1. Agency that built the hubble telescope abbr
  2. Simple woodwind instrument first learned in school
  3. Liqueur that water turns cloudy
  4. Nasdaq newbies
  5. Inadequate wikipedia entry
  6. Play about the shortcomings of capitalism abridged?
  7. Ya series about an insecure preadolescent abridged?
  8. Nutrition bar marketed to women
  9. University of pennsylvania swimmer thomas
  10. Love __ open door: frozen duet
  11. Savor the sun
  12. Garment worn with a choli
  13. Film about a crime in a small town abridged?
  14. Novel about a japanese entertainer abridged?
  15. Hunter-gatherer diet
  16. Hacks emmy winner jean
  17. El diablo of beverly hills chihuahua e.g.
  18. Rise in pitch that can make a statement sound like a question
  19. Apollo theater?
  20. Claressa who is the only american boxer to win consecutive olympic gold medals
  21. Woven floor mat
  22. Lie for say
  23. Mrs. frisby and the rats of __
  24. Newsroom bureaus
  25. Like junk bonds
  26. Shaggy himalayan locals
  27. Payne of one direction
  28. Dont __ my mellow!
  29. Rolling rock openers?
  30. Basket made without weaving?
  31. Severe cold remedy?
  32. Zaius thade et al.
  33. With 36-across big star
  34. Fashion designer emhoff
  35. Agua across the pyrenees
  36. ___ pet (collectible that sprouts)
  37. State whose motto is industry
  38. Verizon e.g.: abbr.
  39. Bird that's a fast runner
  40. Pet said to resemble its owner
  41. Events known for fried food
  42. Changing requirement?
  43. Sushi burrito's cuisine
  44. Prevents from succeeding
  45. Seek in a store
  46. Place to get a cuban or reuben
  47. Popular deli order
  48. Incapable of being heard; not loud enough to be detected by the ear (adjective)
  49. A critical hearing, esp. a trial performance to appraise an entertainer's merits (noun)
  50. Official examination and verification of financial accounts and records (noun)
  51. %22lola%22 band: the ____
  52. '____ and morty'
  53. (corner [?)off]