1. Pal of piglet and eeyore
  2. Secure with rope as a rock climber
  3. Reproductive health specialist informally
  4. It means the world to me
  5. Planet demoted to dwarf status in 2006
  6. Cause of a jolt while driving
  7. Exchange with, in sports
  8. Changing environment
  9. Sent abroad
  10. Source of biblical medicine
  11. Inadvertently test an audience's tolerance levels
  12. What suspects may be charged with
  13. What blue may mean, briefly
  14. High-arcing toss first attributed to rip sewell
  15. "… like you wouldn't believe!"
  16. Former bolivian president morales
  17. Horn home
  18. Ones moving to the right
  19. Elaborate story, perhaps
  20. Amount often tied to income
  21. Enjoying prime time
  22. These, in cádiz
  23. Mtv's "__ wolf"
  24. Monk's condition, on the tv show
  25. Friendly-sounding old commodore computer
  26. Christian in films
  27. It may be hidden
  28. Iconic new yorker cartoonist charles
  29. Linked by custom with
  30. Squared stones
  31. Divine type of rule
  32. Dictionary detail
  33. Country whose official language is dutch
  34. Song whose second line is "and i will pledge with mine"
  35. One way to go
  36. Dig with a snout
  37. Flamingo, for one
  38. Three-time emmy-winning choreographer debbie
  39. Not making any baskets, say
  40. When repeated, sound of impatience
  41. Unintentionally discover
  42. Lady of song
  43. What workouts burn
  44. Leaning tower of pisa feature
  45. As yet unscheduled: abbr.
  46. Moderate paces
  47. Track sport to brits (… 8 to 3)
  48. Eggy breakfasts containing ham and peppers (… 11 to 7)
  49. Keys in the ocean
  50. Dessert topped with fruit and a theme hint
  51. Suffering severe remorse (see letters 8 to 5 in this answer)
  52. Lack of conflict
  53. ____ ____ a test
  54. Lawsuit or trial
  55. Lasagna, cannoli, etc.
  56. Use the language of rome
  57. A football player who lines up behind the center and directs the offense of the team (noun)
  58. A musical composition of four voices or instruments; organized group or set of four (noun)
  59. Occurring, coming or issued at the end of each three-month interval (adjective)
  60. Strict isolation or detention imposed to prevent the spread of a suspected contagious disease (noun)
  61. Three words starting and ending with c
  62. Four units of length
  63. Four european countries
  64. Five parts of the eye
  65. No longer in port
  66. Turner of music
  67. Macbeth for one
  68. Out for the night
  69. Russian revolutionaries
  70. Russian fighter, traitor in central greece, to settle abroad
  71. Ruse that helps player secure contract
  72. Runs a decrepit hotel, home to vermin
  73. Runner showing increased complacency circling lake
  74. Runner seen in lusk island
  75. Run, when in better shape, at first without a stitch
  76. Run out with disgusted expression over players getting plastered
  77. Run im scared opening of surströmming will produce unpleasant smells
  78. Rug with top class exterior is an expensive fiddle
  79. Rubbish dances by strictly star
  80. Rozzer has run inside crime writer almost catching us in college
  81. Royal starts to moan about libel after article produced by heat
  82. Royal engineers gathering in memory
  83. Royal adviser on radio raised stakes
  84. Royal leper under pressure hes not himself
  85. Roys header really annoys 3
  86. Row over dodgy mates wife being idler
  87. Row involving tail of big animal
  88. Row in world of roman church
  89. Routinely tell old fart about novel
  90. Round of bloomers in sport certain to be eliminated
  91. Roughly beat silver leaves in this
  92. Rough treatment in battles over wood
  93. Rough metal edge
  94. Rough characters appear when atletico and arsenal meet
  95. Rotation is good after shock at home
  96. Rotate continuously
  97. Rope binding one officer that’s convicted
  98. Room for keeping a type of food
  99. Rook mouldy thing with loathsome wings
  100. Romeos time for passion
  101. Romeo in fix around college and university
  102. Romantic piece hit performance listened out for
  103. Rolling upland
  104. Role in henry v sounds like something anyone could play
  105. Rogue, rascal
  106. Rod used in making thread
  107. Rocker taking lead in chicago, the musical
  108. Rock legends first principle
  109. Road avoiding a town
  110. Riverside resident in provincial group
  111. River discovered by rex, camping
  112. Rip old females depart quickly
  113. Ring up, getting venue for swimming
  114. Ring pub, finding traffic obstruction
  115. Right to swap tops before tramp visits lord his job is on the line
  116. Riders foot supports
  117. Ride in this buggy cut off
  118. Rich pet at sea in vessel
  119. Rich businessman
  120. Rice dish is too much in centre of st tropez
  121. Rewrite ruling on former respiratory aid
  122. Revolutionary piano melodies bearing fruit
  123. Revolutionary attack knocking out one african town
  124. Revile harmful gas american imported
  125. Reverse stylish vehicles
  126. Reversal of a previous decision
  127. Revealed unofficially
  128. Reveal more attractive clothes come from here
  129. Returned plans for tinned meat
  130. Return of a spacecraft to the atmosphere
  131. Retiring bengali vicars well mannered
  132. Result of using tight controls on middle eastern leaders
  133. Result of eating too much beef
  134. Result of clot and me limbo dancing round south
  135. Restriction coming over time it is an eye problem
  136. Restless in berlin, i start to yawn, nursing temperature
  137. Restaurants row about turnover
  138. Restaurant offers excellent crumble, sweet course served retro style
  139. Response requiring i send in army unit
  140. Resort to cornmeal crackers
  141. Resonant scheme supported by man
  142. Resignation is more certain to involve split
  143. Resign, being unhappy at blue eyed boy&rsquo s return
  144. Reserve power needed for small cooler
  145. Request team playing hands to one side
  146. Reportedly is familiar with disreputable bar &mdash it will get you down fast
  147. Report of engine trouble &mdash sponsor getting sack
  148. Replacement chopper unwisely turned east
  149. Repeatedly say nothing about heartless executive how exasperating
  150. Repaired tent i now entered
  151. Rent dockland garage in secret
  152. Rendered drunk
  153. Removed from supporting straps
  154. Remove coarser elements from puzzle
  155. Remind people of lecherous fellow getting ahead
  156. Remains while chap has series of tests
  157. Remaining ill, ignoring a new headache
  158. Remain still in the air
  159. Religious teacher from chartres regularly ignored jesus not right
  160. Relevance of reporters exposé
  161. Relative value not nice, odd bits thrown away
  162. Relative is haggard not good
  163. Relation flying from the east
  164. Relating to the centre of reorganised state
  165. Relating to the centre
  166. Relating to deposits by rivers or floods
  167. Reject striking actors
  168. Reject disdainfully
  169. Regularly mined boron rocks that create pigment
  170. Regularly lobby meeting with passion
  171. Regularly downplays exclusive
  172. Regular place to study protocol
  173. Regular departures from kennedy terminal
  174. Regroup behind mountains
  175. Regrets accepting liberal regulations
  176. Regressing predictably involves this drink
  177. Regime change in places with extremes of temperature
  178. Refuse to twist neck
  179. Refuse to allow tailless domesticated fowl
  180. Refusal to get up &mdash those folk stop getting better
  181. Refreshing and herbal
  182. Reference book gets bought, finally finally
  183. Refer to eccentric golfer&rsquo s top an impressive jumper
  184. Reduce pressure and scrub round
  185. Redeeming quality in old batsman after keepers job
  186. Rector charging hundred for rent
  187. Rectangle with unequal adjacent sides
  188. Recording that male setters given 6d 10 things
  189. Record having passed not according to this
  190. Record first half of find
  191. Record about holding vote for a leaver
  192. Reckon year with investment of gold is a good one
  193. Reciprocal of zero
  194. Recipe author dodging every second problem
  195. Recalling car thats broken on trail
  196. Really enthusiastic, great female singer turned up
  197. Ready for employment
  198. Reads grid, wrongly showing neglect
  199. Readmit city, oddly absent in decree
  200. Read out, say, writing thats depressingly dull in literary terms
  201. Reaction, by the sound of it, when apartment evacuated and i go away
  202. Reach that is very limited by pain
  203. Ration ones expressions of appreciation when abroad thats barbarous
  204. Rasping
  205. Rash move to open up someone local shot by an amateur
  206. Rash having primitive song about twitch
  207. Rarely messed up by experts in team events
  208. Rancher&rsquo s rope
  209. Rake around good non standard plant
  210. Rail in bar set to break
  211. Raids sit uneasily for those like ann frank
  212. Radioactive dust from a nuclear explosion
  213. Radiation damage in red wines
  214. Racing driver somewhere in scotland facing simple plant
  215. Rabbit exactly