1. Pointy part of a pitchfork
  2. Negative replies
  3. Isn’t the victor
  4. Legal excuse that might be airtight
  5. Skin so soft cosmetics company
  6. Blubber around the midriff
  7. Apart from everything ___ …
  8. Former automaker that produced the cutlass supreme for short
  9. Suffix for consist or differ
  10. Opposite of rare at a steak house: hyph.
  11. Enjoyed some slumber
  12. Lie motionless to fool predators as a possum might: 2 wds.
  13. Healthful brazilian berry
  14. Body of water near many a campsite
  15. Christ’s original 12 disciples
  16. Carded at a bar
  17. Little lamb’s mother
  18. Meat that’s forbidden in a kosher or halal diet
  19. ___ rally (school spirit assembly)
  20. Ahem may i interrupt a moment?: 2 wds.
  21. Pals for life in texting lingo
  22. Thick-crust pizza order: hyph.
  23. Swollen bump on the skin
  24. Part company for a while without divorcing
  25. Places for luxurious getaways
  26. Kind of cheese or bank account
  27. Dulled by weariness
  28. A spanish island in the mediterranean
  29. Enid blyton's policeman
  30. State capital of virginia, us
  31. Image that represents a person in a virtual reality or in cyberspace
  32. Popular songs about apartheid?
  33. Fish would be in newspaper, going back
  34. Song of praise, thanksgiving or triumph
  35. Protect the 100 remaining
  36. Items kept in books or boxes collected in the hobby phillumeny
  37. Avenge, repay an action
  38. Care to hire an old driver for a change?
  39. Hits morale, working at the same temperature
  40. Gaston —, austrian engineer who founded a company in 1963 that now makes firearms
  41. Arthur's crafts
  42. 1836 battle of the —, pivotal event in the texas revolution
  43. Secure first of goals, playing on this?
  44. Shaved hair not coming back, certainly
  45. Step up and look to speak
  46. Strike together, making nasty wound round knight
  47. Thing inserted
  48. Turn down goal after review that’s extended
  49. Worker perhaps, one not pro
  50. A curious flower
  51. A little tonic being added, miss the glass?
  52. Awnings in varieties of colours
  53. Chap tours hot belgian city
  54. Chord fluffed in opera gig
  55. Dishonestly altering (the books)
  56. Fruit; something choice
  57. Fuss — daughter joins in also
  58. Hammock thus put up, small breather
  59. Hang on: that is underclothing
  60. Illusory graphic work
  61. Infection starting very innocently rocks us seriously
  62. Leaving (a car) somewhere
  63. Low grades, although it is the first performance
  64. Miserable day in which to be sick
  65. More than a hundred were spotted in film
  66. Not allow one to leave peaceful feast
  67. One after another, good books go in one large container
  68. Overweight woman’s shape brings older advisor
  69. Personal attendant
  70. Pessimistic, vintage being ruined by tail of hurricane
  71. Praise one’s given to poet laureate briefly in review
  72. Rock up: best place for circus
  73. Insert into the lineup
  74. Source of 21-across
  75. Sensitive bit of information
  76. Keaton of the family stone
  77. Popular printers
  78. ___ recognition (campaigner's plus)
  79. Able was i . . . subject
  80. Falls asleep with off
  81. Language in y2k news
  82. Hunter's hangout
  83. Chord components
  84. Don't need any more
  85. Mercy-rule game e.g.
  86. Foam finger sporter
  87. Qualified to play
  88. Nemo's milieu
  89. Harsh grilling
  90. Carmen composer georges
  91. Chewie's chum in star wars
  92. Spanker supporter
  93. Stains on a record
  94. Food served in a bed
  95. Marco rubio or ted cruz
  96. Word after peace or pension
  97. Fully committed supporter
  98. Grammy winner for 25
  99. Glass prosthetic
  100. Biblical lion slayer
  101. Overtake to become a circuit ahead
  102. Place for an art exhibition
  103. Harvested a crop
  104. One of a carol duo
  105. Usta stadium namesake
  106. Pipe organ part
  107. Irs submission option
  108. Tobacco-free policy
  109. Wrens' homes
  110. Take the trouble
  111. 7-down-shaped pasta
  112. Frank of the original ocean's eleven
  113. Gradually decline
  114. Do lunch together say
  115. Grab a snack
  116. Business mag since 1979
  117. Most arguments are about celebrity
  118. Prince in the mirror
  119. Model gets signed off
  120. Stand-in turned green on time
  121. Encountered a trainee copper say
  122. Interim ruler
  123. Islamic head of state
  124. Schnitzel ingredient
  125. Stir fry component?
  126. 2001 film drama starring dougray scott and kate winslet
  127. 1970s us television drama series starring dennis weaver as a new mexico cop in new york city
  128. Yutaka 2004-08 wba strawweight champion
  129. 1977 film comedy starring john denver and george burns
  130. Vivien actress; first wife of playwright harold pinter
  131. Robert actor and comedian whose credits include the smoking room and peep show
  132. Number of sheets of paper equal to 20 quires
  133. Us humorist whose short stories include the catbird seat and the secret life of walter mitty
  134. 19th-century english poet who coined the term sprung rhythm
  135. Market town in the scottish borders at the confluence of the rivers teviot and tweed
  136. Actor who played bill compton in us television series true blood from 2008-14
  137. Hybrid of blackberry and raspberry cultivated for its edible fruit
  138. Charity founded by chad varah in 1953
  139. 2000 olympic men's trap shooting silver medallist
  140. Positive electrode in an electrolytic cell
  141. Charles american modernist composer of the four-movement a symphony: new england holidays
  142. Fish with a long snake-like body and reduced fins
  143. 1956 olympic men's long jump gold medallist
  144. Wes actor who played eytukan in 2009 action film avatar
  145. Handball-like game of spanish basque origin; a variety of pilota
  146. One-pot meal
  147. Stocks-and-bonds dealer
  148. Enter as a room
  149. Signals at an entryway
  150. Where noah can be read about
  151. Monthly utility bill: abbr.
  152. Oil change for short
  153. __ west fl
  154. They used the last round stone with last of their bricks
  155. Tory battle is in the soup
  156. Warning - with a lot of sparkling wine have some food
  157. 'i'm clueless!' - hunt to amber regularly
  158. 'second-rate!' upset about new book collection
  159. A part of reprisal volley?
  160. Anode lost after dissolving iron compound
  161. Approval for one like this
  162. Aunt suffering with health - it's an old scourge
  163. British tree that’s thinning out
  164. Car journeys taking off round french city
  165. Chaotic - a bit reminiscent of grayling, perhaps
  166. Composer henry ignored minor problem over national insurance
  167. Earth and two trees - this is soothing sight
  168. Emergency committee required for venomous snake
  169. Festive occasion - variety of apple
  170. Fly from denmark, not northern ireland
  171. Fylde in the end behind orient
  172. Good god! is it an angry right-winger?
  173. Good to have nude round boat
  174. Has to keep very quiet about love poet
  175. How to sell admirer snaps - look inside
  176. Idea to reduce growth
  177. In fresno i suffer, holding such outpourings back
  178. In one short day starter in office is to show a lot of cheek
  179. Instruments by delta island show waters down
  180. It's unusual, marilyn, but not unknown - have it out
  181. Knackered old bus conductor's role reversal
  182. Like air i’m cold when blown with energy
  183. Making unwelcome contact with maidens in country - over a thousand
  184. Maybe between 1820 and 1830 reportedly put on trial
  185. Methodical procedure
  186. Minister broadcast in periods in between
  187. More from turkey's premier artist
  188. Most important person to lead america? idiot!
  189. Nice boy in school's new addition for cricket team
  190. Not covered, ignored at the outset, like the regions
  191. Nothing is held back? don't believe it!
  192. On return, initially enjoyed short break from action
  193. One in speech covers list of offences
  194. One looking around in the distance - maybe from crow’s nest?
  195. One's lucky having time with angelo dundee?
  196. Opposed to some financial help for drifter
  197. Over 50 reasons they might be dependent
  198. Period of enforced isolation
  199. Polish joint of beef brought to spain
  200. Possibly down here and fast moving
  201. Record nothing - sure to become garbled speech
  202. Retreat from problem - can new head of technology crack it?
  203. Robot applying gold to upper surface over one portion
  204. Roger soaked in beer makes an impression
  205. Seeing and disapproving of son getting engaged
  206. Sends off for more instruments when college is dismissed
  207. Shambles a government covered up by individual speaking thus
  208. Shame claim
  209. Somewhat perverse - lunar revolution took longer than expected
  210. Sounds husky, what has croup in the end?
  211. Standing apart
  212. Status - row
  213. Tailless rodent is able to settle by old source of vents
  214. The second person there before absconding is a teenager
  215. The source of a bit of spam and hock perhaps
  216. Theologian in the papers for fraud
  217. They say river to the underworld doesn’t twist
  218. Really stoked
  219. Kyoto setting
  220. Child's correspondent
  221. Garden name
  222. Southeast asia native
  223. Like the capitol building
  224. *rhyme with a broken crown
  225. *with 44-across rhyme with a broken span
  226. *rhyme with a broken bough
  227. Clark of country
  228. Like maritime trade routes
  229. *rhyme with a broken ovoid
  230. Yellowstone ruminant
  231. 1962 warren beatty film and what the title elements of the starred answers do
  232. Many are kept on pads
  233. Ponytail alternative
  234. String-and-top game
  235. Mounts as a motorcycle
  236. Honors including best breakthrough athlete
  237. Like the burj khalifa among buildings
  238. Blood-typing initials
  239. Selective service category for those currently serving
  240. I know why the caged bird sings memoirist
  241. Adhd drug
  242. Disco hit of 1978
  243. Like some 1960s dancing
  244. Just a sec por favor
  245. Nia of my big fat greek wedding
  246. Thunderclap to the superstitious
  247. Here and now airer
  248. Shipping map section
  249. Doesn't use one's indoor voice
  250. Gardening for some
  251. It hangs near the tonsils
  252. Lacking personnel or crew
  253. 2009 f1 champion
  254. Laurence for the fallen poet
  255. Ibsen plays
  256. Horse race at epsom
  257. Kind of rugby 7 little words
  258. Castle’s partner in crime 7 little words
  259. Alluring qualities 7 little words
  260. The l in mlb and nhl 7 little words
  261. Big sale 7 little words
  262. Forcefully suppressed 7 little words
  263. Tyneside newspaper 7 little words
  264. Burst tyre 7 little words
  265. San francisco newspaper 7 little words
  266. Compact jeep model 7 little words
  267. Two amateurs missing weekend? that's tough
  268. Large tropical bird
  269. Large stems used to make furniture
  270. Glides over snow
  271. Wet spongy growth
  272. Spookily
  273. Extremely rainy and windy
  274. Long range of mountains
  275. Began to grow light
  276. Back part of foot
  277. Store for schoolbooks
  278. Winning serves
  279. Regular eating occasion
  280. Low-key understated
  281. Jane classic english author
  282. The ruler of a small state or realm
  283. Kissing in a park e.g.: abbr.
  284. What are you ___ this weekend?
  285. Let’s ___ down to business.
  286. Guardian ___ (someone who watches over you)
  287. Model’s stances at a photo shoot
  288. Polka ___ (fabric print bit)
  289. A near escape
  290. Umpire judge (abbr)
  291. Shortcut key on keyboard
  292. Washing through lightly
  293. Expression of dismay (inf)
  294. Star of four james bond films, from 1995 to 2002
  295. Ferruccio _, italian industrialist who founded an automobile company in 1963
  296. Fred astaire musical which includes the song cheek to cheek
  297. Not the first prize to be used by mary berry?
  298. Geological field failed conic test
  299. Sammy —, chicago cubs mlb player who hit 179 home runs in the three seasons between 1998-2000
  300. Talk a lot, then hang up
  301. Meringue and fruit dessert
  302. Like a young man in looks, behaviour or character
  303. Real party animal, one often stirs the muck
  304. Format for podcasts
  305. Cougar town
  306. Petit espion 6 lettres
  307. Poisson osseux comme la morue
  308. Minute portion of matter 8 letters
  309. Lower house of the indian parliament; from hindi, ‘people’s assembly’
  310. Songs one relied on arranging?
  311. 2016 animated film featuring the voices of ellen degeneres and albert brooks
  312. Fall that stops peg finding green man?
  313. Chemical element, symbol y, atomic number 39
  314. Endlessly turn round in furrow
  315. 1970s band who had hits with magic and january
  316. Flaw in entertaining british artist
  317. Oval-shaped flatbread
  318. 1966 drama starring vanessa redgrave, david hemmings and sarah miles
  319. 1979 novel by nelson demille and thomas block
  320. Think of a logical explanation for the cause
  321. Notes tenor included in decorative works
  322. 2005 dubai world cup winner ridden by john r velazquez
  323. Working towards the same goal against team
  324. Group often threatened in dystopian fiction
  325. Falcon headed son of osiris
  326. Showing the overall view
  327. Is gorges t shirt
  328. Flan breton aux raisins secs
  329. Dance to the music of time
  330. Deed that is considered morally wrong
  331. The ___ truth katherine heigl starrer romcom
  332. ___ case (situation where a product could come in handy)
  333. He is ___ quick to judge others.
  334. Prune a shrub with quick strokes
  335. White-shelled poultry product
  336. Defendant's statement in court
  337. Alter ego of the titular dc comics character from the tv series swamp thing: 2 wds.
  338. One section of a play
  339. The sunlight ___ up the room. (brightened)
  340. Actress who plays madame xanadu a blind fortune teller in the show in 18a: 2 wds.
  341. Is the movie ___ good? (worth watching?)
  342. City famous for its casinos ___ vegas
  343. ___-to-measure (designed specifically to fit)
  344. League graced by greats like michael jordan and shaq: abbr.
  345. What ___ we going to do?
  346. Christmas comedy film starring will ferrell
  347. Netflix and hbo's competitor
  348. Holier-than-___ (attitude of moral superiority)
  349. Actress who plays abby arcane a cdc doctor in the show mentioned in 18a
  350. Not young anymore
  351. Contents of a piece of writing
  352. Baked beans container
  353. Baha men song who ___ the dogs out?
  354. Japanese dish with seafood and rice
  355. ___ degrasse tyson american astrophysicist and science communicator
  356. Cartoon character bugs ___
  357. Aim or objective
  358. All that glitters ___ gold: 2 wds.
  359. Sleepover attire perhaps for short
  360. Position or location
  361. Make a hash of something
  362. Moldable material for children to play with
  363. Colony-dwelling insects
  364. High mountain in switzerland e.g.
  365. Crop variety that sounds like wry
  366. Old-fashioned expression of surprise or anger
  367. Proto suffix to mean the colourless liquid within a cell that contains the nucleus
  368. The ___ erwin show american sitcom which aired on abc from 1950 to 1955
  369. What an active volcano is expected to do at some point
  370. Dog bark sound
  371. Impose a tax say
  372. Burn till black
  373. Mix two or more ingredients in the kitchen
  374. Sum of money owed to someone
  375. Spanish professional tennis player rafael
  376. Popular mexican dish with a folded tortilla
  377. Talk someone into something
  378. Pennsylvania county with the presque isle state park
  379. ___-haw (sound made when a donkey brays)
  380. The last ship tv network: abbr.
  381. Meeting supporting sport in the countryside
  382. First chart? superior display
  383. Cathedral city in yorkshire
  384. Brought up at the start of 18 across on the last word
  385. Never mind, come to the bakery — what's this clue about?
  386. Briefly hold mammal spinning round quite briskly
  387. Part of the house used as artist’s studio
  388. Track where sir chris hoy recently completed the 24-hour endurance race for which it is famous
  389. Mythological monster, often winged, with snakes for hair
  390. Military - might not be freedom cars
  391. Independent cartoon strip by sally ann lasson
  392. Kindness, good deed, courtesy
  393. Big boxer
  394. The edible offal of a chicken
  395. I'd try tidying up if in this condition
  396. Working for oneself
  397. A pair of waterproof overshoes
  398. Aviary noises
  399. Writer lessing
  400. Gumbo or bisque e.g.
  401. Show hosted by alex trebek
  402. Commuter's cash-on-hand
  403. College study
  404. Firmament
  405. Alphabetical ____
  406. Nine words starting and ending with t
  407. Upper ____ (seven-letter answer)
  408. Three five-letter birds
  409. Portable box-shaped instrument of the reed organ family
  410. Hans — portraitist and court painter to henry viii who died in 1543
  411. 1929 novel by sinclair lewis
  412. 2006 musical film drama starring glen hansard and marketa irglova
  413. Thomas — 18th-century english composer noted for his setting of shakespearean songs
  414. Third son of david in the old testament
  415. Yellow-flowered north american plant such as the smooth —
  416. Glasgow-born british army lieutenant-general mortally wounded in the battle of corunna in 1809
  417. 2000 romcom starring hugh laurie and joely richardson
  418. Emily — us author of 1922 book etiquette – the blue book of social usage
  419. Staff carried by hermes in classical mythology
  420. 1942 film in a comedy series starring bob hope bing crosby and dorothy lamour
  421. Willem — abstract expressionist painter whose works include 1955's gotham news
  422. Michael — 1988 olympic 200m butterfly swimming gold medallist
  423. City in eastern cuba; first capital of the country
  424. Ken — us television chef whose books include travels with a hot wok
  425. Kelly — model-actress who played sophia rossellini in 2004 comedy-drama film school for seduction
  426. Graffiti artist and painter whose works include 2018's love is in the bin
  427. Town in thuringia germany; birthplace of composer johann sebastian bach
  428. River of central england flowing to the river severn at tewkesbury
  429. Town in new mexico us where the first atomic bomb was developed
  430. Downtown dwelling
  431. %22star ____%22
  432. Certain gov. agents
  433. Andy taylor%27s son
  434. Noted newspaperman
  435. Saturn feature
  436. British sports car informally
  437. Suddenly stop responding to texts
  438. Hammers hit them
  439. Wanna join our plans?
  440. They just want to have fun in a cyndi lauper hit
  441. Biblical figure swallowed by a whale
  442. Presidential candidate andrew with an online gang
  443. Making a rabbit disappear e.g.
  444. It has a daily high and low
  445. Agatha christie for one
  446. Concerning outlook (see letters 1 3 4 5 and 12)
  447. Hardy to laurel
  448. To kill a mockingbird or jane eyre (1 3 4 5 7)
  449. Tough to see through
  450. Mom is going to kill me! (4 5 6 8 10)
  451. '60s battle zone
  452. Take in as a dog
  453. Exercise tally
  454. Thumbprint cookie filling
  455. Star ___: the rise of skywalker
  456. Latent anxieties or a hint to this puzzle's theme
  457. Prom couple's ride
  458. Makeshift potato peeler
  459. Look for a hidden bone perhaps
  460. Broadway star mcdonald
  461. French cheers!
  462. Inclusive tournament type
  463. Baseball bat bottom
  464. Spotify for one
  465. Starts spending less
  466. Cut fuel for hospital
  467. They may be fixed or sunk
  468. Rap star's tour stop
  469. Rice-growing site
  470. Nba game zebra
  471. Major hwy. offense
  472. A door, mouth, entrance, cf porta, ianua, limen
  473. Reshuffle worked partly, so went by air
  474. A thick, creamy sauce made from egg yolks, oil and vinegar or lemon juice that is eaten with salads
  475. The —, 1906 story collection by neil munro featuring the mariner para handy
  476. Experts taking much favoured photographs
  477. It's true the head of the monarchy has it
  478. Artificial waterway in egypt connecting the mediterranean sea and the red sea
  479. Jupiter's second-largest moon after ganymede
  480. Catch on, from the sound
  481. Get nation upset seeing person employed to deal
  482. Alfred —, author of poems the lady of shalott and voices in the mist
  483. London prison made famous by charles dickens
  484. Trapped gases in trendy beer
  485. It changes things, in a manner of speaking, for those rising to the top
  486. Laurel and hardy movie in which stan and ollie play mousetrap salesmen