1. Auditioned for the glee club
  2. Foreign transaction
  3. Knock kneed fullback far from totally indispensable
  4. Kinky heteros plus one
  5. King takes tourists seat in sturdy boat
  6. King breaks nose, shirtless, of rugby player
  7. Killer from portugal caught arrested by state police
  8. Kill fellow getting closer outside
  9. Key component of puttanesca, perhaps
  10. Keep quiet about husband of salty individual showing laziness
  11. Keep close control over how something is run
  12. Improve ones class?
  13. Alcopop kin
  14. Single but way too flawed
  15. Test for some srs.
  16. Cena of peacemaker
  17. Mariah carey holiday hit
  18. Resort town named for a native tree
  19. The rotters club novelist jonathan
  20. Current events tiktok segment that v spehar broadcasts from their office floor
  21. Étouffée option
  22. Word in british placenames
  23. Dong-hyuk who created squid game
  24. Can i have a bit more time?
  25. Wheelie bike feature
  26. Mascot whose weight is listed as top heavy
  27. Challenges for a translator perhaps
  28. Chased a pitch
  29. Kwanzaa candelabra
  30. Walks out say
  31. Laurel and hardy producer
  32. First british martyr
  33. Scapula neighbor for short
  34. Long start once
  35. Brand whose website has a 3 stripe life section
  36. Queens gambit for one
  37. Elizabeth who plays scarlet witch in the mcu
  38. Improves maybe
  39. It went straight to voice mail
  40. 2014 memoir subtitled stories of life death and brain surgery
  41. Govt. cybersecurity monitor
  42. [im so uncomfortable right now]
  43. Retailer with a redcard credit card
  44. Bell hooks for one
  45. Time slot with talk shows
  46. Part of dkny
  47. Succession sibling
  48. Site for selling handmade crafts
  49. Hosts informally
  50. Words exchanged at weddings
  51. It's read during a scolding
  52. Friday night vibes channel
  53. Fifth-century invaders
  54. Unpretentiously simple
  55. Brain hidden in logic puzzle
  56. Bear up?
  57. Person who donates
  58. It may be pressed at the start of a video call
  59. Hindi honorifics
  60. Instrument for a womp womp moment
  61. Stats for sluggers
  62. Place for low-priority items
  63. Return an item
  64. It's close to boardwalk
  65. Two four-letter birds starting with d
  66. –> by ____ turner
  67. '____ california' by red hot chili peppers