1. Be in the hole financially
  2. Animal whose old antlers are sold as dog chews
  3. Electronic novels
  4. Asked for popular opinion by vote
  5. Lumpy son, unfortunate, requiring injection of energy
  6. Lover boy barred from beerhouse on a regular basis
  7. Love wicked character written by aristophanes
  8. Love trendy coats oscars wearing
  9. Love seat
  10. Loud stag gathering upset the horse racing world
  11. Lost ones question
  12. Losing pawn in this game would be fortunate
  13. Lord installs square safe
  14. Looked online for work – looked long and hard
  15. Looked good impaled
  16. Long to decorate not i
  17. Long story interrupted by hysterics in the middle
  18. Long right jabs this close to heavyweight
  19. London prison almost clean
  20. London guards desire securing house in part of east london
  21. London area south of hyde park
  22. Logical basis for a course of action
  23. Location of writing no record when consumed by candle
  24. Location of the great salt lake
  25. Little known degree held by guardians head of entertainment
  26. Little time for tea or coffee
  27. Little old star, no posh god
  28. Little fish thoroughly sautéed its first for gut busting cuisine
  29. Line in catch 22
  30. Limit of normal tree growth
  31. Limber up
  32. Likely to engage former car marque involved in type of motor racing
  33. Like some puzzles in mathematics
  34. Like some chips nick most of cutlery thats free
  35. Like some big game one bungled in series
  36. Like grans rough play
  37. Like an exclusive community near germany
  38. Like a zombie
  39. Like 1/5 by british author local was first to describe awful lot of shit
  40. Light rice pudding inspires composer
  41. Light drink around start of meal
  42. Licked sweet
  43. Let fly, as good dressmakers should
  44. Legendary queen titillates the royal guards
  45. Legendary king, son of uther pendragon
  46. Left hander
  47. Left in pieces after contestant finally made a mistake
  48. Left and right blocking various impediments to rapid progress
  49. Lee dixon originally turned up bearing sign of rustiness
  50. Lecturer caught finally in forbidden instruction
  51. Leaves less polluting van in york
  52. Leave car at home after cycling deal
  53. Learner finally gets grade one playing this
  54. Learned that woman did not let out skirts
  55. Leaders to advocate celery as indispensible superfood
  56. Leaders of gardeners and zoologists unions meet privately to seek a higher offer
  57. Leaderless team infuriates french city
  58. Leader of a group of brownies or cub scouts
  59. Lazy siesta beneath the cover of monsieur henri
  60. Layer of clay
  61. Layabout seen in salcombe every now and again
  62. Last of buster keatons reels zero interest
  63. Last killer leaving america dry
  64. Large leaf taken from soil often flipped over
  65. Large inlet of the north atlantic between virginia and maryland
  66. Large flatfish prized as food
  67. Large arboreal lizard
  68. Language of terrible boaster carrying zero credit
  69. Language as spoken in a particular place
  70. Laid back, office siesta criticised
  71. Pre-eruption lava
  72. Country where inca kola originated
  73. Remys brother in ratatouille
  74. Brahma and vishnu
  75. John of coming 2 america
  76. Chart a new course for
  77. Samoas biggest city
  78. Groups for aspiring grandmasters
  79. Vocalists who combine musical styles
  80. Elsie fishers despicable me voice role
  81. Cbs news correspondent barnett
  82. Weekend trips for two e.g.
  83. National organ donor day mo.
  84. Neglected to mention
  85. Knightley of colette
  86. Website subunits
  87. Kissing in a crowd say
  88. Let me put it this way …
  89. Frequent changes of direction
  90. Drain nuisance
  91. Films that may follow a band on tour
  92. Chrome or silver
  93. One millionth of a meter
  94. Garlic paste amt.
  95. __ musubi: meat-and-rice snack
  96. Gp. with a tour
  97. Woke up late
  98. Item thats made to measure
  99. Garment with hooks
  100. Well-balanced people?
  101. Topological abbr.
  102. Audio interference
  103. Unusual sorts
  104. I hate to break up __
  105. Pearls grammy winner india.__
  106. Topiary evergreens
  107. Many a twitch streamer
  108. Navajo nation tablelands
  109. Bright african snake
  110. Send down the wrong path
  111. One of the largest tenants of pittsburghs tallest building
  112. Place for a lark
  113. Antelope whose name means gazelle in zulu
  114. Present presented for fun
  115. Martin luther king jr.s message from birmingham jail for one
  116. Smart talk
  117. Pt. of usna
  118. Mlle. in managua
  119. Short race for short
  120. Did a 33-down say
  121. Hanna actress creed-miles
  122. Unit in gemology
  123. Tantra specialist
  124. Dr teals pure __ salt
  125. Actress de la reguera
  126. Stats for nfl defensive linemen
  127. Four-footed jetson
  128. Beer garden mug
  129. Toni morrisons the __ eye
  130. Softens as sound
  131. Powerlifters units
  132. People who take the shots
  133. Fruit-flavored cocktails
  134. Land of opportunity?
  135. Sugar holders
  136. Ufo beings
  137. Diagnostic pics
  138. Please mr. __
  139. Tiki bar instrument
  140. Catastrophe writer/star delaney
  141. Parent company of facebook
  142. Sleek in car lingo
  143. Take a tumble
  144. Canon choice briefly
  145. Cap with a toorie
  146. English final exam often
  147. Canned cooked pork
  148. Bun traditionally cooked in a bamboo steamer
  149. Reaction from the crowd
  150. Alaskan town where the iditarod ends
  151. The ___ u give (amandla stenberg film based on an angie thomas novel)
  152. Say watch it to
  153. Like baggy pants
  154. Made a scarf maybe