1. Scottish actor tennant
  2. From damascus perhaps climber
  3. Herds waterfowl off the green
  4. Striped playing marbles
  5. It may be aimed at fans
  6. F is for family
  7. Cheap seats projectile
  8. Distraction in church
  9. Deadpool actor who voices pikachu in pokémon: detective pikachu: 2 wds.
  10. I did that absolutely perfectly!: 2 wds.
  11. Continent that is home to the two most populous countries in the world
  12. Are you a man ___ mouse?: 2 wds.
  13. She ___ eyes in the back of her head
  14. Birds with large eyes
  15. Blockers actress who plays reporter lucy stevens in pokémon: detective pikachu: 2 wds.
  16. Title of hit songs by abba and rihanna
  17. Oh no i dropped it!
  18. Former soviet counterpart to the cia: abbr.
  19. Texting format of most phones: abbr.
  20. ___ moment’s notice: 2 wds.
  21. One of five piggies on a foot
  22. Sleep briefly: 3 wds.
  23. Jurassic world: fallen kingdom actor who plays pokémon trainer tim goodman in pokémon: detective pikachu: 2 wds.
  24. Liquor in many tiki bar drinks
  25. Plastic or wooden toy on a string: hyph.
  26. Snoopy or scooby-doo for example
  27. Suffix for some sweet citrus drinks
  28. English novelist austen
  29. ___ out (crosses through)
  30. Word that can go before hoop or dancer
  31. Cookie that’s sometimes crumbled for an ice cream topping
  32. Kid who lives next door to andy in toy story
  33. Song at the sydney opera house
  34. Lodgings for travelers
  35. Not too challenging
  36. The best policy according to a saying
  37. Did you ___ the news?
  38. Get ___ with murder
  39. Meet the press moderator chuck
  40. Long tedious journey
  41. Revolutionary chinese chairman
  42. Rant ___ rave
  43. Pen for hogs
  44. 2013 katy perry song with the lyric i got the eye of the tiger
  45. New york giants legend mel
  46. Out of a clear blue ___
  47. Animal ridden by a jockey
  48. Food served in a bowl at a luau
  49. Nbc comedy series that debuted in 1975: abbr.
  50. What a secretary might write shorthand on
  51. Home to park city and provo
  52. Problems for prima donnas
  53. State where you can visit dollywood: abbr.
  54. Pakistan’s neighbor to the west
  55. Stringed instruments of hawaii for short
  56. San diego’s state in slang
  57. Chinese gem
  58. Angry face with horns for one
  59. Anguille de sable
  60. Paille en queue
  61. Money deducted from a paycheck
  62. Gardeners’ long-handled tools
  63. Cold set dessert of custard or cream in a mould of sponge fingers
  64. Rugby union wing; 1987 wales test debutant against france
  65. Lotus, at design stage, can survive
  66. A metal rod to which heavy discs are attached at each end for weightlifting exercises
  67. Secret when in bed?
  68. Craftsman installing lift in bank
  69. Wide british street
  70. Any record of debit, credit, the score in a game etc
  71. The maiden name of the former conservative prime minister margaret thatcher
  72. Moderately-slow musical tempo
  73. Frighten, startle
  74. Viewpoint, thought
  75. Plant type
  76. Long job for spinoza, say
  77. A blast — methane, perhaps?
  78. A drug ring supplying interplanetary travellers
  79. A middle section in dire tune
  80. Awkward getting some sleep in it
  81. By the sound of it, taken to court for fraud
  82. Cheek — that's by the mouth
  83. Coat of arms phrase
  84. Common fungus
  85. Decorative edges
  86. Demon in mephistopheles personified, originally
  87. Drunk? that’s illegal
  88. Execute that man bathed in a little sweat?
  89. First in hierarchy, number is top
  90. Flow of particles from the sun
  91. Fold petal another way
  92. Group getting cold in tub
  93. Hit most of the spots
  94. Lass there, awfully cruel
  95. One relative and one friend lacking spirit
  96. Pay greek character heading for belgium to follow truck
  97. Political control; might
  98. Remove times puzzle, finally
  99. Residential pupil
  100. Second letter in a large, complicated branch of mathematics
  101. Smooth gelato melted
  102. Stepping down, agreeing terms again?
  103. Strangest idea to rebuild west sussex town
  104. Student, bit of a looker?
  105. Towards a lower point
  106. Upset or placate female ruler
  107. Venetian leader
  108. Vigorous exercise session
  109. Strong feeling of allegiance
  110. Large urban sprawl
  111. Praise or honour
  112. Inhabitants of a town or city
  113. Strange wire sent with note
  114. Spend time in the corridor
  115. Log improved with shine
  116. Six undercover are wild
  117. Talk and drink – it's a hit
  118. Sort of milkman
  119. Flyer ruinous to cave
  120. Order chaps in some food
  121. Bishop united with bird and dog
  122. Puree wasted money
  123. Promise victory to old wife
  124. Demand when king
  125. Blue feathers – hate red variety
  126. Sticking with jerk
  127. House makes virginia sick inside
  128. Baptize a bruiser
  129. Etre couché
  130. Ronchonner e
  131. Roman dwelling
  132. Breed of hound
  133. Ian rugby union prop; 1983 wales test debutant against scotland
  134. K j south korean golfer; 2011 players championship winner
  135. Jean actress who played the title role in 1957 film drama saint joan
  136. Extinct language of ancient southern italy
  137. Guus netherlands football team manager from 1994-98 and 2014-15
  138. Thomas author of 1594 novel the unfortunate traveller
  139. Play by aristophanes in which dionysus descends to hades in order to bring back euripides
  140. 2010 novel by bret easton ellis
  141. River in peru that joins the maranon river near the town of nauta
  142. Small wingless bloodsucking insect noted for its power of leaping
  143. Neil musician and comedian who played ron nasty in 1978 tv film the rutles: all you need is cash
  144. Earl of english soldier and favourite of queen elizabeth i executed in 1601
  145. Charles french author of fairy tales cinderella and the sleeping beauty
  146. Maiden in greek mythology changed into a spider for having challenged athena to a weaving contest
  147. Ken labour mp for brent east from 1987-2001
  148. Nick author of novels sidewalking and spin cycle
  149. 1864 novel by sheridan le fanu
  150. 1965 war film starring henry fonda and robert shaw
  151. Rosamund best actress in a leading role oscar nominee for gone girl
  152. Girls you've harmed in a serious way
  153. More certain, more stable
  154. Resonant tolling of bells
  155. An island state of australia with the capital hobart, home to the largest living species of marsupial carnivore
  156. Dickens novel featuring thomas gradgrind and josiah bounderby
  157. Moral turpitude shows endless decline
  158. Green tropical fruit
  159. Salespersons for short
  160. Swampy grounds
  161. Itching skin disease characterised by circular patches
  162. At any __ (nevertheless)
  163. Holder of fishing line
  164. Herrings that have been salted in brine, smoked and cured whole
  165. Farthest from the center and a hint to 17- 24- 40- and 51-across
  166. Start of a brain health saying
  167. Car called from curbside
  168. Like lips after a novocain shot
  169. Drinking toast
  170. Borden's bovine
  171. Ibex for example
  172. Time for a prom perhaps
  173. City of south-central oklahoma
  174. Western gambling city
  175. Hauling rig
  176. Human relative
  177. Feature of many a rom-com
  178. 2017 world series champions
  179. Don't be such a wimp!
  180. Speedway sound
  181. Rafael —, 2008 and 2010 wimbledon singles tennis championship winner
  182. Briefly, it helps to make photography possible!
  183. The —, northernmost borough of new york city
  184. Loyal? huns act badly!
  185. Married couple have a diet of cereal
  186. Maybe competitors in us open state highway through remote area
  187. Money divides you, once it's a recurring subject
  188. Most unproductive place for meadowlark's eggs?
  189. Negative rehash of suez, involving british soldiers in retreat
  190. New look with japanese sash? that's capital!
  191. Object endlessly to the french style
  192. Pastor gets usher to beg
  193. Patient examination of butt, thus reflected by mirror
  194. Penny has beer and pasty
  195. Prepare sentence for when the audience is best
  196. Push off about now in arctic vehicle
  197. Redeeming feature
  198. Reflected sounds
  199. Remains calm
  200. Report following female subject's affair
  201. Result from match that's most unlikely
  202. Rigour of head supporting old enterprise
  203. Risked getting daughter murdered
  204. Rosie lee
  205. Scholarly poet like carroll, lew?
  206. Setter's old-fashioned? that's an insurmountable difficulty!
  207. Shelf
  208. Sly recce at girl's large girth
  209. Stay in small pigsty, perhaps, in south of france
  210. Surprise people over time in therapy
  211. Tea and biscuits, besides a bit of scripture, fed by english clergyman
  212. The best bit on a trip east, perhaps
  213. Theologian's revolutionary answer to "what are problems?"
  214. Tinter
  215. Trifle dish cracked by temperature on expensive oven
  216. Uncovering deceit? not difficult!
  217. Vet fell over burrow
  218. X, y or z, possibly
  219. ... pop star, absorbing audience's last hurrah
  220. Adopt a low static position - essex river
  221. Any one of three parts of lovely spot
  222. Arena
  223. Around love, tinder is designed to confuse
  224. Artist holds up gold casket for the band
  225. Basic pay for one relying on brainpower
  226. Beliefs about current in river
  227. Big name spread throughout france: le boursin?
  228. Book ian's sheep for treatment
  229. Machine left on, wasting heat
  230. Charlie's discourteous and rough
  231. Coal surplus from last month, if shown 24
  232. Damned healthy-looking
  233. Deer takes one for a ride
  234. Depression fills israeli moving relative to a home
  235. Did trick make number disappear from cards?
  236. Distinguish between lenny, toby and glen's coats
  237. Donkey attendants in deer molestation
  238. Emphasise cropped hair
  239. Family member spies ...
  240. Finest english drink
  241. Flash group of people, born to be conservative
  242. Fruit makes mild alcoholic drink, but with no head
  243. Heading north east from the opposing side
  244. Hit a couple off golf tee
  245. Hot pants cut to be short
  246. Illuminated note in volume
  247. In blurred pic, luton's one fine detail
  248. In play, dress actors as lovers, like romeo and juliet
  249. Incomprehensible language
  250. A surprised expression remains in the auditorium, by the sound of it
  251. Flatulent? heading off - that's us, shortly
  252. Make speeches
  253. Mlb cleanup hitter
  254. One living the high life
  255. 1728 ballad opera
  256. Irish star in mary queen of scots
  257. St pauls cathedral
  258. When the levee breaks rock band ___ zeppelin
  259. Grammy winner yoko
  260. Clairvoyant's gift for short
  261. Like loyal fans
  262. Parting word that may accompany an air kiss
  263. Sketch show featuring aidy bryant for short
  264. You're so ___ (carly simon #1 song)
  265. I ___ what you did there
  266. Tissue thickness
  267. 1/1440 of a day
  268. Dentist's degree (abbr.)
  269. Become more powerful 7 little words
  270. Pushed roughly 7 little words
  271. Lingering bad flavor 7 little words
  272. In an unclear way 7 little words
  273. Lingering bad flavour 7 little words
  274. Unsuccessful as a bowler 7 little words
  275. Confronted 7 little words
  276. Business leader & mother 7 little words
  277. Striking a blow 7 little words
  278. Counters for fast food?
  279. Tempts lures
  280. Fun-loving lively
  281. Does something bad
  282. Bearing body position
  283. Struck with padded hammer
  284. Capture grab (inf)
  285. Awareness intuition
  286. Lady bears son, dud
  287. Marriage perhaps?
  288. Scared to death
  289. Meander go (arch)
  290. Writers i have briefly found thoughtful
  291. Take ___ from someone’s book: 2 wds.
  292. The ___ winfrey show
  293. Rodents that sound like cats
  294. Transport that runs on rails
  295. Ridicule like a comedian
  296. 2002 australian open men's singles tennis championship winner
  297. Damn! rife roundabouts will make you milton keynes sceptic!
  298. Girl in baden-powell's organisation
  299. Had the wrong characters for the simplest play
  300. Lower parts of duets
  301. Of an instrument, played with a mute
  302. Went over poetry to be put in jazz setting
  303. The _ _, a david hare play about the oscar wilde scandal
  304. Gang opposed to the sharks in the 1957 sondheim and bernstein musical west side story
  305. Give for free as a drink
  306. Icon on a flight tracker
  307. What a snake would do to lose a tattoo
  308. Deserving respect and approval
  309. Drug resistant organism
  310. Cover round ancient city is melodramatically sensational
  311. The expression of a stern-faced expert
  312. Appearance presented in association with rebel jack
  313. Contracted in a frown
  314. Poet like pindar or horace
  315. The 'cat' i have in court
  316. Young child given lots of dollars for piano
  317. Release name behind general interpretation for instance
  318. Worsted twill weave used for tailored suits and raincoats
  319. Strange, puzzling, baffling
  320. Champion the cramping of a style
  321. Author of the little grey rabbit series of books for children
  322. Lying about top arrest
  323. Be able to repeat a vigorous dance
  324. Real life lawman
  325. Early railroad tycoon
  326. Appliances where you can catch the big bang theory e.g.: abbr.
  327. Drake or kanye west's musical genre
  328. Colorless and odorless atmosphere around us
  329. Land of the red man state for short
  330. Steal from a shop during a riot
  331. Number ___ (first rank)
  332. Nike's slogan just ___: 2 wds.
  333. Wood used to make wine barrels
  334. ___ of kings and castles… (time period in history)
  335. Google and microsoft's domain for short
  336. Relocate to a new place
  337. American retired professional basketball player who won 11 nba championships (highest ever) playing as a center for the boston celtics: 2 wds.
  338. American former professional basketball player who won 6 nba championships playing as a small forward for the chicago bulls: 2 wds.
  339. Mouse suffix to mean a desktop computer accessory
  340. Character of a beekeeper played by peter fonda for which he won a golden globe award
  341. Household rodent
  342. American retired professional basketball player who won 8 nba championships with the boston celtics and coached the team for 9 seasons: 2 wds.
  343. Charlie's angels actress lucy ___
  344. ___ and again (from time to time)
  345. Furnitures meant for sleep
  346. Common public transport option
  347. Unkempt and lazy
  348. American electro house musician steve
  349. It's been ___ since i last met her! (a long time)
  350. Pilot's estimation about when the plane will touch down: abbr.
  351. ___ jeong actor who plays leslie chow in the hangover
  352. Opinion ___ (survey)
  353. Underground part of a tree
  354. California's time zone in the winter: abbr.
  355. Students in their final year: abbr.
  356. Arab city with the burj khalifa the tallest building in the world
  357. Bedside or tabletop light source
  358. Australian marsupials for short
  359. ___ of spades (most valued card in the deck)
  360. The fast and the furious actor diesel
  361. Kiosk or booth to sell something
  362. Actor ___ dinklage who plays tyrion lannister on the tv series game of thrones
  363. Medical practitioner for short
  364. Metro suffix to mean a major city
  365. Victor's words after the final move: 2 wds.
  366. ___ out (unsubscribe from a service)
  367. Sound made by the letter between u and w?
  368. Archaic through
  369. Comes first in the class (also spinning toys)
  370. Greek letter between eta and iota
  371. Cheese that originated in the netherlands
  372. As ___ (as it often happens)
  373. Hitman and max payne actress ___ kurylenko
  374. Second-largest living bird by height
  375. Loch ___ lake alleged home of a monster
  376. Please ___ my advice. (take my advice)
  377. Nab treasure finally seen drifting beneath the waves
  378. It's topping for a player to get one
  379. Back in the globe theatre
  380. Article misses last crop a few times
  381. Set produced by artist and fashion designer not right
  382. Isle of wight fishing town
  383. Potato mashed for most parties
  384. Author of novels the war between the tates and foreign affairs
  385. Metaphor in which an object is used to describe something closely related to it
  386. Mexican cookery, a tortilla folded over mince, cheese and beans
  387. In anatomy, having the shape of a 'y'
  388. Upper limit set on prices, wages etc.
  389. Car cam spot
  390. It's turned soft at the end
  391. Needing cleaning as tabletops
  392. *joke payoff
  393. Latin american dances
  394. Coo
  395. Concerns of teachers and ophthalmologists
  396. Type of pie popular in southern cuisine
  397. __ light is not daylight: juliet
  398. Brahms played it
  399. Oscar night celebration … and where to find the ends of the answers to starred clues
  400. *last stage of a chess match
  401. Armenian's neighbor
  402. Doctored in a bad way
  403. Princess fiona's love
  404. Name in japanese wwii propaganda
  405. Element with the symbol fe
  406. Brew for an early night
  407. Charlotte nba team
  408. Verbally tears apart
  409. Part of a park ave. address
  410. Size matters not jedi master
  411. Quran reader
  412. 1981 comedy-drama film starring julie andrews and william holden
  413. Im vip
  414. Like most phone cards
  415. Prepare meat for cooking
  416. Ella's style
  417. Disapproving audience sound
  418. They're often greased with butter
  419. *do a car maintenance task
  420. Non-neutral particle
  421. Anatomical egg
  422. Chocolate maker's tree
  423. *british drama with nurses and nuns
  424. I'm not a chicken!
  425. Game suggested by the starred answers' starts
  426. Texts for short
  427. *archie bunker's sitcom
  428. James of freaks and geeks
  429. *increase standards
  430. Guitarist's pedal
  431. Neighborhood north of central park
  432. Horseshoe e.g.
  433. Builders of paper nests
  434. St. nick's refrain
  435. Ranger's crosstown hockey rival
  436. Sneaky grin
  437. Barber's dust
  438. Coolio!
  439. Real estate developer's unit
  440. Chai or chamomile holder
  441. Expense with both fixed and variable elements
  442. Dickens character who says i wear the chain i forged in life
  443. Like lemons and limes
  444. Launcher of the mars insight lander
  445. Thrashing spot at a concert
  446. Family guy infant
  447. Spiral-sliced meat
  448. Common bath toy
  449. One who's been around the block a few times
  450. New zealand natives
  451. Peak called chomolungma in tibetan
  452. Seasonal workers
  453. Airline based in rome
  454. Open-roofed lobbies
  455. They can never become kings
  456. Ran in the washer
  457. Bama fan's cheer
  458. It and a king make 21
  459. Del boy, say, finds a delicacy
  460. Days inn alternative
  461. Make an oopsie
  462. ___ it be (beatles classic)
  463. Work values
  464. Blood test expense
  465. Bachelorette's final words
  466. Ushers' lines of work?
  467. Mark takes one medium object to be a sword
  468. Flour purchase
  469. Throws as a baited hook
  470. Shop class clamp
  471. Eye longingly
  472. Key largo key west et al.
  473. Monopoly proof of purchase
  474. Fail in the clutch
  475. Forsakes the single life
  476. Height-enhancing pole
  477. Camelot garment
  478. Revolutionary cooling invention?
  479. Mattel doll since 1961
  480. Ant or bee collective
  481. Hayao miyazaki's cartoon style
  482. Stroll starter
  483. Anglo-irish author whose novels include letters for literary ladies, castle rackrent and tales of fashionable life
  484. Caesarean wardrobe piece
  485. Covered with colorful dots
  486. Bowl game sites
  487. Collette of hereditary
  488. Didn't keep hushed up
  489. Event with punches and clinches
  490. Rose buyer's quantity
  491. Writing and erasing for a pencil
  492. Revolutionary automotive invention?
  493. Faulty faucet evidence
  494. Places to hang headwear
  495. Trading card groupings
  496. Mecca-bound pilgrim often
  497. Air jordans producer
  498. Dreamscape depicter salvador
  499. Made within the country
  500. Muppet whose goldfish is dorothy
  501. Calf-concealing skirt
  502. Ludicrous type
  503. Surprised unpleasantly
  504. Pants-pressing concern
  505. 2014 baseball retiree jeter
  506. Maneuvered gently
  507. Pour ranch on say
  508. With 44-across post-meal lethargy
  509. Neaten a sidewalk's side
  510. Audition assignment
  511. Poke with a pike
  512. Sloth's abode
  513. Revolutionary audio purchase?
  514. They're no brainiacs
  515. Hornless cattle breed
  516. Gave meds to
  517. Geological fault
  518. Short-sighted burrowers
  519. Trampoline maneuvers
  520. Fireman's door buster
  521. Needed a bib
  522. Revolutionary fair attraction?
  523. Fossil-preserving goo
  524. Off-putting smell
  525. Order to a genie
  526. Piousness symbol
  527. Solemn assertion
  528. Spoil backward sheep
  529. Levy on the profits of a company or other incorporated body
  530. Phantom crept round in home counties
  531. Piece of music from show, last in 'chicago'
  532. Organisation which raises money to help people
  533. Phoebe —, actress who played the title role in 1994 comedy-drama film princess caraboo
  534. Pendant for a photograph
  535. The gills of an oyster
  536. Agatha —, fictional creation of m c beaton who first appeared in a 1992 mystery novel
  537. They could be present in the oceans
  538. Five hundred, very many casual sketches
  539. Gore on travels in portland region
  540. Jaws? a gripping production!
  541. Have ___ in one’s bonnet: 2 wds.
  542. Unimaginably long time spans
  543. Time when both clock hands are on 12
  544. ___ lonely boys (rock trio)
  545. Elbow’s counterpart on the leg
  546. Its capital is montgomery: abbr.
  547. In no way ___ or form
  548. Big failure at the box office
  549. What to cut a plank with
  550. Forgo a fancy wedding
  551. Cougar town actress whose late-night talk show on e! ends this week: 2 wds.
  552. Alan who has been nominated for an emmy grammy oscar and tony
  553. Lady in cowboy lingo
  554. The . in zynga.com
  555. Pepé the cartoon skunk’s last name: 2 wds.
  556. Freezer cubes in a drink
  557. Pesticide banned in 1972: abbr.
  558. Supreme court justice ruth ___ ginsburg
  559. Slaughter as a knight might do to a dragon
  560. Short-lived nbc high school series costarring 19-across as kim kelly: 3 wds.
  561. Star wars pilot ___ dameron
  562. Mom’s nurturing of a sick child for short
  563. 1998-2003 wb teen drama costarring 19-across as audrey liddell: 2 wds.
  564. ___-k (before kindergarten for short)
  565. Gooey fluid in trees
  566. Size of a digital camera’s batteries often
  567. Emotionally distressed