1. Toppers with visors
  2. Felipe of baseball
  3. "the thin man" canine role
  4. Monument on one end of the national mall
  5. Expected-in hr.
  6. At first, say
  7. Falsehood source
  8. Rice-like pasta
  9. Eleven-yr.-old insurance law
  10. Singer of the 2019 #1 hit "se–orita"
  11. Mall cop's ride
  12. __ rub: bbq spices
  13. One with a need for speed
  14. Mexican state south of veracruz
  15. Local political gathering
  16. File format for digital books
  17. Upscale restaurant's offering
  18. Christian on a label
  19. Foe found phonetically in four puzzle answers
  20. Many a zeiss product
  21. Toy retailer __ schwarz
  22. Meditation word
  23. Piggy in a crib
  24. "it's weird, but just do it"
  25. Ecological levy
  26. Patrick __, vermont senator since 1975
  27. Cinq plus six
  28. Had __: was still in the running
  29. Hot rod attachment
  30. Management bigwigs
  31. Highly coveted violin
  32. Right that isn't right, e.g.
  33. Tortellini topper
  34. When a football may be snapped
  35. Best of the beatles, once
  36. Word on u.s. coins
  37. Omaha-to-st. paul dir.
  38. One of 100 in scrabble
  39. Dandelion part
  40. Backs of boats
  41. Fellow resident informally
  42. How sisyphus constantly travels
  43. Cook in the oven
  44. Alternative to pasta perhaps
  45. Word before shop or project
  46. Niels who won the nobel prize for his model of the atom
  47. Absorb as gravy
  48. First native american newspaper in the country
  49. Pull to a repair shop
  50. They may do nosegrinds and ollies
  51. Give stars to say
  52. Poem that's a homophone of 18-down
  53. Tivo precursors
  54. The dust of the dust bowl
  55. Start of a round
  56. Letter from lesbos
  57. It generally includes the author's name and the imprint
  58. Put one's john hancock on
  59. Pretend not to notice and a hint to this puzzle's circled words
  60. ___ handled that differently
  61. Lester holt's network
  62. Set of characteristics resulting from genetics and environment
  63. Dropping the ball say
  64. Neurosurgeon/journalist sanjay
  65. Every village has one so they say
  66. Phone exchanges
  67. Carry to excess
  68. Was indebted to
  69. Samuel of scotus
  70. Wallpaper furniture etc.
  71. Party dispenser
  72. High high heels
  73. Dna sample of a sort
  74. Valued violin familiarly
  75. Animated film that won a golden globe in 2021
  76. Big thing in a boardroom
  77. Hall of fame pitcher warren
  78. Players introduced in 2001
  79. Sounds of understanding
  80. Langley for one: abbr.
  81. Cry of victory
  82. Shire of rocky
  83. Word after pet or cat
  84. The cowherd and the weaver girl e.g.
  85. Dairy product that may be extra sharp
  86. Mixology station with a sink
  87. Won all the games
  88. Fiona apple album that features criminal
  89. ___ room (place to play)
  90. World vegan day mo.
  91. Traditional linen holders
  92. Like a thick fog
  93. Parts of three-piece suits
  94. Container next to a cash register
  95. Bethany yellowtail for the fashion line b.yellowtail
  96. #tbt day (abbr.)
  97. Green power sources
  98. Drag with effort
  99. Edible bamboo part
  100. Ramadan lasts for 29 or 30
  101. Like worn tires
  102. ___ and stones
  103. Ingredient in gai pad med mamuang
  104. I ___ a nap!
  105. Pet whose name comes from the latin for little thief
  106. Like chocolate truffles
  107. Cause a stir
  108. She outplayed me
  109. Prefix in this clue
  110. Affirmative consent word
  111. Fish that starts with two vowels
  112. Saweetie genre
  113. Warthogs to lions
  114. Early growers of potatoes
  115. Averse to being filmed
  116. Dish known as cap cai in indonesia
  117. Ink wash painting e.g.
  118. The windy city for short
  119. Dish eaten with chapati
  120. Empty stadium sounds
  121. Space mountain feeling
  122. ___ out (solved)
  123. Has a bowl of groundnut soup say
  124. Comic butcher
  125. Magnifier e g
  126. Disney queen who sings in an ice palace
  127. Cry before who goes there
  128. One round at a tournament
  129. Spring recreation
  130. Double reeded aerophone with keys
  131. Order at an ice cream parlor
  132. This cluue has one apparently
  133. One extending a library book loan
  134. Apt name for a thief
  135. Congressional hearing airer
  136. End of a blessing
  137. Ally in super mario games
  138. With 61 across advice for an insomniac … or what you can do 12 times in this puzzle reading across and down
  139. One followed by nothing
  140. Hues that rhyme with hues
  141. Bad thing to have on a record in brief
  142. Shoulder muscles for short
  143. Makes frescoes or murals
  144. One named rapper with the 2015 #1 album the album about nothing
  145. Expensive italian car informally
  146. What the giant argus has 100 of in greek myth
  147. What a good samaritan offers
  148. Kind of clef preceding notes usually played with the right hand on a piano
  149. The barber of seville e g
  150. Allow to
  151. What may raise a big stink
  152. Dish that may be eaten with either chopsticks or a spoon
  153. Some g i wear in brief
  154. Site with crowdsourced reviews
  155. Covered in forest
  156. Acid by another name
  157. Surprising thing that frigatebirds can do while flying
  158. A mile a minute speed
  159. Russian horse drawn vehicle
  160. Russian holiday home
  161. Russian fighter speeds and leaves country
  162. Runs farewells
  163. Runs through a tunnel breaking out
  164. Running through article stored in device
  165. Run through gardens in series
  166. Run ragged with tana, go ape
  167. Run into horse, as donkeys do
  168. Run in a northern strategy from southern region
  169. Run gently from damaged pole
  170. Run from the police, northbound
  171. Run away from mischievous prank, avoiding publicity
  172. Run after small girl, who may be on thin ice
  173. Rule violation
  174. Ruined pasties pantry faced with a tricky situation
  175. Rugby man and lisle the worse for wear
  176. Ruffian provides company online
  177. Rubbish vegetation left out
  178. Rubbish american fruit pies
  179. Royalty now and then gets hard biscuits
  180. Royal navy invested in value
  181. Rows in costa following this order
  182. Rows from couples right to break up
  183. Round of cards fast one
  184. Round bag
  185. Roulette, salad, tea or thistle
  186. Rough path taking zigzag course across river
  187. Rotter having success in home counties
  188. Room key
  189. Room for cooking
  190. Romeo abandoning trios second person once
  191. Romantic country sport played in tiara
  192. Roman emperor, hiding in enclosure, secured position
  193. Rolling uplands
  194. Rogue operations primarily expand ex us base
  195. Rodent marks domestic &rsquo abitat
  196. Rode from distant cape, coming in drained
  197. Rod left in a split second, maybe
  198. Rocks containing cavities lined with crystals
  199. Rockery plant
  200. Rockers possibly making church appearances
  201. Rock group members initially short tempers
  202. Rock enjoyable on the radio
  203. Robert has been ahead in olympic event
  204. Riverside rodent
  205. River test perhaps associated with certain types of plant
  206. River hot, shade burnt
  207. River creature with weapon creates unnecessary panic
  208. River at stratford
  209. Risked placing new church in country
  210. Rippling he man hardy rang couple in schism
  211. Ripple moving in wet vale
  212. Ring lecturer to register unknown branch of dentistry
  213. Ring for captain to supply troop with weapons
  214. Right to give out terms of reference
  215. Right around lunchtime, love to have a threesome
  216. Rhyming slang, say, is included by us author, male
  217. Revolutionary trial keeping five in box
  218. Revolutionary network of computers downs commercial server
  219. Revolutionary nature film&rsquo s set in middle earth
  220. Revolutionary counts least in revolution
  221. Reveals our countrys introducing new degrees
  222. Retaliate for some craven gentleman
  223. Result of a failure to score cocaine added to a kilo
  224. Restraint removing front feather from cockerel
  225. Restore vital aria, one cut at opera
  226. Restless auk flew erratically
  227. Restaurant encounter, with odd characters swapping places
  228. Resounding sound of vocal group briefly dividing england
  229. Resolution from british, united after reverse
  230. Reserves bed with bit of extra support
  231. Reserve 27, for example, for dropping in the drink
  232. Resembling mushrooms or toadstools
  233. Research establishment backing a welsh lake
  234. Rescue electronic organ used in social event
  235. Rescue dog losing tail
  236. Request directions, being awry
  237. Repudiate, cast off
  238. Republic in which castro deceiving cia nuts
  239. Representative i came across in bed, retired
  240. Reposition the panel, revealing frequently overlooked room feature
  241. Reporters still writing material
  242. Reporter&rsquo s aircraft not much to look at
  243. Reportedly, brown square finished
  244. Reportedly one departing for bar
  245. Reportedly go stealthily after a wading bird
  246. Reportedly bring in bird of prey
  247. Reported, put about
  248. Reported deal in work with press from oxford
  249. Report of grain in island
  250. Report of examination relating to the ears
  251. Report from snout reportedly being discussed
  252. Repeating requirement time to oust mp
  253. Repeatedly stove’s beginning to ruin jelly
  254. Repeatedly counter one cold and brutal
  255. Repeat right away whats left
  256. Repairs, on and off, getting attention
  257. Rent out foxy clothes in serious fashion
  258. Rendering assistance
  259. Removed fighting forces
  260. Remove ones used sweaty tank tops
  261. Remove clip from one page, say
  262. Remorse of gi after pinching uniform left just outside
  263. Remarkable female born on the first of april
  264. Reluctant to have a bit of poetry
  265. Relish top northern booze
  266. Relish opening a huge english paper thats 16
  267. Relish good book, cracking open bitter
  268. Religious measure accepted by artist leaving america
  269. Religious component of oath represented in home gospel with date
  270. Religion is assigned unlimited blame
  271. Reliant upon changing for convenience
  272. Release songs for performance without payment
  273. Release from military service
  274. Relatively unknown economist ran german banks
  275. Relative&rsquo s husband leaving frequently visited place
  276. Relative size has girl worried
  277. Relative of the raccoon
  278. Relative kidnapped by thin, mean and vile criminal in book
  279. Relating to dance
  280. Relapsing into bad ways
  281. Rejected set of clothes oscar collected
  282. Reheats damaged part of wood
  283. Regulation measure
  284. Regulates day in november on the contrary
  285. Regularly offer thanks for foreign cheese
  286. Regularly ignored fungal yeasts beginning to be unsightly
  287. Regular boy at grammar school providing services later
  288. Regular beans with poor diet wants a vitamin tempted
  289. Regional accent entertains south american treasurer
  290. Regarded with great respect
  291. Refuse to go downhill
  292. Refuse to accept bad copy yes man
  293. Refuse encouragement, having taken note
  294. Refer to popular verse and contents of funny stories
  295. Reduction in price for salad vegetable
  296. Reduce tension in defeat a tyrants leadership rejected across america
  297. Reduce short skirt seen in vessel
  298. Redesigned seat fitted with wide strap
  299. Red robin lad released close to gazebo
  300. Recurring sound pattern
  301. Record of scores in a round of golf
  302. Record of abba listened out for old song
  303. Record label tense for release
  304. Recommended article leaving drink to editor
  305. Recommend as beneficial
  306. Recipe collection
  307. Recent partner drops year long growth upward
  308. Rebellious finns join a german party
  309. Reassembled troops felt to keep united
  310. Reasonably good island breaks in this area
  311. Reasonable travel cost announced
  312. Reason for going to press witness he&rsquo s worn out
  313. Really bad seeds spoilt red olives
  314. Reading magazine nurse leaves after cycling here
  315. Reaction to jolt in non upholstered carriage
  316. Reaction producer
  317. React angrily to the french call of aggression
  318. Ray and henry leaving village 22
  319. Rating mostly dodgy pricing system
  320. Rating bowler’s target
  321. Rat not initially an aquatic creature
  322. Rank arrange in order
  323. Rank element in space above
  324. Range of colourings allowed having spread around
  325. Ran out of gear bluth had been in front
  326. Ran miles to embrace that chap that&rsquo s the idea
  327. Raised track across water or marshland
  328. Raised to desert pack
  329. Radioactive element that has &ldquo warm nuclei&rdquo , roughly
  330. Radio stations broadcast about reading and writing
  331. Radio show where listeners have their say
  332. Rachel&rsquo s eager to welcome these footballers
  333. Racecourse isnt available when source of funding is lost
  334. Race transmit