1. B and bs first b
  2. Flinch or gasp, say
  3. Go-to crew
  4. Chris of the avengers (2012)
  5. Sheet for plotting
  6. Barbecued pork snack
  7. Mr lube service jobs
  8. Recurring motif
  9. Eagle or evil organ
  10. Dug in, at dinner
  11. Sushi soybean side dish
  12. Replicate genetically
  13. Presidential rejections
  14. Hooded winter coat
  15. Tidal wave cousin
  16. Roman and comic sans
  17. Took an oath in court
  18. Basic credo
  19. Red planet beyond earth
  20. Expressway entrances
  21. Green veggie pieces in blts
  22. Tiny spot of land in the ocean
  23. My turn to treat you all
  24. Turns paper to confetti
  25. Old hollywood sex symbol west
  26. Insect that builds a paper nest
  27. Takes a breather
  28. Fig. of total economic output
  29. Mayberry boy of 1960s tv
  30. Logs for a fire
  31. Riddled (with)
  32. Lamented princess of wales
  33. Sin often associated with green
  34. Major-league team from the motor city
  35. Start of a tennis rally
  36. Prefix often associated with green
  37. Ballot for candidates of more than one party
  38. One that gives a hoot?
  39. Container at a beer bash
  40. Number of minutes on hold before getting a customer representative
  41. Comes out ahead in either case … as exemplified by 19- 29- 36- and 44-across?
  42. Sources of much spam
  43. Helper in conning
  44. At no cost
  45. Stage before metamorphosis
  46. Gambling mecca north of carson city
  47. Gave a meal to
  48. Kitchen gizmo for flour
  49. Best of the best
  50. Part of a window blind
  51. Item with cross hairs
  52. Home of carson city: abbr.
  53. Physicist enrico after whom element #100 is named
  54. Porkers quarters
  55. Italian for seven
  56. How a person might feel after being passed over for a promotion
  57. A narcissist has a big one
  58. Lump of chewing gum
  59. What good movie trailers do
  60. Gridiron scores for short
  61. Sent to another team
  62. Jeans brand popular in the 1980s
  63. Do as a crossword
  64. Something in the hand thats worth two in the bush
  65. Very close pal informally
  66. Something an informant might wear
  67. Like dive bars
  68. Place for a scrub
  69. Gave in
  70. E's musical equivalent
  71. Large elephant teeth
  72. Nebraska city near boys town
  73. Trail on a slope
  74. Igneous rock once
  75. Tightened as a knot
  76. It looks like a p but sounds like an r
  77. Not a __ out of you!
  78. Not restrain as a rant
  79. Thurman of the avengers (1998)
  80. Game with x's and o's
  81. Nurse as a drink
  82. Star that's also a source of radio waves
  83. Computer giant whose motto is think
  84. Go-to crew
  85. Chris of the avengers (2012)
  86. *sheet for plotting
  87. Platform for siri
  88. If you ask me to a texter
  89. Rid of vermin
  90. *sample set of buyers used in market research
  91. Part of usna
  92. Streamlines as a factory … or when read as two words what the beginnings of the answers to starred clues are
  93. Learns (of)
  94. Performers often trapped in imaginary boxes
  95. Dug in at dinner
  96. Increase the intensity of
  97. The frog and the fox fabulist
  98. Leaves in hot water?
  99. Sis' sib possibly
  100. Matted bits of hair
  101. Hairstyle for esperanza spalding
  102. House made of snow
  103. Green-and-brown attire for short
  104. Spanish lollipop brand
  105. Egg providers
  106. They often fly in a v formation
  107. Doesn't flunk
  108. Girl genius protagonist
  109. Word on a candy heart
  110. They may be eliminated with a subscription
  111. Exclamation from a prankster
  112. Affirmative response to you are?
  113. They meet for comfort and advice
  114. Clips often shown in slow motion
  115. Like a dark room perhaps
  116. Sea mammals that float on their backs
  117. Word after beach or dad
  118. Singer who keeps her face covered while performing
  119. Harmful bit of light
  120. It may be trimmed or painted
  121. Genre for roma or moonlight
  122. Target of an annual vaccine
  123. T-shirts and blouses e.g.
  124. Hand-washing stuff
  125. Sound that warrants a blessing
  126. Bank room
  127. Grocery store nibbles
  128. Got the 5-down off
  129. Do some overthinking
  130. Slushie flavor
  131. Word yelled before you're it!
  132. They may be inflated or fragile
  133. Sound from a contented cat
  134. With joy
  135. Big name in skin care
  136. Toy that involves pulling twisting and spinning
  137. Title for nanak
  138. Stat at a racetrack
  139. Short time to wait in brief
  140. Only bird with calf muscles
  141. Genre for eve
  142. Volunteers beginning of bungalow bill
  143. Voluntary work supported by revolutionary latino
  144. Volume was illuminating, with accompanying note
  145. Voice disagreement after brief collapse
  146. Vitality in a vessel at sea
  147. Vital energy associated with girl band for instance
  148. Visit work briefly
  149. Visionary site laid out
  150. Visionary feature made yard remarkable
  151. Virtual people carrying costly weapons
  152. Violinist&rsquo s last seen on composer&rsquo s journeys
  153. Violent prick going quiet to loud
  154. Violent end met by destitute retreating soldiers
  155. Violent coup
  156. Vikings used this pine club with a hole in it
  157. Victor in trouble, cut deeply
  158. Vicious for one english bank
  159. Veteran sent up guns in un­opened case
  160. Vessel dropping off a us magazine in midday break
  161. Vessel crossing river brings chicken
  162. Vessel a swine almost capsized, circling river
  163. Very, very indifferent
  164. Very thin ale sent for replacement
  165. Very tasty piece raised spirit
  166. Very plump bottom goes on this?
  167. Very hot fuel filling container? good
  168. Very excited in the past by golf
  169. Very brief dance around yard
  170. Version of tin soldier that features steves peak moment
  171. Verdi aria from noble amelia mad about carlos, perhaps
  172. Verbal expression in womans series of lectures?
  173. Vehicle lifted pieces for workers on track
  174. Vehicle collecting editor on way back or one used in transaction?
  175. Vehicle a motoring organisation brought from east
  176. Various things trimmed slender ornate hatstand
  177. Various opinions on government killing?
  178. Variable sized hole in a camera
  179. Valuing unexpected gift, he stops making money from scrap?
  180. Value of sacred book for fussy functionary
  181. Value measured in english university
  182. Vale in provence long swathed in gold
  183. Vacuum maker finds first rate bottom cradling head of puck
  184. Vacuously bizarre dance music, jazz style
  185. V shaped hairline point on the forehead
  186. <span>whats more </span>
  187. <span>lobs path</span>
  188. <span>spelling expert?</span>
  189. <span>couple</span>
  190. <span>writers blocks?</span>
  191. <span>rosary component</span>
  192. <span>multiplied</span>
  193. <span>strays</span>
  194. <span>range opening</span>
  195. <span>german grandma</span>
  196. <span>before daybreak</span>
  197. <span>facile</span>
  198. <span>come after</span>
  199. <span>chapel vow</span>
  200. <span>bog</span>
  201. <span>pull in</span>
  202. <span>vocal quality</span>
  203. <span>the same: lat</span>
  204. <span>bow wood source</span>
  205. <span>journalist</span>
  206. <span>horn-honker</span>
  207. <span>mawkish</span>
  208. <span>crown</span>
  209. <span>dont have</span>
  210. <span>rx writers</span>
  211. <span>prayer leader</span>
  212. <span>v formations?</span>
  213. <span>homecoming king?</span>
  214. <span>___ tizzy</span>
  215. <span>break down</span>
  216. <span>ballet bends</span>
  217. <span>no-nonsense</span>
  218. Virgo, for one
  219. Lofty aspiration
  220. Genre of alien and arrival
  221. Steakhouse patrons
  222. Birth certificate line
  223. Geeky side
  224. Its not long-distance
  225. Dachshunds floppers
  226. Succeed at the comedy club
  227. Mint that makes felines frisky
  228. Org with interest in interest
  229. Spooky spot
  230. Mentalists purported power
  231. Doing some canoodling
  232. Lively brazilian dances