1. Nasser ordered imprisonment of a hundred arabs
  2. Lawyer, nurse, nob and monarch taking part in film
  3. Stars initially sad to leave bbc series
  4. A woman swallowing salt water
  5. Doctor khan getting cross
  6. Us support for old parliament causes commotion
  7. He's part anatolian, part greek
  8. Ba'thi zeal set out in letter from 1952
  9. Newspaper's trustees
  10. Such people are extremely clever when exchanging points
  11. Spectators sit here as weather finally worsens
  12. Unable to move from the pack
  13. Telephone about getting out - and getting back
  14. Sheet of buttons, say?
  15. Disinclined to serve a drunk
  16. Titles, perhaps mysteries, so they say
  17. Shy and remote, he must have been unshipped
  18. Utters a dictum, so there's nothing missed
  19. A cricket stroke - this cursory look could tell
  20. Steady! unsteady rider needs a fling
  21. Composer's old love by a number gripped
  22. Earth getting smaller? that's unjustified!
  23. More angry, 'upstairs, downstairs'. so to speak
  24. Shaw's house must have the will to separate
  25. Hitting the monarch with a turned-up nose
  26. Curved fruit with a humiliating skin?
  27. Song about quarrel in cumbria
  28. Craved to enter demonstrations with the usual overheads
  29. Nunnery caught keeping girl queen
  30. Saint and merry man, characters in 'the warden'
  31. How to bellyache at home match with friend after batting
  32. League with chair in chain 7
  33. Deserter among soldiers not to be charged
  34. Ferdinand's back in spot for 2 3
  35. It chimes uneasily with moral philosophy
  36. Island of fancy, not cooler part of old german kingdom
  37. Courtesy titles involve the queen having considerable bills
  38. Where there's very little point to motor to london?
  39. Street garb featured in a disco
  40. Rally driver taken short on greek island
  41. Sweetheart clued in a different way
  42. English readers make the signs of the times
  43. Early example of an oxymoron?
  44. ... good humour put back in, eg by tipsy laity
  45. Man overboard? that's a new recruit
  46. Current accommodation in area by bank
  47. Playing area used by batters and pitchers
  48. Dickensian fellow's turned informer
  49. Some licks from a gibson? on the contrary
  50. Excused 27 dropping the ...
  51. Poetaster's garbled works produced by 3 23, say?
  52. Get less time in the kitchen area
  53. Wife hit in the ear by victorian writer
  54. Secretary uses one name, susan, for disguise
  55. Signs liable to be kicked over
  56. Not only on the cricket field will it go to fine leg
  57. Girl arrives drunk at year celebration
  58. Change test? don't change it!
  59. Not varying university class
  60. Triumphant cry, eclipsing old record top mark
  61. Hat that comes down over one eye
  62. Sell up and play around, so to speak
  63. Scrap old missile
  64. Helping with relationship is new
  65. Insect repellent first taken off a vessel
  66. Shellfish and fish endlessly hoisted into ship
  67. That french-canadian province having to accept english
  68. Sampling can make sense
  69. Initially lending investor money as capital
  70. Times taking something from sun - a revealing photograph
  71. Fool's story revealed by daily
  72. A greeting in spain? on the contrary, one in hawaii
  73. Ace and king in bridge?
  74. Now we must leave the enemy country
  75. Through which spirits pass from ancient egypt, leaderless
  76. Charlie relishes the moment
  77. Built-up pope
  78. Immature and wet individual bit staff
  79. Money in store for auditor
  80. Part of nt's functions?
  81. Herb turned ass round
  82. Old bread for an animal
  83. Formic indigestion remedy?
  84. Much first-rate upright timber
  85. One called out 'sorry!'
  86. Send parcel to a needlewoman
  87. Propriety of member having sex being nameless
  88. All ready for setter's take off, chum?
  89. Little money for get-together done without devolution
  90. They may be allowed to share secrets, being upright
  91. It's a man in distress on a south pacific island
  92. Mistakes made by bakers, underwear suppliers and gardeners?
  93. Agency that sends work to you at home
  94. The resolution of endless ambition?
  95. Chief means of support
  96. Country putting physical education over sport
  97. Unsuitable piece of music for a quickstep?
  98. Throw over one's sweetheart as a bit of 8?
  99. Skua from kew has a problem
  100. Prize giver concerned with screw
  101. Got through old time report
  102. Boy led by his first ecstasy to be part of 25 12
  103. Loose with queasy inside needs to be put together
  104. Leave mum in lake and start your verbal sparring
  105. Enter dotty, with bird's dance movement
  106. Artificial means of communicating a spiritual talent by muse without name
  107. Scheme for aircraft to absorb carbon
  108. Reel with drink around the midpoint of monty python
  109. Bad atmospheric conditions reportedly make water cool
  110. One trying english writer, whose ending comes first
  111. Saying it could be a punch line to workmen's version of bulb-changing joke?
  112. Resin you once brought back, carrying viral disease
  113. Perhaps ackroyd's performing after prestigious award for piano virtuoso
  114. One with common sense keeping artist's no 1 record similar
  115. Element of resistance in grant
  116. Rubber pancake?
  117. Factory where talk is effective
  118. One may hold a key to the past
  119. Amount required to cook salvia
  120. Post to southend
  121. The most insipid accommodation survey
  122. This cat is not heavy
  123. Hard speech cut in part of hamlet
  124. A nostrum i badly needed around a sickroom
  125. Take turns off to relax
  126. Health resort's endless boom
  127. One seen in a hanging basket?
  128. No single word will fit here
  129. Speaking with initial difficulty
  130. Plucky player gets support following veto
  131. African state where one follows matriarchal rule
  132. Those who are offside, perhaps?
  133. Certainly not a kid, boy soldier
  134. Head back holding sparkler as defence
  135. Search out a girl, seeking fate
  136. Still water rising for boat
  137. Only one item, you fool
  138. Fine act clumsily backfiring in part
  139. Rash was 'armful - i see 'your tiny hand is frozen'?
  140. Comedian without a turn can be devilish
  141. Street of bankrupt archbishop
  142. Deep south resident generally speaking
  143. Mammal with a fly-by-night operation?
  144. Some ira investments
  145. Prefix with sphere or conscious
  146. Weight contributes nothing to rugby score
  147. Old volume given as award by the queen
  148. Breakfast option containing ham and green pepper
  149. Spoon or spatula
  150. Pore output
  151. Dessert with a meringue covering
  152. Belgian battle site of world war i
  153. Outlaw group with mobiles, for example
  154. A nose for getting up
  155. Dad, to irritate, gets into row about mending equipment
  156. To be opened in 50 years cache
  157. Set a new standard and a hint to the circled letters
  158. Packed comestibles, the produce of indian forests?
  159. African lifeline
  160. Carolina birds
  161. That's unbelievable to a texter
  162. Big about turning up for work!
  163. Rector distracted by aunt, interminable storyteller
  164. Watery, unthatched abode agents come up about
  165. One did almost nothing with time, being a fool
  166. To produce an ingredient for dye is the plan hothead and i devised
  167. In place of your original regular?
  168. Refrain that keeps flyers up to the mark
  169. Entrance to a small bay
  170. Title to move from london to dover
  171. Dumb boy in post
  172. They believe further education for sailor one solution
  173. Epic problem for ena at festival
  174. Feast for moths about tree and water
  175. Knock back drink incomplete on one side
  176. Breakdown of a western organisation? you surprise me!
  177. Go down to wash up
  178. Count gets most of blame with society
  179. I skip report of man with turban fitting one in
  180. That's enough with bird
  181. Theatrical roles turn up for groom
  182. Escape? i don't believe it!
  183. What one thinks of love taking wing?
  184. Kingdom not fancied by many
  185. Wild enthusiasm for two natural products
  186. Items of luggage may be severely tested
  187. He operates on different levels
  188. An annoying habit of the conscience-stricken
  189. Punctuation mark perhaps too freely used
  190. Once in the theatre, he demands his money's worth
  191. Such a church can omit choral composition
  192. They go out to ride with 'ounds south of the river
  193. Boot that is removed may be full of water
  194. After bumpy ride, paisley's lot stopped talking
  195. Keep company with female, then restrain wild desire finally
  196. In and out of this may pass spirit or ghost that's disturbed girl
  197. Very wise man, the first to hide face
  198. Early stage reached by more dancing
  199. Tory leader's intellect is found in container by a priest under hill
  200. Old english fish
  201. The pity may follow the customs
  202. Gangway is swamped by liquor
  203. Rejected or retained, adelaide is displaying pointlessly
  204. Film star stan grasps note on a state
  205. Opposed to agricultural land in which 'i' is used for 'x'?
  206. Person with family has a large eye
  207. Epithet for austen hero taking me and ellen out
  208. Easy wind to block
  209. Bar sinister means one left ... to scarper with single friend
  210. Complaint of above girl to welshman in play
  211. Elegant spirit, river bird
  212. Temperamental socialist?
  213. Part of throat needing good fortune to settle back
  214. Here's one small step
  215. Single south african party cuts price, as intended
  216. Crazy golf brutal? boy, this is more so!
  217. Grooved without lid, then sealed with clay
  218. Breakdown in reduction is present
  219. Outdone outside gallery, tried working normally
  220. Wild agents destroyed parts of some planes
  221. English monarch repeatedly admitting one stranger
  222. One form of smoking prohibited, we hear, for scottish players
  223. Hiring people of 16
  224. Reserve to join in combat
  225. Young brewer still taken aback about a bad smell
  226. Return communication about america's london station
  227. Round number for golfer - is he teeing off?
  228. What's inside isn't real - only different
  229. Blue-black fruit
  230. Be reluctant to suspend a footballer
  231. Classic form of transport involving air and steam
  232. Author ms blyton?
  233. The inner workings are essential
  234. Fast currents
  235. Opening for a machine operator
  236. Fr fitzgerald in 11 between sides that never meet
  237. Requirement for old vehicle or driver
  238. Night and day locations for interior department
  239. Secret process to store ice
  240. Domed drinking vessel elderly had their food in
  241. Egotistic when topped can be shorter and tricky
  242. Japanese box of wrought iron
  243. Novel part of the the venus de milo's autobiography?
  244. Stick with scheme to be in funny hats
  245. Unjustified, being worn out with gulf problem
  246. Keep sun off hop?
  247. Renaissance patrons of sir thomas browne
  248. Sequin found in corner shop previously empty
  249. A prodigious sailor's cry
  250. Dingy fish crossing river
  251. Boost sound or light
  252. Rococo for a grand painter
  253. Amaze head of school with union backing
  254. Musical grunts?
  255. Salts' place - in the deep, somewhere
  256. Challenged catholic leader on 'father ted' carries on
  257. Médiocre e
  258. Resist having to get up
  259. Fail somehow to include account for beauty treatment
  260. Chuck senior?
  261. Decline the leftovers
  262. Bully traps 2000 in traffic
  263. A newcomer to station life in oz, the girl needs a jumper
  264. Lad accompanying 12
  265. Offices used by union negotiators?
  266. The german rock singer teaching the french one
  267. Some offer is questionable, being rather suggestive
  268. Bales out - disaster is complete
  269. Nz feathers inferior?
  270. Cold war unlikely to be this
  271. Sign ball after the record
  272. Barriers no problem for plum
  273. Now edward has to have been obliged
  274. Kind of knot one used
  275. Honour an usher around the planet
  276. Some heat from another machine
  277. I pioneered, setting up a food shop
  278. Time right, possibly, for quality
  279. Real problem with small beam
  280. Point duet out as a solo piano study
  281. A sure sign that some letters are missing
  282. Member goes in last and supports illuminator
  283. Without concealment monarch identifies herself as a workaholic
  284. The answer varies slightly with wood or wool
  285. The french want a poet as a driver
  286. Saintly archbishop, in a manner of speaking
  287. Perfume where 24 is, as they say
  288. Meringue, for example, changes order of meal
  289. Quick demand for quiet - musical instrument is included
  290. Playwright with drug - ditch posh professor and put in saint
  291. The sun's hottest part?
  292. Invention of edison taken from a 90° angle
  293. Muse with sovereign detailing something elementary
  294. Cuts immediately
  295. The medicine man's beastly carriers?
  296. Mountain on the border between italy and switzerland
  297. 1823 novel by walter scott whose background is the popish plot of 1678
  298. 2013 sci-fi film starring scarlett johansson based on a novel by michel faber
  299. Peter — us actor who starred in 1963 film drama shock corridor
  300. Medium-sized feline mammal of central and south america
  301. Itv spy drama series starring edward woodward in the title role that ran from 1967-72
  302. Small roundish boat made from waterproofed hides stretched over a wicker frame
  303. Wife of cronus and mother of zeus in greek mythology
  304. 1959 crime drama film starring martin lasalle and marika green
  305. In bridge a bid higher than the preceding one
  306. German article, doppelgänger's gun
  307. Best actor in a leading role oscar winner for manchester by the sea
  308. Giuseppe — italian composer of operas didone abbandonata and giulio sabino
  309. Popular name for the headquarters of the federal security service of the russian federation in moscow
  310. Old servant's descendant about to pick out one
  311. Its banks are sung of ('20% of wall street crash')
  312. Records made by shrewd composer
  313. Dotty, see, imbibes punch, so put in the shade
  314. Airs improvised without a keynote by holder, the composer
  315. Checks outside sun clothing
  316. Fertiliser understood by hippie to contain nitrogen
  317. Insider from acton improperly snaffling prize
  318. Pole and russian once had a fight
  319. Animal almost extinct twice over
  320. The best party over in saudi arabia provides drink
  321. Images manipulated to provoke prejudice
  322. Achieve position finally in firm
  323. Oil is obtained from this italian city by the ton
  324. Se quereller avec indecence
  325. Suspicious about newspaper's leaders
  326. To this extent harry is no chum
  327. Du poisson et des fruits de mer crus e
  328. The innocent almost killed by a plant
  329. Form of service sounds ok
  330. Emperor worshipping a star, back to front
  331. Early us computer backed mutiny
  332. Political midwife?
  333. Rush to sign on buttons
  334. Flower is good for head of commonwealth leader
  335. Hit catches a european (english), resulting in shiner
  336. Bowler getting out
  337. Taking into account every capital, if new delhi is anyone's, it's mine!
  338. With nothing to lose, i,note, judge interrupts clergyman, impatient speaker
  339. 'tales of the unexpected', book which is irritating
  340. Noncommittal gesture to the 4's noisy booty?
  341. Get it and assume imprecise?
  342. Is element in china specious?
  343. Working lunch including direction for route of eurostar
  344. Shadow time by the 1down 21 saw start of spanish succession problem
  345. Ban ki-moon or remove his powers?
  346. Faith, old dear - live first!
  347. Conspire with sebastian to hold up pedestrian
  348. Pretend soldier's back in the bog
  349. Drinking vessel in our country is nothing to the french model
  350. Little fastener for unruly wig left down by tree
  351. Bad actor will scoff at swing for relaxation
  352. Never putting a foot wrong under heartless king, lying glibly
  353. Death may result in shortage of cash for drug
  354. Prison clique causing trouble
  355. Stage directors make them up
  356. Pass by troubled region
  357. A section of the foot soldiers should be
  358. Surgical cover many enquire after
  359. Reserves have to practise during breaks
  360. Divisions used in local government or in branches
  361. Bookstore patron
  362. Traditional desk gift for a grad
  363. Bill turned in a murderer
  364. Nun that is adjusting to the tedium of life
  365. Moira goes out with new zealander
  366. Fire starter that works when wet
  367. Becomes less bright
  368. British pop singer of skyfall
  369. Wandered around
  370. On the ball or off the grid
  371. Good to get together again with fruity thing
  372. Crafty scheme has to accommodate biblical character
  373. Land on one's head?
  374. It's gathered storage tower reversing onto a fortification
  375. Coarse quality needs attention (she isn't refined)
  376. Quick to help out
  377. Bill may be so conceited
  378. When terribly lost, read navigation guide
  379. Cannon for englishmen abroad?
  380. Article in newspaper introducing old copper baths
  381. Deceives girl about heavy metal
  382. Russian female collegian ignoring the odds
  383. Used brand available in main primary colour
  384. Fictional captain in south dakota is sunk
  385. A scholarly work, in my opinion
  386. Files originated for the auditor
  387. Hot water swirling round? don't mention it!
  388. Welsh town supplied with eggs from the country
  389. (of a person) attractive
  390. ... top catch? about 90
  391. A 50-floor hotel, say, might be one in this capital?
  392. A few characters from the bard, old hat
  393. A little something singer got teeth into
  394. A party opening up a temple
  395. A theologian maintains vehicle anglicans lent
  396. Action taken to reverse temper tantrums
  397. After daughter’s shower, this used?
  398. Agony at first over royal marine in shelter
  399. Alloy of copper
  400. Anthology of articles on a related subject
  401. Appropriate american insurers withdraw
  402. Area of swampy ground
  403. Coarse group often used to go online
  404. Asleep, a dream possesses army chaplain
  405. Stop wrenching pendant out!
  406. Barrel-maker had to join forces
  407. Energy wasted at 100mph, i pronounced
  408. Basis of a screwdriver
  409. Banter by creep gets the bird
  410. Be a tourist with sense to understand
  411. Before hotel used to be clean
  412. Call up the day before about ball and whip
  413. Cape mariner occupying his quarters
  414. Case of senior overcome by auditorium
  415. Cast doubt on my claim to be a beauty
  416. Chap from ancient city demanding immediate attention
  417. Chosen candidate
  418. Classic book author's 12-month record about the rise of a sussex town
  419. Clerical gentleman’s weapon in speech
  420. Colour supplement sent without its first article
  421. Come to __ set at __
  422. Come together on entering empty crypt in a church
  423. Consumed, finished
  424. Court welcoming north italian poet
  425. Criticise a society in decline
  426. One fleeing his country before catching plane
  427. Darkness before navy's boat returns
  428. Declare sadly a tunic's been appropriated by old queen
  429. Dishonoured
  430. Possible follower of horse god having meal
  431. Dodge's wings and favoured elevation
  432. Draw with articulated flatline textile process
  433. Not recorded as i speak the philosophy of the hedonist?
  434. Engineer left ground in shade
  435. English clubs look into female division
  436. Every year fish are getting lighter; ...
  437. Bonus puzzle, lacking number and name
  438. Feast attlee shortly set about with a son
  439. Flat surface forming the back of a boat
  440. A tv is deployed (air conditioned inside) for restricted flight area manager
  441. Flying, could one say, inspiring terror
  442. Wrestling rag dolls, then, produces a good wrestling grip
  443. Former announcer hosted australian clerical staff
  444. Fussy eater disturbing novices’ rite
  445. Game to do with passing round dictionary before finishing early
  446. Get democrat locked up
  447. Go out with anorak joey?
  448. God starts to create really awful, terrifyingly rich man
  449. Grand award gets scrubbed in hostile state
  450. Half of police carrying first gun
  451. Happy with coral being destroyed without proper backing
  452. Helpers i’d organised for church office
  453. Here’s a gift
  454. House seductress clutching large ring? not half!
  455. How fiji is crazier than pitcairn?
  456. Hurrying away on purpose: it must be seen in perspective
  457. I must finish fish bones
  458. Iceland stops installing zero pressure indicators
  459. Instrument prodding trooper's cheeks
  460. Beckham, say, swayed games on pitch
  461. Jack perhaps leaving daughter an old banger?
  462. Looted overthrown city of spain
  463. Juicy edible gourd
  464. Exceptionally animated, sparkling stuff
  465. Leafstalk trailing river duck
  466. Is hesitant when perplexed? quite the contrary
  467. Liquid rubbed into the skin
  468. Not how anne boleyn's ghost will collide with you
  469. Loaded old boat containing large case
  470. Look after, care for
  471. Look out, emin!
  472. A comparison which makes one break into a grin
  473. Marijuana shop?
  474. Marker makes toenail red
  475. Marx, remarkable person who spears his prey
  476. Maybe man-eater’s short time to gobble soldier up
  477. Method of authorising payment in terms of golf
  478. Mitigate - allay
  479. Motion was altered drastically to cover gold
  480. Music producer is fashionable in red
  481. Nice night to pursue one husky driver
  482. Nimbleness and expertise good for bachelor
  483. No more suckers? that’s intolerable
  484. Not on your nelly!
  485. Note flyer describing good helmsman
  486. Occasionally thwart bowler?
  487. Old sign about black stuff men ignored, passing remarks
  488. Oliver twist's friend, the artful ___
  489. One diver comes up holding cold chunk of glacier
  490. One form of ancient hut not in tune with sartre's philosophy?
  491. One not turning up to eat? that hurts!
  492. One sorry about daughter being less well-developed
  493. One supplying air when tennis player gets colour back
  494. Outlines scene on border at start of act
  495. Partner skirts college entrance
  496. Party line taken with state dish
  497. Peninsula of african country with no western boundary
  498. I'll put my production to increase
  499. Pepper restricted by winter's perseverance
  500. Period of working on hobby regularly a compulsion
  501. Photo of an idiot?
  502. Raise game although ready to drop
  503. Police turn up expert to handle new loss
  504. Prevented from flying
  505. Races for boats
  506. Rapid attack
  507. Rectangular framework
  508. Refusing to change opinion of university, wayne slob, a mess, drops round
  509. Represent naughty boy’s smile
  510. Ring line to receive small magazine
  511. Rise in level of horse riding
  512. Treating the rash wrongly is fateful
  513. Robbed of power, taken below to be confined
  514. Fastening some marsh asphodel
  515. Row of houses supplied by foreign caterer
  516. Knight leaves spa for shoot
  517. Sack of bricks holding tons
  518. Sailor’s complaint, sick at first with waves
  519. Second person getting some teeth out
  520. Self-contained and specialised part of an animal
  521. Self-important holy one's going after fair return
  522. Sentimental work penned by mi6 man?
  523. Showing readiness to eat one in safety
  524. Small growths
  525. Some electricity through heart shocked part of body
  526. Some horribly etiolated creature found in mountains?
  527. Someone who appears to have no emotions
  528. Soprano instantly discards bloomers in winter
  529. Spiritual trend is a fresh form of prejudice
  530. Storm encountered on way up — a pain
  531. Suggested plan
  532. Supporter of revolutionary ruler imprisoning her majesty
  533. Swimmer dislodges top from sink
  534. Talk arrogantly to others from an illusory mount?
  535. Fever is universal in advancing years
  536. Tamarins, playful creatures not of this world
  537. Leicester footballers listen for fish
  538. Tasteless taming of shrew
  539. Tearing bits off flag, grossly offensive behaviour
  540. Thing that may be chosen
  541. Tie; agent
  542. Revulsion to constituents of anchor beer
  543. Tit for tat, say, not once backfired
  544. Traffic controller with knotted rope traps european
  545. Uproar during exam leads to third for one
  546. Very old affliction
  547. Declare to being cross about condition
  548. What coop boss did for ship's company
  549. What separates the us and russia leads to each saving energy
  550. Whipped a tycoon boxing king of 8
  551. Witty person
  552. Operas at bayreuth occasion bold action
  553. Campaigner is less prepared when touring south africa
  554. Roll onto a bit of kipper in bed
  555. Given disappointment with taste of parfait or cheesecake, might one finish off crème brûlée?
  556. Two times one = seat
  557. Check car heading for todmorden
  558. Escape required given trapped wind? quite!
  559. Festive feature in sound, solver will record
  560. Shot entering something from behind sea creature
  561. Sinclair lewis conformist
  562. Where to look for a model to strip?
  563. It's said to be dry wine
  564. Setter or weaver 18down can hear
  565. Writer with golden gun
  566. Greenwich interval?
  567. Gives up the proceeds
  568. Tribe obtain a what-d'you-call-it
  569. One in retard unfortunately didn't hurry
  570. 22 characters reportedly exorcists?
  571. Followed girl is caught in the finish
  572. Baggage charge for a salt?
  573. Dangerous place for the church of england to stand?
  574. Become attached or separate
  575. Careful checking or careless mistake
  576. Delicate, it is knocked over, found in seven pieces
  577. Got one chip wrong, but generally producing good shots
  578. Disappeared or remaining
  579. Circulatory systems made people walk to work
  580. Stranded silver ring
  581. One needs £50 badly
  582. Bird making harsh sound
  583. An uplifting tune for singing
  584. He's in no hurry to take over
  585. Dumb as the majority are reported to be?
  586. Room can be found for plonk
  587. Hats off to county and central asian city
  588. Island sports a kind of diver - but not beginner
  589. Cleaners for prince without a princess
  590. Every single one entered by the head
  591. Poet backing bad taste, though men refuse to put it down
  592. Hole some clientele yet to reject
  593. Drop a story
  594. Gangster has to cover one
  595. High-speed diet?
  596. Rob firstly scores a duck
  597. Girl having an asthma attack
  598. Provide financial assistance for 11
  599. Initially robert edwards said to be standing in california
  600. Where 8 goes (as roughly depicted) when one's temporarily not working?
  601. Passage of play after instant opening lets me in
  602. Players in front row, say, of small musical group
  603. Lock given order to be quiet!
  604. Miserable airmen quit caribbean island
  605. How rain falls to form hard water
  606. In fine fettle, yet initially unsure
  607. Company producing commercials
  608. Sports agent, briefly
  609. Foamy coffee drinks
  610. Final olds produced
  611. School keepsake
  612. A number of workers in occupation
  613. The daily show network
  614. 2012 channing tatum film
  615. School day interlude
  616. Maroon, at sea
  617. Olympic divers goal
  618. Nutritional supplements co
  619. Onetime nbc owner
  620. Triangular mexican chip
  621. Prefix meaning world
  622. Comment from a good sport
  623. Person from korea or india
  624. Pace of walking
  625. Transfer, as a file to the web
  626. Perch in a henhouse
  627. No recriminations with this setter's wordplay? shame, given the execution
  628. Cooker on a patio
  629. Salami city of italy
  630. Awkward tart's customer needing 'a little yogurt'
  631. Once more try getting on home counties train
  632. Simple menu posh arranged
  633. Something a bit fishy's raised with endless subtlety and disdain
  634. Tout had short new catch phrase
  635. Plan by sheep to wander round
  636. Become anxious and burp?
  637. Green and red stuff
  638. Where numbers can be found written down
  639. Lyse doucet
  640. The decline and fall of the roman empire
  641. Withdraws, having established a university with hollow backing
  642. Hypothetical case of low temperature
  643. Maximum speed on main road limited for driver
  644. With pen, altered name on pardon
  645. Ray's getting turned away, sadly, for certain
  646. A film on sea paintings by hammer?
  647. Such as the guardian making southern english town assume importance
  648. A lot of net practice needed to make them relent with warm shaking?
  649. Landowner, look, into line dancing at first
  650. Check broadcast as rulers do
  651. Crestfallen democrats covering up president no longer
  652. Lecture about, say, going round brummie's town
  653. Dignified refusal to live without lord's lead
  654. Extravagant spending, as you'd expect from over-the-top diva playing mimi?
  655. Bad luck mainly unyielding
  656. Part of uniform of english girl?
  657. I had heart of holy one for worship
  658. University types do it before and after the race
  659. Develop orally?
  660. Swift character's referring to a big race
  661. Artist's image: a fool with love
  662. Order in row stinks
  663. More alcohol given to baby
  664. Compound speed of a berk?
  665. Gather in grains, then reach under spruce
  666. Prospect for this artist, left ear examination!
  667. Want to remove borders, so open
  668. Unoriginal type wants to make tom tom-tom?
  669. One done up like a kipper?
  670. Stupid person, possibly a fool
  671. Flower border occupies me, with minor adjustment?
  672. Bird box attached to line
  673. Chemical explosive that's initially sealed in glass
  674. A queen protected by duchess and coterie
  675. Carrying out motion of iron up and down, leading to tear
  676. The demon drink, as you might say?
  677. Sneer at priest in conflict? not the answer
  678. View of soldiers in republic
  679. Colour jones applied round front of door
  680. Cheesed off in the kitchen?
  681. Part of france with nothing to serve as a carriage
  682. Follow quiet girl round ancient city
  683. Yorkshire hooligans scuttle, ignoring all susceptibilities
  684. Is perhaps the first lady a riddle?
  685. Old bull's punishment
  686. Turning grey? not us - nor him
  687. West gets back to welsh town
  688. Put up figure
  689. Completely lost voice and note from anaesthetic
  690. Holy object on german lines
  691. Alloy of deuterium found by russian river
  692. Iron good when applied to the bone
  693. Scotch king quitting united nations?
  694. It's ok for a little lamb to moo
  695. Energetic one in party stacks up
  696. Country providing boost for artificial intelligence - not outer space
  697. Perhaps a nun is good with dinosaurs
  698. Moore in the midlands
  699. Capital mission, one might say, changed state
  700. Bother with sailors beginning to swab decks
  701. Called and spoke
  702. Six-footer initially cut out magnified section of map
  703. Within this one had a meal for new recruit
  704. Force admission to the upper classes
  705. Girl's letter is contemptuous
  706. Bill carries a bird in a lift
  707. Protect lad in a way that gives neat motivation
  708. Left middle-eastern port weighed down
  709. He's on the way to work
  710. I eat out in foreign capital
  711. Shown to have a deficit and charged
  712. Return to the country, the scene of the crime
  713. Damage one's shed, sadly
  714. Trotsky came back for the festival
  715. Dreaming about being in easy reach of a gun
  716. Canal employee identified by hair and ring
  717. Don't keep going on about 'fort fun'!
  718. Solar system model's alternative second attempt (temperature dropped)
  719. Make meaningful call in small office
  720. Brief, bound (made by squirrel?)
  721. Over 3 years of light travel makes you break down with cold
  722. Lead present in unusual spell of rain - it's blissful
  723. A gallery for ever indebted for works that are?
  724. Copper shot by patient chap for a sinecure
  725. Reliant, as 26 is on this bird?
  726. Happen to gamble on fish
  727. One putting jacket on corrupt beast from the east
  728. One in 28 7, cubist left without head
  729. Destructive device taken over in club mob-handed
  730. One in 28 7 is grossly stupid, and one with no right until much later
  731. Love, very cold when climbing, beset by live one in 28 7
  732. Lecher afoot, ogling skirts, getting up to overstep the mark
  733. Too much stress, it's clear, with sun hidden - usual british summer?
  734. Shameless cable channel briefly
  735. Mowgli: legend of the jungle voice actor who starred with brad pitt in the big short (2 wds.)
  736. Advanced math subject for short
  737. Top ___ (tom cruise film with fighter pilots)
  738. Eggplant ___ (cheesy italian dish briefly)
  739. Model snatches bejewelled item, heading for engagement ring here
  740. Sunday newspaper extra
  741. Acting assignment
  742. How to train your dragon voice actor who starred with brad pitt in moneyball (2 wds.)
  743. Late summer month
  744. Singer twain known as the queen of country pop
  745. Sign positive, with 10 under 4/5 of 20
  746. Catch up with black bird in longing for game
  747. Graceland's state (abbr.)
  748. Italian fashion giant whose logo is interlocking g's
  749. Mowgli: legend of the jungle and how to train your dragon voice actress who starred with brad pitt in the curious case of benjamin button (2 wds.)
  750. Was ___ hard on them? (2 wds.)
  751. Prom attendee typically
  752. Home for military jets (abbr.)
  753. Flower painted by georgia o'keeffe and vincent van gogh
  754. Treat unfairly (hyph.)
  755. Nebraska city on the missouri river
  756. Some downton abbey noblemen
  757. ___ allen (furniture company)
  758. Straight from the freezer (2 wds.)
  759. Amazon prime series starring billy bob thornton and william hurt
  760. Postgraduate degree (abbr.)
  761. Plan to pay for drinks at last call say (3 wds.)
  762. Building caretaker
  763. Johannesburg event, perhaps, behind the most barbed wire?
  764. Dramatist gets nothing from clue
  765. Elizabethan actor of the old school has name put on marble
  766. Us author that could make king lear fun
  767. It sounds like strong material, appropriate for magazine editor
  768. Game backed by great man of american literature
  769. The work especially about love that scott wrote
  770. Book published in good shape for one of the brontës
  771. Female novelist making daringly naughty contribution
  772. Vegetarian food provided by liberal head
  773. Getting closer in range adjustment
  774. He played a lion-tamer plus about 100 parts
  775. Cigars, ale, possibly port
  776. One embarked in old vessel for this voyage
  777. It weighs what's left
  778. Vengeance makes sin seem fatuous
  779. Small, trim and slim
  780. Lake containing silver in very small quantity
  781. Carriage on a package
  782. Cop in male form
  783. Us spies so put about by spin as lacking inspiration
  784. Trust could be real nice
  785. Her trouble rose with abandoned hope
  786. The most naïve permit incest
  787. Breakfast equipment is sound, of course
  788. Surprise of persistent look officer kept up
  789. Train starts awfully late nearly every other time
  790. Separate land blocking entrance to passage
  791. Seven and ace, possibly diamonds, vanished
  792. Run second photo
  793. Black hole after dose of nuclear energy has little time for huge star
  794. Shocker, with monarch allowed source of information
  795. Buddy bites lip first
  796. It was hell before transport came
  797. It's in the glass where it was made
  798. Retreats make spooner set fire to hay
  799. Outlines tend to be blurred or ignored
  800. Letter to 14 towards the end
  801. Barnard, say, prepares expat for growing tea, say, when i leave
  802. The first relative to bait?
  803. Food for half a dozen adders
  804. Mother country's hell
  805. Footballers' curse satisfied by gunners dropping 2 points
  806. Bung is a large amount given over
  807. Minister's no nit-picker over expenditure
  808. Seed houses a meaty bit
  809. Antipathy from the gallery
  810. Had a fight and was thrown out
  811. Small firms get together over a drink
  812. It may produce winter ailments leading to little sleep
  813. From which one drives, say, for a drink
  814. Get away with experience in aerial display
  815. Marcel coming out of stupor
  816. It's quickly torn out in the post office
  817. Beats up a pole
  818. Old writ makes english run
  819. Duke takes poor girl to initiate nunnery and church
  820. World put about confection virtually 6
  821. Mayor entertains boy in lincs.
  822. Harm felt badly - pupils are not now 19
  823. It's preferable without, for example, a father
  824. Perform heartless ditty as a soloist
  825. One soviet cop beyond the pyrenees
  826. Lack any evidence, so be forced to lie?
  827. Against reforms, old south american city
  828. Swot up about a pacific island
  829. Island offering a taste of cannibalism
  830. Unable to reach toilet, has taken wee
  831. Many admit defeat when 17
  832. Poverty-stricken journalists going into action
  833. Democratic newspaper, commonly a nuisance
  834. Escort knight into custody on us ship
  835. A great dentist worked in an industrial centre
  836. Sink especially ground
  837. Thrower of cricket ball
  838. Attract support for cause
  839. Chemically wear away
  840. Prevent leakage
  841. Absence of thanks
  842. The guardian starts to assess roman government under severus
  843. Some years with conservation group that's corrupt
  844. Open not secret
  845. Shone brightly but briefly
  846. Platform over water
  847. Extremely radical
  848. Numerous (inf)
  849. Steward takes lithium to relax
  850. Girl with a latin prayer book
  851. A tree's chopped up for festival
  852. Broken item on seat in home
  853. Horse control mechanism
  854. Assessed merits
  855. Anxiety perturbation
  856. One administered land
  857. Inadequate frenchman's a bore
  858. No time for coffee long delayed
  859. Type with motor tested in measurements of vision
  860. Kind of car difficult to be seen on parking
  861. Monstrous or barbaric
  862. Passed time as a writer in a way
  863. Silver about in e.g. undergoing change, appearing elderly
  864. Riddles concerning lady being held by the secret intelligence service
  865. Palindromic female title
  866. Food merchant, say, with excess fat
  867. Audience constrained - unable to get out!
  868. Oxford university device for setting off in a boat
  869. In this place is an unknown contrary opinion
  870. Turned radio on electrician's last order
  871. Society housed in one accommodating place or another
  872. Fish experts
  873. Thrash in the return game
  874. It's essential to a helicopter going up and down
  875. Tell tales about little catherine, being harshly critical
  876. An afternoon trip?
  877. Transported for regimental training?
  878. Study about river, backing required
  879. Joke about money results in student's punishment
  880. Schoolman, as bartok in a way
  881. Manx tt
  882. A thousand goose-step around the bucks. village
  883. William brown's foot?
  884. Well-behaved german author playing lyre
  885. Bird caught by river
  886. Greek traversing endless land and ocean
  887. A latin american president is just the same
  888. Dating apps
  889. Centre for financier, terribly naive about capital
  890. Standard set by former secretary-general or theatrical dame
  891. Finder (and loser) of america? a saint!
  892. Victor's director
  893. Where rabbits may be found in hastings
  894. Land fit for heroes draws one back
  895. Tory's cool rap session
  896. Optional post in primary education?
  897. Bottomless pit upset red guard
  898. One article by belgian author
  899. Boxer leapt around, finding market abroad
  900. Iberian secret service securing a nail before noon
  901. Ascensionner e
  902. Maintien e
  903. Ill-advised fortunehunting on 'antique roadshow', initially, in 17
  904. Chaotic result of major road accident outside hospital
  905. Bird of endless ostentation
  906. Speak about time for holiday
  907. Narrow escape for ship after marine disaster
  908. Called expedition leader for compass
  909. Total supervised at sea
  910. Son with pluck exorcising a curse
  911. A mince pie is an art form
  912. Covering for drill in wagon
  913. A comedian broadcast in south-eastern europe
  914. Revitalization of control over motor race
  915. Selected or picked out
  916. Many imitate student in a flap
  917. A know-all appears perceptive over the port
  918. Dance and a drink to uplift a sailor
  919. Fixed forms of worship
  920. Stop sleeping and wash, having risen
  921. Renting isn't a problem when difficult to move
  922. Help i had with an article
  923. Go back - but not to work
  924. Below par performance if horse's right side disabled
  925. Coast road has one church with horse inside - after oats, perhaps
  926. Like a gelding thrown a painter by boy
  927. Unhorsed? that's crazy!
  928. Young horse with time off when first of month turned out freezing
  929. The adored groom's words to discontented lippizaners
  930. *leave car at home .....
  931. *feed on regurgitated food
  932. Brewer by nature, perhaps
  933. Entry secured by following setter's computer space
  934. Food in pots for slow bowlers?
  935. Detention for translating sartre?
  936. Withdraw to recover
  937. Formerly presiding liberian bath attendant?
  938. I strain to find country queen pursuing its leaders
  939. Wave's power
  940. Changed 'em over
  941. Hero getting cold among ebbing waves
  942. Upset tummies quake by the end of a close match
  943. Don't eat hat for a quickie
  944. Stagger in with sot, reeling into tree
  945. A lot then? hardly!
  946. Promote what sounds like right scandal?
  947. Mild warmth of speed isn't dissipated
  948. Firearm that's quiet on the ear
  949. Hide awhile at hereford's cloisters
  950. Young bounder always cornered by obstacle
  951. Stretch of river passing over slates
  952. Clear cover protecting caps?
  953. No girl goes around without bottom showing in place of beauty
  954. Et - movie that's sloppily tugging at heart strings
  955. Make nuts to secure left bearing
  956. It's used to lift - or bring down
  957. One willing to let others succeed
  958. New organisation takes blame for cover up
  959. About fifty diaries edited by victorian novelist
  960. Ernest breaks records
  961. Staff held a course
  962. Turn round floundering tragedy, lacking drama at first
  963. Theatre worker eats tons of fish
  964. Many edge out cupbearer
  965. Like the decimal system, setter's becoming rigorous
  966. Ancient weapon set down in welsh lake
  967. Exasperation with work and career
  968. Story of operatic cycle reported by inhabitant of australia
  969. 1 wanting poetical goddess like this
  970. A stuttering lament will cause injury
  971. Fool wasn't well beset
  972. Spooner's rain to form river at 17?
  973. Relative of 21 and 22
  974. ..... lincolnshire town game for 17 players won by 4ac
  975. Fish view seal in suspicious manner
  976. Standard all survived, having taken off
  977. Tree seen in mist over lake
  978. Wacky baccy went down the toilet?
  979. Spray painful area, which is hot
  980. Opposing the thought, they say?
  981. Politician having left in the course of short recess, most natural
  982. 2 forms requiring an editor?
  983. Yard where bank located in the film
  984. Sport, i state, bringing total defeat
  985. Zero sleep taken during trip, so stop
  986. Having a specific position and special duties over a short time
  987. Title holder uses it
  988. Showing some picasso on a screen, once
  989. A couple of hunters, perhaps, who cheat?
  990. Chap writing war and peace, for example
  991. Idiot breaking rule put in new post
  992. Bad atmosphere in which mother keeps one apart from son
  993. Pleasant listening - such as 1, 7, 13, 18, 21 and 26, say?
  994. He and i fail to provide part of engine
  995. Enemy zulu leader going round causing ferment
  996. Shelter behind me in an affray
  997. Nurseryman's guarded forecast about hawthorn?
  998. High command?
  999. A possibility of power?
  1000. Being fond of your pet involves money
  1001. Penalty pronounced on arsonist?
  1002. Canteen provides green cooking for the ambassador
  1003. How not to respond to a flasher?
  1004. Moves slowly in unfinished game
  1005. Direction in scriptural work is of no consequence
  1006. Mccitizen?
  1007. Took horse to ring at a show
  1008. Makes safe motions to bring down government by decapitating them
  1009. Laterally english get in old port
  1010. Wild rage at jibe from a relative
  1011. Greek vestment to help out with tear-jerker
  1012. Crush for a fictional lawyer lacking love
  1013. Water god, leading american writer
  1014. Crew members need
  1015. Address from a lectern
  1016. Chocolate-coated frozen treat
  1017. Sound at a cat shelter
  1018. Breath mints brand
  1019. Shiite prayer leaders
  1020. Ivy in phila
  1021. Yipe, a mouse!
  1022. Tourney round, informally
  1023. Powerpoint production
  1024. Outmoded aol communications
  1025. Hatch in the senate until 2019
  1026. Musicians semibreve
  1027. Done at once
  1028. Rehearsal direction
  1029. Town in south-west given just now to north
  1030. Broad inlet
  1031. Hotels availability
  1032. Owner of a springfield tavern
  1033. Three little boys may be georgian
  1034. Revered tribe member
  1035. Correspondents cost
  1036. Brain-freezing drinks
  1037. Leader of athenians in pain, an old greek
  1038. Make a decision about a working class type with bad credit
  1039. Thug, admitting nothing right, shows concern
  1040. A woman's remains
  1041. Test cholera out in filthy hole
  1042. Animal welfare's ending for john on a tractor
  1043. Sense inferior position
  1044. With private on song, go to bed
  1045. Quail and move jerkily having met with success in the guardian
  1046. Beef to turn out deficient, not having much seasoning
  1047. Dull men own up, being confused by on-screen feature
  1048. This person not supermodel - old and slower
  1049. Pm kept outside queen's home circle
  1050. Party gatecrashed by posh couple
  1051. Gluttons for turkeys?
  1052. Sam has to look out for ali baba's opening word in panto
  1053. Chain used as decoration, just over a foot
  1054. This oven has a ring outside for roasting
  1055. At the middle of christmas a boy gets a cold meal
  1056. Fruit put in crackers returned in container
  1057. With respect, ebenezer scrooge initially has to pay up
  1058. Tell quantity of drug circulating is chlorine
  1059. Officer without qualification, one of two that are three in song
  1060. Hibernian leader lost by goddess
  1061. Find temporary accommodation, some french and some current
  1062. Planner to insist - get painting back
  1063. Like 5 at your part of 4 in song, so about to chuck setter's up
  1064. Report of 10s in song wearing green garment
  1065. I decide how rarebit is to be cooked
  1066. Nice promotion of transport outlet
  1067. Go on, have another round object and be uplifted
  1068. Quartet in song supplied with energy by witches?
  1069. Good throw produced more
  1070. Sign about its first awfully hot country
  1071. One acting dumb in 1999 tv series
  1072. Drive round town with white goods item
  1073. Party hard after putting rubbish out
  1074. In the circumstances, wine is half drunk and half left till later
  1075. Maybe he's a lady, maiden admitted, with tail between legs
  1076. Tennis player in hospital - back seat casualty
  1077. Artiste was oddly confused
  1078. Inventor has to stick ends of loose wires onto power unit
  1079. Soap that is used on company car
  1080. Eg rugby by cliff morgan?
  1081. They are known by experts working first and working second
  1082. A moralist executed in the end for backing african country
  1083. Cut inside after short cut
  1084. Carriage return at the end of the sentence?
  1085. Dead queen is rising in colour
  1086. Even more obscene, shopkeeper declared
  1087. City as wild as jones
  1088. Fortify a lamb chop?
  1089. One is unable to tuck into beer in spain
  1090. Royal family died in revolutionary battle
  1091. Son has pluck exorcising a curse
  1092. Men dare to change in cathedral
  1093. Marine creature some observe as natural in the drink
  1094. Eat from river, as bird
  1095. Sign of hinge being forced - suggesting chip shop shut?
  1096. Composing music, beethoven's fifth removed from love?
  1097. So my resentment is not to be trusted? thanks!
  1098. Excite reactions - or not?
  1099. Ability to withstand blast in car witnessed after explosion
  1100. Cultured group lacking leadership
  1101. Changes impressing upon women where children should be entertained
  1102. Main feature of an attic window
  1103. What you can do when short of something?
  1104. Where a dentist uses a pump?
  1105. Canute's played the fool
  1106. Sportsmen who beat up monarchs
  1107. Guardian's sister's trait, keeping alert
  1108. Pastor niemöller's dog
  1109. Extreme right following united nations
  1110. Place to make an official complaint
  1111. Audible mistake made by bell-ringers?
  1112. Soldiers turned to god in latin 5
  1113. Heretic's study of scriptures down under
  1114. Cut short from midfield to cover point
  1115. Make allusion about drug joint
  1116. Screws leader of polish cavalry carrying offspring to battle
  1117. Shopping ___ (grocery store vehicle)
  1118. Yoga essential
  1119. It is seen as an opinion
  1120. Chap works for military advantage
  1121. Dentists' organization: abbr.
  1122. Author of the novel big little lies which was adapted into an emmy-winning tv series: 2 wds.
  1123. Heads of countries like canada and india: abbr.
  1124. Wriggly shocker
  1125. ___ thirlwall of the british girl group little mix
  1126. Reese ___ actress who plays the alpha female madeline mackenzie in the emmy-winning drama series big little lies
  1127. Outlook from carriage
  1128. Actress who plays mary wright in the emmy-winning drama series big little lies: 2 wds.
  1129. ___ scott actor who plays 17a's current husband ed mackenzie in the emmy-winning drama series big little lies
  1130. Sprinted as in a race
  1131. Blue stain that is difficult to wash out
  1132. I'm not impressed exclamation
  1133. As greedy ___ pig: 2 wds.
  1134. ___ the emu (north carolina's evasive bird)
  1135. Actress leslie of george of the jungle
  1136. Bank abbreviation
  1137. ___ and tell (elementary school classroom activity)
  1138. ___ dern actress who plays the equally wealthy and feared renata klein in the emmy-winning drama series big little lies
  1139. Worked in broadway musicals say
  1140. ___ kravitz actress who plays bonnie carlson in the emmy-winning drama series big little lies
  1141. Places where you would find exotic animals
  1142. End preceder in movies
  1143. James ___ actor who plays nathan carlson in the emmy-winning drama series big little lies
  1144. Like a fox say
  1145. Accessory often paired with a suit
  1146. Washington journal network: abbr.
  1147. Like some news broadcasts
  1148. Office mail for short
  1149. Fingerprint remnant on photos
  1150. Dr. jekyll's alter ego: 2 wds.
  1151. ___ use. (pessimist's words): 2 wds.
  1152. Take-off hour: abbr.
  1153. A seat to put in the sun
  1154. Eavesdropping organs
  1155. Paper that's bought to throw away
  1156. It is thought to be almost perfect
  1157. Meat for sale at a bargain price?
  1158. 5 found right in the wood
  1159. African gazelle with additional sound
  1160. Dumb waiter that can be fired?
  1161. Where rome couldn't win, scots can't
  1162. Senior cleric, unfortunately never competent
  1163. 18 of boy found in vehicle
  1164. Government's grudging support for research?
  1165. Hot soup, gentle if possible, said 1 across
  1166. Familiar footballer keeping medal with nightwear
  1167. A month at dice is bad: you will have to be detoxed
  1168. Feature of e-cigarettes
  1169. Shown crisply on tv
  1170. Larder of traveller finding part of street paved with silver after cutback
  1171. Reach aggressively for
  1172. Newswoman king
  1173. Current study replacing first in divinity
  1174. Look with an upturned lip
  1175. Travels here and there
  1176. One of three on a semi
  1177. Good guy's setback with money in prison - 11 1 across?
  1178. Opposite of ushered out
  1179. Stick with us-made products
  1180. Scottish funeral accompanist
  1181. Roman 502
  1182. Lots of ink, in slang
  1183. Blunder in obscurity and suffering in utterance
  1184. Particule élémentaire
  1185. Soldier-to-be
  1186. Prominent part of snoopy
  1187. Regular guy heard on way home with organ
  1188. Soldiers ids
  1189. Indian crepes
  1190. Half of a salad bar implement
  1191. Bucks, does and fawns
  1192. Diamond opportunity
  1193. A dueler may take 10 of them
  1194. Many a jackass segment
  1195. Shtalk like thish
  1196. Skype call, say
  1197. Figs on tax forms
  1198. Like pink or purple hair
  1199. Contents of el prado
  1200. Listed as sick, unable to get up?
  1201. Shot that may have some lead in it
  1202. Monk is church's leader - a jolly choice
  1203. Blunt upsetter stopped by one king, being upset
  1204. Someone murdered lincoln, then left
  1205. Dean goes through brecon
  1206. True - a ham is, sadly!
  1207. Spirit album
  1208. Meat cutter grabbed by brother?
  1209. Butcher's former sexual partner left out
  1210. No traveller at sea tangled with myth about love
  1211. Sophistry refined and internalised by bill gates finally becomes science
  1212. 9 since died
  1213. 9 bears flowers
  1214. Kay's dumped by artist for 9
  1215. 9 square pitch
  1216. Medieval lover has celebrated many a birthday with an amphetamine
  1217. Woman takes duck on river to be a 9
  1218. Student caught with a dictionary
  1219. Aimless ramble encountered in low church
  1220. Many caught in a lie show spite
  1221. Excel, getting gold in some sort of sports
  1222. Award for brand x
  1223. A somewhat bald description
  1224. Priest's in haiti for pleasure
  1225. Note academy gives the lowest possible degrees
  1226. Welcome popular tenor into contest
  1227. Exercise for posture included in charge
  1228. Aircraft safety system does without integrated circuit
  1229. Rough walk over northern territory
  1230. Left pork soaked in fat
  1231. Interested in experimenting sexually maybe
  1232. Sibyl, a writer, tours california
  1233. Madison square garden and united center
  1234. What the thunk of a watermelon indicates
  1235. Experimental setting as for a new initiative
  1236. Son to fish from promenade
  1237. Famous writer finally met overindulgent union member
  1238. College course in one of the social sciences informally
  1239. Activity before a graduation ceremony
  1240. One who trips often did badly in play
  1241. Volatile eve ruins creation
  1242. Wayward but 'armless fish
  1243. Colonial grievance that was a cause of the revolutionary war
  1244. Sikh headwear
  1245. Top thing filled in on an i.r.s. form
  1246. 2000 n sync hit … or a hint to 17- 26- and 45-across
  1247. Bob ___ (restaurant chain)
  1248. River thats home to 1-across
  1249. Things to keep on hand to prevent burns?
  1250. Where many a commuter lives informally
  1251. 2013 film for which judi dench received a best actress nomination
  1252. Tiny buzzer
  1253. Doctor attending more anaemic sicilians here
  1254. Item with a dollar sign on it in cartoons
  1255. One might be inferred from a chart
  1256. Save for later viewing in a way
  1257. Oven meal, but no starter
  1258. Silence understood to mean trouble
  1259. Posh wife embraced by little dickensian, as was jeffrey bernard
  1260. Hot filling seat that's hot!
  1261. These oars could be transferred from boat
  1262. Under siege star steven
  1263. Restaurant arlo guthrie sang about
  1264. Show starter … and a hint to the answers to starred clues
  1265. Totally fair conditions?
  1266. Pre-revolutionary furniture style
  1267. Jack joined men on board twice
  1268. Value of property? about one million
  1269. Public prosecutor and mafia boss return to the beginning
  1270. With 32-across adam and eve's transgression
  1271. Valentine's brother or child of welles
  1272. Extended as far as possible, steel thing broke
  1273. Being judgmental can be so tiresome
  1274. New pool initially put in french city
  1275. Bias seen in southern garden suburb
  1276. Source of milk giving us energy when drunk
  1277. Top gear for person racing in van
  1278. Clothes taken from trunk, finally, before a winter gets bad?
  1279. Pair couple
  1280. Asian eating utensils
  1281. Made a tidy profit?
  1282. Throw out of school
  1283. Supports reinforces
  1284. Types sorts
  1285. A classical type
  1286. Removable shoe part
  1287. Cut a milk tooth
  1288. Give medical attention to
  1289. Much-shared video e.g.
  1290. Give 40 lashes to say
  1291. Coffee shop allure
  1292. Difficult jump on the ice
  1293. Dubuque's home
  1294. Darkness-causing event
  1295. Puffs product
  1296. Big mo. for costume sales
  1297. Place for a folder label
  1298. Tests without pens
  1299. Securers with three bends
  1300. Like small-eared elephants
  1301. Fellow in a flock
  1302. Stop jabbering!
  1303. Iphone's helper
  1304. Shed roof metal
  1305. Diner bill add-on
  1306. Makes into croutons say
  1307. Biblical character, one consumed with doubt
  1308. Modest texter's i think . . .
  1309. Barely grilled
  1310. Jelly on a canned ham
  1311. Bon voyage! place
  1312. Elite english school
  1313. Camel's andean cousin
  1314. Where once men swapped horses entrails around the end of july
  1315. Wine flute part
  1316. Pounded-out flaw perhaps
  1317. Offer forbidden fruit to
  1318. Horn for bird or trane
  1319. Defining period
  1320. Christian pioneer permits one to convert
  1321. Rush director howard
  1322. Borrow the limit on
  1323. Affluent semirural area
  1324. Political college member
  1325. Half hitch feature
  1326. Halloween birds
  1327. Place to deplane
  1328. Armstrong's giant move
  1329. Salary caps e.g.
  1330. Pale or dark pints
  1331. Tom arnold ex roseanne
  1332. Watermelon marking
  1333. Strands in winter perhaps
  1334. Linus to charlie brown
  1335. Send via antenna say
  1336. Emeril's kick it up unit
  1337. Greek eatery bread
  1338. Deposed argentine leader
  1339. Kittens' bites
  1340. Choose to skip
  1341. Amusement park cry
  1342. Bait bucket critter
  1343. Kitchen spray brand
  1344. 9lives eater
  1345. Blow from an empty vessel
  1346. Heading for penitentiary and walls of rochester, is one inside?
  1347. Useless, as no dates available?
  1348. Pantomime character left in hurry, one of five
  1349. Heavy person appearing chubby, topless
  1350. Compound union member's restraining order
  1351. Stumble round run, as peacock
  1352. Vehicle opening in reverse onto a part of motorway
  1353. Third of february, what a child should learn is, it's freezing!
  1354. Scrubber blushing deeply, i'm held face down
  1355. Such may be the depression of delivery holding brown back
  1356. Rabble, one reveals?
  1357. Garment that could prevent the fatal progress of slugs
  1358. Anxious type, dumping wife for siren initially, in a comparatively poor state
  1359. Performing women not allowed to interrupt one
  1360. Where publicans often are 'canned'?
  1361. Master film director gets oscar finally
  1362. Part of united kingdom bill overturned creating legal precedent
  1363. Play soldier moulds
  1364. King's chosen to embrace female muse
  1365. To do with type size over line in copy
  1366. Brass rented out as ornament
  1367. Back half of supporting band's twisted to make room at the top
  1368. Rustle check on standing
  1369. Europeans guarding against consumption of party leaders
  1370. Took exam open to anyone at price that's steep
  1371. Hand rolling over end of sleeve on arm
  1372. So long, and thanks, thanks again
  1373. Home supporter shot in foot
  1374. Yet three sevens turn out to be around fifty
  1375. Ninety, in general, to rise and shine
  1376. Collector's opening bid for chest
  1377. Jammed cylinders
  1378. Discount only? free? here, everything comes off!
  1379. What 10 wrote, disproved by 9?
  1380. Home for flier crossing region in part of asia
  1381. A name selected at random for boy
  1382. Person of unusual beauty, in a sense
  1383. People hiking, often, left in shelter so arranged
  1384. A male holding foreign currency, not according to plan
  1385. Stop publications - they are bound to take extreme positions
  1386. American fuel source with which one could do
  1387. Problem in keeping menu clear was testing
  1388. Bit journalists in foot?
  1389. Bramley in america?
  1390. Poster etc can be very hush-hush
  1391. Shout about gold turning into a warning
  1392. Marine invertebrate put right back if put away outside
  1393. You'll hardly find whips as tolerant as this
  1394. One home in nine has lethal possibilities
  1395. Make holes in (not at) round number necessarily
  1396. Promote president to pram
  1397. Set off any questions?
  1398. Rat's nest - or cable tangled in drawer
  1399. Turn your head yellow?
  1400. Historian from turkey, a penetrating diaris
  1401. American university's last lopped tree
  1402. Mess making sense
  1403. Means of getting through to me in clerical work
  1404. Groom up-and-coming youngsters bottling new cure
  1405. Wife's ceaseless bellyache
  1406. Southern guy i meant to say curbing northern spirit
  1407. Statesman who's through firing and hiring?
  1408. Make light of second designate pinching right
  1409. Keeping up with the fellow-compiling joneses?
  1410. In saying it accompanies more water, mp putting on other hat
  1411. The strain of dental treatment
  1412. A pet gun dog involved in drive
  1413. It helps the dough go further
  1414. A boring cocktail?
  1415. Ordered brigade to abandon equipment
  1416. Monster is seen swimming
  1417. Old coin or coins without cover
  1418. Part of 21's playfellow with number in parts
  1419. Members died during song at a northern play
  1420. Try time at centre
  1421. In mountain and sea, increasingly stony
  1422. Northumberland footballers shattered by blast - shan't pry
  1423. Didn't peg out, having been late at the box
  1424. Play that has power - gave first performance?
  1425. It's for catching birds - taking time with a big one
  1426. Real existence has its ups and downs
  1427. Hardy associate gets into nice pickle, for example
  1428. Where to be with serious stroke - but getting no peace and quiet
  1429. Difficult case (section), ending in operation?
  1430. Not entirely relaxed, it proving extreme
  1431. Men cutting tree through its exterior find this animal on the surface
  1432. Is one reserved for the late programme scheduler?
  1433. Again got to study about many sheets?
  1434. The beatles' was white, though somewhat less than white
  1435. This touching part of 'the ring' explosive, encapsulating endless composition of wagner
  1436. Gap widens, right around the extent of rail, perhaps
  1437. Lifted by the third power cut
  1438. Make-up for a tuesday?
  1439. Perfect theory left behind
  1440. English poet who forked out?
  1441. Birthday money, temporarily
  1442. Stopped outside shower when controlled
  1443. Mark the way things are
  1444. Dreamer in disturbed rest
  1445. Spoilt little brat put on display
  1446. North american medicine man gets the bird
  1447. What helps a kid make a connection on the playground?
  1448. Popular navigation app
  1449. Greek god with a war chariot
  1450. An-n-nd?
  1451. Silas marner creator george
  1452. Digital image formats
  1453. Kid's game with the shape the manger
  1454. Features of many spam emails
  1455. Applies liberally
  1456. As this, best is not very different from worst
  1457. Hot water insert that you fill yourself
  1458. 1040 or w-4
  1459. Lewd stuff
  1460. Pollo accompaniment
  1461. Our lowest denomination forsaken as epiphany came
  1462. Go ballistic and attack thatcher's work, perhaps?
  1463. Hospital eyeing changes in healthy practice
  1464. Highly respected spiritual guides
  1465. Small fender flaw
  1466. Like some cooked cereal
  1467. River fish moving under 4
  1468. Embraced by a friend, supporting with very positive response
  1469. Bridal path destination
  1470. Running into them is often awkward
  1471. Folk or soul
  1472. Minnie mouse e.g.
  1473. Times square countdown time briefly
  1474. ___ for me (hit from black panther: the album)
  1475. Reason to avoid skydiving
  1476. Salad recipe instruction
  1477. Start of a demand
  1478. Puts the finishing touches on a cake
  1479. Elliptical buildings?
  1480. Class of '18 member for one
  1481. Jumbo the elephant's massachusetts school
  1482. Fleming or noonan
  1483. High quality fellow with fellow - sorry, cello - player
  1484. Snooker accessory opposite to 20?
  1485. Like 'american' or 'adventurer', taking cabs literally at random
  1486. A lot of reading opposite to 23?
  1487. Blair is church of england - about to cross
  1488. Aggressive man from crowd at the box office
  1489. It's regularly worn outside
  1490. Superior selection of wines, we hear, which has sold a lot
  1491. Breather in the exercises required for a dive
  1492. He could be interested in the bar and a glass
  1493. Group of islands with a pair, eg having loch incorporated
  1494. Acknowledge mistake while on one's feet
  1495. They're made to scare crew masters
  1496. Rob's insult about unprofessional law enforcement teams
  1497. A tail-less, devouring creature's place
  1498. Unimportant employee guarding latin block
  1499. Perhaps mozart's class stifling salieri ultimately
  1500. Piped music puts only one part of mediocre choir into lead
  1501. Glad you said that's 'overdrawn, steeped in schmaltz'
  1502. More than one sea water supply system?
  1503. It's moored at sea, like a power boat
  1504. They gave patient advice on social problems
  1505. Keen to wreck the joint
  1506. Cut by a quarter? that's serious
  1507. Revolutionary schubert piece
  1508. Breaks a leg, has to play on without a pause
  1509. Relaxation, say, about a moral slip
  1510. Cunning county fundamentally, despite appearances
  1511. Jazzy location for inexperienced swimmers about to enter fray
  1512. Boxer that is outwardly a dreamer
  1513. Get on with leader from virginia in charleston, say?
  1514. Set up to continue transporting by water - it's just a short distance
  1515. Bombers knowing new forest singers
  1516. Ghostlike figures
  1517. Foreman putting blunder right
  1518. Refrain starters
  1519. Rulers of ancient egypt
  1520. Domed home
  1521. Troop groups
  1522. Hot stuff written about keeping one's advantage
  1523. One for a rich tea cracker is more like a hair shirt
  1524. 'get up, knight! the queen!' - and he does
  1525. Family undresses with change of heart
  1526. Where cows yet turn frisky
  1527. Greek beak is hard on men with a record
  1528. Length in additional copy needs reduction
  1529. Sound of two boys squashing conservative leader
  1530. New brooms for cleaner hospitals?
  1531. Thatcher's frightened of german detail
  1532. Out of drink - it's going elsewhere
  1533. Lacking expertise, they are meanly treated
  1534. Stirring porridge?
  1535. One who hopes to pay well
  1536. Grilled toast with the german dishes
  1537. Even good ground produced this area
  1538. Place for mixing granite with sodium
  1539. Smooth novelist with her composition
  1540. Crack the thing
  1541. Fish eggs, fruit of the deep
  1542. Revelations of secret trips
  1543. Jock and dicky, perhaps, hiding under small bed
  1544. Over half shunned pawnbroker's sign
  1545. They are determined to look at gemstone
  1546. Celebrities ultimately covet a particular kind of gem
  1547. Gaseous element was corrosive, it's just emerged
  1548. Made disparaging remarks as sri lankan openers played poor strokes
  1549. Doctor lives to alleviate disease
  1550. Rare everglades bird is snared
  1551. Show stoicism, like an indian warrior?
  1552. We meet king's successor
  1553. Follow round hotel and holiday destination
  1554. Winger to rue missing header
  1555. Temperature inside parcel's abnormal, which is weird
  1556. Only for baby, express murmur of love, capturing moonshine
  1557. Go forward, taking a ball round juventus's number 5
  1558. Small dwarf possibly takes this to stretch his legs?
  1559. Parade, for example, round tree
  1560. Essential to dream up petulant fool
  1561. Open in a fight? that's unremarkable
  1562. This has a point and ship hasn't a point
  1563. Salt seeks trollop with speed
  1564. Payments bound to support business, fine outlet, which is refreshing?
  1565. Friendly yokel embraces liberal
  1566. Baseball players' hats
  1567. ___ miss (nickname of archie manning's alma mater)
  1568. Texas mission where davy crockett died
  1569. Revolutionary in rash act
  1570. Flower cut for the platform
  1571. Spain backs free travel
  1572. Threatening accomplished performers
  1573. Chief met tutors by arrangement
  1574. Recorded morsel of memory
  1575. Painter stops wasting time
  1576. Strategies involving endless chessmen
  1577. Type of dancer performed vocal work involving response to pun on 't'?
  1578. Dominant partner in this pair?
  1579. Sketch of parisian who's in being
  1580. Shrew consuming battered cod from paper
  1581. Footloose native american including zebra's head in game soup
  1582. Much-loved mama, in brief, returns to the valley
  1583. Excellent soft covering
  1584. Foreign parent frcs treats ineptly, being introduced to expert
  1585. Drive mad queen into jeopardy, almost
  1586. Put me between your legs, twisted in macabre style
  1587. Stable with cat of a 'long and sad tale' - which idiot's tale's 18?
  1588. You hamlet, say? partly - an atrocity
  1589. Tenant without ecstasy to appear again
  1590. Athos's clue? which bearded soldier was 18?
  1591. No gentleman succumbs to assistants of course
  1592. Loses a game
  1593. Delinquent young woman, a follower of soldiers
  1594. Two ways to operate? get away!
  1595. Guarantee a number will get over an indication of pain
  1596. Vulnerable spot targeted by paris
  1597. Struggle in which the services prove decisive
  1598. Librarian's order
  1599. Wins support when opposed
  1600. Risk a wet form of sport?
  1601. Conceals or reports a story
  1602. Mean to accommodate one or two
  1603. Make tempura
  1604. Religious observ-ances
  1605. Result of a big blow to the economy?
  1606. Guard dispatched to the lines
  1607. Back the horse to go over again
  1608. Painter demands good bird, but not wary
  1609. Peacekeepers consumed by grief, unfortunately, given shooting
  1610. Feature carrying a restriction binding unspecified number (of labourers)
  1611. Allowed to multiply central number by ten, though extreme
  1612. Where there's a lot of tea in teacups, perhaps
  1613. Might she be happy with alcove providing shelter?
  1614. To be gossipy is less hard when spiteful
  1615. Was pure hash provided for skeletal model?
  1616. English voice penetrates my official residence
  1617. Ken's road tax might be treason
  1618. Merry's the work of mcgonagall, say
  1619. Neck with abandon in the hay - in london?
  1620. It may or may not deserve to be opened at customs
  1621. Makes a bequest or an easy conquest
  1622. Treaty formulation requires a lot of talk
  1623. Riser not starting where the sun does
  1624. Propositions for where they say one can't smoke
  1625. Help given to church by a saint
  1626. Drinks laced with spirit - no start for those unaccustomed
  1627. Silly talk by a so-called 'dubya' makes one laugh
  1628. I love to follow hussy cycling round? quite possibly
  1629. What's reduced pain for the french? nothing could be worse!
  1630. Cross section surveyed about opening feature
  1631. Hips don't ___ (shakira hit)
  1632. Piglike animal of south america
  1633. Architect delivered warm housing design
  1634. Make a mockery of the law, holding up police after start of investigation
  1635. Bodybuilder's back muscle for short
  1636. Word following the parenthetical (i can't get no) in a 1965 rolling stones song title
  1637. Words preceding the parenthetical (this bird has flown) in a 1965 beatles song title: 2 wds.
  1638. Positive senate vote
  1639. Words preceding the parenthetical (to everything there is a season) in a 1965 byrds song title: 3 wds.
  1640. Abbreviation after a lawyer's name
  1641. Killing ___ (spy series)
  1642. Born in the ___ (springsteen anthem)
  1643. Places that ambulances head to: abbr.
  1644. Sponsored spots
  1645. Queen ___ (nickname for the singer of lemonade)
  1646. Stiff and unyielding
  1647. Get a ___ up on the competition
  1648. Noted sergeant in scotch bonnet, for example
  1649. End of term - time to interrupt one composer or another
  1650. Walking in the morning, except when carrying large article
  1651. Actor and rapper will
  1652. Least valuable piece on a chessboard
  1653. Sport with 18 holes
  1654. State bird of maryland for which a baseball team was named
  1655. Cookie with a limited edition maple creme flavor
  1656. 2001-2006 series starring jennifer garner
  1657. Rozzer going to prison takes what's in cell - mineral
  1658. Orlando's stuff is of no account
  1659. Accessory often discarded for casual friday
  1660. Cry from a cow pasture
  1661. ___-com (movie like the proposal)
  1662. Springtime meltdown
  1663. It's worn underneath a dress usually
  1664. German ship - be right in front
  1665. Tuneful brown bird
  1666. Deep-sounding brass instrument
  1667. Neither masculine nor feminine in terms of grammar
  1668. Cosmetics brand that's sold door-to-door
  1669. ___ as folk (former tv show about gay friends)
  1670. Florida baseball team for which wade boggs played
  1671. Don't cramp my ___
  1672. Six-pointers on the football field: abbr.
  1673. Tattered pieces of fabric
  1674. Long-running tv drama with los angeles and new orleans spin-offs
  1675. Brutal advice to those who yield too easily
  1676. New schoolmasters lacking the places to teach
  1677. Honest description of the company chairman's position
  1678. Jumper with a pocket
  1679. Teased about being placid
  1680. Intends to make money
  1681. Limb turned to solid jelly
  1682. Vessel well protected from unusually cold rain
  1683. Gave people your address
  1684. Little money at the end of the holiday
  1685. Colour in which one's knitted cardigan, finally
  1686. A whingeing complaint referred to?
  1687. Newspaper unwavering in viewpoint - pull back about it
  1688. Author taking plant round close to troughs for animal
  1689. English transport for welshman
  1690. Then become a member of unworkable panels?
  1691. Irritable, having run into professional driver
  1692. Old bill's mum's ok
  1693. Labour's show of readiness has girl in denial
  1694. Fire in topless broadway venue
  1695. Display unit has article dropped by wrong elvis? dead right!
  1696. Bird circling one point in lake it chooses at random
  1697. Like gentile's earlier paintings
  1698. Type in scientific journal
  1699. Centre of common extended a short distance
  1700. In which one's not aware there's new suspicion going round
  1701. Reconstructed in stages our prehistoric specimen
  1702. A source of mineral or organic compound
  1703. A certain thing tory leader cuts
  1704. Scholar dipped into sanskrit works in asian island
  1705. Pack to put between opposing card players
  1706. Fabulous creature many admire at sea
  1707. Air transport for pompous officers
  1708. Drug, say, abused by weird sect
  1709. Emphatically as dragon was slain
  1710. Blasted politician?
  1711. Song featuring dog that lost its head in a race
  1712. Soft seat is miserable during walk in water
  1713. Offbeat classical character
  1714. Sought out hooligans
  1715. Once rises develop on the stock market it may disappear
  1716. A second son for the prophet
  1717. Bows and scrapes to obtain indications of approval
  1718. Score with awkward truths in clever argument
  1719. Great fun for sadists?
  1720. Dull advertising comprising small bits with no heading
  1721. University brainbox's first to get dismissed for degrading material
  1722. Spiel covers intro to latest record
  1723. Praise many people taken in by hoax
  1724. Musical style put out by fish leaping
  1725. Outing to fold over stable rent
  1726. It holds possibilities for upset (or turnover)
  1727. Stranded creature to save from drowning?
  1728. 21, perhaps, top line in bond's 'who's who'?
  1729. Lodger keeps alsatian largely to make an impression
  1730. Mixed grill - yet i will have it in bed
  1731. Old actor, born in 'the wind'
  1732. Photographed the side and departed
  1733. County officer keeps extremities warm - with these?
  1734. Come back and gather a whopper, say
  1735. With reference to forerunners from lancaster incorrectly recorded
  1736. Misbehave crossing the river and be unsociable
  1737. Pout after covering vehicle in stomach powder
  1738. Fish a politician found in cabin
  1739. Tory leader runs over cat? that's slaughter!
  1740. A couple in trouble in the spring
  1741. Penny's restrained from liking charm
  1742. Accepts heated quarrels may be met within this
  1743. A salute keeps people in harmony
  1744. Bridge player opening tournament
  1745. Aim to keep close in
  1746. Irish county team pulls out the stops
  1747. I'm given picket duty
  1748. Such a location makes sound sense
  1749. One breaking art's rules in bizarre fashion
  1750. Source of milk that provides us with energy
  1751. In africa, it has been killed by spear or gun, perhaps
  1752. Close, so raced up to a disturbance
  1753. Bird of inconsiderable speech
  1754. Eminent discrepancy involving adjusted price of sauce