideable nursery equine
  761. Iceberg or romaine salad greens
  762. Common name for the north american brown bear
  763. 1985 charity concert for the ethiopian famine
  764. Ebb away, become less strong, like a storm
  765. Per harry potter, people without magical powers
  766. Sounding alike, like toe and joe
  767. Hit one of these and go around all the bases
  768. Preserved remains of prehistoric animals
  769. December 26 in the uk
  770. Effervescent, bubbly water or wine
  771. Records are spun on this device
  772. Free __; no charge for entry
  773. Stretch car driven by a chauffeur
  774. State __ museum; russian art museum
  775. Number of inches in a yard
  776. John cena and the rock are these
  777. Library storage units
  778. Small pieces of tree used in garden projects
  779. Mrs __, 1994 robin williams cross-dressing film
  780. Stood with one leg either side of something
  781. An orange citrus fruit: anagram of "get in near"
  782. Cosmetic treatments for feet and toes
  783. Pamphlet with information about exhibits
  784. Fast craft that travels on water and sets records
  785. Biological community
  786. Tournaments, happenings, things to go to
  787. One under par in golf
  788. Look up to someone, or have a secret crush on them
  789. Music style originating from jamaica
  790. The "n" word in the medical abbreviation wnl
  791. Convicted criminal james hanratty's crime
  792. Powerful detergent that stains clothes white
  793. __ worker; person who delivers mail for a living
  794. Another word for lines of people waiting
  795. Curved fruit-named bicycle seat
  796. Busy as one of these brown river creatures
  797. Movie genre of the rock, jason statham, denzel
  798. Close fitting underpants, not boxers
  799. Pictures taken by a camera
  800. __ strike; abstaining from food in protest
  801. Believer and communicator of spiritual revelations
  802. When a baby animal emerges from an egg
  803. __ lips, american alternative rock band
  804. Wear fancy clothes for an evening meal
  805. Exploded like mount vesuvius
  806. A strenuous exercise session
  807. __ behind; not keeping up
  808. Army hairstyle
  809. Day of rest and worship
  810. Ben __; star of night at the museum film series
  811. Gluko's cartoon adventure on little big __
  812. Shorthand term for show business
  813. Annual notification to pay the government money
  814. Long, warm fabric neck accessories
  815. To add water to something
  816. Roman horse-drawn vehicle
  817. People from hamburg or berlin
  818. Poultry served in bowls at prince harry's wedding
  819. Someone who visits attractions
  820. One who breaks free
  821. __ fever, red children's contagious disease
  822. Tarot __, where cards give future insights
  823. Babyhood or early life
  824. Tallest living animal breed
  825. Foreign __, international relations in politics
  826. Tore off someone's skin and hair from their head
  827. Clearing up a room or a desk
  828. Words on paper with pen
  829. Good pool player and con artist
  830. Weather event with rotating wind
  831. People who sell food and household items
  832. Leave a home, with belongings packed
  833. __ tarantino, us film director of pulp fiction
  834. Fake work of art
  835. Popeye's beloved vegetable
  836. Kool & __; celebration and get down on it group
  837. People who didn't turn up
  838. __ sutherland, was president in the hunger games
  839. Chinese duck that's from beijing
  840. Airships, zeppelins
  841. Take one's leave, retreat
  842. Coca cola's lemon lime soda
  843. Borrowed from another museum's collection
  844. Samsung's flagship phone model
  845. Random knowledge, often used in games
  846. Not outdoors
  847. Goosey goosey __, whither shall i wander?
  848. World's largest museum, located in paris
  849. Sweet __ by the eurythmics
  850. Waifs and __; people or animals with no home
  851. Makes an effort to do something
  852. These common tools are used on nuts and bolts
  853. Absent for a significant period; e.g. __ relative
  854. Woven textile wall-hanging
  855. Wary of danger
  856. Madonna is a __ girl, living in a __ world
  857. Breakfast cereal brand said to help dieting
  858. Large stack of firewood
  859. Outfits worn during particular historical periods
  860. Identity document/ticket for going on trains
  861. __ are coming! iconic coca-cola ad slogan
  862. Assailant, invader, one who instigates or attacks
  863. The long arms found on an octopus
  864. People who pay others to work for them
  865. To be separated from everyone else is to be in __
  866. Cooking with heat and flames from below, like bk
  867. Pre-1800 original european work of art, not new!
  868. Keanu reeves movie asks, red pill or blue pill?
  869. Another word for entry to a museum or attraction
  870. This prank explodes and leaves a terrible smell
  871. All that's left after cutting down timber
  872. Seen in big cities, leading a group around
  873. __ expedition leader douglas mawson
  874. Work of art made from clay
  875. Female who does not work outside the home
  876. Tiny particles of sand (rhymes with lanes)
  877. Small pulse vegetable, eaten in stews
  878. Broken __, to go on and on and on about something
  879. __-arrow frogs, their toxins used to tip arrows
  880. Sports brand inspired by south african antelope
  881. States of __: solid, liquid and gas
  882. Life-saving injection device for allergy sufferers
  883. Where people drink in the wild west
  884. Belly __ fluff; how does it get in there?
  885. Sign on the __ line; validate a contract
  886. Crown __; monarch's finery, on display in london
  887. Van gogh painting inspiring don mclean: __ night
  888. 1990s tv show, buffy the vampire __
  889. Boils down a sauce to make it thicker
  890. There's __ without fire
  891. On view to the general public
  892. Kate __, the romantic lead rose in titanic
  893. Clay artwork that is fired to make it stronger
  894. Like an animal, monstrous
  895. When a train goes off the tracks it does this
  896. Anxious with anticipation
  897. A soft, warm clothing fabric that's often plaid
  898. Beam that gymnasts frequent
  899. Exhaustion from too much work, like an old candle
  900. Male servers at a restaurant
  901. Court __, a form of military justice
  902. Baby porkers, like pooh's friend
  903. __ avenue, ny's famed advertising district
  904. A brief __ of time, stephen hawking's magnum opus
  905. Stories by james joyce set in the irish capital
  906. Denzel washington 2014 vigilante movie, the __
  907. Person who feeds animals when owners are away
  908. Inflammation of the joints
  909. Vegetable also known as french or haricot vert
  910. Train carriage for snacks and drinks
  911. Acrobatic performance art on a vertical bar
  912. Resembling an infant; babyish
  913. Prayers said before or after a meal
  914. Country whose annual tv awards are called logies
  915. Place where museum visitors can leave their coats
  916. Practical joke expert
  917. Grounds surrounding a dwelling
  918. Jazz woodwind instrument blown by kenny g
  919. Metal seal on glass beer containers
  920. Coming into view
  921. List of all the items in a museum's collection
  922. Greco-roman grapplers
  923. Change one thing into another, like lead into gold
  924. Madame __; chain of waxwork model museums
  925. Various, miscellaneous
  926. That which solves a problem
  927. __ away, worked hard (like an aquatic rodent)
  928. Making food for a party
  929. __ hours; when a museum is open to the public
  930. Fortified spanish wines, fino or oloroso
  931. Area destroyed by explosion or very untidy room
  932. I'm walking on __ and don't it feel good!
  933. __ best, a record you set for yourself in a sport
  934. Fans who follow bands on tour
  935. Distance between front and rear axles on a vehicle
  936. Single lounge seats with upper body support
  937. Artistic snooker/pool play that appears impossible
  938. Making a high-pitched screeching sound
  939. Charred; tarnished one's reputation
  940. A cold-blooded, water-loving animal like a frog
  941. Tennis foul caused by overstepping the baseline
  942. Having no money, not even copper coins
  943. Post-death possibility
  944. "this little piggy (middle toe) had __"
  945. Commercial aquaculture breeding locations
  946. Spur of the moment
  947. Public tracks and routes designed for walkers
  948. Squash variety
  949. Japanese game, like badminton (hand+net+suzuki?)
  950. Cabbage __; dolls created by xavier roberts
  951. Presidents have them; parades of escort vehicles
  952. Study of soft parts of the body, not osteology
  953. Place where a machinist might keep their tools
  954. Initial stop on a baseball diamond
  955. Law __; not breaking any rules
  956. A sweet bun to accompany herbal drinks in the uk
  957. Those who protect game and biomes in natural parks
  958. John jacob jingleheimer __
  959. Retro toy bug with a built-in nightlight
  960. Us chain of supermarkets founded by sam walton
  961. Author of the hunger games trilogy: suzanne __
  962. Asian country w/ the mouth of the mekong river
  963. Signature basketball shot of kareem abdul-jabbar
  964. One who makes and repairs shoes
  965. Tv genre that is supposedly unscripted
  966. German police
  967. Last kaiser of the german empire: __ ii
  968. Guy __, english director of snatch
  969. Accu__, website to find out the forecast
  970. The hungarian dish toltott kaposzta: stuffed __
  971. A song sung to babies and small children
  972. Country where author jonathan swift was born
  973. Reliance on faith for knowledge
  974. Place where animals skins are treated for use
  975. An affectionate moniker
  976. Bowling three of these in a row is called a turkey
  977. __ assistant, he/she looks after kids or plants
  978. Santa's reindeer who likes to boogie
  979. Fomo; __ missing out
  980. Basque __; spanish bat, ball and wall game
  981. Creamy shellfish soup, like lobster or crab
  982. Buster __, b&w movie star, the great stone face
  983. Old testament book of sacred songs
  984. Grappling jiu-jitsu hold extending from the elbow
  985. Lapis __, deep-blue semi-precious stones
  986. Dana __; gillian anderson's x-files role
  987. Washed the suds from
  988. Bar or pie __; visual ways to display data
  989. Country that merged with tanganyika in 1962
  990. Star of the film any which way you can: clint __
  991. Warm cloth method of shaving
  992. Difficult branch of mathematics, latin for pebbles
  993. Shaped frame for setting up snooker/pool balls
  994. Round white molluscs who live in shells
  995. Rustic wooden building in a forrest
  996. Swinging reverse tennis shot
  997. More nude than anyone else
  998. Bulgur wheat and mint salad from lebanon
  999. Card game, scores are kept by moving small pegs
  1000. Returned a tennis shot before it bounced
  1001. Swine animal that roams free
  1002. __ cut, a square inverted diamond cut
  1003. __ care, helping patients with heart issues
  1004. North __; bidirectional 1855 novel by e. gaskell
  1005. To buy at a reduced rate is to get one of these
  1006. Splinter, snippet, a small piece
  1007. Hand of god argentina footballer
  1008. Plot of land where ducks, pigs, geese etc. wander
  1009. Tom __; saving private ryan and passenger 57 actor
  1010. Mary queen __, josie rourke movie
  1011. Art of imitation, a skill of certain birds
  1012. Penalty for a deliberate handball in soccer
  1013. Nuts generally used in praline
  1014. Imbecilic, moronic, just plain dumb
  1015. Bodysuit worn by a ballerina
  1016. Author of the one-act play endgame: samuel __
  1017. Greek "island of the winds" in the cyclades
  1018. Standard style tennis serve
  1019. The hours between dawn and sunset
  1020. Classical music's "three bs": bach, beethoven, __
  1021. Take over a place w/ one's presence, wall street?
  1022. Large __ collider
  1023. French sport rolling heavy balls towards a target
  1024. People's __ awards where fans select the winners
  1025. Photos, pictures
  1026. Take a casual look around a store
  1027. Japanese martial art with 2020 olympic debut
  1028. A scottish girl isn't a lad but one of these
  1029. Country where the city of coatzacoalcos is located
  1030. Egg-beating utensils
  1031. Fine and fragile, like a flower
  1032. Bottom cheeks; forrest gump was shot directly here
  1033. Intense studying before an exam
  1034. A night at __, marx bros film and queen lp
  1035. Name given to an almanac of predictions since 1697
  1036. Vaslav __; supreme male dancer of the 20th century
  1037. Collecting a hit ball in cricket/baseball
  1038. __ tech; e.g. fitness trackers, google glass
  1039. 5 times the amount
  1040. Challenge of strength while pulling a rope
  1041. Wheelchair sport, similar to pétanque and bocce
  1042. Partial wig or hairpiece that covers a bald spot
  1043. Made in a furnace, like steel
  1044. __ screen, an epithet for the movie industry
  1045. Big lebowski's motto, the dude __
  1046. Lion, tiger or leopard; any large feline
  1047. Cooks meat with flames, oven or coals
  1048. __ nurse, health pro who helps a tooth doctor
  1049. Martial artist who practices the "gentle way"
  1050. Pebbles, rocks; they're sometimes rolling
  1051. Mexican ancient indigenous peoples
  1052. First name of south africa's first black president
  1053. __ ralph 2 – handyman ralph breaks the internet
  1054. More clever or sharp than another
  1055. Inside layers of jackets
  1056. Combat sport that uses foils and épées
  1057. Sony's old-school personal stereo
  1058. Bag carriers at stations
  1059. Little __, he sang the power with elton john
  1060. __ judd, ashley's singing sister
  1061. Indian team sport where raiders are tagged
  1062. A block of frozen water, maybe for drinks
  1063. Nationality of the cartoonist herge
  1064. A female who's set to inherit
  1065. Fire-lighting phosphorus sticks that come in packs
  1066. Seeds __; initial inklings of suspicion
  1067. Jewish candelabra with seven branches
  1068. Rolled-up paper documents
  1069. A more respectful label than "old" person
  1070. Put your __; step on it; drive faster!
  1071. A non-royal
  1072. Deliberately left something out
  1073. Accidentally hitting one's toe
  1074. Small twigs used to start a fire
  1075. Central circle on a dartboard
  1076. Guarantor, anagram of primrose
  1077. System of a down song; chinese dish
  1078. Tennis shot where a player's palm faces frontwards
  1079. Toy railway with tracks, train, cars, etc.
  1080. Do something with other people, not alone
  1081. Another word for a youthful whippersnapper
  1082. Ace golf shot hit from a tee
  1083. Actor robert, once a sparkly vampire, then batman
  1084. They defuse incendiaries on the streets
  1085. Device that uses water mist to smooth clothes
  1086. Male ungulate, often bearded; william?
  1087. Golf club for clearing balls from bunkers
  1088. Day of __; final judgment by god
  1089. Keep people amused, like a magician or singer
  1090. Send in __; song from a little night music musical
  1091. Considered the most expensive nut in the world
  1092. Back __, extended fork apparatus to handle itches
  1093. Prudently, trying not to break anything
  1094. Island city state south of malaysia
  1095. The most pale black; similar hue to fire remains
  1096. Language spoken in rome and milan, for example
  1097. Play to throw a ball back onto a rugby pitch
  1098. Central note on a piano keyboard
  1099. Ate in tiny bites
  1100. Cold __, making unsolicited telephone contact
  1101. Indulgent photos taken at arm's length
  1102. Nutritional deficiency associated with kwashiorkor
  1103. Pencils used for drawing different hues
  1104. Parallel bones to tibias
  1105. Like a cat on a hot __; anxious and worried
  1106. Boarding __; holiday accommodation for dogs
  1107. __ by the dozen; steve martin plays a father of 12
  1108. Country home to the brandenburg gate
  1109. H. g. wells: "the shakespeare of __ fiction"
  1110. __ space center; nasa's primary launch hub
  1111. Troughs on each side of a bowling lane
  1112. South __, weight loss plan from florida
  1113. Fielding position between second and third base
  1114. With no mistakes
  1115. Something acted upon in a chemical reaction
  1116. Where to hang coats and caps
  1117. Crime committed with help from someone in the know
  1118. Orangish ape native to indonesia and malaysia
  1119. Calm-inducing meaning of the word judo
  1120. Off-key singing (3 words)
  1121. Weekly financial publication, the __
  1122. Educated at an institution or at home
  1123. __ court, unofficial justice-seeking sitting
  1124. Not following jewish food preparation laws
  1125. In a pub it dispenses real ales
  1126. Biggest city in brazil
  1127. Related to the armed forces
  1128. "space, the final __": star trek's intro
  1129. Plucking a ball from the air and holding onto it
  1130. Cult and experimental films
  1131. Water bearer zodiac sign
  1132. Crowd-pleasing basketball jump shot
  1133. Stick at it, don't stop (3 words)
  1134. Wax __, early sound recording and playing device
  1135. __ beetles, pests that feed on potatoes
  1136. Pepper mills can also be called this
  1137. Agricultural workers in the middle ages
  1138. Powdered marine life used to enrich fields
  1139. Last of the __, story by james fenimore cooper
  1140. Player of a scottish bellow wind instrument
  1141. __ order; regular bank payment instruction
  1142. A native or inhabitant of england's capital
  1143. Something doomed to failure (a deceased canard)
  1144. __ my love; elvis cover of johnny ace song
  1145. Dense polar blizzard w/ zero visibility
  1146. Harry alonzo longabaugh better known as the __ kid
  1147. __ bars; side-by-side apparatus used by gymnasts
  1148. Word used for stealing calves, for example
  1149. Egg-based italian dish similar to spanish tortilla
  1150. Group of languages to which english belongs
  1151. Canine protector
  1152. Huge, fish-eating bird of prey
  1153. High quality hotel, but not quite five out of five
  1154. She wipes christ's face at a station of the cross
  1155. Withstands a tricky situation
  1156. Ribbed, warm fabric that's comfy in cool weather
  1157. Bart simpson's best friend
  1158. Cricket delivery that does not bounce; not half?
  1159. Short cannon for firing at high trajectories
  1160. They stick together with mortar or cement
  1161. Where an archer keeps their arrows
  1162. Secret spies
  1163. An old-school beaded calculator
  1164. Connector of compound words, a little dash
  1165. Repeats words said by another
  1166. Jungle __, disco tune from kool & the gang
  1167. __ office, where invention ideas are lodged
  1168. Volleyball position; only plays on the back court
  1169. Lifts with great effort
  1170. Pack animals and dog ancestors
  1171. "a day late and a __ short"
  1172. Strips of stickiness to catch insects
  1173. House purchaser
  1174. Moving plants to bigger vessels as they grow
  1175. Forefathers and mothers who came long before us
  1176. Softball game with 10 players on each side
  1177. The slowest mouse in all of mexico, slowpoke __
  1178. __ square, downtown london with landseer's lions
  1179. Two-hulled boat
  1180. The target ball or jack in a game of pétanque
  1181. Turning round and round
  1182. Theatrical, histrionic, affected
  1183. Illumination, like chandeliers and lamps
  1184. Offensive term for an idiot
  1185. Umpires with whistles
  1186. The tale of samuel __, potter's tale of a rat
  1187. Spanish province; gijón is the capital
  1188. Yuri __, soviet leader 1982-4
  1189. Before __; dicaprio climate change documentary
  1190. Noise made by newborn lambs
  1191. Knocks down buildings; miley cyrus song, __ ball
  1192. Those who natter on twitter
  1193. Family surname on tv's home improvement
  1194. Magic sound of fairy dust being sprinkled
  1195. Ocean around the small island nation of mauritius
  1196. Construction material used as a coating for walls
  1197. Frequency, every 12 months
  1198. Matthew mcconaughey's magic mike character
  1199. __ anniversary; marks 50 years of marriage
  1200. Ballets __; diaghilev's traveling ballet corps
  1201. Alpine dwellings
  1202. Obsessed female
  1203. Oxford __ dictionary
  1204. Great pains, struggles, torments
  1205. Used to make driveways and pavement
  1206. Severe self-discipline
  1207. __ history museum; animal and plant collections
  1208. Tipsy, light-headed through alcohol
  1209. The best team representing its college
  1210. People who produce beers
  1211. 1967 aretha franklin hit, spell it out
  1212. __ possible; something capable of being done
  1213. Stockett novel about 1960s black women workers
  1214. French luxury skin care company
  1215. Preparing pommes puree
  1216. Directing along a specific path
  1217. Brand of vacuum flask
  1218. Thin layers of veneer glued together
  1219. French riviera resort, home of the hôtel du cap
  1220. Indian traditional dance of punjabi origin
  1221. Long serrated blade used manually
  1222. Eye glass used by mr. monopoly to see
  1223. In the direction of the ocean
  1224. Sink a boat
  1225. __ a plan; schemed or plotted
  1226. __ pilot, one in the cockpit of a spitfire
  1227. Update a space
  1228. Zen buddhist monastery in china, unesco site
  1229. Eastern european beet soup
  1230. Stuck in a car with everyone else at rush hour
  1231. __ club, band featured george, hay, moss and craig
  1232. Oil from australia used in antiseptic cosmetics
  1233. __ line, wwii fortifications built by france
  1234. Eating by bovines, ovines and equines in fields
  1235. Desk accessory for wet ink
  1236. Figure out the size of an object using a device
  1237. Country of birth of arnold schwarzenegger
  1238. Necklaces made of velvet
  1239. Harold __, played by ben cross in chariots of fire
  1240. Short broadcast on a breaking news topic
  1241. Japanese ruling family, also called the genji
  1242. Buying a house, renovating it, and selling it
  1243. Expansion of the existing building
  1244. Baby __; zapf creation's best-selling doll
  1245. Having skills, adept
  1246. Dr __, character in the hound of the baskervilles
  1247. Chefs who provide meals for parties
  1248. Artwork created with a palette and brushes
  1249. North african staple, made from dried durum wheat
  1250. Us conflict over secession and slavery 1861-1865
  1251. Using firearms; firing bullets
  1252. 1976 abba hit, a man's name
  1253. Performer who replaces actor in dangerous scenes
  1254. __ eel, long fish that might shock
  1255. Pearl or metal string worn around the collarbone
  1256. Virginity
  1257. Dig a hole, maybe for a pool
  1258. Property __ drew and jonathan scott
  1259. Detroit state
  1260. Intimidated, silenced, subdued
  1261. Exercises good for the heart and lungs
  1262. Orange tonic drink of the 60s with cellophane wrap
  1263. Monte python and the holy grail inspired musical
  1264. Connector
  1265. Optimistic, expectant
  1266. Cheap __; with a very low price tag
  1267. Plasterboard that covers the sides of a room
  1268. Gene __, actor of mississippi burning and superman
  1269. Save __, cards sent in advance of an event
  1270. Dude room, perhaps with jerseys on the wall
  1271. Home of lazarus and mary in the new testament
  1272. Nerve that controls hip and back of leg muscles
  1273. __ robin, three-wheeled british car
  1274. __ fauré, french writer of requiem and pavane
  1275. Loose-skinned japanese citrus orange
  1276. Toxic fumes following coal mine explosion
  1277. Tobacco product, once smoked from a holder
  1278. Worked out at the gym
  1279. Former love interest of wolverine
  1280. Powered by compressed air
  1281. One of many covered in sauce in a can
  1282. Goodfellas star who played henry hill
  1283. Facing a difficult experience or tricky time
  1284. Plunging theme park ride
  1285. Type of falcon
  1286. Surmisable
  1287. Modern alternative to smoking
  1288. First english king to abdicate the throne: __ viii
  1289. Flintstone friends barney and betty __
  1290. __ city strip; steak cut from dorothy's state
  1291. Chip and joanna __ of fixer upper
  1292. Used a rod and reel
  1293. Nathan __, seafood chef with outlets in cornwall
  1294. Impoverished area where members of a minority live
  1295. __ state, zach braff's new jersey named movie
  1296. An advantage, benefit or plus to a situation
  1297. Do it __, also known as amateur construction
  1298. Glue or tape
  1299. Breakfast ovum that's not hard-boiled
  1300. Lake resort in the tatra mountains of poland
  1301. A year in __, autobiography of peter mayle
  1302. London's international airport located in essex
  1303. Love __, elvis's movie screen debut
  1304. Perennial garden flowers with upswept petals
  1305. Numbered tile board game with jokers
  1306. More stable than
  1307. Turkish football club based in istanbul
  1308. Voluntary, deliberate
  1309. Changed, swapped
  1310. Amundsen's base camp during the 1911 s pole trip
  1311. Waiting in __; an understudy's position
  1312. Diagram of rooms in a house, seen from above
  1313. Lee marvin sang about this kind of star
  1314. Chess rule for capturing opposing pawns
  1315. Superior condition or position
  1316. Female cinema worker
  1317. Abrasive sheet used to smooth wood
  1318. Preparations, foundations
  1319. Made purer by boiling off and condensing
  1320. Water boas found in south america
  1321. Battle of 1415 depicted in shakespeare's henry v
  1322. Movie actor, heathers star christian __
  1323. Fleshy lobe hanging from a turkey's neck
  1324. Athenian school of philosophy founded by aristotle
  1325. Unintentional embarrassing mistakes
  1326. Extremely dirty, mucky, grimy
  1327. Long-handled tools used for sweeping
  1328. There are often twelve of these in a courtroom
  1329. __ jump, athletics event, aka hop, step and jump
  1330. Cloth that is painted on by an artist
  1331. Reciprocating blade shape-cutter; puzzle type
  1332. A sister's male relative
  1333. Spanish word for "beer"
  1334. Ability to feel or understand others' feelings
  1335. Advise, guide, instruct
  1336. Consume too much
  1337. Constructing with rocks, stones or bricks
  1338. Dark splodges, blotches
  1339. Pink moorland shrub associated with scotland
  1340. Smokestack built into a house
  1341. Dirty __, jennifer grey movie
  1342. Madame __, french maker of waxwork lookalikes
  1343. Government policy research institute
  1344. Anniversary 10 years before a centenary
  1345. Band of wood touching the floor and the wall
  1346. Male head of the family
  1347. Principal cause of cholecystitis
  1348. Vast canadian body of water named after navigator
  1349. Marine mammals in the weasel family
  1350. Excursion for observation and research
  1351. Alien __; extraterrestrial arrivals on earth
  1352. And it's no __, elton john song title and lyrics
  1353. Someone who flies newly built aircraft
  1354. Monosodium __ (msg), a salty food additive
  1355. Monarch played by olivia colman
  1356. No admission fee
  1357. Something to devote energy to, often laborious
  1358. F1 title-winner in 1976, adversary of niki lauda
  1359. Offspring's male offspring
  1360. Galloped gently
  1361. Romantically enticing
  1362. One who hunts with birds
  1363. Provides ventilation in a masonry wall
  1364. Used to fill gaps between tiles
  1365. Canine-named constable in much ado about nothing
  1366. Inflammation of the nasal cavities
  1367. Started a new product line, like a rocket
  1368. Andrew __ of spider-man; 20th us president
  1369. Rant, tirade
  1370. Creator, dreamer, usually with illustration talent
  1371. Deep red that shares a name with wine
  1372. German city on rhine and ruhr with busy river port
  1373. Indian spice in small green pods with black seeds
  1374. Lee __, uk golfer, former world no 1
  1375. Military dress
  1376. Transparent glass that allows one to see out
  1377. Sigourney weaver starred in these horror flicks
  1378. From the italian region where florence is capital
  1379. Russian physiologist linked to salivating dogs
  1380. Slow ballroom dance
  1381. A hallux, you'll find it on your foot
  1382. Reduces height
  1383. English translation of "jugo de naranja": __ juice
  1384. Standard or typical
  1385. Mother of tiana in the princess and the frog
  1386. Cooking smells
  1387. Amount of medicine needed
  1388. Wall-to-wall rug
  1389. Mysterious seal-like creature in scottish legends
  1390. Curb __ boosts a house's attractiveness for a sale
  1391. John __, stand-up comic, host of last week tonight
  1392. __ house; publishing company, merged with penguin
  1393. Basement
  1394. Record company founded by berry gordy jr
  1395. Hand covers, as worn by the white rabbit
  1396. Locked up
  1397. Film director of some like it hot, billy __
  1398. Squeezes dough with the hands
  1399. Light-sensitive part of the eye
  1400. Snakes with long fangs that fold away
  1401. They make motorcycles or keyboards
  1402. Gave subtle clues
  1403. Biggest us state by area
  1404. Victorious motorbike maker or bra brand
  1405. A __ yoyo has two sticks
  1406. Idea or plan
  1407. Footboard on wheels, pushed along by youngsters
  1408. Coating spread on walls that dries smooth
  1409. Suggests an idea
  1410. Robert __, newspaper owner and fraudster
  1411. Fashionable, not just in france
  1412. Cabin __; member of cruise ship crew
  1413. Moorish castle or palace in spain or portugal
  1414. South american country whose capital is sucre
  1415. Staying outdoors in a tent
  1416. Ridiculous, laughable
  1417. Us illegal drinking place during prohibition
  1418. Jewish atonement day
  1419. Ginger ale with north american name
  1420. Wood ripped up and used in a new place
  1421. Someone whose job is to fill job openings
  1422. Greater __ bat, a nighttime insect hunter
  1423. Have prickly toes, and a yearning to travel
  1424. __ land, aussie antarctic region with royal name
  1425. Cord attached to a socket that lengthens work area
  1426. My fair lady is based on this bernard shaw play
  1427. Cast into the sea without secure ties
  1428. Bahrain's flag carrier airline
  1429. Male striped horse cross with stubborn female
  1430. Short passage from a book
  1431. Runic alphabet of scandinavia
  1432. The heat of animals
  1433. Any which way
  1434. Metal-casting workshop
  1435. Electric transit car attached to wiring by a pole
  1436. Beloved of samson, she arranges his hair-cut
  1437. James __; hollywood director of girl, interrupted
  1438. Ladies' bedroom in olden, (parisian?) times
  1439. Language of the place with tórshavn as its capital
  1440. Protestant denomination, major belief of n europe
  1441. American term for a military leave of absence
  1442. One who extracts raw sn from the ground
  1443. Pertaining to riverbanks, and rights to fish there
  1444. Dried meat and fat mixture eaten by explorers
  1445. Arc of flight
  1446. Lively sailors' dance
  1447. Thin medical device to illuminate pupils, etc.
  1448. Large-eyed nocturnal primate
  1449. Misfit, nonconformist
  1450. Apply a protective plastic coating to paper
  1451. Upper-middle, high arched part of the foot
  1452. Wooden strips used to build norwegian churches
  1453. Grand __; largest island of comoros
  1454. French word for 15
  1455. 28th street in nyc = __ alley
  1456. Room at the top oscar winning actress: __ signoret
  1457. Hand-created wool ball added for decoration
  1458. Old norse fiends averse to sunlight
  1459. __ rebellion, aussie goldfield incident of 1854
  1460. English county where sherlock holmes retires to
  1461. Mexican beer drink or costa rican singer __ vargas
  1462. Encouraged, provoked
  1463. Easy-to-tear sticky tape invented by richard drew
  1464. Second-in-command on a flight
  1465. __ college; ireland's oldest university
  1466. Iceland's parliament, the world's oldest
  1467. Fantasy film about a man trapped in a board game
  1468. Russian tea-server, a tourist's preferred souvenir
  1469. Swindle, obtain money by deception
  1470. South korean car maker of the elantra and tucson
  1471. Waterproof coverings for the lower legs of hikers
  1472. __ cathedral, trondheim place of royal coronations
  1473. Abhors, feels intense dislike towards
  1474. Cod that has to be rehydrated to eat
  1475. Show with confidants mrs. ricardo and ethel mertz
  1476. Waterway that links stockholm and gothenburg
  1477. Number and price of hot cross buns in the rhyme
  1478. Stretchy elastic loops, woven into bracelets
  1479. Those from a us state or an east european country
  1480. Small plastic particle in toothpaste, face scrubs
  1481. Scheme that makes a lot of money; profitable
  1482. Juvenile fishes, dusted with flour and deep-fried
  1483. Most-famous expressive painting by edvard munch
  1484. Barbra __, film director of the prince of tides
  1485. 10th c tax levied to buy off viking invaders
  1486. Spanish football side, local rivals of barcelona
  1487. Process or key turn responsible for starting a car
  1488. Thai ginger-like root
  1489. Writer of the spooky the stepford wives
  1490. Public archive or record office
  1491. Italian boarding house
  1492. Male grooming product brand with sailing ship logo
  1493. Volcanic island linked to svalbard politically
  1494. Swiss producer of keyboards, mice, etc
  1495. Raspy-voiced singer of blowin' in the wind
  1496. A heaping of manure
  1497. Entertainment performances in nightclubs
  1498. Norway's parliament, based in oslo
  1499. Intestinal section immediately after the stomach
  1500. Annika __, swedish golfer, winning ten majors
  1501. Twice previously owned
  1502. Elaborate viking adornments also called torcs
  1503. Sitting cross-legged, for yoga meditation
  1504. Us scientist devised treatments for leprosy
  1505. Gradually diminishing in strength
  1506. Italian isle off africa, focus of a migrant crisis
  1507. Painful inflammation of fluid around joints
  1508. Patriotic tone poem by jean sibelius
  1509. Introductions, forewords, prefaces
  1510. Name given to the hammer of thor
  1511. A deliberately misleading clue is a "red __"
  1512. Cindy __, photographer of centerfolds
  1513. Event spoiled by heavy rain
  1514. Juvenile sea urchin
  1515. First female polish monarch, also known as hedwig
  1516. Payment request for household energy used
  1517. Dumbo and the lobster actor colin __
  1518. Insurers, they sponsor bayern munich's stadium
  1519. Thick bacon bits with a fatty sounding name
  1520. Next country after the us alphabetically
  1521. Shiny white fronts added to teeth
  1522. Maria-__, last monarch of the house of habsburg
  1523. Husky dog's asian origin
  1524. __ stones, harald bluetooth's monument to gorm
  1525. Greek name that means grace
  1526. __ bowl, an allusion to oliver twist
  1527. Small asian fritters, usually vegetarian
  1528. Temp scale has freezing at 0°c and boiling at 80°c
  1529. __ soda; common name of sodium hydroxide
  1530. Joni mitchell biblically named song
  1531. Green expanses with wild flowers and rolling hills
  1532. Fastening also called a thumbnut
  1533. Archaic law allowing tenants to cut down trees
  1534. Bizarre foods host andrew __
  1535. Gran __, spanish island with las palmas as capital
  1536. Tove __, finnish writer who evoked moominland
  1537. Childishly or exaggeratedly emotional
  1538. Comme des __, makers of scent odeur 53
  1539. Nicole kidman aquaman character, queen __
  1540. Formed a 60s singing duo with wife tina
  1541. Anticipated milestone for young teens
  1542. Cannot be maintained, e.g. an __ position
  1543. Mythological greek figure, father of electra
  1544. __ bitters, drink addition made from tree bark
  1545. Boxing fights before the main event
  1546. Aerial warfare branch of the wwii german military
  1547. With patience, a famous stone lion in new york
  1548. Grinding teeth immediately behind the canines
  1549. June 24, a celebration in many nordic lands
  1550. Portuguese name for country with praia as capital
  1551. Early us president who made monticello his home
  1552. Your youth, according to shakespeare
  1553. Aromatic dried foliage used in cooking stews
  1554. Latin bible version printed in the 1450s
  1555. Harlequin's mistress in commedia dell'arte
  1556. Name used at hotel check-ins by marilyn monroe
  1557. Animal celebrated at hammerfest's ancient society
  1558. Cute and awkward (slang)
  1559. Female suffix for icelandic family names
  1560. Big __; tarantino's fictional fast-food chain
  1561. Sharm el-__; egyptian red sea tourist resort
  1562. Ungulates are this
  1563. Sister of ariel, with a blue tail
  1564. One who pouts
  1565. Hot and sour thai soup
  1566. Large __ collider, cern particle accelerator
  1567. Sings in an alpine style
  1568. A king's __ is a very large sum of money
  1569. Swift-moving african antelope
  1570. __ paradise, resort on queensland's gold coast
  1571. Explosive made of gunpowder and nitroglycerine
  1572. Mythical emblem of the listening bank
  1573. Bang & __, danish makers of audio products
  1574. Scandinavian spirit with caraway
  1575. Short pointy beard named after a painter
  1576. __ gamgee, frodo's trusty partner
  1577. Sneaky, guilty-looking
  1578. French painter who died of pneumonia: paul __
  1579. Dean __, main character of on the road
  1580. Made less irate
  1581. Disinfectant bath for ovines
  1582. French port, once linked to dover and folkestone
  1583. Plastic used in picnic plates, cutlery and cups
  1584. German rye "bread of the land"
  1585. Daughter of oedipus; play by sophocles
  1586. Bowl-shaped fold in rock formation
  1587. __ driver; someone who instructs over-the-shoulder
  1588. Linus __, father of the linux open-source os
  1589. Demote to a lower division
  1590. Hair bleaching trend, popular with japanese teens
  1591. __ therapy; treatment that involves discomfort
  1592. Walking aimlessly and slowly
  1593. Epic poem about a scandinavian prince and a dragon
  1594. Reporter who located the missing dr. livingstone
  1595. Home city of the annual dragon con
  1596. Banana skins can help cure these foot warts
  1597. Term for those in serfdom to viking masters
  1598. Description of horses with black-and-white patches
  1599. __ vita, gossipy goings-on in rome
  1600. Instrument of writing using riverside vegetation
  1601. Theft, robbery
  1602. Japanese __, midori and citrus cocktail
  1603. Annoying, irritating, tedious
  1604. Social climber, wannabe
  1605. Swedish golfer henrik __
  1606. __ bhutto, female prime minister of pakistan
  1607. Round protruding stomach
  1608. Famous former swedish glassworks
  1609. Scissor jump in ballet
  1610. Lepus timidus (mountain hare) isn't actually sad
  1611. French sauce with tarragon and vinegar
  1612. Patron saint of jersey
  1613. Maximum number of clubs carried in a golf bag
  1614. National lampoon's clark and ellen's last name
  1615. French writer born françois-marie arouet
  1616. Queen victoria's last prime minister: archibald __
  1617. Teach, explain, train
  1618. The type of love that is reciprocated
  1619. Antiseptic introduced by joseph lister: __ acid
  1620. Adulthood, coming of age
  1621. Separates grain mechanically
  1622. Splash onto a surface, like fat from a frying pan
  1623. Oldest royal residence in great britain: __ castle
  1624. Small american wildcats resembling leopards
  1625. __ verse, syllabic poetry of iceland and norway
  1626. Lowest-ranking celebrity
  1627. Resolute, unshakeable
  1628. First chief justice of the us in 1789
  1629. Drum manufacturer based in brooklyn, ny
  1630. Lock, stock and two smoking __, 1998 comedy film
  1631. Sailors can drink rum when the sun is over this
  1632. Narrow strip forms a top or bikini top
  1633. Stray from the correct path
  1634. As happy as a __, a joyous, filthy porcine
  1635. Grassy tops for housing in nordic countries
  1636. Property investor who builds buildings
  1637. Madness trumpet and harmonica player
  1638. Military weapons
  1639. Nordic monument with ancient scripts
  1640. Repugnant, repulsive
  1641. A poisonous substance that breaks down tissue
  1642. School of rock actor, comedian and musician
  1643. Pirates walked it as punishment
  1644. Translucent form of gypsum, usually snow white
  1645. Archaic term for a highwayman without a horse
  1646. Waxing __ moon; between first quarter, full moon
  1647. Icelandic nobel prize-winning writer of 1955
  1648. Sailing event of many races
  1649. Joining, anagram of mingled
  1650. Viking __ clap, crescendo chants from icelanders
  1651. An enclosed area at ground level
  1652. __ ardern; became nz prime minister in 2017
  1653. Tailless feline from the isle of man
  1654. Money given as a gift to a school or hospital
  1655. 1988 american western retelling of billy the kid
  1656. Skeletal, unhealthy in appearance
  1657. Region extending across n scandinavia
  1658. Highland grouse that changes its plumage
  1659. Pedestrian tunnel running beneath a road
  1660. Artist who painted las meninas: diego __
  1661. __ league, trading unit of the middle ages
  1662. __ tail, a design for shortbread biscuits from uk
  1663. French exclamation or oath of annoyance
  1664. Wallace __, inventor of nylon
  1665. Draped with flowers
  1666. Pomposity, egotism
  1667. Group dance where people hold the waist in front
  1668. Waterway between russia and the us
  1669. Dutch __, bill increases the more it is queried
  1670. A single-reed woodwind
  1671. Cuban religion, a mix of yoruba and rc deities
  1672. Small, round, close-fitting hat
  1673. Shrub-lined road boundary
  1674. Thin, boneless slice of meat, coated and fried
  1675. Nonstop talking so you "can't get a word in __"
  1676. Real name of tomboy character from the famous five
  1677. Ancient roman building used for public assemblies
  1678. Keep someone at arm's length, turn them away
  1679. Norwegian conqueror of the south pole in 1911
  1680. Second-largest city in afghanistan
  1681. "__ cheese gromit!", wallace catchphrase
  1682. Body of an aircraft, excluding the wings
  1683. Workplace buildings
  1684. Bank robber eduardo perez in despicable me 2
  1685. Pink and white poodle toy, popular in the 1980s
  1686. Powered by spells
  1687. Fashionable, modern
  1688. The yellow of a fowl's ovum
  1689. Muppet who heckles with statler from a balcony
  1690. __ pin; brass tack for sticking things to walls
  1691. Curving or twisting
  1692. Wooden fire lighters that are struck
  1693. Bright green precious gemstone
  1694. European country, capital berlin
  1695. Carol __, joining in with classic christmas tunes
  1696. Those who use rods in the sea for food or sport
  1697. A round decoration that hangs on a christmas tree
  1698. Singer __ faith and the spanish word for dove
  1699. Paved areas of gardens, often with furniture
  1700. Hero who says "me __, you jane"
  1701. When a cat mauls you with its feet you've been __
  1702. Herbs with onion-like flavor
  1703. With four leaves, this three-leaved plant is lucky
  1704. Gathering of stars in the sky
  1705. Native language of ireland, brought to scotland
  1706. Little tommy tucker ate this with brown bread
  1707. Emergency rocket fireworks sent up from shipwreck
  1708. Big bang theory's space-going engineer __ wolowitz
  1709. Nationality of someone native to tripoli
  1710. They are counted when you lay fingers on the wrist
  1711. Task, pursuit, e.g. a sports club or music lesson
  1712. Trilling, singing like a bird
  1713. Andersen's tale of an early spring flower
  1714. __ card, or id, carried on your person
  1715. A light going on and off, on and off
  1716. Adding a device to a car wheel so it can't move
  1717. Oily cream, e.g. antiseptic, for rubbing on skin
  1718. Adhesive designs for kids, can be fluorescent
  1719. Moving around an axis
  1720. Nickname of nick jonas's jumanji character
  1721. The measure of the energy within food
  1722. Undergarments that keep you warm when skiing
  1723. A music performance to an audience
  1724. Helixes, coils
  1725. Holiday in early january when fireworks go off
  1726. Sea creature cooked thermidor
  1727. __ shed, place where seedlings are handled
  1728. The one that is biggest in height
  1729. A small room ideal for getting changed at the pool
  1730. Sandy sea shores
  1731. Torrent of water, a waterfall
  1732. So shocked that you can't move or speak
  1733. Poked something with your finger
  1734. Protection worn on the head by cyclists
  1735. The family name of galileo
  1736. What embers are doing in a fire
  1737. Dam-building rodents
  1738. Finished working, forever
  1739. Mike __, tracy beaker's father figure
  1740. Desirable, especially if owned by another person
  1741. Chuckling, giggling
  1742. Fungus you can eat
  1743. Very small, almost worthless amount of money
  1744. __ guard; worker who patrols to protect valuables
  1745. Ellie __, love me like you do singer
  1746. Storage with door in the kitchen; cabinet
  1747. Rays from our closest star, big ball in the sky
  1748. Can be solar, wind, electrical; powers a lightbulb
  1749. Global search engine with a daily doodle
  1750. Cat's __, child's finger game played with string
  1751. Small river where you can gently row your boat
  1752. Sacred place dedicated to a deity, saint or hero
  1753. Monster muppet who is blue, cute and furry
  1754. West __, most of the islands in the caribbean
  1755. Nut that resembles a brain
  1756. Pull or click device to turn on a light
  1757. A pinball-style puzzle video game
  1758. '__ yourself' means to do as you are told
  1759. Child's toy tweedledee and tweedledum fight over
  1760. Great unhappiness, wretchedness
  1761. Butterflies in the __ describes nervousness
  1762. Shiny circles sewn to clothes, reflect light
  1763. Tiny metallic pieces glued to crafts
  1764. Large, rose-like flowers, often pale pink
  1765. Skill or refinement
  1766. Harder or stronger
  1767. Substances that act as catalysts
  1768. Relaxing treatment rubbing the muscles and joints
  1769. North american mammal with bandit-style mask
  1770. Natalie __, padmé amidala in star wars
  1771. __ seat, a way to get out of a fighter jet quickly
  1772. Animated film about a video game villain __ ralph
  1773. Treasure island character marooned on the island
  1774. 2006 drug crime drama starring justin timberlake
  1775. Aunt, uncle, cousin
  1776. The very center of a target
  1777. Japanese broth
  1778. Make lighter, more cheerful
  1779. Sasha's nickname in bratz series
  1780. Forest, area with trees
  1781. Arbitrates a dispute
  1782. Novel features toby, saved from african slave ship
  1783. Tall streetlight
  1784. Come up with a plan
  1785. Smart __ have glowing screens; call, text and more
  1786. A person offering things to buyers
  1787. Videogames arena with lots of flashing lights
  1788. Teeth straighteners
  1789. Good __, important day in the christian calendar
  1790. Cloths used for drying yourself after a shower
  1791. Dangerous fish, for example great white
  1792. Jason __; he sang want to want me
  1793. A herring that has been split and smoked
  1794. People from scotland, ireland and northern france
  1795. Rebellion against authority like on the bounty
  1796. Another word for tights, or pantyhose
  1797. Tool for decanting liquid
  1798. The natural home of an animal, plant or insect
  1799. Where most lights are found hanging in rooms
  1800. Getting taller and older
  1801. Picture made from cut-outs
  1802. Polo game periods
  1803. Aircrafts without engines
  1804. Substance underneath tooth enamel
  1805. Verified or examined to be sure it's ok
  1806. Taking it easy, recovering
  1807. Documents for travelling or entering an event
  1808. Glow in __, property that some toys have
  1809. Bye baby __, nursery rhyme mentions a rabbit skin
  1810. Percy __, fictional dyslexic son of poseidon
  1811. Thin metal sticks for cooking food over a fire
  1812. Small middle-earth race, aka "halflings"
  1813. The damsel in distress in donkey kong
  1814. Fixing something, e.g. by sewing
  1815. Another word for "breathe", especially in biology
  1816. __ the love? 2003 mega hit for the black eyed peas
  1817. Snatched, took
  1818. An idea or a concept that pops into your head
  1819. Organization that raises money for those in need
  1820. Shine like a star
  1821. Ingredient combined with olive oil on salads
  1822. A glittering flash of light, or to ignite
  1823. On the water, not sinking
  1824. Belgian cartoonist hergé's bequiffed hero
  1825. Awards or rewards given to the winners
  1826. Edible seed in a nut or fruit stone
  1827. Foul-mouthed, potty-mouthed
  1828. Illegal acts
  1829. Ankle swinging toy for hopping over
  1830. Up to date, not ancient
  1831. Hang these slats on a window
  1832. Beams of light used in surgery
  1833. Giant turquoise furry creature from monsters inc
  1834. Stopped feeding mother's milk, moved to solid food
  1835. Unidentified __ object
  1836. Street performers who play for small change
  1837. Person learning at college or school
  1838. Cinema snack, sweet or salty
  1839. Describes caribbean islands such as antigua
  1840. Rearing animals or growing crops
  1841. World __, event to promote literature and reading
  1842. Queen anne's __, the pirate ship of blackbeard
  1843. __ light, red, green lights for vehicle flow
  1844. A set of detailed government papers
  1845. Source of heat for tent occupants
  1846. Small members of the mongoose family
  1847. Collector's items bought and sold by dealers
  1848. The giraffe and __ and me, by roald dahl
  1849. Fifa __, aka fifa soccer, manage your own team
  1850. Greek dish of lamb, aubergines, tomatoes, cheese
  1851. The illuminations in a room
  1852. A sports pitch that has night time illuminations
  1853. Perfect diamond with no imperfections
  1854. Any number over 29 and under 40 is in the __
  1855. The least tidy or neat
  1856. Apple __; try and catch fruit with your mouth
  1857. Water sprays for washing (not baths)
  1858. Not losers but __
  1859. Throw back light, e.g. using a mirror
  1860. It's not all smooth __ on this boat
  1861. Running away from
  1862. Reached your destination
  1863. Your voice as the instrument, in music classes
  1864. Scale for measuring earthquakes
  1865. French word for a castle
  1866. Serves a purpose; effective
  1867. Flashing light at a club or a party
  1868. A bicycle ridden by two people
  1869. Needed immediately or desperately
  1870. Shiny, sunny, light
  1871. Small restaurant or bar, french style
  1872. Creating, producing
  1873. Suit maker
  1874. Something that happens every seven days
  1875. Squealed like a puppy
  1876. Brightest glowing parts of a fire
  1877. Mike __, in charlie and the chocolate factory
  1878. Admonishes, tells off a child
  1879. A collection of wood for kindling
  1880. The first name of disney's talking cricket
  1881. Burns from hot water
  1882. __ jones, movie about aussie charlie bucktin
  1883. Folding computer with glowing screen
  1884. Color made by mixing red and yellow; also a fruit
  1885. Open-wheeled cars for racing
  1886. A tool for printing the date in a library book
  1887. Gave a prize to someone
  1888. Slang for little fingers, due to their color
  1889. Crossly, furiously
  1890. People who glide on ice on bladed shoes
  1891. Producing little bubbles of gas
  1892. Stuffed __ such as teddies are soft to cuddle
  1893. Did not answer; pretended not to listen
  1894. Drinking quickly
  1895. Give off light, rhymes with glimmer
  1896. Device for setting a fire going
  1897. Repeating sound like when shouting in a cave
  1898. Early inhabitant, established in a new area
  1899. Social network with music, blogs, photos, groups
  1900. __ crow, heroine of the nevermoor books
  1901. A reverse handspring
  1902. Shining with light, fluorescent
  1903. Rough cloth kept in the kitchen for drying up
  1904. Belief of heathens, or shamans or druids
  1905. Ben is a shortened version of this boys' name
  1906. Tv singing competition know for big red chairs
  1907. Seafood patty with potato, fried in breadcrumbs
  1908. Wax stick that can be lit
  1909. Ancient raider or trader from scandinavia
  1910. Apparitions, spirits or phantoms
  1911. Flex this to show your strength
  1912. Water birds with long legs and necks, like storks
  1913. A lightning strike is this shape
  1914. Temporarily blind someone with light
  1915. Lowly worm's best friend in richard scarry's books
  1916. Jesus __, god's son for followers of this religion
  1917. Penn and __, magic duo
  1918. Not innocent, not free from blame
  1919. The s in dst, or daylight __ time
  1920. Eccentric, peculiar
  1921. Melted swiss-french cheese served in a pot
  1922. Less tight
  1923. Work hard; swindle
  1924. Slow on the __ or being sluggish in understanding
  1925. To tidy, smarten up
  1926. Black __, anna sewell's novel about a stallion
  1927. Celestial objects, evocative of a reindeer name
  1928. At this stage his work is all for show
  1929. Drawing of a person created by an artist
  1930. Wobbly, doddery
  1931. Street celebration or fair
  1932. Long classical music composition
  1933. The holder of a degree from a uni
  1934. Court hearing to settle disputes
  1935. For christians, holy land place, hometown of jesus
  1936. Toy package with mystery contents
  1937. Out of control flames in a forest
  1938. Small pulses eaten in italy at new year for wealth
  1939. Annoys, pesters
  1940. Athletics spear for throwing
  1941. Holds in custody
  1942. Head, shoulders, knees __; popular children's song
  1943. __ of hand involves manual dexterity and trickery
  1944. Ability to read minds or the future
  1945. Sheltered storage spaces for vehicles
  1946. All that covered adam and eve's modesty
  1947. Gigantic __, tentacled sea predator
  1948. Table __ is defined by etiquette when eating
  1949. Mary poppins __, sequel to the first movie
  1950. Congestion of cars, especially during rush hour
  1951. Hires for work
  1952. A light that is solar-__ gets energy from the sun
  1953. Clay that is shaped, heated and hardened
  1954. Waterfall complex that straddles canada and the us
  1955. Yellow fruit you peel
  1956. Cuisine famous for enchiladas
  1957. As quickly as possible, speediest
  1958. Line of hair on the lower forehead
  1959. How performers in ancient times voyaged together
  1960. Small towers on the top corners of castles
  1961. Tall, yellow canary puppet on sesame street
  1962. Runs a film set
  1963. Talk to __ spells out ttys
  1964. Produces bubbles
  1965. A woman admired for her courage
  1966. Fast car singer tracy __ was a street performer
  1967. Period piece of furniture
  1968. Scorched skin on a hot day
  1969. Country where the danube river originates
  1970. Book a ticket or a seat
  1971. Sandals with cutaway ends
  1972. Male restaurant workers
  1973. Iced like a cake
  1974. Orange vegetable and a great nose for a snowman
  1975. La vie __, édith piaf biography
  1976. Yangtze, congo and mekong
  1977. Bring goods in to sell
  1978. Stone plaque
  1979. Fill with water and boil to prepare a hot drink
  1980. "this little piggy (big toe) went to __"
  1981. This is guessed to determine how heavy someone is
  1982. Those who set the speed; anagram of capers
  1983. Something not real, trickery
  1984. Hurry up
  1985. Nintendo handheld recreation device
  1986. Send an existing email to another person
  1987. Pasta threads from china
  1988. Flat __; book character who foiled museum thieves
  1989. __ day, comic relief's telethon day
  1990. Westeros families fight, play the game of __
  1991. Paint receptacles drummed on by some performers
  1992. Depressions, craters
  1993. Relating to or living in water
  1994. Live longer than
  1995. Buys stocks
  1996. Synthetic polymer
  1997. Bodies moving to music, often with specific moves
  1998. Topics in discussion
  1999. Strands found in the nostrils
  2000. Young humans
  2001. Beating eggs for meringues
  2002. Mexican band, often serenading people
  2003. Teacher
  2004. Phrase wishing success or break a leg
  2005. Worries, anxieties
  2006. Motor company and back to the future time machine
  2007. When the sea comes in
  2008. The edge of a property or cricket field
  2009. __: the golden circle, film with elton john
  2010. Active tv show with hero sportacus
  2011. Water feature
  2012. Making a low sound like a frog
  2013. Comedy that involves clumsiness and embarrassment
  2014. __: the carole king musical, 2013 jukebox musical
  2015. With a mild, pleasant climate
  2016. Alert and observant
  2017. Amuse, play with
  2018. Blocking an attack
  2019. Game where kids try to remove funny bone
  2020. Comedian voicing zebra marty in madagascar
  2021. Male children of children
  2022. Granting amnesty for wrongdoings
  2023. Away in a __, beloved children's nativity
  2024. Oyster jewels
  2025. Makes a goat noise
  2026. Plastic scale-model kits of planes
  2027. Film, jeff goldblum turns into a giant insect
  2028. Patterns of conduct, good or bad
  2029. When it involves the whole world
  2030. Open a bottle that has a stopper
  2031. Sticks that allow performers to appear much taller
  2032. Magical medicinal potion
  2033. Complete, reach the end
  2034. Hit song by the moody blues: __ in white satin
  2035. Picasso-style painting
  2036. Music genre with symphonies and concertos
  2037. Spanish football team who are "més que un club"
  2038. Die hard with a __, bruce is joined by samuel l
  2039. Take care of, mind
  2040. Describes a beach between low and high water
  2041. Failed to act quickly, took a pause first
  2042. Unmarrying
  2043. Handheld bullhorn used for being heard in a crowd
  2044. __ cards celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, etc
  2045. Progeny, children
  2046. A sailor went there to see what he could see
  2047. Removed a tooth
  2048. Goods, bought acquisitions
  2049. Breakfast foods made in an iron
  2050. Using harmful or destructive physical force
  2051. Cambridge ivy league performance spot __ square
  2052. The condition of being strong and healthy
  2053. Sound that goes with lightning on a stormy day
  2054. First letter of a name, used in a monogram
  2055. Author of cat in the hat and green eggs and ham
  2056. Catching fish with a rod
  2057. Fantasy, pixie-like creatures
  2058. Ruling penguin
  2059. Shiny bathroom items provide reflections
  2060. Close family
  2061. Star-studded walk of fame's la vicinity
  2062. Forced, induced, coerced
  2063. Sum of money subtracted
  2064. Sport central to chariots of fire
  2065. Observed, e.g. a crime being committed
  2066. One who ingests flames for an act
  2067. Instrumental sounds that aren't prerecorded
  2068. The most grumpy and moody
  2069. Famous stout publishers of a book of records
  2070. Educating employees via a course
  2071. Frozen floating water on which polar bears stand
  2072. He will come and get you if you misbehave
  2073. Outfits worn to represent characters
  2074. Fashion __; creator of clothing styles
  2075. Born this way singer, actress in a star is born
  2076. Famous italian painting of dark-haired female
  2077. Spectators of a performance
  2078. Outside part of the house
  2079. Idle tattle
  2080. Young child
  2081. Ropes of woven hair
  2082. Nordic invader
  2083. Free __ laws allow people to talk openly
  2084. Copper, silver, steel are these
  2085. Three cheers, hip hip __!
  2086. Fictional tank engine in children's books
  2087. Funny jokes and acts that make people laugh
  2088. __ wheel; ride offering great views from up high
  2089. Delete data, by adding new data in its place
  2090. Ernest __ wrote the sun also rises
  2091. Officially present someone to another
  2092. Precious items, valuable pieces of art
  2093. Breakable drinking vessels in a bar
  2094. Genre that incorporates traditions through song
  2095. Prepare and use land for growing crops
  2096. Ruling forcefully
  2097. Row of stores and restaurants on a street
  2098. Given permission to leave somewhere
  2099. The __ tree, woodland home of moon-face and silky
  2100. Mythical horned animal
  2101. Separated __?; unrelated people who look alike
  2102. Mixed together smoothly
  2103. Rectangular couch cushions used to make forts
  2104. An extra layer of clothes for keeping warm
  2105. Dreary rain
  2106. __ surgery is performed with small incisions
  2107. Old term for a stand a public speaker uses
  2108. Zagreb is the capital
  2109. Strolling, sauntering
  2110. Sausages, served in bread buns
  2111. Last meal of the day; one might sing for it
  2112. Highest, leafiest level of the rainforest
  2113. Opposite of a novice, someone with experience
  2114. Six-stringed crooner accompaniment
  2115. Non-scripted scenes by a group
  2116. What one feels before lunch
  2117. Highest __; auction winner
  2118. Talk down to someone, in a religious way
  2119. Saudi __, hot middle eastern country
  2120. Not days
  2121. Describes the world over; spherical
  2122. Lethal, fatal, terminal
  2123. Piling onto something
  2124. Strong drinks like spirits and beer
  2125. Dabbed ink to dry
  2126. Zeros
  2127. Watch without participating
  2128. People who steal from others
  2129. Tropical storm with swirling winds
  2130. Learning to play an instrument; e.g. piano __
  2131. Calm, uncomplaining
  2132. Sewing up holes in socks
  2133. Large, white and gray beach bird
  2134. Cost, sum of money spent on sundries
  2135. Venue for winter team hockey
  2136. A protective shade against rain showers
  2137. Holding, touching with hands
  2138. Chick protection before hatching
  2139. Governmental department
  2140. __ yard, workplace of sherlock holmes' lestrade
  2141. Instructions to follow when knitting garments
  2142. Heating bread to make it turn brown
  2143. Medical wrappings
  2144. Try out for a part in a show or band
  2145. Computer software used to rid unsolicited emails
  2146. Furry troublemakers, starve them after midnight
  2147. When moons block suns
  2148. Inventor benjamin __ read poetry on the streets
  2149. One who brings goods into a country illegally
  2150. Used by a fortune teller to predict the future
  2151. Biggest ursine that confronts goldilocks
  2152. A blended drink made with cow juice
  2153. Take this shield to the beach to dodge the breeze
  2154. Staring into one's optics to read them
  2155. The cost of an item is reduced by 50%
  2156. Carried on without interruption
  2157. Movie makers
  2158. Wobbly sea creatures, can give off light
  2159. Given enough time, might 'e chop this?
  2160. Never be at ease at this, so one must pay it
  2161. Drive it with mine and take it as read, by the sound of it
  2162. The way to get to this stage?
  2163. They make the ways one gets into line
  2164. Nothing in gets sent, by the sound of it, but it could be the death of you
  2165. I am the former medical officer, so sacrifice me
  2166. Belay'd? been lying?
  2167. As that's where it is as a precaution
  2168. With the south, they would not have to have a point
  2169. Of course you may rent this with ease
  2170. The cross bit will open up
  2171. That can't be 14 down so it doesn't matter
  2172. K, not k, for the sound of the daze
  2173. Tinned and imprisoned
  2174. What's out of date one gets from a grandfather clock
  2175. Be not late or the opposite
  2176. Model for that bird, patrick
  2177. Are you involved with eve for such entertainment?
  2178. At the match had a meal with a will
  2179. Press follows the south to wave for it
  2180. Nears about five blackbirds?
  2181. Inaction? really?
  2182. Going by the back way, always be musical at last
  2183. Would the saw have done this?
  2184. The end of 27 down is all the rage
  2185. Saws get father up given time
  2186. Old bits of poetry by the hundred are all wrong
  2187. Sounds as if it will get cold up on the wall
  2188. Where to make the cargo?
  2189. Sounds as if the girl below where they're watching may not get it right
  2190. After this the knight had tea - what fun!
  2191. Only a part meant to be sound for this
  2192. This keeps one in the dark outside
  2193. It's very plain for duckling
  2194. Add up to one on your side without reservation
  2195. What was needed to get all right
  2196. Beat this into the skin as well at last
  2197. Were someone to run this, you might have a smashing time
  2198. Carved up for the trades, initially
  2199. Do a firm double thousand with it
  2200. This king is going down in an evil way
  2201. Write it out a fifty times for punishment
  2202. Mother's lucky little bed
  2203. Last in weight is turned new
  2204. Beat this at the double for him
  2205. Plays too much
  2206. Maleficent actress who is a licensed pilot (2 wds.)
  2207. ___ times at ridgemont high (sean penn comedy)
  2208. Captain america: civil ___ (2016 blockbuster)
  2209. Is perhaps the ram standing to flatter one?
  2210. Hand protectors in the kitchen
  2211. Grey's anatomy actress ramirez
  2212. Drunk on a plane country singer who is a licensed pilot (2 wds.)
  2213. Legal rights organization since 1920 (abbr.)
  2214. By the sound of it, threw this out
  2215. Three-time winner of the masters tournament who is a licensed pilot (2 wds.)
  2216. Semper fidelis march composer john philip ___
  2217. Word processor menu heading
  2218. The kitchen god's wife novelist amy
  2219. The boys of summer singer henley
  2220. Protective trench around a castle
  2221. Vendor in a wedding planner's budget
  2222. ___ tale (far-fetched story)
  2223. ___ blue ribbon (beer since 1844)
  2224. Nba commissioner silver
  2225. The magic ___ house (kid-lit series by mary pope osborne)
  2226. Spectre and skyfall director mendes
  2227. N is for ___ (sue grafton novel)
  2228. Meat inspector's organization (abbr.)
  2229. Red-nosed reindeer of song
  2230. ___ it like it is (aaron neville song)
  2231. Boston nba player briefly
  2232. Derek —, director of films the tempest, caravaggio and jubilee
  2233. Spoken at some stage during play
  2234. Eat away, or r in code
  2235. Wan ted gets up the dee with ned around
  2236. Put back again into poetry?
  2237. The cuckoo has but is not
  2238. Primarily despondent spirit for one getting beaten
  2239. It's the pointer that's the limit
  2240. Possibly trained to obtain better articles in part exchange
  2241. This set needs ten more to make the litter
  2242. In a lordly way i am ordering some sour pie
  2243. Cattle pen or a defensive ring of wagons
  2244. Unoccupied area between two enemy trench systems in the first world war
  2245. One more for decade
  2246. Must be suffered or give a hand with it
  2247. His art was not straightforward
  2248. How 17 across might back its characteristics
  2249. Provider of the shade of grey?
  2250. Us secretary of state, from 2013 to 2017, who had fought the 2004 presidential election for the democrats
  2251. A group of three people working together
  2252. Sounds too weak when it's dark in the castle
  2253. One lodges there
  2254. Pale-looking pie
  2255. Hide a tale over her
  2256. Gives a speech or a rise
  2257. The gent i'd given shade to
  2258. Flower that’s besotted, on reflection
  2259. They might be telling for the family
  2260. Their art was not for now
  2261. His art was most arresting
  2262. Prank _, practical joke show for youngsters
  2263. Siamese connection, we hear
  2264. A the south, being intent, one runs off
  2265. When artists turn up there's too little fish to feed them on
  2266. By the sound of it, by with it once across the channel
  2267. Invest with e, not ee?
  2268. The french female for turning on the english male
  2269. Add led to be like this
  2270. Promote advertise
  2271. Unarmed combat sport
  2272. Rounded rectangle
  2273. Band’s helper (inf)
  2274. Room with many beds (abbr)
  2275. Compress squeeze
  2276. Pleaded about the girl, as decided beforehand
  2277. Truth or ___ dare? (popular game phrase)
  2278. ___ jima (japanese island)
  2279. American model and actress kate who made a cameo in tower heist
  2280. 2015 american sitcom starring matthew perry and thomas lennon which is about two friends who learn to overcome their differences: 3 wds.
  2281. Shrimp trapper
  2282. Dull tedious routine
  2283. The ron ___ 2006 film starring matthew perry based on a real life educator who leaves his hometown to teach in a new york city public school: 2 wds.
  2284. 2011 american sitcom starring matthew perry in which he plays the manager of an arena in san diego: 2 wds.
  2285. Bird of prey like an eagle or a hawk
  2286. Sounds as if they're sharp on hand
  2287. Operator of most public transportations in windy city: abbr.
  2288. Online blocker targets for short
  2289. Actress stone of la la land
  2290. Sunset side
  2291. Gps lines for short
  2292. The ___ flight 2017 american legal tv series featuring matthew perry which is about a financial scam that wipes out the fortunes of a lawyer played by christine baranski
  2293. Prefix with hit or store to mean huge
  2294. Refill for a rubber stamp: 2 wds.
  2295. Outdo by a little: 2 wds.
  2296. By the sound of it, they get sent around a round for hanging around
  2297. Well-suited say
  2298. Colorful parts of many birds’ heads
  2299. Yoo-___ (chocolate drink)
  2300. Tickle me muppet
  2301. Societal expectations or standards
  2302. Yours and mine say
  2303. Town in the netherlands noted for pottery, where vermeer was born and pieter de hooch lived/worked
  2304. Was fed during november for a start
  2305. Tiny bit or smidgen
  2306. You would make this laugh in the same way
  2307. All inside the loch at last
  2308. Comment on job location with a view of the opposition
  2309. Laurel and hardy film whose title comes from a great war song
  2310. Daddy for december with 11 down
  2311. Aged a hundred, green on tap
  2312. The plot involved counsel, himself and myself
  2313. Seen about six, it makes one green, they say
  2314. The saucy beast's out of bed
  2315. Could nothing exist on such lubricant?
  2316. Not, in short, fish
  2317. Can the beast be at the helm?
  2318. A few days before 20 down
  2319. Puts up with the tides that are very thick
  2320. ___ about (occurs)
  2321. Captain hook’s sidekick in peter pan
  2322. Scarlett ___ fictional character in gone with the wind
  2323. President dwight eisenhower’s wife
  2324. Trick or treat month for short
  2325. Like dream travelling around india
  2326. Used watch part
  2327. Twice as much beer with strings attached
  2328. Did shelley, perhaps, use the sidewalk?
  2329. Sounds like what you'd be doin' to 1 across
  2330. Drd, by the sound of it?
  2331. Nudes with sand that's numerous
  2332. There may be a catch in them, but there is a song in
  2333. In view of this, there's a bug about the piano
  2334. Knock this up to an equal extent
  2335. 50 = 10, perhaps
  2336. Steps to one winner in one postscript
  2337. I'm up in the box in the lab
  2338. Is she overweight? she could never be
  2339. Glow star alison
  2340. Always weds after such
  2341. Fearless like an explorer
  2342. Pele in skirts
  2343. Something you should get in writing
  2344. With 32 across does with what is heavy sounding
  2345. Tooth restorer
  2346. Understood to have got together
  2347. Planted in the ground in berried form, by the sound of it
  2348. What is the cat doing with this?
  2349. 18 down, for a limb in an old king
  2350. Once that's what it's after being at
  2351. Took the chair again, by the sound of it
  2352. Wagonnet plat et leger
  2353. The old man is up and in his clothes, so he may be spoken to
  2354. Cloud seeding compound
  2355. Garrett yrigoyen
  2356. The recipient of a confession, it would seem
  2357. There's nothing for it but flying there
  2358. 14 down aren't
  2359. French neoclassical painter
  2360. Natural viewpoint
  2361. I give a hand with the business, that's right
  2362. Is the writing so cunning one may take legal action?
  2363. Knockout for a muslim and then he made off
  2364. No longer not ted, by the sound of it
  2365. Is pa in with them? it's a hundred he is
  2366. Well, not like this it sounds, yet it's like this
  2367. Make you pay up? just that
  2368. Desire to have it, due to being given no latitude
  2369. Going on ahead one may explode
  2370. Like a criminal, see the sound of it
  2371. Trees are hairy around the ship
  2372. It's firm in metallic form
  2373. That's getting around for the angler
  2374. Fibrous plant used for rope
  2375. Adherence to principles
  2376. Eight bits of data
  2377. The sound of barks or the sound of wails from this
  2378. Craft among the rest gets things going
  2379. You won't get a happy fairy tale from him, by the sound of him
  2380. The accountant gets a number doggedly
  2381. The century gets higher with its emergencies
  2382. Such wire might have one in stitches with knitting
  2383. Nothing could sound so naughty as this
  2384. Make it to the andes by chair from france
  2385. How one hurried to the middle east
  2386. Being perhaps mostly abstaining this won't be made to get tess fat
  2387. Can one help sounding so simple?
  2388. Strap for strength to make it stronger
  2389. Orderly cattle for the north to swallow
  2390. May be first on rail
  2391. That's a blooming odd class of a thing for a drink
  2392. One used to take it back from the market by rail
  2393. A 4 down, relatively
  2394. Given so much time, pig might fly
  2395. One glass more than the fifty for the team
  2396. The ties of donegal are low-down
  2397. Tiny cat, i see
  2398. Is that said to be what holds parts of speech together?
  2399. For 11 across, by the sound of it, for the horse
  2400. It's made of sin in what it costs
  2401. Removes what is always among the saints
  2402. Draw at what may be religious
  2403. Write numbers in the form of a chain
  2404. Might a priest become such an imp?
  2405. Took a good look at those ennobled, perhaps
  2406. By the sound of it it's cold, but not like the end of 9 across
  2407. One may die if sos is made so hard
  2408. That'll have one in stitches when you see it in print at last
  2409. That's bound to increase 12 across, it seems
  2410. No advance to take you aback, by the sound of it
  2411. Lack of justice or righteousness; wickedness
  2412. Woke or turnt, eg
  2413. Round tent of mongolian nomads
  2414. Site for a developer
  2415. Reaction to a baby
  2416. Touches on something touchy
  2417. Reactions to puppy videos
  2418. Olfactory inputs
  2419. Sturdy hardwood
  2420. Expressive body part
  2421. It's frightfully wrong to cut the top off
  2422. Prizms and metros
  2423. Rational attitude
  2424. On a dream vacation, maybe
  2425. Now, that's the end of the city
  2426. Word in some shoppe names
  2427. Animal in a creek
  2428. Word before sandwich or soda
  2429. Courses without letter grades
  2430. Those are they that form a healthy organisation
  2431. Hey, hand it over!
  2432. Narcissists boast
  2433. Late 1990s must-have toy
  2434. Something to keep about you
  2435. Klee or klimt
  2436. What a belt holds up
  2437. Estimation words
  2438. Way past the appropriate time
  2439. Where to listen to terry gross
  2440. Animal in old qantas ads
  2441. Animal in an insomniacs count
  2442. Style for diana ross
  2443. Choice in a coin flip
  2444. Trendy boots
  2445. Attach (onto)
  2446. Babys second word, maybe
  2447. Pessimists optimally
  2448. Animal that grazes
  2449. Major jewelry retailer
  2450. Armed guard, maybe
  2451. Appeared in the newspaper
  2452. Frank discussion, perhaps
  2453. Trees that yield durable wood
  2454. Accept as a loss, informally
  2455. It might make you smart
  2456. Clear weeds, say
  2457. Penne, say
  2458. Fundamental question
  2459. Old rocket stage
  2460. Friendly fille
  2461. Make of sports car
  2462. Rent from what's not one's 21 across
  2463. In merchant fleet or in pack
  2464. A bit thick, o dad, to start 17 across this way
  2465. Where one may gobble it at xmas
  2466. Pray to do this round about always
  2467. Money one might pop into one's mouth
  2468. Rufus wainwright's second album, featuring a cover version of his father loudon wainwright iii's song one man guy
  2469. Sounds as if one may estimate one is staying
  2470. Information about something, used in computing to decide what a program will do
  2471. They've got there through the hatchway
  2472. Nothing, so be on the blowers
  2473. After working, you're all black … and another colour
  2474. Different fifty in my parental surroundings
  2475. Sir, to make trouble is what they're for
  2476. What's so difficult about a horse like rosinante?
  2477. Tombolo-like strip of land
  2478. I may be found in church, pure and simple
  2479. Situated in the gulf of gabes off the coast of tunisia, the largest island of north africa, where some of the star wars scenes were filmed in ajim
  2480. Appalling as many a shakespeare drama
  2481. This deserves to go on ahead over the poles
  2482. Making more of release
  2483. Call them both when all you have is one like 1 across
  2484. Airport near the loop
  2485. Is there rhyme here at last? faith, there's none
  2486. Butter and lard
  2487. Starbucks order with faux milk
  2488. Stirs to anger
  2489. Trolley guides
  2490. Mideastern sandwich bread
  2491. Sign on a greasy spoon
  2492. Marries in secret
  2493. Game with an angry aspect
  2494. Colourful leaf insect?
  2495. It's dried up so leave it
  2496. One would dry up in 'er company
  2497. Ritzy country house
  2498. Sketchers' tablets
  2499. Some nest eggs briefly
  2500. Hilton offering
  2501. Frost or nash
  2502. Caesar defeated them in 52 b.c.
  2503. Battlefield fragments
  2504. Occasion to rent a tux
  2505. Absolute gin, as you might be saying
  2506. Like new in ads
  2507. Dasani competitor
  2508. Hybrid auto since 1997
  2509. Per item informally
  2510. Some brewery offerings
  2511. Twenty-first amendment et al.
  2512. Whatsapp chuckle
  2513. Reddit troublemaker
  2514. Colosseum outfits
  2515. Vulcan telepathic link
  2516. Items on a belt
  2517. Washer capacity
  2518. E-smoker's device
  2519. It takes about a hundred and fifty to employ 25 down
  2520. Fifty-one, indeed, is so brought together
  2521. Write 999 in the form of a chain
  2522. Very bad, dreadful
  2523. Perhaps i sound like one on the boil
  2524. There's very little hair there, by the sound of them
  2525. Go out for the pitch of this, starting in england
  2526. By the sound of it, the girl is grabbed in error
  2527. So ted is after getting wan
  2528. It's seen round about here to be quite calm
  2529. Animal thus inside receptacle
  2530. Prepare a parent for war at 27 across
  2531. Seems mousy, but a terrible wife
  2532. Where it's always blowing, south of the americas
  2533. Nat would get you to this range, of course
  2534. Or leaves, or leaves?
  2535. He¿ll show you the way to overturn the cart to start with
  2536. 1985 volume of short stories by stephen king
  2537. This popular trick makes one sound cold
  2538. This class of a person has a pain at last
  2539. Like the job of a priest maybe sorting out vatican loo
  2540. No negative aspect to holidaying abroad with this gentleman
  2541. Blow this either way from 26 down
  2542. To go up and down for your food following the night up, by the sound of it
  2543. Be before it be the sound of it
  2544. Make a spurt, sir, and put your feet in it for them
  2545. Tt and tt are, perhaps, so wearing
  2546. In this meant to be for camp
  2547. She is a bit of a pest to start 11 across
  2548. Does be around if is hard
  2549. There's something about drink has one fired with it
  2550. Constellation with the body of a horse
  2551. Brazilian soccer player silva
  2552. Burglars get caught in this
  2553. Amazed just amazed
  2554. Hedgehog of video games
  2555. A candle has to be as bad as this
  2556. Rob in this front
  2557. We shall shortly be for the present in cayenne to be like 8 down
  2558. With pussy, a sound, hearty beat for a weapon
  2559. The witches have a hundred places for 17 across
  2560. It follows the sound of the quartet at that point
  2561. The editor turned up and passed on
  2562. Decay that's going around consumed this
  2563. Up there takes off a skin, unconsciously
  2564. O, like it is - green
  2565. One wants one's catalogue of notions to be perfect
  2566. English civil war 1642
  2567. A horse in a 14 down setting for ascot?
  2568. Being so supple, set fire to him ungrammatically
  2569. For a man outside 1 across
  2570. Let there be comfort at last
  2571. Don't go for a brace of such
  2572. It's inclined to fire one, by the sound of it, through the channel
  2573. With no on the end, that's for the pm
  2574. So a king is altogether getting to be like this
  2575. Frees the sound of this
  2576. Are, perhaps, formerly worshipped
  2577. Make a fuss about the bits of gin on your broken leg
  2578. Currently, i am a father in france
  2579. One sounds an ingrate - metal, too
  2580. Saw to your older sound
  2581. It's rough, but sounds even more so
  2582. Outstanding angels follow forte
  2583. All the same they're not the sort that he's in
  2584. Mister, i blooming well turn back
  2585. No, not easily
  2586. No pro could get a hundred after this and caper
  2587. You'll find the girl upon long legs flying
  2588. Nothing in the rank of such holy writ
  2589. Not short a leave nor a recent one
  2590. Either way that'll pick you up
  2591. Smith does not bear it in mind to get to tea
  2592. A more flexible carrier
  2593. Perhaps a sea son with no quarts to watch?
  2594. The artist would have no trouble in working with this and fifty more
  2595. Just think, one is on edge inside this
  2596. The da gets back to the outhouse out of the sun
  2597. They're all there for a rest
  2598. Letters must have what is underfoot
  2599. My mister gets his back up when i put on this for fighting
  2600. It's only skin deep, so beat it
  2601. Sounds as if one will always want to get a loan
  2602. Lots of time for achill?
  2603. Scotsword might be even earthier
  2604. That could be no burn that's not come yet
  2605. Hope to get one over the church
  2606. Query the start of 22 down
  2607. The fool has no rite to make such a claim
  2608. Drawing the boat in here
  2609. Take note of the half of them
  2610. Stands around in 20 across, perhaps
  2611. Not for the week, by the sound of it
  2612. Making a fuss at moving the boat
  2613. One has sea about us from 28 across
  2614. One turns up and down
  2615. Have a swipe at an advertising saying
  2616. Before mine take it as read, by the sound of it
  2617. One's classical, in a manner of speaking
  2618. Byrne finishes there, by the sound of it
  2619. Because it's in rein, one doesn't really mean it
  2620. Edge along the edge about fifty
  2621. Lo, it's back in this bloom to be at your back
  2622. In it there is one supporter at first
  2623. It's going to land on fire
  2624. Get a tug back for the cop
  2625. Does it sail as if by magic?
  2626. Get on in the times for the fruit one gives
  2627. What the mercenary makes war for
  2628. To get me back at last is to change for the better
  2629. Nothing in the yellow chorus
  2630. Learned like this all the same
  2631. The king of france along with the rest, will be merrymaking
  2632. Ellington-strayhorn hit to which johnny mercer later added lyrics
  2633. To get around i'm going to back out of this
  2634. Although it may deter, there's fat on it
  2635. Viagra competitor
  2636. Air jordan company
  2637. Social networking service … or an apt portmanteau for the starts of 17- 27- and 45-across
  2638. By the sound of it, pitched it in at the window, perhaps
  2639. Clock change hr. (though most do it sooner)
  2640. Not one man short, inversely
  2641. Are we there yet? reply
  2642. Seen it's all so calm round about here
  2643. That's the very last thing to do with it
  2644. Being fat and round, edward won't change
  2645. The north is where the insect is on the border
  2646. A priest would seem to get sound with it
  2647. Such constitutions make a silly st.
  2648. The north was sick of being hammered
  2649. How to make a go of it if you get the wind up
  2650. To start to get around he has to
  2651. The sound of two dozen single sheets singing
  2652. Near to having shut the ones over the fours
  2653. The labour needed to get a vat by rail
  2654. Where there might be a purchaser for the beast, by the sound of it
  2655. Heat it and eat it for no christian
  2656. For a long time ronald has been in fashionable surroundings
  2657. How to sit in the lid so as to get the spirit of it
  2658. What a seaman might have to cut one of 28 down
  2659. I stress they're relations
  2660. One in them on the face of it makes them sound
  2661. Are with one in an awfully treble setting
  2662. With short legs it can't catch one with long wings at last
  2663. Little ones of the hills. term it with ease
  2664. Sounds as if they man holiday shipping
  2665. Cape-waving combatant
  2666. Judges at a scottish food contest? (hint: the last letter was originally letter 5)
  2667. Sticks with flat blades
  2668. Retiring hairstylist's final job? (… letter 1)
  2669. Adequate coat? (… letter 2)
  2670. ___ packing (dismiss)
  2671. In age it's above par by the sound of it
  2672. Certain to give us up what makes 15 across
  2673. Kind of code on an envelope
  2674. Patriotic march composer
  2675. Preliminary software version
  2676. No longer too young
  2677. Unload a slippery fish from a truck? (… letter 7)
  2678. Major egyptian water source
  2679. De armas of the informer
  2680. Lawn machine used on 16- 22- 38- and 49-across
  2681. Remove roughness from
  2682. Fast car singer chapman
  2683. Group that made the wild west less wild
  2684. 192 of them make a qt.
  2685. Tick's relative
  2686. Worked on a driveway
  2687. Nato alphabet word after juliett
  2688. Wow-inducing in old theater slang
  2689. Sewed by a surgeon
  2690. Pituitary or thyroid organ
  2691. Despairing poker declaration
  2692. You'd get lame and die if posted this way
  2693. Queen ___ (halo singer to fans)
  2694. Many soho dwellings
  2695. Online merchandising
  2696. Bits up and pad around for torture
  2697. From this one learns it's not so much upon x
  2698. By the sound of it, wait a lot for him to get it up
  2699. It takes exertion because it's in a newt
  2700. Too yielding for a 10 across in this joint
  2701. Spout adages
  2702. Piccata morsel
  2703. Not much of the mark of the wound on top
  2704. If it's back to night, by the sound of it, it will come to an end
  2705. Seems she can't be this
  2706. Either way, it might be for her to keep quiet
  2707. This might for the present be injurious on the border
  2708. Bill may become this
  2709. To get sound, edward deserved this
  2710. The round, flat, mixed pile one is following
  2711. Sounds as if it's relatively in france
  2712. Sounds as if it may be viewed at play
  2713. Agitation over the scribble? such nonsense!
  2714. One who can't be criticized
  2715. One might have divined this sounds like a visitor
  2716. They need a driver of course
  2717. Capri's blue grotto and the like
  2718. Tangy baked potato topping
  2719. Apple mogul steve
  2720. It sounds like the occurrence of such happenings
  2721. Can one stand being so beastly big?
  2722. Then it's in the sinew of public interest
  2723. The way father comes back without delay by 16 down
  2724. They have pride in their families
  2725. I'm placed next to a boy yet cut off
  2726. That's after being lent
  2727. Amounted, by the sound of it, to what could be so dire
  2728. Well now, that's well-preserved
  2729. Domestic assistance
  2730. Your attitude to work? against it
  2731. Not letters received by those on watch
  2732. Where the dotty might find safety
  2733. Had the old ship got one for the cook?
  2734. So worn, one is quite out of breath
  2735. Leo 1x seems beastly regal
  2736. The paperwork is for him
  2737. Santa baby singer who was the voice of villainous yzma in disney's the emperor's new groove: 2 wds.
  2738. Is it the overcoat that's there that's too old?
  2739. F-e-ggg, perhaps, by the sound of them in a monumental way
  2740. Above this point one may listen in to the sound of what's said
  2741. All this on how it hangs on
  2742. They're foolish enough for eleven dots
  2743. Symbolically i eat after ten in my element
  2744. Doesn't pay to be so helpful
  2745. The nut hurried so's you couldn't find him
  2746. They're not mean like 6 down
  2747. How touching to experience this!
  2748. The very one: pixilated, so it is
  2749. No sound from a god of the north
  2750. It's just lying there
  2751. Get fed up, get fed more and get beat by it all
  2752. Hibiscus or hollyhock
  2753. What a murder suspect needs
  2754. Bout locale
  2755. Go for with gusto
  2756. Drug tester's control substance
  2757. Eat a lot
  2758. Cub reporter for the daily planet
  2759. Wrap for rocky
  2760. Americans in paris e.g.
  2761. Accesses to a basement
  2762. Company id
  2763. America's cup competition
  2764. Binary star
  2765. Updated an atlas
  2766. Social security id, for one
  2767. Slow-moving gastropod
  2768. Lake into which ohio's cuyahoga river empties
  2769. Online business review site
  2770. Chute fabric
  2771. Part one of canada's motto in english
  2772. Stand-up routines, typically
  2773. Clio and calliope
  2774. City which hosts the annual us masters golf tournament, in eastern georgia
  2775. Conclusion of canada's motto, in english
  2776. Everything ... or what might cover an everything 62-across?
  2777. I snarled at one surrounded by water
  2778. ___ deluxe (old mcdonald's sandwich)
  2779. Prefix for scope or vision
  2780. Cabbage-and-mayonnaise side dish
  2781. Bada-bing bada-___
  2782. Singer/actress minnelli who's the daughter of judy garland
  2783. Travelling troubadour of old
  2784. Sleeping noise
  2785. Comedian lange of madtv and crashing
  2786. Large unruly crowd
  2787. Doorbell-ringing makeup company
  2788. ___ miss rebels (sec team)
  2789. What the a stands for in former message service aim
  2790. The trip to bountiful actress who was the voice of villainous madame medusa in disney's the rescuers: 2 wds.
  2791. The world ___ (end of baseball's postseason)
  2792. Have a casual conversation
  2793. Once upon a time in america actor who was the voice of villainous hades in disney's hercules: 2 wds.
  2794. Hard-shelled fruit like a squash or pumpkin
  2795. Letters on the back of some official jackets at airports
  2796. Reply near the end of a marriage ceremony: 2 wds.
  2797. Music genre featured in hamilton
  2798. Tennis shot that takes a while to hit the court
  2799. 1950s singer ___ domino
  2800. Member of the x-men for example
  2801. Tightly clenched hand
  2802. San diego ___ (attraction with over 3 500 animals)
  2803. Actor zachary of the thor movies
  2804. ___ to sleep (retired for the night)
  2805. Asian country where kim kardashian's ancestors are from
  2806. There's a lot at ___ (this is risky)
  2807. ___ potter and the deathly hallows
  2808. Tropical cyclone affecting asia
  2809. Fur trimming on royal robes
  2810. The greek 'khalix' (pebble) for the english 'calculus,' e.g
  2811. Droops down
  2812. It gets pumped into tires
  2813. Macy gray's biggest hit: 2 wds.
  2814. Monster in some fairy tales
  2815. How a newspaper article will often refer to something that's been claimed but not proven
  2816. Eternally youthful-seeming
  2817. Tattoo-covered demigod in the movie moana
  2818. A great place for rice
  2819. Twelve ___ ("gone with the wind" plantation)
  2820. They could be covered with quilts or comforters
  2821. Line of stitches made by a tailor
  2822. Tune at the metropolitan opera house
  2823. Luxury carmaker from germany
  2824. Sierra ___ (lemon-lime soft drink)
  2825. Chest of ___ (piece of furniture)
  2826. Do an "america's most wanted" dramatization, e.g
  2827. Actor stidham of scorpion
  2828. Kid who might watch sesame street
  2829. Emblem of authenticity
  2830. Neckwear pin
  2831. States of matter such as oxygen or ozone at normal temperatures on earth
  2832. Got ready for a tongue depressor, say
  2833. Results of bumps to a bumper
  2834. Actor in 1960s tv's '77 sunset strip'
  2835. Carries, drags
  2836. Chef's reference
  2837. It makes it safe for this to be a turner
  2838. Examine page concealed by trendy religious group
  2839. Look for what would be a job after tea
  2840. Heche or murray
  2841. Pedro's pals
  2842. Daniel o'connell is often referred to as one
  2843. Other ranks mature inconclusively by lake zoo
  2844. Rock in a seam
  2845. Idle baker?
  2846. Indeed one may say it at the top of one's voice
  2847. Smelling awful
  2848. Jeff bridges movie with the same name as a david bowie single
  2849. Putting away again or giving it back
  2850. Freed or cranston
  2851. There was a trial at getting enticed
  2852. Memorable alps crosser
  2853. Cassette-recorder button
  2854. Improves editorially
  2855. Big name in muffler replacement
  2856. Skyline-blurring phenomenon
  2857. Lurks
  2858. *skip-over-ads button
  2859. Low-power coffee
  2860. Priestess of the temple of apollo, also known as the oracle of delphi
  2861. Fastidious roommate felix
  2862. Cullen _, a scottish soup made with smoked haddock potatoes and onions
  2863. Force, oblige to do something
  2864. Arrows of time?
  2865. Guatamala native
  2866. The saint was sick and made it longer
  2867. The girl goes back and forth for a holiday and a high time of it there
  2868. Treat introduced in 1912
  2869. Midnight tryst?
  2870. What you're reading now
  2871. Runoff collector
  2872. Like a fireplace grate
  2873. Lacking the qualities or features of living beings
  2874. Age (sp.)
  2875. Shrub forming part of an english hedgerow, also called a may tree
  2876. Overachievers, and a hint to a word that can precede both words of the starred answers
  2877. Overrun, as bugs
  2878. Movement made by an organism in response to light
  2879. ___ boy (spoiled lad)
  2880. ___ davenport, long-running 'doonesbury' character
  2881. One begins parallel parking in it
  2882. Span of the past
  2883. First u.s. state to abolish slavery
  2884. Circus brothers
  2885. Conflict waged between navies
  2886. Herbs in the parsley family
  2887. They may be refried
  2888. Barry manilow's 'could ___ magic'
  2889. Person assisting a worship service
  2890. Corporate dept. that may include labs
  2891. With 49-across, 1965 beach boys hit
  2892. One of folk's guthries
  2893. Bad-mouthing someone
  2894. Tree whose nut is called a conker
  2895. Go to france, perhaps, with a letter from maurice
  2896. ''that won't be lost for long''
  2897. Frilly trimming
  2898. Slap-happy one of comedy
  2899. X + 1 on the side
  2900. Wine and dine lavishly
  2901. No matter the weather
  2902. Casualties of the iranian revolution
  2903. Noted gp. of entertainment and sports talent reps
  2904. They're born on board, by the sound of them
  2905. Relay race closer
  2906. Iraq war general david
  2907. Not a stand, in a manner of speaking, we are, in short
  2908. The greek gratitude comes by letter
  2909. Member of baseball's 700 club
  2910. Gourmet rice