1. Habitat for a worm
  2. Many jokes on reddit
  3. Where talk is cheep
  4. City thats home to a large cuban expat community
  5. U s territory thats closer to australia than the united states
  6. Court case determination
  7. Old-fashioned way to settle a dispute
  8. Exclamation clued by its circled letters
  9. Tag sale reminder
  10. Monte carlo attractions
  11. Game with reverse cards
  12. Amos who covered nirvana's "smells like teen spirit"
  13. Singer whose "breathe me" was part of the "six feet under" series finale
  14. Litter peeps
  15. Campy wrap
  16. Cougar maker, for short
  17. Me. neighbor
  18. Wayne manor feature
  19. Out together
  20. Go out with a bang
  21. Some sunnis
  22. Wedding dress option
  23. They have it when things pass
  24. Civil rights pioneer __ b. wells
  25. Didn't rush things
  26. Mint in a tin
  27. Party goal
  28. Chlumsky of "veep"
  29. Gift shop stock
  30. Jack (up)
  31. Visits suddenly
  32. Pristina's country
  33. "the maids" playwright jean
  34. 14-down native
  35. Start to focus?
  36. Littlest in the litter
  37. Solemn and wise, supposedly
  38. River to the st. lawrence
  39. Immerse (in)
  40. Demo letters
  41. Responded in court
  42. Succulent in a trendy juice
  43. Stops up as a river
  44. ___'s pieces
  45. Like delicate fabric
  46. Retired actress sobieski
  47. Adds to a schedule
  48. Tones up
  49. Ollie's partner in old comedy
  50. Spine-tingling video letters (rams anagram)
  51. Opposite of admit
  52. What fills time
  53. Oranjestad's caribbean island
  54. It's worth one point
  55. It's east of eastern
  56. Home to iceland
  57. Arctic locale
  58. Beyond the limit
  59. Something taken for granted; a supposition; a statement accepted as supposedly true without proof (noun)
  60. To eat or drink; to use; to absorb a person's attention; to destroy (verb)
  61. Luxuriously fine or large: lavish; of a size or splendor entailing great expense (adjective)
  62. To begin, continue or go on again after an interruption; to take up (verb)
  63. Zimbabwe neighbor: south ____
  64. Three five-letter words ending with ff
  65. Five five-letter colors
  66. Five planets
  67. 1994 film, 'true ____'
  68. First on a diamond
  69. Slaughter of baseball
  70. –> ____ (transfer-of-property doc.)
  71. 'knock on wood' singer
  72. Resumption recommencement
  73. Take over appropriate
  74. Quite mean to eclipse republican
  75. Quick tempered, passionate
  76. Quick, rapid
  77. Queen victorias beginning to interrupt all her children, quelling excitement
  78. Queen after time is a charmer
  79. Quartz, say
  80. Quarrel it&rsquo s a right ding dong
  81. Quantity of energy given by a component of salad
  82. Qualification voided companys ability to negotiate